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"dan hardee" Discussed on Big Brown Breakdown

"Is ridiculous. Focus on your podcast, which just I think they relaunched the magic hour out. It's called magic hour or poly around the world. Brooklyn to the world, whatever the fuck, it is probably for sure just keep one fucking title Bali and Brian daily. So so he has his podcast going on which the put in funding behind. He's the best most cultural commentator in the sport. Why throw this in its very when they told me this, I'll share this. And when they told him, they say, what do you think I went I don't get it? Now if policies fire and wants to fight, I guess, I guess I don't get it. I think it devalues what he's doing. But what if if you're starting your podcast, and you want to get attention to your podcast that could be one way to do it. Yeah. Or what I would do with paulie, which is what fuck in Hardy's doing, Dan hardy and who's his colleague? John John something. Yeah. Look at. But so if you want the best breakdown of exit was it they said John legends. I go he's doing with him. Now. That's fantastic. So John good in Dan hardy, if you want to break down, I think it's on the platform if you want to breakdown of Xs and os before big main event, there is no one better that does more homework who's been in their knows the game. Then Dan hardy and John when they do these breakdowns. There's it's balls deep. It's very it's very calculated. It's very detailed. But there's no one breaks the main event down better than those to the by far the best in biz named someone boxing. Who does that taking would layman terms and build the hype? I'm not talking about a hype I'm a high. Boy, I'm you know, I'm saying I'm not giving you the nose can I out to Dan Hardee's, no way, not even close not what they're doing. I'm more like pres- Hilton the boxing MMA, you know, what I'm saying. Like I like to drama. So if you want. Xs and os, Dan hardy, and John what they do is amazing. Paulie can be that for boxing boxing. Does not have that name of Boston podcast you into all wait. They all suck dick because there's no personalities. No one's doing it to allow those guys are in TV didn't come over to the podcast and world. There's Boston podcasts out there. Nowhere near what it could be Polly could be the face of that policy in hear this. I'm not hating on. I love Paul. That's why I'm saying this place of of good intention and from my heart. I love Polly fighting in bare knuckle boxing is not the answer. Polly. Let me ask something. What's the best case scenario here? Polly fights, Artem not some out. Paulie euro, you were professional boxer world champion. Okay. So you're not that Artem arms, not a boxer arms of mixed. Martial artists who got cut from the release from the UFC. You're not you're not finding common Gregor. You're not fighting a Darren till you're not fighting Francis. In ghana. A real striker striker if you're fighting the now, okay might be a level playing field you're fighting Artem so he's not world champion. I think that what's the biggest upside here. Polly. How many people are going to watch this? How did you watch bareknuckle boxing? I'm not hate on bare knuckle boxing. I think it's great what they're doing. Okay. Cool. But for a guy like Polly. I don't see any pros here. What's the cons? Well, what's the cons? It distracts you from the longevity. What you're doing as far as commentating? You the best. There is folks on that you take the game over your podcast. There's no box and podcasts out there. You'd be the face of boxing comes podcasting. And trust me brother, you make way more money doing that than you ever make bare knuckle, boxing, if you became the champion of bare knuckle boxing, and you're the reigning champion for ten years. I promise you if you had a successful podcast. It'd be you'd make more money doing that trust me on that. So there's that the other con- is what's what happens if you lose?.

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