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"daily designed journal" Discussed on Nerdlab Podcast

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"daily designed journal" Discussed on Nerdlab Podcast

"Diary which should be a good basis this to publish your work later on. But the focus here really is to Improve Your productivity during the design process. That really is is already the first reason why I write designed diaries at all to increase my productivity but also to record my decisions isn't because otherwise hugh go back to the work that you have done a couple of days before and think. Oh actually that was a great idea. Why didn't I really implement that in my game? Maybe I should try again. So this happens to me all the time time and if I can go back to a spreadsheet or Node or whatsoever to see what I have dried and what worked and what didn't That really helps me to Not Make the same mistakes again and again. It really is like a hint to my future self that I should not get back and involved with my ex girlfriend again and have all. The reasons is available way. I shouldn't and another reason why I do All the documentation is to create mental space in my hand. Because when I have documented I do not have to think about it all the time because I know it is safe somewhere Secure in the the cloud and my brain can really be released from all this effort of thinking about all these ideas and stuff all the time and it. It also helps me to Identifies my most important task. And how I do this I will tell you later so when I thought about all that I made a short list of things that are really want to keep track off and these are for example all of my game elements once and rules a game element for me. Something like Abroad a thing like convert so I want to keep track off how all combat works in my game and what what kind of mechanics I tried and why they worked. And why didn't then. I want to keep track of all the game components so all of the different cards all the heroes in my game all the items in my game I want to keep track of them and I want also also to keep track of the two of them so if I have a two handed sword for example and in the first print run it dealt three damage and in the sixth round it only deals to damage. I want to want to be aware of this development and I also wanted to have some kind of INBOX for my ideas. This is more like a like a tool that helps me to organize all the the other aspect that I keep track off but I will also tell you how this works in this episode as well and I need some kind of Beck lock for the ideas way I can push all of the great ideas that I have during the day but that I'm not working on at the moment went body know that I want to try them in my game late on and then maybe one of the most important things to keep track off the challenges than just that you face during the game design process and I really want to Have them listed up and also not not only wide is a challenge but also have the inflammation. What kind of ideas? I have to solve this challenge to overcome the challenge inch and a short crippen what I tried. Why I tried it and how it worked out and to do that I also need to keep track off all the play testing? All the test runs what worked in the latest. What didn't and so that's all aspect that I need to document somehow and the last point that I really want to have is a daily design journal? That is Also more like a like a tool rule like the inbox that helps me to Yeah Organiz myself and keep track of what I want. I want to focus on so now that you know all the information that I want to keep track off. Let me tell you a little bit about the two. What's that I used to do so I use quite a bit of Google spreadsheets to keep track of all of the game components and their versions so all of the hero cards for example? All of them are in in a Google spreadsheet and also my challenges at my Beck lock are restored in a Google spreadsheet. In addition to that I also use google presentations to visualize stuff. So whenever I I need to Maybe draw a battlefield for example and I want to Highlight some game elements and play around with the ruled in my head. Then I use. Google presentation are typically make a screen shot off exporter. An image of what I've created and then I put that into my Actual note and all of these notes I kept drake off with one note in my case so in one note I have a specific notebook for this game and this Notebook contains a whole lot of different things for example all of my game elements and pieces of roots. Let's start there if you remember game elements for me Things like for example convert or also the different phases in my game. They had described there. I'm also the keywords for example that I want to use they are All stored in one note and also also what I have in one note. Is My design journal my idea inbox and also my plate test documentation. All of this comes together in one note and It is pretty much my most important Tools and Resources Salsa I used for my game design documentation in addition to that I use the task management software. At the moment I used Trello and and What else do use quite a bit our whiteboards and of course pen and paper? I really like to switch between these different media styles when I work on a design project because sometimes you get tired when you sit In front of a pc all day long and then it makes sense to stand up. Banta brainstorm a little bit on a on a whiteboard and then maybe It makes more sense to sit down in the garden or in the park to write stuffed on With pen and paper and at the end my goal is always to provide all of that information back to digital form later on an and typically do this either via Photos that I then store in one note or by Typing Ping The the same information again in a digital form and then organizing and structuring it again by going that extra mile I hi can be sure that one out is always my single source of truth in which I can find everything that is related related to this game. Okay I hope you are at least a little bit couriers or at least interested to to learn a little bit more about these yes design documentation processes that I have implemented but before I dive deep into them. chest Very small disclaimer. I don't claim by any means that this is the best documentation abroad there I'm pretty sure that there are other ideas. other ways of doing it other tools to do it That are at least as good as what I do or probably even better but this is the process. How I use it at the moment and it works for me? I adjusted here and there when I think something amiss missing or something is not longer needed. And I Colbert also helpful for you to maybe it can trigger some ideas In your brain that you might want to add to your Documentation humiliation process. So let's start with a daily design channel for me. Life is a journey and Each day day is a new chapter in my life and keeping track of my life and the different adventures of my life is for me like writing my own quest. I look I personally do that. Twice a day and often those journal entries do not contain any content that I want to reuse later. Eight to anez a work in progress post owing my rulebook whatsoever it is something that is more for me personally them. I'm former self dialogue. That helps me to find mental clarity and allows me to connect to my inner thoughts and feelings it really helps me to identify my goats and to focus myself on the necessary task for that day. I'm also pretty sure that this habit hubs me to solve problems because they are more clear to me and this results in an advantage to push my ideas forward. So how do I do it. I have a specific section in one note that is titled Daily Designed Journal Who and in this section I have of a template page that I create a copy from everyday. This is actually the first and the last digital thing that I try to do. Every day. It really really has become a habit that hubs to stay focused. The template contains a few questions that I ask myself A A few questions for the morning and another few evening. The questions are the same for every day but from time to time I add or remove a question if I have the feeling that this is needed and sometimes I am also in the mood all writing small texts flowtex. That does not really answer one of these questions but Hey if I'm in the mood that's what I'm doing. So here are Mike questions that I ask myself in the morning the first question is what can I do today to profit in the future This is a game designed specific topic. But I typically try to answer it with my game in mind An ancestor can can be something like To research a specific topic that I want to learn more about our Taylor. Random person about my game are great one fan for my game for this day. ought to reach out to design that I admire and to arrange an interview on the podcast that I will be able to learn something from him or her Auto prepare something about the current state of my game that I can show to my mastermind group though. These are the kinds of answers that I- gift to this question depending on the day and the current state of my game and also my mood. This second question that I asked myself in. The morning is What am I grateful for today? Also this question is not really game design specific but I have the tendency to think too much about the negative things in life and spending just one minute in the morning. Ken Really helped me to focus the positive aspects of my life and also of my game when I walk on the game. I often think about the problem. The challenges and how to solve them but not everything is sped and it can really help to take a few moments to recall the positive elements as well so Nonsense could be that. I'm grateful that my competition works quite well that I'm happy that have overcome these challenges. This is what I answer to this question in the morning running and the third and last question for the morning is what is the most important thing that I can achieve today and this is typically when I do my task review and try to identify. What is the frog the thing that needs to be done? That sometimes is a bit difficult to overcome. But that would really help me to put the blow Jack Forward. I also have the tendency to Postpone things that are unpleasant unpleasant and trying to identify the frock. Howard is called? I focus myself to the things things that really need to be done. The goal here is to identify the most important thing that I can chief achieve today and for my personal situation isn't this really is dependent on two things first. How much time do I have to work on the game today Sometimes I have very busy days with my day job and my family and I might only have half an hour in between Or maybe even no time at all and On that day I cannot set a goal to I don't know create forty or fifty heroes on that day so really has to Met Match between the time that I have available and the second thing What is on my task Lisk and what is achievable in this time slot and what pushes my game forward? And that is everything that I do in the morning. That is typically done in less than five minutes for the evening. My questions are more or less divided into two groups. Some questions to reflect reflect the day and some questions to already plan the next day so the question is asked myself to reflect our. How do I am? I satisfied with what I cheesed today. I'm really. I typically write down a few bullet points of what I have achieved today because sometimes my brain all only remembers the the challenges again and the problem that I had during the day And I do not really remember That I've been able to create ten items from game for example for in that during the day and it helps to To celebrate these small little victories as well I also asked myself. What did I learned today? Maybe I did not create a corridor. Solve the problem but I Alert learn something Very important for the future maybe and some little metric that also keep track of how much time to spend working on the game today that that is just something that I think is important for myself to to see how much time I'm able to To spend on the the game and the questions that I ask myself For the next day are what can I do better tomorrow. And if if there is an idea How do that for example if I see that I have not been as focused as I want to be..

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