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"dan owens" Discussed on WABE 90.1 FM

"That many of the challenges facing the global economy stem from Russia's terrible war in Ukraine, economic growth is slowing as inflation remains historically high in many countries, including the U.S.. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen says policymakers are stepping up coordination to tackle the problems. That's her consumers around the globe. In response, the United States and its partners recently committed to finalize and implement a cap on the price of Russian oil. It's an innovative policy that aims to cut Putin's revenue while keeping Russian oil flowing onto global markets at low prices. Yellen also said there was wide agreement among international finance officials that Russia should stop its war against Ukraine, which she says is having serious negative consequences for the global economy. Russia has opened a criminal investigation into alleged Ukrainian shelling that's caused several deaths in damage along its border with Ukraine from Moscow and pierce Charles main reports. Russian authorities haven't specified how many people died, but border regions have repeatedly accused Ukraine of attacking Russian towns and infrastructure, since the criminal ordered its forces into Ukraine in February. Earlier this week, president Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for what he called acts of terrorism against critical Russian infrastructure to justify new barrage of missile strikes on cities across the country, meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are making progress with a counter offensive that is retaking portions of its territory, the Kremlin claims to have a next in the occupied Harrison region, the Moscow backed authorities have called for a mass evacuation of civilians as Kyiv's forces continued to advance. Charles Mainz and carneus, Moscow. Stocks finished broadly lower on Wall Street leaving major indexes in the red for the week. You're listening to NPR. From WAB news in Atlanta, good afternoon. I'm Jim burris or time now is 5 32. The Atlanta police department is hosting a gun buyback event tomorrow at the Atlanta civic center on Piedmont road that begins at 10 a.m. Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens and interim police chief Darren sheer bomb will be there to deliver remarks, participants selling firearms have to drive up and remain in their cars, APD says they won't run any vehicle tags or collect personal information from anyone selling a firearm. Atlanta medical center's ER has now officially closed. This despite already having diverted ambulances for more than a week in preparation, this morning shutdown is sure to boost the number of patients seeking care at nearby facilities, including Grady Piedmont and Emory midtown, that hospital CEO is Dan Owens. He says he's concerned. We're looking at a tough fall and winter. COVID still present, influenza is now starting to surface. And just the remaining staffing challenges and now the additional patients that are going to come to our facilities from the well star AMC closure are going to tax all of us. And we midtown currently has more than 500 beds with AMC's emergency room now closed Owens says emery's plans include expanding its ER space by installing a mobile unit outside. Georgia Tech's football program is looking for a new running backs coach after Mike Daniels abruptly resigned, the team announced his departure this afternoon, the AJC quoting an unnamed source familiar with the situation says the departure is not performance related. Daniels had

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