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"dahlgren naval warfare center" Discussed on WTOP

"It is a car on its roof on the outer loop near the dulles connector road Fairfax fire EMS trying to get to the scene on the outer loop beyond the Georgetown pike near the left exit for two 67 The crash blocks the left side on the outer loop beyond Springfield near south van dorn street the remains of a crash along the far right side Then slow across the Wilson bridge and it stretches through prince George's county Southbound on two ten between the beltway and Palmer road traffic remains slow as they finally pick up the work zone along the right side three O one at the nice Middleton bridge traffic was being alternated by the work zone between the dahlgren naval warfare center and the bridge itself and very slowly on three O one taking turns A bad crash in prince George's county central avenue shut down at points east and west of Richie Richie rode and Garrett Morgan boulevard for the scene of a one heavily heavily damaged car and a large debris field Central avenue two 14 closed for the beginnings of an investigation No drama reported on two 70 95 or Baltimore at Washington Parkway just normal rush hour slowing And traffic brought to you by navy federal credit union proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families The members of the mission learn more at navy federal dot org Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's go to storm team four and Ryan Miller Tracking rain it's pushing towards the region and we will have rain at times this evening and through the overnight and for your day tomorrow here and temperatures are actually going to be relatively cool and relative to what we've seen over the past few days So.

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