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316: Afraid Of American Bridges

Overnight Drive

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316: Afraid Of American Bridges

"Canal listening is sound talent media. Check out more shows at sound. Telemedia dot com. It was this blake. Weiland i'm the host of the tone mob. Podcast it's a show where i interviewed guitar. People about guitar stuff we talk about their pedals amps accessories their preferences all that stuff as well as a healthy dose of whatever comes up topics have ranged from aliens to addiction and anywhere in between. Oh yeah and pizza. We're definitely going to be talking about pizza. Get the show wherever you're listening to this podcast at just search the tone knob in your search bar and it will pop right up. Come join us. we're having a lot of fun. Thanks for checking it out. Industrial browse on listening. Sounds of crowson. I've been on. Such an industrial kick lately fingerless gloves. I know i've been. I've been on a school shooter. Music kick for like a week. That's not cool. Man cabinet eight five and i'm also in the middle of the dealer concur. I love him. Made also picked up the thing. I know some people might not aiding buffalo with a little bit of bacon talking about brussels sprouts. Oh my god. He's just eating on camera. Roll bud brussel sprout on youtube. He's fucking. He is such a treasure and a revealing not. Are we looking. Oh the bus waldo for teacher think now with my teachers have been vaccinated trump's for extra hot sex ninety nine point five point seven w. o. n. g. jon producer. We all ended. Say soon for Two tickets to use central for van. Henry united with the eddie van. Halen hologram two tickets to see michael anthony's hot sauce. Infomercial filter live. Yeah i think so. They like l. michael. Would you like some hot sauce. Go please please i pencil back when back please. When shopping earlier the worst fan. Alan so easily the worst. And you know it's so weird listeners of the longtime listeners of the podcast that that the golden really really hated van. Hagar we really like. I just couldn't get with of them. And then you can't you just rub it in my face for like fifteen episodes. Do you remember that. Whole thing where i was going to force myself to listen to the entire van hagar catalog dry summer nights And then i came around on van hagar and now when you play van halen to me. I'm like ooh pound haney. Why yeah i you found. Everything is better in van. Hagar's really drew its to chance Rented van hagar exists in a very small window. It like window slammed closed and cut fingers off guns here. We go round round round baby. Finished watcher started dreams Reach for the golden gate bridge for the sky. Let's talk about. What's the song always beat up on unions being. Yeah it's fun. Mailing it in at that point. It's totally fine wolf. He had his in the same room as each other. He had a last phone call with eddie reconciliation. He man just wanted cilliers redo. I think we better. I've got a sauvage good deal cancer. I can't even say from fred durst lawn. I've got a fucking mig with me. I've got cancer so hard. I can't even pronounce it. I can't even pronounce the cancer i have. I will fee if you could look at full fee as your need to take care of woolsey. Valerie won't told me flat out. She starting to lose weight and sonum as meals. Please but michael. Anthony did not have the final i read. I read this in some classic rock dot com or something like that. He did not have a final reconciliation with eddie. He wanted because he had a lot of things to discuss can because he ate more shit than anybody he was there like from the jump and just sat there eating shit clear the least money because he's like i'm still here and then it's replaced by even hounds son. I love the key fucking like whatever. All this shit happens. And he left. Knee joined sammy. Hagar's like garbage barak leg trying to keep it together bands just because there's just fucking bros. Moss tequila love. I love that those two are such fucking tight bros. Great script right includes the hagar and who's the knock on that door right. no. I think it's yet to be. Tvd tv determined. You asked a couple of years ago be completely different. Answer the now. So fuck it right. I guess we're both hang circling the drain. No we are the fucking drain all right. We've got this man. Andrew nye and i went out. Oh we did. That's a fuck we went out. I mean yeah. Reality is this. We don't ask for chicken foot but this is chicken for the playing highway star which is really germane to our last episode. Oh my god before. Whatever we went out we did we saw i saw. I saw your business partner. Nick at dido picking up some shifts and i said hans are going out on saturday and he looked really weird. He's like we what mike. Yeah we're gonna take back. The night can happen taken aback. Did we went out and had a fucking great time at. It almost felt normal really did it was allies dose of normals. Yeah sata bar and got tanked shit house. You're drinking doers drinking doers. And then this fucking bartender was like. I like splash of amaretto and i said set us up. Babe and i didn't drink. I was drinking. Labatt donata style fucking you to pour me into my fucking house a lot but it was good. It was it was great. We walked home. i Took a photograph of me laying on the spot where i fell and had chicken boneless chicken wings and honey mustard all over me six years ago and now look at look at. Let's go way better way better spot than i was the one i paid for in rent in that terrible apartment and dove. I make in a day and a half. That was the one with the guy who insist you kept your door open this. Who insisted i keep my door open. Because he's like just the natural light and the her flow. It's almost time for me to listen to our podcast from the jump. Just to find all these things i forgot. This is what i'm so excited about. When i get older and get alzheimer's that might children who i don't have yet. Who will be. I guess seven years old. When i get alzheimer's yes sure fucking. Maybe i will adopt a twenty year. Olds named cody. Cody cody cody. Played a podcast for me. Cody uncle this with me. Oh god cody run. Oh god can occur with me. My legs don't work good anymore. You've gotta run. I'm going to get you leave for the first time in and randomly punch my deck. I'm gonna catch you i. We've we've told the story many times but about that. That man with his way too young son being like i'm gonna go get him laid tonight access though and we're staying with the we aren't i see i see the exit for like i forty or whatever it is in texas and i'm like command decision. We're going to get us out of here. Yeah he's just beeps in waves like this has happened to them a million times so gift. Follow me back to my house and i was like. This is a murder suicide way really. That was and that was one of those things you know. now. I know if i'm on toward self defense family and we're in rural texas. We can get on twitter. We can get on instagram. Be like yeah. We need a place to stay between abilene and marfa. I dunno fucking hotel fucking hotel. Also that look. That was not an option. None of that was an option for us. it was either. We sleep in the van in a walmart parking lot. And we watch this kid fucked by a fucking like a hooker like it. Sorry we gotta go. What what that was. That was not an option for us in two thousand six. no one was letting estate. No no no no no no no no no. I was like jesus. I don't know no. Yeah that was not an option for although should have been like. Somebody should've just say great right. It make sure mr to just like mike. Okay i'll do. I'll do a credit card off shake. It was so it was hard to get a weird predatory college credit card. That you max. Oh my god yeah. I'm paying it off. I'm still paying. I say those like a decade ago you already paid. if you're just paying interest on it now. I could could pay. It all does not like ebola. It's down to like thirty five dollars a month. She just pay it off. You've probably should the whenever it's cool that you desire hanging onto that. It's like a discover card a high limit if yeah smart move as the that was the motto for discover. Got this covered card smarter. Move and do you remember the tour that the kids that he was going to buy my impact v. Nine and we kept it between us. The entire never showed up at the show. That sucked reality. Spoke truth will and then we just kept it. I who i sell it to. Whoever sold out there respond to show yourself. i am bag. Pass amp dog amp. I think i think that they have back is better than most some apps. And i'll tell you why solid state of garza's somebody's got so mad. Who use on folklore so mad. Wow i would rather roland. Jc one twenty age. What's the head you have. The rock pro fend iraq. Pro one thousand i. I mean i have that music. Man that i've used over the keeps breaking on me keeps shutting off in the middle of shows i keep punching is mini van punching the amtrak. Planning mac rock. I i'm about to straight up for a rock pro. One thousand because like you legitimately never had a single issue with that thing. He's the fucking toyota corolla. Looks like the car from planes trains and automobiles after the fire. At this point in the car by the advertisement advertisement for there is actually amp s amar wild and it's an an igniter which is this is not a good thing. I think everything has nia som are now right but am i supposed to be turned misogynist. Comedy does not. Oh not yet. Widest watches because kostov. Very fun channel. The do really good kid. I can't think of any other misogynous comedy. What do you call. i don't know. Try some sexist jokes and then do sex jogi. Esam are moment moment. Not even a corner a moment. so how's everybody doing. Craig greg's eleanor is doing all right. Patrick ewing back in the league signed on as the assistant coach for the new york. Knicks is that real good number. Thirty three back in the saddle again. That's the only time before they skim a contract saving match. We need you in here. But i do appreciate that teams are like we're just gonna put like four guys in the court because of their just keep their like they don't. They're not postponing games. They're just like we're going to five guys that's cool. I love that. that's great. This is a great weekend for football. Yeah well kind of talks loss. But i i love a seahawks meltdown. Because that's that's my childhood that they lost and everybody texted me to see if i was with you to see how you were brought about that now i have. I have a question for everybody in the room right now. I consider everyone in the room of really good friend. Including craig and unapproachable. No because chris you constantly with some real bullshit xactly but people were texting you to ask me how i was. I gonna receive zero texts. I never received any tax. Nobody ever talks to me. Honestly do you feel like. I do a little just because like i literally once a week. Dan lefavor right me about a queen video he saw and that is like it. He never texted. I had friends. But just like not approachable. Am i not like like do. People are in that circumstance texture. Being able to. You're right because you think this guy's being an hessel right kind of care though. I mean it's like. I'm not gonna jump off a bridge because the think people can tell that though this should i will. Yeah i agree. Whatever lives fun but anybody's gonna jump off a bridge lately. It's not me like everybody every wrote me and ask if you were okay and then was like yes. They really fucked up my fantasy league like i don't care. Yeah i finally got out of the stupid fantasy league. I was in thank god. I'd like. I don't care what your fantasy shift. I don't care about any of your fantasies at all. Not i just had a moment of them at a moment of insecurity which doesn't happen at all very often. But i was like do people not like me. I literally am. I dislike the the annoying person with knox is running towards his phone down. A hallway like the rewind is fucking slipping from underneath them. He cannot wait to have knox moment. Oh boy tell me he loves me. Yeah i'm just thinking about it. I don't usually think about that stuff. And i was like well. I can't people. Ask me if i'm okay. Yeah that's weird. I think that they were actually concerned. They would of it scared of me though. I might just like to way too much braggadocio that prove myself to be do confidence nike struggle. I can. I mean you're old. Roommate told me you were terrifying at work. That was years ago. Because i was bad barometer but for i guess for a quiet person you you can be very intense and loud. I think i can be very intense and loud too. But maybe i'm at a lower or maybe i expect low volume which is why i don't know i sure i'm not sure. Well either way fucking. I don't respect coward's i'm sorry. I don't respect cowardice but yeah crush all fake so just like you know it's like hey hello because it is easier to talk to somebody else like what's going on. That's the you've got a layer of protection there trojans because if you wrote me and you're like man have about the giants as like fucking fuck you suck cock and shit you'd be like all was real man. I was like totally expected runs during my childhood because all i did was washed fucking seahawks shit pushed in until two thousand six. Yeah so like. It's fine mike really if you look at like the not. So storied history of the seahawks. There were fucking like experiment and being terrible abbas ever of trent dilfer fucking awful awful awful and now we're pretty good but not really not that you're getting ready to trade russell. Wilson is a couple of years. We have to start thinking about what we're going to. Who's next on his band. She can't like i've geno smith all all all no shit on thinking like a wet. Get rid of him while we can get something for. Jeez and then get a dude. Whisper a dude from the traffic years ago. I feel like he lies. Still got a couple of years in a small amount retirement. Right right jeff garcia. Back right ladies and gentlemen. We're announcing the new quarterback for the seattle seahawks. Please welcome jeff garcia. Hey guys just want to let you know. I'm really happy Guys gun tibo. Now imagine that like a couple of years under him you know. He's he's matured a little bit. Or johnny football tibo now. Check that game. We did yeah. it was pretty bad game abysmal. That was so bad. And i was like i didn't. It wasn't even mad angeles. There wasn't even now. You're having a great time. I was actually. We're having a splendid time. Everyone who can hear my voice. We're going out on saturday in albany. Pack tapping the wolfpack has happened. And maybe at the clubhouse maybe the governor announced today that has to reopen just talking weird scene that they call like that comb found you on the back patio with the propane. So who now. Free from the chains of trump is giving everybody hope. Did you see that i do. You think it's a trump thing no 'cause didn't trump throws open it up at lake is down for whatever honestly. I think it's because we talked about this a little bit coming in. There's nobody left to hate right now. Oh yeah we're out. Like i said before he is going to be old. You've erin listening known enough to yell at look at the end of february when everybody's got nobody left yale. There's no trump to be mad at anymore. There's no like there's no no. There's no mechanic of your demise and all the hashtag resists starbucks moms are going to be screaming at their husbands in marshall's parking lots for the entirety of february. Get ready back. America is back. And i couldn't be happier so yeah so i think there's no one there's no let's get mad magazine and i'm gonna fucking dunk on. They're gonna get mad cow. i. I've never been angrier at a people in my life than the us right now. But you know. I'm this person's country in the world army in the world. Let's get the defense budget going baby. I know everyone in. The army has declared a domestic terrorists. You know i want. I want this by binding to be like eisenhower. On just wanting to fix the infrastructure. I would love. That'd be if. I can drive to work without falling down a pothole the size of my body. Can we please trust issue. All right. here's my weird idea. Why is there not an uber for government jobs. We're like you know. I need some scratch today. And you go on the site and they're like okay cool. Can you paint cool. You need to paint. This bridge did though in the thirties and fifties okay cool. Let's do it again. Going through americorps through a phone app or you. Yeah i wanna do this shit. Understanding that people are gonna do a bad job. Take a while but it's government. That's how eisenhower built the interstate system. Youthful let's do it again. Let's get fucked and get out. You know how to well that's awesome. Welcome to your eighteen dollar. An hour uber. Job welding bridge get the fuck out who it. I drive over the twin bridges every day. And it's like. I looked at it today. A little rusty whole michael. This might to every bridge over drive over in the back of my mind mike. Is this going to be the one. That's why i am not afraid of bridges. I'm just afraid of american. Bridges built before in the past twenty years. Actually david bridget. st louis. I'm afraid american bridges. Talk gabrielle's the cookie. Qatar asong lives in troy. Is that right. Yeah we have risk. We've reeves gabrielle's on just playing guitar. Malcolm gladwin lives in hudson and go down there and talk about the tipping point with them. Why why are you talking about. Who are you. I would love to talk really upsetting me and my wife. I assume a married right. Dan hicks once. Oh yeah that's right had a little We have a little tent there for a moment Onto shows for inch leak goes. I met want to be the basis for whole melissa often mayor. Why do i know that. What fucking possible were knowing melissa off the mayor's name but not only do long. Division grandeur wants to be the one with the most cake clearly Oh my watched any live whole footage captivating splendidly terrible especially from the most recent. There's a isolated guitar track of hers that full sound person put online and it is unbelievably bad. I thought it was fake. But it's not. Can it be more obvious that this isn't von record. In retrospect this is insane. He wrote his record. I listen to get her off his back because they wouldn stop smoking cigarettes. Gimme a cardinal serra. I thought you were rich. Where's our money. I don't want the. I like my one of my favorite moments is when accordingly bought a new car like a nice new car on and he made her give it back to was the best. It's like oh it'd like now you'll learn to love it and it was probably like a like a corvette was thinking about what. What do you think he would do if he was legal assay. He didn't die when the world kind of happened the way it did like well. Kim dying really changed that much like we pretended day but it was like bush was to have well. Let's look at artists. That were like polarizing the barry bonds of artist right. You'll love them or you hate him. Like from the era from that from that are artists that transgressed everything just like amazing kirkman. greenville ranch. honestly. I like i did not expect at the time. Allison chains the outsized fucking footprint. It does now alison chains fucking really like shook shit up wildt. Because they had metal fans there was still play nam to be one hundred percent. Honest alison chains. Dirt is maybe a perfect record. I don't know if there's a bad track on there. What what am i looking at here. Billy corgan and malibu. The two biggest hits were actually written by. Billy corgan that actually honestly when that should have had a bigger cultural footprint and they did because people were really into the smashing pumpkins remit but that fell off quickly. But it's that that. What siamese dream of pretty good record i remember. I remember people find it hard to be in the whole. Oh yeah too because it felt fucking fake. It fell force number. Just you're a girl. She was like. I really identify with this album. Like i do what she said. I want to be the girl at the most jessica. She really liked the band. live too. So pennsylvania's overhead lanning. Herman and i put on live. Now though i'd be into this is like put a collective soul now. All right. Cool collective solve your. If you had a girlfriend worked at borders. he'd be unelectable at the same time though. If you're on fucking who did This is how we do it. What's his name. i can't think of it. This is how we do it. Oh this is we know honey. I can't think of his name. It's driving me nuts until jordan. Thank you i. He says his name like five times in the song. So memorable the same way if you put on montell jordan fuck. This is how we do it. I it's just collective memory. Oh my god. You've really zoomed in on the live video. Holy shit and measure these things you're brings. Oh wow you guys are. is you understand. This habit sank into e with you. We really saw his brain for a second in the bay in by reads as i got another one need them. Uber is terrible. Anka is swept. W woman dean and if you've point seven four five six five six five. Six two tickets at the to us. Senator to see live leave. You want chain too low to you bartender. Everybody jones shot at the end of this. I loved wow horses on not did not turn the fairchild on the guitar. They're fucking allowed. I love. I want to work at one of these jingle shops. Where you just do karaoke recordings all do should be a karaoke. Dj the guy shows up with all the shit. I think that'd be really good luck in job. I would rather put a gun be fun you can make. That should fun as fuck. I think in august had scheduled to do it at pint-sized covert app. Oh well you know but luckily you're playing your show there though july fourth is that right sold august next time you schedule a show. Let me make it happen. And he's like yeah. I'm going to do it. I thought of another one of those bands that hadn't an size influence tool could not have expected them to have such a big fucking influence. You have such tool store. And i'm not sure i wanna tell. Oh wow i'm really not sure coming at the end. The most your store with my roommate during a bottle of cough syrup and the lake. I have to tell that story. And i'm sorry. I can't next next episode. I can't i. Can't i can't tell it this roommate now. This was this was very very very first department. You know honestly. I wonder if the story. I'm telling my head is better than the actual story. Maybe what. I'm picturing my mind. Is we embarrassing. Like got it all right. Look at incredibly embarrassing. We're going to go to pint-size an hour early next week and marina. Gaetan fucking tooling. I'm gonna drive mellow yeah. We'll let you go great. I'm going to try. I'm about the trade. That car and honda is that right. You're cooked with a little cook. I'm driving a rental. I'm just like why paid for it. And now i just want to trade in before it's like a hundred thousand miles on it right fucking now. You'll do what you're gonna do i. There's a weird thing. We are not allowed to trade in your cars or like move into a house and decide. You want a different house. You can do all that be paid for registered. So i'm like you can do whatever he wants leah. And lia the dealer the dealer is killer lee Who else my dad. Terry terry morris is still a number one. What if i want to episode re talk about terry morris molesting is daughter air okay. That's good. sorry. Harry morris still has a slick cock. I told you. I went on weird. I went on a weird date to the drive in. And they harry. Morris was like onscreen but must been terry moore junior. So i guess terry moore has died. Cernan dad terry. Moore's junior yeah it's still it's still molesting number one and number one in my young life and number one in bed i'll put zip ties on my hand. I was so excited. As a wholly focused terry morrison woman's with like oh cool okay along on dirty. Yeah it's pretty pretty. That was gross. Even for us. God get discounts on the right now. Yeah look there. It is the two thousand and my my god. We should tell those people now data hundred a month. Wow i cannot find a fucking help me. Help me if you only knew. She was making the red room fingers. See that yeah that was. That was a sign of cut. We're going to have to shoot that again. what's your. I'll go all out clips pink floyd since i started doing this show with you guys. It's it's it's whatever needs to be at the moment that's fun like rabbit fire to. We think we should get the should give you the overnight. Dr logging yeah. That's true because that's nothing. But like jeff demerol videos and like an air traffic controller. Rashes control. i fall asleep. It's blissful my this is my whole thing. I fall asleep with a blanket on air traffic controller on light off trying nice new new year's resolution. Because i really like. Why do i feel so tired all the time. I haven't gotten quality. Sleep since i stay or taking pills for your adrenal fatigue when you can just sleep deep wanting to do both or deep sleep and do buff luckett. I mean the journals will take real. Can i get you into blue. Blockers the impact the glasses. Where every night before bed. I look like a fucking asshole. Blue-blocker civilized blue light kind of built into the name. I feel like i sleep. Very good with them. Yeah yeah i'll post a. I've got a photo of me in the blue blockers wearing camouflage onesie never count as if you own a camouflage onesie name to me in a a method i prefer not to discuss. Okay oh okay. So i have to tell my story of cough syrup but you can tell your story. Yeah of love loss. Whatever applying aaronow. Yeah i mean whatever you say is going to be more interesting. It's just like yeah. I certified hood classic. God apple downloading do edited certified hood classy looking mom that ryan small number work our way up. I'm i'm turner at night. And i have see the fall of my bed pillow. I wanna see that bed. I wanna see that fucking bed next time we have him on. Let me. let's just see your setup maggie on the phone around really and what is the deal with you falling out of bed. Adult male pills do kind of help me belts. Toss returner at night. And i have a tendency to fall beds. Pillows do kind of help fell off the bed and the blockers we need to fucking block the blue blocker blue dial. Yeah you know i. I have a story about that. A medical this on the podcasts. Already i had the i had one. I was in bunk beds with my brother for years. Because we were very poor. And i i had the thing. Yeah you guys are built for bunk bed fucking freaks and i took it out as i was older. I'm like okay. It's fine in one day or one night. I wake the middle night and mike. Why am i aware. And then i hit the floor. Boom like i woke up in mid air cool so i go to my mother in the middle of metal fucking seven like okay. Go to bed and go to sleep. I go back to sleep. And i wake up in the morning. My face is all fucked up in a street fight. And i walk out. My mother's like what happened. I'm like bitch. I fell out of bed. I tried to tell you in the middle of the night and you decided to tell me to go back to sleep. It was really really cool to call your mother yeah. Somebody's got really the same person to get really mad at you for what you. How'd you disrespect the scene earlier. You said you wanted to solve sampson said me for two baths all their. Yeah family is just some people you know. That sounds sounds the same every time you turn it on. Do you want something that you have to finesse finesse. All the time because then it gives to your life that absolutely no me wanna get a hard on every time or do you have to like come up with ways to get you have to come up with ways because you're pornography addict. Okay maybe. If i watch i watch riley read by aa batteries from data far from the truth because she has a lot of nonsense video riley read trying on underwear riley res into her eilly read is the only porn star. I know right now. 'cause it's stolen that just constantly brought up riley read and powers riley and that fully sure i could pick out of a lineup. Do you wanna do. You wanna do a porn lineup. And see if i can pick riley read out of the lineup. I mean i don't know. I i don't know how how it's for next week. Okay google you can do all right turn this way. While he's doing that we can get into our top five. Been less than maybe he needs to be cutting missing. Craig very involved. Okay all right well. We'll do something else. How are you. I'm really good cool except for the wall thing next week. Okay all right. Beautiful really excited for the wolfpack saturday. Night saturday onfield. If you're near albany. Just come and do and sleep on my floor. I don't care. I don't think i have mice. It seems pretty chill now starts. I like it. How it ends at ten o'clock because covid apparently comes along to covid stocks the earth dracula with by ten o'clock so yes. We cram cram nights worth of drinking into three hours. So it's really good okay. Reads dog shit tonight. I fuck my dog forbidden pleasures. I made my dog howl at the moon. That happens sometime always wanted to you. I'm a dog dog tastes. But i gotta tell you you're a great owner in your heart dog talking. I gotta tell you that you're a great honor and you're hot and her dog's name is big boy. 'cause i think that's the best name for a dog. That's good ever. If i if i'm gonna get a dog which i can because i have an apartment s which is like i don't have the wherewithal to walk doggone it i just can't do. It owes it chocolate. The dog's birthday today. Oh greece dogs birthday today. Is the dog away from us. we're fall. she's listening to her chicago. I i- photo shopped. Her brother kosar into the capital protests. With the you didn't send it to send up to mark today. So he could he could he could enjoy. So there's as the browns won last night. A temporary yeah. Wow browns actually happening grandma's baby. I mean it's a season that i've seen makes absolutely no sense. Cool there you go. I've seen this movie before enjoy. That's that's at the protests. Just so sad so sad. The dog is falling. I've seen this movie before. Brown's basically won the super bowl in pittsburgh and the next next the this coming weekend. They're going to get their shit pushed on so wait so what. I have not paid attention to football at all since it was clear by week. Two to the giants. We're gonna fuck and suck shit. So what are we looking at for the rest of the season. Well let me tell ya an nfl chalk here. There's no poll up real quick. I football music. It doesn't matter all queuing up. That was wild. All right my favorite football team ladies and gentleman we got. Nfl chalk real quick just in case you're wondering what's going on in the world of the pigskin Sponsored by tiaa. cref. Yeah i just did. Tiaa feel the few days rights. You know if you don't know now you know as a famous man once said We've got the bears at the saints. The saints one thousand nine. Sorry the hapless helpless hopeless bears howard is saints. Still a thing. Seems like it's fuck it hanging on by a fair saints. Are as i say in french because of the french quarter. Of course. I say that the saints are the the the games men's pick. Oh you fucking way more creative with fuck in performance. Enhancing nears beat the hapless helpless hopeless washington football team. People love the the scrappy quarterback. Tyrod taylor heineke Trying to win the seahawks baath did against the rams la rams and the colds law wait. Hold who won. The game that we were watching was at the washington fucking control team or the box okay. I never looked one one. The colts try against the bill and they fail for a change. So now what we're looking at is the rams at the packers at four thirty five pm on saturday. One sixteen who ravens versus the bills at home is going to be snow and you know people say lamar can't play in the snow. We'll find out. Is he a mutter. Or is he a pretender. We'll find out because all the man's got his legs so we'll find out for sure all limb fans and sixty seven hundred strong some sick find out who gets dozen but we won't find out until later convenient to know okay. What happened was Browns at sheafs r.i.p good luck. I don't think that they're going to be the chiefs but he never know any given sunday. They say that sunday is on sunday at one. I mean do a full wolfpack day. Watch football and we should ask nicely if we can go to nick's house from a trip to walgreens both get tested today to make that work. Yes the i love how you buy a nice house and then suddenly can go i go. Hey come check on my house. Like be the sorry can't and then you've got the rivalry that i'm looking forward to the most the nfc south rivalry bucks versus the saints the scrappy russa's the dapi all right Drew brees and possibly his last performance of the saints would imagine. Rain should have been fucking for years ago versus tom. Brady and the put together also should have been four years ago. Tom brady and the put together dream. Team buccaneers sunday at six forty pm. I can't believe it. Wow my picks are as follows. Packers over the rams. You gotta go with the bills over the ravens. I'm thinking the over the browns. And i'm thinking the saints curb stomp box and it isn't even close. Wow thank you very much. I've got my money in order. Okay i have. No picks haven't paid attention this year shattered. I haven't paid attention. I didn't pay attention last year. Either i need to pick up. Different team wolfpack saturday. Wolfpack sunday prager invited. Oh yeah absolutely. We come on craig craig commit to going out with us commit to do. He's he's typing no into the youtube search engine. That's fine you want to hang out with your friends at school. I see what you're trying to do here is not working. He's trying to play a wolf. How to down there we our own and this man to have the dance wolf howl from the wolf from night call and this year rain. I talked to a restaurant full of how interesting that's Has a picnic tables show right at eight. We'll take it from. I our our cool getting high and getting drunk getting high. Should i take like heroes. Dose of edibles and beef absolutely noxious the whole time. No no you. Don't think that won't do that if we go to post. Ob high people there but will we will. We will try to get drunk. Have fun but if we don't rate it'll be other places ago but i have to spend my money where i would love to spend my money. I'm saying and now it's illegal to not be open. Exactly the government is the governor. The governor says we have to open can't say closed. Do you wanna do the sopranos. Are you ready. I would love to do the supreme. We got two things to do. Sopranos we gotta do the final. The finals of the sitcom question. Viner let me open up a beer. The last of my beers have dr home. Which is really cool. I'll give me the keys. What we will fight about over your about your keys with let you win passive i am i get you in a fight with it could take me. I doubt that i like i. I feel you've got a good right. Hook knocked me and my ask do and i think i have a headlock. Now all they get off his feet and this headline guns around all the time another tough not. Why would never strike you engine. I would shoot you look at that. Oh great so we've got the top okay so we came up with this during wolfpack night and it seemed like a great idea at the time however now that i think about it still seems like what great then. We talked about it in the last episode. Right we shrink we sure. Yeah so i think it was just the best. Sopranos moments writes the best. That's what i did. I think we just came up with what we were drunk. Yeah so those are the top sopranos moments according to us who know more than people right so andrew owed you like to go first. Yeah all right so my number five is that what do they call it when you when you cross promote shows cross promotion. There's a different name. There's thank you cross as nation. Fuck i forget what it is breaking the fourth wall where i saw better call saul verses breaking bad. We're uncle junior is watching. Curb your enthusiasm and thinks he's watching himself in bobby. But it's larry david and jeff garlic. Hbo property yes exactly. There's a name for it. That's not cross promotion. There's a specific name for that. What it is. It's a great moment but yet it's like it's like platform synergy or some shit like that but yeah so that's that's my number five number five platforms synergy for andrew. Thank you my pick for number five. It's gotta to be a number five junior shovel. It gets in mafia trouble for eating pussy. Oh yeah that's online too. Yeah here isn't mafia overeating pussy. He is girlfriend at the time the leaks that he is not only does he pulls but he's very proficient data and he gives good dome carmella. The big mouth leaks it to the family table. And tony feasts on this hot gas and takes it to the golf game leading. To corrado junior throwing a pie in his girlfriend's face such a tragic scene not getting much more leg getting old. You know romney's really is living on borrowed time terrible not a not a great role model for people men. Whatever i don't know you know what this whole time. I watched sopranos. I re watched it. And i watch all the scenes where he's at the accept the psychologists and i kept saying no. Actually he's right. So yeah maybe yeah. Maybe dr melfi was wrong. Dr melfi yay think tony soprano was right. I almost put her rape scene on here. Not because it was a good ziemba just because it's so fucking hard to watch that. It's like wow. That was a spectacular and seen but it doesn't doesn't fit with the guy who works with the salad. Yeah i remember the first time. I watched it so fucking hard thing to sit through a sounds no knots trying to make here wolf brutal all right number four dodger. No fees rape scene number four andrews number four rebel. God thank you craig. The scene where they have fin sit down with everybody else. Splaine veto did and they get upset when he goes wait. He was catching. Not pitching veto was blowing yet. Yeah he was the other way around really really good. Seen was great. Finn was great. Finish are really weird. Pick for meadow. Who had her pick of the litter. Restrain shift strange character. Yeah she's all going to columbia thinks she's cool. She got anybody she wants. Jamie lynn siegler looking. Good all right my number four. I don't know fat. Dom gets killed for being a dick really good. He goes into heels into drop off the The bag the short bag. The bag was off the drop off the bag for the boys and the back of such rallies and then he Takes a little step too far. So i was making fun of. People should make fun of. He's on his way to meet his daughter and I forgot the name. Oh oviedo stabs him and kills him. Good that yellow phone rings which is most likely daughter wondering where he is his phone rings with ryan van wyk and the other line so honestly where are you eventually. Where are you number. Three number three guys. So many of these faulk three more. The scene where tony confronts noah at the front door about being black. Oh my god that's pretty fucking wild seed trying to be meadows boyfriend. Yeah that's That is a fucking seen so that one and then like all right cut like okay a rail or now leave now it's pretty wild establishing himself as not only a heavy but a bad person. This is pre desert peyote trip tony. It's a different guy different back then. I forgot about the desert trip number three me. Gloria trillo the mercedes dealer gets shook down. Oh yeah and i forget. The name of the guy who's one of the identical twins what is his name pazzi pazzi points. A gun at her and says and my face is the last one. You'll see a won't be cinematic great. Because it's tony's crazy girl who threw a stake at his neck and he's like all right. I'm done and i'm gonna go as i think we're all been on this position before. We wish we could hire a hitman. Oh yeah to keep our crazy exco home but or a crazy ex boyfriend. Whatever a crazy. Xm friend it's you know. It's i don't want to talk to you. Keep talking to me. I'm gonna hire hit. And i'm gonna to make them friend fucking chapter on. This is going to be. Yeah i wanna hire patsy to go to your squat and pull a gun on you and say my face is the last one you'll see won't be cinematic. I want you to stop talking to ronrico ronrico. If you talk to ronrico again it'll be my face will be the last one you see and it won't be cinematic as was like well. She's like lying on a mattress on the floor. So okay all right dude. Whatever run rica throwback to like the mid one hundred's ronrico number two for me number two holy shit near the end of the first season the first season. Thank you. that's it that's it. we're the priests comes over for the barbecue. And tony's like. Oh yeah you're staying over right really fucking good seen excellent. That's great. I remember that scene nancy. Just pure terror number two for me. My favorite character and the sopranos ever the heavy furio furio smashes the massage parlor. Oh that's such a nation as tony's right hand man and henchmen and most trusted henchman. He goes in there. And the fucking mega symphony in the actual series mega symphony destruction. Cats playing which is rules and he beats beats up a couple of people and then he shoots the guy in the knee and then he punches the woman a real talian and he gets blood on his face. That's awesome off man. That is a great scene. Fuck i didn't think about that now. I think we both have the same number one. I purposefully didn't pick this because i knew you were going to blow andrews number one dance so many. Leave the cheese on the floor. I like cheese by my feet. That's not even by number one. But it's just i i know i left that for your list and it didn't make it sound like fucking i'm gonna throw it in there. I have so many other. This is crouching the morning takes everything knocks the ground. Goes there have fun so good. All right. I love cheese by my phone. That's your number one. I will go through my all my unspoken one one involves pation all right. Let's do it. Liz it furio. Open the door before ca company. Here you go should should be on. There should be. I should give me one thousand dollars. One thousand more sound of one hand clapping fucking greatest in the whole series. I can't say one thousand more. Would that fucking breaking thousand one thousand more of furio these to suck each other's cox so good so good. All right reduced the song of the club by second to none featuring quick to the world so what i didn't have on my already getting shit posten pushed in my john. Felipe really good. Excellent seen religion. Don't disrespect the pizza parlor. Excellent zone where anthony junior calls niche niche and goes off of that whole fucking rant and the car which is fantastic and Oh the dream sequence where the czechoslovakian guy tells christopher you will try our sausages which is the worst thing i've ever seen on television in my life. It was so bad it was fun. I really should've done on loss moments. I really should have done the Christopher most asante and has terrible girlfriends recording studio seen oh my god. She's like oh war only he race the fucking guitar over the dudes back really good super good really really good. God anything to go back to that scene surpass. What is the scene with the alicia. Witt plays the fucking film executive Man i'm a vice president beagles somebody somebody get me alicia. Wits phone number please. She's probably hard up. Imagine through five to all the albany to you is in twin peaks as a weird piece of trivia. She was like nine years old and in sopranos. You get the seat. Her twin peaks. Oh yeah oh yeah because the taker wants you take the twin peaks. I would love to me like there is sopranos aus. I'm are no. I know you're ryan. I know you know exactly don't is we could do the so much better. I like i rest up. I don't need to see who's doing the sas. Certainly don't i definitely don't need to see their bedroom right with no nothing up on the walls like a priest lives in this room stews. Losing a fucking flaw. These is the dude from crawler. Doing azima fucking awful. He's got a road letter ropes on the bed. That's fun borrow money from tony. Well guess what we should do a video where you just read. Redo the video of furio knocking on the door with sean duty. Shouldn't do it would be the best bosses money. Money one thousand. Give me one thousand dollars. Every character played by sean in one thousand more. Oh my god. It would be the fucking. He's too busy buying groceries. All rights. should we do the should we do the thing. Oh my waiting so we have. We're down to our last. this is it. This is the champion babe and oh my god. I really think that this is going to cause a crack in the earth. Do we have any set do we. Yeah we go. Oh yeah yes from my mind to craig's pan Okay so it is christina. Applegate looking fucking so hot so hot versus baby newer looking so hot. I found that picture special for you. Thank you for all the so sito's okay. We have christina applegate russia's baby newer. Should we do what the people said i should do. We set. I always said i for all the marbles. I shows baby newark new you would. I chose christina applegate. She was just too much. It's laying so the amount of times that i never mind yet. She would probably fuck you real good. I'm saying right and there were so many photos. Choose from before. I settled on that one. It was like ten minutes may try to shoulder. Oh god god can really good all right craig. Christina apple how ow. oh and the people have spoken christina. Applegate eighty five eighty five percent of fifteen percent so we have a tie. I know sean duties. Answer dear god please tell me christina applegate safe no way newer. Just one i love. I really love this. How maybe newest just one. I'm going to text him and tell him that she just one with the show duty tiebreaker. Wow all fucking high. does we fucking did. And they're always gave maybe news -kay. Maybe no if you win win. We're gonna send her something. Get a center center like an edible arrangement or something goddamn. This is really breaking news. I couldn't i thought the second chrissy napa guy. I always wanted to bend the rules. So she wasn't inex-. I knew she was gonna just juggernaut through it but we lisa bonet's rod. Wow wow baby looks so good. I think they've been has got it all red hot and i think it all boils down to like. I don't think i could pin christina. Applegate down i would just be all over the place i think like if once i ran out of the fund would stop. You know like i wouldn't get along with her dab. Her mom will try to me as a whole season's fun man. Oh no because we voted voted our set. We voted guess. It makes sense. Yeah i would love to date christina. Applegate not get along with alan. Have fucking train. Fuck me all sounds fun. No i think that Wow i cannot believe. I cannot believe that for all the toasted. I started doing this. You kept bringing her up at my shirt. Put this dumb idiot. Who cares mel. Carter's nell carter got fucking access at before fucking. Why can i believe baby new worth of all the test. Tito's i cannot believe that either. I can't believe there's no way that she's hotter than marylou. Hanner it's impossible. She's pretty possible. Saw she's hot. And she's to trot mary lou starring role. She is she is so incredibly. Good maybe new worth wherever you are just got to have an official instagram celeb- but you'll always be in our hearts. You are the hottest you. I've been chosen as the hottest overnight dr woman on earth but on earth or in the eight because if we send you a free start doing a yearly on earth i think i got a little ahead of myself there. You're the hottest woman in the eighties. Sitcoms put it that way baby. Newark's has a fucking instagram following. A right now. We tell her zero post so you now. There's no way this one tell. You is definitely a twitter tiller. Yo you won. You beat christina applegate unbelievable. Wow unbelievable like i. I really can't believe that. I had to pick a different person. To do. Fuck intolerance. Next time i mean less virginal person fucking knock that out of course forever noor through. She might fuck me. She's bucket norris. Got i miss. I forget what should under these voice looks sounds. He's gotta come out next. Wolfpack wolfpack happening. We've got michigan. Actions put the slogan that. We'll get their craigslist. John missed connections. Courtesy of producer. Hanoi didn't put a question. Did you do not right tumba while you do this. We haven't we haven't opened the the tomlin a few days walmart girl so i was at walmart such a slur your call somebody when you wanna fuck and make them feel stuck in walmart fucking walnut girl vice president walmart girl. I was at walmart shopping. I was walking around. And i saw you bend over and some yoga pants or leggings and you bent over and i was stopped in my tracks as i could stop looking as i could stop then. You saw me looking. You're bigger girl. And i love that as i'm not into small tiny girls. If you remember in this finds you get back to me. This is an asheville north carolina. Oh we got a good one. Sorry go ahead. Doug park blue balls with a dog named coz are oh okay. We had a brief interest crying. You had. We had a brief interaction at the dog park grass me. If the orange ball was mine i told you i had some new ball. Yeah there it is very funny. I wanted to talk to you more. But someone else came up where he was a cop. What are you intrigued by. My joke did a tree by regenerate fucking joke. You said chinese japanese said Looking ball's if so tell me which dog park out and what kind of dogs. You have This one's in greenville. The shiba inu. And a i need a girl normal request. God what he needs a girl. Gifting my husband does special gift. I need a girl for me. And he is just watching twenty one plus please next weekend friday night or saturday after one pm. Jesus wow all inquiries must be made with attach selfie and just a little reason why you wanna take me on my first girl and girl ride. She's a works for each auto parts plus hobbies going to just gonna watch. That's very nice though. I think he's probably gonna try and bone make a weird for sure. Misstep helix stand there the hard on be like may i know no man. You may not know you may not. That's a very nice gift though. I encourage everyone to go to craigslist. To find a fucking third sensor. Appeal sounds great. And then apply by using a headshot newport headshot please please glenn shot at concord. Olen miller's love that exists among for an older friend from the leather store. Oh my among for an older friend. I used to work with at the other store. I'm guessing you'd be in your sixties. Now i'd like to start that up again if i can find you. You were always in charge of things and knew how to work with leather and metal work the leather store. It's the only job description. You really know how to work that lever. Get the fuck out. Maybe we can come out of retirement and get things started up again. This is somebody who's thinking about should the happen. The nineties yes. That's so sad. I know named ted. You're to the leather store. We really definitely have aids now like for sure. By the way we like that nailbomb record this is called. Cassie cox employ. Does anybody know of kathy cox out of jail jail. She's in hawaii getting shales in holy shit some tennessee. Oh my god. Mel nudists twenty nineteen. This is in chicago. Chicago name ryan. We hung at a couple of nudist events and discussed sports stats and football. If the game was on we were glued to it. we also have similar tastes in music. that's it does. It not defeat the purpose of being at a nudist thing to sit around watching football talking about dak prescott. Does it not us am i. I think the nudist is the least sexual thing. Yeah there's there's something about nudism nudism nudism is just like i love being naked. I'm not a second not a sexual thing just like i love not having clothes on. I told you. I went to the beach. Fucking san diego right and there was just one new guy and he was so weird that it might not want to do in this shit. This right door dash driver. You're the mid thirties. Guy who deliver some food to me a few nights ago and noticed i was interested after you. Finish your delivery as you stop back and delivered great polish sausage with now. that's bold. holy. Shit i'm the mid sixty s white guy near midway and would like to connect again if you see this. Let me know your stats. So i know it's you near midway fucking i dunno order some lou malnati's and maybe he'll come and drop it. You fought in the battle of midway. You're ninety years old. The one woman. I'm looking for an orthodox jewish woman who had like a little more excitement in her life. Sure maybe you are not in getting your needs met and needs something more sure and maybe you just on have this is written all fucking your needs met. I'm open to be the secret side boyfriend of nin be. Please be eighteen to sixty five ts. Wide swath saying right. Pick age and number of interested to hear from you orthodox jewish woman in chicago land. He's tired of your husband wearing a fur cap time. Yeah i are there. A lot of orthodox jews chicago tonight. I'd never considered that. But i guess there must be a straight guy from bathroom in depot. Hey man you find a lotta straight guys. That was on the bathroom at home depot. And i liked that. I could help you do whatever you can't get from any girl. Oh my god wish. We wish we could have done more and not been interrupted by the store manager there. You go guys. Got my number down correctly so i thought i'd try on here since you said you looked on here before i want you to come over and i will serve every one of your needs. Every one of you pay every single. Yeah absolutely no problem. Rotate my tires. I need a new kidney. Please pay my child support for the I went over. I will service everyone at your knees including massaging your great muscular body and the huge tool of yours. I want you to pound me long. Deepen hard for as long as you want. As many times as you want massage me massage me spell massage mirage. Me and let me know a bit about what happened in that bathroom. Good yeah nothing nothing. Detective got us. I came in for To to paint. And i ended up with a lot more than i bargained for and home depot any head bangers left in the area wanna hang. Hang out all right. I wanna party a little with a young guy just chill and had a little to some metal or hard rock cool until we drop just to just pass out. Get in the mood. Then i'll do some head banging to no. I went to a lot of like metal things in high school. I remember that ever happening. Signed day mistaken. Oh holy shed on guitar says last one guitar center purple haired girl guitar center the girl guitars at are you crazy guitar center. You came in with a couple of friends you purple hair short breathtaking me possible staring problem. Sorry my god. Last visit last one brattleboro vermont chubby goth girl over the summer i posted on here looking for a uso. You hang out of fan outside of family dollar. I had immediately a crush on you. I had immediately a crush allows being like the frigging walt whitman immediately. A crush on you and the ravens said nevermore nevermore come never. I wanted to chat but i had to go back to work so you worked at the family dollar. That's the way it seems. We wore striped black and orange knee socks and had dyed hair. Oh my god. I love to hear from you and grab a drink sometime in brattleboro. Wow right well since it. Damn quite a collage. You had going really. They've worked very well. We've got a question. We got a couple of questions. But i'm gonna start off with the big one being questioned. Oh big question. Oh yeah oh boy. Sword guy reporting in good currently in line for my code vaccine so start the roast of overnight dr entry. You look like a homeless don. Very well dressed. But i don't wanna know where you've been. Thank you very much. That hans by dude. The white michael strahan. I'm just very happy to see you wearing clothes that fit. We're all friends. Here is happy new year. Boys who dares wins sword guy. Those good said sar gaza jokes. That was fucking delightful. I was great. Who's fit he's right. That's how it works because nobody talks to What bands have you guys done. Sound for that you thought were going to end with your skull getting cracked. I really thought mad ball was going to be like for real. It was like it was not fun at all. I did get into a fight with. I came those no chance. I remember the name of the band. But i did get into a fight with the ban. Wants any local terrible banned in his name. It there were when you did like sound for the white gang member bands although those guys like took a shine to me and now when i like i'll be like in lansing berg out of the car like this gang. Memory now yeah. It is very strange. But i was saying there's a couple of days ago inadvertently in my life and dick deepen white gang members. This is a strange strange. I didn't expect that my life but here we are. We are demonstrating style. I am pretty cool. Yeah that's good happy new year to you guys. I've been a listener the beginning we have really appreciate the laughs over the years. Thank you. I'm going to kill myself. Oh my god. I hope you resolve to contact an interview. Colonel bug writes in two thousand twenty one in turn will resolve become a patriot subscriber. I would love to get colonel rights. I have the feeling that he is in a hospital somewhere. Not knowing who he is because he just kinda vanished from the world this will be primed rights time if he was capable. Who's like seventy nine. He's somewhere not doing great. But i would. I mean no i. We've we've both individually emailed him. We've both like every fucking dot. Msn email that is out there for them and we all right. Yeah so we'll try to keep trying. I fucking mike. Stand sorry i hit up. Oj simpson a couple of days ago. So Shockingly shockingly back to me yes. Of course we'll see what happens. I spend a lotta time on twitter. What does the interim user to the raven haired beauty episode. It starts at five fifteen after the bar rescue prank call. Wow i have to listen to all enrolled episode. Iv no fucking ideas. That hundred episodes ago able to frank call episodes lately which inspired me to write in the other week as houses old hookup. Baby mama there. You go great. Y'all really over shared back then. And i have all these names and addresses burned into the brain. I think we we. We share the same amount. It's good one. Six nine elk street albany new york one to two zero. I if you'd like to come to my house and shoot me. I assure you all shoot i. Don which is also high figured that episode one girl's birthday and tried to get hans to hit her up back in july. Wow this this is this. Is this here okay. Sure i love this. This is great. Whoever you are keep added this is fun. Yeah great good. I haven't talked to that girl in nine years. Essentially hit her on earth certainly not. I don't remember when the is your one. It's up adamant he'll injured in that. Watch house of haunting hill or whatever the fuck it is. I get the feeling somebody values our time. And values media's value of our time. I i don't know why can't read this some reason. I think i'm yes. I'm not gonna watch a movie. So i avoid at all costs. I agree thoughts on the new. Bg's doc. I was told to watch us by my drunk uncle christmas. I wanna watch it too. I think it's going to be interesting. If his covers their entire careers. be great. yeah. I'm saying right like fucking new york. Mining disaster nights and broadway big lull at the people who are cheering when the national guard is cracking skulls at the trump brian. I'm not sure you watch the same thing i watched. I don't know maybe you did I do whatever it's either either. You believe in things you believe in or you don't at the end of the day. This is what it is and you know. Sometimes things make you uncomfortable but if you believe in the things you believe in then it doesn't matter because you believe in them not everyone does watch the gravy seals to talk facts We'll do this one last. It's a lot of questions in regards to the last livestream. I want an official overnight. Dr condemnation of the seattle midwest woman's slandering oj simpson's spouting spurious misquotes of the juice in regards to the insurrection of the capital. What is was i on this livestream. I don't remember that. Did i did somebody what the juices commentary was poignant and highlighted the need for deep reflection on the justice in our country and with that defend the juice indefinitely with that i guess i to go back and watch it was definitely maybe a little. We were both a little in sheets. questions yeah there's some pretty wild wildwoods. Here's my very mild hot. Take on keeping to myself boy. I can't wait to see all the people who put their pronouns in the bio delete them. I wanna be a fly in the wall. Jacking that big dick while they do it. I feel like that's that's not a big win to be jack in that big dick to right. Like if that's your. I'm not sure that's the win. Many other things generate. Yeah like. I'm the i'm not fully sure that's the one though. I whatever fucking get your heart. I guess is war. Profiteers still happening yo. I spent all of sunday like hungover programming drums for war. Profiteer get ready. Is there video of hans. Doing impersonations feel like he dons a stately guard when he does nelson mandela or hunting capping. Does ron ghetto terry. Swire or eyeliner is gene. simmons. I certainly can. I will say like when you used to do that. Shit or you still just turn into like going to character. Gab said you left earth she would watch you and you would become a different person almost like do you remember that thank you. Can you remember the. What was it the louis through episode where he talks to the guy who says he can communicate with aliens. Bobby something like that lever momentarily iowa compliment. Thank you joe. That's two times ran. Van wyk has survived the house. Fire right. I don't know i only know but the one as possible and he's had a very storied past so i wouldn't be shown that is twice because our gang members burned his house down time owned by god that's right but he was like three. Yes okay. Here's some questions blatantly. Stolen from richard herrings emergency questions. Don't know who this is. The classic question to kick off. Have you ever tried to suck your own cock. Yes of course. I was like your ten. Of course the heavens. I was disappointed. Do it came close. Couldn't do it. Would you rather have a head that can turn all the way around like an owl or have a naked telescopes of giraffes neck but can go down to normal again. Who interesting have the spins around. I wouldn't use it but it would make driving a lot easier. Oh that's true. it's completely no i. I do the giraffe thing. That's why i keep thinking of the human character. There could do that. That seemed like it was a lot of fun. What celebrity would you like to be stroking your head when you die Well that's good. Monica bellucci riley rib eye. God you'll be okay. You're going to a better place has anyone you've had sex with had sex with somebody famous. Yes definitely doesn't want you call famous but one person definite like the in to like the degree yeah famous. Maybe it's the same person the do you think. Thunderstorms were invented by nasa to muffle the sound of space battles. Oh this is the guy the guy who stormed the capital knowing. I'm going to say yes to that because it seems like a more fun life so sure. Yeah that for questions. Some good ones guys where to go. Good job everybody. You know. just think that we're out of the question again. They come roaring back. Still no isaac. Still no isaac guy too. I looked i looked it up. And i think the Eisenhower's drydock just taking care of his normal business on do on man come on we putting up the clarion call saying down there. Don't make us come to norfolk. You can you can shoot us. Okay well i guess that's Let's do some advertisements and get the fuck out of here advertisements. Okay first of all liquid death water liquid death. use the promo code. Oh andy for a certain amount hoff. I'm not sure what it is. But i'm definitely go there to liquid death water. Google liquid death. What i think of liquid death water dot com liquid depth dot com. I should probably look. There's a lot of things we should look but that's our big sponsor. Also older goes dot com older ghosts. you Up so my gun I'm i got vendors clothing Distracting vintage clothing. I just saw you catch the spark. No clothing advantage prices. No seven hundred dollar t shirts here i. That's the ghosts dot com hot models or older ghosts son instagram vintage clothing from here. Not there. i- photoshop jesse's face and my face in a really bad way tonight mike contribution for another person. Who doesn't talk to me ever great. I love how nobody talks to me. Ever it's great all she does talk man. So great approachable six. Am she calls me. Actually we actually annoy approachable while she calls me about you which is strength in you know. That's great i love. I love i honestly given me a complex. I love what everyone thinks. I'm just like a damage. So not i'm the least damage i've ever been every morning. She calls me the list of things for me to tell you to do I'm like the least damage person like in my life right now and people still think damaged and terrible and nobody script. Now i will go a whole week with nobody talking to me. It's awesome anyway Damascene also called me six. Am tell me things about you. Friends thanks pals and really love love. Love the reach out. Glad you're curious. How doing you must always be assuming. I'm doing okay and i must. You must not enjoy my discourse at all it's great Cool always just hans. He'll be okay. I i'm thinking like i'm the type of person who will eventually die in his apartment and that'll be a month before anybody finds. I'll find you sooner than that sure. You won't shelter recording when we happen all right. Look i got these lock. Picks fucking terrible night devastated dot com damascene medicine million bucks. Imagine what he can do for you new aggressive. You're out called cruel summer and Don't you wanna go buy right now. It's on damascene dot com He's a photographer extraordinary. And you should probably check stuff out. Damascene dot com also dictation mall petition mall dot com and atm world dot com five percent. Off your first order with promo code. Wendy thank you very much. There was a damascene photo. He put up a few days like fucking love. That woman get really mad at him that he got a chance to interact with right. But i forgot. I forget what the woman is offer you. Oh she was on westworld. The brazilian woman on westward. Call all yeah all right. Well i don't know be good. Everybody's next week. Thursday so thursday. We did this thing where we just sat around got drunk. We invited people on. I think the thursday colin shown instagram is going to be the the format going forward for a little while. We'll just let people fucking hop on your say your piece per now. Don't say your entire piece but you know maybe like the good parts. say whatever you want god god. I am so unapproachable. The perfect that'd be of art so that'll be the subject for the call in for the dr drew show. This week is so many so many people friends that's great. How many people do they interact with the summer. Now zero people. And i was thinking about that. Yeah i was thinking about it. 'cause used to go out and just see people and we're like okay cool and you kind of feel like a camaraderie. Because you're always around them. I never hear anything or many of them. Tax me will happen zilch nothing. It's great so yeah that's cool. That's fine all right be good. Y'all were sad. Now be somebody or be somebody's fool and our prestige from producer credit over the los angeles dodgers or twenty years. He managed from seventy six to ninety six and nineteen seventies ninety six and he and in the twenty one years who wants to go jury. Kettles and I don't remember if he ever played as as a firefighter. Or if he told me the manager and the guy did have somewhat kind of a hothead but that can be managed with the nodar He number management but he it was presented with a of hand even though they've had other managed shoot over some little but he's like De guy but i'm at ninety degrees to go a long way. I don't know what it is. And i'm i don't know we had announced told the guy but you know there can be an the old age or now that we have today. It's up. this is blake weiland. I'm the host of the tone mob. Podcast it's a show where interview guitar people about guitar stuff. We talk about their pedals. Their amps accessories their preferences all that stuff as well as a healthy dose of whatever comes up topics range from aliens to addiction and anywhere in between. Oh yeah and pizza. We're definitely going to be talking about pizza. So get the show wherever you're listening to this podcast app just search the tone mob in your search bar and it will pop right up. Come join us. we're having a lot of fun. Thanks for checking it out.

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