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Fresh "Dame" from The Paul Finebaum Show

The Paul Finebaum Show

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Fresh "Dame" from The Paul Finebaum Show

"Of semblance but you know back in the seventies when Notre, Dame and Alabama were playing for the national title I was pulling for Bama I mean no doubt about it and I do give Jeff is do Ohio state is one of the best teams country. For the for the tiger fans who were calling in thinking that we're going to repeat I think if we win eight nine games, it's not a bad year for US I. Think we need to spot this year live off the glory of last year and look forward to the next year But anyway, that's just my take and of course, Paul, Sunday night are you going to be watching sixty minutes? You better believe it. Will be on and I cannot wait. Well, they're going to be subtitles provided in. Bobby. abors going to act as transport translator for theology I. I have never lived in that part in that part of the state but spending..

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