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"crystal boda" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"Not a rookie by any means. You're not a rookie not to radio not to anything. Correct. But I just don't bring up Colin Kaepernick when we got a heart out. But here's the deal though. And as you said on Instagram earlier today, what this show is is to dudes chopping it up. Whether we're on radio or at my house or in your basement, we're just chopping it up. And you got caught up in the chop. I did I heard account though. To count. It didn't matter. What ignored and we're talking about cap. Soft out in a heart out. I do. That's a hard a hard out. You don't wanna be like, Greg, Cody. Lou. Got light. You and I do it every day. Coming later. We also want to talk about Antonio Brown. L dunkin. I did the Wilkin show on Thursday, which is Valentine's Day. We talked about things that we wanted to see break-up as opposed to get booed up. And one thing she says she wanted to see break-up was then Tonio, Brown and his social media accounts. And for good reason. We'll talk about that coming up a little bit later as well. Also more in the Colin Kaepernick situation. And also what it presents beyond just him. The NFL sports is another aspect or two that we really want to dig into. And I think for a lot of you out there, you can probably relate to this particular line of conversation. But are we going back to the all star game for a second? Because Also Saturday night was last night, by the way, scoring shout out to my alma mater, big night for Kentucky, not only do we take down in Tennessee. But one of our own how many wins the dunk contest impressively? I was I was listening. We our into this. I thought we were gonna be a minute. And before you shout it out the Wildcats. But our win last night. I was locked in that game. Because you don't spend a whole hour talking about Kentucky. And is the team that it was the polls to be number one, see and watch out and big blue nation. I thought that's what I wanna hear from. You know, all those things are true. My boys be up. Do. We're gonna talk about Kentucky. We ain't gonna lead the show about something. That was supposed to happen. We were supposed guys blues saying now, I'll say this. I'm a little different Kentucky fan in this regard. I wouldn't be shocked if when they play them two weeks down in Knoxville, they lose Tennessee is that good. We got our fans last night's in overrated show shut your mouth on that trash. Tennessee is good. And it's better for Kentucky for Tennessee number one. When they beat them if you want to get a number and see all that being said, so it was a big night for Kentucky. Did you see John Collins? No, I didn't until you showed it to be a few breaks ago. Look how long did it. Take him to set up it. It felt forever because forever because you literally better fly. If you go through all of that you better fly like nobody's from before. And then he wasn't cleared for takeoff. If you haven't seen it, please go to Google Instagram Twitter. Whatever. This thing called the internet this new invention prop plane video complain that you would put together as a kid, but also supposed to mimic the Wright brothers first airplane that took flight in North Carolina. Right. But then he also brought out some dues dressed like to ski airmen, which was cool black history month, shutout, blah, blah, blah, L, Dunkin's Granddad was a ski airman. But as you said, he wasn't quite cleared for takeoff because duty you almost took out the whole plate the whole. He he made the dunk. How long did it take in the setup? This update is because I did not watch it live. Forever. Again. It was probably real time. Probably three minutes probably felt like ten and then he takes out the. Do all the airman roller. Green destroy this plane on the way for a dunk contest. Listen that is a for creativity and an effort they put a lot of thought into that. That's that's like what you just sit around. Like, yo I got I got an idea about killing with this. The most right there. We were talking earlier about all star weekend in that, you know, when I was becoming an adult. It was like my favorite week. Whether I was just going to hang out because it moves all around the city is just a different vibe than let's say the Super Bowl the final four the black Super Bowl. It is the black Super Bowl, but it's different now and mostly because I'm older, let's be real we're wilder both lost for different reasons. Your old I got kids to also weakened now. And we go to a party where the club. Absolutely. We're the old club. Yup. Now depends on which part of you go. We're not creepy though. If we go to kitty Smith party, everybody everybody Will Smith can't dance anyways. Well, nobody asks you about that. Everyone knows that already. It's it's it's nice reminder. Okay. For the show. Michael Jordan had his party right now. Jordan is joined the best party now at all star weekend. It used to be the so way back. I'm not sure if you notice my attire on MJ's birthday, I'm I'm quite biased. Happy birthday. I am team Jordan. I am part of Jordan family. I was there in spirit this year. Yes. It is the best party. Okay. Something else happened all star weekend. I don't think a lot of people know about Seth curry is dating Doc Rivers daughter and has been for a while. I mean, there are a couple they've done it for a while Thursday. He proposed to her in front of the family. There are altogether because it was all star weekend. They did it at dinner. That's cool. My problem is it was on the Valentine's Day. And I think there are four days you should never propose to someone New Year's Eve Valentine's Day. Christmas her birthday because let's be real. I can attest to this half of all marriages end in divorce, I'm on marriage number two fifth, and I did some stupid on the first one I propose you better. Not mess up at crystal. I that's not gonna happen. Okay. Gumbo, man greens. That that's what you're worried about. You. So many other great qualities beautiful person as messed up at the top of my list now is because I'm then I'm going to be an awkward position having to choose her over you can I'm telling you right now, if the charges come down to you, a critical moment the Gumbo and the greens, though, rose before wives not when they make Gumbo like yours. What by MAC and cheese though, it ain't her Gumbo. From New Orleans. Oakland woman that's fair knocking to New Orleans. Boy, socks off with our Gumbo is fantastic. So going sorry. My Twitter page right now at Michalis at mica Smith. He made re tweet you don't you don't know about his Twitter right now. So you saying that that's a bad. They're a bad day. So what is it Valentine's Day New Year's Eve? Day, Christmas and her birthday because because if something goes wrong, those days will never be the same for you. Or her don't do number one. Doc processes appro- nuptial agreement. Okay. Okay. Well, fine. That's yeah. If something goes on serious against something. But that's not what you're supposed to go into a marriage thinking if something goes wrong, I'll tell you. Why get married you should never hijack her birthday. I tell you that. Right. That's okay. Don't do that. And oftentimes as made up anyway. So don't fall into that trap. No, New Jersey. It's about celebrating year of life and Christmas. And here's what I have a problem with our. We gotta go it's not a hard out. But we need to go because we got Jack McMullen coming up. We will try and get Jack as much time as possible. Because we we're going to get back to this later. I just I'm just gonna say there's one thing in order to go. I can't stand people who Monday morning quarterback proposals. Ooh. So that's really. I'm not I'm not here for your critique on another man's proposal. Oh, I critique all proposes including my first one woman, I asked my first wife to marry me at a damn football game on the Jumbotron, and it was videotaped. That's awesome. Mistake. That's And why. that's why I didn't. Is that why didn't work or maybe you just wear right back? Then both. Maybe you just getting ready for crystal Boda break. Do you listen to you're listening to on the Mike even Smith? He's Michael Smith Michalis you listen to the radio in the CNN app. I.

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