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"dan show mo" Discussed on Sports 600 ESPN

"With tonight's top five sounds beginning with the book eyes. They had plenty of offense, but they're de chipped in his well placed number five. Your consent to stop the ball. Martinez takes the handoff runs to the right now steps up to the middle and Luke Jonathan Cooper and then fumbled the ball away is Werner heading to the Buckeyes, Having picked up and running it, his seven banks will stumble his way to the 20 to the 10 of Nebraska Banks will weave his way into the end zone for a defensive touchdown for Ohio State that was forced his feet Warner helped put the ball away from Adrian Martinez. Number four Paul Keels Lear Field. I am G college. Book it for the Irish. You stay unbeaten against pit Takes the snap drops back steps up, Lost one down the far sideline bends. Karate Castle 30 2010 2 touchdown receptions today, one from 73 yards out. Number three Thanks to the Notre Dame radio network meet time. Postseason records continue to go by the wayside. Every game Randy arose. Arena plays to Dodgers in Arosa, Raina swings and sends a fly ball deep right center field. Well hit. It is gone. Randy arose, Arena has done it again. He has become the first player ever to hit. Nine home runs in a single postseason, and he's got the Rays on the board, trailing 2 to 1 number to Indiana goes for the win in OT, Verse eight, right. Penn State runs with it looks looks to the end zone and tries to run it. He tried to die from it. And I don't think he got in second year early on the field stands on the number one play of the day. Don fish earlier field. I am G college in the last The best Reyes get even in the fall Classic with last licks one into again, They're down to their final strike and the pitch a swing and a ball line into right center, a base in here by around third, it's booted by Taylor arose, aerated coming home. And now he's car and now the ball in Arosa radio scores. Smith had the ball at the plate. They had a Rosa Raina part and somehow miraculously, rays have won the game. I have never seen anything like that in my life. Yes, as I mentioned earlier. Not many of us had bread. Phillips, You're unlikely Hero. Thanks to Dan Show Mo the call right here on ESPN Radio or college football..

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