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"cubie heqiu" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

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"cubie heqiu" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

"I remember from west bend, fus three going to say this again, get a lawyer, get a lawyer, no matter what it is that you've done Rondo lawyer, even if you're innocent, speak to know unless a lawyer is standing right next to you. Yeah, especially if you're innocent. I mean my again, get Ron Kuby Kuby on it getting that Cubie Heqiu. You know, why do we want to kill her loved one so much like why is that. Have to be like, why do I guess I do understand this sort of passion that come from knowing somebody for Milan time and and the things that I were cute than are now a knowing that eventually turned into a Black River of hatred down deep in your soul or sure I don't want to. I'm not going to bring those Abreau skew family into this, but I will say if you do want to play the long game, you just very buttery foods, very, very fatty foods. Not a lot of exercise be like, just sit, sit owed, you owe more cigarettes. Maybe you want some whiskey. Oh, we got some gingers random picked up a whole foods, you know, you can do it. That's just the long game of, you know. Even my mom openly talks about poisoning my father. Every time she can. She constantly brings us up how she can't wait for him to pass. And eventually she will go to France with somebody she'll meet at a quilt store like she has a lot of escape plans, right, lotta fun fences. Here's here's a hot take spoke to get a divorce, get a divorce. I know that it seems daunting to break up with somebody. I know it seems especially, and this is also like, I mean, we've all been trapped and even semi abusive like the idea of being in a semi abusive thing like you just get your shit. You do whatever you take, you wait for them and go to sleep. Eventually, they got to go to sleep. Sure. And you get your shit. You gotta go back ready to go at any time and you leave rise leave, and then you'll deal with the fucking shit afterwards hop on you kill them. Well, that's the, you know, pulling the band aid off. That's what you gotta do. But of course we are not here if you are in any kind of relationship like that. Of course, yes. Get help and get on out. Which of course, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not a therapist. I know for a fact that I, I have a go back, but it's for me and my family and it's for when the shit goes down. Yes, actually, I will take all of whatever cash I have and I will melt it down into a series of gold objects and that's where all of my money will be with the precious stones that I have. And then when I'm traveling amongst the Inca, some down in South America, I'll be able to trade for good, but you do understand that it's it's mostly paper money that we deal with in this country, and that just turns to ask you do know that. So we'll turn saying I wanna get a wanna have like, you're going to turn you into paddle. Are you gonna go and turn your cash to gold, or are you going to start going to take? That's exactly what a big gold pentagram that I hang on the wall that is technically all of my money with rubies in it..

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