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"But i think if you actually look at the the end of the strategy or alternatively the end of my article you'll see that the main motive of this is to restore faith in government in the government. They either taking out. However you interpret that people that will never liked the government and then also as it says in the strategy launching basically a a massive propaganda campaign made by d. h. s. You know to enhance faith of government alone. You know people that aren't terrorists or whatever i mean. This is an insane recipe for. This is a dictatorship. They're trying to set up and it should be pretty obvious. I think it isn't in. Yeah but the the the the word faith like. I can't even believe this has been so commonly discussed in the last so this has since cove it right faith in government like those shouldn't even be in the same sentence and we would have said this before cove at least aggress but if you watched a world economic forum agenda week like i on.

cove d. h.
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"Leo is my phone number is on the line from Santa Barbara. Our next caller, I can't Hi, Leo. How are you? Well, how are you? Great. What can I do for you? Well, I listened to you long enough to know that WiFi problems are kind of the bane of man. Yeah, 10 people, So that's my problem. Well, I think it's a WiFi problem anyway, I have spent so much money on WiFi. Especially now that my wife's working at home most of the time, she does a lot of zoom calls she needs. Reliable Internet service, So it's a It's a constant quest. Tell me about your set up and what what's going on? So I'm actually calling for my mother in law, too, because I bought her the same system trying to solve her problem. But both homes air relatively spread out so at least in my home, I had a Nighthawk. Um and then I used two old modems that I put in a pee mode. And it had pretty good coverage. But the problem is if you walked from from one room to another room, and you were on a call, you know for WiFi Taha roaming. Yeah, that's called that's called. So there's roaming in cellular. You know where you go? You're out of network and you're using somebody else's network. But in y five, you have multiple access points as you did. That's called roaming from access point to access point. And sometimes that that the handoff is not is just as problematic as it would be for a cell phone. So you have the A Susan, you had some extenders. Right. So I tried to solve that problem by going to the or be mess. Yeah, and mesh does a little better with a handoff. It's also a little faster in the remote areas. And how did that work? So no WiFi works. Great. I have, like four bars everywhere I want. The problem is now I have intermittent Internet. But you know, nuts. I'll try to get on some place. They can't find the Internet, You know, and I've got you know. Four bars on the WiFi and Oh, it's interesting. So you have a connection. So that means you're talking to the access point. But you're not getting Internet access, which means the access point is not connecting well to the base station. Great. Yeah, I actually like the's or bees or made by next year. Andi. I've had two generations of, or bees that I had good results with they generally there. They're not the most sophisticated mesh system, but they're the fastest. I've tried. There's you know something like an zero, which is Amazon's mesh is a little more sophisticated. And I should mention Hero is a sponsor of some of our or was at least I don't know if they still our sponsors some of our podcast. But I've used hero and Or B. But this dropout tells me that the the access point Is not connecting to the base station. So one thing you could go you could do is go around. And read, rejigger him to make sure they're all working. And they're getting a proper connection. You know, just almost do the whole thing over again. I take it. It's not your Internet dropping out that it's that it's just well, the base station. I'm not. I'm not sure I have one other complicating factors. I have Cox cable for my Internet provider, and I also have Internet phone service. So I have to use their router. Ah, and so and you can't put that Enbridge mode You have. Yeah. So that could be part of it as well. Are you able to put their router when we call bridge mode, which is to say, don't do it. The network address. Translation. The D. H c P. Are you able to do that? Or do you know? I don't know. Okay, so you don't want to. This could be actually your problem. You don't want to devices assigning Internet addresses. That's what we call the dynamic host Configuration protocol Th CP. Or network address..

Leo Santa Barbara Enbridge D. H c Amazon
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"R. A. D. H. Joey. Question about Microsoft Office align I have problem. Trying to log into it they call us I changed my email address address also want to congratulate you guys for being offered as many years. You've had I just recently found this radio station and the program and enjoy listening to it. Well, thank you very much joey we do appreciate that and yeah or twenty five years on the Air I think most of us thought we'd make it to to. Somehow or other we got to twenty-five and people keep as twenty five more. Stop It. I gave us a you did you gave us a but Joe, it would be good to know what kind of problems you're actually having trying to log in. If you change the email address that you use for Microsoft's online services, they should have sent you a verification email and you should be able to use that email address to either log in or reset your password. For example, if you didn't change the email address and your problem is that you no longer have access to that email address that Microsoft's try to use. For to FAA or two factor authentication if he will or to otherwise check that you are who you say you are that's a problem and you may be out of luck I hate to say yeah. Now, if you're a paid user, you can try contacting support and they may be able to verify who you are. By using your payment method. But if you're a free user and you're not offered a different way to verify your identity, you may just be locked out. The process is used to verify your identity are there to protect your data, and if you don't have a way to access them, they won't have a way to verify that you are who you say you are. Now as a last resort, you may need to make a new account with your new email address cancel the old plan and pay for a new one. Yeah. It doesn't sound like it's an easy fix either way. But again, if you are paying and they'll usually come through for you and amazingly enough we've set it over the years on the air. It's amazing that Microsoft actually answers a phone. and May or may not be somebody in this country, but give it a shot..

Microsoft R. A. D. H. Joey FAA Joe
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"So. I went and looked up policy on incident reports and I got all my ducks in a row, and I said I want a staff representative and I knew who I wanted someone that they didn't like and someone that was gonna be for me, not for them and this particular person. I talked to him on the side and said Hey, here's what they say I. Did I disagree and he goes? Will I agree with you? You didn't do it. He goes. You're right to fight it so I go in there and I say his name that I'm gonNA use him as. As my SAP representative and say they're not used to inmates knowing this stuff so they. They're freaking out right there. Well I don't think you can have that and I just pull the policy. Right out and say well. Let me show you right here where it says that policy such and such says not start quoting this policy in their eyes huge because they're not used to inmate. That are you know they're going to do all this research so i. i I tell him what my rights are. And I, said that when by the way, here's my list of questions. And I want these to be sent to the D. H. O. officer that I'm going to be gone before and I'm GonNa. Need these answer prior to going for the officer because I'm GonNa, need to prepare my defense for what you say I did. So and I told him I said and also you can let the D. H. officer know that I will be following a lawsuit against the B.. O. Pay for rights to freedom of speech. If this goes any other now monje. My Unit team is telling me at this time. That Oh. Yes, you violated the s you know. Yes, you're definitely be found guilty. I said okay. We'll say saw go back to my room. It wasn't twenty minutes I was called back down there and they told me Oh by the way. region says that this is being a sponge. There's now no record of it. all the stuff that they made me sign. They would not give me a copy of our roadmap for that never got a copy of it, I? Did have the original incident report and I still to this day. Haven't in fact. I'M GONNA. Post it soon on my blog when I write about how I was targeted and retaliated against Brian. But I had made copies trying to get off. That compound mailed it to my husband. Several Times never could get it off the compound. So finally I mailed it to my senator under what's called Special Mail to where they can't even it, and I took it straight up to the male person myself and I said this does not get to my senator. We will have an issue because you cannot open special mail in. It has to go to him so it any right. He did get that. My husband was able to get a copy of it and I finally. Put ours some books home in a box and I finally hit the mark copy that I kept it in a book when I'm at home to my husband and when I got home, I went to that book in my box and got it out so i. have the original as well so they spent it in. They got rid of the proof, but couldn't get rid of the shot. They had actually served on me because they have to give you a copy of that. When when you get lieutenants office, so I was served in that timeframe three fall shots. They said that I went to I was out of bounds because I use the bathroom in education. I was not out of bounds. It was just something they were. They were not used to inmates. Who would actually stand up to them? So every time I got shot I just went in there and said okay I'm like this. You know whatever they would shake my locker down, though almost stuff out teric stuff you know, target me like that A lot of the officers would be like. Oh, a stay home, I? Know who you are. I'm like well good. Thank you I'm glad to know you know my name. Thank you. and I even had officers that were cool with made. It would come out and say. Yes I hear all about you and I'm like really. What do you hear? They're like? Oh I to stay on your good stop, because I did become known to put paper in their life, and that means writing bph nine stands and eleven's. The PA is in informal resolution meaning that. You you give it to your counselor and they try to resolve it with the staff member, and if they supposedly resolve it, it doesn't go in there fall then the non goes to the warden. But. You have to get to a ten to get to region in eleven to get from Washington and. What's an of something you said you wrote a couple these up. Like what would it be something that you wrote some well? We had a guard that was violating rights. He was targeting a lesbian women, and he was calling them. Those as identifies other it and I. I took great offense to him doing that. Even though I'm not lesbian, it's just the point you're not going to mistreat someone like that. They have their right to their their personal beliefs, and he would call a rats and coach Athena's which means filthy dirty pigs in Spanish. He would target specific inmates for instance if he did count and he thought you looked. At him weird or something during counter, he may thought you whispered to your roommate. During count you know, we have the four o'clock count ten o'clock count that standing counts that you have to stand up, and they come around and Count Guard states. That's at every institution B. O. P. Wide. So if he thought you mood wrong or look wrong or whatever he thought he would announce to the entire unit. Well, you just lost your TV and common area tonight because of room, such and such, so he would actually try to pick in May against inmate, which is a huge violation of B., O. P. Policy, because you're creating an unsafe living environment, arsim foremost and you're supposed to be there to to keep order insecurity. How secure does that guy have to be to be doing shit like that? That's well. It was crazy. He did a lot of things he he would at mail call. He would if an inmate nece. Mel called the night before which you're not required, become mail call first and foremost. There's no.

officer representative senator SAP Washington D. H. O. Brian Mel D. H. Athena
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"Through Austria pin your osteoporosis and risk of fracture in your hip. Eso those air all reasons to look at addressing hormone health as we get through mid and later you can lie real quickly Before we end this segment. I'm just going to simply mentioned this and not have you talk about it. You have said that most of the people over your years Of doing this whom you've tested have low d h E, A. And oftentimes if we can get the right then there's no need for further hormone replacement B, a testosterone or other things. I'll just leave it at that. We'll talk about that some other time, But don't go out and buy D H and start taking it. You need to test but real quickly. Creams versus injections. We only have about a minute and 1/2 left creams versus injections. This guy says I want injections. You say creams are likely going toe, please him or talk about that. Yeah, that's real common topic comes up. I was trained and not only creams and injections but also pellet administration, which is where you numb up a little area on the upper buttocks. You make a little incision and you insert a pellet. And those were typically done each quarter. And then the injections, on the other hand, are an actual injection. Most people do it at home. Just kind of popped your five with it almost out of time. Souto for cream. And then there's the cream and I guess if you get right down to it, say what? What mimics The body's physiological response when we're young and healthy at our peak, and that would be a daily application, and I can tell you this, the only problems I've seen From excess hormone, you know, blowing way over the top is from shots from the the pellets. And so virtually all of my patients are really happy with the creams on a daily basis because they're mimicking what their body did best when it was young and healthy. Well, that's fascinating. If you're ready to get better again, you need to write this number down its 405.

Austria testosterone D H
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"And across the city. We've been looking around at some of the federal buildings to see if there's been any noticeable changes to the exterior. So far, we haven't seen anything that goes for things like fences, barriers or gates. Of course, they're in Portland around the federal courthouse. A large fence has gone up almost every night. The mayor says she's still trying to figure out just how many federal agents are here. Back to you. Alright, thanks. Cho. Also tonight, Seattle's police chief, Carmen Best, says DHHS has not asked for any assistance. She added that her officers will not collaborate with any federal agents. Meantime, in response to the increase in federal officers in Seattle, nine members of Washington's Democratic Count congressional delegation I've sent a letter to the head of Homeland security that reads. In part, We urge you to immediately withdraw the deployment center de escalation tactics and ensure that deployments of D H s resource is do not occur without the request consent and knowledge of state and local officials. Now to a live look at downtown Portland tonight. A federal judge deny the state's attorney general's request to restraining order to prevent federal agents from arresting demonstrators. The attorney general also pushed for federal officers to identify themselves before making an arrest is at least 1000 people out on the streets You can see in this live shot tonight. The judge claimed the state didn't have legal standing to sue on behalf of protesters right now. Seattle business is worried they might become the next target for this weekend's protest. After Vandals went on that rampage earlier this week. Couples draw Marina Live tonight with the preparations being taken if demonstrations do turn violent, Joel Pressing business owners who took down the plywood when the covert restrictions started. These are once again covering up their storefronts. Now, with tonight's court ruling, police are allowed to make limited use of crowd control weapons. But these store owners don't want to leave their livelihoods to chance between the Koven 19 pandemic. Ongoing.

Seattle Portland Carmen Best attorney DHHS Washington D H Joel
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"At least in an equal or measured way. And for this decades long tit for tat between these two countries to continue. That's ABC News correspondent Marcus Moore reporting news time. 7 20 to get to our Propel Insurance Money Update. There is big news for Boeing Shipping giant D. H. L has announced plans to buy 47 67 300 converted freighters. It's part of the company's ever to modernize its fleet become more cost efficient. The aircraft will be converted from passenger debts. Two freighters by bowing to fit the needs of D H. El American and Southwest Airlines say they lost a combined $3 billion last quarter. American says in its earnings report that it lost 2.1 billion because of people not traveling during the pandemic. Southwest lost 915 million after its revenue fell nearly 83%. Both airlines say the numbers should be better this quarter. Apple is defending its APP store days before CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to testify before Congress. The company released a study that claims its app store fees and practices are in line with other digital marketplace is top executives from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are scheduled to testify Monday before the House Judiciary Committee is part of an anti trust investigation. Another 1.4 million Americans filed first time unemployment claims last week and the biggest increases in those claims came in for Dorota, Georgia, California and here in Washington, and that has stocks moving lower this morning. The Dow down about 148 at 26,008. 58 S and P 500 is down 10. The NASDAQ is down 48. Coming up. Next, we'll check traffic and weather and then we have the question in this morning's. Did you hear good for business Powered by Washington Federal.

D H. El American Southwest Airlines Apple Marcus Moore Washington Federal ABC Boeing Shipping Tim Cook House Judiciary Committee CEO Dorota D. H. L Congress Washington Facebook Google
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"GonNa. Talk Trash Talk. You Ain't heard. Yeah. We. We we all talked about this. We discussed in the group. Chad talked about it but I thought it was like we were branching off the G. D. H. L. N.. I just I just want you guys to know Clinton they're good pods. Can I hold on can I say something about? Go ahead. I I did have my phone because we had the pot on there and I would scroll through when I was taking dumb doing I had some free time Jerkin it never You're one, hundred, four likes. That's saying all. I seen old people. And my old people like people in our age group like thirty plus and every time. I seen like that's embarrassing and then I thought like wait a second. You are that person? It's embarrassing. For you. For us when we make videos, it's embarrassing. It's not because we are Tiktok as a ugly except for Nate we're using TIC TAC as a stepping stone. It's just another thing for people to find our podcast listen this it Adam you have to realize we're all over thirty. Okay. We're not hip anymore. So we have to conform and conquer. But I think by conforming, it's one of the younger people that are the the the mass of people, the majority of people that are on that APP on. The fucker these I don't think that's why it's like now there's a lot of. Things thirty over forty for share using the APP. Think of all the people that use that you were thinking about all this is embarrassing. They all have tax. They're all that age you are. You are getting confused like they're just as many people. Twenty, five to thirty five, the have a Tiktok as our twenty, five down. Well. I do not have one that's a fact..

Tiktok Chad Clinton G. D. H. L. N Adam Nate
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"Are your feelings about? Some of the rule changes that are in in the agreement, particularly the. Runner at second to to start extra innings, which is obviously something you don't usually see outside of say, Youth Baseball well I think it's. Time to experiment with those things it's now you don't WanNa. Play fifteen in sixteen in Games. It looks like there's going to be very few days off. When? You look at that runner on second base scenario. You know if if four tales not in a game. He's pretty easy guy to run out there. In that spot you know you can. You can replace the whoever made last out or whatever and and have a guy like that, so you know we're. We're looking at different scenarios in in in the different rule changes right now, but again I think there's every China time that you want to experiment with Steph lumped at its right now because there's going to be so much change that you know a couple of other instances, rule changes really won't seem as impactful. one of the things that really doesn't affect you guys too much. Except for when you're playing nationally teams in national parks, but there. Obviously we'll be adopting the D. H. at least for this season as a former national league player yourself. How do you feel about the D. H. in the National League this year? Yeah, I, think this year you almost have to because we're gonNA play our division. We're GONNA. Play the West, and not a ton of time for these pitchers to get ready, and it's. It's difficult enough getting them ready. It's even more difficult having hit. Hit and do some other things in in ramping up that much quicker so I think that'll be universally accepted whether or not that happens down the road I I've always liked. The difference is the American league with the in the National League with the pitcher hitting, so you know if if it does or it, doesn't that just really not not a lot of off my back, but I think it's the right thing that you right now because it's just another area that you're GonNa have to get some guys ready and you wants to weigh from injuries. Much cost McCann. Your team has sort of famously the last few years and really the as an in. Over the years have had trouble coming out of the gate quick, it's a sort of notoriously slow. Starting team gets hot in the second half. How do you avoid that this year because?.

National League American league Baseball D. H. WanNa China Steph
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"The proposal in the latest agreement our latest proposal should say would expand from ten to sixteen teams for the next two years D. H. in both leagues also for the next two years part of the agreement is that the league would donate ten million dollars to social justice initiatives that teams would be allowed also to add advertisements to their uniforms to tap into another revenue stream now the national transportation safety board on Wednesday made public its report contain facts related to the January twenty sixth helicopter crashes sadly killed nine people including Kobe Bryant and his daughter Chiana one of the main takeaways the pilot R. as a buy and became disoriented in the fog prior to the fatal crash he believed he was ascending in the helicopter through the fog when in fact he was going downward and so that disorientation led to that helicopter crashes your half past headlines now back to Mr T. Krueger and rod be K. E. N. D. E. R. one O. four five six sports leader yes we use this valuable major market radio time to catch up with old friends so that's what we're doing right now raider greats that's right I said it raider greats Lincoln Kennedy joining us here in the toll bridge clicker and Brooks show is on the over gas line Lincoln as always we appreciate the time hope you and your family are doing well thanks for joining us LOL I wish you and your families as well as your listeners everyone's doing well thank you for having me ma'am we we appreciate the the greetings and the well wishes I'm I mean we have to talk to you a while so I won't ask you sort of a a broad non football question because you know things done changed in the world in their kids he went to check ins how you doing just what's what's your outlook on things you know six weeks ago we were talking about New Zealand and now that's the thing that's going to happen in people ready for well things have changed in this world but as far as I'm concerned they have changed or not but the strong way to go there to progress what we need to be or we should be at this time especially in history our combined this with but you know what all we can do is is taking each day and make it as best as we can and if everybody does a little bit does your part it changes can definitely happen a little bit sooner rather than later you know one of the headlines of the day is that mark Davis came out and said Hey you know I have no problem signing Colin Capra Nick others also report yesterday that the Chargers may have some interest we don't know exactly account even wants to play but what do you think killing can I mean how important is it for calling to get back in the league do you if you were a guessing man do you think he wants to play what is wrong with you I support not just might might be my guest I think that if you really wanted to play even try to have we'll try to find other venues or avenues to play a Weatherby Canadian football or even the XFL poured Sir Tom whatever just to showcase his talent that's just me and I'm I'm actually trying to speak for him but what I don't want people to believe in this is one of the things that's most disappointed because I do have a platform like you guys are always on national radio is the fact that everyone seems to think if we sign Colin Kapernick everything's better yeah to get out of the game for four years I mean I don't know you know no I just want to tell you there are he's a lot better than a lot of these backup quarterbacks and everything else but it seems like all of a sudden you know thirty years ago when this whole thing started he was a fraud nobody wanted to touch it he was off limits now we're fighting for social justice in the world hello everyone says well you know what let's start your project it's to me it's almost like a bandaid over getting warm it doesn't it doesn't do me any good to see Capricorn thirdly because he's been out of the game for four years it's not like he's going to come in light of the world it's not like you are revolutionized the game I'm just saying I just don't know if that's enough and I've been out in MM thank we to be honest I'm a little disturbed by the C. like the hot talk hi take topics like jeopardy should be sorry this should be in the long time allies are now speaking quarterbacks is Derek Carr the guy there yes you guys lose yet what I mean by that is that there's no more there's no land line for errors or omissions or excuses this is this is this is a final opportunity to my mind for Derek did together right put up or shut up because now you got the weapons you got the opposite why he's got a system which he knows there are no more excuses various support does he let me let let me ask you a follow up does he take advantage busy is he the guy there next year I mean is he going to be the answer for the raiders I mean do you have confidence that he will be that guy okay will lead the first of all we say is going to be the answer for the raiders what's the question because I got this team in the same division called the cure for the disease like water back is going to be there for a long time so what is your question are they going to Super Bowl no no no no is he the guide to help them maximize what they can be I mean can can they be a nine win team can they be a ten win team I mean is it gonna be a guy you look at when you say we have problems he's not one of them he's fine we could we we could win with him we just need to get better around him because that's been a question for the last year so I mean is he the Getty do you feel like you can win with him is he is he an issue or things around him an issue well that's goes back to the initial answer from the first question was missing the top from the put up or shut up if you guys after the plays well with the surrounding weapons the protection there's no more excuses there's no reason why they can't be successful everything is in order to be successful in today's games questionnaire seat is you've got to outscore the opponents occasionally a stop here now so you know the the the thing is is that it can you keep up with the pace of teams like the Kansas City Chiefs you know there do you have the ability so this year will be a very telling your from the future for Derek Carr and original it's so you mentioned you got to be able to out score just to survive in in the AFC that leads into my question about the raiders playing against a Kansas City Chiefs and I wondered if it is a plan of action going to be we think we got enough to we can just swing and buying whatever we can win forty eight forty six of just what a score or do they feel like they have something to not stop Kansas city offensively but they've got something up their sleeve talent wise to where they could slow Kansas city down and give their offense the opportunities to score as much as they do to well I will say this you know I've always believed that defenses are like almost a year behind the most prolific offenses imaginable Bali and so I did not see any device logins you down just yet I don't know how that happens because let's face it during a call all season even after winning the championship maybe getting weaker they still look strong as well well whether it's not whether it's that sort of a arena football mentality where every time he touched the ball you got a score or somebody create some sort of defense that slows down the quarterback this plane and that use your warm I haven't seen that happen yet so I mean it it your guess is as good as mine you know we can I I look at the raiders is kind of a sleeper team this year I mean I'm loving what I love Abram and now he's healthy in the secondary and Cory Littleton I thought was the best free agent on the market they got him he steps and he's a monster at middle backer can run I just like I like what I've seen from them they had a lot on offense I get a big time offense of line added rugs what do you think I mean Brian Edwards from the South Carolina receiver in round three that it's a monster study is going to be good who are you looking for in camp this year what kind of year you think it's going to be I think last year was catching lightning in a bottle if you will because you've had you had rookies make such a tremendous impact and a small success the P. nats I don't know if you do actually duplicate that every year because there's always intangibles because there are so much unknown coming off the heels of this pandemic and everything else you have.

D. H.
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"We are back with the man behind one of the most important websites out there I'm honored to be one of the contributors along with great great names like V. D. H. to use the toilet today and also a regular guest on our show lord Conrad black he is Chris Buskirk he goes by via Chris Buskirk on Twitter Chris welcome back to America first thanks for having me good to talk to you we have so much to discuss in terms of what you've been riding at American greatness that's am greatness dot com we have to look forward to the next one hundred and sixty seven days let's talk about some recent polling data that you've uncovered with regards to certain constituents in America who may may be a challenge for the incumbent in the White House it's I knew this was a this was one of these situations where you kind of have a hunch and you think it's going to work out in a way that you find salubrious us a salutary to your site and it turned out to be so much more there was a poll done here in Arizona and I'll tell you first about why I think Arizona is important and then what the polls Arizona is kind of up people say Arizona is a purple state I live here I grew up here I don't think that's true but I understand what people say but I do think it's kind of like pink right this is a this is a this is a state that it's like a few still it's a fuchsia it's still leans Republican K. but if there's a tract of Democrats they will win in Arizona so it is not what it was when it was stopped after the second sure why is that what's your analysis of white whites kind of pinkish but wanted tractive democratic candidate can win what what what what's happened there recently three were three reasons basically so you have you have you have basically the first two or different types of Democrats demographic change one is you have people who have moved into Arizona in particular from California they leave California and other states because they don't like the mess that has that those states have become and they come to Arizona and they bring their bad politics with that right and so that's bad you also have you know we have a we have a large population of illegal immigrants are were border state and so that impacts us also and at the end of the third element is more practical in a in a sense which is that the Republican Party here had it so good and so easy for so long that it just never built the infrastructure that it needs and so we have a relatively weak party on the ground here that needs to do a lot more needs to be a lot more robots that sort that's sort of the backdrop has that has that that loss factor not been impacted by what Brad Potts calling the trump twenty twenty campaign of as been doing is that is that more legacy GOP problem than than trump issues yeah I know that's all for sure it's the dot that's legacy just that's just a state issued by the state party issue and it's as I think you know the trump campaign as they're doing their stuff but that but we need a robust party system here that develops a farm team yeah it's it's it's a story we hear everywhere we see it in Virginia we sit elsewhere simply the lack of a GOP infrastructure to tell us about these polls at and what was the other news yes Arent so Arizona I think is a state that says a lot about not just Arizona but other states that are kind of lean Republican states Wisconsin Michigan set safe will be really important to the president so there was a question asked from this poll that said and I'm gonna all all sort of just recap it here but it said with all that's been going on all you've learned over the past few months would you be more likely to support a candidate who has a plan to make America more self sufficient in food energy and medicine okay straightforward question it's awful it's straightforward but it's very subtle right and so when used at so you dig into this and I mean the the headline numbers are like wow it's a it's a seventy seven percent yes I would be more likely these are likely voters I would be more likely to vote for that type of a candidate it pulls off the charts no no surprise with Republicans as a close.

D. H.
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"Another driver with just another way of doing things And that's kind of the first step in it and then really to listen to what they all have to say. I think we're kind of unique. Where a lot of these guys like thought or coming into our program were already executing and at a pretty high level cars pretty well sorted and we find a they just provide a little tidbits of information and they're all off. The top guys are really willing to adjust slightly to your car. 'cause they believe they're coming into something that high level and you know so we really listen to what they're saying and they know what they're doing big time and it's really. Nice Balance Logan on your end being your first year with Wayne Taylor racing. Was it special to be able to work with somebody like Scott? Dixon definitely really cool Brian laughs because of I remember the first time that he came into the shop. I had to give helmet and then I went over to Brian after he left. And I'm like dude. Did Scott Dixon said hey and I mean come in for me. I'm I'm still a pretty new. I've only been in kind of racing for three years and I'm not really used to working with You know the Scott Dixon's of the racing world so it was pretty surreal to kind of be in that position working with with these drivers of that caliber Is is really cool. I definitely understand that so guys will wrap it up with one final question here. I appreciate both of your time this morning. Here and hope you guys stay safe but whenever the season is able to get back underway. Here's is there one track that you're going into thinking we've got a really strong chance at a win. Which one is be your most confident for right? Now I'll I'll let Logan lead. I I wanna hear what is there. I Oh Man. I wanted to hear what you had to say. I'm not I would not know what to say. Actually I don't know how about Logan. Which one do you want to win? The most seabourn would have been cool. But that's kind of to light. Well no now the end of the year so see ring. Yeah I think yeah. Spring would be really cool to to win. I think that's kind of the next big race really. Maybe in the future Louima with the new car. That would be incredible. Just going there but It's a little bit the road so I'd say she right now. Yeah I think overall we're pretty as a team and Logan talk quite aware of this yet. we definitely have a history of really you know nailing it when it's nice and cold you know. We often struggle the part of the season. And we kinda get to the end where conditions called are really are setup are kind of standard setup comes together we we saw that one well So I know that even the crew members have been around. They're all talking about. Oh yes he bring November teat October. You know mid Ohio late September. It's going to be called. We're GONNA you know everybody's pretty excited for kind of the the end season. We've never raced these places called before or that cold before For me I mid Ohio is like my Kryptonite. I have never figured out while and man I want to win. What do P. Rate and I want to announce so bad. I have to ask because because you brought it up. What makes the team so strong? When it's a little bit colder if I knew exactly I would do the opposite and be amazing when it's hot It it's something I think there's certain tendencies car setup dealing with the tires and so forth We kind of had some ideas of why we're strong in the cold. It's hard to go testing like every time you do at tasks need to pray for it to be super hot and the right conditions. I swear we'll book a test middle end up a big cold frontal come through and will not get to try of the things we really believe. Work a big difficulty on a race weekend is you don't have time to Especially with a single car team to do a lot of experimenting or go too far out of your comfort zone. 'cause there's such short time to practice and really put together a race car so you kind of take small deviations from what you know that's been are struggling the heat We've definitely tried some different. Big Setups ones possible. And you know you just don't make pace quick and you've you've gotta go back to your comfort zone quickly. 'cause the races you know his only a couple of practice sessions away Hopefully testing for Ellen D. H. If that comes a boat will be a great opportunity for us to really work at set our comfort zone and figure out be strong on both and a love it. Well guys thank you very much for the time this morning. Look forward to seeing guys at the track at at some point later this year. Definitely definitely see bring at a at a minimum so Stay safe and have a good rest of your day happening. Thanks a lot enjoyed. Appreciate thank you..

Logan Scott Dixon Ohio Brian Wayne Taylor Ellen D. H.
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"The level on the go more than fifteen thousand people have now tested positive for the corona virus on mouse and women's and here's what's trending this hour six hundred and thirty four Hoosiers have tested positive for the virus since Saturday bringing the total number of those tested positive to the state to fifteen thousand and twelve a total of eight hundred and thirteen have died another eighty eight probable deaths were also reported I S. D. H. say a probable deaths are those who show the symptoms that may have contributed to their death but did not have a test on record a shooting inside a Walmart in Kokomo police were called to the Walmart on mark one Avenue Saturday afternoon after physical altercation broke out with several men in front of the store during the fight a twenty nine year old man was shot several times the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment one of the men involved was also arrested investigators say this was not an active shooter situation and an exciting and posing a new challenge to do with the kids this week Washington township parks and rec our courage in families to build blanket forts the only requirement is that you're for it needs to be big enough for two people then take a photo and posted on the indoor blanket fort challenge Facebook page prizes will be awarded to the most creative largest encompass sports I'm Elson lemons on the level on the go and run Twitter at ninety three and W. I be seen and that W. I. B. C. dot com now here's the forecast from the American standard cooling weather center clear colder and patchy frost possible overnight low down to thirty seven Monday looks better.

S. D. H. Walmart Twitter Kokomo Washington Facebook Elson
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"D. H. T. T. Orange County live on the I heart radio ads J. J. nine bill Stewart from the twenty four hour KFI news room did you feel it just past midnight at three point seven magnitude earthquake south of Windsor hills north of Inglewood and about seven miles the fifteen thousand one hundred and forty people in LA county are infected with covert nineteen were also currently investigating two hundred and sixty nine institutional settings where there's at least one confirmed case of covert nineteen and these include nursing homes shelters treatment centers supportive living and correctional facilities county health director Dr Barbara Ferrer says in the last day forty six people have died bringing the death total to six hundred and sixty three L. A. Merrick I said he says he wants to make sure the immigrant community is getting much needed help during the pandemic folks who are working hard to make sure our food supplies picked is transported for processing our food working in our hospitals cleaning to make sure that our doctors in Texan nurses are safe we need to make sure nobody is left behind Garcetti says immigration is not a threat to the U. S. covert nineteen is the mayor says he's against the president's plan to temporarily stop immigration into the U. S. bad air has complicated the covert nineteen crisis in southern California California air resources board member Dr John bomb says there's a connection between bad air in sickness exposure to air pollution can increase the mortality of animals or the infection rate which said Kenya waited virus and human American lung association California director will bear it says this year's state of the air report shows plenty of pollution ninety eight percent of Californians live in counties with failing grades in our twenty twenty report it's a problem that's more cute in southern California angel is ranked number one for ozone among the top ten on each of the particle list this year Chris and call okay fine news and the LA Dodgers have put a fund in place to pay one point three million dollars to game day workers affected by the pandemic of payouts from the fund will go to about eighteen hundred events staff members including parking concessions and custodial workers the angels have also agreed to pay their baseball operations employees through the end the season for a map of all the current cases in socal check out our website at KFI am six forty dot com key word virus socal weather from KFI a sunny Wednesday seventies along the coast eighties and one warmer Thursday upper seventies at the beach upper eighties into the nineties and one even warmer Friday right now it's fifty six in Calabasas fifty six in Arcadia fifty seven only Soviet hello fifty eight in orange we lead local from KFI is twenty four hour news room I'm bill Seward it's Robert in west Covina cones on the eastbound side of the ten from hold over the fifty seven three right lanes out of commission until five A. connectors to the fifty seven north and south are also shut down here Easter later work could be spent sixty seven ten to Findlay two left lanes closed off his outstretched Hawthorne westbound one of five we saw the car spin out vehicle sideways in the far right lane and in Woodland Hills north bound wanna one discuss when after car spun out get the right shoulder wall and bounced back to the right wing mayor KFI am this guy helps get you there faster all right NW I heart media no small businesses across the country are facing new challenges during the Copa nineteen pandemic so to help we've put together the I heart radio small.

Orange County D. H. T.
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"O. S. D. H. T. T. Orange County live on the I heart radio sure leave I'm bill Seward from the twenty four hour KFI news from the skipper of the navy hospital ship mercy is in self isolation at the port of LA captain John road trucks as its standard operating procedure after coming into close contact with the covert positive sailor seven crew members have tested positive we put another hundred a little over a hundred in the quarantine because they were close contacts of people who work but positive red truck says the infected sailors are recovering away from the ship the mercy was sent by FEMA a few weeks ago to handle local non Kobe patient overflow we taking a total of fifty two patients as transfers from other hospitals here in the LA area road trucks as his doctors have handled everything from orthopedic issues to cardiac and gastrointestinal Steve Gregory Peck a fine news a criminal justice reform group is ask the LA county probation department to release juveniles youth justice coalition organizer chemicals as the probation department has increased powers during the pandemic which includes the ability to release juveniles from camps in halls we now see people not only here in LA county but across the nation suffering from huge rates of infection and in some cases data within commercial settings but L. Bernardi says her son is serving six months of the campaign my son gets infected while in custody someone is going to have to be liable for his help the group also wants the department to more aggressively cancel fees Chris and Carla okay fine news the LA county probation department is already waiting for a judge to decide whether to release juveniles dozens of people have gathered in downtown Huntington beach despite directives for people to stay at home because of covert nineteen American flags top twenty twenty signs and magnet has covered all four corners cars drove by honking and people carried signs that read things like live free or die we were told two weeks to slow the spread of this small business owner says she had to lay off people with families not a pleasant thing to do writing business and now it's stopped dead in its we are healthy we have customers calling us every day she says this is not New York hospitals are not over run in the lockdown is gone on long enough in downtown Huntington beach Corbin Carson KFI news so cal whether from KFI scattered showers for your Saturday highs in the sixties clouds stick around until Tuesday when the warm up begins into the eighties by this time next week right now fifty three in Pasadena fifty two in more park fifty five in Anaheim and fifty five degrees in Cyprus we lead local from KFI is twenty four hour news room I'm bill Stewart look out heading through downtown LA on the one one southbound will be allowed to the five all lanes closed by Caltrans till around seven AM you can take the ten east of the seven ten south bound to the five but watch out on the seventeenth itself as well all lanes closed out of commerce evidence out there between the five in Atlantic all lanes shut down until seven o'clock the five south all to yourself over here northbound side of the seven ten Atlantic to the five the three right lanes closed until around seven AM and finally we had a crash in Chino sixties better remote it just cleared from the two right lanes okay fine this guy help gets there faster I'm Robert Bucky homeowners are you paying too much on your home loan prime choice funding has the answer your mortgage may be the largest investment you make in terms of time and expense in.

O. S. D. H. T
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"One team in the world things down today singers for the day on which is six months great seventeen eighteen look at all the case trying to find among the chase Chevy keep slipping away in the state comes up in the paint like a leaf or put the so we don't simply I just have a the so we and now he became green in there one is that right that's how it should be done can you things around that things are looking up from the ground up I don't know in the building this project T. C. D. H. D. three it's me this week we so we don't just seven we are seeing so we go wow one this is supposed yeah we just have a.

Chevy T. C. D. H.
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"Multiply at times twelve plus the D H lash utility spot that's probably gonna come from outfield. Plus the guys are qualified outfield that play on their positions that are playing other positions on other teams, you're going seventy five eighty deep and there's only ninety active outfielders. Now now any given time. So it becomes again people say position scarcely. What does it mean? While it means depending upon what your league is if you're in a five active outfielder, fifteen league outfielder scarce catcher, sucks everywhere. You know? Let's not the scarce position. Because there's nowhere to get an advantage. Really? It's outfield that becomes scarce. And then then you can take a chance on a Gallic Yeltsin. I think it's fine. But if it's only three active outfielders near league, you can get by with other productivity from other guys. I find out field scares most years and five and five. Oh, absolutely. You'll see me hit it hard all the time. Yeah. You know, I think it plays mind games on some folks though because you see all the superstar talent and don't fully compute than everyone needs five. And like you said we'll pick some of the outfield eligible players for other positions as well. And so you just kind of mind game yourself into thinking. No, no, this is this is deep, and it's like, it's really not you really have to give it a closer look. All right. Well, Justin, you have any other questions here for Joe on with guards. Let's hear what was your favorite interview of all time. My favorite interview of all time. Well, that was absolutely last week with you on the great fantasy baseball invitational podcast, which was awesome. I wasn't prepared. I I was just as you. Listen to it. Yeah. I I just I wasn't expecting it. I was you know, it became like a big, you know, kind of we're this is your life joking. Yes. Yes. It was. But it was it was very therapeutic. It really was. And and it was awesome. It was terrific. And I think you ask some great questions, and I think I gave some surprising answers or some things that I never thought about. And I think it was a productive. It was a productive podcast from the sense of people who are thinking about getting in the industry or people who are writing in the industry are trying to work. And I think it's always better when we have a conversation, right? I I think fantasy sports should be a conversation of ideas. It's why I have Justin on my show. Yeah. He's got a book out too. So what it's it's, you know, this is a conversation of ideas. And and the better ideas should win out not because I have a bigger website than somebody else, or I have more cash to put out I wanted to be a conversation of ideas. And and if we have a good conversation of ideas, then we've elevated and helped everybody else be better at fancy and fantasy is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be something that we enjoy that were that it's a pastime for us. It's how we watch the games. Now. It's how we interpret sports. So. So if we can enhance people's enjoyment of that. I'm all about it. And I think that yeah..

Justin D H baseball Joe fifteen league