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First Berlin Production Equipment, New Largest Supercharger Location, Daimler Emissions

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First Berlin Production Equipment, New Largest Supercharger Location, Daimler Emissions

"Our here, and today we have a super charger network update, which is nice. Little throwback for those of you that have listened to the podcast for a long time I used to do those every day at the start of the podcast. We also have some news on Berlin paint a small little updates slash rumor. I would call it on Battery Day and the news on Daimler Nikola Motor as. Well. Tesla stock with another really strong day to day even though it was relatively quiet news wise finishing up seven point two percent to four hundred and forty nine dollars seventy six sense that compared to the Nasdaq up one point two percent we'll start off with these super charger news. This is coming from Brian Mac se on twitter, who is a long-time listener and I believe Patriot supporter of. The podcast who happen to come across a super charger network location under construction near Firebaugh California. As far as I can tell, this location had not yet been noticed. So upon Brian tweeting these out Tesla Motors Club Forum members did some digging on this and they were actually able to find that the permit for the site as well as planning documents for sort of a conglomerate travel center at. This location those documents disclosed that Tessa. We'll have fifty six spots for Tesla charging at this travel center. Assuming each of those spaces has a super charger associated with it. fifty-six chargers would put this as the largest superchargers location in North America and possibly in the world surpassing cattleman city in the United States at forty chargers and believe in China, there are a couple locations that have fifty chargers. So. Pretty exciting this location is between San Francisco and La driven miles. It's about two hundred and thirty miles from La and about one hundred and fifty from San Francisco. It's not clear if these will be all version three superchargers but I'd have to imagine that they would be and as far as other features go. It looks like about two thirds of them thirty eight of the fifty six. will be pull through hopefully accommodating the use of a trailer and making things a bit easier for the cyber truck and potentially also accommodating the semi of course, cincy unveil of the semi. We haven't heard much more about Tesla's mega charger plans. So hopefully, we get a bit of an update on that during battery debt. Right next today is an update on Gigabytes Lynn gigafactory underscore four on twitter. Has Been following. The gigafactory development closely looks like some equipment has started to arrive, and some of that equipment carries branding for Geico Tikey Shah? which is a paintshop solutions provider based in Milan Italy. There's also some signing there that is co branded between that company and desolate GEICO take show describes their approach by saying quote innovation is our weapon of choice were constantly increasing the technological possibilities in. Order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in a highly competitive sector and quote they also seem to be heavily focused on sustainability and they're their paintshop operations. They have a project called the party's project, and they say quote with the Party's project launched in two thousand, five Geico Kotecki show was the world's first company to offer zero environmental impact paintshop reducing consumption by seventy percent and. So. Without really knowing much more about the company does he pretty good fit for Tesla we know Tesla has pretty big aspirations with the shop and gigabyte Lin Yuan talked about it many times and even setting Matt aside, it's good to start to see some production equipment on the grounds of Giga Berlian and though I haven't seen it yet. Maybe this gives us another milestone to compare the progress with Giga Shanghai from what I can. Tell, it looks like paintshop equipment started being put in place at Giga. Shanghai. In early to mid August of two thousand, nineteen with production of course, then starting about four months later. So if that's the case, if Berlin falls a similar time line that could potentially project out to start production and January probably best to keep expectations for later than that but I do think it's helpful to keep an eye on how those timelines compare all Right next up today is something that could end up being completely nothing but I thought it was at least interesting enough to share earlier today Fred Lammert over at electric tweeted out a couple of images of him holding a pretty significantly sized battery cell and Fred Ask if anyone has seen this battery cell before or you have some information about them, please reach out to him. A says also by the way, this new cell May. Or may not have been made by Tesla I don't really have much speculation to add this. A couple of people on twitter were saying that it does look like a tablets design which we've talked about and past episodes. But really just pointing out to say could be something to keep an eye out for the next couple of days if electric is able to you dig up a little bit more information on whatever this ends up being. Last couple of pieces of news here. Today I on Daimler Daimler has reached a settlement with the US government to pay one and a half billion dollars and settlements and penalties to the US and California State to resolve allegations of Daimler using emissions test cheating software to conceal the actual emissions from vehicles even with the settlement, and despite the fact that engineers at the EPA found software designed to cheat the emissions tests. Damore denies wrongdoing saying quote as stated in the consent degrees the. Class Action Settlement the company denies the authorities allegations as well as the class action plaintiffs claims and does not admit any liability to the United States. California plaintiffs or otherwise and quote. So I don't know kind of disappointing to see a settlement of that nature that doesn't require the admission of fault with such seemingly strong evidence against Daimler right lasting today is a quick update on Nikola Motors. It sounds like from the comments yesterday that most of you preferred that I don't do significantly. Deep dive on this budget stick to the high level updates, which I'm totally fine with if Trevor Milton wanted to come back on the PODCAST, I would probably do that. Otherwise, we'll stick with these updates anyway today the Wall Street Journal and other outlets are reporting that the Justice Department has started to also investigate Nikola Motors due to the allegations that they had misled investors by making exaggerated claims about their technology I know that sounds similar to

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