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"dale suzu" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Days after he graduated from the academy. It was Gerardo Cassis first run to start his career. He says his training just kicked in, which is kind of instinctual. We've gone through the scenarios and you can be like theoretically. I never thought that would be the first thing I do here for the city. One of those officers were shot in the hand. The other in the chest and shoulder area. Castles will be a full fledged paramedic with CFT in about nine months. WLS news time 504 Taking a look at traffic right now on I 65 we have an accident blocking too. Right lanes north bound before 49th Avenue. Traffic is solid from us. 30 on I 55 stop and go Traffic south bound between the Veterans Memorial Tollway and the Veterans Parkway. That's due to an earlier accident. And it's a slow go on the Stevenson outbound between State Street and Harlem Avenue. Next traffic update in 15 minutes, it's Mattress firm's best Memorial Day sale effort for a limited time save up to $500 on top rated mattress brands like Celean, Sleepy's Plus, Get a Free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase. Get news on the hour, the half and when it breaks continuous coverage, wls am calm. I'm Kim Gordon 8 90 wls news. In gardens in the double. Dale Suzu, My Show's producer, Mallory for broker with Stephen Traffic, Anti assisting Tyler. Bravo, wrestling with the technology. You know who you are on, John. Thanks for listening. Guys Good to talk with Jeremy Corner of the Chicago Tribune. He had a piece today on the pope's latest vote of.

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