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"dan michael shea" Discussed on Pop Culture Leftovers

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"dan michael shea" Discussed on Pop Culture Leftovers

"Jassim rabid fans there decadent landscape. They love sponsoring them. After all these johnson photos what have we might follow up with them with just pictures of architects big. Like thank you and we saw this attachment of pictures of our dicks worst idea. It's a proof of life video into fucking care and human resources is going to have her work cut out for that day. Been listening since two thousand sixteen. This is my personal faith. I like longer podcast. Like pcl's typical three. To five hour episodes. The host jacob bryan have cultivated camaraderie. ed community. it's a lot of see words. Cultivators have cultivated camaraderie and community with great visiting guests regularly man this guy's punctuation and his his dude this guy's killing have cultivated comradery and a community with great visiting guests comma regularly like man so of our fucking people like right in. It's just like run on sentences for days. No punctuation is guy johnson photo. I bet he fucking he crap that picture of his dick. I bet it was like immaculate. That fucking picture. That he said manscaping he fucking crops smart to be listening to us he sent. It was like one of those like landscape in landscape. Maybe he even took it like one of those three hundred sixty degree cameras so you could just like turn from one ball to the next ball as you're looking at this you're doing you're doing like doing like a ball rotation like a full access rotation. I like the treaty photo. You'd like tilted up and they're saggy. Yeah taught right. I taught right no goes out. Say no politics here. Come for the inside on. Tv and film and games banter and even other great podcasts. The checkout that comes from johnson photo the guy that took a picture of his penis. Senator manscaping that works well form remember head on two man. Manscaping dot com. Use the code. Twenty twenty percent off and free shipping. Do the four point. Zero is really nice. I still wanna know what upgrades happen. Like i want to see it through. I'm to google that three point zero on our break. You got the three point. Oh yeah you fucking loser it keeps me from having a sherman hemsley down there. Oh god oh my god. You're moving on up. That's all brother man. Let's see here. Oh we got to go over last week. We had the kinda test for that. Dan michael shea. I've got select a winners now. That are going to be winning. Hand signed posters five posters as well five Express gas cards twenty five dollars each. So let's go over. Who are winners are going to be for that. Michael j. i.

jacob bryan last week Twenty twenty percent five hour Dan michael shea johnson Michael j. i. five posters Zero four point three hundred sixty degree cam twenty five dollars each two one zero google one ball Jassim three point two thousand sixteen