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"dan hedaya" Discussed on The Dork Forest

"Yes. Or I did a sitcom with. Oh, did you? Yeah, I did a pilot with Dan hedaya. And joy behar when I was a teenager. Oh, wow. The Rock, not rock, but The Rock. And it was supposed to be about a junior high in New York. Okay. I played a pregnant junior high student. Excellent. It didn't go past the pilot, so that was a bummer. Right. But again, checks were cached. And so that's the good news, really. I mean, I do believe that success in show business is incremental. It's sort of like civilization itself. It can move very, very slowly in some cases. So that only shit talked to me. But the good news is we both get to do the work anyway. And we live indoors. You know what? Breach. And so, but the premise of chairs. Yes. Just to clear it up for anybody who might be under the age of a hundred. What is it? So the premise of cheers is that Sam Malone, who is a former relief pitcher for the Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox right. Owns in an alcoholic binge lost or won a bar when the bar in a bet. I think that's, I think that's the back story. Okay. And so he owns a bar, but he's recovering alcoholic. So he never drinks. Right. That does come up occasionally in big ways, but mostly it's just the background. And one day in the pilot, Diane chambers, a graduate student, a snooty, white, proceed graduate student comes in and her fiance dumps her. And she sort of there like drinking her wine spritzer or whatever they did in the 80s. And Sam can't remember an order or someone can't remember an order, and she relays back the entire order with all the 'cause she's so good at memorizing because of all the studying she does as a graduate student. She seemed to me to be a graduate student, but I don't know. But that was to actually sort of the premise was that she just was like professional student. She never she, like, so anyway, she ends up taking a job at the bar. And sexual tension in history ensue. And it's the best chemistry on any TV show. I promise you. You'll ever see. I really believe so. Okay. So they have sexual chemistry. Yes. Their stanchions. I was wearing the whole will they won't they started. I believe that's the whole one of the first ones. Yeah, that many TV shows followed after, but it was a huge thing like will they won't they? And then when they did, will they get back together? You know that kind of thing. All right, right. And so the other characters there is norm. Yeah, who's the resident bar fly? Right. And his buddy cliff. Right. So norm is an accountant who is often out of work. Right. He was supposed to have one word in the pilot, and not supposed to be it. He was just a beer. Yeah..

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