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"curtis angels" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"curtis angels" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"But there's another field stretcher so the fact that the not you can't focus all your attention on shutting down tear maclaurin and at washington's score more points and washington is going to be really really fun and i think they're going to they're going to dominate the nfc east l. Come on i'm sorry they are you know they are. I think the thing you've got to look at is you know in terms of where mclaren's targets should come from and curtis angels probably more important come from you know. They allowed the four quarterbacks. They had last year to throw six hundred times. You know and and fifth badgering at this point. Even though he's clearly at the tail end of his career. Alex smith was coming off a broken leg and missing all that time. We know what. Dwayne haskins was taylor. Heineke and all the stuff that he's gone through in kyle allen for the time that he played so if there are somewhere in the neighborhood of five fifty or above which i think is probably the case knowing that the probably trust fitzpatrick a little bit. More as crazy as that sounds That you know we talked about this. I'm sure you guys have as well. Mike fitzpatrick track record from stevie johnson brandon marshall to devante to whenever he's had a guy he's focused and featured that guy in turn corn is in that stratosphere of is that he's thrown to so in some cases better in some cases on par. So i think you know samuel will get his opportunities but mclaren where you have a rank. Mikey's he's around seven for me Nice of a format. I think he's got top ten so high high. Jerry mc lawrence got the ability and you can look at ryan fitzpatrick and alex smith last year. They threw the ball almost identical two hundred sixty seven attempts in two hundred and fifty two attempts. But look how much better ryan fitzpatrick was almost thirty or more than thirty more first downs. A yards per attempt multiple yards higher than alex smith. This is big time for terry. I who knows like fingers crossed. Maybe we get a situation where we got. We got the brandon. Marshall eric decker situation jets where you have to really high level fantasy wide receivers. Yeah and the other..

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