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"dan voyles logan larsen" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

"Regular users only need t- pm one point two which has been around since two thousand six now granted not every computer made in two thousand six had it but only the oldest cpu's will not have t- pm one point two microsoft will update it system checker to reflect this soon in the meantime if you're failing the system checker for windows eleven look and see if you have t pm support turned off you can turn it on and then pass the check. You don't need to have it on update to windows. Eleven and said microsoft plans to change that system checker to just look for the module not look for weather. Support is on. I did not look to find out. How many laptops computers out. There don't have it at all. But we have a great from tom. Warren on the verge dot com that is linked in our show notes. You should go look at tom. Warren did an excellent job. Uncovering y this became so confusing. And why microsoft is doing it. It's about encouraging better security. Because what a. t. p. pm does a is your private keys in a way that software can't get too which can help combat ransomware and a whole lot of other things So go read that article and understand more. But yeah i hopefully david that helps you reduce some of your your frustration With that because it's a lot more computers that will be able to upgrade to windows left including my own which doesn't have to pm two point oh. Pm one point to it as well. Well if you have any questions like david did or you have an answer or a question or any commented all you can send of it to feedback. Daily tech news. Show dot com. Thank you in. Advance also showed up to patrons at our master and grandmaster levels. Today they include dan voyles logan larsen and mike. Atkins we also have a brand new boss. Dalen gilbert who's now backing us on patriots. Thank you dalen yes dylan. Oh my gosh we we gotta do. We got a new boss taught. Thomas so stunned with joy i know i can't yeah i haven't i'm super excited and if you become a new boss like dalen did you. We'll stunned me as well. So here's your chance to say thanks to len peralta. Who has been illustrating today. Show as he usually does on. Our fridays lend. What have you drawn for us today. Well i couldn't think of a better way to wrap up accessibility week then by creating a special print in honor of accessibility week If anybody who watched me this afternoon on my twitch stream knew that. I sweated this one out because i wanted to make sure i did this exactly the you know i did it right but hopefully i did it right. You can let me know in the comments It says it's the headline is access ability. And it's the image is a little logo that the kind of mixes a lot of things that you guys touched base on this week As well as you know technology and everything else it's just daily tech news show is celebrating access to all this week and you can.

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