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Perfil da Mente #14 Mulheres que geram e que Lutam

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Cowboys Glass Half Full

Cowboys Beat

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Cowboys Glass Half Full

"Today is Friday April 16th. This is the Cowboys beat clns media Thursday morning tempted. Want to send a personal thank you to everybody for listening to today's episode wanting to talk about the NFL draft. Of course if my good buddy. Miller, you're not going to want to miss Dalton and and it's funny because in my conversation with Dalton. I've got a heaping helping of optimism today. So thank you Dalton for making me optimistic or helping me to see optimism where I previously had been lost by some of the Clutter and I'll explain all that coming up because today I want to make sure that we focus in on realistic expectations for the Cowboys in 2021 but also let's not lose sight of what is the reality facing this team in 2021? As much as there might be some disappointment over the offseason and and in in approach in an a continued approach. Let's not lose sight of the important things about what I'm looking for. The 2021 Cowboys. It's all that the second but first thanks for checking out today's episode and I've been urging each and every one of you each week. Do me a favor. If you're listening to this your Cowboys fan telephone know if each one of you that listeners podcast told another friend about this podcast, then we would see some pretty cool growth and I Love This Cowboy's community that we have and I've engaged with so many of you whether it's through text messaging or you know through email through Twitter. So I appreciate each and every one of you and and hope that you see the value in this community as much as I see the value in this little Cowboys community that we've we've created here, wherever you're you're listening to this streaming this whether it's on an apple on Spotify on TuneIn Radio on Pandora. We're on the the on Pocket Casts on Google podcasts, wherever make sure you're following along. Make sure you subscriber hit follow up and make sure to give us a rating if if the platform you're listening on provides that opportunity because it helps other people find the podcast as well and I urge you to help me grow because I mean if you're in this you like Cowboys you maybe like me, so I'd urge you to help me grow by telling people tell your friends just a one friend I have until you're just just one friend is all I ask I'd be very appreciative to that that today's episode brought to you by betonline.ag. Betonline.ag is your online Sportsbook expert. So the big news of the week would be that as expected the Cowboys did not retain the services of Aldon Smith. This decision had been already made but Alden Smith officially signs at the Seahawks. You know and and I've been complaining throughout the offseason about the Cowboys approach and free agency and and maybe it's try to time to try to you know, do something different for a change but you know, you gotta give it to the Cowboys they they do to their philosophy in many ways. It is successful. Whether or not getting bogged down by bad long-term contracts to players outside the organization, you know, they believe in the players that they evaluate and draft they you know, believe in the philosophy of you know, signing outside Freedom sit low costs and then letting him walk short-term deals low costs. Let them walk get compensatory picks as a product that you know, and then reload the draft and and you know look again. I I would love to see the Cowboys sign difference-makers on defense. I would love to see the Cowboys sign a difference-maker on defense. I'd love to see them invest in their defense will see if they've done enough in free agency to improve their defense enough the way that they have but You know this not signing all the Smith letting him walk. He goes to Seattle the Cowboys can get a compensatory pick out of it. I mean this is this is what they do, right? They sign guys on the cheap way. They they aren't going to be forfeiting compensatory picks by doing it. They're going to just accumulate a bunch of pics and the more pics you have the more swings you get at it and more opportunities. You have to hit on pics home and you know Cowboys have done very well in the draft so, you know again, It can be a frustrating and at times maddening approach but it is their approach they've stuck to it. They built a pretty decent roster with that approach and you know, this draft is 10 pics with that approach so they get ten swings at it. So, you know that that's that's really all there is to it when it comes to all the Smithsonian elsewhere. There's another report that came out this week from Clarence Hill the Fort Worth Star-Telegram where he's talking about they could have signed AJ bouye or Malcolm Butler and and like I mean that does not fit the Cowboys approached Cowboys are not going to go after guys the other side of 30 and free agency and give them contracts. It's not going to do it off. I I do believe that the Cowboys will sign a veteran or perhaps multiple veteran Corners before this thing. They said and done. I do not believe they'll be names you've heard of Perhaps if they are they'll still be on the cheap. We'll see you know, what I was thinking about today's show and what I should talk about, you know, obviously everybody's gone home about the draft of the Cowboys do a 10:00 and obviously if you go back and listen, you can hear my thoughts on what the Cowboys should do at 10. I don't want to belabor that point and the reason the reason I decided to kind of focus on something else today because You can find immediate difference makers in the draft you can but I think the fallacy in some ways of the draft is the dramatic and and Dead full and packed that rookies can have your one especially because the core of your team is built around the veterans that you have. There's there's just difficult transitions to make a lot of guys don't make a proper transitions into their rookie year doesn't mean they're not going to be very players just means it takes time, you know, it takes time. So I sell that to say like the roster of the Cowboys have right now how long it's going to improve to the draft. We know that but at the same time like we can evaluate this roster right now and have a pretty good idea of what this team is going to look like this season. And so even though again they're going to improve their roster to the draft. At this point in time. We have a pretty good idea of what the Cowboys have twenty Twenty-One going to look like. And so that was why it's much as I go back to a nobody great to see them invest, you know, it's something significant at corner and look they have its safety. I mean he can't say they haven't as nice as it would be to make a big splash move like a Richard Sherman, right? the Cowboys in their current constitution Are pretty good football team and I think sometimes it happened to the off-season as you get so caught up in you know moves. They don't make you can get off early. So caught up in how the season ended last year. And and so it's it's I think in some ways skewing reality. I mean, I think in some ways, you know, go back to this part last year and there was a lot of optimism both, you know throughout Dallas but also in the National media, I don't know that I've seen as much optimism on this team this year and I'm trying to figure out why we now know more money. Then we did last year cuz there were a lot of unknowns going to last year. Right? I mean Dak Prescott in a contract year with Mike McCarthy coming in and so we got a lot of answers that now sort of inform how to look at this team into this season's the upcoming season. And so that's where it's like if we took a realistic look where the Cowboys are right now. And and just really dwell on. Okay. What are they look like on their offensive line would look like a receiver. What do they look like at quarterback? What are they look like running back where they look like on the defensive side of football. Like we just take stock of all these things and yet what do me wrong. There are questions. They're significant questions, but I also think of the same time and and there there are holes. There are significant holes mainly on the defense of the football game like so many there's so many more questions about the team last year so many more unknowns to our now. It's like we have a pretty good idea of what Mike McCarthy wants to do. We're pretty good idea that the defense didn't work last year and that they're going to come with a more simplified approach defensively with Dan Quinn who my God just by showing up will become a better defensive coordinator than what they had last year. They're going to have a scheme that probably leverages the skills that are players better. Like they're just to me more than anything way easier to figure out this year than they were last year. We were way below optimistic about the team. Let's cheer. That's what's crazy sort of lost sight of a deck got her. There are tons of injuries and this team is built when an offense when they had to rely on their defense. It was like everything was going to go to hell we knew that. So when I sit back and get that like thirty thousand foot view of this team right now and take stock of where they are. Cowboys have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Okay, wherever you want to put Dak Prescott you wanted to 10 best quarterbacks in the NFL. It's got you can win with. If you're one of the best receiving Corps in the NFL could potentially even upgrade that in the draft. But who knows because again, Tough to make a huge impact certain positions can immediately but but I digress like even if they don't address the wide receiver position at all in the draft, they're going to be loaded at wide receiver. They're still good at running back as much flag as he takes like he's still he's still a top-flight top-level running back and and and then you still have Pollard behind him. So you're still like you're still you're fine running back. Like let's not lose sight of the fact that even though we wanted to see the Cowboys dramatically improved their defense. They've improved their defense. Maybe it's not dramatic, but they've improved their defense and we I mean we thought about it through some of the signings they've made you know, but Brent Urban to me. Very underappreciated signing for the Cowboys. This is this is a guy that's like a this is like a I should say a typical Cowboy signing where you buy low on a guy and you know, he comes and it's like all of a sudden like where this guy come from. He suddenly playing a lot more snaps, you know, he's way more in position, you know, as a guy that can really play well against the Run running rushing the interior. I mean, they added, you know, Carlos Watkins and other guy it falls into that category, you know, I think they think they've improved swing tackle and tie and seki I do think it's an improvement. They they've improved their safeties so like overall The offense is a loaded. Or certainly question about the health of the offensive line moving forward. But the offense is loaded. And the defense has improved they're no longer counting on to 6 round picks its safety and maybe just maybe they invest a little bit in the draft and safety do to sort of supplement the depth. They don't have but faith in KC and Neil even proved your safety position pretty substantially you bring in urban and Watkins, you've you've upgraded your defensive line rotation substantially and I just keep going back to this. Like they don't need to have an elite defense. They have an elite offense. They don't need to have it only defense. It just needs to not be terrible and I'm I'm pretty close to being ready to say that I don't think that this defense is going to be terrible. I mean again, we all want a dramatic upgrades that would scream for the mountaintops. This team is going to be better defensively the thing is even if we're not even if it's not screaming even if there's not like neon signs flashing bright bright as you could put like this defense is better it is it is it's it is under appreciating lie better. That's the best way to say it like is it remarkably better is incredibly better. No. But it is a lot better defensively than I think it's getting credit for it. Again. This goes back to like what our expectations last your expectations. We're so skewed become a good this offense was that I was like whoa, whoa everybody calm down. This defense might be bad not being brutal this year off at 2 still really good another year with Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore. So I mean, you've got a really good quarterback with Kellen Moore's offense. That's that's been phenomenal. It's putting up points is going to put up yards that's going to it's going to be up there with anybody else in the National Football League with a defense that is dead is better. significantly better probably but considerably under appreciating leave better than it was last year. So the same optimism we had for last year's team and talking about the Super Bowl as crazy as that sounds after the season. They just had but remember what the injuries they had sit back you looking at like God, it's crazy how expectations this year are probably closer to where they should be the opportunity for the Cowboys to far exceed them Cowboys got kind of caught in a firestorm last new coach walk into a situation. He was completely unprepared for that's his fault by the way, but with covid-19 prepared and schematics and blah blah blah, like it just seems like they are way better positioned. This year both from an expectation standpoint. and from a continuity standpoint I think the Cowboys are are Super Bowl contenders I do. I dunno maybe I'm looking at through Cowboys colored glasses or I'm a homer whatever it is, but I mean, it's an offensive League Cowboys are built to win an offense. They have a really good explosive offense like There's no reason why the expectations for this team this year. And I just mean like let's look at it realistically realistically we probably have to expectations last year our expectations. This year are much more tempered. Those are in line with where they should be. But that doesn't mean that we can't look at last year and say but this team is better than last year's team going to the season right like from roster standpoint roster makeup standpoint. The team right now is better. And they're still going to improve the roster there the draft and potentially still too afraid to see maybe in through trade. where they said in April 15th This is a team that we thought we want to Superbowl last year and the roster has gotten better. I'll stop the draft with my good buddy who's incredible on the on scouting and and looking at prospects. Miller joins the show next but first, let me tell you about deadline. I've been telling you about betonline.ag for years now. It's the fastest and easiest way to bet on all your Sports Action, but we know obviously footballs in the rear-view mirror, but you can bet on the the association you can bet on the NHL Major League Baseball. You can look at future in the NFL. What were the Cowboys are in terms of wind totals you can bet on the draft my goodness. You can bet on a ward shows the Oscars coming up television shows reality television. There is just no shortage of action that online. A g but online has a real-time updated odds and props almost anything you could ever imagine also has you covered for all the news scoresandodds. It's the best way to place your bets and it's free to sign up ahead of the website or use your mobile device up today and receive your 50% Welcome bonus in your first deposit here that free money off. 50% welcome bonus with your first deposit just to make sure to use a promo code clns fifty two letters c l n s fifty boom 50% Welcome bonus don't sell the sidelines anymore. Get in on the action. Don't forget to use the promo code clns 50 to receive a 50% Welcome bonus the first deposit, but online your online Sportsbook experts on the Cowboys beat. Let's visit with my buddy Dalton Miller from 1:05 through the fan and you can also catch his work and the pro football network draft stuff. You still have blue chip scouting as well. I used to work with them. So I own it, but I don't work on it to anything with your delegate. I have delegated it completely. All I do is that when new guys join office, they asked me they say hey can we get him joined up and then I have to get into the the website in Squarespace and send them the permission to be able to work on the site wage. So and so that's literally all I do I even paid they started doing merch I didn't know about it. They started doing merch and I bought a sweatshirt the company that I own. All right. Well if you want to buy a sweatshirt go to Blue Chips county.com Dalton, let's talk about the draft. It's just a few weeks away. Who do you have your eye on for the Cowboys and not just at 10 but just in general who are guys that you're like, okay, these are guys that could fall into them at any round that you like. Yeah. So I think that's the guy that I'm most, you know, kind of excited about being there for the Cowboys specifically in around 2, because I think in round one, there's actually a lot of possibilities pain a soul might actually somehow faithful to the Dallas Cowboys. Really you think so, yes. So there's kind of a two-horse race there if Cincinnati stupidly in my opinion goes with jamarr Chase over. So Panic, so then in in that instance, so the only other real option most likely is Carolina. What about Atlanta at 4? You don't think Atlanta goes for how long they could but Atlanta's offensive line is actually not too too bad and they've spent a bunch of assets there. I think Atlanta might go met might be the team for Kyle pads is Atlanta Atlanta. Also just go for quarterback and get Matt Ryan's future replacement. And for that specifically I think that's a good spot for trail ants but if he doesn't go to one of those two teenage any should but there's a real possibility that he doesn't there's also just a real possibility that the NFL likes the the Comfort level that were Sean Slater brings over the upside of panic. So and now I think appendix was already a better player than Rashawn Slater is but Rashawn Slater's got a very transparent floor and it's very very dead. Hi, and so the the words you're going to get with Rashawn Slater is a very good guard at the NFL level and somebody who I think can play tackle too. Pretty high level. I don't think he's ever get a top, you know, five left hand full in the NFL or top-five right tackle, but I think you can be you know in that six to ten range consistently but pending sought 10:00 is the name that I'm kind of circling for the Cowboys off at 44. He fought to Mellow van wheel that is the quarterback from Syracuse. I just think you know, especially if they miss out or take somebody else at 10, I think that would be a great fit in a cover-3 scheme. I mean big he's athletic he is not his brother OB he understands that his brother had flaws I've talked to him was that he was probably over drafted because of his athletic profile and he knows that he was kind of soft and he is he very much doesn't he didn't say Thursday? But that's what like he intimated that a little bit and so I think that he really tries to be go that extra mile to be physical as a corner. Especially it comes to you know, defending the run and going up and attacking screens and then man like the draft really sets up pretty good for them to you know, maybe get a linebacker or a defensive tackle with that third round pick linebacker and d-tackle in this draft class. That's kind of where the strength is. There's not a bunch of high-end Talent at D tackle, you know, the one technique but there's a bunch of guys in that kind of range that I think would be good value there. It also linebacker depending on which guys fall Dylan Moses is probably going to be round and round 3 months bill Cox might be probably not especially after he test but he might be he's really really good in coverage and then there's just so many guys that you think one of them is probably going to be there at 75 wage. And then in the fourth round if they want to get a developmental free safety, you know, I don't I don't think they'll have a chance to get Trayvon more rig or Richie Grant with their second round pick. So I'm getting in developmental guy. Maybe it came Stearns who I'm showing your yeah aware of, you know covering the Big Twelve. He's somebody who I really like the upside of God, you know, maybe ardarius Washington and if the team is comfortable with his height, I really like the player and you know, there's there's other guys as well Divine Diablo timer last be from Missouri, you know, and then after that, you know, there's guys that I like at the one technique defensive tackle Cyrus Tonga from BYU on Dale Mabry somebody like to Darrell Slayton on day three from Florida 6 with four three hundred thirty pounds. He's got absolute levers as arms and he uses them really. Well. He's just he's dead. A great athlete and there's one techniques, you know, that's really where you can find Value in the draft on day three those guys cuz the NFL doesn't value. Who do you thinks the best defensive player in this draft man? That's a tough question. The highest grade that I have is a tie between J. Okay, Jeremih woosah, Carmella the linebacker safety hybrid and Micah Parsons dead. Those are the two highest grades that I have. Given their positional value. Those are not the guys that I would draft first. I would draft I actually have the highest film grade on Caleb Farley, but with the back injury and there's just no way that you can feel comfortable taking him that high and so he would kind of be my guy but I would take the two corners JC horn and Patrick Stewart an over the linebackers because of positional value package. Then I really really like. Jaelan Phillips the Miami Edge rusher as well, but he also has injury concerns. And so that pushes him down the board a little bit as well. He's the name that might be there at 44th because of all the the health issues and I mean, he would be a perfect type of blue star special for Jerry Parsons is so interesting because he seems to be such a polarizing Prospect so much talent. Why do you is it just as you mentioned, you know, just the it's just not a position that's you know, evaluated that high relative to some of these other guys at corner defensive end, especially the defense wage. Football yeah with him. I mean, it's not just that either. It's the immaturity, you know, there was you know, getting suspended in high school all the way to the hazing incident or supposed alleged hazing incidents in college. You just you look at the dude and you say I don't know how that type of immaturity is going to gel or or mesh off in an NFL roster. I mean, he could end up getting you know allegedly. Again, Aaron Donald added in the locker room because those guys aren't going to aren't going to deal with that. Who socials the guy you'd like to attend the most I mean, I wouldn't love to go offensive tackle specifically, but just because I think that we have, you know, an offensive tackle and he will end up getting hurt at some point Tyron Smith home games this year, but when you go, you know and take a guy in the first round, especially if the 10th pick you expect the guide to be an instant contributor and do I think that he could play left guard to start his career sure. I think that he could do that and be just fine if that he is an elite left tackle Prospect and I don't want to just move him into guard because that's where the need is. I want to play him at the position that I'm drafting him. Right and plus just the value of of guard and Tackle. I mean, I understand protecting that Prescott but come on. I don't I don't want to waste even a year with that 10th picking. I know that you get the fifth year option with the first round picks, but I would much rather get a guy that from day one is going to at least give be given the chance to contribute at a high level. So who do you want to 10 then? Jaylen waddle. I mean that's that's who I that's that's my real answer. Like that's who I want. I want Jaylen waddle. I want to trade Michael Gallup for a defensive starter. Mike wage. Jaylen waddle just brings an element to this football team that they do not currently have mats that speed threat, but he's not just a speed guy and I think that that's something that a lot of people it's difficult for them to understand and we keep getting in year in and year out these Tyreek Hill Cops and they're all bad. They're all bad. It wasn't mecole Hardman. It wasn't Henry rugg's it wasn't Jalen off Philadelphia Eagles. It wasn't jamming rhaegar like these guys were not Tyreek Hill. Doing what is Tyreek Hill somebody's is so why is it? Why are the why is he different than those guys? Especially Henry rugg's cuz obviously the most compared to so he's an actual route-runner which is something that you know, Henry Jacobs had gotten better at it. But it's the ability to change direction. That is the biggest difference between him and those other guys, especially Henry rugg's is the ability to start. Just on an absolute dime and although I think he's still becoming more nuanced as a route-runner understanding Defenders leverage being able to to attack blind spots and things of that nature at the level. He is at already. He's unguardable. You just there's nobody that can actually met up with him man-to-man two of the fastest quarterback in college football player for Georgia in Eric Stokes wage and Tyson Campbell and they had no answer for him whatsoever couldn't even get near him. And so for me, that's a guy who, you know, even after your third one receiver. I mean, You have to give extra attention to that and if you're giving extra attention so you don't get beat 475 Darkness deep not just opens up a morning Cooper and see the Alam that much more. Do you have him as your highest grade in this draft? He's my highest grade receiver ever re wow. Yeah. I like him that much. I mean, I think he's that much of a difference maker at the next level from year one and life. If if they end up not liking what they get for Michael Gallup in a trade you can just rotate him in and out of the offensive line up and he's already a top-five punt returner and kick returner in the NFL. He averaged 24.4 yards per punt returned in the SEC. Yeah, he's a monster. It's it's interesting. I I mean hits is obviously kind of most mentioned and I I mean for the same for the same rationale of you know, people that are saying well they, you know, they have too many needs on defense and there's too many miles took offence. It's like look gallops contract is up after next year. He said the height right now of the value can get for him, you know, why not try to unload him and and figure that out and then I mean Cooper, I think you get out of Cupertino a couple of years for you know next to nothing. So it's you think about what CD and then potentially Jaylen waddle or kelp it's like now you get fucked, you know, five years with with while or pits for more with steel am on a you know, cost control. Like that's just so significant that I think people are overlooking when it comes to just how Transcendent some these weapons are in this draft Yeah, and people really are a little bit narrow-minded when it comes to the draft. They're looking at needs today. They're looking at needs this year when they don't really have received needs. Yes, and they don't understand that needs change. In the snap of a finger at the NFL level contracts are short guys get injured guys depression. They force their way out. They regress like crazy and you know with the wide receiver group page, that's where the best athletes are playing now. It used to be the best athletes were playing at running back. Yeah, but running back, you know, even in the past ten years, they're not getting paid like they used to the shelf life is really really short. So these great athletes all have gotten gotten away from the running back position and we're seeing them transition over to wide receiver and and there is a a plethora of talent at the wide range of position for Jeep and so paying them and listen Amari Cooper is a top At best five wide receiver just winnings healthy just pure route-running can't garnham. And I'm okay with what they paid him. But like you said they can get out of that contract and save a lot of money cuz yes as much as I wanted them to pay that Prescott, they should have they did the right thing. That is somewhat going to limit what they can do not from the top and perspective but from in-depth perspective. And so if you can cut costs where you can with, you know, not too much diminishing return. I think that you should be able to do that. You should do that. Do you think the Cowboys are better today than when the season ended? Yes, obviously, I mean yeah, I mean Andy Dalton's not going to start the first game for I mean with that being said like if they and they've done enough this offseason to improve their roster. Yeah healthy and healthy and I think that is the biggest thing they did is and you know, cowboys Twitter and the radio has done a really good job. And listen those guys Jerry Jones Stephen. They listen they hear us we have bullied them into actually paying attention to the one technique and to free safety and you know, it might have been, you know a little bit us and a lot of Dan Quinn, but I think we finally bully them into saying hey like we actually have to somewhat pay attention to who was in the middle of the defense and you know, last year was the proof you can't just have unless I love Antoine, I think Antoine was justified rotational player at the one technique. He is not a two gabbing straight up nose guard that's not his game and getting out of that defensive scheme. not that it wasn't an okay scheme cuz it could have been in a with a full offseason and with players that are I don't want to say more intelligent because I don't think that our players are dumb. They just didn't pick it up very quickly towards the end of the year. They started to look better off but allowing your guys to be responsible more for one Gap in the linebacker specifically the the one linebacker specifically number 54 off allowing him to just play for work and not have to worry about a two-way go is really really important in that something that in this one gapping Gap control scheme for the Dallas Cowboys game going to be better just by default this year and that's something that they need because they're paying him who else up front. Do you like I mean, did you like the addition of Brent Urban you guys absolutely that's the that's the biggest one that I'm a fan of his the Brent Urban signing because I think that he is a legitimate run defending one technique. Yeah, and somebody that watches the Bears cuz I grew up in Chicago. I mean he was such an odd Did part to them defensively cuz there's so many they have so many great players up front where it's like you don't even realize how good this guy is that was that was the one of the it's funny because it seems like they've under month seems like the Cowboys of underwhelming free agency Urban to me might be end up being their best signing. I am happy they did invest in the safety position, which I mean, you know years past were looking at age six round picks to play safety. So it's like okay they they put Keanu Neal and and the other kid from from the Falcons and like true free safety, you know, you know nails are really good, you know downhill lie back or Safeway they say linebacker, but he still going to be a he's going to still be a play. I don't think primarily safety for them. Yeah. I mean do you like those moves? Are you underwhelmed by what they've done in free agency? Where are you on that wage? No, I mean, I don't mind the moves that they made they were obviously cheap moves. They kind of needed to be cheap moves Cowboys didn't have a ton of money this offseason. I mean, obviously I would have loved for them to go out and you know try to get something. like Dalvin Tomlinson, you know, like get a splash guy to really try to make one big difference, but I'm kind of getting to the point where Just throw bodies try to get depth at defense because you know the top-end talent like how much good is one Elite linebacker going to do how much good is Right anything out of you know one Elite, you know shut down corner, like they they're not going to make a massive difference because defense is such an 11-man game one crack in the armor and you're done and so getting a guy like cuz he getting a guy like Neil they know the system like the back of their hands. It's the one that they live literally are just coming from thumb. And and the one thing that I really want is for Dan Quinn to run some of what they were doing the past couple of years where they kind of did, you know get not just out of the the cover three because they still ran mostly covered 3, but they did more to High stuff especially, you know, it gets the Cowboys last year pass-happy teams. They went to high they played Tampa to they played some match stuff. And I think that getting cozy and knowing is going to help that transition on the field giving guys in the right spots. Miller go check out his great work want to 5 through the fan down and 105 for the fan. Com has YouTube page as well and on Twitter adult and Bea Miller dog in the best man be well. Thanks. You too. Thanks for having me. I thank you. Miller 4:20 today. Show me thank you for Dalton to help restoring some optimism in me. I can't wait for the NFL draft. It's coming up. If you have not yet already make sure to subscribe to this podcast follow it it also wage if you wouldn't mind give us a five star rating. And if you don't do that in lieu of that tell a friend you've got friends that are Cowboys fans. Tell a friend say hey, I check up check out this cowboys podcast you like the Cowboys you want here, but what's going on throughout this offseason? Check it out. This this guy already time. Can the Cowboys beat box? You might like it. I would appreciate that very much each and every one of you would do that. I love you, but for now, peace And you know and orange.

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Can Tampa overcome the loss of Snell? Rays Preview w/ Kevin Weiss

The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

46:13 min | 7 months ago

Can Tampa overcome the loss of Snell? Rays Preview w/ Kevin Weiss

"When it's football time it's financed get a front row seat at the world's largest stadium and enjoy live in game from the spanish alita the best of the passionate south american soccer and much much more for only seven ninety nine a month. Watch anytime and anywhere from your awkward ride in the taxi during the afternoon video conference or even hiding from your family in the bathroom science at fanatics with z dot com slash sports and. Try it for seven days fanatics. The world's largest stadium we are breaking down all aspects of geeky. Baseball is the bronx pinstriped. Show with your host angel. Rotundi and scott ryan. Let's go all right. Guys rolled along with our alias. Previews thanks for joining us again. My friend kevin weiss from locked on raises joining us. Talk a little tampa tampa bay rays and find out what's going on in their neck of the woods. They had a hell of a year down in tampa not only with the but across all really all sports. It's been a good sports here for the for the tampa fan for the tampa sports fan. So kevin what's up man. Welcome welcome back. Yeah absolutely. I mean the buck years when a super bowl the lightning when a stanley cup the raise got an afc championship. Couldn't quite get the world series but there's always next year and then you've got other teams coming down. I mean we we watch. Nba basketball season long at. Emily arena where the lightning play the need. The dunedin blue jays. I mean the toronto blue jays are basically going to be playing in dunedin for a couple of months so a lot of opportunities. Just watch sports and actually go to games to over the past month or so. Some of those organizations have have opened up bit limited capacity and so forth but With the rollout of vaccines were. Actually i mean this. As we stand late march going into april it seems like there is some some normalcy returning which is which is nice to see after all the massive twenty twenty dow for real. But what's the what's the situation over at the trump with the fans yankee stadium's at twenty percent right now. There's like a forty eight hour period of proving that you have a code test negative test all of these things. So what's what's happening at the trap. Our they and everybody. And i think it's a little bit more relaxed from what i've heard but yeah what's the writer. Yeah we are in florida so things tend to be a little bit more relaxed. I don't know anything about like a negative covid test or requiring that you show a vaccine. I believe mask are required. A unless you're eating actively eating or drinking inside the trump but they said originally that they were going to cap attendance to start the season at seven thousand but then they made another nouncement that they bumped it up to nine thousand so as many as i guess they always change the capacity around with the tarps and everything. That's about twenty five thirty percent capacity so so and i'm sure as the months go forward. I would not be surprised by the end of the season if they opened it up completely. But that's what we're looking at nine thousand fans to start and hopefully the rays can can call call themselves getting a sell out or several sellouts. Hopefully they can fill nine thousand into the seats. Especially this early part of the season. I mean if you can't get in the building especially after as people are clamoring to go to the games after what the rays last season then. Let's just move to montreal already. Let's just close up shop because that would be quite frankly and in a basement especially as i mean people are getting vaccines left and right here which is a good sign tail. Yeah y- i mean the like you said the tarps our situation where they can control the the attendance for a particular game whether there's a limited capacity or not so For baseball sake. I hope that they're able to pack it with nine. Thousand fans are seven thousand fans or whatever it is and i also have a feeling that you're going to get a higher percentage of visiting fans that come into because everybody is jonesing for baseball. Yeah i agree with that. I think that I mean it's funny. Because i was driving down dale mabry yesterday after an a yankees spring training game just ended and it was just absolutely packed and again. That's the yankees fans. But i think you're still going to. I mean for better or worse. You're you've got a lot of transient fans down here. Whether it's red sox yankees a lot of people are vacationing if not moving down here staying down here because things have been so relaxed in opened up so even if it's look you'd like to see one hundred percent raise fans in the trump but I feel like you have enough people this time of year that i mean. If it's know you got a red sox home game against the red sox it might be fifty fifty but at least you're filling that building up and bringing some revenue to the team and i'll just be curious to see how they go about expanding this thing. I mean the first month this is nine thousand and then okay to. Let's make it twelve thousand month. Three fifteen thousand just incremental jump ups. I feel like that would be appropriate appropriate to some extent. But i mean i'm just Look i think there's definitely a demand out therefore race fans to go and see baseball. I mean they capped spring training attendance at around fifteen hundred per game and all the spring training tickets for the entire season sold out within five minutes online so there definitely is a demand for baseball or in a demand for people to go out there and do something as well so i. I would imagine that there shouldn't be a problem filling up the place. At least you know whatever. The limited capacity is with that. Let's get to this year. I think for us To appropriately get to. What's going on with you guys this year. We have to backtrack to the end of last year because it seems like there were some you know there was obviously an opportunity For for the race to win a world series. You guys had a hell of a run to the playoffs as we call him rice. A roni you actually on our show early in the earlier in the year when we did our our Beginning of the year partout that he was going to be just a big player and someone who is going to be to look out for the playoffs and this dude was was looked every bit of mvp in the playoffs he. He dominated the playoffs but the way that it ended towards the end with blake style. Game six apologize for for bringing back bad memories but it does seem like it was that has something to do with the way that the off season Kind of rolled out. Snell obviously traded to san diego the race bringing a what seems like a plethora of veteran pitchers to throw spaghetti on the wall almost or mixed see if we can get one last one. Let's go out of these guys which to be honest. I don't doubt because tampa has been able to do that with multiple people. So yeah curious your thoughts ending the season and just just what that what that taste was going into the offseason with snell being traded. That's look i. It's one of those things. Where since knell has been off the roster we i guess thankfully haven't really had to relive game six because the the media isn't asking questions about a looking back on game six hair you entering this season so on and so forth. So it's almost into the yankees. Yeah yeah there. We go so Look i think that after game. Six things had kind of been ramping up to that point of blake snail. And the raise kind of okay. It's probably time for us to go our separate ways even though he to pretty much twenty nine other mlb teams. He has a very team. Friendly deal laughed with three years. Thirty nine million dollars on that contract. The raise aren't like every or every other organization out there and they're just been things with you know the when they traded tommy fan. He expressed his disappointment with that game. Six he he added. Scott boris as agent. Lot of things going on with that and he also expressed disappointment very vividly about not being able to go deep into ball games. And that's been the raise. Mo of ladies. Hey we're going to have starters be five guys. We're going to bring in the bullpen sixth inning and and try to close this up place now former cy young award winner. He wants to be able go seven and eight. He wants to get his chance at a complete game. And maybe he'll get that opportunity in san diego. I don't know but yet talk about throwing spaghetti on a wall because they of course not just traded blake's now for i think four very good prospects and players. That will definitely help this team. In time over the next several years they also opted not to bring back charlie morton on an option and i look i. I know this is sort of heartless in a way. I would have picked up. His option then traded him to the braves or somebody else and try to get something in return. But i guess there was so much mutual respect from both sides that they opted. Like if if we're bringing you back we're bringing you back to keep you. We don't want to bring you back and then give you this impression. You're gonna be on the team and then trade you a week or two or two or month later whatever. It is so what they've essentially done. Is they've unloaded payroll off the starting rotation and in return for veteran guys who have question marks have a history of success. But you just don't know what you're going to get from those guys. Whether it's chris archer column mccue michael walker Rachel the list goes on. And on. And i guess the idea and the thinking along those lines of and they brought in all those four guys for a combined. Thirteen point eight million dollars. Which is less than what charlie morton would've made At fifteen miles so really. What they're thinking is These four guys if they can give a combined four hundred fifty innings. The most that charlie morton is going to give you may be one seventy five. So you're going from sixty to one sixty two. We just need guys that can give us any in any way possible. That's part of the other part of it is they have a really really good stable of prospects in the minor leagues. That are going to be knocking on the door in the next couple of months. Whether it's shane mcclanahan josh fleming. Who saw a lot of action. Joe ryan lewis. Pitino brennan mckay brent honeywell lot of guys there that are chomping at the bit so once those guys are fully stretched out and inevitably once ritual. Goes down with something or chris. Archer goes down with something then they can start to bring those guys up sometime along midseason late season and hopefully had the depth to get through one sixty two so that's kind of what their line of thinking. There is while at the same time trying to save a buck or two. Which is the the raise way so to speak. Yeah yeah so. That's that's exactly you know everybody's looking at tampa and saying well. They lost morton. they lost snell. This is clearly going to be the yankees division. this is and which. I don't disagree. I think it is the yankees division to lose at this point. But that being said tampa has has been able to turn these no name guys in their bullpen. Into you know the the quote horse the stable of horses and and they've they've been able to make a lot from very little or they'll identify a guy who's had injury history and for whatever reason make some tweaks change his. You know his situation within the team and gotten a lot out of him. They've they've been able to add a lot of value from from. I'd say little and that's i think that's one of the big strengths from from kevin cash and an organization. So when i see that snell is gone and that morton is gone. Yes it's a. It's a hit to the team. But i have no doubt that they're going to fill that piece with someone else and probably someone of never heard of and this guy's gonna come in and you know this guy or these guys and and do well. It's just they have a track record of doing this. And the fact that you know they got archer wocka hill mchugh like you mentioned. It's possible that one of them have a bit of a resurgence would not surprise me. If archer all of a sudden found you know a little bit more of a semblance of being a pitcher and had some success so is by no means take them take them for granted and and i think that they are going to be a very serious threat in the in the division so curious. Your thoughts on what your expectations are for the specifically with this new New rosser yeah. That that's a. That's a great question a great point and i go back to like last year. Who would have thought that ryan thompson. John curtis and erin sleepers would be a thing that they would have success. Nobody had really heard of these guys beforehand and then we see them and they have a media success and it's like well maybe the rays have found some something and i think that's what they're going to do again with guys like jeffrey springs and chris maza and a bunch of volk guys and the other thing. Too with that is I know that nick anderson that bad news about him. He's going to miss at least half the year with what he's dealing with elbow issues and the rays have to find a new defacto closer. Which i think you know between fairbanks and casteel. They should be able to do but they also have guys. That aren't getting talked about this year. That are have been contributed to the raise in the past and are expected for big roles in the bullpen. Cody raid for example andrew. Kitchen chaz roe. Those guys are finally healthy and ready to go. So that's going to be big for them. I think you know you look at the rotation wanted to five definitely isn't a top ten rotation anymore maybe not even a top fifteen rotation but i think the they have so many arms that can pitch in and fill in that. I think they'll find a way to get through. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they've got like ten or guys by end of the year that have like eighty ninety one hundred indians between them. I think there's going to be a lot of guys that are going to be pitching a lot of innings in a lot of nixon. imagine from that standpoint. I think this is to be again for going from sixty to one. Sixty two While the rate on paper at least they're starting staff and maybe not even their their bullpen anymore. It doesn't look as elite as in last year. I think you know. Come to the dog days of summer. September august you get late in the season where i think teams are going to be hampered by injuries and ailments And it's going to be like a nfl season where it's just like. We just need a guy that can go out there and throws a couple of things. I think that's where the rays have an advantage you know. They're they're top couple. The couple of players probably aren't on the same par page with the yankees or the blue jays. But i think their their depth there you know fifteen through twenty six twenty six through forty really really helps them out and gives them a boost and i think that the rays again probably the homer in me a little bit. I think they find a way to make the playoffs. And i think they find a way to. I wouldn't say win the division but definitely secure a wild card spot and somewhere between the range of eighty eight to ninety. Two games is what. I'm looking for at least probably around that ballpark. As of right now we also have to remember. I mean the the rays have never really been known for their offense. That's never been. They're calling card but they're returning pretty much everybody in their lineup from last season and that was a team that almost averaged five runs a game and they might be able to do that this year. Especially if you get a full season. Healthwise from awesome meadows and brandon lau and Ignani d. as in you we we see what randy arena can do over a full season. So i think that's definitely going to help them as well so i think second the division i i would say if i was to rank it right now i'd probably say yankees one raise to blue jays three big back and forth between those three teams red sox and then five i mean who else but the orioles. Yeah i mean the red sox compete who knows the orioles might get some some young guys that play out of their out of their shoes and play a little bit. Better with the red sox. That'll be an interesting head to head interesting for for two fan bases but The so saying with the pitching before we get into a little bit more of the offense. Because i think the offense is really interesting. What are your expectations for tyler. Glass now we saw some good things from him. But i mean at this point he really does have to take over as that. A says that number one guy. Do you expect him one. Do you think that's a must. Does he have to come out there and dominate every time he gets the ball the majority of time since you have to clearly make himself that number one guy. And what are your expectations for tyler. Blasio yeah i think you know. Throughout spring training these story line has been him finding tunin his secondary stop. he's learned a slider which apparently looks pretty good. I guess it's a combination between a slider cutter in that is in compliment to his high nineties. Fastball in his twelve six curveball and he's twit around in the past with the change but really it's just a a slow fastball that allows hitters of time on it. It looks like i mean he's legitimately going to use this slider slash cutter into into regular season games which is huge to have that third pitch that. That's what you need if you wanna be an ace top of the rotation guy in this is his year. This is his opportunity. he's no longer Behind the scenes of flakes nail and charlie morton and others. This is his first opening day. Start and this is a year if you want to really light up and maybe get a contract extension or get that big boost in arbitration. You need to show out. I mean he's shown look he's got the stuff. He's got the talent to be an ace but he's not quite there yet. We've seen his postseason struggles. We've seen times where he gets. Hit a little bit and then He just loses his composure. It becomes a a a bad start. And we've seen that against bad teams like the orioles where he just for one reason or the other implodes and we also have to see him pitch a full season that that is something we have yet to see from him in arrays uniform. We sorta salt last year but he hasn't thrown more than one hundred eleven innings in a regular season. So you need this guide to. At least i think one fifty at you know twenty eight to thirty two starts. You need him to be available an out there every time and know. I think he's ready for it. He's he's been in baseball long enough. He's twenty-seven going on twenty eight years old. He's one of the union reps for the team. He's he's ready for the limelight. And i think he's going to have a lot of success but it's just about putting it all together for an entire season. We saw it in a little bit. We saw glimpses of it in in two thousand nineteen where he looked like he was going to win a cy young before. It went down with a forearm strain. So it's just about being able to continue that for regular season ended in the postseason to because that's still sort of a knock on his resume there but He's got to pick everybody else up to like. I mean you look at the this rotation and your number two is ryan yarborough and ryan yarbrough. Very good pitcher. He's he's a solid pitcher but he's been used in. A variety of roles is a book guy and opener. He lost his arbitration case. He doesn't give you necessarily the fire or the cachet of of another of other number two sorters in baseball. So if if tyler glass now can carry that load through game one or the first game of a series or whatever it be i. I think that's going to be critically important. Look i don't think he's going to win. A cy young this season but you know at least maybe garnering some votes. I think would be critical in huge. He's definitely capable of that. Assuming he stays healthy. I mean he's just he's he's just a freak athletically six foot eight with his arm. Length i mean he throws a ninety nine hundred mile an hour fastball. That probably looks. You're probably one zero five. One zero six to because of the the extension that he gets on his throws and guy that size is just about also maintaining his mechanics to and not not getting out of that during the regular season. But i expect a really really good year from class. Not the time is now for him. For sure is definitely now. I think the time is now for potentially some of your prospects as well. We'll get to to wonder franko. I know he's probably a of the three these guys on the on the back burner. Patino lewis pitino is a guy that that i've identified as as a wildcard for me. There's there two. There are two x factor guys on this team that that. I'm not going to scare me. But i have my eye on to see how they're doing when they come up and the ability that they're going to add to that i think he's a guy that could add some real electricity to the rotation and i think you're saying Middle middle of the year towards the end of the year. What are realistic expectations for for him. When you may see him. Because i do expect him to be an active contributor at some point wonder franco. Who knows that. He's still young. He's still hasn't played a ton of organized ball in the In the minor leagues and last year was not a great thing for his development really any minor leaguer but patina. What are your expectations for him. What do you think he's going to be coming up. Because with the with the guys that you are throwing spaghetti on the wall. I have a feeling the razor going to be dipping into The farm a little bit earlier yeah. That's interesting because patino absolutely i think is an electric talent. That in time will be He might be atop the rotation. That's what they want from him in trading blaisdell to try get a guy like that but we also have to remember. I mean he got his stint with the padres. Last year probably was a little bit premature. Just coming back from a ball. And he's just twenty one years old. And i think the rays are going to be very very patient and very cautious with him as they are with all of their arms. And it's funny. Because i haven't heard i haven't really heard as much talk about him necessarily as some of the others that are maybe more refined in developed this for his pitching prospects like if if the razor in need of a starter like now from some of those high profile prospects. I would look at a guy. Probably like shane mcclanahan. First after that maybe brent honeywell that might be a guy too. I think there's other guys that they may turn chew but before patino because he's so young and they're still things. I think that they want to work on indefinitely. Stretch him out in the minor leagues. But i think there's certainly a point where he could be a contributor. But i mean i i if we get to the end of the year i would not be surprised if the number four number five spot goes to shine mcclanahan. Who who look just looked absolutely nasty in spring training and is a guy from the left side that throws a hundred and has a nasty breaking ball to and he seems to have the confidence and seems like this is this might be the year first breakout. He got some action and aa. He's pitched in college. He's a local kid went to the university of south florida. He made his e. Ace made history baseball history. And and making an appearance making his his debut in a postseason game against the yankees. No us don't they it for doubt too well but i think that's the guy that there's been more talk about him in some others before louis patino and a guy that always seems to get left in the shuffle because he's not a high velocity guy and he's he's not super flashy but just has really good command and composure. And isn't doesn't lack for the moment. Is josh fleming. that's another guy. I think that's going to get big opportunities. But i'm not sure if patino necessarily earns a rotation spot by the end of this year but it might be a thing where we just need a live arm the bullpen to get us through. You know if it's september in the playoffs or whatever may be because i still. He's he's still an extremely extremely young kid in the raise. Probably wanna take their time with too. Yeah that's interesting because he did get some major league time so you're seeing down there. That even though he was brought up is because it was early that they still want to keep him in the minor leagues develop him even more and then possibly bring him up later. The kid the little. I've seen of him. He looked electric. I think he's going to be a very good player And it just the way that the the rays have transformed some of these pitching Not even prospects just some of these projects even that the guy that that has the high-calibre talent and The tools that is that is one of those one of those areas. That definitely circling. And i have my eye on the development of that kid. Because i have a feeling it's going to be something that's going to be a thorn in the side for a very long time. So he's controlled. It's just one of those one of those pictures that's going to be in tip for a while. Yeah and what the race do with that and why they have some So much success is basically what they. They tried to simplify things for these players. The razor such a politically driven franchise and they they focus on what a guy can do rather than what he can't do it if he's got this one strength or these two strikes. Okay focus on that and tried to try to expose that and a big thing for them to is just like you're basically a major leaguer. You've got here. You got to this point. Trust your stuff. Just throw the ball. Throw the ball over the plate. In in good things will happen. You might get it. There might be some contact. But we've got a really good defense behind us to and that's that's really the big calling card for them is just trust your stop and focus on on this one thing. If it's throwing a curveball. More or throwing the fastball. More at the top of the zone like they boil it down to where they've got all these smart guys in the front office and then they've got a conduit in the pitching coach. Kyle snyder and other on field guys and they they kind of boil it down and simplified for these for these you know pro baseball players to understand and go out and execute and i think that's that's another big reason for their success where you know. Some of these other franchises might get tied down into the new sean. Okay we're we're going to be super smart brain elliptical and that's fine but you gotta find a way to impart that wisdom the players and and for them to really have confidence in that too and It's shown it. It's it's worked over the years. I mean every year. There's always going to be a new guy that comes out and embrace out and has a great season. I'm sure there'll be a couple of guys with the raise this year that we didn't really have on the radar that is like. Wow we're we're that guy come from and and it's always fun to see those guys like that and usually what happens is the next year once the rays have sort of. Reinvented this player. 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I expect him to be good. I mean i see no reason why he's not going to not carry over. Maybe what he did in the playoffs but he's going to be an active player a very big attributed to this team He's a good player. He's he's fun to watch to be honest Austin meadows is a guy though that that i have my eye on as a rebound player. Someone who's trying to get back in the swing of things obviously and make big impact with with big production. And i think he's a guy that started putting together some better at bats at the end of last year in the playoffs even And i think that he's really a big factor for your team. Because if he's right if you see if he's healthy and he's able to make good of his talent that's a that's a huge bat in the middle of your lineup. So just curious as to the the rest of the offense but you know the impact of a healthy You know guy like also meadows. Who's really rolling. And then you add a rosarito who you know. Add some protection so you have a have a little bit more protection that lineup and then also wonder franko if you could talk a little bit him after that. What you see is he. Are we gonna see him this year at all is this. Are we still waiting for a wonder. Franko yeah all all good questions from that standpoint. I do randy will come back to earth a little bit. I mean he can't. He's not babe ruth. I don't think anyways who knows maybe Maybe he had to wait until he was twenty. Six to become the next babe ruth their barry bonds. Whatever may be. But i think that you know. There's there's a little bit of a book on them. Now and i think teams are going to not throw him as many fastballs. Try to get him to chase on more breaking stuff You just hope that you know the success. He had last season. Didn't go to his head in the offseason. But i think he's. He's a pretty hard worker. i mean he gets. He actually had some little bumps and bruises because he was taking too many batting practice swing so he just loves baseball and Kind of a fun tie in there The tampa bay rowdies which is sort of like a. I guess like the a second division pro soccer here in the tampa bay area. Brandies brother is a goalkeeper and he was just signed to the tampa bay rowdies so maybe part of that and also the raise owned the route so they own that soccer team so i wonder if that was a little bit by design and bringing his brother to tampa bay to maybe give them some comfort and some familiarity there and having sort of a buddy to hang out with and keep him company Because we know randy from cuba and You know there's a little bit of a language barrier there in a cultural barrier. But i think he'll i i would. I've thought from randy again. Assuming he stays healthy for full season if he can give you sort of twenty twenty season and bat to seventy. I think that that's pretty good. Maybe a little bit more than that. Maybe twenty five twenty eight home runs and twenty two stolen bases whatever may be. But he's definitely not a He's not mike trout yet. He's not mukhi bets yet. And that's another thing too. He's got to work on his his defensive prowess a little bit but austin meadows. That's that's a guy that i absolutely think. He's in store for a huge season bounceback season to season. That's similar to what he did. In twenty nine hundred twenty twenty was just a loss season. Him dealing with cova did not really recovering from it when he did recover from it. He was out of shape and never really comfortable. It was just like. Hey bud we need a body step in and take your lumps and bruises here and he just. He did not look himself. He was about fifteen twenty pounds overweight. You can tell entering this spring training. He in much better shape. He hit four home runs. I think it spring training really pulling in turning on the ball. The timing was much better especially on those pitches down an end He's going to have to work on one thing. That really hurt him was chasing down away pitches and being late to those pitches last year so i think he's certainly going to be able to make adjustments in return to that middle the order presence guy that got some mvp votes in twenty nineteen. So he's going to be huge Another guy that wasn't mentioned. But i think could be in store for. I don't know if you'd call it a bounceback year but Just much better than last year. Yoshi tatsu go. He's going to be in store for a more pronounced role. This season with the injury of tommy g. man choi yoshiro play some some first base and third base. Maybe some outfield. I think having a full season now not going from the states to japan back dealing with the pandemic everything. He'll actually kind of be settled down a little bit and i think Getting adjusted major league pitching and in the fastballs how they're higher velocity more movement. He seems to be more comfortable on that end. And i think the race have discussed having him lead off. I mean he's got the profile for sure he's got the power he's got the plate discipline so i think that's a guy that could really emerge the razor paying him to be that guy. I know it doesn't sound much to the yankees. But they're paying him seven seven and a half million dollars a year which i think is the third highest salary for the raise this season but So those are a couple of guys definitely to watch this season of course in. I think what will help. Is the the outfield depth to will allow randy and and austin meadows and other guys to to get rest and get off their feet because this is going to be a very long season. So if you have to d- age couple times a week so be that's fine. We have enough guys that can that can carry the water. weather's margot kevin geer meyer. Brett phillips may be if he gets healthy and guys like that as far as wander goes I still think sure. I could make his major league debut this year. Maybe when rosters go to twenty-eight and maybe he's a postseason add on if it gets to that point but we still have to remember that he lost the season a minor league ball last year. He just turned twenty years old. He hasn't had some five hundred at bats in the minors in in the race. Have a lot of middle infield death. I mean if williams goes down tomorrow of he gets some sort of drastic injury. They're calling up. Well i. They'd probably just shift joey window or or mike brosseau too short but if not that if they had to call somebody up. It'd be taylor walls. The best defensive prospect arguably in the ray system and a guy who's versatile let that like And then after that probably fell brouhaha and then after that. Maybe wander franco i think. Look wander everything i've read. He's going to be a great player in time but the raise also like to take their time with these prospects. They don't want to rush him just to russia and you also the service time considerations in the super to status and everything. That's tied in with that. So i would. I don't see him coming up before july to be honest unless just a whole rash of guys go down with injury and to the raise credit given him a ton of of action in spring training given them a ton of at bats but i still think they want to see him go through his lumps at aa and aaa and and go from there. The other thing too is like he might not be a shortstop at the big league level. They the raise might choose to move him at second base or third base. And it's hard to get better. It's hard to really fine tune those skills if you're sitting on the bench at the major league level or you're trying to just manage everything that needs to be managed when the bright lights are on at the major league level and traveling from city instead of just being able to work on your game on a backfield somewhere or in double a where. There's not so much attention. So i think there's some huge value into that where he's not just going to be a shortstop he might be. They want him to learn multiple positions things. He hasn't really done before in his career because he's wants a shortstop always shortstop kind of guy. So i think that's the thing too is i think the the bats definitely there for sure. I think the metality could be there in time but they want him to make sure that the defense there because at the end of the day this team is about pitching and defense and they wanna make sure that he's ready for that so i still think And they got to figure out what they're gonna do with the dumbest long-term a odometers a really good player to I think he's going to be entering arbitration relatively soon so he's still got several years of control he's he's a top of the step guy. He's a guy he's a legit clubhouse leader a legit vocal leader a legit guy to be around in the clubhouse and that's important is keeping the clubhouse light and loosened that something adamas does and and i know that it seems like everybody's we're always looking for that next guy always looking for that next prospect. Who's the next great thing. But we we've got a really good player right here and willie adamas. I know he strikes out at time but and he fails to hit the trop but Caveat aside he's still at the end of the day a really good player. You know two three four. When player that he he might be on the roster of the next couple of years to and and that kind of ties in with wander maybe learning a new position at the minor leagues and then seeing where he verse development is from that standpoint. I mean one thing that we've seen with prospects yankees bianchi's across the league with other organizations as well as that these top prospects if they decide that he's shortstop he's gonna play shortstop but they're not going to bring him up for a platoon job. They're not going to bring him up to sit on the bench like you said there's no especially if you lose your last year that's a that's a development. You know just a huge problem waiting to happen. There's no reason if that. I wouldn't be surprised if they slide if they were to slide a domicile to another position. And when ready you know you have franco. Who's going to be the long term at wherever he's positioned right. he's going to be that guy For you know for. However however long i could see dom even sliding over and making room for a guy like franco the shorts that they think he is and they and they get the time the fact that he's got to have those minor league at bats like you said i identify where he's going to be playing long-term i think will affect. I mean it seems to me that tampa would slide. people over. kevin cash is known for doing that. That guy like yonder franko. It seems like he's going to be a staple in one position and they just need to figure out what that position is going to be and it's also one of those things too. I mean at nineteen twenty years old. He's already very well built. So what's his body type going to look like by the time he's twenty five twenty six twenty seven. He might out very much outgrow the shortstop position. He's he's already got a lot of strength and you know when he gets when he inevitably if he adds another fifteen twenty pounds just because of biology Does he have the movement skills and the quickness to to maintain that spot. And i think that's going to be huge so And and they've also i think there's also been discussions about centerfield as a possibility too so i think they're going to try a lot of different things with him and see what sticks from there. I don't know if they would as long as dom is on the roster. I don't know if they would move him off of shortstop i think he he has shown enough and proven enough to be short. Stop but i think what could happen. Maybe is if there is a time where you see wander and adamas plane at the same time. They there might be times where the the rays can play. The platoon split a little bit in wanders favor because he is a switch hitter. So and that's the other thing i mean. That was a great point. Like they're not going to bring them up just to have him sit on the bench to to be a tenth or eleventh man on the bench. They want him to be playing every day into those reps. And i just don't see a spot as of right now. Look there could be a rash of injuries by the season. But you're not taking joey wendell spot. You're not taking yanni d. As a spot you're not taking brandon laus spot so you're gonna take brett phillips spot last man on the bench like that doesn't really make sense. No injuries have to play for for him to to be there. It's gotta make sense long-term to like. Yeah they're not gonna plug them in just for a short term fix unless it's at the end of the season and they're trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Maybe maybe they make some concessions at that point and and that's where the big question too is. There has been some rumors this off season about. You know possibly shipping them off to. I know the reds were kicking the tires. A little bit. And i'm sure there will be other teams as well if you know. This is going to be a big free agency. Year for some of the big name shortstops. The trevor stories may be francisco. Lend door carlos correa so many other that there might be a team. That is looking for a veteran more cheap shortstop option. That i mean really. Adamas is still a pretty young kid to i think. Twenty four twenty five years old. That's that's got a lot of play left in his game and maybe a change of scenery where for whatever reason. I don't know if that it's bad batter's eye or some vision issue. He just struggles at the trump for whatever it may be but That he could be a really valuable inexpensive piece for another franchise. Also that would then open up an opportunity for whether it's fidel brouhaha. Wander franko taylor walls. The list goes on and on. I mean that is the thing like the rays have so many middle infield types that it's like. How are we going to find all these guys they i. I didn't even mention savior edwards in greg joensuu at some point seemingly will be knocking on the doors lot of those guys switch hitters to which is sort of a fun thing to think about as the race tried to baby hit the platoons margin as the game is changing with you. Know we might be seen bigger figure bases and deadened balls. Were you know. Speed and athleticism is the name of the game. Yeah that could be something where the raise could They might be playing into that advantage. There the next decade or so. Cooman well i think it's gonna be a fun season. I know we're all looking forward to a full full year of these battles. It'll be fun again. Get some rivalry going back back into a full one. Sixty two I know i. I look forward to that. It's always good to have to me. It's good to have better competition in the division because it makes the entire year just out much more fun and entertaining so I'm excited for it. I think the tap is going to be a A good team Yemen appreciate your time. Everybody go give kevin a follow. His kevin underscore on twitter. If you want to stay in tune with what tampa is doing so that you can prepare for all of the the games that the yankees and tampa play inter division so kevin. Thanks man appreciate you coming on. Of course thank you. Let me just say this. I can't wait until the first. Hopefully this'll happen this year. Where mike brosseau will be going one on one. With all this chapman. I'd love to see that. See that fight back and forth again if if and when that happens this year however it works out a suspension in the beginning of the year that we all forgot about for a game suspension. The three games what is it. I think it's two game expansion. Chapman's going to be So yeah we'll be without are closer to start the year. A terrible the future without are closer for for like three months. So you guys just enter put name in here and there's closer so well that's the thing that race set a record last season or tied a record with most guys like got to save a dozen guys that got gotta save last year. I i mean. Part of that was probably by necessity part by designers showing that. Hey we want you to get this experience of pitching in the ninth inning. If when there's a time where we need you to pitch in the ninth inning. So i think if there's a team that can manage without their facto closer it is It is the reason nick anderson. Look so good In the postseason the race kind of random into the ground there too so good luck. This year You know hope. Hopefully we both get to To healthy years that will be fun to watch For both sides but likewise. We'll i think it's going to be a good battle between Between us guys in the blue jays maybe a three race racing so hey guys thanks for listening to the bronx pincer chauve make sure you find us an it tunes and subscribe. She can get all new episodes directly onto your phone if you do like to show you to take a minute and give us a five star rating in review and i tunes. It really helps us out and allows us to create more shows. We're on twitter at bronx pinstripes and the same on facebook. You can always find as they're talking yankee baseball. Thanks again guys for your support. Really appreciate it. Go yankees is this is jordan and we host. Spencer's a basketball. podcast jordan. What do you look for in a person. Someone that's subscribes dispensers. Of course listen to spencer's wherever you get your podcast.

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