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"dan frawley" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

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"dan frawley" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

"The dog and we're down to walls with about seven minutes to go and i'm only out of one year deal so we took apparently so they have a power play and we always going box. If you're matting so that could be my last game ever. I play and slammed the door. It breaks. I kept my head down like nothing happened. Sticking myself though like boy. I'm going to be here for a while. It's like there's no way. I'm not strong enough to do something like that and it did have that it was it was pretty funny kennedy urine bank with the year our owner had divide george gillett. He wheeled out the whole barrel of glass as going away price for me and so i actually took some pieces of it and signed on pushes jackie though sitting there so when put a put on his jacket is about ten pounds heavier. He looked inside he goes. Hey this is a great idea. I'm going to sell these. I don't know what he did with it. But that was the i. Guess when by great experience in montreal. That's help people remember. I never mind the rest of the stuff. It's the glass. Yeah but before. Drake's gets the one thing i want to ask it so we were drafted same draft nineteen eighty two. And you know we're both little and small like you one hundred and thirty fourth in the draft. I believe in the end up in the hall of fame. Like where did your style developed like. Where did where did you become you. Tenacious relentless but skill. You know what i played with. The we won the world cup in nineteen eighty the l. Howard chuck scott her deal. Fred arthur mark crawford. Frank struck the dan frawley. The list goes on and you know. Just watch dale play steal my whole life and just see what he was doing a junior and then the next year he was gone. Scott neal was gone half the year. I became first line. Guy ended up with one hundred sixteen points than the my last year I was kind of little chip. My shoulder get drafted seventh round and i went and got netflix. Sector game with mike eagles he broke my nose and cheekbone. I didn't know he was lefty. So bad yeah so. My brother was there. My brothers eighteen years old. I am and that he played in the minors through but seven years and he said just go. Play your game. And i did I end one hundred. Seventy seven going sin been the st louis didn't have an ownership Sort of august in august. I was duesseldorf training over there. And i was about disarming my agent lyric kelly call that said get out of there. Do not signing thing. Not home left whitman. Just north and dave mail it back. After i signed a week later and You know going in that first year Jock immersed. Can you check. And i got my contract downstairs frame in. It's twenty three miners and sixty five pro and it was one way contract after forty games and i said sure i could jeff so i'm going into a team. Be a briefer will eastward lake dunlop. Larry eighty mike zoo an a. libya. So i'm sure jack and he gave me the opportunity and i got to play against the best players in the world. You learn while you're sitting on the bench watching you know not power play play time..

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