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"dan kadro" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"So Dan Kadro joining us here on Mike Number three welcome to our remote studios here Dan. Yeah, thanks for having me on absolute pleasure. You and I go back for several years. When did you move up here? To to new? Hampshire moved up here in September of twenty thirteen from Oklahoma. That's a long way a big change. Right is a massive change, but it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made now. you used to work in like the power industry right? Yeah, actually used to work on designing power plants an like an engineering and design scope, and now I kind of do kind of a similar thing with natural gas, but. I've been doing that all together for about seven years now. And somehow you decided you wanted to start out and strike out on your own Start Your own business, which is a dream of a lot of people who work at a job right? Because even if your jobs are good one in your bosses, Nice, or whatever it's still you're working for somebody else. You're putting your time in your effort into building. Somebody else's dream and yeah. You get paid for it and you can do what you want when that money, but it's not for I. Don't think a lot of people as satisfying as. As doing whatever it is that you know you're calling is whatever it is that you feel like you really want to be doing and I agree with that so I posted something on facebook I is one of my products, which is a three D. printed led mushroom lamp that glows up It's about a foot, tall and hundred eight inches in diameter, but it looks really cool, because it projects onto the ceiling, and I posted this on Facebook, my personal page, the other day and I got a ton of great responses from it. It looks cool. Yeah, yeah, it looks really cool and I think I got like one hundred thirty something reactions, but that you know that's the most that I I had ever had, but. It was at that moment whenever I had posted that that I had had that initial like breath of freedom and I remember I was working from home because his whole Cova thing going on and working from home, but I remember being at home, and after I'm getting all these responses, I could barely focus on my work. My employer's not listening because. I didn't do a lot that Monday morning, but yeah, as soon as I got that initial like breath of freedom I was just I couldn't focus all I could think about was. How am I going to build my business? And how am I going to get out of the rat race? And this was how long ago well whenever I had posted it. It was. It was probably about a week ago. So this is all this area very new well I. Yeah I've actually been working on this business for about about a year. Okay, what I had some because I know the logo was designed a little while back. Yeah I kind of got tripped up by something last year, and it knocked me off my path, but I decided to get back, and you finish the first product, and then you put that online and people are like. Wow, how can I order that exactly and? You know I'm not just the name of the company that you're Brennan yourself under. That's a good question I should probably have led with that. The company called Psychoanalytic and set a psychedelic. You just switch the Ellen de around. Okay looks. Very led based on your three D. Printing, all of this and programming led's and all of that I saw when I was up there that you had a remote, that could control the led lighting. Yes, so that was cool. Yeah, I do have a remote on some of my products. I do not have the skills yet to do. The Three D. Program, or I'm starting to do the deprogramming, but it's something I'm working on that's. Are you buying preprogrammed? Little Board Circuit Boards? Yes, so what I'm doing is I'm like you said I'm buying the three D I'm sorry. I'm buying the led's that are already programmed and then just soldering in there all. All the electrical work and getting it to where people can just use it and make it user friendly, and you're doing the three design as well for the mushrooms. Yes, so yeah I've been doing the three design for that. He's a program called solid works, which I'm sure many people familiar with it's kind of the gold standard, and when it comes to three D design. So you got into Three D. Printing, obviously, how long ago that was a predecessor to this right so I've been in three. D. Printing for I'd say roughly two years, but you know there's a lot about three D. printing You can't just buy one and say you know. I WANNA make this. You got to learn the intricacies of it. You Gotta learn what you can and can't do and its limits in everything so throughout the years. I've learned quite a few things about it. You just showed up what two days ago. How long you been here? I've been here since Monday since Monday, but you just set up your tent with the mushrooms. I think two days or I know sisal you setting up recently and then last night I saw you going around with them kind of traveling with them and showing them off. have. You already sold out now. I haven't sold out yet, but they're going pretty fast I bet. Very cool and so. Is this something that people can order online. Can they reach out to you via a website or something like that? Yeah, so I do have a website at that. Is Www dot cycle lack dot com. Can you spell it? Yes, P., S., Y. C. H. E.. L. E. D. I see dot, com very cool I also have a facebook and instagram page, and you can make inquiries there, so right now..

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