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"dan colonel sanders" Discussed on What's Good Games

"The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning so my God that's so sad. I know this mission statement I ever heard I know that's the CEO of the company on one hand. I'm like Oh man other hand like hey. If it works for someone hey I know but like and then they twenty fourteen they had that quality of life platform they announced which is probably died. I think it's actually been rumored that has been dead for a while but what it was it was the sensor that monitored analyze you all you slept and it was just something you would stick like next to US radio waves they would check out your heart rate respiration fatigue and it just would like basically scope you out all throughout the night and even partnered with manufacturer who specializes in medical equipment and everything but clearly that fell through and then never forget get the we censor that never became a thing oh yeah it was just like literally a heart monitor clip yeah like you said I appreciate. They're trying to do good. Thanks for the world. She's like cool this silly I mean I will. I don't need this but other people. If this gets you interested in fitness cool makes it seem approachable cool yeah you do. That's right all right. This is called switch fit if it does it's not called Switzerland. I'm going to be upset. Are you going to boycott. I mean I'm going to boycott it anyway because I don't need it but you know I know Oh. This is your such a kind soul. Everybody people been tweeting this at me. Constantly Fault of us like you guys do to play. I love that you're thinking of me about this with the story so for those who do not know. KFC is apparently creating a colonel colonel sanders dating don't emulator which looks remarkably like dream daddy may say from Paula Gunn. KFC Yes the fast food. Restaurant is working on a video game with developer cy the fried chicken connoisseurs are releasing dating simulator called. I love you Colonel Sanders of Finger Lickin good the dirty just so dirty there is an exclamation point after sanders official you know branding and everything the game popped up wanting this morning as quote coming soon according to the listing a KFC representative told polygon the game will be available for free on steam on September twenty fourth a quote from the same people who brought you. The bucket of chicken comes the world's first Colonel Sanders dating simulator the description reads. I love you Colonel Sanders finger licking good dating simulator the later we'll put players in control of a promising student studying alongside a young young young Colonel Sanders. This is not old man. Dan Colonel Sanders while looking for love for you've got to make it through the culinary school part to if you're lucky Colonel Sanders might even take you on as a business partner you partner in bed partner in life of the nine characters. There's also would dog who is apparently a professor at the Culinary School of course of course I of course. KFC's that there are multiple hours of Gameplay a secret ending and recipes there are also cooking battles eleven herbs and spices and plenty any of quote miniature food also reminds players a few times that yes. KFC Did really make this game well. I love you. Colonel Sanders a finger lickin good dating later is they bizarre intriguing move from the fast company. It's not too out of live and twenty eighteen cancelled fancy loves the gaming twitter account called. KFC Gaming the social media account is all over the place hurling music video clips all across debt. Oh my God this. This is the story of this week I agree. I think this is my favorite story. You've ever read I love you Colonel Sanders and finger licking good. I mean it's ridiculous and I appreciate that they are just I don't I don't love it. They ripped off for him. Daddy's art style but I them props for knowing that dream. Daddy was popular and for them trying to imitate but they should give some licensing question have you have you seen Colonel Sanders this young yes. Oh of course yeah okay okay. Would you hit it. Yeah really one thousand percent not really I think I would I would make him shaved the goatee part. If I with the mustache yeah he would have to do something so he doesn't look like himself because I can't see I'm not okay. I'm not trying to sound like an asshole. I'm kind of repulsed by Colonel Sanders as you should be. He pushes gross greasy chicken on everybody and this is the has anything to do with the physical appearance of them. It's just it's weird that you have this like dude who was like a cartoon character. Originally I don't know as origins now. He's like a real human human and now apparently I didn't date him and it's just too weird for me and I I'll end up playing. I mean this is to anime style for me to like. Get caught up on what you just said. I'm just like hot anime. Boy Only thing I would do is shave your chin hair because it looks weird. I mean that's what Colonel Colonel Sanders facial hair does look like but to me. I'm like it'd be much hotter if he just had the mustache and it would be better because in my opinion would be like will young Colonel Sanders exactly goatee part yet like he just had had the mustache and then later he got older he decided to for whatever reason grow this disgusting thing on his mind but yeah so are you. Are you goatee or the mustache team goateed if you want more this for this image depends on the person everyone's 'cause like sometimes the goatee is good if you have to like high level Russian but the for this guy in particular that I'm looking at on the Internet this Colonel Sanders lose the goatee. Keep the mustache some Sam looking kind of lose lose. I'm looking at it. Why don't you shave off then? He might look to you know because they've looked to you. I think the moustaches fine with him back back. I don't mind it at all. That is not a not a barrier for entry the mustache to me. It reminds me too much of old colonel. Colonel Sanders is where rights too much of it. I lost that then it would look like a young dude with a moustache. Maybe just shaved it all off. Though Oh look twelve I'm not into that. I'm not either but it'd be better than I would not be better better depicting adults as young children and is never a good thing. It's a very creepy thing I'm just saying in this case. I think you could shave off the facial hair and he would look at he would look eighteen nineteen and it would be okay. No you wouldn't be running a frigging culinary institute at Eighteen or nineteen. Hey Man I'm sure some people have I'm sure you're yes in the history of the world perhaps but are you saying you don't believe in Colonel Sanders. It's one of those shows as did you think of like grandma got run over by a reindeer lake. If you believe girdles enters but that's where we grab all we believe I don't know like like you can say you don't believe in Santa but you can say you don't believe in Colonel Sanders Okay and the the other saving grace. This anime character of Colonel Sanders is the little like black Bowtie doesn't look like his body you know. Have you seen those beams where it's like that looks like the Black Bowtie. It's just a big head on a big none of small body not seeing that no oh yeah it's weird weirds me out all right well. I think we've detected poor Colonel Sanders and fucking oh no looking at the logo and I see it I see it. It was released yeah I can't. I can't see that how that's unfortunate. I think maybe if his hair was white and he shaved something. Oh I like that the Harris White especially especially because the art style and because it's super animated I love it and that's great. It's nothing to yeah. It's nothing dude the direction it's just him I. I just can't think of old dude on the commercials again. I'm sure you're going to be old onto one day. God Sammer No. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA get in Jacksonville input test tubes and I'm going to be preserved forever and ever and it's GonNa be great and I'll come aww banks Malians all right ladies and gentlemen. It's it's time to move on so points to end this thing and we'll be back with some hands on impressions like years of war five I and other things that haven't read yes. We'll be right back. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to segment of the what's good Games podcast retail you what we've been getting our grubby hands on number doesn't have grabbed my hands clean the are you always have beautiful manicured nails and this is Joe Polish off that they are bear. That's good I I need to get my nails done because their to their objects their weapons weapons of mass destruction right now because there are too long and we are not gonNA talk about our hands anymore okay so we have been playing video games so I've been playing gears five. I finished Blair. Ah finished gears five at finish Blair witch. I've been playing deadly. Premonition is short. It's like yeah like maybe five hours Oh yeah and a little bit of creature in the world but always talk about that until Andreas back because she has been playing. I think she finished it. I think she did good overachiever all right so I married well. You've playing gears I have but I started that because so I got this beautiful care packages. I believe you did as well well so thank you thank you to xbox sending us over you know obviously codes for the game and then they step us like consoles and controllers and all sorts of lovely things that I was not expecting leasing so it was it was super nice but I was waiting to install the new xbox before downloading the game and I had already started playing nights. Listen bike so I kind of put it off until I finish that but I got into gear last night. I'm obviously not super far into it but I just started act two. I'm like done with chapter one of two and although this may be a premature thing to say I'm hoping you will confirm or deny for me Brittany. I feel like this is feeling good. I I feel this feels more to me like the og gears did I did not like for the record I did not like yours for I did not finish cures for I felt it was a little boring boring. I didn't enjoy the level design. I didn't enjoy the set piece for the most part felt it miss it was missing something for me and I think a lot of that was variety and I hate to say it like soul soul or something. Whatever that intangible thing is yea? You sometimes are missing. That's what yours for was for me now. I know exactly what you're talking about. I think that's part of the reason why a lot of GOP Jeez these days they try to recreate cree of old like they're great but it's got a city like Tokyo. RPG factory they try to remake gop but they lacked certain something they're good Games. They just lack that fine technical game exactly a yeah like for me I just I don't know something about it was not not clicking didn't like it to finish it and it even has like one of the loves of my life Laura Bailey sorry. I really liked the character kate so to me that is what signifying how I have felt about gears before and so I'm very excited that now I am super into what's happening here sure and also gorgeous like what a walking they dave built some beautiful pieces for you to explore the lighting is par perf like it's just so so crisp and beautiful. It's like an uncharted game and some parts of it. It's just so so pretty and I lost my train of thought. So you pick something up. Okay I got you girl. It's currently sitting on the eighty five on metacritic so yeah people are people are digging it. So have you played all the other Aguirre's game steiner have finished gears one gears to I finished like three quarters of gears three the only reason I didn't finish that one was because of this is not a dig at you but a different friend not throwing shaded Britney different friends they would play with me while I was waiting for them and waiting for them away for them and then and then it happened just never happened. I never finished. I don't even promise anymore you you were fine yeah. I already know better until like count on you for that. Gears four didn't play because I wasn't enjoying it okay. That's totally fair. I've also played all of them. Including judgment so I like me some gear as you know after he spent after your five six games into the series of you include judgment you kind of have a specific bought an expectation from these games. I agree with timer that to neatest one feels like it takes everything from niggers series and just makes it better. There are a few things that I'm not sure about and I'll talk with you..

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