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"cubs indians" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"cubs indians" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Of ood running out of days this week by the way the baseball season's coming to an end we can reach out to them on our own. I bid told my baseball season's coming to an end. The audience loves kirch in an nfl. Starting my last interaction with tim. You probably want to wait a couple of weeks. Abc him and it's nfl week one anyway. So let's go with meena. you wanna go with meena. Yeah surprise exciting. I was gonna leave it to the audience. But i mean tibet. They gonna poll question timur meena. Do we want meaning like previewing games or reviewing games. I mean we just want me. No i wanna get excited for football and not baseball. Just reminded that it's actually still going on so you're more you're more decided for week one of the nfl than you are for the major league. Baseball postseason yeah. That's right. i mean. I'm a baseball fan and i'm works. I put that on the poll please. No don't i'm actually interesting. The results no this is not fair. Overwhelming really over eighty five percent over eighty five percents. I'm pretty. You can give me a world series game seven and i will watch bill steelers over. No wait. and where do we draw the light yankees dollarshaveclub in any football game any football game jacksonville. Cincinnati plays minnesota. Give me that game. The jags do play the texans this weekend. You would take that over game. Seven of the world series. I wanna see how that offense says with. Tyrod taylor and trevor warrants. That game i i mean a hard one thyroid. Daler get another chance. Tyrod taylor's the start. Wow yeah yesterday. I wanted to ask the question so shawn watson starting and the answer is no the texans have taken upon themselves before the league is acted before authorities have acted and tyrod taylor has just been named starter for week one. So that's must watch tv certainly much better than a game seven winner-take-all i would watch it over game seven cubs indians meli. Yeah we all everything. That's on the line for those who fan bases. They're using a roster spot on shawn watson though they are. He's on the roster. Yeah it's crazy ridiculous. You would take it really my. We're talking baseball postseason. We're talking football. I love football with the cubs in there. They won already. No i'm saying the cubs cubs.

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