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Russian Tries to Hack Tesla

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07:20 min | 2 years ago

Russian Tries to Hack Tesla

"Almost A. state-sponsored spy story we have something that really happened. And I tease this by quoting our friend Marcus hutchins twitter reaction upon learning of it just to remind everyone marcus is the well known security researcher and reformed cybercrime hacker. You know he actually reformed in his teenage years, but the FBI didn't forgive him for that and of course, as we know his future became uncertain when the FBI grabbed him. In Las Vegas is Logan Airport as he was departing or a preparing to depart for from the US for his home in the UK, following the annual black hat and DEFCON conferences. Well last Thursday. Reacting on twitter to the news of this story which had just broken marcus quite correctly observed he tweeted quote one of the benefits of cybercrime. Is Criminals don't have to expose themselves to unnecessary risk by conducting business in person. Flying into the US Jewish diction to have mel wear manually installed on a company's network is absolutely insane. Unquote. Okay. So what was all that about? A TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD RUSSIAN NATIONAL By the name of or. Igla, rich. Crutch. Nikolov. Traveled to the US an attempted to subvert and bribe an employee working at Tesla corporations massive Nevada based gigafactory. Eager. Ultimately agreed to pay the employees one million dollars to plant malware inside Tesla's. Internal Network. The. Good news is the employees reported the offer. To his employer Tesla and then worked with the FBI to build an airtight case and to set up a sting which included having him covertly record face to face meetings. Discussing this, Russian the twenty-seven-year-old Russians proposal in their complaint which followed Egos, arrest and arraignment wit last Tuesday the prosecutors wrote. The purpose of the conspiracy was to recruit an employee of a company to Syrup Tissue, transmit malware provided by the CO conspirators into the company's computer system. EXFILTRATION data from the company's network and threatened to disclose the data online unless the company paid the CO conspirators ransom demand. The complaint said that the malware would be custom developed. Propagate through the company's network. For it to work the group said, it needed the employees to provide information about the employers, network authorizations and network procedures. Correct correct Yakubov said, the malware would be transmitted either by inserting a usb drive into a company computer or clicking on an email attachment containing malware. Ebor explained the infecting computer would have to run continuously for six to eight hours for the malware to move fully through the network. To distract network personnel, a first stage of the malware would perform a denial of service attack while a second stage performed the data exfiltration. When the complaint was initially unsealed last Tuesday the identities of all parties was still confidential being identified only as company A, and C H s one which is their abbreviation for confidential human source number one that is the employees. But last Thursday Elon Musk confirmed that yes. Indeed it was his company that was the target of this whole operation. The charging document with was filed in federal court in Nevada detailed and extensive end determined attempt to infect. Tesla's network the defendant again twenty-seven-year-old Eager E- Gore Vich. Crush Cov allegedly traveled from Russia to Nevada and then met with the unnamed employees on multiple occasions. When Eagles initial five hundred thousand dollar bid failed to clinch the deal. The defendant doubled the offer to one million dollars according to the complaint Crutch Kav wined and dined and boozed up the employees and when discussing especially sensitive details conducted conversations in cars. When FBI agents couldn't conduct physical surveillance in restaurants or bars, the employees recorded them. One meeting occurred on August seventh in a car crutch Cov had rented referring to the employees again as C. H. S. One, the prosecutors described that. Seventh meeting as follows they said during this meeting which the FBI had consensually recorded. Crutch Cov reiterated some of the details of the criminal activity previously proposed to. C.. H.. S. One. Credit Yakubov described the malware attack as he did before. Adding that the first part of the attack, a De dos would be successful for the group in quotes but the victim companies security officers would think the attack had failed. Crutch COBB A and here's some news again listed prior companies this group had targeted. Crutch. Cobb stated each of these targeted companies had a person working at those companies who installed malware on behalf of the group. To ease, C.. H. S ones concerns about getting caught. Crutch Cov claimed the oldest project the group had worked on took place three and a half years ago and the group's Co op de still worked for the company.

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