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"dan neubert" Discussed on MLB Gambling Podcast

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"dan neubert" Discussed on MLB Gambling Podcast

"Me and my co host get together one in philly Saves dan neubert and one in Boston his name's karl high school. We get together. We bring someone in. Hopefully you guys. At some point. We'll be able to figure out a way to get you guys on you. Know we've had sean on a bunch of people we talk about this. We talk about gambling. We talk about you. Know kind of more of a global thing but for football. We're gonna get more evolved and do that because football's king and that every day on this Sports grid sirius. Xm radio channel two. Oh four they call it in game live. It's basically my life which i've done for eighteen years. I sit and watch games. Watch the lines talk about when a good opportunity is the better not from four to seven pacific seven to ten eastern which would make it a amid. I can't even figure out what to health hybrid. This malcolm but you can on twitter for people in england and you can. You can listen but it's all there and then. mlb network. i. I got a a kind of a gig going with them now. just appeared last week. I'll be on again this week. you know. They asked me to come on and talk about baseball. I'm fifty one years old. Finally getting a little bit of a dream brother show. It's all it's all fun. It's all good. And thank you for having awkwardly by dave well to and by the sense if the mood off a massive fever there because he was determined that he didn't have to see consider are. My name's dave so guys. They dave in this business. One of the biggest ones is this vegas dave guy. Oh god and that's the reaction right there but he say just sit right there with god. I've been asked no joke ten thousand times since i moved to vegas. Are you vegas dave. No do you know. I do but like i stopped me. He's doing his own thing. So like i started this sportsbook. Larry because everybody tells me their stories and i'm a good listener but i'm a good talker and its stock so now i can't change it but i can't be dave and limited vegas anything because the connotation is exactly what we send out so we're sticking with it people can't say it just say consider for short that works we have. You actually talked to vegas. Dave or buddhist resorts book. Yeah okay yeah that you wanna talk about it later you call you got the number. Yeah yeah i'll leave with a dat. Shit i i got i take pictures i drive bys billboard and i take pictures with me and the front and then the billboard and back and point and say like who's the real vegas take just poke the bear a little bit but yeah we. We know a lot of people who've been in the desert. This is year number nineteenth now in the books. There's a law people in the rolodex. Dave that decoding sake. Thank you very much fun physically. I assume which is september. Now i'm gonna get a little different bet. Mccown's i'm going to help me. September it cut. And i'm just going to bet them blinds holiday and i'll drink tea when i'm on my little holiday dave. Thank you very much for joining us. Suspended obsolete pleasure. We'll get you wanna gain in enjoy the rest of the baseball season as well. We'll get down the road data appreciate it. Thank you thank you guys really appreciate it a lot of fun. Thank you thank you. He is ready to win. Money and booster rods when bet. This now lives in colorado indiana michigan new jersey tennessee..

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