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Microsoft reveals more details about its 'Netflix for games' service, launching Sept. 15

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01:12 min | 2 months ago

Microsoft reveals more details about its 'Netflix for games' service, launching Sept. 15

"For games, and it will allow allow you you to to stream stream games games over over the the Internet Internet onto onto your your phones, phones, PC PC or or tablet. tablet. CBS's CBS's Dan Dan Mitchinson Mitchinson tells tells us us why why this this could could be be a a game game changer changer for for you. you. Or Or perhaps perhaps your kid playing games from the cloud where so much is store these days is gaining momentum in the $150 billion gaming industry and Microsoft wants a piece of it, You'll be able to play more than 100 games on your phone or tablet if you have the game passed ultimate subscription tech expert Brian Westbrook tells me that past will cost about $15 a month when it's released in September. He says he will be able to get a lot of the games you like along with some of the older classics without having to buy a new console, which could save you some money in the long run. Plus, it's a great way to keep him connected to those games while you're away from your console. The downside, Microsoft will be rolling out cloud gaming on android phones and tablets, but not PC or apple devices. So why is that we suspect it has something to do with the apples, APP store policies. And of course, it could be negotiation between Apple and Microsoft. Because, of course, as you could imagine, everybody wants a piece of the puzzle. So until then, maybe it's just time to go old school in San Francisco Damage in BBS. I remember that

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