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"curran frank kirby" Discussed on Chelsea Mike'd Up

"Lost season. He is he referred to himself announcement. Said how would you define yourself as a player and he said. I'm a box to box. Midfielder he has a bit of everything you know. He's not shy of throwing himself into a tackle. He defends spice. Hey can attack. He can school goes. He's very skillful have left on as well. he's going to complement. What we have in midfield very nice late in date really looking forward to seeing him. And i think already is going to be a big big fans fiber hair joseph. But something that i've been really really impressed with necas is just how badly he wants to be here to. Have you ever seen a player. Come to a new team and post as much about them on social media against high like it literally was like a post in our reused said that he hired his own media guy to come with him in spain document. That journey of him coming down to the training grounds in london. And i just think that's so cool to see a player who wants to be part of the study who wants to be part of this culture Embracing at foley. You get pliers. Someplace will move from clubs club semi regularly. Sending begets another for several. Been authentic His whole career in fifteen years so this is a big move. He's grown up at club inspired so this is an opportunity that he said he had to take into something. He's really excited about when kappa join the club. Three years ago as his as framed than captain was hades agreed with open arms Kevin post on this time round. Hey came to me. His friends saw was the familiar face to go him around. Show him the dressing room to to introduce him to offices. As reels the premier league is already underway and the women are already often running in the super league as well but ladies and gentlemen international break is now over and the business of the season is just about to start. Let's get to business because we got a lot more to discuss thoroughly about this team and this is the segment. I like to call l. l. london on london because we've heard was going down in london with the news but let's let's get even deeper with the hottest chelsea news first up topic one lukaku officially back. Is he the number nine. We've been waiting for the al's evesham scores damn goals and i just feel like him mason mounts in habits as this trio like just lukaku presence opens up so many opportunities for them. Let's them to get more space below more creative. So yes he's number nine we're working for and he's just gonna make everyone around him so much. Better andrei how can the women defend the title. Ooh now that's a good question. That's a hard question to because it is going to be difficult as lee mentioned. You'll manchester city gus. From new players are better than they were last season. We've talked him by two points in the league. Last season arsenal also got better. They had a down season last season for them. But they're gonna they got they kind of got some new players. They have a new coach We saw them play a little bit differently than we've seen them play already mentioned that they already have been playing competitive matches for a while. So it's going to be a little difficult to do it. But if we do it'll be our third wwl title in a row which is our rages and but you know what i mentioned other teams getting better. Chelsea got better to chelsea. is a lot of superstars already. Was we mentioned with sam. Curran frank kirby pernille harder is incredible. Milly bright magda ericsson is an incredible lauren. James right a new face. We haven't seen yet. I added now in the the the new Defender that they got central defender..

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