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"cruiser jackson" Discussed on The Hoop Collective

"But that's that's you. They've got and basically have their five guys and then campaign and a little bit of nets. Do they've got kenny. Jonsson cam johnson. Totally forgot about kinshasha. Right he's he's a percent there he's late and trust seven. That's that's what you do at this all right guys. Thanks for doing it Next time we talk. I'll be in. Japan are you. You're you're still going to give us the the time of day when you're in japan the time of day it's going to be the middle of the night. Oh wait wait we you. You're going to do it on our schedule. Yeah seems seems like to me. We just found out that we have to do a three day. Quarantine when we get there. Which wasn't a part of the original deal. And so i'm endanger of not being able to go to the france game. It's taking people eight hours to be processed when they land and this is just what the japanese are doing to try to keep the game safe and there were still people infected people getting in. So you don't want to know the circumstances the time it took me at our to get processed on that note listen collective Enjoy game six. And we'll zach lowe and i'll be on with special guest we've got a couple or is in the line we'll see. We ended up getting and thinking man in thank you. Cruiser jackson populated migos. Goodyear believes in the power of moving forward. No matter if it's on the track the court or the field movement makes us want to be more. It pushes us to go further to show the world what we can do movement as the unique ability to change our perspective to challenge us to work for a better tomorrow movement can even bring us together when we're still because if we're focused on the next move we don't have to worry about. What's behind us. Goodyear more driven..

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