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"Weird. I think he's trying to do John. You mean you're such a sharp dresser and the Cavs shows like, hey, I pretty much what I normally wear by through it through on today. Step it up. Good good I gotta say it sounds. Offended that coat Wearing a suit coat to work I will admit I just believe it today too because we knew we had the open house people to meet and greet and. Trying. To. Put. Your best behavior yes okay Violeta did you dress up today He looks very too. And. I. And. I called my room here Now we just have to get. The best behavior. Part of it all down and we'll be good shut me, up I call fraud, and then you know what I did today though I was little I came into my office and then I had a. Jewel bag and I just throw a bunch of junk in there and then I walked back out to my car just to, sort of clean the crap out so that when they come through. It'll look. A little more. Presentable addressed it up a little bit that's good I like, that think of my office says the blazer that Kevin. Is well it's hard because all the offices here. Are glassed in you can see. Everything and all the schmucks everything you've got all over the place it? Sits still doesn't look at what. Are you guys talking about today we got. A lot coming up we've got Dame Paco from, FOX Turkey to he's got an exclusive television interview with the officer Jason Van Dyke who's charged in that low. McDonald shooting nearly four years ago and talks about how extremely nervous he is about the upcoming trial and some other interesting details. Because we haven't heard, from him yet and he is speaking out As that trial is about to get underway also Ben, bradlee coming up from, WGN TV who's got an interesting story today about there's an s. s. i. you study you we always hear about southern. Illinois downstate feels like it's getting short changed in so many areas whether it's budgeting schools whatever it is the it it casts, some doubt on some of those perceptions and we're going to take. A look. A little bit. Closer at what they what they found out also Pat Brady, you know him former chair the Republican party in Illinois. He's going to be here to talk about the. Latest things going on with the. Don Mcgann departure and some other things going on in Washington his reflections? On what's happening they look good. And they're going to sound good have good. Show thank you John this is Chicago's WGN radio, the Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty. WGN Chicago for smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in the news is sponsored by deck tech here is Judy Pilic it is overcast seventy one degrees at O'Hare the first human deaths reported in. Illinois, this year from West Nile virus Illinois department of public health confirming LaSalle county resident who was over sixty five years old, became sick at the beginning of. August tested positive for West Nile virus and died the first, human to die for, the mosquito-borne virus in Illinois, so far this year the Illinois department of public, health currently reporting twenty two human cases you page county health officials Wednesday upping the number of cases. In, that county, to six so far this, year up four since the. Beginning of August Ryan burrow WGN news a northwest Indiana man pleads not guilty to charges in the drowning deaths of his two young sons last, week and the kankakee river. Thirty four year old Eric Patillo admits to taking. Heroin earlier that. Day to. Witnesses. Say they also saw him. Drinking the first of many days of ceremonies to honour John McCain underway today in Arizona, where the senators, casket arrived at the state capitol at the end, of the. Ceremony here John McCain's wife and children walked up to his cascade one Buy one for a personal moment with her husband and father Cindy McCain appeared to cry she put her. Hand and then her cheek down on her husband's casket Megan McCain wept is she said goodbye ABC's Alec stone reporting today would have been McCain's. Eighty second birthday what else counsel Don Mcgann is leaving the move coming not long. After it was learned that he was, interviewed under, oath multiple times by special counsel Robert Muller's team Also ahead to approve it we didn't, didn't claim executive We have we knew everything, scrape everything by the book President Trump, announcing on, Twitter that, Mcgann will leave in the fall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Declaring a statewide emergency is residents struggle with widespread flooding anytime to Amtrak, trains back on the move after spending yearly a day held. Up by flood waters carrying more than two hundred passengers, the Amtrak empire builder, trains run between Chicago and Seattle and Portland. Amtrak says the trains were designed to transport people overnight they, did give passengers food and drinks during their long delay almost five hundred people looking to buy sacks and a half dozen alleged pimps arrested, as part of a nationwide effort. To reduce sex trafficking including in the Chicago area sheriff Tom dart, says seventy three potential customers were nabbed and Cook.

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