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"dan parry" Discussed on ESPN FC

"So yeah, me and him, we've got a special relationship. He's going to be sick. That's okay. Try to get an invite to talk to this party. He's going to Tuco's parties. That's what it is. Wow. You little. Exactly. Jewels are hanging on. Yes. He's entourage. A professional hanger on. Stevie, huh? Here we go. Is there such a thing as too much too fast? Can a really big contract make a player not work as hard knowing he's set for the next three generations money wise? Yes. Actually, with something this year, you and I had the conversation about the money the other day. You shouted at me, really won the dead. And I missed a very important thing, right? As to why as to why it hot players. Right. You know, you were looking at me going. Should you telling me when a championship team steps on the field, they want to win it more than the big boys, right? Right, and what I don't explain to you was it's not about the day. It's not about the day of the game and stepping on the field because whenever you step on the field, you do want you won. Right. It's your preparation before it. So when you're Charlie big spots and you're floating around and having all your flying here and flying there, when you're not concentrating on what's happening a week from now, as your preparation that isn't right. And so you can't perform the way you should. That's what happens. That's why when you have too much money, it affects you on the field because it's your preparation, not the fact that you're not trying any harder on the day. It's what you do leading up to the game, the screws you up. But look at someone like Jules boy Benzema. Who's talked about his preparation and talked about how he's taking things seriously. The problem is not everybody's got the same, you know, we're always talking about Ronaldo and you're talking about bend your mind and how they do this and do that. But not everybody's late that. So yes, but so that contradicts what you're saying slightly, doesn't it? And realizing that every single player in the championship is thinking and preparing much better than those in the Premier League, where we know that isn't true. I'm not talking about I'm talking about guys who are on too much money who take it easy. How much I'm not trying to see everybody again and I am telling you that Neymar is the best example of somebody who isn't performing because he's Charlie begs podge. He's got two more this morning, likes to fly around doing this, doing that. I haven't been fancy Dan parries, and then when he starts playing, he's not performing the way he should. Because he's not prepared properly. EF air point. I mean, I think you said the preparation, it's important here. I mean, I think you just have to look rocky one, rocky two rocky three to understand host to be a challenger. How is the be the big time Charlie winning the boxing title at that time? Having said that, I think it's also down to personalities. You see a Christian Ronaldo. He got that kind of thing in him. He's very, very professional. So it's not a matter of always money it's all about your attitude. I think that Neymar also without his money he would love a party, wouldn't he? It just wouldn't be cool because he was just going to tuck those parties like I encourage you. Because the skin, Dan, genuinely, who amongst the panels that you really admire before knowing them through this platform. That didn't really watch football. It should be done. It should be done. Who do you admire that you don't like anyone? If you were charged as the 80s, you grew up watching Liverpool and a constant player in that team. Stevie nickel. Yep. You meet him. And it all goes south. Joel's again, Paul popper was fantastic against Ivory Coast in that middle field. He's always been great while playing with better players. So why is almost the entire panel of ESPN FC and the biased British media blaming him when he plays with Mac Fred who aren't great? What? Seriously. I listen. We all have different.

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