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"daisy yoshi bowser" Discussed on Kinda Funny Games Daily

"One that is i. I've never been more excited for the video game industry and where consoles each one of them doing their own individual thing in a different lane next to each other. That's only good for gabor's we're about to get so much. Dope exclusive shit. Yeah because we're talking about tentpole. Titles being halo infinite and star field but then you look at the other titles that are gonna sprinkle sprinkle around those and you're thinking about titles like hell blade to you're thinking about scicluna to you're thinking about every while you're thinking about wolfenstein three you're thinking about the eventual indiana jones jones game. That's the one. Yeah that's the one the same studio and that stuff starts to stack up in a way. That looks very promising. And i cannot wait for this three to see what all that looks. Like hundred percent man. You know something. I've been thinking about a lot. Recently is the canon of video games. Right i saw you. You had the tweeted or part tweet. I don't remember this weekend talking about all the games that you are supposed to play like right. And it's like what ridiculous concept of there's so many different qualifiers. Though that's a conversation to itself but jumping off that it really got me thinking like not going back to older games going forward. Like what are the different canons that we have like what we have. Mcu right we have star wars the mythology of all that stuff. We have the fast and furious movies when it comes to these cinematic universe is. What is that for video games. Like what is the playstation studios cannon. What games count games. Don't and i know it's a silly thing to even talk about matters and think the moment that you can look at a company and create a canon for them things that like. Hey this is the stuff that you're expected to play or you should play an expected to fucking stupid word. I hope you guys understand what i'm trying to. But i think it's part of what makes kinda funny special or i love special. Is that when you're going into those podcast listening to them with the idea of like. Oh yeah like we know. We know this podcast is talking about. We know right now. He s love you. Return was dominating conversation because that is part. I mean that's part of the playstation cannon right. Now you know like you. You know you're going to not knowing that you're gonna get conversation about ratchet and god of war and all that stuff whereas on on the x. castle just got the most iconic most comic moments episode there and i'm not listening i'm so but you assume they're probably be talking about halo reveals gears and all this different stuff that makes sense for the platform there are. There are the games that defined the platform. I think it comes back to what you're talking about. Yeah and a the debut and the gate keeping now absolutely not. And that's i wanna stay away from that entirely. That is not the point. i'm making. I'm making the point that there's a level of quality a level of understanding of what it means to be a playstation studios game to be xbox game studios game nintendo first party. Game it difference. There's different expectations. And i think that we're we're gonna start seeing that where the xbox canon of games is going to matter just as much as nintendo and playstation in a way that it hasn't ever in the past and they are more than equipped to stand right next to him and you're absolutely right. it's like that's what makes the ecosystems in the communities like x. Cast and all that stuff around these things matter is because there's something that matters to talk about and something to discuss them care about and get invested in and the kennedy doesn't mean that everyone has to play all of them. The cabin just means like these are kind of the recommended. Works to go from this. This happens in books. This happens in every media. It's easier for us to compare it to movies because that's been so successful in recent years. But i talked to all the time about like she reads books. Constantly like insane amounts goal. This used to read one hundred books in a year. And she's like on pace to do it. I can't believe it. But i asked her. How do you figure out what books to read. And it's so similar to video games. People discuss them. You find critics of people you like you. Follow him when they recommend things. Then you read them but that when you apply it to xbox and what they've been building and building for a very long time and again it's time to get off the pot and that's that's complicated with where in the world but i expect these dates. They're talking q one. Two thousand twenty two bless. That's not that far away. So i want to know it was coming up. Trump's man i got to new stories. So let's talk about story number. Three mario golf got got an overall overview trailer revealing its full roster and game modes. I'm pulling from sam woods. Dual shockers nintendo has revealed. That mario golf super Will have an impressive roster of sixteen different characters each with their own skills and abilities the roster features some of the mushroom kingdoms most popular characters as well as a few wildcards nintendo regularly throws into the mix with these sort of games. Full roster is as follows. You got mario luigi warrior while luigi peach. Daisy yoshi bowser junior boo donkey. Kong rose lena. Pauline pauline exciting towed charging shuck king and then kings suck band. Let's fuck and go king bob. I'm usually doesn't get the love. He deserves chuck. Doesn't get enough love. Either you gotta love of football playing turtle right and he charges his. He runs it you to talk to you. But sometimes he throws baseballs at you sometimes and now. He's he's pursuing a golf career. This is like when michael jordan was like all right. I'm done with basketball. Exactly play some baseball. So there you go. Well intendo hasn't shown off many different courses as of yet we have a few familiar. Mush keenum locales. There's a standard lush green golf course. Of course based around one of the one of the desert scene. In the mario world of course based on buzzers castle of course and a forced base level one of the most exciting features of mario golf super rush is the new speed around. This was i.

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