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French actor Depardieu charged with rape in revived case

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French actor Depardieu charged with rape in revived case

"Against French movie stars. You're our Depardieu, nominated for an Oscar for 19 nineties. Cyrano de Bergerac. Gerard Depardieu has been indicted on rape and sexual assault charges. A judicial source from the Paris prosecutor's office confirms to ABC News. Depardieu was indicted back in December, but he hasn't been arrested. According to reports. The alleged victim of French actress was 22 at the time, she says Depardieu raped her at his home in Paris in 2018 deputies lawyer tells a F P The actor totally disputes the accusations. Jason Evans and ABC

Depardieu Cyrano De Bergerac Gerard Depardieu Oscar Paris Abc News Jason Evans ABC
Gérard Depardieu under formal investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault

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Gérard Depardieu under formal investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault

"An Oscar for 19 nineties Cyrano de Bergerac Gerard Depardieu has been indicted on rape and sexual assault charges. A judicial source from the Paris prosecutor's office confirms to ABC News. Depardieu was indicted back in December, but he hasn't been arrested. According to reports. The alleged victim of French actress was 22 at the time, she says Depardieu raped her. At his home in Paris in 2018 deputies, lawyer tells a F P The actor totally disputes the accusations. The

Cyrano De Bergerac Gerard Depa Depardieu Oscar Paris Abc News
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"Her attorney said Dylan Maxwell will renounce her French and British citizenship to eliminate any opportunity for her to seek refuge in those countries. The defense also offered to put her assets into an account monitored by a retired federal judge, save for the nearly $8 million already set aside for legal fees. Maxwell is trying to get released from the federal lockup in Brooklyn, where she's been held since her July arrest under conditions she is called needlessly harsh. She faces charges that presumed pretrial detention, but the defense said it would be a miscarriage of justice to deny Maxwell now Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS NEW YORK Rape charges have been brought against a well known actor. Nominated for an Oscar for 19 nineties Cyrano de Bergerac. Gerard Depardieu has been indicted on rape and sexual assault charges. A judicial source from the Paris prosecutor's office confirms to ABC News. Depardieu was indicted back in December, but he hasn't been arrested. According to reports. The alleged victim of French actress was 22 at the time, she says Depardieu raped her at his home in Paris in 2018 deputies lawyer tells a F P the actor totally disputes The accusations. Jason Johnson, ABC NEWS Hollywood, Dozens of shelter dogs and cats rescued from the disaster in Texas will soon be up for adoption. In New Jersey. Several Texas shelters either lost power last week or had their pipes explode. This is ABC News. Come on, Who's times 704 and traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the dupe in law group traffic Center, Tama Fulton. And see Tex Don't watching her crash on the work bound by just before 200 Street. It's blocking the right lane. That's causing a slowdown from South 216th Street and jicama crashed on south found five is but blocking the right lane at the exit the highway 16 that's causing a heavy back up from 54 Cavanaugh and five Adding an extra 10 minutes to your drive and a down tree and power lines and Edmund's on Pine Street and Third Avenue South is causing some slowing approaching that area watch for utility crews arriving on the scene. His report is sponsored by Allstate. If you're driving less, you could be saving more on car insurance. Save money with paper mile insurance from Allstate, Call a local Allstate agent to get a quote our next couple traffic at 7 14 Shannon O'Donnell as your Komal forecast. Why everybody Tuesday night here in the Great Pacific Northwest, scattered showers, some of which have been locally heavy, continuing to pop up out there. Still a lingering threat of lightning or hail through the course of the night but really starts to quiet down as we had past midnight for Wednesday looks like a quieter day overall, with partly sunny skies highs.

Dylan Maxwell Jason Johnson Gerard Depardieu Cyrano de Bergerac Brooklyn Depardieu December Texas 2018 New Jersey Maxwell South 216th Street Wednesday Allstate July Aaron Carter ABC News Tuesday night Tama Fulton 200 Street
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"FM W m A l A cumulus station news Now become male news at 5 30. I'm Maria. Leaves. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats will push through the President American rescue plan without Republican input, even though several major Republicans have tried to talk the president into lowering the price 10 of our members actually went down, met with the president on talked about more narrow, targeted approach. The message was that they were not interested in doing it That way they're going to try to muscle is through on a totally partisan basis. Come on. I think I can safely speak for most of my members that we think this is dramatically more money than is required. President Biden said. The bill needs to have a large price tag to help schools and get vaccinations out to Americans. D c Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is calling for some, but not all of the fencing to be removed from portions of downtown. In a letter to the Capitol Police board Congresswoman Norton who's been announced book Critic of the razor wire on the fence thing erected after the attack of the U. S. Capitol on January. 6th wants the fencing around the nearby US Botanic Garden removed immediately, Norton, adding, even if security concerns justify what she calls the current temporary fencing around the capital in nearby office buildings, Norton insist there is no security justification to keeping the outdoor space at the Botanic Garden. Close to D C residents and visitors. Barbara Britt W M. A. L N W m a l dot com Maryland is one very Small step closer to building a new Chesapeake Bay Bay Bay Bridge crossing. The state agency studying the project is completed. An environmental impact statement that endorses the existing Bay Bridge corridor is the most suitable option among two other candidates as well as they know, build option. Study found that adding a third Bridget, the current site would have the most positive impact on reducing traffic. But don't get too excited. Yet This latest study is just a check mark on a long list of steps before a new bridge could be built. Construction in the best case scenario is at least five years away, assuming the state can find the money to pay for it. John Matthews on W M A L N w a l dot com Tiger Woods, injured in A serious car crash near Los Angeles or enforcement sources have said there is nothing if you like salaciousness that they have found so. Far in terms off this terrible accident, and that speaks to the previous D U I incident involving Tiger Woods, of course, so people's minds might go to that. But at the moment, the indications that we're getting from law enforcement is that they have not found anything like that as part off this accident, But they are telling the L A times that that was his car was driving at a high rate of speed on what is a winding up downhill part off the road there in Rancho Palace. Verdi's Fox is Jonathan Hunt. Police are Scheduled to hold a news conference at 6 P.m. Eastern, a noted French anchor under investigation for rape. French actor Gerard Depardieu has been charged in France with rape and assault stemming from a 2018 incident after an initial investigation was dropped in 2019 for lack of evidence. The case was reopened last summer charges against the actor were filed in December. The 20 year old actress claims the legendary actor raped and sexually assaulted her at his home in Paris in August of 2018. Depardieu's lawyer told the rap. He completely rejects the accusations. But lawyer also denied the accusations and several other interviews over the years a 72 year old is known for his roles in Cyrano de Bergerac and the film Green Card for which he won a Golden Globe. Michelle Pelino Fox News on Wall Street, The Dow finished the day up. 16 points the S and P. 500 up five. The.

Gerard Depardieu John Matthews Michelle Pelino August of 2018 Paris Jonathan Hunt 2019 Los Angeles France Eleanor Holmes Norton Depardieu 2018 Democrats 16 points December Bay Bridge Tiger Woods Rancho Palace Cyrano de Bergerac Green Card
Gérard Depardieu under formal investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault

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Gérard Depardieu under formal investigation for alleged rape and sexual assault

"French anchor under investigation for rape. French actor Gerard Depardieu has been charged in France with rape and assault stemming from a 2018 incident after an initial investigation was dropped in 2019 for lack of evidence. The case was reopened last summer charges against the actor were filed in December. The 20 year old actress claims the legendary actor raped and sexually assaulted her at his home in Paris in August of 2018. Depardieu's lawyer told the rap. He completely rejects the accusations. But lawyer also denied the accusations and several other interviews over the years a 72 year old is known for his roles in Cyrano de Bergerac and the film Green Card for which he won a Golden Globe.

Gerard Depardieu Depardieu France Paris Cyrano De Bergerac Golden Globe
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"In the sound of music is not Christopher Plummer. It's the late Bill Leave a singer who dubbed Voices for several Hollywood stars in several films. Christopher Plummer was a classically trained actor. We thought quite rightly, he could do anything and why you theater Professor Lawrence, Mass. Lynn wrote a book about the sound of music. So he was quite peeved when he was dubbed singing Couple of pretty simple songs like it'll vice in the film of the sound of music, and, Of course, the role for which she will be remembered for posterity and beyond is the one he hated the most, which was Captain von Trapp. But plumber eventually came to terms with it, he told Terry Gross on wh Y wise, fresh air. I'm grateful to the film in many ways because it was such a success. It is not my favorite film, of course, because I do think it borders on mawkishness, but we did our damn best not to make it. Two more Kishan. Christopher Plummer was born in 1929 in Toronto and fell in love with theater in high school. He developed some serious acting chops playing Shakespearean roles in both Canada and England. The Or not to be After the question Christopher Plummer in Hamlet for the BBC 1964. I'm so glad I was Canadian in a way because the Canadian contain the best of the British and the best of the American school. On Duh were rather good at that. What kind of like chameleons and that respect for most of his more than 60 year career plumber split his time appearing both on stage and in films among his movies were stage struck, and the man who would be King. Even played it cling on general in Star Trek six. Onstage, he played Iago to James Earl Jones, a fellow and Cyrano de Bergerac in a musical version of the Rostand play, for which he won a Tony Award, using his own voice, Cyrano Cyrano Theater.

Christopher Plummer Cyrano Cyrano Theater Lynn Captain von Trapp Terry Gross James Earl Jones Hollywood Tony Award American school Professor Lawrence BBC Mass Toronto Canada England
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"Plummer. It's the late Bill Leave a singer who dubbed Voices for several Hollywood stars in several films. Christopher Plummer was a classically trained actor. We thought Quite rightly, he could do anything and why you? Theater Professor Lawrence Maslin wrote a book about the sound of music. So he was quite peeved when he was dubbed singing Couple of pretty Simple songs like it'll vice in the film of the sound of music, and, Of course, the role for which she will be remembered for posterity and beyond is the one he hated the most, which was Captain von Trapp. But Plummer eventually came to terms with it, he told Terry Gross on wh Y wise, fresh air. I'm grateful to the film in many ways, because it was such a success. It is not my favorite film, of course, because I do think it borders on mawkishness, But we did our damn best not to make it to market shit. Christopher Plummer was born in 1929 in Toronto and fell in love with theater in high school. He developed some serious acting chops playing Shakespearean roles in both Canada and England. Be Or not to be After the question Christopher Plummer in Hamlet for the BBC 1964. I'm so glad I was Canadian in a way because the Canadian contain the best of the British in the best of the American school. And, uh, we're rather good at that. What kind of like chameleons and that respect for most of his more than 60 year career plumber split his time appearing both on stage and in films among his movies were stage struck, and the man who would be King even played a cling on general in Star Trek. Six. Onstage, he played Iago to James Earl Jones, a fellow And Cyrano de Bergerac in a musical version of the rust and play for which he won a Tony Award, using his own voice. Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano Theater.

Christopher Plummer Professor Lawrence Maslin Captain von Trapp James Earl Jones Tony Award American school Hollywood Terry Gross Plummer. BBC King Toronto Canada England
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"Are still doing this to each other. Apparently they are. Yeah. Okay. I will give us the story. All right. So what do we even begin? So I met this girl himself. OK, Cupid, which you probably heard of it. But if you did miss a dating site use, you know this particular site because you can chat with people for free. So girls healthy profiles thats pretty well, we started chatting. We're actually having for a few weeks and then you know, one day after if you could send me a picture of her dog because he always talked about him so much, so she does from there. We sort of ditched the checks up on we just started, you know, texting each other on her phone. I see what you did there. Very, very sneaky way to get her phone number. Very clever. Well, I didn't want to see a picture of her dogs, so it wasn't you know, sneaky thing. I was trying to do anything but in warrant, Okay, so you're texting each other? It's going good. Yeah, it's going good. I asked her if she wants to meet for some, like, really low key coffee, you know, populate or something? Nothing crazy. Just talk in the middle of the day outside, There'd be no pressure and no crazy Corona virus stuff. Just talk in person. I even told her she could bring your dog if you want it, okay? And so did you guys meet up then? So this is where things get a little complicated. So she did show up and we got coffee and we talked. It was great. Problem is, it's starting to become more evidence that as our little date went on that whoever I was talking to was not the same person I was chatting with. Oh, whoa. Kinda like a twilight zone moment. They're so okay, So it wasn't a stranger, though, right? I wasn't like you accidentally met the wrong person who was also there for a date. No, no, she said it was her. There are a few things that made me think she was lying, and I wanted to run them by. You guys do what you thought. Okay? Sure. Yeah, Go ahead. Okay. First of all, she didn't bring her dog. She said she didn't want to bring him outside because he was afraid he was gonna run all over the place. But I remember when I asked her about her dog. And if you took him for, you know runs with her, she said. No, he's not much of a runner, so that was kind of weird. Okay? And so the next thing was said something during our date, and she had no clue what I was talking about. So we were chatting online. We had this long conversation about twilight because you just said it's watching all them during quarantine. So on our date to talk, you have to just that one of her accidents. They threw out one of the line. And so the lion fell in love with lamb, and she just gave me the confused looking those wide. So all right, So that's a line from one of the twilight movies. Then I take it. Yeah, it was a pretty famous line to anyone who's you know, Twilight fan knows that part If you just looked at me laughing of by and I go the lions love with lamb, and she still looked so confused. So I go twilight she goes. Oh, yeah, right. There would have been, like all the proof that I needed like if you're a girl, and you're a twilight fan, and you don't remember that line like, Well, maybe she isn't really a big twilight fame. Maybe she was like When you guys were chatting. She was trying to relate to you on a chat message like Oh, yeah, I like twilight to kind of a girl says I'm a huge football fan, which can't name any players on the team. Well, I mean, I'm not the one who brought up Twilight online. We were chatting about it. She did. It's not like I said, I love twilight, and she tried to compensate for it or something. Okay, so let's get back to the crux of the problem that your examples the dog. Maybe the dog doesn't like to go jogging. But if she were to bring him to the park, he would go buck wild, like jogging And going to the park are two different things to a dog and the twilight thing. Maybe she is a fan. But she didn't understand you throwing that line out of nowhere, like maybe she needed context, like if you had said so it was like in twilight. When he said the lion fell in love with the lamb, and then she would have been like exactly I don't know. I just had a feeling when I was, you know, with her that she was a different person. Did she look like the girl in the profile picture? Yeah, it was definitely her. Okay, Well, then, there you go. Yeah, I'm talking to and chatting with actually somebody else. Okay, I see. So you think there might be some other person like a much uglier friend who looks like a troll who's been writing the the chats to you? But when it's game time they send in the 18 kind of like a Cyrano de Bergerac situation. What, like a Cyrano de Bergerac? Google it? It's worth a Google. You know what you should have done like when you were figuring out it wasn't her. You should have picked up your phone and called Take her number. That would have been so awkward. She's sitting right across from you. And you call her and go, huh? I wonder why your phone isn't ringing. Yeah, I really start putting two and two together until I was on my way home. I see. All right, Well, speaking of phone numbers, you do have hers. You said correct. Yeah. Well, why don't we call her up like let's call her up, and we'll do like a spontaneous fun like how was your first date type thing on the air and see how much about the date she remembers? Yeah, I'm not so sure. Well, you wanted to know the truth, right? That is why you called us to find out if that was really her. Yeah, That is true. I mean, look, we're not going to be jerks or anything. I promise. We're not gonna be like, Ha ha. I got you. You lying troll. I mean, we will be incredibly delicate about everything I promise. Okay, Okay. All right. Just don't hang up. We'll get her number from you and also I want you to be on the call to when we come back..

Cyrano de Bergerac Google football
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"You don't need to score a touchdown necessarily here, but you gotta pick up five yards, so Jimmy could run If they pressure him, Pettus type left. Kettle is tight. Right? Three. Go right, the rapido back throws and its broke it up. He was going to trend Taylor it was broken up. By Byron Murphy Jr. Arizona will take over on downs. The game is not over 40 Niners to have three timeouts left, but it's very close to being over. They're great. Papa. Tim Ryan on the call. Surprisingly 20 for 20. The 40 Niners lose to the Arizona Cardinals here at Levi Stadium, John one Super Bowl champion, Dennis Brown of the Great Larry Kroger joining us. Thanks. Great question that you asked on Twitter, and we're getting a lot of great responses. So, Jerry Larry jumping here and they give us some more of the people why they thought they lost today. One thing and again. This is a great Chris Babcock, who since he normally up with Pablo and Tim, and feeds, Papa all these great stats, and it makes Papa sound very good. But it's kind of like that movie. What was known Roxanne with Steve Martin and Steve Martin's, whereas the big nose so he's in the back, and he's feed the lines. That's exactly what Babcock doesn't make them. Pop is the one who, you know, just regurgitates about Papa stop the Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac and Babcock has hanging slash And so he sent me some step. Also the first quarter the Niners. Time of possession wise 10 27 to 4 33 for Arizona. So dominating Arizona one the time of possession. 31 26 2 2034. So it's about 27 18 and last Three quarters of the game in the second half. Thank you, Chris Babcock 42 to 29 in place in favor of Arizona. Well, why does that matter Because like you guys said, air quality wasn't so great Today. First game of the year you're gassed and Kyla Murray's running all over the place and this is an excuse isn't excuse. It's an explanation Givers on a credit they won the football game, but they were gassed. At the end. The defensive line wasn't dominating because they're chasing sky around, and they just They got tired. Look, Dennis brought this up during a break. It's a great point. After the 94 yard drives, you're on the field defensively for a 94 yard drive. The offense went three now. Yeah, I think I was it. No, e. I hope you enjoyed that 62nd ball. You just got after that 94 year. Dr. You're coming back on the field. That's a factor in this game. Yeah, And it's a factor when you when you haven't been able to get off the field. I mean it be great if your offense goes through and out and then defense goes through here now, But if you go, you're often goes three and out. You go back in for a eight minute drive, 10 minute drive. I mean, and then you go back off the field. You have to come right back on after another three and out, or maybe a foreign out, So I mean, it's It's tough. It's tough. I mean, you got the air quality going. It's your first game on like I said, I mean, you guys know crowd to give you an energy is no. There's nothing and just going like practice your just going right back out there now. It was a guy the beauty of this game thinking you don't need a crowd. You're gonna motivate yourself, but I really saw that. Pride would've helped out a lot, especially when the defense is on the film. You need that boost. I think it was missed today truly missed today. You know, we're getting a number of different responses. I asked the question. What is the number? One reason the Niners lost in a lot of people pointing at Jimmy Jimmy was a bit slow. Jimmy. Just like the Super Bowl. We had to make one throw. I didn't do it. You know, I expected more from Jimmy. You know, one guy said, you know, two for 11 on third down. I mean, that that that obviously was a key fact and seven for 14, Arizona. I mean, that's the contrast Is that losing out on the field? I mean, you give up 50% to a team that is so they converted seven of 14. You converted Team two of 11 minutes. That's the biggest status game. Somebody says no to force Buckner, one guy says, where were are wide? Receivers. But Eric Ah has has the one that I would vote for. If you said if you said Give me the number one reason the 40 Niners lost this game, I would say they couldn't they lost contained on Kyler. Consistently and this is the last quarterback in the league that you can lose. Contain on you have to rush him with discipline. You have to rush him in Lane's Dennis. You know, you have a doctorate in in exactly what I'm talking about here. The art of rushing the mobile quarterback. This is the most mobile quarterback. And then you mix in the poor air quality. And, as John said that the total 42 to 29 play advantage that Arizona had in the second half and being gassed in no O T A s and no training camp and no no preseason, but to me if you said number one reason they lost contain on Kyler and once who's contained on a mobile quarterback like that, man. Everything starts to fall apart. Yeah, and a couple times it wasn't about to contain. It was just about on the inside. Once you open up that rush lane and he would see it so quickly. He would step back there and he'd read it like a rotting body was one reading Go. Yeah, it was like it was a lot of my reads. Not there. I'm gone. And there was a quarterback here a couple years ago, and that's that's kind of how he made his bones in NFL became a superstar that one read and go and he made the place. I mean, that was it. It was a lot of third in 12 13 15 and you see He'll take that one read in Hell knows he'll see that rush lane, and it wasn't about to contain. It was just running straight up the middle class. You know what? What's gonna happen, and we see this in the MBA bubble when you watch that there is no home field..

Arizona Jimmy Jimmy Chris Babcock Papa Tim Ryan Dennis Brown Kyler Arizona Cardinals Byron Murphy Jr Twitter Kettle Taylor Pettus Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac Jerry Larry NFL Steve Martin Kyla Murray football
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"Problem is most people or anal here is the second time that Joe came up today hello I stole it I know right the guy you want you still think that's our right but it was funny you're coming from you but you know what do you do this is the whole thing the NHL canceling their season the NBA is canceling I think March madness is is probably going to cancel now sadness yeah but people people think that they're doing it for the better be half of people now this is liability ma'am yeah absolutely you know everybody's trying to cover themselves exactly that's what this is my number one fan that's a bad thing I'm just saying this is real yeah let's be real now as far as like your game tonight I was looking at the you know the prices I'm thinking okay I could get a T. shirt but if it's dirty I could be calling in clean teacher hi everyone but I mean if someone touched it that might have the virus you know I don't know but I don't a good thing how many tickets are cool okay but then I'm going to be in a crowd okay unless you're the headliner then there we daisy's breaking he's ringing me up is the one more joke and you got an act right now come on it is I got a bunch of people waiting Steve real seriously people you're worried about listeners teacher believes just put a mask around the radio you pride what's your dad agrees seventy zero seven he's my friend all right here we go from the seventies we've been together since way back when we've been together since way back when yeah I I think I started calling you back we back when probably I don't know I have no idea who this band is when I mean easy meals Berlin New Jersey won a one point five highly hi how are you good how you doing doing good how are you gonna be doing even better I mean what's your category the seventy the seventies before your time of course yes of course I do believe in you and I know you believe in me yes I do your wonderful and I I believe as are you well what is the lyric of the song Chicago Chicago do you guys Cyrano de Bergerac in the bushes over the Chicago what's the name of the song was what was the first line I do believe in you and I know you believe in me the feeling stronger every day.

Joe NHL NBA Steve Berlin New Jersey Cyrano de Bergerac Chicago
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"I'm Noah will can good morning this is but the new reality TV show on Netflix called the circle the hook is that the characters live in total isolation from each other the only communicate through social media like IBM's and group tax we say it's what is pop and everybody said message something about this reminded and here is that it would be a venerated tradition in the theater there's a kind of play where people just read letters six dollars arrive safely even for during cross road which was made into a movie in nineteen eighty seven or the play love letters that follows a long term romance would you consider coming to the gale dark game Saturday October twenty I wonder would the show at the circle count as an epistolary drama I asked the Peter professor to watch it I had my doubts Thomas Meacham of Lake Superior state university found himself convinced by the circle were voice activated software or so we're told let's be hence dictate messages circles site Hey guys smiley face emoji say from the very beginning letters are meant to be performed allrecipes letter from your system all the way back to Euripides messengers were off important characters in Greek drama since the shared news about battles and events to epic to show one ancient stages before literacy became common HM says letters were written to be read alone and this actually goes back to the Middle Ages and the plane William Shakespeare whose plot often rested on long here is an agent of her is her love a recurring theme in epistolary trauma like in Cyrano de Bergerac last time I sat first as the way he does for the show my it seems that this section is another thing in the original play from eighteen ninety seven a homely man with a giant nose writes letters for handsome soldier they're conspiring to trick the beautiful woman with.

Noah Netflix IBM professor Thomas Meacham Lake Superior state university William Shakespeare Cyrano de Bergerac
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"Some of the scientific is motivated by the commercial potential of space tourism, which will surely begin as a pastime for the rich. Some, meanwhile shares with European voyages of exploration, desire to find and bring back new resorts. With companies such as deep space, industries and planetary resources aim to send spacecraft asteroids to extract valuable, minerals, such as platinum, gold and other precious metals, and there's talk also of mining the moon for a rare and valuable form of helium. Some will regard this capitalization of space with dismay, but is there anything to prevent it? The use of resources in space is in principle governed by the outer space treaty, an international agreement drawn up at the height of the space race in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. This states that the exploration and use of anti space should be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and she'll be the province of all mankind. It also says that outer space is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, but the treaty. He didn't foresee the commercialization of space expiration. I spoke to Patricia Lewis research director for international security at Chatham. House of that parallels between exploration in the seventeenth century on the public and private ventures into space today in the past, if we look at the time of there on depose rack. In fact, it was states governments, but also in private enterprise of a lot of money to be made a lot of exploitation to be done. They didn't know what they were going to encounter. And I think we're in a similar stage right now, and it will also involve states government's the infrastructure, the architecture that exists for space exploration that companies are able to piggyback on if you like. So what's happening. Now, of course, is that we have an international legal system that can't take this into account. We have the outer space treaty, which prohibits the ownership of any celestial body or any. Out of it and the moon treaty likewise for the moon, nor the very few countries are in that treaty ring was moon freak, the moon, she she was nineteen Seventy-nine say, you know, some ten years after the outer space treaty. But I think contempt of the way people were thinking about it. Then they weren't thinking, I think, how should have been thinking about commercial exploration. So now we've got two countries already with national legislation on commercial exploration and use of near earth objects like asteroids. The two countries are the United States in Luxembourg looks, of course. Well, let me space. Luxembourg of courses a country which encourages all sorts of new startups encourages all sorts of companies to register their and a number of companies are now registering in order to make use of the new legislation. So what does this legislation permit? Does it allow companies to stake a claim? So the United States legislation which was brought into fetch and twenty fifteen. The space act allows US citizens to engage in exploitation of space research, and it looks at things like water and minerals. The Luxembourg one allows for licensing supervisory roles and also ownership on near earth objects, and you know what could possibly go wrong. So this literally means that a company could go to an asteroid or part of the moon plant a flag and say, not wanting to incriminate anyone, but say this now belongs to Google or to Facebook. I'm not sure how that's going to work, but certainly if we look at history at the. Time is runner diversion in a, it's who gets there. First, isn't it say what we've got here is international law now being challenged by new national laws. So the outer space treaty does it need up dating now? I think it does, but I think it's going to be almost impossible given current politics to do so and different companies have been looking at different types of strides. So there's three different types of stories, says one with a lot of water as one with a little water and some minerals, and then there are ones with you're really packed densely with minerals, and there are now registered companies that are specifically looking at asteroid mining. I think as we get into the sort of capabilities that manufacturing now has been developing where machines can make machines. So using solar power using the minerals that are on the us droids if you put up a machine that can start to make other machines to do things and to do the mining and even perhaps make the spacecraft ascend. MAC is that. I don't know, but certainly this is the imagined scenario, but they're not looking at people going up there. I think if you're going to the moon or Mars, that's very different thing. We know that we can turn people there in principle, and there is talk of establishing moon bases there, partly for this reason to do proper exploration of what resources exist there. And again, you know what sort of resources for the moon people interested in? Well, again, I think they're looking at the possibility for mineral exploration. Obviously, they're also looking at how you might set up a colony on a bigger planet, and indeed is you know that people have been practicing on flung places on planet earth seems to be part of our human spirit to go out and explore worlds that we haven't encountered before where owned conceivably to profit. I think there's a sort of scientific exploration aspect to it, and then they will also be those who will want to make money out of it is very discussion about whether this kind of activity ought to be permitted. On ethical grounds. Yes, there is and not just ethical, but legal political. So we'll have those who are thinking about moral and ethical implications and thinking hard about how we might contaminate other planets and what that might do to them could other stuff that we bring back from other planets contaminate us. Have we thought about that? That's an interesting comparison, I suppose, because it seemed very clear in the age of exploration in the seventeenth eighteenth centuries that both we Europeans contaminated the countries that we went to and also potentially brought back diseases like syphilis were possibly thought will come from the new world. So this is still a fear that we don't know quite what is out there and what we might take to. It might bring back. I think that's upstate true. I think if you look through the history of expiration that encounter between different societies and different peoples, and also different environments means that we should expect to have a similar unintended unexpected consequences of our actions, and we don't know what they'll be. They'll be different. Perhaps the other lesson that history tells us from the age of colonialization that at least conflict between nations fighting for the rights to, you know, this all that mineral rich place, a, we likely to see that. Well, this is the really sad thing. I think if you look back to the nineteen sixties and the outer space treaty and what was clear threaded throughout that was to create a new project for humanity where we would all work together and we saw that in the international space station, but the truth is if we go back to the nineteen fifties the expiration of space, if we look at satellite's going up into orbit, nine hundred fifty, seven with Sputnik was all about militarism. Some we've always had this constant tension between the military capabilities of space and the potential for war, either involving space or in-space itself. And then the scientific exploration which is trying to under. Stand who we are in this tiny blue dot in the soda system. We have the committee on peaceful uses of our space in Vienna, which is a UN body where all countries get together and talk about the whole broad range of things, legal, scientific, technological, all of the treaties that are under the UN for space. And I think that this would be the place to have begin completely different discussion about how we might frame our exploration of our solar system. So it's really a question I think is whether we want Star Wars or Star Trek. It

United States UN Patricia Lewis Google research director syphilis Chatham Vienna Facebook ten years
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"The Roman church, embracing his new picture of the cosmos, didn't have to conflict with religious belief. After all, one of the best known fantasies of space travel at that time was written around sixteen twenty eight by an Englishman could Francis Godwin who was the Bishop of Hera food, but Sarunas moon fantasy is more ambitious. It's a subtle that prefigures Gulliver's travels where the customs and traits of the societies that the traveler encounters are exaggerations or inversions of our own, showing those to be after all rather arbitrary. That's the kind of thinking made possible by the age of exploration, which was challenging old certainties. We've only got sketchy details about the real surrounded Berge wreck, but his books themselves suggest a rather appealing character right? Reverend, but also quick witted and broad-minded what's more Sarunas intrepid hero may have been intended explicitly as a self portrait because the author gave him a name that is virtually an anagram of his own dear Kona. Now, if you thought that deer conus spacecraft sounds kind of scienc- you might be shocked to hear how he makes his first voyages. First of all, he makes it craft with lots of bottles of do attached based on the idea that do evaporate because there's a sort of attraction to the sun. Well, that doesn't quite work and he crushes in Canada. But then he finally gets to the moon because of a force of attraction between the moon and the bone marrow. That deer Kona has rubbed on all his bruises to heal them. That sounds like pure medieval superstition yet it's not quite natural. Philosophers was still getting to grips with forces in nature, the mysterious forth. That makes a compass point. North was thought to show that the earth itself is a giant magnet a pretty far I've idea that just happens to be true and these proto scientists were still puzzling over the force of gravity, which seemed to bit like magnet. To needless to say, I hope bone marrow isn't attracted by the moon, but there were invisible forces in nature that seemed hardly any less fantastical and strange for aunties travels. Dear Kona is constantly having philosophical debate with other characters about where the Aerostat will scientific ideas had had their day in Canada. He argues with the viceroy about whether the earth is at the center of the universe as our startle had said, or whether the sun is at the center as Galileo, had got into trouble with the pope for insisting. The vacuum powered spaceship, dear Kona uses to go to the sun challenges are startles idea that vacuum is impossible in nature. Natural philosophers were arguing fiercely about that, and the arguments only got more intense in the decade after Serrano's books were published. Thanks to experiments with air pumps that some said, could produce a true vacuum. A space with nothing in it. Do you Kona finds himself on the moon debating that very subject with none other than Domingo Gonzalez. The hero of Francis Godwin's earlier book who bizarrely turns up as a kind of pet of the gigantic man animals that rule, the moon Gonzalez confesses that he left the earth in despair. After his anti, Aristotelian views had been suppressed by the Spanish inquisition. Well on the moon, no one expects the Spanish inquisition, right when dear Kona returns to earth. He writes the states and empires of the moon and his accused of being a sorceress. So he sets off in his vacuum powered boats to visit the states and empires of the sun a land. So luminous he says that it resembles snowflakes on fire. Yes, it gets pretty weird and to find out what these strange tales were all about. I spoke to literary historian, Mary, Bain, Campbell of Brenda. University in Massachusetts, where did Serano story of a journey to the moon sit within the literature of his time. It is called in French, whereas Donnellan, everyone would recognize that the travel book kind of title. So it's a parody of travel writing which takes it to an extreme. And so the notion that because travel writing is so often about voyages, which are at least in retrospect, clearly in the service of colonial expansion and mercantile domination of places where there's natural resources that links the moon into that as well. That notion that behind all this is the desire to low and Phil. Hi, where they could make a profit or have some kind military advantage over. Other people are just more land. But of course, it's hilarious in bizarre to anyone that the place were traveling to the moon. It just not a whole. A lot more hilarious than the spice islands or California also seems almost taken for granted that these places are going to have people in them just as we always seem to find what we traveled on the earth. But in this case, they are what we now call aliens. What are we meant to make of the quite bizarre portrayals of the peoples that Conan fines on the sun and the moon? Well, of course, Europeans have always been making monsters out of the people. They find in strange places the ordinary European, never got more than seven miles from his hut. So the production of giants and monsters and magicians and Solan is again part of the travel heritage, but boy, Cyrano out does it. And I particularly love his trembling, lunar characters by trembling. You mean the these characters are literally shaking quavering physically, that's their language. It's a language of gesture, Cyrano, doesn't. Say that they're trembling in fear, but the word tremble does usually suggest fear. And so we're allowed to see something that his protagonist is not allowed to see which is that the language is developed recklessly from the power relations. So that was really already a kind of it's sometimes it's talked about as the first time sanction, whatever that means. But actually it already fitted within a notion of travel literature in that. Absolutely. I mean, I think Cyrano is partly making fun of the idea that when you go somewhere else, you think the best thing you can do for them make them more French in his case, and that's what was going on in Quebec. They were forcing nomadic hunting people to be Christian, couldn't be Christian less. They lived in little houses and in the seventeenth century, every distant place, the moon, China, Australia, you name it. They were all places where we might be able to get resources and find labor forces. To get them for us. Obviously the moon is one of the most remarkable ways to do, but at the end young deer Kona, our protagonist also goes to Rome. So it's as if it's an early form of rounding out the gentleman by traveling, okay, let's cover onto Serrano himself. He's, I guess, do this mysterious figure. We don't seem to know an awful lot about his life. Who do you think he was? Well, I would've loved to met him. He was libertine thinker an atheist probably and most what you hear about him if various mallet ventures about town and he died when a beam in his doorway fell on his head, very young. He was forty or something. So yeah, we don't know much about what we do know is he liked to enjoy himself. But clearly he also liked to think about the philosophical preoccupations of the day. They've clear in his books that he was debating some of those ideas like component, Kim, the notion that the earth goes around the sun. What can we conclude about Serano scientific interests from these both. I think he was. Quite convinced by people like kapernick us. He knew very important philosophers. These kinds of things people talked about. They were dangerous to talk about because the church continued to demand that Christian believers believed that the earth was at the still center of the universe and that the sun rolled around it and the heavens rolled around it, and it just sat there and didn't move. And how about his means of space travel? I mean, he suggests various ways that you can get to the moon and the sun. Some of them sand by today's, it's completely bonkers. And some of them sound like he's trying to work out a kind of scientific way of doing it. How do those fit within the thinking of the day? One of his ways of getting off the earth and onto the moon is to put a bunch of do drops in some small bottles and hope that the sun would attract the do and he would go up with the attracted, do drops that doesn't work. His other method. Was a rocket which fired in stages and dropped off burt-out stages as it went along, which as we know does work, and he notices about three quarters of the way to the moon, mathematically quite accurate that he is now headed towards the moon rather than fearing that he'll be drawn back towards the earth. So that's an interesting point for people to think that gravitational pull of the earth is not unique that other bodies other large bodies could also have it, which also suggests that maybe the earth isn't the center of the universe. There are many things in this little text that don't sound potentially dangerous to say to us, they just sound like, oh modern, but they were potentially dangerous to say for Cyrano. So in a sense, we could see this book because touching on at least the question of what responsibilities and duties we might have. When we go to these new world, whether we should dominate them draw resources out of them, the possibility that we might find a more powerful equally arrogant. Other civilization from Star Trek to Star Wars are space. Fantasies of always tended to reveal a preoccupations here on earth journeys to the new world in the seventeenth century of voyages of trade and ultimately of colonization, what those travelers wanted were minerals, spices, gold, rare, and precious objects that could fetch a fortune in the old world. How relevant then these science fiction's of the seventeenth century seemed today when the profit motive has returned to space travel efforts to develop spacecraft are increasingly being conducted not just by government agencies, but by private companies, such as Richard Branson's Virgin, galactic, and Elon Musk's space x. WCHS already. SpaceX has flown astronauts to the international space station and its partnership with NASA currently supplies. The only means to send people into space from American soil. Some

Cyrano Francis Godwin Canada Kona Serrano Domingo Gonzalez Berge wreck prefigures Gulliver Sarunas NASA Rome Richard Branson Massachusetts Elon Musk Galileo Donnellan Serano Phil Conan
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"Welcome to discovery at shops to explore scientific inventions and revelations, these rates us if you can and let people know about us on social media BBC World Service podcast, supported by advertising. Thank you for downloading from the BBC the details of all complete range of podcasts in terms of use Goto BBC World Service don't come slash podcast. Hello and welcome to discovery from the BBC World Service. I'm Phillip ball. Ten nine. We have ignition sequence start who designed the first spaceship. Soviet engineer during the Cold War, maybe how about in the science fiction of the late nineteenth century, we have still be out by around two hundred years. Arguably the first description of a machine designed specifically for space travel comes in a book published in sixteen fifty, seven. To me, it sounds a bit like sort of jet powered Todd this, it's a box, big enough for a passenger with a hollow crystalline top onto the sun's rays focused with mirrors the hot air inside the crystal rises out through a pipe in the top and air Russia's in from beneath to compensate this sucking. In avair the inventor claims pushes the machine upwards. Here's how he describes the liftoff. I suddenly feel my stomach quivering like that of a man being lifted up by a block and tackle. I was going to open my hatch in order to learn the cause of this feeling. But as I was stretching out my hand, I notice through the hole in the floor of my box that my tower was already far away beneath me and my little castle in the air thrusting upwards under my feet gave me a moment, review of to lose plunging downwards into the earth. Okay. It's not quite clear how this vacuum driven propulsion would work, but what was anyone even doing speculating about space travel in the middle of the seventeenth century, and who was this person imagining a craft in which to explore new worlds out there you might have heard of him. But if so, then probably not in the context of space travel. He was a Frenchman known as Serano Debre's wreck. I can guess. I can guess what you're thinking. A big nose worn by Gerard Depardieu maybe or by Steve Martin in the nineteen eighty-seven movie, Roxanne. Modern update of the story of Sarah. No. Well, forget all of that Serano was a real person that big nose story comes from a French play from the end of the nineteenth century, which created a fictional character that took little more than just the name of its hero from the person who really did live in seventeenth century France. The real Serrano was far more interesting. His first name was savvy and he didn't really come from Birger at at all. He just adopted the posh sounding title because his Parisian family had a little estate down there in Gascony. It doesn't sound like your typical intellectual a soldier gambler and dualist who retired from military exploits on account of his wounds around sixteen thirty nine at the grand old age of twenty. But he studied at university and to judge from the books he went onto right. He was well versed in the philosophical and scientific debates of his day. He wrote two books called in the English translations, the states and empires of the moon and its sequel the states and empires of the sun. Neither was published in Toronto's short lifetime, but they were brought out two years after his death in sixteen fifty, five by Serrano's friend Surono was no scientist, but his fantasies of spaceflight have become technological reality today. And in a way these seventeenth century tales of exploring the universe approving to be more prophetic than the Victoria yawns of h g wells and Jules Verne. Because as the age of exploration was turning into the age of empire and colonization crossing the cosmos, didn't seem so very different avenger than crossing the continents and was often imagined to have the same purpose. Not so much to boldly go where no man has gone before, but to pursue conquest and prophet. Fly to the moon. Let me play Monness, stop going to the moon completely original idea of Sarunas. It'd become all the rage ever since in sixteen ten Galileo's stunned everyone with a little book describing what he saw when he turned his telescope on the moon, there were mountains and valleys. He said, clearly evident from the shadows. They cost where lunar day met night. The moon Galileo announced is not the smooth perfect sphere that the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Instead, it was it is a world like ours. Soon. All of Europe was talking about this new world and some writers hailed Galileo is a kind of second Columbus, a discoverer of new horizons, and despite is well known conflict with the

Serrano BBC Serano Debre BBC World Service Galileo Phillip ball Russia Gerard Depardieu Europe engineer Jules Verne Sarah Toronto Sarunas Todd Birger Gascony
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"To have that kind of moment that uh you know you just going to remember sure and she was amazing design your post and yet she did and as she just said to two i guess she forgot it was a movie she hates or something a very nice said i was the only one lot of people were lining up to get things signed there so you know i i just i i brought up the encyclopedic mind for a purpose there's a party trick that you're very proud of this so i'm gonna say aristotle what year reborn god you can do it up up to ninety ninety two nineteen eighty to ninety two 90s a baby okay you are a baby is okay well the best picture of this is a ninety two's tough it's tough even do or my dad has easy i'll do yeah i'm eighty six r a nice fifty one ninety to its is unforgiven but i have to think of all the other acting but okay what are you 1950 1950 was best picture was all about eve best actress was judy holliday four born yesterday best actor was jose for rare for cyrano de bergerac best supporting actor was george sanders for all about eve best supporting actress was josephine hull for harvey yes so you know you have that of the app five and you're you're was eighty six eighty six the best picture was okay with paul newman was a best actor for color of money and.

judy holliday george sanders josephine hull paul newman jose
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"Actor of car character actor in a minute i became a character actor the parts screw much born interesting and you're happier because he didn't have to worry about vanity or any now art which are constantly look at my profile is and uh now it was wonderful you could be free you could change your appearance of do all sorts of things which are continued to to do to this bloody day now in between those two thumbs uh which were a decade apart in between fall the roman empire and the man who would be king was a little movie called the sound of music and i have to ask you uh how you first heard about it i understand that the script it actually been sitting around forever and your eight years did people think it was damaged goods or what was the deal were bob dwyer's borders argus somebody must've maybe it was good to designer sung dick zaria owner who approached him abroad is that your drew musical because we've got the sound of music lying in a bottom drawer in your office and it's been never eight years should we not kristen it and and that that that we did i wanted to do it because i was going to do a musical on broadway about cyrano de bergerac and i wanted with the feeling of doing a musical i've never done one in my life in writing wasn't burge could but i thought no no this will be this'll be nobody you'll see a fair go away.

the deal bob dwyer kristen burge eight years
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"And like he call up always afer rare who was one of the great academy award winners and cyrano de bergerac nominated from run ruash big star on broadway he was happy to come to work i said why did you take the job joe he said well i got four kids in college uh yeah it's touching the shares those people and faulty to as we said before also members in oh dan daily was perfect for the role of tolson now a picture with rodrick crawford but they came to me and they said uh dan daily has failed a medical exam are they want insure him so you have to give somebody else and i said i'm not going to go back to dan daily at wonderful trooper who did all those movies with betty gray balloon everything i'm not going to go back and tell him he can't have the part because he can pass the insurance i central forget about the insurance for the whole picture we're not going to ensure anybody i'm not going to tell dan daily he can't be insured so he came went and did the foty did a fine job and he saved the picture because when we got to washington nobody wanted the letter shoot in any of the locations because of the controversy about jay go hoover and then we got a call from the white house and and betty ford who is the vice president's wife was a huge fan of dan's a the hour of she'd been a former boris girl and she wanted to end early and broderick crawford to come to the white house for lunch with her and kissinger and the president and vice president rockefeller and i close the picture down and and while they were there i called everybody in washington and said we want to shoot at your location but we can't do it tomorrow because the stars are having lunch at the white house with the president and i got permission i got permission from everybody to shoot at the locations i wanted all because of dan daily and danielle they wouldn't have been there if i had kicked him off the picture become couldn't get insurance as a nice ordered a good deed and the good deed came back you know and i guess that was a last picture the dan ever may now and he was a lovely guy and broader crawford drunk barrick robert crawford.

joe tolson rodrick crawford dan jay white house betty ford vice president rockefeller washington dan daily broderick crawford kissinger danielle
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"Our key and only get involved in meaning meaningful pursuits because they're ultimately board with doing whatever they please i wanna read array curls curse while quote from an interview he gave itself by southwest said quote were going to get more nieto cortex were going to be funnier were going to be better at music we're going to be sexier we're really going to exemplify all the things that we value in humans to a greater degree while what officers see running for running for for president of the eye nature humanity sexier lanao you wouldn't be the president because the eyes going to have to be the president maybe he's running for ambassador to the eye over sounds like it yeah the harbinger of their the new god now eleven dusky of we should say is obviously in this last camp he's in the camp with kurds while who thinks that a a i is going to be very positive super intelligence is a good thing and ed as opposed to the sarah conner faction levin now skis got another term ford instead of saying singularity he likes to call it quote the transition uh padilla what are we transitioning into is the question like when he talks about him about a are making us funnier and sexier or better it music it makes me ask well who is who or what is actually funny in the scenario is it may just repeating the words that are fed into my ear into my my brain itself by the computer am i dislike the the flesh she means by which the computer is funny so like the computer is your cyrano de bergerac and you are just repeating his clever words yes it's kind of like saying autocorrect makes me a better speller and the thinking that means you actually are a better speller but in reality i mean it's he hit depends how you shake it right if you if you look at me is just a purely organic human if you strip me of my computer and doubt me on an island give me a pin and a pencil then of god only knows what my stone is going to be like at that point but yes as long as i am still shackled to the computer master than.

southwest president levin padilla ed sarah conner
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"Well he wasn't talking to you but then he did i can't get madly in love mike isn't that adorable at his best fishing story higher hard is so happy right now the the weird part though is so it's kinda like the opposite of cyrano de bergerac because like she you'd think she will had fallen in love always ran like with who he was like a says she film image that's the kind of feels weird although he's very sweden lovely to un yeah but you know what when you have a type you gotta type yeah in and and they really do look like they are they look good to get a look so i'll put that the do better because i saw that nice dislike thank goodness because she got a raw deal you know it's a great deal though it is it light what i care way we saw oh yeah that is a good deal if you have a dog is sarah does she has the best device for you tell them about at well oh my gosh she was so much fun to use one day when i took him on the five k y god that on your is already i she was so tired like highest day of activity yet to israel funny it did not that left for the next forty eight hours well yeah he'll worn out so but it was a really good way for me to know when is too much activity for my dog.

mike sarah sweden israel forty eight hours one day five k
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"Real success with the ladies unless writing attract girlfriend now he's got svetlana right when something right with right kramer's moms certainly he does seem to especially when he's like forbidden fruit uh that seems to be like when he excels also that guy in uh what with that in uh the which episode wasn't where he was like sort of like doing like a cyrano de bergerac for kramer that he would strive feeding lines to kramer so that he could be with the the the most beautiful women in the world the kremlin cellmate the summit yawn so you gotta give me something why was gonna say it's the bookstore but it's not the bay area it takes place it's an either in fact is an episode colder books riot but righteous in the books right right right that's why i didn't was this is why and we would never we would not have name that episode some in africa with our name where that episode was but again this is why the sect me may be we're going to call it um but you know this is why we should have been aiming the episodes and not sure but lde larry are the same person at the and gerry adams yes all right so key jerry george are at monks and george find a newspaper ad four the chair it's in delaware he's gonna order it and it's going to show up later on in the episode and so george ends up talking about his wallet because jerry's not going to do the wallet thing anymore and he says he's jordan georges marriage this idea everything important needs a case that's why everything important belongs in a wallet i mean i'm i'm want us so i am with george just i but i'm also team anti quarter so you have to wallet but you only level twelve things in the.

kramer larry gerry adams jerry george delaware africa