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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 8: 49ers at Ravens Postgame

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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 8: 49ers at Ravens Postgame

"Welcome welcome to another episode of scarlet. Jimmy's this episode ten into after nine fell twenty. Seventeen the Raven. I think he's easy to us. You know we'll just come away with. The Sky is falling after every loss and the forty niners lost twice. But I'm actually the other way. I was more impressed by the forty niners honors after today just the way that they battled in there and they probably should have one just knowing that all the mistakes that they've made but I am joined by rich again rich. What's what's going on man and how much how are you doing? Well man how you what's your takeaway just before we dig into this game. Are you more impressed. Lesson press nothing nothing changed you. Didn't waver on the forty niners after his day now not at all. I thought it was a pretty good game. They just I mean they'd made the same mistakes that normally do not wasn't really a big deal early on especially My only gripe with it was was the coaching decisions by Shanahan. At the end of both halves. That's the only complaint I have. No Sky's falling. This is this is about. What will we expect it for this type of game? Yeah that's exactly what it was and I thought these are pretty clearly. And that's you know maybe discounting doing what the Patriots have done. But I thought that these are two pretty clearly the best teams in the NFL. And we're GonNa Start With the coaching decision. And we're going to start with the end. The half so Shanahan confirmed after the game that his thought process to in the first half was to keep the ball away from Lamar Jackson in the Baltimore Ravens and by doing so he ran the clock down they had four nine. Offense had two timeouts on the board and he put robby golden situation to kick a fifty one yard field goal in Rynd windy rainy elements. And you just can't do that in there. Are a lot of people are agreeing with with Shannahan that he did the right thing at the time in theory. Sure it was. Does the right thing. You don't want to give Lamar Jackson the ball back with any time left on the clock. But you're just ignoring so much of the game the game flow and everything that happened. You saw that so like I was. I was actually one of the people that was pretty vocal. How just it was a bad idea? You just don't do that. And by by essentially what you're doing is you're seeing that you know you don't want to score points and that's what he did. He wasn't being aggressive. Baltimore hadn't stopped him. Mm Stop the forty niners off the entire time so Shannon he was aggressive all game. I felt like he was aggressive from a fourth down point of view and he played the win the game but we didn't see that towards the end of the half what he did wasn't nor the floor of the game as I mentioned Baltimore had two scoring drives at took over six minutes off the clock. It's not like they were having these four and five play scoring drives and Furthermore Baltimore wasn't stopping San Francisco. The only thing that was stopping San Francisco was San Francisco. The offense was doing whatever they wanted to. At the time I thought it was a miscalculation relation on Shanahan's part and he really underestimated how well the offense was moving the ball army and eventually it cost eighteen points and ultimately ultimately it had a big effect on the game and I know that you know is he's a kicker Robbie golden should make that kick but come on man. You just have to put put your your team in the best position to succeed in running the clock down and playing keep away at that point of the game wasn't the right move. You talked about that you you talked about. How so? You're pretty frustrated. What was your take on? The the end of the half they controlled the clock at the end of the half at the initial initial outset of the playcalling they ran for nineteen yard gain. And I'm just looking at the game book here. They had another short pass that they converted for eleven yards the first down. They got behind the sticks again but they converted at this point. There's so between the first in twenty they had they picked up eight yards in the second twelve. That went off at thirty two seconds they wasted about forty five seconds and then they still converted the first one and then they had about twenty six seconds on the game clock they throw another pass for five yards and then they were put behind the chains and and they kept throwing the ball. I mean I guess if you're concerned about giving the ball back to them you really didn't need to be concerned you could have just ran the clock off and gotten closer for an easier chip shot at at that point it was just inexplicable that they ran off that much time between two plays and then you put in a situation where gold has to kick this field goal and in this weather and apparently it was blocked. I I didn't. That's how scored. I don't know where but it was enough that it was short so that they I just left points out there. I mean they had ample opportunity to run a couple more plays if they hadn't run forty five seconds off the clock if they were really that concerned about it and they just Scott behind the chains and then it was over from there from the for that half anyways just completely inexplicable I don't. They were getting chunk yardage when they needed it and there was no reason to allege that much time. Run off right the I would I would be okay with you. Know conceding and keeping the ball away from Lamar Jackson and the the Ravens because they were rolling in the first half but it just every time the forty niners ran the boss. I had a chance to just break one like he was getting these big chunk. Don't play so thinking that would change a situation towards the end the half where Baltimore probably wasn't going to be that aggressive and they were going to play more of uh not so much prevent but they were gonNA call the dogs off submit so to say so. Yeah wasn't wasn't a big fan of that at all and I think it did have a a big reason to it has to why the forty niners lost the game. You said you weren't too happy with the end of the game how that ended as well. So the forty niners only had one timeout remaining. I believe it was when the wave had the ball the last on last possession. They think they wasted two timeouts and wasted an air quotes. Because I am a big proponent of use your timeouts when you need to do it use your timeouts to set up before down decisions to get on the right play and I will get to the fourth downs later but I have have no problem with using timeouts to get in the right play. How how do you feel about that? I believe they did take time out before the for us. Downplay didn't they. Yeah Yeah and they and that was the play they came out with. It was just another inexplicable decision. I mean I get you know if the the passes and tipped at the line or whatever and kill catches it and then you get the first down and you can always second guessed that but at the same time. Why wouldn't you just give the ball to your best player at who at the time was mustered let him try to get the first down or just simply fall forward for a yard? Garoppolo had done on an earlier drive. There's so many things that could have done and yeah we you know. Hindsight is always twenty twenty but I mean the decision to throw in that spot with that much time left. You just stop the clock base. I mean it's fourth-down anyways would've stopped anyways but there was no need to throw that ball in that spot they could of picked up a yard any other of a dozen ways that Chan knows how to and he's simply he called a pass play. That went was trying to go five or six yards downfield and that situation I mean empty backfield defense knows what's coming at that point point. They all they need to do is really not rush that hard and just get their hands up at the line. Because you know you're gonNA try a short pass and that's what happened. I mean they they read that play from the snap snap from the moment they got out of that formation and I I just didn't I didn't like the call I didn't even if they would've completed it would have just been a little too risky for me. I mean Shannon and wasn't risky enough in the first half and he was too risky in the second half of that so just to to absolutely mind blowing decisions from the coaching staff up there. I just didn't understand it at the time and I don't get why they just didn't try to do what they've been doing. Best and stuffing down their throat. I mean they didn't need to run up the middle but you know an outside zone or some kind of toss play to get out on the edge would have probably picked it up the way the ravens were fitting the run. It just wasn't working for them yet. It seemed like the run game was just raking on any sort of mid zone or outside off tackle type run and call Shanahan said after the game that the Baltimore just had too many people in the box to run it there and they. He figured that they were GonNa get that type of look. And Jimmy said that you know they thought they had the right play on and he had George but the defensive Lineman just made a good play couch also said he doesn't regret calling a pass play in that situation but he just wished he would called a different pass plan. If you actually go back to the first or down that they went for on Deebo Samuel touchdown play that was fourth in short and that wasn't a good the play call. They just kinda deal Belgium out really. Yeah I mean that was in jeopardy of being overthrown or not depot getting there because the contact between him and the defender. Yeah it was a fifty fifty all with two defenders in the area. That's not what you WanNa do on fourth and one or our fourth in two or whatever it was in that situation yeah it just don't need to don't need to happen. Yes that's very true and again I mean it's easy to second guess but just the way that the way that the place you can tell it just wasn't the right situation of being but I think that there was the right call to go for it on both of those downs and yet just just a bad player right called wrong play speaking speaking of penalties. And just you know there. There's a for the Ravens didn't get called for a penalty until I believe it was like a minute. Left in the in the first half and a lot of people were complaining about. That didn't want to go too much into penalties members. Just because the rest are always bad I you we just have to accept the referee's are going to be bad and more often than not is going to not favor the forty niners that is gone. That is how it is going to be. So the Ravens finished with They only had three penalties called for twenty three yards. The forty niner said six penalties for fifty four yards the first the first two roughing the passer call that gifted Jackson or the the ravens offense a first I down. I thought that was just a a bad call or sorry. I thought that was actually fine. Because you can't put your helmet down full speed into the quarterback that's going to get called every time uh-huh and people thought it was a bad a bad call but that's just that's going to get called. Would you feel about that put penalty. I believe it was on Shahir and I can't remember how to pronounce his name. Paul for that but also here. Yeah it went right by his head. I mean he knew the ball was out he. Yeah I do missile by is your whole and then he still put his head down and hit him and that one was really bad because it was kind of almost a high low because you already had a defender down there on the ground and another another offensive player down there engaged in that same block and then she came in and just pushed him right over and so that that negative that could have been very bad for Lamar had he been. Just you know in a in a more awkward position after he had thrown it so so they are always gonNA call that. Yeah that's that's a no-brainer to me. I I wasn't sure why people were complaining about that one the next roughing the passer call on show day. That was a lot more questionable to me so a three hundred pound man coming over trying to tackle the quarterback. We're back running full speed. I don't know how you expect him to lead up. I think the penalty was because he went low. which he hit him in Freakin? Can you hit him in. The hip had is what it looked like to me. But I'm not sure what he's supposed to do in that situation. I don't know how defenders are supposed to just magically really stop their momentum full speed especially at three hundred pound man. WHO's not very athletic? Ledger what is he supposed to do. which how'd you feel about that call? I thought it was the right call. They're always going to call a hit like that when you go at around the five patter the knee because it's always gonNA look like to the rep full speed in that general region of the knee. And you can't go down around the knees like that in the pocket especially after his throne it. Defenders are getting better are with controlling their their speed in their body angle in their movement. And all that I mean I get that. There's going to be times where they you know. What are they supposed to do? But if at the same time if day isn't going low and he just stands up and runs straight at the quarterback doesn't take him down they're not gonNA call it So they're always looking if it's close. They're always going to err on the side of caution and I think fans need to understand and that and they they do that every game with hits like that so if it's if it's close the rest are going to call it and I know it sucks and it gave the ravens a new set of downs and it was at a key time in the game but that that's that's how they're always going to call it and think players themselves are eventually gonNA figured out. There's just GonNa be instances where they'd just can't control it but the burden is always on the defender at that point. Yeah that's fair. They're going to air on the side of caution and it. It is frustrating because as soon as they through the flag and they said it was on the forty niners. Everybody nobody every forty niners fan knew that Baltimore is gonNA score a touchdown. I think that's probably just the icing on the cake. And what made it more frustrating. Let's let's move onto the running game and I thought the offensive line. Just Manhandled Baltimore all day. And it'll as well Kiddo. Only finish the game with two receptions for seventeen yards but it dominated the game from a running from run blocking standpoint. So we've we talked about some of the poor decision Some of the poor coaching decisions. That Kyle Shanahan made. I thought one of his best ones was running. Backs is how he e float in the running back. So Tim. Coleman finished the game with five catches five carries six yards. Ray did not have five carries for six hours. He finished with nineteen carries one hundred forty six yards seven point seven yards per carry very that one hundred forty six yards or the most by a forty niners running back since two thousand sixteen when some guy named Carlos US hide ran for one hundred ninety three yards I've been on the train saying that most of it was just a superior runner than Kevin Coleman. I mean it's it's very obvious just the way they send you clips all the time just laughing like damn and Cullman cullman Mrs so many holes. It's very frustrating for him to watch him. He's not a very repaint runner I think most it's so much more patient. He's he's just more nimble. It's it feels like an. He doesn't go down on first contact. He's not running full speed into to the backs of offensive linemen and that's why I really like him. Actually made a comparison just and when I say this I don't mean like he is him but he reminds me a lot of Erin foster sir just in this type of zone running scheme the way he is patient the way he avoids going down on first contact he obviously has a lot more juice than foster but just running style similarity wise. I thought most or was just outstanding today. And he's been very good all season he has like he had a drop or he has the fumbles where it makes it tough to rely on him but he came through today and I thought that was really good so what how did how did you feel about his performance. They were mustered. I thought it was fine. They just got back to a little more of their outside zone game for him and it worked. I mean Coleman was in there and every time we you saw calm and get the ball. You knew it wasn't really go anywhere. It's just that's the thing with with him he's not he's not a primary. I second down back. I mean Coleman to me has always been more of a pass catching back than anything. And that's what he was more than anything Shanahan in Atlanta and so oh it makes sense that they went back to most for more. These runs that they were then. Got This chunk yardage It didn't look like they did anything. Spectacular or change. Change anything up in the running game. They just got back to more of the the outside zone scheme stuff and they'd been running a lot of a lot more gaps game in the last several weeks so it worked work because the ravens just were not fitting fitting the run correctly today. Yeah they were they were all over the place and I I wonder how much of if those gaps games those power runs. Were just to simplify things. Knowing that your line is out and kittles out and kill comes back and we see in the last couple weeks. Just it's been more of a Kyle Shanahan type running offense where you know. They're getting to the tackle and they're getting to the edge and yet most are is a perfect fit for that man. This is he makes. He gives a very good argument to the people that you know. Say running backs. Don't matter we you don't draft running back high or you don't pay for running backs because man you can find guys like mustard and out. Yeah he's just he's a really good player. So let's let's move onto the ravens good player so I will say I will say sorry to cut you off it does look like some defensive formations. They're expecting seen that kind of the gap scheme blocking I mean they're lined up in one play. I'm looking at right now with the looks like a four zero four tight front almost and I think that they're expecting some kind of double team or pulling blocker to get up there on the play side. But they didn't they didn't. I'm not sure how many times they ran a today but I don't think they ran it very often. No that's interesting. I and I imagine that St- again tendency breakers so you go a month of running heavy gap scheme plays Defense GonNa expect that and you can bounce back and forth. So that's again everything that Shanahan like he's going to be scrutinized obviously for the four downs and for some of the end of the hot coaching decisions. But there's still plenty of good that he does on the game to game basis so moving on like I mentioned to Lamar Jackson. Not Jackson finished the game with one hundred and five passing yards. And I mean if you say that coming into the game you're going to think that the forty niners won the game. He he ran for one hundred and one yards six carries one hundred one yards and it. It didn't seem like you know the the forty niners did a bad job. They actually actually. I feel like they did a really good job. You have to take into context of just how well this offense has been all season and the forty niners. There're there are a couple of games where again they didn't have the right scrape exchange on these zone res or they just got outflank outnumbered or one of the guys didn't do their damn am job and you just can't have those type of mistakes against this type of offense one mistake thirteen yard. Twelve of your are Fourteen yards and all the sudden Baltimore's in Phil go position. How do you feel like the forty niners? Lamar Jackson today overall not bad. I'm not and you've got second half adjustments here in the notes and I'm not sure that they really made a whole lot of adjustments. Both I think they're only each team only had about three possessions in the second half anyways it was the second half was over in a heartbeat. It felt like but but if I just yeah the whole game kind of well. The first quarter didn't fly by then a fourteen seven felt insurmountable at that point. But I I. Don't WanNA digress too much here but I mean it did when they scored I realize it was when they scored tied at fourteen. I was like there's only manage. There's only there's nine minutes slept in the second quarter. It felt like had taken an eternity at that point I don't know how many adjustments were actually made. I just think they started fitting it a little better. Plus the Ravens didn't run a whole lot of the zone read stuff in the second half with Lamar. They did on a couple of big plays but I think one thing fans need to need to understand is just because a plate looks like zone. Read doesn't mean it is there. There's a lot of design runs is that are just straight zone runs. Where we we've seen this with Cabernet? They're just not reading anybody and it will but the hand off the Mesh Point looks like zone read to the to the viewer you were on TV. But he's not actually reading anything. It's just the way to hand the ball off out of the pistol so yeah I just think that's a good point and I wanted to just ca just dive in here real quick so that is a very good point and we see it all the time. We see announcers do that if there is nobody to read just because the quarterback carries out a fake does not mean. It's his own and that happened today. And if you run right at the forty niners or I mean just in general I know the run defense has struggled but when D J Jones on the field this the run defense does not struggle. This is one of the better defenses in the league and I don't know if it's just because Jones is that much better than Sheldon Sheldon Day or Julian Taylor but they are very legit but yeah just going back to the point as far as like the zone reed goes all the all the option talk just because you you know it looks like it just because it's window dress like a zone read or any sort of triple option. Whatever the Ravens are going to throw at you doesn't mean it is so back go ahead? They Jones. Come back in the game. I didn't I do not know I don't I don't think so because I know that Taylor came. I saw that too and I don't think I saw him back in after that. And that would explain several the up the gut runs at the Ravens had success with late in the third third and fourth quarters because even when they were forcing at some point in the second half they were forcing Lombardi. Give on those zone reads because Bosa would get up field and he would would immediately take the quarterback run away or they would drop a safety down like I think ward came down on one of the zone reads force Lamar out of bounds for two yard gain but but when they were forcing him to give it in the second half they were getting five six seven yards a pop right up the middle on his own portion of the run because again I don't I don't think. Dj Jones came back in for. He got hurt. Yeah I thought the I thought the defensive line just did a good job in the second half of getting push they were not getting a push in the first half at all and they kind of reset. The line of scrimmage a couple of times and that's how they got Baltimore off the field you reset the line of scrimmage you to who pushed the office and by that I mean you're pushing the offensive line back. So if let's say the line of scrimmage on the forty yard line the entire defensive line push the offensive line back to three yards words. They have essentially reset the line of scrimmage. And that's what I mean by that. So I thought they did a good job in the second half of playing in Baltimore's Backfield and Fred Warner just doing Fred Fred Warner thing. They just have good players on defense and they needed. They're they're good players to step up and make a play and that's what happened so that was good the other good play. I mean Marcel. Oh Harris that was ridiculous. He had needed yoga. Aim Michelle. Let's talk about the very less rather I play so I play because he goes out and Marcel Harris comes in. He's playing essentially like a stack linebacker position they run zone read atom. He's ball watching. He was is washing the play halfback go ahead and he's not even supposed to. He's supposed to be the scrape exchange gap the gap exchange defender. Right there. And that's it's it was the same exact play that Cabernet hit the packers with in the playoffs that year. So yeah and he took off and that was just had a flashback. Immediately mealy when I saw that that exchange with Harris in the defensive line is like just looked like the divisional game from that year and I was like great. He's GonNa Break One but he sure enough he didn't but that was completely one hundred percent his blown assignment. Oh no doubt about it and like you could you could just tell there is nobody else there. It had to be him and I don't. I mean you can coach these players to do the right thing but I mean eventually eventually eventually they're going to have to do their job so next. Play harassed is caught on the edge blocked. He's I feel like he's being blocked. Fifteen yards down the fill the by remember right off the block. He so he gets off the block gets to Jackson and just kind of Jakubowski tarts Jakubowski taveres decay calf and he just ripped the ball out of his hands and he the forty niners the ball back and all of a sudden it goes from the Ravens about to punch it in and go up to possessions to the forty niners had the ball back now is just a complete momentum. Change just a hell of a play by By Harris there. Were you surprised that you know they went with Harris. I thought maybe Dade Goatee more or DJ re deep and let ward play in the box but yeah they They with the guy that the harder hitter and pay off because he did make some plays no. I completely understand why they did needed. I wrote about Harris last year. And I think he's a much better box defender than he gets credit for and that's why he was out there so I mean if you're going to go with an extra safety safety like that in that situation it's gotta be him. He is someone last year who really made his his bread and butter plays. were up around the line of scrimmage and out in space like like that. He had on that he had on that fumble strip or the the the fumble strip is not a thing but when he stripped Lamar there and and that's kind of how he plays in the open field. I mean he's not a great cover guy and last year. He was coming off a an Achilles injury from that that he had sustained in his final year Florida. But he really. That's where he made his bread and butter last year with the team and he did it today just he just had the one brain artem On the long run but on that play that was to me that was just you know vintage Harris. I guess at that point. Because he's he's a good like that in the open field I think yeah now. He's essentially life for lack of a better term. He's just like an extra linebacker. I feel like just in Ivan Wa- I didn't watch a lot of 'em in two thousand eighteen enough to get a feel that he should not be playing fifteen yards down the field or more but it was really play. He's a tough tough guy and honestly man some of the plays by fifty one and fifty three today. Were just getting under my skin over and over over and over the Astra here who else fifty three Africa was out. She I think is who it is and they were just not were to. It'd be found like they were. They were very very bad talent. Drop off after Warner and in Greenlaw. Yeah I guess you can't. You can't be too critical because they shouldn't be playing so out here as a undrafted rookie and the other guy is a special teamer. So yeah yeah but it was just the situation. They were facing today with the team. That doesn't run anything but twenty one twenty two personnel set that so they had to. They had to bring in something with the linebacker group and those were the other two that they needed a greenlaw. I thought he played fine. Warner was great except for I think he was supposed to carry Andrews across on the one twelve yard completion there toward the end of the game and I thought if he had stayed in read it like he normally does he probably would have picked it off because he was. He's right there. He knew where he was supposed to be was just a hair late with it he he turned and he turned even glimpsed at the tight end which he always does and usually like you mentioned he stays days and he stays in just carries them through his own but yeah. His eyes went back to Jackson. I wonder how much of Jackson running had to do with that. Because last last week doesn't happen all season essentially against players not named Tyler Murray Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson. He's just been phenomenal. And I mean he's he's still made plenty of plays in the passing game but yeah that one and then the very first one I think was on him as well. Just because the touchdown that is where it was plaques and it was actually it was a really good design by Baltimore and we should acknowledge that because titans coming from across across the formation and it's play action so your eyes are just going to be all over the place and all it takes is a split. Second Warner doesn't react doesn't carry the tied in and I mean it's it's so I'm looking at it again down the scene. I'm looking at it again. And they did run another tight end across and he was watching he was watching the backfield and he had another underneath crosser in front of him. So that honestly that it's probably just play designed by Greg. Roman yeah they high load him and that is what you do especially in these matching patterns in at that point. I think Warner's should know that he should take a deeper of the two but you know it is what it is keeping. He probably thought he was in a better position than he was. And that's what it led to. So let's let's Let's talk about Jimmy Jimmy G. was we knew coming again. The Baltimore was GONNA be. Let's the hell out of the forty niners because they blitzed the hell out of everybody. Bourbaki coming into the game. Baltimore blitzed opposing quarterbacks. On fifty percent of the snaps today it's Jimmy on eighty four percent of the plays which is unreal man's basically like some madden type stuff. Where they're just coming at him? So Jimmy d actually was twenty one of twenty five when he was blitzed. And and let me see what else here so that. And that actually was the highest blitz rate that His face since case keenum in September of two thousand eighteen so they clearly clearly wanted to make Jimmy G. Beat beat them he was twelve of eighteen on the out of the twenty one pressures he was twelve eighteen. I that was my mistake. Yeah so he was blitz okay. Jimmy G. was blitzed on twenty one of his twenty-five dropbox Garoppolo Apollo was. He was sacked twice. He was twelve for eighteen for one hundred and forty-nine yards and a touchdown against the blitz. That's my mistake yeah That's still was the hi splits right. That has happened in the NFL. Since September two thousand eighteen. So yeah. They're definitely come out. After Jimi Jimi played today Hoti played fine. He had the one fumble which Just that says one Gimme for the game that's as is one giveaway. And that was the bonehead. Play the game and it really. I thought I saw someone pin entire game on that one play because the Ravens scored the touchdown but the way the ravens were moving the ball in the first half even if they punted there or you know gone out of punit and then gave the ball back to the ravens deeper. They you know who's to say they wouldn't have marched right down again but I after just aside from that I thought he was fine. You know at a certain certain point. You do have to account for quarterbacks throwing in the rain and some passes just look like they were thrown in the rain. He you know he'd did. He struggled with ball placement. And I'm sure the rain affects that. But a Lotta throws. I thought they were fine. There were some that were kind of I wish she. She wouldn't thrown it. They're like when the triple covered. I can't remember when it was the thing. It was early in the second half but it was just thrown at triple coverage and they still caught it but you know those are the those are the places that if anybody is going to throw him and he's you know he's going to be the guy that they can do it you just sometimes wish he wouldn't do it but for the most part. I don't really have any gripes with how he's played lately just minus the couple stupid plays that he has a game. But those really aren't game changing plays to begin with so I just think the fumble was too early in the game to say it would have affected the the game either way yet. That's fair and I mean you. You can't fumble the ball. Everybody agrees with that. You just you can't turn the ball over there. You have to have some sort of boss security me knowing that Baltimore is a team that is going to come after you like that and on that play to me. It looks like Daniel Bryan Skill for whatever reason tried to scooping score. I don't know why he didn't just fall on the ball. But if he falls in the Baugh they punted and you force Baltimore to drive sixty seventy rs ars and like you mentioned the way that the game was going there. I mean there's a strong chance of Baltimore just comes right down and scores. I don't think that had like before nine did not lose the game because Jimmy Garoppolo fumbled the ball at that point it hurt. There's no doubt about you cannot give them a short field than just give them points but I thought he played fine. He's finished fifteen for twenty one hundred sixty five yards. Seven point nine yards average with touchdown. This I thought he did a good job. Actually of avoiding sacks I know he was sacked twice but there the couple plays where I I really impressed with his mobility and just buying more time in dumping it off to running backs only turn into a four or five yard gains but those are much better than seven yard losses and. That's how often especially knowing that college Shanahan scheme open guys You just have to. You have have to be able to stay ahead of the chain. Stay on stay on track and someone was off. There was a one to the third down to mango sanders where they had to punt the ball. Sanders ran his route like a yard. Short of the sticks Yasser Die for a ball. Jimmy G. Probably completes that if the game next week like that is going. It'd be a pass it. He completes because indoor it's not thrown in the rain or lose their the diving play by kid like there are some places where receivers have to make plays as well. Kettle made that play. So yeah I don't I don't pin the loss on Jimmy G. and up and I actually think find Jimmy is good enough to for the forty niners too. You know now honestly when it. He doesn't have to be Superhero. Jimmy he just can't be boneheaded Jimmy there can't be these the the throws where he throws it into triple covers the fourth down to depot. I don't know I don't remember what the other routes were and so I don't have a problem with throwing it up and giving your guy a chance to make make a player but yet throwing triple covers that are those are obviously the ones that you just can't have yeah early mistakes. Don't bother me as much. Is some of the late game. Mistakes like the one in the cardinals game a couple of weeks ago. The second cardinals game the interception in the fourth quarter just inexplicable but again. He's not doing that all the time in the fourth quarter late you know so. It doesn't really bother me as much which the fourth down pass the touchdown deebo. Yeah it was you know. deebo bailed him out but in that situation early first quarter gotta get points when you you can get them. And I'm I'm fine with that. I really really really nothing to the dame on for that you couldn't have been placed better. Sure it was also pouring rain so it might might have been placed better in in a perfect weather game I will say I do think the pass interference that sanders drew. I think was one hundred percent meant to be overthrown because of that situation that they were in and needing to get yards definitely think sanders sold it in that thing that was was meant to go over his head and for him to try to make a play like that so little little chess game with Shannahan there but I'm fairly certain that they should. They have called that penalty the on Sanders. The wasn't a penalty. I guess the question by the letter of the law. Yeah I mean it could but see. That's the thing is like. There's no point pointed challenging it at that point because it would probably upheld because when you slow it down you can't see. Contact was made early through the back of the receiver. So they're gonNA that that flag flag gonNA stand one hundred percent of the time under review if they wouldn't have called it they probably wouldn't have overturned it to a penalty in review either so it's an a judgment call and you're you know you're asking the refs to review essentially judgment call every week with these stupid pass. Interference parents reviews. But that's that's I firmly believe they were trying to draw that type of Flag in that situation because there was no way they were going to complete a pass like down the sideline should Jimmy Ward have been flagged for pass interference see. This is the this one has gotten a lot of. You've attention or former officials on twitter in the last couple of hours and I'm fine with it. I thought it was as I thought the way they officiate. Pass interference the play through the back of the receiver to get the call. I thought it was fine because the contact look shoulder alerts shoulder to me. And that's what Dean Blandino said and people have issue with that. I know a few of the former officials Terry mcaulay in John Kerry who are both on twitter thought it was pass interference and that they should have overturned it to pass interference. I don't know I don't even our even our ars Zebra Football Zebras slack. Chat half the group is saying it. They were fine with the no call and a couple of other people were saying it should have definitely been called also who pass interference is becoming the new. What is a catch? You know that is so annoying too because it should not be like bat in. I mean I understand. Both I understand both arguments I really do but as a DB coach and someone who lives their life surrounded by defensive backs the man you have to like you have to go up and get that. He has a chance to make a play on the ball. He's going to do that. I mean He. I don't think I really think it has to be agreed to make a call and I don't think that was anywhere near pass interference. But I'm also very partial Sel to defense in this situation so I'm an offensive guy by trade so I you know if you WanNa better if you if you want to call their whatever whatever or don't you don't get what you want throw a better pass. I mean he left the past sailing on Andrews at that point and ward has just as much of a right to the ball as receiver does. So I like I said I'm fine with it. I didn't think the contact warranted a flag and neither did the refs. So I'm I'M NOT GONNA lose sleep over it. Yeah we're playing the ball the whole way and going up to get it probably helped and Yeah I I just don't think Andrew had much the shot like he didn't. He didn't impede his progress thinking. I don't think it was as big of a deal as people were making it out to be but the only thing that makes it of a spectacle now is the the fact that you can review pass interference if they don't if they're not able to review pass interference. Nobody's talking about that call. You know two hours after the game all right. Let's talk about plans again. So we talked about the Jimmy Fumble. That was I mean. They had a lot to do with the momentum early on in the first half but obviously it. It didn't change the entire complexion of the game. So was what was the play of the game that really stood out to you as far as momentum changing game changing on both sides or That's a tough one. Yeah and there might. It might not be one. There might right. Not Be a play of the game because there wasn't evenly matched game. I thought honestly this is and I don't know how you feel about this but I honestly thought we. We just talked about it earlier to the twelve yard catch that Andrews had all things considered. That was the drive that they needed to get a stop on and that that was the play that extended that drive. It's not a glamorous spectacular play by any means it was just a simple twelve yard completion from Jackson to into Andrews and kept the drive going and they were unable to stop them after that they need to get a stop on that down specifically you know and you Never WanNa give up a a twelve yard completion like that you know especially when you have them backed up on second down so it is what it is. That's probably the play. The game on both sides of the ball is giving up that simple completion yet and that's usually what it comes down to some sort of second and longer third and long where the defense doesn't convert and that's really all she wrote so I think it I mean it has to be the fourth down for me just four thousand four hundred one on Baltimore's thirty five yard minutes and thirty three seconds ago. You have a chance to convert here. You probably eat up at least two more minutes at the very very least two more minutes off the clock. And then you put the onus on Baltimore to just they have now score under four minutes so they're not gonNa only be able to you know run there to be powers which they converted honored. You know just this short yardage stuff that they're able to get four five and six on it just keeps I'd say the chain so that converting there was huge obviously comes in the fourth quarter when you have a chance to take the lead so I'm GonNa go there but again. There were a lot of plays where where the forty niners had their opportunities and they didn't make the most of them and I mean you cannot do that against the Baltimore Ravens. That's it that's it I mean it's teams both teams the only score three points in the second half. I mean the defense shut amount the entire second half into the last three seconds of the game so opportunities were there on both besides and no one really capitalized on it in the second half until Baltimore did on those two very crucial plays stopping them on fourth down and getting that completion. It was it was a I thought it was a very good game by the forty niners defense considering who they were playing where there were playing and the the weather not to mention not having an I'm not he's not the best player obviously but DJ Jones a very critical part of the forty niners defense and not having him down the stretch. It hurt and they weren't able to get Lamar in these longer down and distances so that her for sure. Do you have a a player of the game. Who is your player? My player of the game is going to be re Moster Raheem Arian Foster moster lovely. Yeah I'm I'm honestly going to give it to the forty niners offensive line. So I've been bagging bagging on Mike mcglinchey and the last two weeks. He's been excellent man. He's been very very good on blocker on most on the long most run he had a pill back block block. I don't know if you saw it where he kind of spun back and picked up the linebacker who is running free up the middle of the middle or off tackle and he just nails them and most are able to go free and obviously most stiff arm somebody to hell and he shakes Earl Thomas to score but there are some really good blocking on that play I think depot had a a good block as well so I think the line good job creating running lanes and they just they owned the Ravens Upfront so the forty niners are able to get back on track and just get just running gaming gear. We saw the kind of the how easy it was to throw the ball on just channel. If you allow Shanahan to scheme pass-bys open and we have success on the running game. They'll be in good shape. I'm not I'm not worried at all after this game. Just the forty niners success. Which means takes us to Monday night football so if Seattle Vikings Seattle will now be in first place in the NFC west? Obviously don't want that to happen and don't go on the road. You don't WanNa be a wildcard team especially after the start. They had. I'm not so sure that they Seattle does win. I don't think they're frauds. I know they're night into but I I don't think they're very good. Good I I feel like they've won. They've won so many one possession games and they've they're winning these gains by two and three points and it's not even against good team so Hopefully the vikings prove prove me right and before we got here. How do you think before nine beat the saints? Yeah I'm not worried about it. They don't know the saints. Just don't buy them either. Sometimes they honestly might have been playing better with bridgewater and I hate saying that but just don't they were not expensive. I don't know they didn't that. Yeah they're not. They're not anymore. They they can't keep they're not gonNA keep giving the ball the hill and they've actively neutralize their own running back with Alvin Kamara. I mean he doesn't even he doesn't even get a lot of touches. Seems lately so they've they've shown that they can contain a mobile quarterback singer breezes as immobile as they come. I have no no concerns about this game whatsoever so I'm not going to go no concerns but I think the forty niners weighing just because like I mentioned there you're not explosive and you don't have many explosive players obviously as a great back and he breaks all type of tackles and I wonder if we see more Tastes Hill considering how much success Lamar Jackson had. He's obviously not Lamar Jackson but taste meals a very good athlete but yeah I just don't see the saints and another at home but I just don't see the saints. It's beating the forty niners team. The defensive line is going to be very good against the saints. The the speed on the defense is going to take over and they're probably gonNA create some turnovers. It'll come down to being able to protect Jimmy G.. Which officer line his training in the right way as of late which shout to Daniel Bryan skill? By the way who's been absolutely lights out since he when he started and even starting at a different position he started at left tackle for the first time. Today we never called his name other than the freaking fumble. So but I just don't. I'm not so sure how the saints met. I don't think they match up. Well I really can't wait to dig into it but I'm just. It really comes down to the Vikings if the Vikings can be seahawks the forty nine should be sitting pretty so anything else before. I got here rich now. I think that about covers it for me. What will you be? What captured your attention? What are you gonNA write about this week? What do you think? I'm interested to dive into more of the Ravens running game and what they did on offense to basically go on those long sustained drives. Is it that whole writing about somebody else's offense is fascinating to me especially since it's one we've seen in the past with the forty niners so I'm probably going to look at what what the Ravens did to get the place they needed in that means diving into a little more of these zone read stuff and then also so basically maybe if there were any second half adjustments that show up outside of the broadcast angle in the second half to see how they took it away so so we'll see yet it'll be interesting to see if maybe they moved. They moved There three to four if they they didn't have their linebackers and thirties. Adam and forty different small adjustments that you probably won't see just watching the game every player watching the game on a sample basis. So yeah that'll be interesting to see the next week. Forty niners are currently three point underdogs to the saints. So essentially it's a push or pick them Yeah I don't I'm going to be interesting to see you to watch this game and see how well the offensive line played and yeah to see if the See what showed up I. I was really big on the lack of good from the third linebacker today so I want to see how much they really cost them or that was just me being a prisoner of the moment and letting emotions get the best but a rich record. We've had you on the Twitter's I can find me on twitter at rich Jay Madrid would you can find me at K._p.. Underscore show thanks for listening guys and we will be back next week.

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