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"dale hypes" Discussed on WGN Radio

"And bumper stumpers a to Z we're working on another R it's a group name begins with an R there were three Hernandez sisters from baker's field Jimmy Bowen produced it David Gates arranged it 1964 on reprise and who are they All right so 8 8 8 8 7 6 5 5 9 three if onlines are busy and they are right now Well when you hear somebody hang up just dial in and it'll be you We have a straggler if we do not get a correct answer by the end of the night tonight Then what we will do is I'll reveal it Yeah I won't put you in misery two weeks in a row So this is a straggler from last week You don't get it I tell you what it is So that would be about all 49 minutes from right now Okay so San franciscans spend more on this compared to residents of any other city in the United States over 50% more than the U.S. average San franciscans are spending more on what Now if you don't like my question And if you don't know any of the bumper stumpers you can still have your own category and will prove it in moments with friend But Allen is the first time called her so he goes to the head of the listeners Chicago Welcome to WGN radio Thanks for calling Allen Thank you very much I love your grad to have you You have a great personality Thank you My answer would be taking their designer roofs I love that answer It's not right but it's a swell answer Okay All right I'm waiting for the answer Okay thanks I appreciate it Alan All right that's a nice answer Now let's see what else we have We got bumper guesses All right not on this just past one but the one just prior I certainly give you enough hints didn't I Pat in Chicago Welcome to WD I wanted to guess about half love will travel Richard Barry Of course it's Richard Barry and why do you know that I had two guests for the San franciscans too Oh yeah Hello these Not utilities And toilet And toilet oh God they need to spend more on toilets But no neither are right but you got a bumper stumper so you are a winner hang on I'm gonna go appreciate it All right now the prize isn't worth what it takes to mail it to you But it takes us a while to get it out But we will hang on we'll get your address All right so pat is a winner Yeah you get a certificate And signed by me And you get something like whatever John can find And this time I think he rated old CDs in my mostly That's some DVDs do I think I don't know if there's any comic books in this one or tabloids or not But I haven't really looked at what's missing James and Glenn Dale hype says again well firstly I should say Scottie I don't know if you're still there Scotty No Scottie knew it too by the way on Richard berry of course he did And James and Glendale heights has some guesses I want to hear them all go for it James Hold there My first guest how about same sex marriage licenses Oh God no that's yeah they probably do spend more on that but that's not it This is actually tangible Okay About the fair for street car or trolleys Not right Okay about apparel for their sporting team I like that It's not right Scooters are segways Nope That's all I got But I'm so glad you tried Thanks James Thank you Appreciate it Bye bye All right and we will get to more guesses from James and Leah However Fran has been calling and she wants she didn't do charts 1968 October How's it going Fran What's going on All right as I'd be brave today I'm usually not good at that But I think the last bumper stumper I think was at the raindrop No it was not Oh okay No Okay It was three girls from Bakersfield Yeah I thought there was a three girls called the raindrop The raindrops were two girls and a guy that was buried That was sort of a half made up group in the brill building But no Wrong wrong side of America That's all right Oh well Yeah exactly So I like the raindrops He's the kind of boy you came from the parking thing I mean the San Francisco thing I was thinking parking No Probably is true So I know I've been in San Francisco enough and we spend enough on parking around there Yes They're parking our auto repairs Right You already Yeah Neither of those but it sure makes sense So we're going to do we're going to do charts October 19th 1968 how's that sound Sure All right number one hey Jude Beetles Number two fire Oh I am the God of hills fire and I know I know this It woke me up in the middle of the night once During that pause I always used to stop the carton say the weather and read the forecast Oh shoot I can't remember who did that Well someone in the background knows go for it Gary who was it Arthur who Of course Yes the crate well The crazy world of Arthur Brown will count it I have now I remember him like how did I forget that Yes All right Don Atlantic Number three little green apples OC Smith Yep Number four Harper valley PTA Ginny C Reilly 5 Girl watcher.

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