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Episode 398, recorded 2020-04-21

Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

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Episode 398, recorded 2020-04-21

"Good morning everyone. I hope you are all looking at a bright shiny day. But that you're staying safely within the right social distance saying limitations on your closeness to other humans right now. It's very tempting just to be outside. This is wonderful to have these beautiful days. But it's also the time to remember to be patient and Make it safe for everyone including yourself and you know one of the Buddhist teachings was that first we need to take care of ourselves and know what that self care really means and we began to take care of other people by first taking care of ourselves. Then we understand what the needs of other people would be so then we take care of other people then we take care of ourselves and other people at the same time and then we continue to think about that has we are more and more connected with others so think about the people that you take care off and think about your own care and extend that out from your loved ones to everyone everyone in this world so it's a very beautiful time. Springtime people are really impatient from being at home from being away from work from being away from normal activities. But this is now the time to really practice care taking care of yourself taking care of others by not exposing yourself not allowing Sickness to come to you or others by unintentional gatherings or unintentionally thinking. It's safe so be patient. There's plenty to do even when we're sitting at home. We never need to be bored. We can be practicing. We can be calling people and checking on them. We can be cleaning. We can be reading. We can be enjoying ourselves enjoying the contact we can have with others either. The people were living with the people that we love. We can call and check on them so be patient. Be Patient now. This is a dangerous time because what we're hearing a lot is a real push to get everyone out and active and back to work and back to the stores shopping spending money and this is when we really need to be listening to the to that wisdom within us. This is when we really need our practice this when we really need to be calm and thoughtful and really look to the future we can we can. We can do this. We don't have to rush back before. Its time so practice with that one of those ten per factions which is patients forebearance. We can practice that not only with the situation of. How soon do we get back into her? Other normal but we can use it to think about how retreating and being and feeling about the people we live with. I feel like I'm really lucky because I am living on my own So it doesn't feel lonely but I feel like I'm not butting up against other personalities which is can always become stressful even with the people we love the most but many of you are living with others so this is a good way to practice. You've ever learned and everything you've ever discovered in your own meditation real. You're learning how to be patient with others how to live with them to care for them to be aware of their feelings to be sensitive to them. It's a wonderful opportunity for you. I'm sorry I can't have more of that but I'm happy for myself and apathy for you so happy with happy without so think about these things as you go about your day. Don't be in too big of a hurry. Be Patient be kind. Take care of yourself take care of others and together you can take care of each other. So let's practice okay so began by finding that posture. That feels comfortable and yet attentive and wake gently. Close Your eyes now focused on your breath just begin to feel yourself coming right into the present moment everything else go everything you need to worry about or think about later will still be there so it's safe now to let go of all of that could be in your body to another short body scan today start at the top of your head and just feel yourself scanning from side to side and front to back be aware of your skin and your hair and everything on your head but also be aware of what's going on in the muscles holding everything together what you're feeling inside what you want to feel. What would the ideal would be to feel very relaxed letting tension go so when you feel tightness if you notice tightness across your forehead see if you can imagine breathing into that spot and as you exhale relief for tension each breath. In then lecturer exhale be to release open and release attention. That you're feeling just do that for a couple of brass when you find those spots of tension and then continue moving down through your body. Several points on her face is often hold. Tension moved down to your jaw. And I think it's good to your neck. Beware of a neck your neck in the back where it touches your skull. This let your head feel perfectly balanced at the top of your neck. This is where you may feel that there are some ways you can readjust your posture to feel more aligned down into both shoulders both upper arms be aware of how your arms feel feel any tension. See if you can just let your shoulders drop a bit and let those arms. Just hang your elbows into your lower arms. Just be resting on your lap. Now move into your hands really stretch your fingers out and then loosen them. Let them still be open. Not clenching you may be aware of the parts of your body that tend to clench up when you're stressed store worried so it's good to practice practice on clinching practice recognizing tension because sometimes all we need to do is to relax at physical body bottle things up in your body. Feel all of your fingers. Let them stretch and wiggle her income back to your upper torso be aware of your chest and feeling your breath in your chest. Be Aware of your spine moved down your truck. Fronton back wear of that area just below your diaphragm or your stomach. Is Sp. Low now issue. Breezing put your hand on the part of your belly where you feel your breath. Just be aware of your belly. Rising on your inhale contracting exile. Be Aware if you feel tension feels tight if it's hard to feel your breath and your belly try to relax move down into your hips. Be Aware of how how it feels to be sitting. Or if you're on your back you're lying down. Be AWARE IS COMFORTABLE. Comfortable posture too. You may need to make some realignment shifts tightness legs relaxed to even while you're focused on your hips to lower legs. Relax be aware of how your body is supporting you move down through the hip area down into your upper legs tusk relaxing as you go keeping your awareness keeping your focus on your body. Move into your knees a vendor your lower legs. You may notice tightness in your lower legs for me. That's sign. I need to walk more today. Now move into your ankles and down into your feet I always recommend the to wiggle your feet and your toes especially kind of move your feet feel like you're stretching them out it's like you did your fingers exile really feel some energy flowing out through the tips of your toes just because it feels good to now come back to where you like to focus on your breath for today you might choose to focus. Stand feeling your breath in your belly so put your hand on your belly feel your belly rise on the inhale and contract on the exile and if you decide on the spot stay there for this practice and just change. If you're if you prefer to stay with the focus around your nostrils you you can do that as well either will work just fine but once you start for that particular session. Try to stay with it. Stay with your breath feeling your breath either spot. You're being aware of the rising and falling of the breath and that in itself is a wonderful teaching everything all conditional things arising staying for a bit and then falling. We can see this every time we focus on our breath it rise with the inhale but we can't keep it we can't keep that in hale no matter how good it feels to breathe in. We eventually have to exile let it go. We begin again. Notice the quality of your breath. You may notice how breath changes each time is never perfectly the same. One breath may be deep another shallow. Inhale may be shorter than your exile. Always changing keep you focus on an awareness of your breath not thinking of your breath not thinking about what you're doing just unawareness of doing it. We can really be aware of our body breathing. Don't feed her thoughts with your attention has not. They're feeding time. Focus keep your attention on new breath. Everything else go. Where's your mind pack? Like oh the stories. Let go of thoughts. Just come back to simply be with your breath now sin good thoughts good comforting thoughts to yourself. These are the blessings we send ourselves. May I be healthy? Well may I feel safe? May Be free from fear and worry anxiety may I be? Contempt may be filled with peace. We begin with ourselves because when we know what we want what we need makes it so much easier to them. Be Aware and see that other people need they same things and this is taking care of ourselves and learning how to take care of others so now we can think of the people closest to us once we recognize has for our good friends as our family members. We recognize them everybody else. We just haven't recognized yet may my loved ones. Be well and healthy. May They be free from fear and worry and anxiety may they be content and may they be filled with peace next in the south to a community that you belong to it may be a virtual community or it may be the temple or it may be your neighborhood or your church or an organization you attend meetings of and be involved with or not so this larger group? This larger community is full of all the different types of people. Some difficult people some strangers. Some people you're very close to an some who are just acquaintances but have community in mind and send out the same thoughts to everyone. Every being in the community everyone in my croup be well and healthy may be free from fear and worry and anxiety. They be content. May THEY BE AT PEACE. Now to send these same thoughts out to the entire world all beings whether human or not human beings are non human beings all the creatures that exist all beings being born beings dying may all beings be well free from suffering and its causes. Fear Free From Hunger and thirst in the extremes of the weather may all living beings be able to care for themselves or be well cared for. And May all living beings able to live in peace. Thank you very much everyone. It's such a joy to be with you and I will see you be with you on Thursday at ten o'clock in the morning and hopefully you can find me if a different time as better for you may you be. Well may be happy and may everything you do today. Be Done for the benefit of yourself and others every action every step every breath. Let that be your practice today.

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1142 Lessons from the largest DSO with Patrick Bauer, President & CEO of Heartland Dental : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1:31:18 hr | 2 years ago

1142 Lessons from the largest DSO with Patrick Bauer, President & CEO of Heartland Dental : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

"And it's just a huge honor. For me today to be podcasts interviewing the legend, Patrick Baur, president and CEO of Hartland dental that's has probably eight or nine hundred offices pad. Join Hartland dental in April nineteen Ninety-seven bringing over twenty three years of experience and dental and healthcare operations management to the company as presidency, yo he is responsible for the oversight and management of all operations day functions of the company a certified instructor for the advanced Chiba leadership program with Dr Gerald bell at the university of North Carolina. Pat is committed to building and promoting professional as well as personal growth for all heartland dental care, affiliated doctors and tea- members. He was the founding president of the American Academy of dental group administrators which is right here and my backyard there right up the street here in Phoenix. And and then he is a certified trainer for the vantage institute. He attended. Accordia college. And Pat, I just I love it. When you come on the show because here's a dentist living in one office, probably seventy five what would you say seventy percent Dennis or solo practitioners by themselves from his still seventy percent, seventy seventy five. Yeah. And they're they wear so many hats, and they're they're barely trying to do what they do in one office. And here they have the opportunity to listen to a guy like us, but dentistry is long as I have the same age were both born in sixty two. Even look even though I look like, I'm your older fat brother, actually, the same age must be your hair. And what I wanna do is get young show for two reasons number one would could you would have you learned Manjeet how many offices are you guys up to now nine fifteen nine fifteen. So that's about nine hundred and fourteen more offices than everybody listening on this show. And like say, you you've been in practice management and dentistry. You are founding meme. Member of the American Academy of dental croup administers, I wanted to get you on to what what have you learned running nine hundred and fifteen offices that my homeys could could take advantage of and and help with their one. It's a pretty good question. Because we talk about it quite a bit all we are a collection of offices. But each one is owned micro site that is just like any of the sole practitioners. So we're locally brandit. So all of our offices have a local brand name and act as their own small bell practice. So our biggest practices probably McKenna's dot com. If you've heard of them, but Marvin Berlin in McKinney, Texas, and they are four years. We have one in Virginia Maryland area accident has maybe four doctors. But the rest of them are one doctor practices. So they're just like any other solo practitioner out there. And while we do is support them. So that they can be successful in the communities. They serve it's not complicated. It gets more complicated when you have scale and large. But in the end, it's about how we service and help that doctor be as successful as he can be or she can be in the location. That they're in. So it's literally a solo practice. We have our whole team is there to help them. What do you wanna accomplish doctor? What do you wanna do what kind of dentistry? Do you wanna do? We force them to might what are their goals? And then we we really help them get it. So it's even though we're nine hundred ten offices we practice as if we're one practice nine hundred fifteen times that makes sense. And so all we're trying to bite. I mean, I wake up every day. And it's very simple all I have to figure out how support our doctors and their team members in communities they serve so they can deliver the highest quality dental care and experiences to the patients they say period, but it seems more complicated because we're big, and we're corporate gather I legal team, but I've got a legal team to help our doctors. I've got a a a marketing team to help our doctors they understand the patients of those doctors. So they can get the kind of patients they want to see in the communities they serve. So we're locally branded were in. My customer is a dentist. And so the dentist are dentist customers typically wanna be in a middle upper middle class suburb where they can practice on kind of patients. They wanna practice on. We see no HMO we see one less than one percent Medicaid. That's by choice for those doctors and see it. So we're pretty much lots of we lots of practices. Don't take any insurance. So it's it's whatever that doctor wants we can help them because all the backup stuff comes off their back. So they can concentrate on really taking care of the patients. They wanna see. So there's a long answer for short question. But that's all we do is not it's not as complicated. People think. So i'm. So you support them. And what what would you say HR legal marketing are should. I'm not all those things you're just what all those things. Legal marketing is an accounting accounting accounts, payable maintenance, if they need help all the things that distract them from taking care of their patients, we can take care of the backside. What we also have the luxury to be able to help them in their practice in consultation approach. So if you think about, you know, gold seen Garbrandt Slama are, you know, who John Cranham is who runs the Dawson academy. These are people that are are -ffiliated with us. So they have some of the best. Denis they can get the best buy sprung at the same time, plus our systems work, so our systems and how practice can be developed. So we hire last year we hire probably hundred seventy brand new grads. And so we're able to give them the kind of training not only clinical, but leadership and how a system works within a dental office that they can take care of the patients the best way again. So we're just have we have both best of both worlds. I can take. That the burden of the back office stuff, and I have enough experts that can help them within their practice that while they're running it. So I've got the best of both worlds help doctors domestic name. How many dental dental stinted you hire last year hundred seventy ish hundred and seventy ish is eating is this one hundred seventy issue is because one I'm was Irish sure whether it is. Well, you know, I don't have data. I could lie. I this is this and censor, and I I like to tell like this because I'm not on this show to make friends. I'm on this show to tell them, you know, they're their own father would tell them what they really thought. And only schmuck would tell them what they wanna hear. When I was graduated thirty one years ago. The only people that will hire associates was the army navy air force marines. And now, I really commend Hartland for hiring a hundred seventy graduates, they'll tell you the truth. I don't want them. I tried them over the years. You know, it takes an hour and a half to do an Emo OD felling, and then it falls out a year later, and I'll tell you what I have. I have dental associates are tough. The, you know, the millennials changed jobs lot. They have a lot of high turnover. But I'm convinced from my podcasts, and my data that you keep your dental students a longest mainly because they tell me that they have so much access to continue education. I mean, I've had so many Harlan on this show. We've done twelve hundred episodes, and they come on and say, oh, my God Hartland said vice of them five years. I'd get my FA GD, I could get my diplomat and international congress role policy, and they went there. Because of the mentorship. Opportunities available of something that scale of nine hundred offices that old former Joe Denison, Parsons, Kansas might not be a law firm. That's exactly right. I mean, I just got up Steve because he's got the same problem. He doesn't probably hire as many new graduates from Pacific dental services, but we're all trying to figure out. How can we help our doctors get the learning curve sooner rather than later? Why does it have to go slow like can't we help them be better dentist faster, give them access to the right education faster? So the become better to the communities they serve faster. And that's all we're trying to do. Rick. Rick longtime figured out what it doesn't have to be this heart. Why is it so hard for a solo practitioner shouldn't be this hard? And if we can set up the systems properly to train them the way, most dentists would wanna be trained give them the right clinical, not only clinical also leadership because you know, that's what makes a difference in practice. And do it bastard. That's all that's all we're trying to do it. So we they can get two hundred see even it's their first year mean up to that. And I also your founder Rick workman who was a persona. He was one of the first guys. I guess he's episode thirty seven on YouTube, which are you generals, YouTube dot com, Ford slash dental time magazine, hell, he had three thousand views and Steve Doerner. You're talking about with dental care how two thousand us and both of those guys have flown out here and see me before I I love those guys or some of the best guys in dentistry, and they really are teeth dorm. He did a dental missionary and his wife adopted two kids. I mean how. That I mean, not many take twice on a missionary trip and come back with two children. But it's but you guys are in the limelight. So if you climb the poll the highest everybody throws Aero's at you. And I I always see at the opposite. I mean, like when we started dental town online see well that was a mighty. I'm in Phoenix is watching university of Phoenix just exploding. And after about the tenth patient that came in working for university of Phoenix online in two thousand six I thought, oh, I guess I'll start that. And now we have four hundred glasses with a million views all ADA. So I always steal from the smartest people. And if you'd Rick workman onto smartest people Steve Thorne has got to be right behind you. Rick workman was we do the same thing ribka stolen things his whole life. So of I I mean, all you do is you keep going out there, and you try to figure out what's working what's not working whether it be. What are we learning from KTAR? What are we learning from all the people we have that can help our doctors be better. That's all we do. We're not again, it were not where we're smart people. Nothing. We're not smart, but we're not dumb enough to think that we create everything on our selves. We just keep on copying genius. If it worked in a win. Would we start using headsets after I believe you said you should use headset in your offices because only the best stores in America, use headsets? If you want to help your patients better you wear headsets, so all office wear headsets. Now, do I get doctors. Go on a lot of weird set. Well, if you don't want to be world class, and helping your patients that's up to you. But world class people communicate better. And that's why they wear headsets their ears not to irritate you or your ear, but to help patients and help you help your patients. And so that's why I can't say all of them wear, but we do that. Because we listen to smart people into that works. Why wouldn't we do it everywhere? And another thing I like about Harlan's every time I've gone to effingham, Illinois, man, you've kept the same people. For decades. Like, how long have you been? I've been there twenty one years. Yeah. Eight practices, and my Laurie's been there twenty you know, and that it shows you the young doctors think I'll tell you my duty dark secrets I mean, my dental offices thirty one years, but my fight he manage that people have been there twenty years. So for eleven years, I didn't relegate I didn't attract and retain who. I should've. I tried to do everything myself and took me eleven years of going down the highway at one hundred and fifty miles an hour driving off the road every six months and doing u-turns and flipping around. And before you get your head on straight. I want to ask you you mentioned Aspen dental. Why do you local brand and said of rolling out a national Brown like like Aspen dental or didn't Pacific dental? They brand all their stores Pacific dental, don't they kind kinda regional I think the regional brand think they have a regional brand it has something to do with modern dentistry or something regional Kroger. Kroger lots of people don't realize Kroger's one of the biggest grocery stores in the world. But in Kansas called Dylan's out here. They're called fries some called there's one actually called hinky dinky if you can believe that. But why did you choose local brand strategy and set of national brand strategy? Well, it starts with our customers. Our customers a dentist, and what we realized early on is the dentists that we trying to attract didn't wanna brand name across all of them. They wanted to be their own dentist in the communities that they serve so we call it kind of set early on that were collection of hometown offices where we did a lot of affiliation from ninety seven to early ninety eight we did almost all affiliations acquisitions and then ninety eight ninety nine we started doing more Denault or strat scratched our practices. And then we ended up doing a mix. And so when we do an affiliation they don't want to change their name to a brand they want they're still their local their local communicate community connection. And so the research we've done on all patients is they like patients choose their Dench. Kissed based upon community convenience and twenty five percent to thirty percent of the time the doctor referral, but otherwise they're looking for community and convenience. And so when you're have a community name. It's it's it's attached the community today, we believe patients chooser Dennis that way. And today, we believe dentists would rather have that. And how our support they can tell their mom and dad, look, this is my practice. I got Hartland help. But look it doesn't say Harlan anywhere. It's really my practice 'cause I run, and that's the value that we bring to doctors that that. We just don't think we need to will that change someday? Our idle probably on my lifetime. Probably not while I'm here. But maybe someday that you know, there was a there's a large group in in England for six hundred offices, and they just ended up going to a brand called my dentist, but they were locally branded. But they didn't have any brands that went bad. So we had some bad some brands that were kind of gave bad reputations. Not Aspen at all. I feel sorry for them because they got beat. Yup. I think they do a great job with they get beat up because they're one rand, but I have nine hundred web FaceTime Facebook pages. I have you know, nine hundred web pages that I have to manage. So that causes some what more trouble, but that's what my customer wants. So we're just really answering to what our customer wants, our our dentists customer wants that more. What year did Hartland dental start? That's Hartland nineteen Ninety-seven nineteen ninety seven. And when did you join them what year nineteen ninety we had eight practices when I started you you you started in ninety seven to. Yeah. The first year started. Yeah. So now Rick had worked in management group before that. And he sold Twenty-one offices approximately because they're a little bit. And then started over with eight. That's when I came in and said, he went it was called workman. Yeah. Ninety seven. Okay. So look, let's go back to denote VO or purchase. Would we would makes you start at de Novo from scratch versus aquit mergers and acquisitions and purchase of an existing. Because you can pull them in the location that you want to put them where today's consumer will recognize them. So we're typically a standalone dental office in a very nice retail area were hundreds and hundreds of cars thousands. Go buy them with big Sinek ten to twelve chairs to doctors that get up to two hundred new patients month right away. Okay. I thought he goes there quite and it's going to be good for twenty. It's going to be good for twenty to thirty years that that's for your emanate activity enac acquiring purchase. You want tennis too noble? That's denote. Oh, do know the double. No. That's where why do we why why do we build into noble where do we put them? We put them in a retail area where we know they're going to be good for twenty to thirty years. So if you look at most dental offices, they're hidden. So when we're doing affiliations, they're not necessarily in the best locations. They're usually hidden, but they already have a patient base. So. The differences between the two is one has cash flow. So that's the affiliation acquisition and the doctor. We want him to stay. We expect them to stay minimum of two hundred to two years. And then we have the noble that has no cash flow. It's it's less expensive to buy typically than buying it. But it's going to be good for twenty five to thirty years in that particular location. So there that's the trade off is that actual cash on cash return a little bit higher on on the nobles. But it's pretty close with that make sense. So when you do oh do demographics matter. Goal. Yeah. They absolutely matter. We don't put them where we don't think one. They needed Dennis in the area. We're not gonna put him in a highly competitive area. We're gonna put an Mary where we think they need Dennis in that area. We know the demographics. We know the exactly the households that we're going to. So we use proprietary tool that's used by a big big bigger companies that big box is us to say, here's our demographics of our patients were successful of heartlands affiliated offices where they're successful. And then what is the demographics? Does that particular? Marketplace match with the demographics. We're looking for. And then we find that that corner that matches those demographics, and that's what we put them. And we did forty six suite at forty seven last year forty two Novo's rand new. Yeah. So on your demographics. What's the doctor per population ratio? Has to be higher than seventeen hundred. But it's not just that we wanted to be above two thousand, but that's not always the case. But it's not just that ratio. It's also there's a competitive index. In other words, how far away are they from where we are. It's not just zip code it's worthy. People drive from how far will drive to us. We know. Our average pet patient drives eighteen nineteen minutes away. That's that's how what our patients Dr. So we're looking in that particular circle. What what is it? How many of those different would call them tier one to tier three patients where where will they come in holiday find us? And so we are able to to study now member our twenty fifteen twenty years ago, we said all there's a target there. How about we put it right by target? Now. We're more sophisticated that today but back in the day, and we'd be wrong. Every once in a while we'd be wrong because the demographics weren't right? There was too much competition. We didn't realize it goes we only use that one metric that's a pretty good metric, but there's other metrics it could be it could be how far that drive time. This is all a bunch of different. And then you have to still go with your gut. So then we evaluate everyone that they bring to us Ricky. You're on the committee. And we look at everyone decided that's really one we wanna take a chance on or not, and we'll do sixty this year, and you like them to be to dentist that for the will an MBA school. They called the Mack truck there. And they said, you know, when they were studying the sixty thousand personal Bank, you when people say the government is incompetent. I mean, free enterprise has sixty thousand bankruptcies a year. So people are people, and you can't say that all the people in government aren't good in business and all the people bizarre. But when they look at those six thousand business, I go fell a lot of them are great businesses. Just ran out of cash. It didn't cash flow. They were they were incurring costs day and not getting paid for ninety days and not enough cashing on another one is the big the Mack truck. There were one employee quit moved died, whatever and it causes them to fail does to Dennis. Is that more for in case in case? One Dennis gets ran over by Mack truck. You got another Dennis in there until you get. Someone in is more Mack truck theory, or is it more to cover more hours of the hundred sixty hours a week. It's to cover more hours and patient flow. So we typically it so many, you know, every doctor would love to have two hundred new patients the right away. And then you just basically there's falling all over you. It's really easy. Get some case acceptance, but what happens is that that went to you actually, treat them better their experiences better. And so we want that experience we typically start with three high jenness as well. We're going three hygienists to doctors three dental assistance three B as and we work fully in because. Dennis three, Artie, h what was the rest of forming three dental assistance tensely sometimes four and then three businesses receptionist. What whatever you wanna call him. We call businesses in an office manager, basically practice manager we called, and so we're we're thinking we're going to get loaded with new patients and that process because a new patient is so volatile man. You've got to be careful and you got to be on your game. So they gotta practice a systems practice their communication because these guys typically we typically put him more experienced doctor in with a young doctor. So we don't put two two young doctors in we have sometimes have no choice. But most of the times, we don't, and if I can get an experienced doctor in there when the young knocker goes a lot better because at treatment planning goes a lot better how they treat the patient goes a lot better. They know what they're doing. And so we have whole integration team to Novoye integration team that works with them for the first really ninety days before they move onto the next one. And so they're they're on site helping them with their SIS. Soms on how how do you process and take care of a patient the best week in that was the whole system member back so many romantic members for so my dad owned five on drive ins in which tall? And then he had one in on children's Texas Abilene, Kansas. Carney Nebraska in Louisville Kentucky. So my high school years that summer before the summer between all is school years. I was on that new startup team. So I. Summer and children. And my dad left me his Lincoln towncar in a hotel with everything painted the desk for the restaurant. So I was in children's. It was amazing. I was fourteen and he left me as Lincoln continental? And so I got to drive a Lincoln continental all summer and children's sexes without a driver's fourteen. Oh, yeah. Back then I mean that was a long time ago. You know, those small towns the farmer need to do to drive anyway, I really add so much fun. So I spent a summer in Abilene, Kansas Carney, Nebraska, children's taxes and Louisville Kentucky and Louisville. Doug is the only place I in my whole life. I ever shot at I was so I was so dumb. I saw this tobacco fill with his old shed. And I just thought it'd be neat to explore. I had no idea that you don't trust pass tobacco field and. Yeah. I didn't know that. And when I told her experience in those offices that made a difference. Didn't they started better? Because you were there worked -absolutely. We have to have a system that helps these Dennis because my my my nephew graduated from university Pacific with five hundred thousand dollars student debt, and when he came out he said, what should I do? Because first of all I talked him into being a dentist because it's great. It's great career. And and so he went to yoga and he gets out. He was worship like, oh, well, you should go to a doctor that can help you be successful on the with into wausau Wisconsin, Tim court where I think today it's like forty below literally. And Tim court is a great mentor. And so he got the best experience. He's he's just kicking ass and taking care of people and just loving being a dentist nine. He's been out two years, and he's just loving it. And and probably one of the best young doctors we have because he's just opened positive mental flexible. So it's a, but he couldn't do that on his own. He'd be he'd be suck in wind with five hundred thousand dollars with the debt trying to start a practice or being associate where you don't have patients coming at you. He's taking care of his own pay. Patience is massive patient base that he has that he can take care of an assist to win win for him and win win for us. So back the demographics. I'm are some states better than others is rural better than urban and the downside of going rural. As it might be. It's always harder to find a dentist to go work for you or to sell so talk about demographics rural versus urban are an any any states that you just acts out because they're too crowded and other states that you're. There are there are some states. They're anti-india sold that we step out. So what are the idea? So state new New Jersey doesn't really care for DSO's that much. So we don't we're not in New Jersey. There are some states that Hasler more Texas gave us hassle for a while. But you know, we we worked at through. We weren't in Washington until just the last year because they were going after Pacific and everybody else until the new laws passed which was just literally a year ago we stayed out because div was in a battle of his own. We supported him all the way. And and now they've changed the laws, and it's no problem at all. And so were there and now we've got all ready. I think ten offices in Washington somewhere in that range. And so it's there's some states. So there's from a marketing perspective, it's can we recruit, and what's the competition? So I can't go to rural where I can't recruit somebody, but I don't wanna be to urban where there's too much competition. So we we've got three two billions acquisitions in. Manhattan. I would start at a noble there that just wouldn't be something I would ever do because I don't know the first place about the marketplaces, very complex the competitions. There's so many Dennis there. And how do you differentiate yourself where if you're in a suburb area where you have I know the demographics. I know the competition I can put in there, and I can recruit there then I'm in. So it's it's really about one recruit ability. And then I mean, I have a lot of beautiful practices that come our way that our solar them. And I just looked good lock. You have a very nice one point three million dollar practice that nobody's going to buy less. Somebody wants to live here. And they buy it from you. And your price is going to go down because you have nobody to sell it to I would buy it. If you were forty five fifty miles further into a city closer to Sydney, but I can't to beautiful practice, but I can't get anybody to work there. So that's that's a real problem for a lotta solo practitioners that are urban her way out. Aereo so back to demographics for is the patient is there. A median household income that you like or years for us for us for us. We like to be between. Sixty to seventy thousand. Income wise. There are some people that will be lower than fifty. We just don't think that that works for our demographics for what are doctors wanna see. Sometimes we go higher than that. But we seldom go lower than that. So we're in a in a in a nice in a nice area for sixty seventy thousand that would be median household income. Household income median, okay. And I'm sure everybody listed us. Thank in. How the heck? You get two hundred new patients month what what's hot. And what's not in marketing? Is that is that let me back up before that? Do you own your own real estate liked to be in the real estate business or you preferred? We rent everything, you know, we have one we have one person who owns spot twenty five percent of our buildings nuts guy. You probably know dot workman. Also owns real estate company. So we have one he builds offices for us as well. So he's kind of my way to have a friendly landlord and place that I wanna build someplace, and he's so we work in partner well together, but I rent from him five percent of our not set. Yeah. So many five percent of our our renters are on nine hundred what would it be eight hundred other landlords? So I've got a lot of other landlords. But when I wanna build at certain area and develop an area, then I'll have him doing by doing affiliation. And and the doctor wants to sell his his property. I'll ask Rick to by. Now, he doesn't buy them. All so I have to sometimes have Dennis for landlord. But I don't like to have to says a landlord unless his doctorate workman because he's a friendly partner. You know? It's funny. The founder of pizza is Dan Carney and his. Wife was Beverly she passed away. But I was lucky in my high school he founded repeats hot. And he's you know, he's same our town. And he was so sweet whenever being Jim bell would get a crazy business idea when we were in fourteen we go to Pizza Hut headquarters, and he'd they'd let us end his office, and he talked forever. And when I got out I asked him if I should read the space or Bill my own building. And he tried so hard to tell me that you don't wanna own. You're not in the real estate business. You don't wanna get into that? It's too much dad. He goes, I got one hundred pizza locations that I can't even give away and just put all your money in the business. And I've seen so many dentists that they come ask. Oh, four hundred thousand student soon loans, and then they go buy an acre. And then they spend six months on construction and the land and buildings like another million. And they they haven't even got there also. But it's something territorial about a a human being that wants to own the whole ranch to land and put a fence around it. But it's really. It's a whole different business. Even we had on the show who's the the real estate guru ten plus who who's the big real estate Goor? I came here. But he he was saying that that that it's not even a profitable business until you own about sixteen units. And my God who is like he's the biggest. Yeah. And oh, my son. Greg shouldn't kill me for not favored favorite podcast. But anyway, so he he's always saying you're not in the real estate business get locations. So would so would you say your locations are pretty retail looking? I mean are the usually. Yeah. Yeah. Very retail looking. It's a down. Oh, yeah. He's been on this show. I've had him on the show twice. Because so many dentists are so into that question should they own or not? And he's saying, you know, like you have a managed him. If you own real estate, you're gonna have an office manager. And you have the maintenance guy, you're gonna have the guy then you need this nucleus of a couple two or three key people, and that's not gonna casualty of about sixteen property. So so owning your own dental office. I need. I need the cash flow to continue to expand and grow my footprint. So I don't need to own the real estate to expand my footprint in them, and the and the number of offices that I wanna that I wanna own or or or or manage so it's it's a whole process that do I wanna use my cash for that or or real estate and the return honesty, practices way higher right way. Hawk and that route estate Rick's Rick making a good living. Don't get me wrong. But it's not the return that we get on the on the on the business side. And that that end this risk. There's a lot of two twos. Yeah. On on. And there's a lot of doctors who do and then they got their real estate, and they think they own something which is great, but you can own stock in Hartland it'll be just as good. So and never let your money get too far from cash. Another thing started liquidating though, by a beach. You know, though, by some nice getaway cabin in the winter. And then when they decide they want to get their money out. They find out takes them three to four. Years to sell it for twenty five percent less than what they bought it for the tag. I just unloaded my home. I I was very lucky my home. It was it was for cell for three years. I mean bought that house had four boys of each had their own bedroom. And then the next thing, I know I'm living in there alone with four one ton air conditioners. So I put on the market, and I I it took three years and I finally had lower. What I- perched the four by a third, and and the and basically all agree the row stage and everybody agrees this will at least you got out of it. And I'm looking for a trailer to move to. And what is facing? But yeah, it's just weird. When you're not five thousand square foot home by yourself. It just it just seems like this is too much house. So so so two hundred new patients month, how the heck you get that. Wh what's the breakdown location direct mail? Social media drek mill still gets the most quantity. Okay. So we do a typically a seventy nine dollars. Let's get acquainted that, you know, come in. And try us that what is doing seventy nine dollar. Let's get acquainted. Yeah. Kind of what's that cover like an exam and x rays or exam X Ray? And and and exam X rate exam extra cleaning all three of them. And what we're trying to do is is you know, how the patients say have you ever been treated like this the practice? That's what that's what the goal is. And so they stayed needed dental hall or trying to help them buy. So that, but but the location brings in a lot we allot you can't say that there are walk ins because they get the ad. They see it the go to the grocery store. They go to the store they go somewhere retailing. There's dental office that just sent me that direct mail or I was looking my friend said go look these guys up. And so we do a lot of paper. Click stop lot of a lot of digital marketing today as well. We've probably spent half our money now used to be a lot less, but we're getting online appointment request. Now that three years ago, we never got any. So there's now ten percent of our patients come on online on the looking to make an appointment. They're they're actually requesting an appointment which is percent are requesting patient online at your website of all new patient of of our new patients and do they come. From drugged male. Or is that from a digital advertising? Face digital digital hunted. Digital base book. I'm not the marketing expert our Facebook. I mean, they do so many different things Instagram in doing. I mean, they're just doing, you know, just just Google ad words. I mean, we buy Google ad words. Just like everybody else. And we're looking for to be our SEO is really high when you look for one of our view looking for dental in one of our areas because of the way they're going about it we jumped the top. So there's a lot of things again what you know, you talked about internet brands or or web MD the whole thing is how do we have the right tool? So every dentist out. There says I can't beat heartland. I might as well, join them. And so if I can't be better at all those things and they can do that on their own. They won't wanna join me. But by can show him. I have better tools, and and you might as well just come with us because we can both win you have an exit strategy, and you can also practice the way you. Gonna practice with us. Why not because it's hard? I mean when when the state of when the federal government dropped the plan called on drawing a blank on a plan. But it's it's it's the plan for families of the military. They dropped to a Medicaid rate while all the Dennis started freaking out. We got more calls from Dr Susan. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am done with fighting these PPO's and this thing, and they just keep on lowering my fees in my costs go up, and I don't know how to compete and we can compete. So that's a big difference. So am, but when you're talking about, Medicaid, and PPO's and all that kind of stuff. I'm there's a lot of consultants at talk about they do PPO FINA Goshi Shen with the companies. I imagine if you got nine hundred plus offices. Don't you get to negotiate light like on that examining the Medicaid, the military or were you able to call them and get a better deal than an individual? Dropped out. We dropped out of that one. So you drop dropped out of that one dropped it. We said doctors what we did was just we'll give free dental care to the to the families of the military because it's just not worth it. Because what they'll do is. Once you start taking a lower fee, everybody. Everybody knows what you take. And so if you're willing to take a lo fi everyone knows what you're willing to take. And so we're just not willing to take that little vs for our doctors are doctors deserve a higher fee. And so we just won't take fees that are too low. And and when you have our size, you have you have more negotiating Kim, Billy when you do merger acquisitions and you acquire a practice. Do you usually go in and renegotiate their PPO fees? Yes, they usually get an uplift. So they're usually they usually get an uplift in fifteen twenty percent if not higher so there there will that that we're them. I mean, that means you. I mean, that's problem Arjun because when when there's talking about profit, they don't realize, you know, they'll say, okay. Eight says your overhead is sixty five percent. So then Dennis will say, oh, so then it's thirty five cent profit. And it's like, no because you worked all day. You have a job you have to pay yourself. What your replacement so I can Phoenix I pay my doctors twenty five percent of Justice production. So so when you can go in there, and and raise the PPO negotiation uplift twenty percent, if when you have the office overhead you'd get done paying the doctor. I mean, I mean that that's just all gravy. I mean almost makes it look like it's you have a failed prove business model if you can get the PPO's to go twenty percent higher. Unfortunately, the PPO's don't want to. So the solo practitioners are really tough time. Because their what's their leverage point? I'm gonna leave when I wanna do because it used to be what? Now, it's probably ninety percent PPO hardly any indemnity is left. It's all PPO. So people say why I don't wanna take insurance. Well, if you can do it great. I mean, I just feel it was something that doesn't take any insurance. That's fine. This there's no problem if you can do it not everybody can do it. And so you have to take PPO, and if your with delta, I mean there Delta's no longer easy on any dust. They know what they have they have to compete for employer. So why would they say I'm gonna give you a higher fee, if you're not willing to take my discount fee? So you have to take their discount. If you want the other one and Dennis Dillon do that. Then you're kicked out. And so like I can't compete with everybody else out there. If you're going to take a higher fee than I can I can compete with the PPO down the road. So would you so which all about employers? So you'd you'd say what percent dentist, would you? Say take PPO's in America, probably present just eighty percent. Maybe it's ninety. But I don't know what the next number. I'm guessing you consider delta PPO cracked. Yes. But it they might not that the probably would that now probably jumped up to ninety or thirty one years ago with Alta any person. I would go have lunch with the delta director ad Judd. And he was just a great guy. Whatever my fees were I would send it to them. They'd pay a hundred percent cleaning them nex raise eight sent fillings cows and half, crowns of whatever my fee was. And now, they don't care of my fears. They tell me what the fee is. And I'm doing crowns and molar Endo for less money thirty one years than I was thirty one years ago. So so it's it's a more market. But I've seen a tough I've seen people go without any insurance. But my God, it's always a super Dennis era. Was there always intense? They take five hundred dollars a year. They got all kinds of those muscles. I I wanna I wanna focus back to. Nine hundred and fifteen offices. This is such a mazing pool to learn from. Equipment. Do your dental offices do better if they have CAD Cam or CBC tea or lasers or any any do you see a return on investment at any of these high-tech investments? The only thing that I've seen a high return on his right now is a scanner so digital scanner. That's. I love it. I love it. Because because all these people spreading that you know, you gotta have CAD Cam. Usually they make a living off teaching CAD Cam or selling the the money's answer. What the questions incentivize behavior? I just don't see it. I mean, I take a seventeen impression with emperor gun son into my lab man for a hundred bucks. It makes a crown and you're telling me to buy one hundred and forty thousand dollar machine and then spent an hour milling it out myself. What would what do you think of the CAD Cam, do well dense fly hates it? When I said, I was actually talking at an investor conference, and I didn't realize they were in the room. But I said, you know, we have never purchased one zero back. Now, we own about one hundred. So we never bought one. But we own one hundred and guess what eighty percent our our Kodak's twenty percent get used. So you've got eighty on a hundred that never were used their dusty and the twenty two they fear it out. But they're not as productive as other Dennis. Now, how we have some one doctor who's streamline good at, but but very few can do. 'cause if you see one crown sometimes you have to now what you gonna sit there for that long to get that. Is there some marketplaces that you need to have it? Yes. And the other thing which not official if you came in and saw me, they tell you that you know, that you diagnosed scan it prep the tooth Mila. The whole thing's our you just don't see that in the real world. It's too on. And a lot of times, it's three hours. But if you Pat our in my chair and three hours later, I go to Samantha crown is not quite right ever have the guts to tell you a pack and you stay in the chair another hour. Mostly emotionally committed cementing something that you wouldn't see man if your lab, plus your lab man is made ten thousand crowns, and you went to dental school. You're not a laptop out. Yeah. And if you think done slice rowing gets mad at you. You should see my advertising team because I own a dental media company, and my staff loves to tell me, oh, we lost this advertiser off of dentistry uncensored issue. You know what I mean? And they say, well, you just quit slamming companies, and I say, no, it's dentistry and says, I'm telling my homeys the truth and a lot of times, I tell you the truth, and I lose serious six-figure advertisements in the magazine. And I don't care. I don't care what the truth. So what world scattered you like, we are are doctors pick. So everything that we make any decisions on is a dentist makes the decisions committee Dennis picked Terrel. So they they it was really between three shape and Terrel. But I tell really had with the largest invis- lime provider in the world. So. We want our doctors able to give that product their to their customers. That's what they want or really for function more than for more than looks. But it's about the tarot can also sell more invis- line. So you have the the what do you call it the simulator too? You can do a simulator in an eight month. Eight you do scan in an eight minutes, you have a simulation of what their teeth could look at. So you're having conversations about function. You're having conversations not not only just about invis- line for looks. You're talking about function and care in. So plus it works really well with crowns, everyone of their crowns, get sent to Costa Rica and a dentist is marking the margins. So they're they're checking the margins because what every dentist wants, and what I want is that crown to just fit beautiful right away for that. Doctor is the most expensive thing in the dentist office is the dentist time, not the lab be. So by force them to use a laugh. That they have to grind away at it. They'll quit every time. So we have what we call diamond trusted labs, probably eight of them because not one Dennis can our lab can handle all of our our volume, and they get really good pricing. How're they get the best pricing? Our doctors get share the profit. So they're looking for the best crown the best price. So my job is make sure they get that. Will they use the scanner they save another ten dollars? So you get your you're getting massive savings on all porcelain, crowns, that are going in boom art era. It went from by percent less than one percent. Our retirement five literally Welwyn five percent to one percent. When you started seeing from impression materials to oral scanning with your by the way, on I'll be your best friend for life. If you get the CEO, align technology on the show Joseph m HOGAN, how do I how do I get tell him? He's already been on Kramer. I always seem on Kramer. That's up bald crazy guy. Go to us. Shows a bulk reach out to them. I talk to Joe quite a bit. So I'll reach out to be Joe. And I met Joan I we're just reminiscing Joan I met three years ago February at the winter conference it'll be three years, and he gets he gets hobby works with Harland ice struggled working with the line for many years because they just weren't didn't understand that DSO's. They didn't understand what we were. But now he knows that we grow our invis- lined by twenty five percent a year. I mean, that means he's doing a lot more volume. That's where he get. He wants a partner that he can actually not only try things, but we're gonna get scale and help grows business. So we're very we're very close tell him. I'm as crazy as Kramer. And he's you know, I own dental town, but also an Ortho town, and they're dying every time I talk to north ause. I would say why don't you podcast just of 'em HOGAN, we'll talk about them for because now I'm in. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona. My dental offices in Phoenix and eve visiting has now opened their own store, and it was in the richest demographics. It was the Scottsdale fashioned center, which message between uppity rich Scottsdale paradise valley and visit us store. And now smiles direct club has opened up five locations and is about to do an EP. Oh, so what do you what do you think about you know, when you consider those what do you think of invisible designs business model of having their own stores? And what do you think about smiles drug club? What do you what do you think about those two companies in their business? So in invis- line, you know, is is much superior product. So the technology's it's four much more complicated cases, smiled wrecked. Clubs for the simple cases. It you know, they used to call it like do yourself is a dentist looks at it. That doesn't mean they're perfect by any stretch tonight nation, but there are a lot of people think about they did two hundred fifty thousand cases. And only twenty percent of the patients qualify on do. Matt howard. How many people were interested in smiled Reck club because only two hundred two hundred thousand two hundred thousand it's over a million people requested to have their teeth straightened through smile, wreck club. And they only did twenty percent of the cases. So those people have to go someplace, obviously, and they're typically in somebody's dental office today and nobody's talking to them about Ortho. So what they're trying to do is. They're just helping people who have simple cases. Now, some dentists would say they're doing cases on people that they shouldn't be doing. I I'm not a dentist. I can't judge that all Dennis judge, whether they should be doing the cases or not, but I can tell you this a dentist is doing the diagnosis and the dentist is deciding whether or not they get the case or not I I know that now invis- line is just a higher end much better product. I think it's it's taking over the whole or the world Joe believes probably ninety percent of all cases will be able to be done by. Invis- line. I'm at right now, I have in design on in it. But I have another fourteen weeks to go just because my teeth restraint. But my bite was off. And so I'm I need my bike to be right. And so for for Joe, it's it's really hot. Do. I get more general dentist to take care of patients who are requesting it now, they're getting a teen. They're doing they're trying to also probably compete with with drag smiled Reck club. But the stores really today are they're trying to get to the invis- lying experience to get people to be recognized. Hey, come by. We're gonna you're going to be still referred to a dentist. It's not. They're not doing the invis- light in the store. It's an experience that they're doing and they're going to send patients that that are really interested in it to Dennis. And so to me, it's a brilliant strategy one to compete with with a smile direct club. I think they're in some kind of lawsuit, but that's not for me to talk about. But. It's. Is there room for both? They probably would say, no. But I would say, yeah, there's probably room for both. Because it's about getting patients to know that there's there is help for their teeth and for their function. And that's that. I mean, that's in the about taking care of patients, isn't it? And so if they can take care of patients, I mean, people why would you pay lab be when you can just do it? I don't want brackets. I don't want brackets some people do, but I don't want brackets and some if they wanna make an still get him. It's not like it's again, they can't. But we think both of them are buying. I don't you know, we don't we don't we have a very good relationship with line. I can tell you that. That's that's our best relationship. And what's amazing is today? You know, the they say about five million Americans are wearing braces right now in eighty percent of them between the ages of six and eighteen and that's where Dennis that's where orthodox was when I was little kid little kid, you know, big families five six kids and the most crowded teeth got. Braces will now people get braces when they're a teenager. And then they come back when they're thirty the biggest cosmetic market every cosmetic. Guru. I've talked to for tummy tucks jobs face-lifts, it's always the the divorce remake market. You know, you're you're going back out on the market again. And so they're trying to straighten whiter brighter teeth. So I think the upside for do it yourself worth it awnings STI or in visiting stores or General Dennis doing invis- line. I just think it's amazing. But I'm gonna go back to that technology a lot of kids come out and they complain their four hundred thousand dollars in debt, then they buy one hundred fifty thousand dollars CAD Cam one hundred thousand dollar CBC t one hundred thousand dollar will Napalese or or one hundred twenty five thousand with training and they make three decisions, and they doubled down there debt, and you are the master. I mean, you're the operations, and you're I mean Rick workman. It was his idea his vision all that. But you're you're the Braves by the. Operations and logistics. And you're basically saying that the only high price thing that you see return on vestment is an IT oral scanner. And it security makes them five percent to one percent and invis- line is not covered by Delta's PPO schedule. When I let you around the world. I mean, I go to countries where the the government reimbursement like in Malaysia Cambodia, Indonesia, the government reimbursable Medicated solo. But these doctors will run a big Medicaid clinic in Cambodia losing money on everything because added that base they are able to upsell one person a week to invis- line and one person a week to an implant, which leads me to my nights question is. What are what are the attributes of your super Dennis? Are they more likely to place implants or doing visit line or molar Endo or what? Because the question I'm going at is. She just walked out of school. And she saying, Pat, Hello. I gotta go. I didn't do what invis- line case, I didn't place. One implant. I did fifteen fellings to root canals. And she sees police classes, take what is the Richon vestment. What would you recommend her in order to learn more Endo's and invis- line is a place then plans sleep apnea? I mean, there's so much. What would you it's bread and butter for? So so basically, you have to be able to get a patient on a pain. We've done a study Howard. You're gonna you're gonna like this. If a brand new practice doesn't do seven root canals in their first month that practice will not make it very long. Wow. Think about that. So it didn't have. How's the first month? If it's an early warning system for us. If you're not doing real canals. We've got a massive problem. Because what then what happens is they go tell everybody their friends. They don't take care of. You you stay in pain, you're done. And so we have to make sure they know how to do roof house. So when they first are when that class of one seventy starts in July. We have been effingham for a week proximate less than week, and they're getting Endo training from the likes of Dr Bruder out of New York's Stony Brook people like that. That are giving them hands on experience. We just had a whole class. I think there was probably thirty people at the Cavo or no dense flies new system in Charlotte where they do hands on Endo and we use their whole their whole training center dental. It's getting the Indo hands on Indo place in Charlotte. Yes. Yes. That is cable thick I. Think cables out of LA Orange County. Yeah. These these guys are these guys charge. They have it up. They have new place in Charlotte. I think it's sense. Charles. And so and so so here's the deal. You know, think about where Rick started Rick started and effingham Illinois where was the closest roof. Nell ended honest for him Saint Saint Louis so he had to figure it out. So our whole basis, you know, some people start with HMO we started with we have to create super GP's. They've got to be able to do everything they can possibly do. So the patient is taken care of. I don't expect to do complex surgery complex and oh, reduce I don't expect them to do that. But if they aren't willing to say, no, I'll take care of a patient. They're probably not a match for us at some point. They're going to go on. I don't wanna do Endo. Well, then let's bring in Donaldson. Okay. Happy to do that as long as we don't. We're taking care of people. That's what in the end. That's what the community wants. And if you don't do that you're going to suffer in your own practice. Now when you hit older like we affiliate with a lot of doctors who don't do end up, then they get here and go why don't I do Endo? Why would I? Why would I stop doing too because nobody was there to support you? Well, we work with dense fly, Tulsa and all their wraps know exactly go into Harlan office because it's going to help you. So we have a whole system to say, okay? This doctor needs help with with Endo. We get the rep. And our our clinical person working with that doctor to help them take care of patients. Not to be raid, though, not you sock. It's well if you're struggling let's help you not. So it's different than dental school is not I don't know your experience with Rick talks about his experience wasn't that pleasant for him. So for for us, though, it's about being helping them take care of their patients. And does it work one hundred percents? I'm no, but it's is gonna work most of the time. So, you know, toll for dental was started by Ben Johnson and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Did you ever meet him never been? He is snow damn co. He started Tulsa, dental parks until Khokhlov. Anyway, he bought the film of the old of the first root canal. Filmed, and it was on by Dr m L Ryan m DDS in New York City in nineteen seventeen. And I post that on dental town as over thirty three hundred and what's amazing is nothing changed. I mean, nineteen seventeen it's now twenty nineteen and it was find all the canals. Get him all cleaned out. And then trade it and how do they fail? You. Don't find all the canals. You don't clean it out. And when millennials told me that they don't like molar Indo. We knew what I had four boys and sixty months and one of them got up every night for thirty minutes. Now, I didn't like that. But you suck up buttercup. I mean think about how I mean, homo sapiens, is a two million year old species where they think one hundred and seven Billingham have lived and their seven billion. I'm alive today. How many of those hundred seven billion humans? They came and gone had to do things. They didn't like for. Us to get like spending the family of sixteen. I can assure you I did a lot of. Wanna do or sixteen kids family on the fourteenth of sixteen? You have to be Catholic or Mormon Catholic Catholic sorry Irish to no, no, German, German German. Yeah, that's interesting. I just read a demographic thing America's basically four tribes. It's German Irish African American and Latino those four tribes. In fact, you know, your German, did you know that when the United States did their constitution imperial math beat out a metric by the Germans only by one vote, and that was two votes, but the language English only beat out the votes by German by one vote. So we were one vote away from speaking German and two votes away for being on metric, so three votes. Just three more. I know Germans doing metric, and and it was the year two thousand I was an NBA school day shoe, and that that Mars mission crash-landed ASU. I was so embarrassed because the ASU development team did it in imperial, math miles and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in metric like intelligent people. And then when it started to enter it froze because it couldn't crunch, you know, miles and claw meters and crash a two hundred million dollar mistake and the country still at that time that day they have switched a metric. And here it is twenty nineteen and we're still teaching kids. I'm so Josh this is so amazing. I've another historical question that I think you may have perspective on in one thousand nine hundred there were no specialties and doctor did everything from amputate your laid to deliver your baby. And now the year twenty nineteen the MD's have fifty especially the dentist have nine. And you see somebody young kids think they wanna be super does do molar Endo place implants and do pediatric. They just wanna do everything like a super Denison. And do you really think it's good? Advice to be a super Denison do everything. Or again. Let's go back of that list. You said Indo get them out of pain. What what else was distractions? So so basic oral surgery, I'm not saying, they should be super, you know. You know, oral surgeon type certain, but if you know of anybody that's ever been on a mission trip, they come back, and then I don't know how to take teeth, and they're not afraid. So I think every it should go on a mission trip take out teeth because you become unafraid take out somebody's tooth and that adds a real service for patients they are looking for somebody to help them get them out of pain. And so that's just one aspect that doesn't mean they have to be takeout thirds. They don't have to do complicated surgery. But they have to be able to take care of people that are in pain 'cause debt what we do know. Howard. You know, this patients don't wanna fly go all over for their care. They want you to take care of them to the ability that you can clearly and so we're not we don't when we say super GP. I don't want him to be a super everything. But the okay Howard hundred seventy brand new doctors in effingham, Illinois, this July. What percent will say I want to do implants when you think all? Hundred hundred percent how many have ever done an extraction or an Endo. None very few. So you can't this is surgery. You wanna put something in somebody's bone? But you won't do an extraction or you won't window. You've got to get used to it. So we've started a whole continuum the starts with surgery that starts with you being able to, you know, help get some bone in there, and and do some real surgery with with mentors. That are looking over your shoulder before you're just doing implants. And I will put us E BT skips scan in any office and less. They're doing fifty. If you're doing bitty implants, then okay? I'll put a CBC. But otherwise on the hopes I remember talking to a very large implant company, and they said we'd love to work with Hartland. Let's start talking about what we would do got first thing we do is put a CBC tease can in every office. I said well you to non starter we might as well just be done with the meaning you want me to spend that much money on the hopes. They do implants. That's that that the return is just not. Even clear now if you can help them do implants, what's the easiest time Pacelle somebody on an implant when they just are losing a tooth. So what if you're already missing tooth that's harder sell? And so the guy who does the most implants for us about four five hundred a year. I think four fifty doesn't have CBT CT skin because he does almost all of them or immediate placement implants. And so he knows where everything is he he can figure it out. And that's not the stay out of the standard is. And you have to have these on my show any books have him come on my has he been on my shot? Oh, probably not. He's pretty quiet guy. Mill him and CC me Howard dental dot com because I got to remind people like the greatest implant legends warlike Carl mesh had placed twenty five thousand implants before they even invented a CBC tea. And and so, you know, when you say you have to their ways what I've been told. So let's go back to that. So you're when I asked you about equipment, you said, I tear oral scanner. So you're you don't routinely CBC dis in offices old on only. They're already doing implants or proven that. They've done implants, if it's a doctor who says, no, I have already this. I have the data. So I know who's doing it. And yeah, then they're going to do more and more complex cases. Absolutely. But if you even talked to them, I don't use it as much as I probably should because I've done them now and what I'm doing. But if it's gonna complex case. Yes. But these guys they have to get good at surgery first before we do. This Pat making this decision, these are doctors. So I'm looking at doctors and saying tell me what works tell them. This is not Pat Bauer Hartland making these decisions doctors that are making these decisions that are deciding whether or not they needed and I'm just saying, okay. You proven to me that you don't need it in less you need unless you're gonna do that manning young. So they're young out there when you're hearing a lecture speaker saying the CBC a standard of care, do you raise your hand and say do you make money from the CBC thing company? When you read an article in a magazine says you've gotta have a CBC standard of care. You ask them. Did you give this magazine money to advertise promotional material? I mean, come on. I mean, you know, Warren Buffett said at the best he he taught and my freshman business class. I went to Creighton university in one thousand nine hundred and the the the chairman of the deal new Warren Buffett. He was the the oracle of on. He came by and us against lecture. And I'll never forget he said two things. I just not now Joe said if you can explain. Me your business on a on a five by seven index car with the number two pencils? You don't know what you're doing? And I'm not invest in you. And then the second thing he said that now shares ninety five percent of the most elite CEO's the CEO's of the S and P five hundred ninety five percent go to work every day. Trying their hardest to take profit earned and destroy it in reinvestment, and all these crazy schemes he goes only five percent. I'm take their money off the table and say, this is our province, and Dennis are just always, you know, they haven't been off your student loans paid off their house. They haven't paid off their car. They haven't they're in debt, and they're and they're getting five year leases on CAD Cam and CVC teas and lasers. It just like they got a DDS agree must stand for just wants to spend money and get in more death. Maybe it's debt-service doctor of debt service. That's what a DDS. Is a I'm gonna write that down for our affiliate with a lot of doctors. So we see a lot of profit loss. I can assure you and. And and then. Yeah. And then another thing they talk about their four hundred thousand student loans will a kid is two hundred thousand. So you you're sixteen kids in your family just have fourteen instead of sixteen and you say got your four hundred thousand back. What what do you think average doctor pays on a divorce? I'm not a lot of. Got it's over seven fifty to a million. Yeah. Seven fifty million. So I mean, you know, every time I listen to someone talk about financial planning. They talk about everything, but financial and they're talking about e Avs, and this and commission free, bro. And it's like that has nothing to financial. And you know, if you don't get married, you'll never get divorced. If you don't have the kid, if you don't get married, and you're gonna the kid all you gotta do is is working the ihop, and you're going to be a millionaire someday, you know, that financial planning is don't get married or if you are don't get divorced and a quarter of the baby boomers had no children. And they say a third of the millennials are going to have no children and my gosh. So anyway, so back to your super Dennis attributes you're saying, you know, Bren butter success offices are getting out of pain new practice. Most you seven or gals its first month fail extractions oral surgery anything else, come to your mind root, canal surgery, basic crown and bridge, also. Being able to do just even you know. How do you take care of a kid? How do you what do you do when you having a lot of people don't want kids, but you're going to especially if you're in a brand new office? And so how do you deal with them? So we talk about that, you know, just basic composites. How do you do it with? You know, we do a smile design. So we call a they have everybody has the opportunity to do it. So we do a lecturer in his spy, Maya sake, Maya Sokha, mice. I think it's Dr Masaki I think he does it, and he he basically teaches them and we do live hands on. So last year. I think we did I want to say a hundred eighty live cases where we had mentors labs there. But it's not just about doing a smile design. It's called our set of continual. It's about how to do it with the right composite material. It's really gives them the the ability to understand what they're doing with the with the patient from a whole mouth perspective because they come out of school thinking, okay, I've got a ammo. BBL here. What am I gonna do? Ideally, only doing surpluses. And so we've got to teach them not think about services think about the patient think about what you're really doing. How you doing it? And that's a transition from what they were where they came from. So their whole system is try to set up how to do that. So they have that continuum that they can do in its regional. So they can do it in their own region. Not traveler far to do that. Rick side. So one of the greatest has ever did it was with Rick workman. It was say it was right? When I started doing podcasts. He was the first guy called new so busy took took a month for an income on. I think it was up so thirty seven, but he was saying back then that another secret sauce. You guys have is a coal center that there's one hundred sixty hours a week and most Dennis only answer their phone thirty two hours a week. Do you think your call center is part of your secret sauce? It is now what we realized how it is. We were not answering thirty nine percent of our phone calls. So we did a study, and we released it to five thousand phone calls using whisper technology, which is just basically you can track the the call and what who the demographics of the patient are ball. I found out from all the experts who all that's all they do. That's the average in America. So we were five percents ring. Our phone thirty nine thirty nine percent of the time. We were not answered. And so what we are decentralized company. So I don't centralize billing. I don't I don't centralize anything that to get in between the doctor and the patient. So I don't want to ever get in between that relationship that relationship is with the patient is with Dr not Harlan. So we don't see patients Dr does. And so, but my customers doctor, and they're not answering the phone they're wasting marketing dollars. And so what we do is. We have a rollover call center. They don't answer. It. We answer. It nothing him. We now have one hundred eighty five people on AM who when the phone rings. It comes up in front of them where I have their den tricks in their office and their demographics. And I answered it like I'm sitting at their front test. And so they don't know that I didn't that didn't get the office. Not the asked in my update as we tell the truth, but they don't even need to know. And so we can schedule. I just heard today month the date. We've scheduled sixteen thousand new patients on that call center. From phones not being answered. Now, we answered on Sunday a sixteen thousand a month or period less than a month because it's only January twenty nine. So that was three yesterday. So we still have two more days. We think we'll get up to Bobby seventeen thousand yet. We honestly we had a lot of phone calls. We answer on average eleven to fourteen calls per office per day say that again eleven calls per office per day are answered there. And so. Brings how many rings rings three rings eleven calls per dentists per day or per office crops, some that I get some I get forty so many to. So it depends on the size of the office. But you know, and then we chart we charge that office a per call and a monthly fee. So they have to what each jargon cheaper. That'd be what would a dollar forty three a call? You only forty-three to answer a phone call. I'm not trying to make money. I'm just trying. I'm not trying to make money on my over my cell phone to you. I wonder over my cell phone, you I'm the dumbest Dennis I've given my business card to every at every lecture. So every has my cell phone, number and my Email. Yeah. When I talked to him. But anyway, so you charge him a dollar forty three. If after three rings a rolls over your coal center and got one hundred eighty five people at scheduling seventeen thousand appointment today. So a month so seventeen new patients now, that's also we also scheduling re re care we're answering billing questions, we're taking we're taking credit cards. I mean, we're we're basically taking the burden off the business assistance who are dealing with patients who are coming out. And so the whole process that the the really smart offices, go Kate. I either hire another one, but that's expensive. This is cheaper. If you guys helped me not think about that. You're in your morning huddle. The phone's ringing you don't have rebounded. Because somebody's gonna answer. It. You know what what's their number one number? Most amount calls time end day of week that we can't even answer come close to answering phone calls. What time and day of the week? Do you think it is that we can't even come close to answering phone calls? We can't even staff it properly. Monday morning. Eight o'clock Friday at three pm Monday at eight is second Friday three because everybody's closing. Everybody's closed. I nobody mean people don't want to be open. And so we answer that there were open on world in the evening on Friday. We're opening every even during the week. And then we're open on Saturday and Sunday. The we own. The call center. So so what are you? What are your hours are your call center then Monday to Monday through Monday. I think it goes six or seven I think might open at six to like eight o'clock at night central and then because we have some west coast offices, and then Friday, I think they're only open 'til six or seven, but they're started six and then Saturday there eight to like four Sunday too. And Sunday to that. So, you know, one of the things I was talking about these people that are scared opened up their own office. You know, what they're really frayed of is just commitment and hustling, I mean, I graduated dental school married. My high school sweetheart dropped four boys in sixty months had stood dad wouldn't give me a dime. Because he said if he gave me a dime idea loser. And basically, basically what I will seven two seven Monday through Saturday for a decade and debt free and rich and these guys they come out of school for our student loans. They went oh money through Thursday, eight to five not do molar Indo. I don't like blood. I just wanna do bleaching bonding veneers and visualizing it's like, okay. Well, go call Walt Disney and tell them to star in a movie because here's the deal. This is the beauty mar system. So our system allows doctors to have that lex ability without the risk so far. Doctors they can work thirty six to thirty forty hours a week, and I have to worry about things because some doctors don't wanna be you. They don't wanna work seven seven and millennials wanna lifestyle. And so were purp- what when all these people are hating DSO's is like seriously, we're just an answer. I don't hate solo practitioners. I love them. It's just it's another way for doctors to be able to practice. They way they want to practice that. There's nothing wrong with that. They don't wanna work seven seven Monday through Friday that just don't want to and they shouldn't have to. They don't want to not if they do. God bless him. Also port him doctor says pan, I just always wanted to open my practice will unless get a split get. Let's get you ready because you better be ready when you're gonna start your own practice. Let's help you. 'cause you're always gonna be alumni Hartland. You'll always be online. So let's make it work. Let's make it. So that the smooth transitions or we don't get her. You don't get hurt and you can open your practice, the slow as you're not gonna take our patients, which is they won't. So and so are you still running on denture? Still on. Enterprise detrick. We have we use what we call the x one which collects all the day every night from the offices, but they're on their own standalone Detrick system out there. We have tools that we can interact with them change vs them. So we can because you're an effing hammer eagle softest. How how did the mother ship of of a one and eagle soft and the same damn town. Not how did that happen? We were very we were very good friends with Scott campus. And I remember when Scott Craig now is brother now works for us. He's our CIO and love Patterson. But Scott when he when he when we were looking for what was it? Cavs Scott, Cavs. He started be a S K A B B E S. He started eagles often sold it to Patterson. He actually ran Patterson dental for by two or three years in Minnesota. But Scott, basically came to us and said look is we're not ready for a group practice. Mrs back in two thousand I wanna say probably on two thousand when we switched it entrance. And he said, you know, I'd rather be your friends that you be up because I don't think we can handle your business. And so that was it was just a very honest discussion. And Scott, what may we we Scott it ended up on our board provide years? So we have a great relationship with Scott hired his brother Craig who who worked in started eagles off with him. And so it it's just that was wine, and even now now, we're working working rarely very close because KKR owns internet brands and internet. Brands owned all of those other smaller practices, smaller things. Now own part of Henry shine in one which is tricks. So we're lucky enough to have a relationship with internet brands, which is. Now owns and resign lawn with the Amazon, so it's a it's a great relationship. Well, you just walked into that that uh subject. I'm let's continue their because I am I was blown away. We'll take A are. I mean, that's one of the biggest. Investment houses in the world. What would you call them private equity or providence? And my gosh. I mean, let me I mean these guys bought web MD for two point eight billion. They've bought you guys about demand for office site, sesame communications, heartland, dental dental plans e ho forms, health boards dot com fit day vein directory. What are they what is there? What what are they doing and how many parties have so originally one of your greatest investments was a teachers fund in in Canada? And then they sold they didn't sell all your stock. But they sold a big chunk of it to K K R from the from the on -tario teachers pension plan. So what's going on there? Why white is white cake AR buying web him D And Hartland and all these dental companies? Well, I think they're looking for good investments. If you think about what the future is. So so for us as an example, but they looked at us in two thousand twelve when one on teachers pension plan invested in us. And they didn't get the chance to invest. So they watched us for five years, and we met we've known them now when we were friends with them. And so when teachers was trying to decide okay, what do we do? We said, well, at least let's KKR take a look as well because we know them they've been around they understand our business, and they absolutely that we really want to invest in the business and cake yard or Tonto or teachers kept a sixteen percent interest in the company. And so what KKR's doing is? They're saying look, we know good operators when we see them. I hate to say it that way. But Rick and been around a long time, our business model has not changed. They saw what we said we'd do in two thousand twelve and where we are. And is actually the end of two thousand twelve beginning two thousand thirteen in where we were in two thousand eighteen and so we closed on April. But they basically said you guys did what you said you were going to do and you returns on what you do and your doctor satisfaction and your patient satisfaction. And everything that you believe in and do you've actually done and so we want a safe in. But in. Vestment that we think can grow. Because if you think about it. We're one percent of the market more the biggest in the whole Marin that so much and so there's so much. There's so much. There's so much of a need for groups like ours to do a well, there's people that don't do it. Well, I'm sure but to do it well and this market if you know, they body CA they look at things that they think that can grow. And and they're not looking to flip us by years. They want us for a little bit longer a longer than that. They're typicals hold again. I can't speak for Qiqihar them. Sure that information out there. But I've been told they their typical seven years, and so they're they wanna keep raid ten years, plus because it's a very safe growth model that they don't have to worry about us designing the next iphone to compete with all these different people were in a in a very nice market that do the right thing, we believe for Dennis and can continue to grow. So they're looking at de. Till I think they're looking at dental what a great opportunity what a great. Harlan. You said you said the fifty ish fifty fifty fifty three percents that Fifty-three. Yep. Someone that range, and so so our own Zao Hartland and Henry shine one what which owns so many things. What would your thoughts on Henry shine one? Why think they're trying to figure out how to help dentists? Get patients is what I would think you think about how do you interact with in this digital world with then tricks with demand force with the web site deal with the dental plans dot com with how do you interact with patients these days. And so what they're what I think. Again, I I don't know the well enough to know because you should ask them. But it seems to me that they're trying to help doctors who used entrance have a way to contact them in internet interact with patients so that they can get more patients. I mean, if you think about that what internet brand started in was in auto. And they basically were able to be referral of generators for four different car dealers. And so that's that's their start. That's where they started. And if you think about web MD how many hits a month, you think they get. I mean, they get millions in. So how many are dental questions all ought up those? And so those patients need to go someplace, and they had the demographic information, you think about what they know about you Howard, whenever you get on a website. They know who exactly who you are how much money you spend what you spend it on what you look for. And so they they know you like a n me like a book. And so they're gonna send you information that you think would you be interested in? So so it's it's a it's the whole thing is a Facebook phenomenal. I'm I am the least technical person I know how to use my computers in his if they own over fifty percent heartland is technically Hartland part of internet brands. No, no, we're I would call us. Companies. We're not I mean, we have a good relationship because the same owner owns it. But the way they're set up. It's a separate ownership. There's no ownership in between. But as we are sister companies those internet brands Ona's would be a cousin of Henry shine. Yeah. Interbred brands now bought thirty percent of Henry shine Detrick. So they own thirty percent of of I think that was public information. So then then tricks. Combined with internet brands to make Henry shine one which I think a Hennard internet brands is a minority owner so Detrick still Henry shine Silva main owner, so so internet brands what percent of own Trix. This is a guess only thirty percent. I know it's minority will forty eight point seven percent of all six are made up. So we'll just go go with thirty or you friends on stage a lot do you meet Robert Briscoe the CEO of internet brands? Soups. On the show and television. Do you think he'd do it? I don't know. I can ask him. Honestly, honestly, brilliant is the only word I he's a genius. He's a genius. But I always tell these Dennis. I mean, don't be don't think in fear in scarcity. I mean when when my dad would open up a sonic. I remember he would be so scared because then next thing, you know, McDonald's would open up across the street. And then he learned over the years that the more restaurants on the corner the busier here we got because instead of being out in the middle of nowhere. Now that intersection was an end destination where families were just going to go to first street main, and they might swing through three different. But anyway, so don't the scarcity, and what you should be thinking of is when McDonald's across the street, and you see that forty percent of their sixty percent of their sales are to the drive through and you own a hamburger joint across the street and drive through you learn from the best don't be afraid of by the way, did I retain my Rick workman. Mcdonald's story. I know it because. It was it was after that was so cool. He knew I grew up in my dad he wanted me to go in with him. And I just home I said that I wanna make hamburgers, and I go to work. My dad loved my life. But I go to work with my next door. Neighbor. Kenny Anderson who still a dentist after fifty one years, and he was taking rays through teeth and doing root canals. I wrote my dental school in in the in the sixth grade, tell him I wanna go to school. And and he and so then he thought maybe it was a dad thing. So he took over to Dan Carney, Dan, Carney's. Like, oh, yeah. Let's get you in a pizza, and he even got me even back, then it was hard to get McDonald's franchise. And he he met me with the McDonald's people, and and I could've got into that. But I just wanna be Dennis. And but anyway, when I was in visiting Rick nothing, am you were there. And my gosh, I was telling me about you and Cordia Harrington. Rick working, and I was telling them how Corey is now the bundle lady makes all the buns for all McDonald's in the world. Oh, my that. Now, she is now the willingly. Single. She is not. Oh my God. I Finally, I finally was gonna marry Bunn woman. And then, but it was so cool because she was just love passion. But you can tell their passion. I told him. I said man, it's been so long. So I worked at McDonald's. I'd love to go back there and see their new technology and she's like come on down. We went down there. It was like midnight back there. I told her I always wanted to cook my own big Macs. Cook my own Big Mac. She was so damn cool. But her passion is contagious. Just just you just gotta go for Oso. So you got any more time or are you out of time in which they actually have a call at three o'clock, which I have one minute. So one minute one minute. What is a million different stories on overhead? What do you like to see on overhead, and please don't mix the cost of the dentist with the providence employed from having capital invested in office. What would you? Our whole compensation model set up that the average practice America's about sixty four percent overhead not not counting the doctor. And so excuse me. Yes, not gonna doctor. So we expect that that practice should if you have a better than sixty four percent overhead then you should be you should make more than average for doctor because you're giving me average overhead. So that we think that the hygiene should be at it should be eight six and six. So that's twenty percent of cop labor, not counting taxes. What do you mean? Eight eight eight eight percent of the revenue. Eight percent of the Reverend hygiene six dental assistant six businesses system. So that's twenty. Okay. Those people don't want you healthy practice, so height. So total overhead sixty four percent hygiene. Eight percent assistant six percent six six percent businesses. Six percent ending underneath that is is less than twenty percent of staff salaries that is what we would call thrive. Then you're. Lab right now, our lab peas and supplies or under nine percent lab. I've supplies. Not be under nine five for labs and four for supplies. The average plaque this practice. We look at for for supplies about seven and a half percent. And we bring that down to four maybe lower for less than four of. And then on lab, we typically see eight ten and that goes down to about five. Okay. So hygiene, eight percent assistant six percent business. Adnan six percent total staff salaries should be what twenty percent or lower twenty percent, Lauren. How do you get the word thrive out of that? Well, thrive is just we that's when you're a thriving practice. HR? Lab supplies for percent. What about dentists pay dentis pay is? Well, we pay him twenty five percent of their personal collections in so plus fifty percent of the profits above sixteen percent of the revenue. So I can go slower there but twenty five of net income over sixteen percent. Yep. So we keep sixteen percent. The PC does. And the doctor gets twenty five percent of what they do in that particular practice, and then the PC splits the profit with that doctor fifty fifty after the after the sixteen percent. Wow. And so. Dr makes about thirty two percent of what they do. But what their personal net production is. But they can make up to forty plus percent of their profitable practice. So. But but it depends on what you're delivering. So we really look at it as Howard. It's the same win a solo practitioners paid you get paid for your dentist. The you get paid to be the owner. So in the same way, we get paid to be a dentist, and you get to be paid to be the leader of the practice owner. So if you think like an order, you'll make more money. So it's the same concept as a Denison a solo practitioner because a lot of people say all these DSO's, they give people incentives, and it's just a bunch of crap. That's how every solo practitioner in the world has paid. But they think that they're paid differently. No, you're paid as the dentist, and you're paid is the owner which one are you going to get and we do basically the same way. It's the same model team. What you just mentioned earlier final question. What should we name this Phad cast of the I mean, I I could say Patrick Baur presidency of heartland dental, which has nineteen hundred fifty dollars. But what I wanna do is get it to where they can learn from someone like, yeah. I mean, you you run more Dunlop's than anyone in the world. So I'd say lessons. Lessons lessons room DSO about that. How about lessons from the largest DSO with tantric Bauer. Yeah. Okay. Well, hey, seriously serves the it was just a huge honor that you would take your time to talk to my me, and my homeys and my gosh, if you can get Robert bursts, go and Joe HOGAN, that'd be amazing because I'm on a I just want to get the biggest stars and dentistry down into their YouTube and their their phone. So they can just make better decisions if they make they can make better faster easier. Higher quality lower costs Assyrians they're going to live happy ever after. Absolutely. They will. And I think the most respect for you think you so much coming on the show our.

Dennis Rick workman Phoenix president and CEO Hartland Kansas Joe Denison Hartland Dennis three PPO American Academy of dental Harlan Texas partner Novo Denis croup America
Seven Witnesses: Thomas

Agape Baptist Church | Scottsboro, Alabama

39:33 min | 1 year ago

Seven Witnesses: Thomas

"No doubt you saw the video this week that probably most pastors are talking about this morning and just using his illustration and I think it's a it's a very apt illustration for us today and you may have heard the story maybe some of you haven't had who had committed a a crime in that sense was she was sentenced to jail and we celebrate yes ospel to unbelieving world became a reality this week and the justice was served and that somebody who name and it has been it was tried to be cast as a narrative describing some of the he will forgive you and I don't think anyone can the fact that justice can be found there even though we may not understand all the dynamics situation but we celebrate also the fact that forgiveness open the the horrible racial injustice that takes place in our society and yet what we saw this week was an incredible testimony of something else what was her apartment in Dallas and she saw an African American man in there and she thought she was being robbed and so being a police officer Eh again I'm speaking for myself not even bad for my family but I love you just like anyone else as a person I'd always anything bad on you and I'm not GonNa say I hope you rod and died says like my brother did but I what seems and just having finished her shift she shot him and killed him and Amber Geiger was her name both John was his chromosomes I forgive you and I know if you go to God and ask him thing that overrode that narrative and showed something that absolutely perplexed so many in the world and if you didn't get a chance to see it maybe you were away from social media this week the news or whatever it's a good opportunity for us to hear from our our brother Brandt John who has both John's younger brother they were doing witness or victim and said your job the next month is to is to meditate on John Three sixteen and you need to recognize the love in order to redemption and you pray for brand and and the judge is well I don't know if you also saw the judge who is also the beauty of the story now and other narrative can be cast except for the fact that forgiveness brought when Sean and so of course they're getting all all kinds of attacks because of that but but think about this think about African American female she came down from her bench after the proceedings were over she went to our chamber got her Personal Bible and took it to Amber Geiger and handed it to her excitements and this is what he said to Amber Geiger in that courtroom as she sat there and listen if you truly are sorry I know because adaption that Jesus was lifted high in a way that shows that something that is absolutely foreign to this world something world will call impossible that it became a reality because somebody who is walking in the spirit even though he probably had I I personally want the best for you because I know exactly what both would want to do how can how can how can we as as a people celebrate the fact that now the impossible has become possible because I'm probably didn't think about what he was going to say before he got up there but the spirit through Brandt John Exalted the savior you a time when he would leave and as he left he would send his Holy Spirit to reside in His believers and and in the world ah Jesus as they saturated the hearts and minds of God's people in the spirit of lead them and lead them to bear of innocence so that he could bring conviction of sin and righteousness and judgment and so that he could lead believers into the truth as as the words and the best would be give your life to Christ girls anything else route in the name of Jesus and so as John Testimony progress what we've seen is we've seen between checker sixteen us has has risen from the dead how can we celebrate that well the way that we celebrate that is living in the light of that resurrection and that's what we're GonNa talk about today because what we're what we want to see is that if alive king come from death meaning that if if Jesus can aside I will never believe eight days later his disciples were inside again and Thomas was with them although the doors locked Jesus came and stood among them and said from the dead then what on Earth is impossible for God there's nothing there's nothing that's impossible for God last week we saw Jesus referring to the situation he finds himself in and so let's talk about this this doubter known as Thomas with you when he had said this he showed them his hands and his side the disciples were glad when they saw the horde Jesus said last week in Chapter Twenty what we've we haven't read is how Jesus was crucified how he was Berry and now in my ward and my God Jesus said to him have you believe because you've seen me lesser those who have not seen in yet had believed this morning we want to focus on John's encounter with Thomas who because of this encounter has been labeled doubting Thomas for years and years I don't know if this is possible but kept can I please forgiven them if you would hold the forgiveness from any withheld now Thomas One of the twelve called the twin was not with them when Jesus came so the other disciples told them we in peace be with you as the father has sent me even so I'm sending you and when he had said this he breathed on them instead of them receive the Holy Spirit if you forgive the sins of any chapter eleven and this will cover this passage at a letter point in the future but John Chapter Eleven is where Jesus who is away and years however is we typically discussed Thomas we frame the situation in such a way that we've made people think that doubting is not allowed and Christie Tom Thomas Except in the gospel of John Which shows us that John Mentions the fact that John mentioned him more than anyone else shows that eleven and let's read John Chapter Eleven and let's let's try to glean some information about Thomas other than just what's in John Chapter Twenty John Sandy and in doing so we've we've harmed the nature of faith itself and so this warning what I want to talk about is about. Thomas is a critical part of John's narrative John is trying to do something in mentioning Thomas Throughout these passages I'll let's read turn back over to John Chapter a couple of pages to the right John Chapter Fourteen John Chapter Fourteen after John Chapter Eleven he knows Jesus going on it says on aiming that day the first day of the week the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews Jesus came and stood among them and said to them peace illegal John Chapter Fourteen is begins this long message to Jesus Jesus disciples it was given an upper room in the in the part of the story where he's been he's been raised from the debt so let's look at John Chapter Twenty and we're going to look at the beginning of nineteen through twenty look at him and the rest of what God has to say about him aside from him being a disciple of Jesus Christ we don't have information from I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me and we'll talk about more when we get to those im sayings the dead was a testimony the Pharisees could not overcome so they hatch their plots to arrest Jesus and we talked about John Chapter Sixteen there again and look down in Verse Sixteen let us inform your view of Thomas so Thomas the news that Lazarus has died and he wants to go back to be with Lazarus and look at look at John Chapter Eleven seven seen the board but he said to them unless I see the hands see his hand in his hands the mark of the nails in place my finger into the market of the nails I will place my hand called the twin said to his disciples let us also go that we may doesn't sound like much of a doubter in that passage says it in fact characterize Thomas is spirit in that were in that first what word would you use what was that bold and you know the way to wear ongoing Thomas said to him Lord we do not know where you're going how can we know the way and then come those famous words from Jesus tradition holds that Thomas followed the Silk Road after Jesus's Resurrection and he took the Gospel of Jesus Christ all the way to India in fact abandons Jesus just like the rest and so we know after the encounter we're gonNA study today Thomas continued to boldly follow the Lord and a big church on a hill called the Church of Saint Thomas and it's the tradition hold that an Indian chief when Thomas had taken the Gospel truth I am the life so Thomas once again sounding bold and John Chapter Eleven now John Chapter Fourteen says still want all you but you say we know the way I want to know the way so that I can follow you and we know that once Jesus is arrested that back to Judea is more than likely going to claim the Pharisees and we know that it did according to John's narrative it the fact that that Lazarus was raised I but then they also spelled them out and they so you have Jesus saying Eggo I me I am the way I am the -rageous yeah absolutely those words came to mind bold courageous right okay so that's that's one other passage that mentions Thomas it's also let's go to to India an Indian chief heard him for climbing this Gospel Message and declared that he would be spared and this church is built on the place where he was supposedly martyred and if it were not so what I've told you that I go to prepare a place for you and if I owned prepare place for you I will come again and we'll take you myself that where I am you may be also is be with you and then he said Thomas put your finger here and see my hands and put out your hand and places on my side do you not disbelieve but believe Thomas answered on Chapter Twenty John Chapter Twenty and we'll begin to study this passage of a little bit more in depth you say Jesus Increase Thomas Seeing Jesus crucified and then buried had a deep impact on Thomas turn back to Indiana were there in one thousand nine hundred nine we got to see his bones and these are this is the place where his bones are we don't really John Chapter Fourteen will start versus one it says let not your heart be troubled Jesus says believe in God believe also in me in my father's house are many rooms Jesus appeared and it says in verse twenty that that they were glad when they saw the war and then when Thomas returns windows seven sayings but but you can't see it in the English text but anytime in Greek that they want to emphasize words they repeat them giving their life to crafts would be the best thing that both would want you to go again I love you at his martyrdom and there are still many Christians in India Today followed Christ because of Thomas's witness I think it's fair to say experience and now hey I've missed it I want to see it and unless I see it and put my hands into his side and then the nail prints I'm never going to believe were there they gathered together but Thomas because of the toll that the crucifixion had taken on him probably was not there and one sense he's not really doubting the resurrection of Christ which is the way this passage is often as much as he's doubting his brother's testimony that they've seen Jesus physically unburied when he rose on that Sunday the disciples were gathered together everyone except for Thomas I twenty four says Thomas One of the twelve called the twin was not with them when eh the encounter that we're reading about in John Chapter Twenty is all due to the fact that the crucifixion of Christ took a toll on doubting Thomas where he says unless see in his hands the mark of the nails and place my finger nails and place my hand into his side I will never believe me testimonies about Messiah raised to life they they'd hurt they knew Isaiah fifty three by heart they recognize that the Messiah was going to suffer and these things were starting through positive why you shouldn't Miss Church right because because you're gonNA miss a blessing in this particular in this particular instance all of the ten disciple we don't need to castigate Thomas as unspiritual because we probably would respond to the exact same way now before we dig into that account or more the same Thomas who asked if he put his hands and the piercing of Jesus the pier side Jesus was himself pierced by spears I am the law he says I am in front of each one of those and so he's emphasizing Thomas Thomas says how do we know the way Jesus I in the way I am the this came I'm not I'm not I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this because you're here but I had so many commentators I read throughout the week it said this is this that we frame doubt in such a way that it actually takes away the in Jesus's response let's talk a little bit about this issue of doubt if we're going to call Thomas doubt a doubting Thomas in and of itself it's not wrong you need to hear me today doubt not sin now when we treat doubt a sin we created click for the disciples but still there's this period of hopelessness before they actually seen him and so Thomas had essentially felt like he had missed out on the out or any assurance that is not assailed by some anxiety what he's saying is you and I are limited human beings we can't know everything draw their own conclusions and so you yourself because you can't know everything it takes faith to believe what you believe then we need to understand doubts itself because I really do think that in my experience has been especially when it comes with our kids if that's where his lungs are but that's the tomb of Thomas there in India so if you're if you're actually flying into tonight India and you look over there's verse twenty five we have seen the Lord and so basically Thomas makes the statement that has him forever viable is does after avenues he said that the disciples go to GD again and the disciples said to him. Rabbi the Jews were just now seeking to stone you there's Bob commentator John Calvin he says this he says Shirley while we teach that faith ought to be certain and assured we cannot imagine any certainty that is not tinged if you want to be an atheist it takes faith to believe what you want to believe and so we talk about doubt we need to recognize that doubt is a core part of what is in Dur made him probably think about resurrection was impossible but at the same time these men knew the Old Testament they knew they knew the about the young female police officer who just so happened to be white who walked into what she picture of faith what do you mean by that well let's let's dig into that a little bit now is a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction raised from the dead and that he appeared to them we've already seen as a follower of Christ before the Croup before the crucifixion and after this encounter what he had seen Jesus Virgins said I think when a man says I never doubt it's quite time for us to doubt him he said it's time for us to begin to say offhore Soul Brad you're not on the road at all if you were you would see so many

John Calvin Thomas Croup Dur officer Shirley eight days
As Branson, Bezos Prepare to Lift Off, What's Next for Space Tourism?

WSJ Tech News Briefing

11:41 min | 2 weeks ago

As Branson, Bezos Prepare to Lift Off, What's Next for Space Tourism?

"Tech news briefing is supported by expensive by more than ten million people around the globe. Use expensive is pre accounting platform to reimburse expenses manage business credit cards generate invoices pay bills and planned trips from one easy to use app. Download the app or sign up at expensive by dot com slash. Wsj today this. Is your tech news briefing for friday july nine. I'm zoe thomas for the wall street journal reaching for the stars this weekend. British billionaire richard branson hopes to head first base in a flight with his company virgin galactic hill experience weightlessness for a few minutes before heading back down to earth just over a week later amazon founder. Jeff bezos plans to board a spacecraft of his own for a short trip with his company blue origin. Both men in their companies are looking to cement themselves as leaders in the space tourism industry. So what are their trip. Seen for this burgeoning sector. And when will the rest of us get a chance to go to space reporter mike. Berg who covers the business of space for the wall street journal joins us to discuss. That's after these headlines more moves in the streaming wars streaming services are adding to their lineup in the face of growing competition. Netflix signed an exclusive multi. Year deal with shonda rhimes the producer behind smash hit bridgeton rhymes and her production company. Sean to land are expanding. Their relationship with netflix beyond television into films gaming merchandise virtual reality and live events also adding to its streaming lineup amazon. The company signed a deal with universal pictures to show the studios movies on its prime and imdb tv services. New universal releases will run on the company's sister streaming service peacock for four months before streaming on prime global. Automaking giants to lantis is going big on electric vehicles. It plans to spend more than thirty five billion dollars expanding. Its ev lineup. In the coming years the company formed earlier this year through a merger of fiat chrysler and francis. Psa croup plans to release electrified options under all fourteen of its brands including jeep. Ram and peugeot. It also plans to set up five battery plants in europe and north america and grocery delivery startup. insta- cart is under new leadership. It's named facebook. Veteran fiji cmo as its new chief executive. Cmo's spent the last decade leading facebook's mobile and products teams. Her appointment comes as instagram. It looks to expand its business and go public following a banner year of growth during the pandemic insta- carts currency eeo and co founder of a meta will become executive chairman. Starting next month all right coming up space tourism is about to tech news. Briefing is supported by expensive. Buy expensive by keeps money moving more than ten million people around the globe us expenses pre accounting platform to reimburse expenses manage business credit cards generate invoices pay bills and plan trips from one easy to use app. Whether you're working for yourself managing a team or closing the books for your clients expensive. I makes it easy so you have more time to focus on what really matters. Download the app or sign up at expensive fi dot com slash. Wsj today aikoff. What will it mean. for humanities. Cosmic dreams will discuss after the break this sunday. Assuming no weather or technical issues. Richard branson will join the first spaceflight with a full crew for his company virgin galactic. He announced the plan flight in a video released at the start of the month. I've always been a dream. My mom taught me to never give up and to reach for the stalls. This july a dream will become a reality but branson is not. The only billionaire headed into space. This month just nine days later amazon founder. Jeff bezos is set to join the first crude mission for new shepherd the reusable rocket built by his company blue origin in announcing his trip. Bezos also released a video explaining what the flight would mean to him. I want to go on this flight because it's the thing i've wanted to do all my life. It's an adventure. It's a big deal for me. So aside from leading to billionaires without their dreams the launch of these flights and the developments made by the two companies behind them could have real implications for the future of space travel and space tourism. Joining us to discuss. This is our reporter. Mike edinburgh who covers the business of space. So mike we've got two spaceflights coming up from two different companies with two different approaches to getting their virgin galactic. Space flight is scheduled for sunday. So let's start with them. How does their spacecraft work so virgin galactic gets to space. In a sense it's a two-part method. That company has a custom-built high fine airplane that they attach their spacecraft to the plane. Flies up to about forty five thousand feed at which point the craft releases and kind of rockets into space virgin glaxy said during their last plate they reached about a little bit more than fifty five miles above earth and then after spending a little time a few minutes at that altitude the craft kinda comes back down to earth sort of similar to how a badminton shuttlecock kind of feathers. When it's losing dude. And then eventually the craft sort of glides in for a landing all right but blue origin took a different approach. What are they doing right. Blue origin has a rocket for the launch. They have scheduled on july twentieth. And the vessel rockets into space and eventually a capsule which is where the passengers will sit detaches from the rocket and sort of gets above what is called the karman line which is one sort of definition of space. Blue origins rocket is reusable. So it travels back to the company's space facility in west texas of course it's meant to land there and the capsule comes down underneath a parachute you know if everything goes according to plan. Richard branson goes into space nine days before. jeff bezos. Is there some sort of rivalry here and does it help or hurt the industry. Yeah i mean you know blue origin. And jeff bezos announced. I that mr bezzaz would be joining others going up on july twentieth and after that after some regulatory sign off you know virgin. Galactic came out and said well. Richard branson is going to be joining a flight on july eleventh now. I actually asked the company about this last week. And they said look. You know we're doing it because we're technically ready and it's the right time. Is there a rivalry there. I would imagine. Many people would sort of see that rivalry. I think the companies also or at least some analysts who follow the companies sort of see efforts by both of them as kind of creating sort of building interest in the industry. One other difference about these flights is who's on them. Virgin galactic is taking its founder. Richard branson and other mission specialists but blue origin is taking passengers. Including jeff bezos his brother mark and unnamed auction winner and two year old would be astronaut. Wally funk who actually trained in the nineteen sixties to go to space but never got the chance. And i just wanna play a clip of mr bezos talking to miss funk about the trip gravity for four minutes you come back down. We lead gently on the desert surface. We opened the hatch. And you step outside. What's the first thing you say. i say honey. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. But beyond wally funk. What's the significance of blue origin. Having passengers on board. I mean the biggest one is that this is their first human fight. Blue origin doesn't have a pilot on their rocket. that's actually something else. That's important node. Another difference between the two companies is that with virgin galactic. There's a pilot taking the plane up and there's a pilot controlling the craft that eventually goes into space whereas blue origin doesn't have pilots sort of on board so this this is their first human fight essentially and that's definitely a big deal not just because of the passengers are. Do we know anything about the pricing for these flights. I can imagine they'd be a little cost prohibitive. If you're not a billionaire. Virgin galactic has not said what they're going to price tickets at you know when they start selling them again you know. The company has collected deposits for future flights from folks Worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each so. It's definitely not a cheap flight. And what about blue origin. What do we know about their ticket. Costs blue origin. As far as i know has not disclosed what those costs could be alright. So pricing is kind of unknown. What does that mean for when we can expect space tourism to become something a little more attainable for the rest of us. Yeah it's a good question you know part of what's happening with these two flights. This month is these high-profile billionaire entrepreneurs are putting themselves behind behind their products. You know they're going to experience. What the companies that they you know founded have been working on for for many years and i think a lot of people observing the industry or sort of see these flights as a bit of an inflection point that would shift the whole space tourism industry which is not really quite an industry. It's sort of a speculative idea that one day you could have people paying money to go to space the way they might pay to go on a cruise ship or something like that but these fights are seen as kind of like a moment where that shift toward more consumer orientation is starting to occur. The thing is though it may be years before. They're sort of mass access to these kinds of trips so if i can be super cheesy. It's kind of one small step for an industry and one giant leap for two billionaires. That's definitely one way to look at it. Both brenton have talked a about their their dreams longtime dreams of going to space. What you know that means in terms of space tourism industry is still. It's hard to say but it's still a long way away from being something ubiquitous for for most people all right that's our reporter mike edinburgh. Thanks for joining us. Mica thank you. Well that's it for tech news briefing this week. You can always find more tech stories on our website. Wsj.com are supervising. Producer is kristin xlii and our executive producer is qatari yokum. I'm your host zoe. Thomas thanks for listening.

jeff bezos Richard branson zoe thomas virgin galactic hill bridgeton rhymes amazon the wall street journal lantis Psa croup Netflix shonda rhimes Mike edinburgh Virgin galactic mike facebook Berg Cmo mr bezzaz
Food Neighbourhoods 123: St Pauli, Hamburg

Monocle 24: The Menu

04:13 min | 2 years ago

Food Neighbourhoods 123: St Pauli, Hamburg

"Hello. Welcome to food neighborhoods and monocle twenty four Markle's. He also is a various local love for their food and drink offerings and in this series. We get to know these places this week. We had to Sang's Powell in Hamburg, and they are four laid back neighborhood staple restaurants top operative. Oh, sports and cafes that no thing or two when it comes to coffee or guide is Monaco's male concert on tucked between the affluent neighborhoods of Neustadt. The new town and Altoona is Saint pouty. It's gritty behin world known historically for its blue collar population. Left-wing thinking autistic community and occasional amicus descent in recent years. It's also developed into one of the centers of Hamburg's food culture. The low rents and multicultural residents open to newcomers new flavors alike, meant that perspective shifts could easily turn. Yup. Rented space, and experiment. Many still hip the talk of the town bustling everyday of the week. It's best to start proceedings around pull ruses thrust with an open at standard hastens twenty seventeen. It's the city's first true at perceivable while there's a menu for the drinks think of negro knees weighty tumbler glasses the small dishes have along side them chosen by the stuff, electable cheeses and chutney come in waves. You hope will never end the interior is as tractive as the edible offerings with soft candlelight and long convivial tables on the lofty ceilings around the corner for those who prefer wine to wet the whistle. There's they lot the industrial setting exposed brick neon and metal tabletops belies a serious viticulture for nets. There's a roster of more than two hundred wines and different ones by the glass every night perr these with the platter of cheeses, grapes. Chuck. Tran the like, and you may well find yourself inclined to postpone that reservation. When you do eventually manage to drag yourself from the glass head literally next door to cruch this candlelit tavern of some forty covers was to Monaco's approval packed on a Monday night, a testament to its quality, husband and wife yon all of Bauer and Terry croup opened the restaurant in two thousand nine and the name is a happy coincidence in German, your local pub is known as croup this particular one is much more than that day. It's a gastronomic bastion of the neighborhood. The open kitchen serves mix of regional dishes such as muscles with fennel and white wine. But a highlight is the pickle pumpkin with bradtha and tap not. Arguably one of the best spots in the district is vol is up the road. Todd Iska either Delo took over this nineteenth century pub in twenty eighteen and has got the mood. Just right doubtless. Thanks to his background in graphic design and hospitality sturdy wood furniture. Soft lighting and see blue walls make this acquaint spot where in any given evening, you'll find the casual group drinking local draft and playing cards while another settles down for hearty dinner. The menu small and regularly features grilled meat such as generous lamb shank, which the kitchen here excels at a word to the wise wrap things up at playground. Coffee. Hamburg has a long tradition of importing roasting and brewing coffee, which is laid the groundwork for cool cats like this cafe on death left premise, Strasser grab a silky flat white perch by the window and watch the local life drift by for Monaco. I'm Malcolm chocolate. This has been a so to number one hundred twenty three or food neighborhoods. Thanks to Melcan for the tour in Hamburg's sankt-pauli for more food intrigue stories student to the menu every Friday as nineteen hundred London time, I am Marcus hippie, thankfully sinning and by now.

Hamburg Monaco Tran Markle Saint pouty croup Powell Monaco Altoona Malcolm chocolate Neustadt Chuck Todd Iska Terry croup Marcus hippie Strasser London Melcan Delo Bauer
052  Interaction in Board Games and Strategy Card Games

Nerdlab Podcast

36:14 min | 1 year ago

052 Interaction in Board Games and Strategy Card Games

"Hello Fellow adventurers and welcome back to the not lab where we transform our gaining passion into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. My name is Marvin and I'm an ambitious game designer on my quest to develop a cooperative fantasy card game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer as some of you already know. I'm currently working on drafting gain. Where the battle between two players is Happening completely automatic and this automatic pedal has been a conscious decision of mine design choice because I wanted to focus on the other aspects of the game the drafting team composition and the positioning of the heroes on the board. But every time I played the game I feel like I'm missing some form of interaction during the battle. That is probably the case because I mostly play games like magic. The gathering where there is a very high degree of interaction between players and especially during combat. And exactly because of that. Because I have the feeling that my game lex some form of interaction. I want to look at all different possible forms of interaction in Board Games and that is what I'm going to do in today's episode. I will look at interaction. Import Games and if we take a look at bought Games in general they are in inherently social. Most of the time we play these kinds of games with our family with a spouse or with with our friends and game nights am and we are in these social environments we as Human Beings we happen to to interact with each other and we also do that in board games. I mean the fun. During our game nights Does Not really come from all of us sitting next to each other And doing their own thing. No we are interacting with each other. And that's why I wanted to take a closer look at what player into action really adds to board games and with what different kinds of mechanisms you can you can achieve A high or low a decree of interaction in your being the first aspect of into action that I think is very important for games is that interaction adds a lot of tension to the board game And for me this is the most important reason why yeah and Choi Interactions and board games and why I want to have in my game as well because Interactions at tension and tension comes really up when when there is a lot of uncertainty about about a desired outcome that you want to achieve and this uncertainty can be achieved or increased by having has not not complete Agency over the outcome. You have some kind of limited influence regarding the outcome and if decisions of an opponent for example influence your desired outcome. Then this is For me some form of interaction and it is a form of interaction that adds a lot of tension to the game because it increases the uncertainty for you For example this can be Account Spell in magic that negates your your spell's effect or the decision whether or not to block one of your tax. That are all decisions that your opponent has to make that are uncertain for you. And that can somehow change your Your desired outcome. You always create tension with interaction eve. You get into each other's way in some form for example if you fight the same kind of resources if you an attack each other man. Stop like that You you also get a little bit of tension With interactions like trading on negotiation. Stuff like that. But it is. It is a little bit less tension at least for me if the If the interaction is Not so directly as with it is Was attacking one one player for example and Yeah also asked myself with regards to my game If they can if you can create some kind of tension without direct interaction between players and Of course you can for example You could do that by adding a random factor to the game because this will also create some kind of uncertainty over a desired outcome. But for me the uncertainty that this created by random effects is a little bit different A dice roll for example so That is for me. It will never be as interesting as a human reaction to something and because it is purely random While human into action can at least be predicted to some to some degree at least and that brings me to the next aspect of interaction. That like And that is that into action counters. Determine them while you can to some decreed predict what your opponent is going to do an you never know for sure and that is also A bit of a problem in in my game because some parts of the game Pretty deterministic That means you could really Yeah look ahead and plan Plan ahead and know what will be happening. Maybe two or three minutes from from from the current situation Because there is no no play into action. Nothing that that changes the board state for example and If you add some kind of player interaction what form it will be whatever this Yeah it's a little bit of randomness to the game and you can no longer predict everything. Yeah to sum this up You could say that you M- into action at S- Unpredictability to the game and therefore counters. Determinism Yeah which Most of the time is a good thing Because it increases the potential number of outcomes in a certain situation and therefore also the the number of possible situations and Yeah it decreases the chance of players to plan ahead but It does not completely negate the the the ability to plan ahead because he can still take into account what your opponent might do and this creates a lot of interesting might mind games that are interesting aspects of board games. In one of the last episodes. We also talked about Depth in ball games and I have the feeling that interactions Also add a lot of depth to the game. 'cause they give you the chance to have to plan to plan ahead and to play mind games with your opponent. Okay so now. Let's take a look at some forms of into activity in game. So what kind of mechanisms can you add to your game to Create integrity the first and probably the most obvious one is attacking and blocking I mean if you are going to announce an attack against one of your opponents This is definitely a form of interaction. It is a very aggressive interaction And it is something that Negatively influences your opponent and It is not only the attacking that Is the interaction here. It's also At least in many games the decision of walking that is a form of interaction The opponent This creates a lot of uncertainty. Of course will opponent Clark A will will I be able to To get through with my attacked to his I'd say life points and You need also to consider if you want to to leave your defense open if In like this many games that when you're you're not able to to use the same creature or card whatsoever to to defend yourself so It creates asks a lot of interesting questions. to yourself and to your opponent And so tech. Employees really is one of the most common forms of interaction in in games at least in the games that I play but of course it has also as usually has a downside because it is really a very aggressive form of interaction. It's very direct. You really directly want to harm your opponent and that is something that Some play groups do not really like they don't want to to fight against each other. They want to play a more like a cooperative game or game with direct confrontation So You need to consider that when you choose For whom. You're game Is is designed if you look for a more. Let's say friendly player into action In which both parties Gained something You could go with trading trading assault so A form of interaction between players. But in this case Yeah all of the involved players gift. Some results away and get them others. other specs or everyone Yeah at least gains something. and And this is definitely more friendly than than taking one player and humming him or her but on the opposite side Trading Ken. Ken Be Somewhat Time Consuming. Of course especially if there are multiple Trading partners involved in a trade. I am personally not too much of a fan of Trading but many many games are based on trading general and `super successful so It's just a personal preference of myself yet. Another farm That I find Way More interesting is negotiation in general. Because some it's not about not always about trading goods between players. Negotiations of home of interaction is also Something that can be used in cooperative games because You can negotiate with Croup. What the next possible. Action of of your team would be And sold it creates a lot of a lot of interaction in the team. But it's also estimating it can be very time consuming Until the entire crew comes to two decision and as usual it can The ATHABASCA problem can can really lead to situations in which some play as few like they. do not have a lot of agency over there a character or the The choices because one of the players really dominates the strategy that the players are going to take another form of interaction can be auctions Where players Yeah use resources Sir am to bit against each other. And the one who has the highest bid Yeah wins the auction. The auctions in general allow players to To to to use the resources and also to place a mind games between each other because oftentimes You bit for them saying You might not not need but you only bid for on it because You want to prohibit One of the other players from from from getting what he wants to achieve Auctions as well are can be time consuming but They are ways to reduce the time. That is needed them. I I really like the The auctioning in In the game of thrones spot game for example because I the auction is hidden. That means I do not know how many resources my opponents are bidding on and that is also always something that I really enjoy in in an auction if I do not know what the others Putting in there and the second Aspect that I like about. It is that not only the winner. gains a benefit. But also the the it's more like an ardor so if you if you have The second most resources offered For the for the auction you will still be on position to an might be the second to attack also so your resources that you spend for. The auction are not completely lost. You still get some kind of benefit from it. But there are a whole bunch of auctioning mechanisms. Ought there. It would take too much time to go through all of them But if you are looking for some of action auctions could be could be very interesting aspect of that but as they are very time consuming. You should probably make them yet a major aspect of your game. Not only some kind of resolving mechanism and now we come to Yeah the most interesting into action at least for me And that is fighting over a limited resource and this is yeah to after confed is really a broad category of interactions and it is used in many different games I really like it In drafting games because you The cards that you pick from a limited pool of cards Also affect what is available for for the the player that is Next in order so if you pick a cart he is he or she is not able to pick that card anymore. So you can really interact with the available pool And that is not only true for drafting game. That's also true for a lot of Work Placement Games in which you for example inevitable If I put my worker on on a spot on the the board You as another player might not be able to use that same action anymore any longer and it's also true for games like dominion and all the other Deck Building Games where you have some kind of marketplace in the middle of the of the board and all the car that you take Are No longer available for other players to take and This form of interaction really has to do to pluck other players from From performing They're stretching to to achieve their strategy. And what I really like about it. Is that it It doesn't feel like highly interactive most of the time. Oftentimes you just do your own thing. You try to try to play to your own strategy but the more experienced players will take close. Look at what everyone else on. The bird is doing to try to find out what their strategy is And by adjusting their own strategy and by doing some kind of counter actions like picking cards that The others would require for their strategy to win the game or by putting their worker on a spot that is really really necessary for other players. This is how very skilled players get in these kind of games. And that is what I really liked because I really really like that. That kind of games where you have to try to find out what the other players are going to do what their strategy is and then think about some kind of countermeasures that you could take. The result. Really is some kind of indirect interaction in which you often have to decide What is beneficial for you and Have to your way that against what is beneficial for your opponents at some kind of Of of puzzle. What you trying to solve and you try to determine what would be the best choice here for yourself and all of that decision making really is A soft play into action without direct targeting but on the flip side Uh into action when it comes to Denying resources or fighting over resources is often very minimal so it doesn't really effect the gather place too much And experienced players Gained a lot of advantage over the less experienced players because they know all the different strategies that are possible in the game and therefore I'm have youtube advantage overdo the players that are playing the game for the first time for example. Yeah and then we come to another form of interactions in games and this form of interaction. You really is something that Often comes up in strategy card games but also other games as well and that is Reactions in Strategy Card Games or board games reactions really are the ability for players to to respond to other players decisions And that is often times before those physicians have an effect before the effect takes Takes Place and These kinds of reactions are really highly interactive because they give players the ability to take action that are intertwined with with other players and force them to really pay attention to what other players are doing so that they that they don't miss any T- to to react on something and probably the the best well known example. Here is the how the stack magic works? And it's not only on us a stack at this really the reaction system and magic Because you always have almost always have the chance to play an instant spell as in reaction to what your opponents did and the stack for those that are not familiar with the concept in magic is Some kind of game sewn. Were all the spells and abilities are put when they are played or activated but they are not yet resolved. They are waiting to be resolved and When you play A spell you put it on the stack and you Wait whether your opponent wants to react to it with an instant or another ability and if they react their spell also put on the stack. It is put on top of your car or your effect that you activated and then you again have the chance to react on their reaction and though you build some kind of of pile of abilities actions and spelled that are that are all played and activated but not yet resolved and once No-one wants to react on on on the last of peace on the stack It will be resolved one by one from top to bottom and you have the chance to react to it In between again but That's more or less how the stack works. It is a complex Complex the game mechanism but it is really highly interactive It can can lead some confusing game states. Of course it is complex But it adds so so much depth to the game That it has been copied very often in in other. Yeah Strategy Card Games there after about it has not always been copied in the same way. Some of the Digital Games have Yeah have changed a little bit. Some of course one problem that that comes with it when you try to digitize strategy card game is that You have a lot of waiting time because you always have to give the opponent a chance to react which will take a few seconds in digital game that That can sign up to quite a bit of reaction time and For example in legends of Ruin Terra. They have changed the reaction system. So that you can only There is always alternating between the players. So you can only react once and to what to what a player did so if if play action Then you have the chance to play an action after and it's more like an action action and less like like an action reaction system The results that you yet. You cannot really quickly 'cause the series of spells like you could do it in a half tone for example It's more like I have priority. You BIRDIE BIRDIE YOU APPARATI. I'm changing things and Yeah other Games Use some kind of action windows as a reaction system This is for example of used in the fantasy flight. Games card games like the lot of the ring living card game where you have very specific Action Windows where you can resolve effect and React TO THOSE. There is no snow. Stack you resolve effects at once. Bought you sometimes get the opportunity to do so in order if you want to get around A system in in which every player can react everything. The opponent does like instance and the steak and magic with all its complexity and all its extra playtime. There is something you can do. And that is the Delayed Action Creek. How I call it all. The ACA are presenting Puzzles For example The whole attacking and plucking stuff in in magic the gathering without instance and stuff like that is A pilot And this is a fairly common form of interaction where one players action Really changes the context of The next players decision magic for example as mentioned use it in when it comes to attacking Because the other player is forced to make decision how to plock the attacking creatures it some kind of of puzzled so here is my my. I made my decision. You're my five creatures that are going to take you. How do you react on that in half own? For example you cannot really react on that. Yeah I mean it's a puzzle that you're presented with year my years. My Board of creatures now deal with it and Then in the next turn. You present the puzzle to your opponent and if you have Cards like That take for example. One or more turns until date effect Triggers that is some kind of spell where you give your opponent to the chance to react with a card from his his or her hand To your to your spell or your your your creature or whatsoever It might be saw. The trickier is to have cards. That take a turn or more to carry out the effect Because you then do not need to give players. The possibility to react in opponents turns Everyone all always has a final puzzle presented to him or her And then can react As a normal turn in their own turn and This is Something that for example is done in Moose Guard. I also show about myth God. I'm very well because you have some kind of Abroad with seven lanes and it feels like A game of magic In between the combat so we are jointly. Currently in in a fight this creature fights against that creature they are blocking each other And then a complete turn would be imagine you would be able to play instance And activate abilities To add add to manipulate the convert but in Moscow. This is the turn. This is the entire turn. The the combat is more or less fixed on these lanes. And your turn your turn. You can deploy new creatures to the combat but you could also play effects for that on the creatures. It feels really like a battle that is just happening in magic and that the entire game and they have pretty much achieved that. I use removing Reactions during the opponent's turn and Yeah adding these kind of as an krona's reactions would call it where you're only an act during your turn and I like that as a As a way to To simplify the reaction system in these kinds of games. Another form of interaction in these Strategy Card Games are and other games as well as usual are triggers things that happen as a result of an action that That either you as a player oil opponent takes and this is a super great way to To give into activity To your game and without a lot of costs because and everyone sees too clear these kind of triggers they are printed on the cards And or in the rules are what so ever and taking an action. You get some kind of interaction and often you get these interaction back from the game and not from other players so it's an oftentimes not human interaction. It can be human interaction if it is a may ability for example But it is more like a into activity between a player and the game and you can use that a form of interaction between game components to to define Nice combos and strategies. And so on that. It's also some form of into activity for me because it is kind of kind of Player controlled You decide how to use these interactive tools but you do not need that difficult construct of reactions and stack in your game. It's more like a puzzle that you present as I mentioned mentioned to. You play card. It is on the board and it has a trigger is a fixed trigger when this happens during the game. The effect of the carts apply and half tone for example uses this woods with their secret system which more or less Yes belts that have some kind of delayed hidden effect and that effect only takes place. When a specific event occurs and went the trigger a curse. And Yeah you can have that S Some fall off from hidden event. Like it is in. Hawthorne is a secret system but you can also have This as as As an event that is completely visible for everyone. So it preempt percents. I'm kind of puzzle to the opponent. Do I want to To to play my card even if it triggers that that effect of my opponent. That is very bad for me. Very good for him. This is some kind of interaction that creates a lot of interesting choices for both players. And that is something that I really really like. And that brings me a little bit to the to the result of my of my today's episode for me into activity is not only about whether you can play or react during your opponents turn. This is often how the discussion is lead when it comes to stir the Card Games. Is this interactive for not can can react on my opponent's actions and for me it is more the interactivity really comes from Having options choices at different stages in the game that can be In the opponent's turn but there's no need for it to be to be there It can also be done via Why are triggers? So I want to be able to have some kind of strategy in mind and place my triggers. Doing the game. It can be my turn so that this effects how the opponent has to play and this can be A worker that is placed on the spot that now the opponent can no longer use. This can be some kind of trigger card that denies my opponent from playing Kostroma specific alliance also or whatsoever. It really comes down to the situation that I want that. My actions have some form of effect on the opponent's Gameplay on the opponent's strategy and I think there are a lot of possible ways to to achieve that to do that and I'm still Looking for ways to the best ways to implement that in my game but When I look at magic which is really a very complex game. I have the feeling that the Inter activity really comes from Having the option to target cots in many different forms And in any given moment you could play something from almost any area of the game so what I mean by that. Is that The cod on your hand affect a creature on the board of your opponent card in your graveyard could affect a cart in your opponents hand or a creature of your opponent. A card in your library could affect a card in your opponents crazy at and so on the feeling of inter activity really comes from having so many different options to interact with the plans of the opponent with your components of the opponent and really what into activity means is that any part of the game can have a meaningful effect on any other part of the game. I know that it's very complex In magic but if you want to increase the Inter activity in your game I would propose to Think about what kind of Game components or areas of the off your game or mechanisms. You could maybe open up or Change though that they will be able to affect Your opponent's strategy or opponents components and so on this is what increases interactivity for mean. And I know there are games Our target audience that do not want to much interaction and So it really comes Comes to you as a game designer. Who designed How much into action is appropriate for your game for your mechanisms for your theme And and the end for your target audience There are no not really roots For that so it's up to your judgment and of course up to the feedback on of your play tests to determine how much interaction you want into your in your game and Yeah what kind of interaction. If you won the more like the aggressive into actions With attacking locking or direct reactions. To what your opponents us Or if you want to have a little bit more. The friendly interactions with them fighting over the resources. having some auctions on Stuff like that so I hope this episode was helpful information for you And until next week. Keep shooting for the moon and nerd like a ball goodbye

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Using RoadMap To Implement Coaching and Delegation

Manager Tools

35:22 min | 2 years ago

Using RoadMap To Implement Coaching and Delegation

"Welcome manager tools. This week's guidance using roadmap to implement coaching and delegation here, we go. Folks, this cast answers these questions how can I use roadmap to coach my wrecks? How can they use roadmap to delegate to my ex and how does roadmap help managers in general? Well, Hello twenty nineteen. We've been expecting. You New Year's always feel like they come on us so quickly. But seriously on this since the very beginning. It's I'm we could have predicted this one was coming been putting off starting things for the new year. Well, now's your chance tried something in the past but tapered off and are looking to breathe new life into it. It's your chance for that stuff to read some new life into your new year take life by the horns and jump. Start your managerial routine registered today at manager. Hyphen tools dot com forward slash training for an event that will put the booster cables to your management retain. Kate. We recently added coaching and delegation to roadmap. We liked to joke that roadmap is to trinity in your pocket. And if you're new to manager tools, the trinity is the foremost important behaviors that managers engage in one on ones feedback coaching and delegation and now after adding the last two, it's the full trinity. And we're going to talk about how to use the newest portions coach can delegation with Kate one of our presenters who's also in charge of our roadmap business. So you're the expert walk is through we're gonna talk about. And then let's get going going to cover four things today or gonna talk about how to use roadmap to roll out the mandatory trinity using road map for coaching delegation, specifically how roadmap treats coaching delegation because it's a little different. And then how roadmap helps managers in general good? So the trinity in now. Yeah. Before this roadmap included one on ones and feedback from our manager tools trinity. And we've recently added coaching delegation, which are the last two pieces of our four part trinity. And for those new listeners, you may not know the foreparts aren't equal one on ones represent forty percent of the value and feed rat represents thirty percent of the values that seventy percent right there. Whereas coach can delegation are fifteen percent each. So we delayed a little bit because we were able by scoping the project the way we did get one on ones and feedback out much more quickly because they're treated so differently in the app. Okay. Sorry. Go ahead. Ace. So it's just a quick reminder that the trinity is composed of the most effective behaviors that Amanda jerkin engage in one on ones feedback coaching delegation, the fundamentals, and we cover these things because managers all over the world are responsible for results and retention and we recommend the four trinity behaviors because they're the most likely behaviors to help managers achieve results retention. And by the way, guys if you're hearing for part trinity. That's math. Fancy ball. So that we can really dig in to the trinity and have a deeper understanding when you're first getting started, and there's also a cast about roadmap itself, which is the roadmap for individual managers casts. So there's some other castes here that can really help, you know, support these ideas, if you're new listener, and we are going to use roadmap to roll out the trinity, and that's why we developed roadmap. So that managers could track their managerial behaviours in their active nece through the app and make sure that they're executing those trinity behaviors that will help them to achieve results in retention and coaching and delegation are new so it's it's really exciting. Cool. So it is new that means the app is more powerful. I would say in some ways complete although there will be some further additions along the way tell us more about that. You can now roll out and track all of your trinity behaviors using the app. So let's talk about coaching delegation, specifically, if you ask us, if we when we talk about coaching when you ask what term has the most very definitions across different organizations out in the wild. It's coaching coaching could be defined as so many things to be fair though. People wouldn't ask that question. We just know that when we say coaching people have this Wiley diversion, people kind of understand one on ones they maybe had a manager. Once you did them, whether they did the most efficient effective way. Who knows people have a rough understanding would feedback is usually that understanding is my boss told me I screwed up but coaching right? It just runs. The gamut. Some places it's divined as a direct being forced to sit down with their boss and have a discussion about the things they did wrong and really be told how to do better. It could mean training someone in a new skill which requires the manager to actually teach the person or for them to learn the skill, and we don't mean it either of those ways when we think of it, we think of it in the same way that you might think of a sports coach when from when you were young or if you've ever played a team sport, the coach Ray of a sports team as much like we would consider a manager as a coach coaching is the manager overseeing, a direct learning process and growth, and it happens over an extended period of time, maybe three to six months coaching is how we help our directs learn a new skill and the manager oversees the process provides guidance support and resources some think about budget and things like that. And that's important because a lot of managers don't coach because they immediately defined coaching is I'm the trainer I have to teach this person. And if you go back to Kate's sports coach analogy, there are plenty of coaches who can't throw a football fifty yards, but they can coach someone on how to do it. They studied the stuff, and they understand what's involved, and they can bring somebody in who has specific skills or they can teach them strength drills because they've discovered the person doesn't have enough arm strength, or what have you the coach can actually do it. But the coach diagnosed the coach can help the person set a goal can make it possible for the person to keep working toward the goal. All the while he or she could not actually replicate the skill to the level that the direct has. Now, we're not suggesting that's the only reason to coach someone you can coach someone on something you're really good at but what's important about coaching. In our model. And by the way, this actually the real model. I I has take say that Kasumi people like no, no coaching his negative feedback. Whoever says coaching. It's negative feedback is just mental. And never was that. That's not what coaching is. That's what a bunch of crappy companies turned coaching into. Let's have coaching session. Somebody made some mistakes. It got got popular. And people think that's what coaching is. But it's not the beauty of our model of coaching is if you had to be the trainer is the manager. You couldn't coach that many people, and it would take a significant amount of your time. But think about it for a minute that makes it about you that makes coaching about you knowing the skill and coming up in the lesson plan and spending ninety minutes once a week or something with your direct. It's just not sustainable. It's not scalable and the organ your organization wants to be scalable once. To grow because it knows growth is a defence against death. And so the model has to allow for more coaching more development of your directs which gets more productivity out of importance relieves to profitability. So our coaching model basically says you help the direct improve if I'm coaching Kate me kicking a football through the uprights or showing her how to bend a soccer ball in flight with spin on the soccer ball. That's not coaching. That's me doing it. It may in fact, be part of coaching, but me having to show her over and over and over again is not in fact, if I'm doing it wrong or I'm doing it in a way that she can't do that's not effective teaching or coaching. That's not what coaching is coaching his helping your direct to do something. So me coaching direct is having Kate. Do it a lot? I said this before Kate. You've heard me say coaching is the least understood and such. Such a powerful tool within the trading. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, the trinity components, but coaching is the one that so few people do because you said, it takes three to six months, in some cases. But it's not an hour week is it's ten minutes week or five minutes week. You can do it. Okay. Sorry. I got on my coaching high horse there little. I don't mind I don't find it all so explain coaching the other part. We've added is delegation and delegation is asking one of our derives to take responsibility for work, the manager was previously responsible for and doing our delegation model is four steps while before you do that let's say a high level, I would say thirty percents. I'm just making this up. I could be wrong by you know, ten fifteen percent. But the average manager ought to be delegating. Thirty percent of whatever they're doing now manager electronics want to one which is the name of one of our one of my favorite casts says that if your company knew that both you and your direct could do a certain task the company would direct you to have the direct do it. Because the direct is cheaper. That's economics. One one too. Many managers are holding onto too many things and are too busy and are not getting to there. Most important priorities. And the problem is not the more work. You're getting it's the old work you're holding onto. Okay. Sorry rant ranch concluded. I like it. It's good. It's helpful our delegation model allows you to delegate to your drugs that old work, and maybe some other word, hopefully, not your new work, not something you've never done before or something. That's just come down from your boss or something like that delegation model is four steps. It's a script. I we say I'd like your help on something we're asking for their attention. The second step is that we describe why we've chosen them. And why they specifically would be the right person to take on this tasking. We then ask for commitment. Would you please? And described the tasking a little bit. You know, not all of it. And once they've said, yes, we can describe everything and these are four steps to help our directs and our organization grow. Also ourselves a little bit imagine if you could delegate something that would allow you to work on something new delagation? Is the sort of the force multiplier of managers. I'm stealing from Colin Powell because he said optimism is a force multiplier and Napoleon said artillery. She's a force multiplier, but for managers it Stella Gatien, your organization, if every senior person had sudden massive knowledge in their brains of we're every task was being done in the company, they would all die from shock. They would all be astounded. Why are you doing that? No. You don't have to do that. Well, my people can't do it as well as I can know we know that we don't care the standard is not that. They can do it as good as you can do it. Now, the standard is they can do it as poorly as you. Did it the first time you did it, and nobody fired you for that? So that was good enough. And they're going to learn probably just as fast as you. And whatever time you're spending on it. Now, we get back for something. You can do that your directs can't. That's where strategy and new ideas and new initiatives get started. Okay. So that's at a high level now roadmap treats coaching and delegation differently. Right does if you've been listening for awhile, he'll realize how coaching and delegation are different from one on ones and feedback. One on ones and Becker delivered regularly weekly daily and coaching delegation are not necessarily performed with that same regularity. So we treat coaching and delegation differently in the app, and the key thing to know about that is that in the app coaching delegation us what we call instances. Coaching allegation episodes, right? One specific coaching gauge, men or delegation to your direct. Those are tracked as instances, and each instance is specific to the direct and the topic. And each instance will walk you through all the steps needed to complete the coach or delegation process every time. So so the way I describe this to a client, and k I'm not sure this view, you're probably gonna laugh and say that's such a dorky way to describe it. But I was trying to describe periodicity and regularity and frequency in a way that would be useful for some client manager sit here still way to think about one on ones and feedback one on ones and feedback are like brushing your teeth every night or having a shower before getting dressed in the morning or making your bed in the morning. These are things that you do with regularity that keep your life saying. Structured normal. And so on. On the other hand going out to dinner. I don't think there's anybody who would say going out to dinner with your spouse and kids or districts POWs, or whatever is done on a routinely frequent basis, you may in fact, go three or four times a week. And you say, well, I got to dinner all the time, certainly whereas somebody else only goes out once a week or twice a month or something like that. Yeah. You do it more frequently, but you do it episodically. Meaning there is no internal clock ticking. Telling you haven't gone, you have gone you're late. It's a problem. You've violated the rule of frequency if you will about going out to dinner, so going out to dinner would be an instance in other words, okay? We're going to go out to dinner tonight. We had no plans to do that. We went out last night or we didn't go out last night or we haven't been out the last five nights or maybe we've been out to the three of the last five nights. It doesn't matter. But tonight, we're going out. And now we go through the process of deciding where we're going to go. What time we're gonna go? So what we're gonna wear. Do. We want to invite anybody all those things that a person or couples would go through in preparing for going out. But you would only do that on an episode basis and coaching delegation in the app or sitting there waiting for you to say, okay. I want to coach somebody. Okay. I want a delegate whereas one on ones feedback or saying have you done this each week it asked you have you done this because some things are foundational and our foundational because their frequency when once and feedback or their periodicity if you will and other things like coaching delegation, we need to do them. But they are not something that is done with a repeating similar frequency. Okay. Sorry that analogy. But there you go. I don't think it's a bad analogy. Oh, I think it's great. I think one of the great things about the way coaching and delegation are treated by the app is that each instance has an individual task list that will track your progress, which is great because for those behaviors that are episodic as opposed to routine. You might have forgotten the steps, right? You're not as useful it. So it's a little harder to remember. Okay. What do I do next? And so each coaching instance has that individual task list as as all right this what we do next. This is where you go. And so even though you haven't done it in a while, you're going to have all the steps right there as reminders. So that you know, exactly how to do it every single time. And I really enjoy that. Because for me those things that I do less frequently become harder member the sequence and the process and stuff like that Jackley so on the app homepage. And also via the main navigation in the upper right hand corner. You can select coaching instances to see all of your in-progress coaching engagements. You can click the orange button, but the very top of the page to create a new instance. And then you choose which team member to coach roadmap them walks you through who to coach and on what topic you're gonna choose what skill or behavior to coach the team member on the next step than will help you to set the goal. So we're going to define deadline quality, and those standards right deadline and behavior in quality. When we're setting deadlines by the guys it's important to remember that humans would provide at determine. Take everybody inherently knows this. But we ignore is that the planning fallacy. That's what. Yeah. The planning fouls. He's this horrible. I mean, even when you know, the planning fallacies, this you still planning, and then they say, yeah. Here's the results of that project. You were you stunk. It was terrible. If you don't believe us think about contractors for projects that your house lets the the biggest thing, I always think of is like, oh, it'll take six weeks. No, no, we recommend when you're thinking about your deadlines within your goals that you consider maybe doubling your initial estimate. Because look if they come in early that's a win. Right. If you say, oh, it's only gonna take three weeks double it to six which by the way, guys. We would hope that you would choose something that takes a deadline that's more than twelve weeks. Because if it was something short, he would just us delegation, which we'll talk about here in a minute, but consider doubling your estimate. And then if they come in early. That's awesome. But if it takes longer than we've estimated then now, it's almost like a loss doesn't feel like a win. So we recommend that you consider that an as we're walking through this. The app is going to help you to set all this up to choose who. And what and roadmap will even provide you the script to use in your one on one. So that you know, what to say and since you're probably coaching during your one on one you're going to take notes if you want to capture those nodes roadmap, even does that it will allow you to take a picture of any of the notes and store them in the app within your coaching instance. So that you have those so for anybody out there who's heard us talk about handwritten notes, and you know, wanting to put those in your phone now, you can do that. Yes. So all coaching does is it follows our basic guidance where you're going to set a goal. You're going to brainstorm resources you're going to come up with a plan, and then the director's going to report on the plan weekly basis and the. The app basically says okay, when you're ready to coach, you know, I'll take you through the saps I'll remind you of what you need to do. I like that. Because if if you're like most managers, and you aren't coaching that often if it's been six or nine months it follows the Christmas rule, which is something that's important. But you do infrequently you tend not to get better at so it frees your mind up to not be thinking. Oh my gosh. I gotta go study the coaching model. And so on though, you don't have to do all that. You just have to open up an instance in the app in the apple walk you through what you need to be doing and thinking about I think in the coaching module, Kate it also has when you start a coaching episode. It reminds you of some basic principles through some simple, readings write a few sentences here and there. Absolutely. Yeah. Could just some guidance staff that will help heal extra tips and things especially for the Christmas role staff. Yeah. There's even guidance in the instances, right? So there's some reading to remind us of the principals, and then there's also guidance about how to brainstorm, which is something that's a little bit different than what we normally do at work. So there's guidance about how to brainstorm there's even a list of like standard, brainstorm, ideas, kind of just to get you started kind of brainstorm list. There's also guidance about how to set deliverables, and as it's walking you through all this. Of course, taking pictures of your notes allows you to leverage them for future coaching, which is great, right? Maybe you need you want that list. You wanna reminder of the deliverables you said right because the core of a deliverable, right? Is the easy part almost right? The the date the time and send me that part is the part that's standard that core. And then we're just adding in the resource from our brainstorming lists. So we can really leverage those notes from previous. Times a lot of cases. It's also great for performance review data. Right. I mean, this is probably something that's going someone's review, if they have a successful coaching gauge -ment. So having this near the end of the year is probably really helpful to support the performance review data you're looking for in each instance of coaching we we are providing that critical guidance and there's some support right? There's at any time in the app, and especially in coaching delegation. You could ask a question and there's a button that says I've completed this task at the bottom of each task lists. And if you ask a question it comes directly to our customer service, and we'll respond within forty eight hours. So you have us right at your fingertips via Email their delegation the same way, right, right? Because of that episodic nature. We are also using instances and delegation and again from your app homepage or the right hand. Navigation hamburger menu. You can. Choose delegation instances, you can click the orange button at the very top of that page to create a new instance, you choose which team member to delegate to the helps you define why you're choosing them in particular. And it creates the script for you again. So you can use it and you're one on one. And once it's created the script you can Email it to yourself or save a tier clipboard, modify it later, keep it for yourself. It's really helpful just to know what to say, right, and you can print it out and take it to your what I want and kind of read from it. So that you know, what to say for that script. So that your direct understands why were choosing them one of the great things about our script that I really love is that the second step is we're telling them why we've chosen them. And what I've found is. You know, if you're trying to ask someone to help you with project acts project x isn't especially convincing on its own because it's the same for everybody and projects is like I have this thing and. If I tried to give it to Mark or Sarah, it's the same. But the reasons that somebody should take it on our different. And so, you know, there's the old saying everyone's favorite subject is themselves. Well, our delegation model leverages that idea to talk to our directs about why they should take this on. And so it really is a much more personal version of what I would think of as persuasion about why someone should accept the new task, which if you have directs who are a little reserve, maybe some high cedar excelled, they're they're not always really excited about jumping on board right away. Right. They need some more guy. Is that old thing about if you ask your high friend to go to lunch? They can't say yes until they know where you're going. That's slightly better though than the friend said, hey, where do you wanna go? I don't care. Okay. We'll do Chinese no. Dude. There's a rule I think there's a rule I think of the I think of a clever name for it either. The rule is for the person the name the person or the rule is for for the behavior. Which is you can't say, I don't care the or let's put it this saying, I don't care eliminates your veto power. You have now given up all franchise for input into the croup decision. I'm saying you're not going to the draft. You know, novotes for you. You're just a bail of. Hey, we're going to carry with us to the restaurant. That means you have to sit in the back too. By the way, that's a little person's table. Okay. Sorry. Go ahead. All right. So within our delegation instances, all of the steps are there to walk you right through that script creation, which will then use to talk to your drags. So those instances are going to help you define who and what and write that script. And then provide you away. To get that script available to you via e or Email or your clipboard. So you can use it in your one on ones and convinced your directs to help out and to accept some delegation roadmap is even more powerful now because we have added coach, Ian delegation, and you can now track and monitor all of your trinity behaviors. But even more for me, sometimes exciting is just the ability to remind yourself that these are the things that you should be doing roadmap's going to walk you through all that. And it's going to allow you to focus on those trinity behaviors and being effective using the trinity. And just a couple minutes a day. I mean each of the tasks is less than two minutes. And so he can do this in two or three minutes a day. Now, you could also add a bunch of tasks up, and you know, work on it for an hour. But this new addition to the app, especially means that all of the behaviors that we're focusing on for the trinity or bailable to us and broken into smaller pieces. So we can consume them in shorter. Durations and actually be effective. But also do it in a short amount of time each day. I'll tell you the number of times as a man Dr said, okay, I gotta do that. But there's some prep work. I don't have some time right now. It's late in the day. I put it off until late in the day. Now. My ego strength is low don't write me with notes about how what does he goes drink mean folks, it means willingness to -bility to make good decisions? And so on not going to do that. Or I've got to come up the plant. Oh, I've got a right up my lesson plan for how I'm gonna coach this person, which is actually teaching that person or training that person. Remember when you're coaching. You don't have to be the trainer, you're the coach you're overseeing it and the directors doing the work other resources are available. Same thing with delegation. You say, okay, I really need to give this to Joe or JoAnne. You say, oh, I can figure out what I'm gonna say. I don't want to do that right now. You don't have to do that anymore. Once you have the idea Joanna's the right person to delegate to he used the app, and it helped walks you through the mentality, and then gives you the script. And by the way, we get asked us all the time. If my. Boss said look I'd like to delegate something to you. And I've been thinking about it for a while. And I got to tell you there've been a couple of times. I I knew it was the right thing to do. But I just didn't have time to prepare. And so on I didn't know if it would be good time for you. And so on so I've taken a few minutes, I've reviewed some notes and prepared something that I wanna use. I gotta tell you managers are scared to death it based on the questions I've gotten in the last twenty five years. Oh, wait. You mean, I'm gonna use a script. Well, we'll my direct Noam using a script won't it appear. That I don't know what I'm doing on the contrary, you're setting an example that you know, that important things need to be done. Right. And I don't have any problem getting help to do the important things. If you're not gonna do something new that requires a little bit of help in front of your directs don't expect your Rex to ever do something new that requires a little bit of help. You're basically saying, hey, hydra weaknesses guys stuff under the desk. Don't ever try. Something new always make sure you only say yes to do something you can nail. And you can nail. Easily. And then you do it three or four times. And then suddenly you're good at it. And you don't need it anymore. That's how you do. It you go over the McGuire hump of the horsemen curve with a little bit of help. And you set an example for people that a little bit of help us a good thing. If it gets you to a better place. Okay. Another rant concluded. I think after the fifth rant there. Just your standard. It's just the way Utah. He's he's a renter that guy. Yeah. I love it. So we're going to close with how roadmap helps managers in general just a little overview for everybody because roadmap is designed to help manager's role of the trinity, and the tasks reminders, they are really help you keep on track right to to keep you on pace to keep you going on the right path as you learn about an engage in the trinity robot's going to track your progress for you. So you don't have to create your own tracking system. Everybody out there. Who's wondering how to keep track of your what a ones we've got it for you. And it makes this, but I think of as really cool little graph. Not sure everybody else thinks of it is really cool little but item of it. You got a one on one graph and a feedback. Graphing? I particularly love the feedback graph some tasks in the app right are learning tasks, which will explain the trinity guidance and give you a more fundamental understanding and many of those have a podcast associated with them. So if you're walking through all of this in the app, then you can live. Listen to the podcasts at you know, if you scroll to the bottom of the task, there's a podcast mentioned there sometimes, and you can listen also though, it will also be highlighted in the upper right hand corner of a task if there's a podcast is a little circle microphone, circle and you can click on that microphone button at the top screen. It'll scroll you right to the bottom to see the support cast. There's learning tasks there's some tasks that require action and at the top right of any task. You can also click on the question Mark icon to learn more about the purpose of that task. And if it's a learning task it'll tell you, you know, this is just about reading and understanding if it's an action task it'll give you some further guidance so their support their and again, it's the tasks are short, right. It's really small achievable actions. Don't test say, okay mouths, the time sit down for an hour and writes script, there's nothing like that zero. In fact, we generally find that most people when they create tasks themselves. The tasks had the word and in them, which is bad because that's really two tasks, and too many tasks are too bloated with sub tasks and you want to break those down into very very small things. So that you can get a lot done. You can have a lot of early wins. If you have a task with seven things in it, and you have five of them done. But the other two aren't it can't be done? You can't move forward. Perhaps. And you have to remind yourself of what the two are. That's not a good way to do it. So we break things down into small really bite size bits because frankly, we're managers to and that's what we wanted. Exactly. So when we're looking at the top right of a screen, by the way, we can reset a task. So if you wanted to go back or you wanna remind yourself, you know, have that task based on that you need to read again, you can always reset it. There's a circular arrow icon at the top of a completed tasks that you can click, and it will reset that task for you. When you're using all these tasks there's always option, send us a note and we'd love to hear. Feedback and we'd love to have your questions. You know, we we want to be a supportive as possible. So we want to hear from you guys. All have to do is click the ask a question button, and it'll send an Email to customer service. And it's also we can find the frequently asked questions. So if you click that button, the frequently asked questions tab is located at the top right of the ask a question screen and confined the questions about resetting things. And a lot of what we covered here actually as well. So any frequently asked question that is on that tab is available for you there too. And really the most exciting thing is road map is going to allow you to track and wander your trinity behaviors and not only that. But it's going to allow you to do it in a couple of minutes a day. You could also by the way just start tracking. If you're not if you don't need to raw, the trinity. If you're already reporting, then you can use doing one on ones an already giving feedback tasks to just. Start reporting. So those of you have been with us for a while. You can also say all right? I don't need a role at the trinity. But I do want to make sure that I'm maintain my one on ones and delivering my feedback. And so I'm going to start tracking. And you can get that data. If you're interested in knowing higher doing good, so. Summing up roadmap is our guidance about the trinity made into a sort of an ultimate task list. Because we said at a start it's the trinity in your pocket. It's so that you don't have to think about what's next road map is doing it for you. And all you have to refer to roadmap. So you can focus on results and relationships with your team which lead to higher retention, and now we've made it as powerful as can be relative of the trinity because it's got all four parts in there and coach can delegation instances. We'll help you be even more effective. All right. Thanks for sharing. Kate. We appreciate it. Absolutely. Have a great day. Many of the folks who follow our guidance rave about how actionable the guidances the podcasts are not where the action stops. However, join us at one of our upcoming public conference events and you'll leave with a full on game plan for the next ten months of your managerial life looking for the answers for both the what an how of successful management. Visit us at manager. Hyphen tools dot com forward slash training and register for an upcoming event today. That's it. Everybody. Hope you enjoyed it. Come back next week. See then.

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034  Take-Aways of Essen Spiel 2019

Nerdlab Podcast

33:47 min | 1 year ago

034 Take-Aways of Essen Spiel 2019

"Hello Fellow Adventures and welcome back to the lab where where we can form our gaming passionate into incredible game designs and learn Halter nerd like a boss. My Name's Marvin and I'm an ambitious game designer on Mike. West took develop a cooperative fantasy card game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer today. I have a slightly different show again after I was at essence Byu two thousand nineteen last week I I wanted to share my experience of that unique trade fair with you today. There were so many impressions it really took me a few days to process all of them. But now I'm ready to share my highlights with you first of all a few numbers about the fan this year. The fair took place for the thirty. Seventh time. And the organizers Organiz US I talked to during the told me that they have the feeling that there were even more visitors this year than last year's and the feeling was correct. Essence is the world's largest gaming fair which This year for the first time had more than two hundred thousand visitors just as the reverence difference last year. They were something around one hundred. Eighty thousand people so I already talked about the growth rate in the industry and it pretty much the same name with the fair where twenty percent more people are visiting this year than the last year and the same is true about new games because more than one thousand five hundred new games were presented at the fair on an area of about eighty thousand square meters and according to the trade fair operators this year were for an extremely large number of expert games among them So Games with a higher complexity which are aimed at experienced players the exhibitors abattoirs were distributed in six different halts which were also see medically subdivided at least to some degree. For example there was a hall All around the topic of tabletop gaming with war him as a flagship company in the middle of the whole And there was another hall for for all the Children Games and Family Games for example as you can probably Magin from the number of visitors. I told you the fair was really crowded. We were there on Saturday the fullest day of them. All and you could tell that immediately repacked on a parking lot number ten I'm far away from the fan directly at the motorway. But even this parking lot was already quite Arrived and in the shuttle bus to the fair pair. We realized then that would become very crowded. Day with many many people around us after we spend almost half an hour in The traffic jam with shuttle bus we arrived at the fair and made it pretty much Just in time to be there when the doors opened and and the fair itself it also was really crowded but it wasn't as if they were extremely long queues everywhere at most booze. You had to wait until the table was free. But that usually only took fifteen minutes or so until The current game that someone was playing over and that is actually the good thing about the fair. It's not only about watching or buying games. You can also really try them out on site and my goal was is to test a lot of games especially the ones I had on my list for quite a while so I wasn't really too much into all the new shiny games sir. I really wanted to play some of the older games that I have the chance before to play them. In the end I was able due to play seven different games at the fan at that day. And I'm quite satisfied with that because The most of the games were really good and playing games. Some of the day is some. It's quite a number of and playing. So many games was only possible because of the booth had really good staff who explain the rules and because we have played a few rounds of each of the Games and didn't finish them. It helped a lot to get the games explained by someone So we were able to start quickly and this was really a welcome alternative to always having to read the rules like you have to to do at home and while playing I was more interested in trying out games and collecting the ideas and not so much about the whole experience from the game and I think this is an attitude that you should take them because all the volume and the infinite number of impressions and the noise around you. It's really hard to create the same kind of atmosphere during a game that you know from your kitchen table at home so the gaming experience is different. And you shouldn't go to the fair with the attitude. Did you dove playing a comfortable session With beer and chips for example okay. Then let's talk a little bit about the games that we were able to play the family as I mentioned most of them weren't all the latest games on the market but rather some game that I had already long on my list. We started in hall six and probably the third or fourth exhibited. We passed the dark souls games boost and in the end. I have to say they had probably probably the most elegant way of testing their Kart game. They had a standing table where you could play one or two rounds of the game and a teacher who quickly explain the rules. Within ten minutes we were able to get a nice overview of the game from my perspective each booth should have a standing table with a predefined bar state to explain the game in less than ten minutes. I know it is a different experience than building your entire deg on your own and experience the whole story and so for but for me. That was exacly what I was looking for understanding the game. See if some of the mechanics interesting enough for me and my own designs to dive deeper into the game later on the dark. Souls Card game is A cooperative game aim for one to four players we with two players and each player starts with the hero and the starter deck for that hero. In our case we played two or three browns of the game with night and a saucer. The Blair decks contain different cards such as weapons armour and a lot of stamina. Kurt's Mon that some cards in a second. This debt can of course you will over time as you find more treasurer and exchange the soles of your enemies he's for news dominant cards and The deck also represents the character's health. So you can more or less. Draw as many cards as you want. But you really have to consider Not to die. In the beginning we then placed our hero card on cred based combat area And and then played a short encounter against enemies in order to use and equipment card to perform attack. You must discard one. Oh more stomach. Cut Costs The cost for the attack or defense are specified on the equipment cod. The stomach arts come in four different kinds by large aikens on the carts and the four types are Dick's charity faith intelligence and strength and and to perform an action you simply had to discard in the mount of stamina equal to the actions stemming our cost and then you resolve the action sometimes times the equipment was lost when you used it and sometimes it could be used more than once so it stayed on the table we only played a few rounds saw. Oh I cannot really say too much about the combat system itself but for me it felt okay but it wasn't something special. That really stood no doubt one problem I had with it was that all the actions held exactly the same way Strike with assault felt exactly the same same like casting a spell because all attack and defense types were initiated by discarding cards so it felt always you do perform the same type of action you always have to discard cards from your hand. I would have preferred to see some kind of different mechanics here for the different types. What I liked was how? The opponents behaved Even if we just saw only a little bit of that when the enemies activate they each performed the action shown on their cot which is usually attacking singer character on a specific slot on the cred that means their behavior is Somehow preprogramed and printed on the card however if there is no character in that space they are targeting the enemy attacks the the character with the highest taunt value in the target row and if there are no correct in that row the enemy tags the character with the highest taunt value in the other the role they all need to rose in the game that means they always take someone and you can move your heroes accordingly to protect weaker heroes And they will also different tech types such as heavy attacks a precise or magical attacks and some enemies weaker against some specific attack types But that wasn't really of any meaning in our test run but I'm sure it. It is important for the game. If you play the entire game so as the summary I would say the game was fun to play and I would like to play again. I really liked the The behavior of the enemies I know they were pre predefined and really deterministic. Bud that was that created some kind of not really a puzzle but strategic Decisions that you need to take in order to Kill the enemies with the least amount of resources so without without the least amount of cards from your deck so this was was interesting and I think the game has potential and it was looking for games with Combat on a credit based system. Anyway so I was quite happy to to find one at the three third or fourth booth I went by the the game you played next was when Pyre the turnover struggled collectible card game from Richard Garfield from one thousand nine hundred ninety four. No one one of US had ever played the game before I guess it was some kind of new expansion. We played but since it was the first time of us for us to play the game it all. It didn't really matter. The Nice guy started to explain the rules and I immediately realized how complex the game is. We had immense problems blooms to understand the game and for every card we wanted to play. We had to ask or a teacher if this is a move that is allowed or not. We miss triggers on the stack and possibilities possibilities to play reaction cards and then everyone of us has at least twenty years of magic together experience. I really was surprised. Just how long it took us to understand the core mechanics of the game. I just looked up the weight rating of the game on board Game Geek and was surprised is that it is only read with three point. Three five or five which is only a medium rating. The game was recommended to me several times for example for its twist on multiplayer rules. We played some kind of left attack. Where you're left neighbor is your pray? And you're right neighbor is your Predator and the Nice twist that we experienced during the game was the fact that you can more or less redirect attack that means means the Predator is not attacking U. S.. He intended but your prey instead which is beneficial for you. In addition to that the game also has some political boats in it But we didn't really see them during our test. Mitch we got our decks as a gift. And I'm I'm sure we will play the game again at home but I'm still afraid Of the rules because the complexities quite high of the game and and we do not have a teacher anymore and have to read the rules on our own again. One reason why I think the game is so complicated is because of its Iki- and there are a lot of icons on these cards. I think they're at least seven eight nine ten items on each card and they are not distinct enough they they all look pretty much the same. They're only second why they have the same form they do. Not Use really different colors so it is really difficult to due to see what kind of I can is represented on each card in the future. I'm pretty sure I will try to make an episode on how to design icons for your games. But I'm not an expert on. That would probably need need an expert to interview but this topic. I will dive deeper into the future. What I really liked about the game was How it handed the the resources? Because you had to a pool of Platt Tokens and you needed so SPLO- Tokens to To summon one of your your vampires. And then these tokens were not lost. They became the life life of your of your empire and you always had to To manage those blood tokens. They went from the pool to your personal poo due to the On the cards and Infield quite right how was implemented so not more to say about the game. At the moment I will have to play. I had more before I can do. A deep dive analysis on it but I'm sure we will played in our gaming croup once we had the time to read through the entire routes. What's the suck game? We played was New Expansion all of the deck building game ascension. The expansion is called Scouts and sailed and it adds ship And raiding to the Kagame me fuck more or like a pirate themed expansion. We played later short round and we lost a relative large distance against our teacher. The game was fun but a little bit too easy for my personal taste. It only has a weight off to on board Game Geek which isn't bad? But I prefer a bit more complexity in my my tech. Boom essential self is a pretty simple deck bill. You A quiet cards from marketplace. And these cards grant you victory points which in the end Decide who wins the game. The expansion adds these little ships which you can use to move around the map to get some advantage and you get this advantage. If you are next to card you want to buy from the marketplace because you anchor next next to Carter and Ankara is also the keyword that we're looking for this fouled a little bit well unnatural and to me and it felt I'd like was attached to the game and not really deeply Integrated in the card game rules and I didn't really into didn't really interact to to with the rest of the game am however it felt like a smooth deck builder but I didn't really really Like the theme of moving around with the ship's here so essentially says is a pretty good game and I'm pretty sure that the other expansions are good but I wasn't too impressed. From the from the ships they will for example a mechanic called rating in which you were able to steal steal treasure from one of your opponents while this is the end definitely fits to the game. I was missing some kind off for possibility to protect against it as a player. But there was nothing you can do about it if you had The most dry in the game you typically got raided from all the other players and well I would have loved at least some kind of possibility to do something against it for example building a strong armada of ships or something like that but There wasn't any after the game. We took a bit of a prey. We had some lunch We saw Tom Vessel. And had the ability to talk to Isaac Children's the designer of gloom haven who had already his appearance on the podcast. What caused and probably will be a guest in the future again and then we moved onto the next game And that game mm-hmm Waas saucer from white without games and I really liked the game so we play to play a game which which was a pity we would have loved to play with three or four players by I can see why they prepared the to play variants of the game So that more different different people were able to try out the game at the start of the game we had to build our own decks. That sounds complex if you think about magic for for example but it was actually quite easy. Each player was building a unique saucer addict by combining one of the four available character decks with one of the four lineage decks and one of the four domain Dick's each pile came with ten different cards Which added up to thirty card deck the character cards determine who you are? The linear carts represent the style of magic US news and the domain deck determines the training your head and the kind of followers you have each of the three decks also comes with a skew card that you place in front of you. They are always active And these scorecards give you special abilities that you can use during the game together together your skill cards also show your full character name which is kind of NEAT For example you might be our. ESPN's the Dimona largest all the outcasts. Sanctuary the game place over several rounds and eat Ron Players alternate by spending actions. As far as I remember we had six or seven actions per round And what I really really liked is the way you can use those actions actions You can use an action to play a spell. For example you can use an action to draw heart all you can use the action to gain AINU energy which is more or less monarch that you need to activate spells and costs belts and to play minions all you could play a minion for for example with an action and I really enjoyed having the freedom to choose what I want to do. With my turn Arkham horror. All the card game has a similar a model and I like these action based systems very much. The game also comes with three different battlefields And when you play minue must decide on which battlefield you want to play it It will only be able to fight and use abilities in that specific perfect battlefield and if you later decide you needed some wells you can spend action to move it from one battlefield to enable battlefield after all player than have performed the actions the minions fight And they fight by. Rolling battled is equal to their attack value and the dice. Show the amount of hits and wounds that you do to your opponents and taking minion thereby can damage or destroy other minions and If they are no millions they can conquer the battlefield and if you conquer tool three battlefields you win the the game. The game was very technical. Because you always had to react on what your opponent was doing you were able to enchant your minions able to enchant Chandi millions of your opponent And you re to Zaid which kind of battlefield you want to put your minions on you want to try ride to conquer battlefield. That is empty at the moment. Or you want to protect The better field. Your opponent has deployed his minions to it was really nice. It felt very very good and it was by far my best gaming experience on the entire Rachel. The reason for that is probably because the game uses all of the ESPN. I really like about gaming. action selection Qods dies and had a lot of technical depth after after that we played the newest expansion of Seven Wonders Seven Wonders Amada And the game at S- also ships was to the game. I don't know why so many game expansions are currently adding ships to the game. I have no clue. Maybe that was just a coincidence. But I also didn't like the expansion too much. Maybe I'm just not the the C ship Amara Guy I don't know In seven one does the amax pension at a new naval bart to the game on which you manage different kinds of ships Rhett WanNa Corinne clean. Want a yellow one and the blue one and every time you play one of your cards you can spend resources to move that respective respective ship forward for example. If you play Green Card you can spend. I don't know Some gold and wood to move your queen ship a a little bit forward and yes these ships at a lot of Additional interaction action between the players to the game which is actually not a bad thing but I don't know I didn't really think think it is necessary to add them to the game. It adds Quite a bit of complexity and The games last longer That wasn't exactly what I was looking for the fair there to to play along again. But maybe it's exactly what you're looking for at home so that could could be could be a good thing for people that are really experienced with the game and one to have a new experience Add to the game. I really like the balance of the CAU- game in this quite easy to teach to Absolute beginners but also has a lot of depths for for more experienced players. And and I really loved that there are multiple ways all from scoring victory plans and to win the game at the end with the expansion A lot of interaction is et. This comes with a bit of complexity as well and it gives you a new tactics and new strategic decisions which at the end is not really what is he's needed when you play the game for the first time so for beginners. I would recommend to play the game But if you are experience as I said and you might enjoy the new tactics and strategic decisions that you can add with Amanda to the game but I personally prefer to add that additional additional tactics and complexity to the cards that drafted and not to a separate board that you have to manage but that is only my personal impression. I have seen a lot of good reviews for this expansion as well. Unfortunately we were not able to finish our game so I wasn't able to see how the the ships and the Amada really effected the scarring at the end of the game. So maybe my My a review here is not Does Not Represent a full blown experience of the entire pension so chest to chest that we had to leave because as we Had An appointment with another game we were able to gather one of the few slots For A game from missed wall and and this was at a specific time slot so when we entered the the fair we walked by the booze of these Kumbang of this company which was at hall six and there were these incredible good-looking RPG tabletop hybrid game And we were asked if we want to make an appointment for a slot in the evening and we of course did and then we were able to play a four player round and of this game afterwards but that was also the reason why we had to leave from From the seven wonders game. I don't actually know I know the name of the game we played. I know that it's produced by missed wall Spanish company but I can't remember the name of that even told us the name. What was special about the game was that there was a latch? TV in the middle of the table and everyone chose a character represented by a small miniature and Then we played a little role playing game on that TV by placing or miniatures on the TV the end the TV recognized the miniatures and there was a small crowd based system on the TV and story that was driven forward. All what's by US moving on the table so it fed little bit but like playing Baldur's gate on with real miniatures and that was digitally support and everyone also had his player a mad with different cards. For example and some small coins joins representing Monopole Johns and health potions and other things and when it was your turn you had to put so cards on the on the TV or these coins on the TV to determine your action that you're he will should perform and the to be recognized that this for example Sawada fireball card. And then you had to choose The targets the opponents by pressing them a little bit Down on the TV TV and then the action was performed and in any viable was shown on the TV. It felt really great. I really I love the experience because it was sound support and Every player was able to read the story in his own in pay because it was shown in the con of the TV for each of the four players. And you were able to press forward whenever you are you ready this also also really well implemented But you could see that all of the game was was a prototype was still a prototype. There were some some Mina in a box here and there but the experience felt really really good and and we. We left a lot of constructive feedback and I'm really looking forward to to see more these kinds of games in the future because And just a fan of of digital games as an bought games alike. And I'm I'm still waiting for good implementation that Mary's the best parts of both of both worlds. I I have no clue what this game actually will cost at the end. And if you have to buy the entire system or if you can use your own tablet or pc to play late. I have no clue And I don't know when the game will be on kickstarter But if you're interested you should probably with the website of missed wall because Yeah the game look really promising for me and that also the last game we played on the fair and Then we went back home to the apartment we rented for for this night and play two rounds of a magic draft them unto onto late in the night so as a conclusion. I can say we lot of fun at the s spew. Two thousand nine hundred nine but they were also some some things which I didn't like too much First of all there are many many people and lot of impressions and this can be very overwhelming. Wilmington so Yeah I next time I I would probably go earlier. I'm so on Thursday. Maybe SMABY SMABY I. At least I have the hope that would be less people running around them. Something that I really didn't understand this The price of the Games that you were able to buy them. I came to Lafayette with the Intention to buy three or four specific games and the new executive which games I wanted to buy but all of them more expensive than in the Internet. That really surprised me. I was thinking there was a special discount for the fair or at least some additional bonus content that I would get But neither was the case. Yes and so I didn't buy the Games Someone told me afterwards that we in Germany have probably the best market for football games. That means that in other countries some of the Games are not even available to buy or more much more expensive to buy so so maybe this is something that especially for Germany that our games are cheaper here in the Internet but I was at least surprised. And that was the reason why it didn't by any games there. Another thing that wasn't to crate was Um that we were not able to experience the whole Fair With our entire group. We went there with seven people and yeah it wasn't possible to play anything together Yeah probably this. This was not Not a surprise at all but we separated in the beginning and yet we we see each other sometimes during the day but we we didn't really had a had an experience Altogether nevertheless we had a lot of fun doing that One day for the next year I I plan to go there Maybe two or three days to be able to play more games and to be able to talk to more people want to Talk to Mav the designers that are there. Yeah I want to attend to the Panels a little bit more and stuff like that. I wasn't able to do this year. So that's that's it for the show. Today it was a different one. I wanted to share this experience with all of you and next week we will be back to our normal schedule with an interview or a deep dive into a game mechanic. I

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63 Guest Dad & Author James Breakwell  Movies, Dad Survival Skills and More

Dad So Hard

35:32 min | 1 year ago

63 Guest Dad & Author James Breakwell Movies, Dad Survival Skills and More

"Solorio everybody all right up. Danny we we there. We're here. It's weird Wednesday. Could Be Thursday all right. So let's go. It's DAD's podcasts. Let's get into this music world how you screwed up. So He's played. The music played again. Am Vinnie Dunleavy Danny McCartney and we are hard where will and today's episode is phenomenal. Episode we just. We're just rub and didn't record the first ten minutes of it. I would say the first five minutes. Whatever goes I think we're really missing is the banter. But we're recording this because we are podcast professionals. Yes so this idiot vinnie. Didn't record the INTRO. And of course it's an episode where you absolutely need to hear the intro. Because we're interviewing someone cry and And but the good news is going to be a youtube version of this episode. You can please. I think somewhere we tell you about our social media presence It's going to be great Danny and I are talking about We're talking about movies. Were talking about surviving or kids surviving illnesses. But the big news is that wheeling our kids squier kits and we actually have a hysterically. Funny Guy on this week His name is Mr James Break. Well and he just came out with in. He's an author. Her he just came out with a book. Influence her influencer. How his book is how to save. Your child from ostrich tax accidental. Time travel in any else that happens on that. This is the third book effort forth on the way for the on the way a big twitter following and And and by the way if you listen to this episode and you send us some comments you send us some Dm's or you re tag awesome posts. You were GONNA. You are actually going to win something this where the in a win Danny. A copy of James's book how to fight off where how to how to save your child how to save your child from ostriches tax. And then all that stuff yet entitled Very Funny Very Funny Stuff Very Funny Guy You're going to enjoy it and you're GONNA WE WE DANA. We're going to jump into this. Movie's you're GONNA come in to the episode episode Mid Conversation. So just deal with it. Do we were talking about sicknesses. And James is He just had to bring his daughter unfortunately to the hospital but she is okay on the weekend But it's GonNa be a good time and please keep those emails coming. Follow US ray. Assu we love you as we appreciate. You would be nothing without our fan rice. And this is the new age of podcasting where you record the interviews and then do opening and then you go enjoy the interview. Maybe maybe we'll find out that this works better. And maybe this'll be our new way of doing it. We got we are innovating innovating as we see. We'll see how it works. We're both wearing red tonight. You're not gonna you may or may not hear about it. I don't even know what we talked about in the very beginning. We don't know what we missed because we didn't recorded so we love you. Thank you everybody. I enjoy a arrest of the episode. He's abacus kids had the flu. They ran through another bill sick again and the oldest his turn him five. He's coughing like crazy and they said if it doesn't stop by tomorrow we got We take him to get x Ray so I don't know if that's how they determine croup but we'll find out what's going on now because we are x Ray came back clear. It was still croup so croup is just if it gets like an upper respiratory area that I think the x Ray for pneumonia I duNno. I am the opposite of a doctor I just show up and then they tell me home or not. So that's that's what I meant it for. Yeah oh fantastic. We actually went through a A strep emerge not and we. We had three weeks of Strep at our house. Although it was really two weeks because I was misdiagnosed. My daughter got it first. Woman Jordan sleepover and then her friend. I think got it to my wife like a week. Later at my daughter got at the end of the Week. I brought my son in me and to get tested for it he was. He had no symptoms but was tested. Positive I had. I was dying of a cold and got tested negative. I went back five days later. Still got tested negative and then this past Saturday. The Doctor Walk in clinic decides call me and was like. Oh guess what happens every once in a while when we send that sets out to the lab it comes back positive and you got strep so I actually. I've been walking round. Ticking time bomb for us. Can everyone else sick Greg? The incubation period of the crow virus was fourteen days. I there's a lot of rowing bread. I actually cut people office today Reich. They said I was negative. I was like you go back and you tell them. Mail that shit out. Mail that out to the lab to the lab So we're coming off Oscar weekend and there were a lot of movies and I'm bringing this up because my we recently. Shane has been put the Netflix on or like Cuba. What movies to watch. The joker keeps popping up and he loves Batman. He loves the Batman Movies. We keep wanting me to watch that one. Will we watched? I have to say a terrible. We did watch the first thirty minutes of the joker and I was like you cannot watch. This movie is strong with you. Was the language in the beginning is not that bad. It's just creepy. It's not about the language. Well it's weird. It's just that he likes him. Then he started doing only fast. He wanted me to fast forward to only parts that he was in When he was like dressed up as the joker oh when he murders perfect well nobody in the beginning of the movie comedian murder. Anybody in the beginning Still stupid but need me. It started me to think 'cause we're also getting back to one of the things James why we have him here and what we're excited out is he has released. What I believe is your third book. Y'All I think it's like the fifth third. There's other ones coming out. But this is actually the third one Danny Jenny. Just an indepth research. Save your view uncovered. There's five where where? Where did you go on the dark? Web wikipedia update. You may need to be updated and we're learning that tonight James Up. The wikipedia is to be updated. So it is it is called how to save your child from ostrich Australis attacks accent so time travel and anything else that might go might happen on an average Tuesday which is like today that we're recording on a too much. It's all coming together when I started writing this book as like Sunday. I'm going to do this. Podcast and a Tuesday. It's all GonNa come together. That's right tip a tip of the hat tip. Yeah so but it got me thinking about the movies and I WanNa get you some situations in the book but like what do you do and I don't know if it's saving your child. It's by saving your child exposed sitting. You look when you're fifteen thirty minutes into that movie and you realized this was not a good choice and I feel like the wife wants to abruptly. Just shut it down. Yeah I just don't think I to me that's very like PTSD creating just turned off. What what James. What do you think well? I think the good news is my kids. Wouldn't hear it anyway. Because any might movie we watched as a group. The kids are just GonNa be screaming and fighting. I'm not going to know what's going on. They're not going to go with no. We're GONNA have no idea like they. They kind of self censor just by being loud ridiculous. We Watch we watch karate kid the other day the old original one For the first time with the kids and I don't think they pay attention to ten seconds of that movie. They were throwing popcorn at each other wrestling around. Doing all this stuff but at the end of it all of a sudden they were doing flying crane chicks to each other so that was all they got which is fantastic and that is. I'M GONNA say we'll tip number one right there. Don't worry about the content of the movie if it's too adult. They probably won't pay attention. That's what that's what we're counting on. The less. They can hurt each other. They can hurt each other. They're going to pick up that tiny little bit self defense training though. It's all good actually walks on wax off exactly. Yeah Danny there. Have there been any recent movies in your House that you've been concerned about our TV shows. Now I mean they really just don't have interest the craziest movie that they recently watched was The really bad spiderman. Three with Tobey. Maguire I WANNA censor it because that movie sitting terrible Ed but aside like yeah there's violence but like what superhero movie doesn't have violence totally such a bad movie. That's why I don't want them to watch it but Shane Right. My son my son's Five and a half James. He's obsessed now police officers. Oh we're in a big zone and a couple of weeks ago. He when he willing to Netflix on the APP he's started going into my account and my dad. My Dad's account and we have the problem because there's a show that medical sex edition six and he started playing it and I was like you. CanNot. This is not happening like shut it off so now the other day he wanted to watch Police officer movies which are not really on the kids networks account so as well you can go into my can all find you a police movie. He's like are you sure you can go into your account ago. I'm with you. You can go into my account but only when I'm sitting with you. Yeah so we go in. I walked police movies and of course from the nineteen eighties For the funniest movies pop up we. Sakata me one two three and four so I put on Brusca me one. It is rated R. Pro Bobby should lead with Zootopia. These movies no my thing was rated R. I think rated R. in the eighties is not rated R. In the what we in the teens. Now or the twenty s I think rated R. Back Ban is now a PG thirteen disagree. You disagree I mean no. Those police got movies are just funny movie. Because if you flip it and you look like a pg movie in the eighty s. They're cursing there's violence that normally today would be a PG thirteen movie. Well then how screwed well. You will hear Ninja Turtles. Pg rated R. Nowadays you will. Most most of those movies are also. Pga. I find the shredder and a dumpster. Crush them crooked oiler. Sorry I ruined that movie for everybody but even to half of the kids shows I find very violent anyway so I'm like I'm not like why am I got so the best those I come home the next day then. He had a fight with ARD nanny. Cashew nuts to watch your head without me home and I said we're what and he goes. What movie are you watching? And then he switched to Charlie's angels with The live action. One with the reboot not the most. Recent one the reboot in like ninety s with what's her face from The fire movie when we were all kids. Let the blonde who was in the fire corn. This happened our James. Remember the movie. This is an early eighties. James You may be too young for this as well but like Drew Barrymore when she was in the Cornfield and there was fire. He you idiot. Oh not not. There was one. Firestarter wasn't firestarter drew Carey. The drew drew very maury. It'd be a lot better withdrew care. There was there was there was the point is this is Charlie angels with Drew Barrymore. Got It so And she anyway so it was good. We've been out. He loved watching it and then he finished the last three categories. Hey more power to you. Listen to that is what he's into law enforcement. That's good that's the plus. We'll we'll see we'll see how long it lasts 'cause I think you at this age weather become criminal or you become a police officer and those police officers happens at starts. No because like I kind of a long line of police officers in my family but to be a really good police officer. You were probably a little bit of a criminal in your younger years. 'cause you gotta get into the mindset of somebody who doesn't care about following rules yeah like. I Have Catholic school guilt. I follow the rules. I like you couldn't be a police officer would be the worst to me. I would believe anything anybody said. No you could you be the by the book cop and then you're partners renegade who's GonNa get kicked off the force you got your partner. Should be ready to go at probably. I'm yes I would be the rule book. We're going to get caught caught Aniston. Letham put him in the face of him I'll put him in the face a cutback up Suggest I wanted to. So on this podcast. I'm sure you have before you were guess. You binged binged. Fifty episodes obviously a clearly. Who wouldn't but we do talk about a lot of situations we think about what happens at our lives all these situations. What's a car? Or what has been occurring and in this book also You go through all these different situations of what could occur at your kids and I I find it very funny and I wanted to talk about a couple of them but to set the stage About the book so it is like a collection. I just got a collection of short stories which for somebody who doesn't necessarily read so. Danny James are also very different. I am a Short attention span. Reader I li- I listened to a lot of audio and I don't really like to. I'm not a long story reader. I Gosh short stories. So this book was perfect for me. Danny Would probably I? I've been reading it like a couple of pages every few days. A Danny lights actually read like streak. I'll read I can read. I have to re route. Who's bragging now but I have to re. I tend to have to reread things like the report times. What was this about But this is what I love because it was just about dad life and I was like oh I understand it and find it very funny but the first thing he talked about Were plate where we're not the first in one of the one of them earlier. I part of book we thought about play dates. And there's a whole chapter on surviving. Local Hata survive public problems. And Danny I talked about this. The What struck me about the oddity of father relationships on plates and sort of this unspoken like there is an unspoken rule or not rule around. Like how much you talk to the other. Dads how you introduce yourselves like. I think it's not about how you sir. How you have your kids or by the play date but more as a father. How do you survive? How do I survive the play? The awkwardness there. Can Be fatal. You gotTA figure out as a play date. Reichen drop my kid off and leave which is always ideal or do you have to stick around and like how do you do that like if if it's a stick around play day and you take off child. Abandonment there's all sorts of issues. You gotTa feel your way around. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is do unto others as you'd have them do unto you that whole thing you gotta go back to. It's like you dump your kid and run. You'RE GONNA get your kid dump another kid back on you. There is never a net gain when it comes to like child watching like any favor. Somebody does for you. It's GonNa blow up in your face. That's why I don't. I don't ask anybody to Babysit my kids because I don't WanNa watch their kiss. I will just I. I'm going to stick with the devil. I know I've got these four kids here. That's why have four kids to cut down on the plates. We have a friend over. Its Got Sisters Jeff that that is a great I never I never thought of it that way but yes it is the if you're the one who says Yo can. I run to the store per second. Watch my kid. You will be left in the park with somebody else's child absolutely. Oh why did I? There was one recently where I was in. The meanest guy was like his kid was in the park. Might you in the park. And we sort of hovered like a boxing match and not talking to each other. Just walking out skirts of the playground. I each other up each other. Who's GONNA break the? Who's going to say the first? Hello and like if the kids and we're both on our phone standing there watching and it's like please kids don't fight and ultimately comes down to like faulk. Is My kid going to push their kid and like to deal with this now. I have to be like. Oh I'm sorry and then you like is going to be a Dick and like screamy or is it going to go to worry about their kids. It's almost like how do you parent your kid. So I know the appropriate way to pair and Mike it around your kid yes. Yeah and it's all done through eyesight. There's no talking about it though. Judging based on what they're wearing are they wearing the same thing you're wearing square and ed. Hardy is he gonNa try to fight me. Is He from my town. I'm looking at going to see from this town visiting like why is he in the park? I live down the street. Was this guy here. Never seen him before. Mike. What's what's what's he doing. It ended up being that he ended up being like the CO chief of police in my home town. I live in who so he was very nice and I felt like I got a connection. I was like you know what I like. My streets are safer. This is a very police heavy episode. Yeah Oh Tau who knew? That was not planned. So James Tell us a little bit about like a immune Danny thought about writing a book. But how did you get to a place where you got three books written with four kids? I mean you have four kids. It is quite a few kids. I often count them repeatedly to just to make sure they're all still there. Yeah I I always wanted to To write books and I started I started. I wanted to be the next day. Berry and I got into journalism and I I hate it. I quit right away. Got a different non writing job and just kind of blocked on my own and this is back when you could make actually make money logging going viral. I never went anywhere. I did it for like a decade and just couldn't get a following and then I jumped on twitter to promote the blog and I shared some links that ain't going to earth at all. You gotta write jokes on your so started writing jokes. I gradually start writing more and more of our kids. And that's what resonated with people I built up a following there I got up to two hundred thousand followers and then buzzfeed ran an article on me and it exploded from there and then from there I gotta literary agent and then within a couple of months I had a I had a book deal so at all it was a it was a long build up but it was like the last little bit. There was twitter and that buzzfeed article kind of pushed it over the edge and then and then they were Kinda surprised to like so I had enough. I when I finally got the point where I hadn't followers for for a book deal like they were kind of shocked that I could actually right like. Oh you actually want to write this book. I got going towards the whole time. Yes I can. I can read and write much like you guys here. I'm GonNa Brag about that. I am capable of reading. Nice to listen if you could do something right I say. There's no reason to be humble about humble brag all the way Bless amazing. Well you are living like the. What do we call the teens? Twenty teens American dream because it used to be at a Bill. Us build fiscal Products announcement about using the Internet to create product out there world twitter and stuff which is amazing. Yeah you really. I didn't realize that the time you know my books. Even though the weird out there and their mom as an ostrich attacks and all that stuff they're technically nonfiction and if you WANNA write a nonfiction book you've actually got to come in with your own audience. You can't just like pitch and on fiction book to Random House. It'd be like okay. We'll go find June audience. Like you gotta come in with an audience for them. So the weird path I took to get there was actually the only path I could've taken and I did it highly by accident. So that's good to know and I can tell you tonight. I know that nonfiction Sanfer News and information. That is real because I was reading a book to my son tonight. He had to choose. Was the book a fiction book meeting fake or nonfiction meeting real and I always get nonfiction and fiction confuse. You just learned tonight what I know. I used to think fiction meant facts guy go fiction fact so fiction and fiction is not fiction steak and nonfiction Israel. So I get I do get very confused but as you were saying that I was like thank God. I read that book Which was called? God I read that children and if I showed you with that book was it. Was the letter a book which is where kindergartner. And I believe the book was like About the what was the cats and dogs like meow meow? This is a cat. There's a fourth this is a dog now through you reading. James's book is like a breakthrough. It's I I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or NFL huge. No I haven't had a real this real like real work for me. I was like oh I got to read. I'M GONNA but I'm committed to it and then I started doing it. This is fun. I can find enjoyment in. It really is taking us through the mindset of like a seven year old. 'cause most fun reading it's always weird to me like actually do have quite a few kids who message me who say. Read these books books for parents about kids. I feel like if kids are reading cheating. High school students aren't my target demographic for this but hey if they wanna read it and be prepared for hosters more power to well. The other thing I realized was reading these scenarios. It made me think I'm GonNa go to one that talks about the back of book domestic disasters and there's one about how to survive A Walk in freezer and reading it and after reading got so that when I read a bunch of other ones and I realized a lot of these situations in this book are very reminiscent of a lot of situations that occur in like old school cartoons. Like Scooby Doo and all these like nickelodeon shows because I thought to myself I who has imparted that you write about walk in freezer who owns who owns a walk in freezer and when you ever going to be stuck in a walk in. Freezer Yeah I actually. I had a summer job at an elementary school back in high school and there was a big walk in freezer. There that you can stuck in if you are paying attention so that was kind of what I was thinking about it. And then there was a new story. I couple years ago somebody died. I think they were like they were drunk and they broke off the handle. I mean that's the thing be drama. Lear did they can. They can die from anything so I mean technically can happen but really there were like there were big safety features like it should have never happened but I was working for kind of an irresponsible janitor. As like you know what if I if I could probably find a way to die anybody was GONNA do? It would be. Maybe you're right. The A lot of the dangers are kind of cartoony. Especially you know. Mommy's wear wolves and and things like that. Those tend to pop up more in your Scooby Doo scenarios. I will have a walk in freezer. I can aim like seven sitcoms macgyver. There's SNL skits like there are actually. It is one of the more an odd world of if you actually locked in a freezer you would die. There are many young. Tv shows where there's always an episode with like. Oh put them in the freezer and then will go and re magically get out Jurassic Park. The yeah they were in the freezer velociraptor and they do. Wow I totally missed that part. I totally underestimated the utility of freezers for Raptor Defense. I need to go right in amendment of well maybe Danny can submit one of the. What do they call it when people right in the back of the book like a quote can be Blurb Jammie? What will write a blurb? Throw that what gratis is a great except the Locker Raptors in the freezer? He may have to coach. Danny maybe we just start writing a post read. Read the chapters you. Gerrad a rebuttal Rebut Rebuttal. Post you like what in the Freezer There was one more. I wanted to get get rid. I folded over. Oh Oh parent teacher conferences. Yeah we just went through those those are the I. I Hate Parent teacher conferences. I do just paying their. They're not pleasant for anybody like you're never going to learn anything nukes. You already think well of your kids like any surprises are going to be bad surprises. I one thing I didn't realize having kids is like I'm out of school. I hated school. I'm so glad I'm done and then you have kids like oh I'm back in school. I small controls my life again. They have legal power over everything. I do out of this happen so I made some poor choices. There are four kids. I had to go back to school four times. I feel bad for their teachers. I do but at the same time. I like feeling bad for them from a distance. I don't like yellowing. They're confronted with what's actually happened. I'd rather have some possible deniability now. How old is your oldest kid nine? She's in fourth grade. Oh so she's on the press of actual grades yet. Will I think grades for them? Start earlier I think I I. It's early now. Not In my town you're wherein like just like their own hey trophy. My parents conferences are like they're just like they're doing good like it's like okay like unless they're showing shoes they're here. Thanks for coming availibility. It's happening on Mike Okay. Here are elementary school so fifth grade and sixth grade is when that's when the business store so I find it this system of teach teaching kids like they're going to school and they're sort of group learning and eventually there's going to be a band aid re ripped off that's like you. Now guess what we are judging all of you the bottom. You're going to be ranked. You're no longer friends. Just because they're right outside could get an idiot because they got majority. I can eighty two on an exam. Pretty good meat doesn't mean A. Oh that's like that's wild. I feel like that is not out of. It is most places. Yeah no right now that it does. Okposo report card. The report card six zero. They're above average are fine. They don't get graded to they're showing up there surviving anyone. The schools around here have been doing. They've been doing away with homework for the most part. I'm a big Fan of hip because that homework is your home or it will. Yeah and I guess bad I I I think Vince Myself. I'm a data like have you have homework. I'm not helping you do it on your own growing up. I did my own homework by thing. I'm really just a lazy that every time. The world's worst speller every time. My oldest daughter asked me quiz or on her spelling words. I just WANNA die inside. It's like I can't even spell these words. Don't make me do this. I mean I ca when my wife said to me tonight you gotta go read books to your son. I wanted to run out of the House kicking and screaming like a. We have a podcast. About how how great we are as fathers and I personally try to avoid any things after about being a father. It's a very very hypocritical. And that is like a big release for me to now publicly. Say That but like and schoolwork and managing its with James. You find you four. Yeah and we have one. That has a real school work but like I or even understand the folders. We have a folder system where one page comes home. You have to send certain pages back on a Tuesday certain on Wednesday. It is the most confusing world. And I'm like it's more work for me and my kid. I don't understand what is happening here. You go to school to figure out how to fill out the forms but it's like I can't do this just you know what it's it's low stakes elementary school. Just I'M GONNA send my kid there you send them back at the end of the day. What happens in between? Yeah I just don't WanNa know is a whole a whole lot of it's a whole lot of headache and the new math. I see my daughter yelled at me when I helped her with her subtraction. 'cause she said. I was doing it the wrong way. Now's the right answer. So what is it about this So as I said like my kids are sick right now so brady. Who's in school was out Monday today? And he's GonNa be out tomorrow and then we got cody at home so he had to take him to get the X. Ray and all this stuff so I'm staying home tomorrow. Watching them. Emerging starts telling me before she goes to bed the lessons that I have to teach them out of school for so she was tomorrow. They're learning patterns so said okay she goes well. You gotTA teach 'em patterns. Also what are these out of school for two days are Scott Ipad so they abolish snow days on a snow day? You just do your school work on the IPAD. Sound like a great idea for the older kids like are. You don't have to make it up. They can just do it on their own. But like my My third kids in kindergarten. She can't read well enough to figure out what the instructions are like if she's in class with the IPAD. You're fine live your at home like my wife had to sit down with her for like a couple of hours and try to go through this and they ended up being punished. Yeah and they ended up just letting them finish IT UP AT SCHOOLS. They kinda cheated anywhere. They use a regular school day to make up for their snow day. But we've got what? What state are you guys in New York? Okay and of the storm is going to hate you tomorrow or not. Were expecting like four to eight inches for us. That's a lot of. That's a lot of snow so I probably going to be out of school again Thursday. And we'll be going through this whole thing again you have to pay for those ipads as always just all public. Schools are amazing. Say everybody's tax dollars paid for my IPADS SHOUT OUT I. I'm actually wearing Ohio state. Shirks Ohio state For Graduate School and I love the Midwest but like a shadow to Indiana. Who's giving up their kids to public school system in Indianapolis ipads bags and head West. It's not not like it's my personal IPAD. I mean it belongs to the school. They they give you like all these warnings or this is the schools I had you on. We've got we've got tablets for the kids too but they're like the Amazon fire tablets beyond Super Sale for twenty bucks each of the kids. Drop it down. The stairs repeatedly. We don't have to get upset. Everything we buy for them as disposable. I A lot but I love you that because I feel like in the in the northeast and I told everybody in New York and this is a little bit of ally our world works. We New Yorkers who everybody thinks New York is first in everything and better and greater and a half. It's not true And then I find out that there are ipads in Indianapolis and that is like amazing. 'cause I can tell you there's people many people. I grew up in eastern long island which is like a little island off of New York. Very little can win win at school when Ohio many of my friends I could've been in China. Nobody knew state of Ohio was zone. I'm like yes they're like. Oh there's a world outside of Long Island it's the same time zone. Indiana actually I think Is the one that vacillates between two time zones we used to now we are entirely eastern except for like one little corner of the State. So yeah you're only decided. They decided to stay. I wish they would do away with the time. Changes and all that altogether but we had to pick one time. Stick to it so it's simpler even if we're on the wrong time like no offence to eastern high. But like we're we're way out here on the edge eastern time we should totally central die. But we are. We are not so it's like yeah for for if it's seven o'clock in the morning here in the sun's rising you must have a pitch black morning. Yes we live in darkness here and it's all thanks. You've got a night. The Sun must not go down to like midnight Wednesday. I don't think the sun ever comes up. This time of year is go dark. It's insane. We Miss Getting to see the northern lights are going to take a ride over in Indianapolis area go the way to go. Well James this has been amazing so if anybody I are fans listening Danny are gonNA run a promotion that if you send us an email with topics and questions for future episodes you will get and I'm going to hold the book up although for the people that watch on Youtube but it will put a picture of it on on the Danny. Put a picture of this on the instagram. Got Not holding but you can get shit but you can. You can get a we will get you a free copy of James's book how to Save Your Vin. Vinny will buy it. I will buy it and I will tell you to ensure that it actually arrives to our families. We have accused of giving out things that have never actually arrives. That's my fault. It's a fair accusation. It's not like we've been accused of something that we didn't do. We used support and did not do it. But this when we will do so if you like to read And you like comedy. Check out this book James. Where else can people? Where do you want people following you? You can follow me. You can find all my social media stuff on my website. Exploding UNICORN DOT com. You can find me on twitter exploding Unicorn without the E. or search for exploiting Unicorn on facebook and then I'm on Instagram as James Underscore break well and we're going to put that everywhere and you go to James's website. There's a very interesting story about why you have chosen your name under to my kids. Favorite words one. Shame loves things to explode and my daughter loves UNICORNS so putting exploding and UNICORNS together into his own. Universe is a brilliant. I was like Oh and then I was. I was it about the kids. And then there There is a real story behind it From when you were a youngster correct. Yes yes if you want. That story exploiting Unicorn Dot Com read about James. And then you're GonNa Click by all this stuff and follow him. I would that would be wonderful. Do all those things are. He's paying taxes in Indianapolis bipeds peds. Coming can even imagine what that tax rate is insane. I Know A and my kid gets a pencil. Yeah but they're not like the new IPADS. These are like the old ipads. This is Indiana after. We'RE NOT GONNA. Have you know two thousand nine hundred ninety pads come on? You're listening to music on Zunes. That's amazing well. Thank you very much. We love having you And we'll Danny's GONNA pull yourself out there and it was a great enjoy Tuesday night and the results from New Hampshire. We'll see what they were talking about out there while we were talking in here online pointing and had a good one fellas thanks later.

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AI Today Podcast #92: AI Use Case Series  AI in Project Management

AI Today Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Insights, Experts, and Opinion

16:00 min | 2 years ago

AI Today Podcast #92: AI Use Case Series AI in Project Management

"The today podcast produced by cowed Milica cuts through the hype and noise to identify what is really happening now in the world of artificial intelligence. Learn about emerging trends technologies and use cases from cognreznick analysts and guests experts. Hello and welcome to the today podcast. I'm your host Kathleen mall, chained. I'm your host while schmeltzer today's podcast along, our theme of AI use case series where we take a look at how air is being applied to particular industries, as mentioned before we find that many of our listeners love learning and hearing more about artificial intelligence, but obviously want to know how a is being applied in different particular industries, because they want to implement I and struggled to find the different ways that could be applied so they can be inspired, or learn how it's being applied either into the industry that they're in or to other industries that may be of interest to them. So today, we're going to look at how is being applied to help transform project management enterprises are increasingly using AI for project management to help improve the way that they create manage and operate projects organizations have widely adopted a range of team communication and messaging tools to help facilitate, and centralized croup communication, so tool, such as slack and flock are already well enough. Rated with popular project suites including JIRA Asana and trello. And I think when people think about project management, they may not be thinking this a -sarily of software project, but there may be thinking of all sorts of projects. Right and project management. The idea of it and general has been around for a long time. Basically any type of project that you have to manage. I need my yard, mowed that Canea product management, right. It doesn't have to be technology. A lot of organizations are managing probably more software projects. And that's you know how a lot of people are thinking about it, but it can be anything, you know, let's build one of the great pyramids. That's a project management. We need to figure out how to transport all my rocks and everything. That's very old example. It is it is. But I think the reason why we think about this project manager. When you have an organization of any size, especially more than two people or five people or ten people. You are trying to coordinate all these activities of multiple people, you probably have a strategy somewhere that somebody in management has come up with, and you're like, okay, make the strategy work. And then you're somewhere in the middle. You know, the top of the position, you're in the million project management, your job. Your team and your resources together to run this thing, how'd you manage that team? So that's what people have been using these tools, and technology and purchase beats piece of paper on wall. You know, it's, it's not collaborative. And also nowadays, a lot of people are not always in one, physical location. You can have a lot of remote employees you're gonna international teams so you need to have ways that better manage and facilitate this to a lot of these offerings now, have chat bots, that can help facilitate much of the communication, that was previously required by human insight and oversight that can't happen without the use of traps now. Because like I said, if you're not within close proximity to each other, you're just not able to communicate so an example of how these AI chat bots are working is that they can handle simple repetitive tasks such as scheduling or sending activity reminders to team members that alleviate some of that necessary. But mundane tasks that these project managers are doing, we know because we work with a remote team here ourselves. Our Linda and. Just a small organization, especially compared to some of these gigantic organizations. Exactly some government agencies that have like tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of employees even we use messaging systems. We prefer slack. We slack each other a lot, but there are bollocks now that can be in your slack experience that can provide additional assistance, and interact and provide the guidance that you need maybe access to information. And this is kinda we think chat bus. That is truly like echo website, chat about where I'm talking to major be like Hello project. But it could be inside the context of existing human-to-human chats that we're having. Right. Right. And these are now able to keep tabs on individual worker, activities, and notify management when these activities are starting to deviate from the expected plan. Hey, I systems are also able to autumn issue alerts when they detect potential budgeting scheduling issues. So they're able to really be somewhat Atanas and look at processes, look at flows look at patterns anomalies, and detect all of then. So if you're an application, developer, for example, you may be using slack integrated with one of these project management tools to say. I completed this task. Right. So you've message it or vice versa, your task management system, and it messages, everybody that this task was completed, but also you could do other things like you could check in code conversion code. You can holler at somebody that you just broke something. The chat bots are listening. And they could be paying attention to how you checking things in check and things up provide guidance, but also provide this additional level oversight. So the other way that we see Till's being used as ways to help reduce the overall project cost. So a lot of AI powered project, we help your enjoying this podcast and sorry for the brief interruption cognreznick not only produces the podcast that you're listening to right now. But we also generate research and advisory to help companies make sense of AI cognitive technologies. We also run the most authoritative vendor neutral, AI, machine learning training and certification on the market. If you're looking to make AI reality for your organization, our three day Lyrica training is for you. If you're interested in attending, you can find pricing and registration on our website at cognreznick dot com will also provide a link in the show notes. We've met many of our podcast listeners in our classes, and we hope that we'll see you there as well. Now back to the podcast, a lot of air, I powered project management tools, right now, are helping organizations reduced their overall project costs in a variety of ways. According to an Accenture study manager spent four fifty four percent of their time on project management related administrative tasks. So this is not the actual managing the project. This is like dealing with check ins and updates to status and like asking people were at the status of things aren't that sort of thing. Right. And as I mentioned earlier such as canceling meetings, sending activity reminders, these are that administrative task that they're fifty four percent of their time. I mean that's over fifty percent of their workday, which is a lot or week. I don't know whoever they break it out, which is a lot of time that they're spending on this stuff. Right. And so the end systems helping to automate, some of these things, maybe do automatic logging of information, maybe actually doing some as titties were finding that these tools are helping to cut this time, at least in half, right? So this frees up employees work in higher. Value activities. The employee's aren't bogged down, according stuff and putting stuff into project management systems. And he's intelligent bots are able to automate variety of project management duties, for example, documentation on projects, and perhaps, as digital quality control quality assurance, and they can check the various activities making sure that, that there's compliance steps that need to be happened. Maybe cyber security steps need to be having which sometimes don't happen a horror like other steps. People are maybe cutting corners in ways that may be dangerous. Right. These bonds can keep an eye on those sorts of things, and they can also interact with workers to provide instance access to status to find out what's happening, especially if you're in a big remote team made people different time zones. You're working collaboratively, benign, at the same time, so these boss really can help do that. Find the dependencies and other critical project related activity. Right. And that these are proving so helpful within that study eighty six percent of project manager said that they would welcome technologies in their organization and project management, workflows so adding to that Ron had brought up how it can help reduce overall project costs. It can also help. Reduce human workload. These intelligent assistance are able to reduce the human project manager's workload in a variety of ways these tools are able to keep track various project management, activities and the use of these automated systems helps reduce human error, which is a big thing. And it can also keep aspects of bias in check by systematically and reliably. Keeping project management records and bias can occur for a number of reasons as well as human error. So it's nice to just have a second set of is the digitally, these AI technologies are offloading repetitive, tasks, for example. AI chat bots. Can now assume simple repetitive tasks such as the meeting organization or activity reminders that we had mentioned above, and these AI chat bots, when they take that on, they're able to save a huge amount of time from the human workers, which helps with cost, but it also helps reduce their workload as well. So they can focus on more higher value at things, such as you know, failed inquiries from the team that require human to human interaction. Not just chat bots. You talk about cognitive automation tools, as well, so software bots of different kinds of hopefully, intelligent, kind, not just the repetitive tasks on a mission. But still, there's a very useful, cutting out some of these, like you gotta take something on one system, put into another. So it's really very useful the other way that we're seeing these more intelligent systems helping is helping to maintain the schedule and the budget, especially, so Aaron able project management systems can automatically distribute alerts when potential budgeting or scheduling issues are detected right? So it's not just regular threshold lords. You don't need AI for that. This is more about using predictive analytics to tell when things are basically trending or possibly matching some pattern which systems all like know your team kind of falls into the happens a lot with teams like he'd just fall into these like behavioral patterns, you know, somebody is like, feeling passive aggressive doesn't tell you when things everything late and then all the study discovered late. And of course, you have team manager who can't handle that. And they blow up and it's not good. So, you know, these, these predictive analytics. Systems can use data collected about the various projects to glean information, such as to help determine when the actual completion to hate be the completion rate predict the likelihood of teams delivering products on time, you know, maybe you're always over budget in particular way. Because whoever is doing the budgeting doesn't seem to understand something about the way your team behaves and these systems can pick that up so air systems are really good at finding patterns in large amounts of data. And so these systems are able to look at large amounts of data from the project management tools, the budgeting tolls, the scheduling tools and help identify bottlenecks and areas of where process improvements or other changes can be applied to improve overall performance. So this defied trends that may be critical to the business this project management trends, but they're hard for humans to observe, especially in the noise of all the project management data, or because you're in the project, you're working on something. You don't have time to see what other people are doing in your organization, right? Antill's are also able to help eliminate some of the human error that can just get introduced into. To the projects, and with project management, so technologies are able to deliver reliable and sound analysis free from human bias and human error the primary job of project managers is to make sure that the strategic vision of senior management is realized through the various activities that business performs, however project, managers, get bogged down with various administrative task taking up much of their work day as we had talked about earlier, you know, fifty four percent of their time can be taken up on administrative tasks. So these air technologies are able to provide various efficiencies, and are able to help reduce the time that project manager spend on administrative tasks with technologies from fifty four percent down all the way to twenty five percent. So it's not always able to fully eliminate but it's able to vastly reduce where they're not spending the majority of their day doing this anymore. So it's clear that these systems are helping make significant impact by eliminating much of the necessary, but low value active. Vity of these project, managers, one of things that we ended up is that when you have an additional pair of eyes on your data and your systems they systems can keep an eye on potential risk. No. That could be compliance risk could be internal policies could be cyber security risk. It could be financial. There's lots of kinds of risk, right? And as we heard some of our other podcasts, if you listen to our podcast on finance here just talking about fraud, but also employees risk is lot of employee fraud. But yeah systems are good at the tech that they can just find these patterns and they're good at defined compliance issues. They could be additional helpers, so and it systems can really use the data that we already have to learn the various different aspects and apply policies as related to risk and compliance and governance and all that sort of stuff. And even if it's just letting you know that, like, Yep. Checked it. It's following within the acceptable guidelines. Nobody's putting in personal information into a system. That's not supposed to have personal information or whatever it is my only get into what's happening in the social media, narrow here. But like they're all realizing their exposure to risk as much. More significant myth up before. Right. And that it takes a long time for things to come down if ever wrote never, in it's harder than they think, adding to that. It can also help with problem detection. So we always say that. Hey, I is really good at analyzing large amounts of data finding hidden patterns, finding anomaly is and it's able to identify sometimes areas. Well, there could be a potential problem or slowdown or a bottleneck based on previous behavior, or based on the way things are currently trending that humans might not be able to otherwise see. So it's good for problem detection as well. The reason we're talking about project management, which may seem really dull and boring. Is it really we're talking about project manager. It's really about managing groups of people. That's basically we're talking about talking about, like this is a very human thing at project management, managing other people. You know, if machines have no problems following directions. You could tell machine to do something, you could give it a schedule in the budget, you know, unless things are breaking down. Those machines will basically do exactly what you said, exactly the right time if you basically done it so project management about managing the inherent unreliability of people. Also just mention the than heroin complexity of unpredictability of people. And I think that's sort of what we're like Kenya. Apply to basically help us figure out find the patterns and human behavior make us better because project management right now. Like what it is. We're trying to basically have some sort of scientific or engineering approach to managing people to deliver things. But the problem is that people are people, you know, they don't understand the requirements. They make mistakes they're prone. They may think you say one thing and you do something else. They get sick. They don't show up or you know, things things happen. Right. Yeah. And also, sometimes when you're remote, you're not always collaboratively, working together, if you are not all speaking, the same language things can get lost and translations you're on different time zones. Somebody can do something that they weren't supposed to. And there's a lag time with having it get fixed because you're not in the same time zone. So it's kind of interesting to look at how can help us manage human behavior. Right to the extent. They can't or just to help us provide some insight or guide. It's something into human behavior. And that's really what this is. But to call this podcast, a and human behavior people will think this is some sort of research academic and basically, where the rubber meets the road and human behavior is project management. So there you go. Listeners. We hope that you enjoyed this podcast. This is part of our AI use case series podcasts. There are others in the series that you may wanna listen to. And we'll make sure to link them in the show notes. Thanks for listening. And we'll catch you at the next podcast, and that's a wrap for today to download this episode find additional episodes and transcripts subscribe to our newsletter and more. Please visit our website at cognreznick dot com. Join the discussion in between podcasts on the today, Facebook group and make sure to join the cognitive Facebook page for updates on this and future podcasts. Also subscribe to our podcast in tunes Google play and elsewhere to get notified a future episodes to support this podcast and get your message to our listeners than become a sponsor. We offer significant benefits for today sponsors, including promotion in the podcast and landing page and opportunity to be a guest on the today show. For more information on sponsorship, visit the cog delivered a website and click on the podcast link this sound recording and its contents is copyright by cog Melissa all rights reserved music by Matsu, gravitas, as always, thanks for listening to today. Amil catchy at the next podcast.

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Episode 183  Microsoft 365 Network Monitoring Goodness

Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

35:51 min | 1 year ago

Episode 183 Microsoft 365 Network Monitoring Goodness

"Welcome to episode one hundred and eighty three of the Microsoft cloud it. Pro podcast recorded live on June twelfth, twenty twenty. This is a show about Microsoft. Three, sixty five and Asher from the perspective of it pros and end users. We discussed the topic or recent news, and how it relates to you in this episode. Ben Scott Jump back into Microsoft three sixty five land talk about recent announcements around network performance recommendations from Microsoft as it relates to Microsoft, three, sixty five. They also spent some time in Azure talking about as your files that active directory authentication. I was week. One are one week in the bucks as a blue badge survived, it remotely survived. It is the first week Cattolica first week anywhere else for you. Just I think I saw you were just watching videos and doing a bunch of learning and figuring out where everything is and what you're supposed to do, and where you're supposed to find that and all that. You go to a new company. You Gotta learn the way that he thinks the up exactly and now center in the eastern time zone, and they're in the Pacific Time Zone. Hours like eleven to. Eight. Now now I'm primarily in my hours so far sticking your hours so far more perfect all right so essentially. Our Blue Badge I have a question for you that are in across on facebook. I'm going to not say who it is or not say which facebook group I saw it in, so that person can remain nameless, but I have a question for you. Scott, do you now or the question was anyone? Does anyone know what is the best way to Edward Russ? Plug INS for creating your own design sure points when nineteen. Step One uninstall shear point. Twenty nineteen, studying stored to install wordpress, yes, P HP and dot, com or not compatible. Don't work together and made me laugh. You could certainly write your. Maybe like your SPF fx thing image figures and put them in I frames or something, and those could be wordpress right then consent Song Illinois wordpress site just brought word president. I frame ensure point in teams. That's it's Bingo. It's all just code somewhere inception for office three sixty five. It were pressed as making breakfast this morning. That just give me a chuckle, indeed well, yeah. I don't have anything else I'm tired. It's been a long week I'm going on vacation next week yeah yeah. Disney's open again. No. We are actually going up. We're going north now. We're going up to Georgia Georgia's dot north still in the south. As north from me. Very, true, just about everything there we go very true. Yeah, so we're taking off for a week and just getting away with the whole family, so my in laws us. We rented a house and we're GONNA. Go social distance somewhere in the woods in Georgia. Excellent. We're thinking about doing the same, but we'll do it closer to when the leaves change, because palm tree leaves. Don't change color, but if you do go to Georgia or North Carolina. You start to get into. Leaves that actually change so we're going to do that more than like a toper. November got it nice. I, think we might as well it's not might actually later this year. We already going to brave the airports to and fly up to Michigan to see my family. We've bought plane tickets the other day. They were cheap. Nice thing is is the direct flight from one small airport to another small airport with no layovers, not know. Anything so we shall see how that goes. I will let you know how the airports are later the summer. Basket of Yup well. It was interesting when I booked the flights. They actually give you A. They put a disclaimer on there. That based on how many plane tickets were GONNA sell. We may not be able to adhere to social distancing guidelines on the plane. And they give you a check box. Do you want to be notified? When this flight is over sixty percent sold so you can book these flights and then get notified if your plane's going to be really fallen if you can hear a social distancing I'm I'm assuming they let you cancel reschedule. If you're uncomfortable with a over sixty percent full flight, which just seems weird. Because the last time I was on a flight that had that few people. I don't remember the last time I was on A. Few people. Yeah, that'd be a pretty interesting thing so. Other News, I'm just full of random tidbits of news. As IT professionals in the cloud era. Sometimes that feels like we don't speak the same language as the rest of the organization, so when stakeholders from finance or other departments start asking about a specific project or teams azure costs. They don't always realize how much work is involved in obtaining that information sifting through cluttered CSV's and a complex massive Meta data in order to manually create custom views and reports. It's a real headache on top of helping you understand in. In reduce your organization's overall as your spend share gate overcast lets you group resources into meaningful cost costumes and map them to real world business scenarios this way you can track costs in the way that makes most sense with your corporate structure whether it's by product, business, unit team, or otherwise it's a flexible, intuitive and business friendly way of tracking Azur infrastructure costs in. It's only available in share gate of cast out more share gate dot com slash it pro. So trying something else. I'm going to do some self promotion Canadian himself, rushing at the beginning of our podcast allowed to do that. Shirk as shameless self-promotion. Shameless so July nine. I'm going to try something new I'm GonNa actually do a one day workshop like all teams for two thousand people, and it's going to be a combination of videos will have some live calls office hours. Some resources people can download, and it will be within teams from seven am eastern to seven PM. Eastern time and twelve hours twelve hours, but it's not going to be that. You have to be there for twelve so seventy seven bucks you can go sign up. I'm limiting it to twenty people so have enough time to give everybody attention, and you can come in watch. The videos work through like challenges that I'm going to have in your team. In terms of configuring teams policies, and some of the teams settings and. And Messaging Policies, and all of that, and then have resources you can download, and during those twelve hours I'll be available for chat four office. Our type calls for someone on one calls. And then you'll have access to everything for like thirty days after that, but I won't be actively monitoring that teams channel Anymore Gotcha, so there's going to be a registration in the show notes because I need to make sure I have. Have the URL alright, so go look at the show notes because I'm still getting the registration all set up and configured, but if you are interested in learning all about teams policies in a one day workshop, and then have a bunch of resources to go take and do it in your own tenant and certain your own tenant. Go Click the Registration Lincoln. The show notes and find out more very cool and then maybe. Maybe I'll do more if people like it and I fill up, I can always do more workshops for twenty people, or I may expand it out and do one day or two or three days on different topics, so if this isn't your cup of tea, let me know and we'll see what other workshops we can do just like that. You're so accommodating just like that I am I do it for the People Scotch. All about the people all about them. All about yes, okay, we're going to stop now. We'll get into some real news. Don't talk about well. That's real news. Do you want to talk about other news? That's not my news. Yeah about. Assessments Start Their network assessments. So this one was interesting in. If you have been paying attention to conferences, this was actually initially announced back getting night, as I went back through, and I really hadn't seen anything else about it, and then jeff cheaper has recorded a Keno that has playing in a few of the conferences. Going around was at the virtual marathon that I took part in I think there was what was the one in Europe. There's one in Europe. I think this past week de European collaboration summit I thought they had a different name. Now it's the east UCS is okay so there was that one I think there was another one, and then there's the Collab- three sixty five at summit that is their global onto. That's actually going to be going on when this comes out, but in their jeff cheaper and I can't remember who else somebody else joined them for. The Keno, but he talked about a network performance tool. And as you have, it's tied to office office. Three sixty, five Microsoft three, sixty, five in as you set up your offices in different locations, this tool can tell you about network performance in these different locations around the world around whatever country you're in, and what the experiences lake based on network performance, and I haven't I haven't had a time to play with this yet, but they said you could get to it through the Microsoft three sixty five adleman center I was not able to find it and I haven't dug around a ton yet, but I don't know exactly where it is in the center, but I did find the URL to the preview of it. The interesting things that's Adleman. Dot Microsoft Dot Com portal dot Microsoft dot com slash admin portal slash home pound slash network performance. It's kind of nifty because you can go in manually entered your different locations, or it can go detect where all your different and points are pulling those locations automatically in start developing again, just kind of connectivity and network. Performance Map on he people in this location having a great experience, because network performance isn't great, or these people have a great experience, so it starts giving you some insights, especially with everybody working from home or companies that have multiple locations around how your network is actually performing as it relates to people accessing office three sixty five. Yeah, it's pretty interesting I, I don't know how it's coming up with the metrics around. Where users are located, if it's using actual location data, or it's just based on usage location or the actual location of the user in their ad profile, which is pinned in for data, residency and a bunch of other different things, so in the portal it talks about this is straight from Portal says this list shows office locations discovered from network telemetry as well as locations. You've added mainly so I'm guessing polls based on. Ip Address would be my theory E.. I telemetry, would it be a D. locations? I wouldn't think yeah I. Don't know where that all falls out like it does say in the docks that it's live data, but you know Microsoft has things like demo tenants. We've talked about leak demos. Dot, Microsoft Dot Com and CD X. tenants and things like that. You know if you're a partner in you have the ability to spin up. CD X. tenants goose spin up a CD extent and have a bunch of data in it. And those are not live tenants, quick tenants that are kind of sitting around ready to go, but they're loaded up with a bunch of fake data and things, so it's pretty interesting the maps even show up in there so clearly. They're doing some fun stuff so for like some locations. They just see it as it looks like when you go into the. Locations in the portal and you can add a location, or you can import new ones. It looks like for some they actually catch insights for them like you see things like this location potentially has peers in it, or we see users using a proxy, and then for some they're just empty. It's just a straight city or or location. That's coming back to you. Yeah, and they'll start as start drilling into. Into this to it'll even get to the point where it's giving you. Recommendations around based on these insights go take this recommended action, maybe like stop having all your users connect vpn in route through a central egress or ingress points or ones that require further research so really trying to help you give some insight and actions. You can take to improve that end user experience when users are accessing their. M three sixty five. Yeah, one of the cool things is if you think about connectivity to something like Microsoft three sixty five workloads. It's potentially more than just TCP traffic, so it will show you things lake poorer UDP connectivity in their. If they're seeing those come through, you'll have a better sense potentially over where office three sixty five or m three sixty five POPs are and how you can get in there so just from spinning episode DX tenant, really quick and looking at the map in there so. So, it's got locations for looks like New York something in taxes. It's got Australia New Zealand and New Zealand is the only one that shows as green referred you know hey were pretty much like to go in a in good network health, and that's because New Zealand has a couple of POPs right there, and it can connect straight across Australia which is funny because I like this map, it says Auckland has better connectivity to Sydney than Melbourne does or something like in Adelaide, which is funny because? Those are both on the continent whatever? Yeah who knows but some interesting metrics in insights? You can pull out again. I haven't dug through admin center a little bit to see if I could find the link to this in the Edmund Senator directly, and I can't find it. I don't think it's in there like even if you click if you click into a detail for a location thinking this when they said if I, click into Auckland. There's no back button to get me. Me Back to the actual overview dashboard I need to us back in my browser or just go and paste in the url mainly again because it totally loses the context, it's almost like you're just on the homepage of the admin center because you really are, you're at Portal Dot Microsoft Dot Com portal home, and you know you're just hitting an anchor tag on that homepage, so and they're just doing some rendering rate and I would have. Paid it would show up like under health. The reports and your admen center wants it's there, but if you want to go look at it and check it out, go hit the link in the show notes to get to the about page to have the link to wear. This is in your admin center up. So there are some prerequisites for it as well. That are called out in the docks so before connectivity measurements can appear. You do have to have at least two computers running at the office locations that you WanNa. See and they need to specifically be running the one drive for business sink client. So they've got version requirements and things like that in there, and if you're running windows, you also have to have the windows location service turned on and consented to got which is interesting. It must be using sync data then or file sync data with one drive to pull those network performance, or there's something embedded in one drive. That is measuring that or it's using telemetry for your files like this client is sinking from this location, and that just happens to be telemetry stored in one drive as part of the logging true that could be as well time to go. Put a network sniffer on there and see what's going on if you're watching this. But that's it pre recs. GET SOME DR clients out there and laid it up and yeah. I'M GONNA. Have to go turn on a VM so I. Actually get some data in my environment. I think it's an interesting thing, so if you're a customer today, who's doing 'em three sixty five workloads, and you're not potentially doings split tunneling were or things like that for your users that are on your VPN's at this point than this gives you some some kind of data to understand where those pops are and potentially how those connections could be far more performance. You know then you're potentially making them today right Oh. Absolutely so good stuff. Look at ends are a great way to improve productivity and save time in the workplace and sperry software has all the atoms. You'll ever need the safest PDF. Adam is best seller in this great for project backups, legal discovery and more this Adam saves the email and attachments as pdf files. It's easy to download easy to install sperry softwares. Unparalleled customer service is always ready to help. Download a trial at sperry software. Dot Com, S. P. E. R.. Y. S. O. F. T.. W. A. R. E. DOT, com and see for yourself. HOW GREAT SAVINGS PDF! Listeners can get twenty percent off their order today entering the code cloud it. That's cloud it. Oh Ud it all one word at checkout, sperry software work in email, not on email. You had some his. Scott as your files. We're going to dive in well doing Blob, but Brigadier. Dive into as your files. What has happened with Azure files and I've been working with us to a little bit over the last month as we have talked about another episode. What happened with Azure files this week? So a couple different things G. aid for Ayrshire files very. Very recently like yesterday and earlier this week we can probably talk about some new stuff. I think it'd be fun to talk about some of the things that you've done in the real world with them. Those always tend to be enjoyable conversation, so you just like laughing at by convoluted hack job of them well, yes, sir, but it is what it is all right. So, softly for azure files has been enabled. This is capability that's been in blobs for awhile now so just if you're doing azure Blob, slake things in in general containers, you have turned on softly for blobs and Don restores from those, but now you're getting these same capability inside of Asher files so I think rather than thinking about it as it's not a stop, shot, capability or anything like that. That, but because we're just dealing with like generic windows file shares that point is some be shares I. Think you can distill it down and just say it's as easy as it is easy enough that you've given yourself a recycle bin specifically for file shares, so we're not talking about individual files soft elite. This is softly four an entire file share so I create a new file share for. HR So the HR. SHARE GOES UP I. GIVE IT A. Two Terabyte, quota and boom it stands up and then somebody accidentally comes in and deletes that share. You'll have the capability to restore got it. It is kind of Nice I feel like for individual files. It'd be nicer or yeah, just because my experience is. People don't tend to delete the whole share. They just files, but we got to start somewhere right well. I think you can have your cake and eat here, too. So really we're talking about maybe an management plan control to say, let's protect overall file shares and make sure that if somebody did have access to my storage account, they don't have the ability. Ability had an owner of storage account. We didn't know what they were doing. And they just went into files, and they click the wrong button and then click delete. That's not a good thing, so you know having soft soft elite for the Intel tire file. Share is good. There's some limitations there right. You can delete a file share, but if you delete a file share to recover it back, it's basically gotta go right back to where it was, but the nice thing is if when it goes away and when it comes back, it comes back with all the things that it had so one of the. Pieces there is your files also supports snapshots, so you have the ability to take point in time snapshots of share, and then snapshots can build up incrementally over time, so it's basically you know. I take a snapshot on Day One. That's a snapshot everything I. Take a Snapshot On Day two. That's a Delta of everything that change from day. One two T to to goes. Goes Snapshot Eighty. Three. That's my Delta Day to day three and so on and so forth so you can mainly take snapshots through the portal power shows Eli, or you can also use as your backup and the Snapshot Management Service that's built into azure files so all that's kind of GE and kicking around as well so if you're taking snapshots, then you can just. Just use Siri like doing windows, so you go ahead and mount ear file share, you can just use the previous versions functionality that's built directly into windows and go ahead and restore previous versions right from there. Then that is item level restore so that way you can do that for your item level, and then just keep your soft elite for your file share as As a whole cracks, Yep, and then if you are taking snapshots, soft lead also captures your snapshots so when you restore. You're not just doing a point in time. Restore right back to where you were. You're doing a point in time. Restore with all your snapshot. History your snapshots included, and it looks like the soft to delete. It doesn't give you the option to. Actually look through what was in there. You either just kinda choose to restore it or you choose not to restore. There's no real browsed through myself deleted. Today if you think Recycle Bin, you can go to recycle band. Browse through it. Look through everything and pick and choose what you're gonNA restore like you said this is just let's just tears a soft elite. Go restore the whole thing. There's no real digging into it or looking. What's actually in that? Recycle bidault sorts suit you see what is in a you've got to go and restore it back and then remounted someplace, and then you could kinda dig through and see. What's there all right so I think I actually have speaking of my Ezra files. I think I actually have it all working. Yes, it is. I was GonNa say let's talk about that one because you were doing some azure active directory domain services with Azure files, so I was in I. I backed out of that just went to a domain controller. So here's the scenario in. You can very much tell me I'm crazy, but it actually is working for the most part. There's one thing that I'm not crazy about that. We're playing with, so I haven't unplumbed domain controller I haven't domain controller and Asher so synchronized main controllers. They're both L. Sat. Think is happening no problem. We have a site to site. VPN setup between the on prem location, and Asher, so that all that sinking and traffic is going over. VPN, we set up an Azure file share, and we set up as your file sync on the server, so our files on the local server. Sinking up to as your files to a file share in Ayrshire. That is set up to use SIM B.. Permitting with that cloud based Asher eighty domain controller so when people would go connect to as your file share, they throw in their azure credentials, azure AD credentials, and Kim connect to Asia files without any problem. The goofy part of all of this that we were playing around with is users that are in the office. They wanted those users to be able to connect to the on Prim Server to get those files that are to Asher files just for speed Thain. Obviously going back and forth between Azure to pull the files out is going to be slower than going over your local network to local file share, so none of that changed that all works great. But then everybody is working from home or sometimes working from elsewhere, so then they were like well. Can we actually map a network drive then to azure files when we're not in the office, and that's what August little goofy, so we did a point to site vpn so it's using the exact same network doing point to site, VPN. So users can go to coffee out. They can be at home. They can be wherever they are. Go connect point to site VPN network. And map a network drive to Azure file share location. where it got a little interesting was that. They needed to. Actually make sure they hit that on prem domain, control, or not the un-trumpian controller, the as your domain control in order to authenticate for Ayrshire files, otherwise the routing out really goofy. So, there was an article I found that told you how to go into that VPN. Connection to Asher and you can update the DNS servers, and by updating all those DNS servers to point to the Azure server whenever it goes to authenticate and look for the domain, it's hitting that Azure server I and users are allowed to authenticate, and they can then get to their your files from anywhere, which are then sinked back to the imprint server and kind of go in those two different points based on where they are. There was something else going to say. Oh we had problems though with those mapped network drives reconnecting to azure files with the VPN. I think it has more to do with windows than anything else, so we had to do a little goofy stuff. Get a a batch file that users can just double. Click on. Their desktop essentially deletes and recreates the map network. Dr, to Asher and it all works great, so that was one Kinda Kooky. Work around that I haven't come up with a better solution for yet, and then the other one is azure. Azure file sync only sinks from on Prem to Azure once every twenty four hours, so there can be significant delays especially if people are trying to collaborate on the same file. I've seen some power shell scripts that are supposed to that. You could like run in Azure. Automation trader that to happen more frequently. It doesn't look like the when I tried is working so I still need to see if there's a way to force that to sink quicker than once a day because there are some scenarios where like. Once an hour once every thirty minutes once even every couple hours it'd probably be okay, but once a day can be a little troublesome if somebody else has to view the file. In theory because of the site to site VPN, they could always map. Those network drives to the file share on Prem and going that way, but that was my scenario that for the last week or so we haven't. We kind of worked through all the last details other than that sync timing, and it seems to be working. Okay like you said there is a power show command. Let the invoke easy storage sink, change, detection commandment, which can potentially help you out there, and like you said, go ahead and automated inside as your automation or something like that along the way if you need to. But yeah, yeah, that was the one I was looking at. And as your automation, the most frequently, you can run a run. Buck is once every hour so if you don't want to blow through Azure automation minutes, you get once an hour. If you WANNA, do it more frequently. You essentially have to write a script that runs for an hour in just pauses like every ten minutes and amy goes triggers. That again pauses for ten minutes triggers. Triggers at again runs for an hour. Then it starts all over again so essentially you have a run by running twenty four hours a day, which is gonNA. Blow through a bunch of azure automation minutes. Yeah, I remember when we talked about this in the beginning every talked about file shares this way and things like that might not be the best solution. Yes, you're trying to use a tool for something that it's not necessarily meant for so. So the other thing that's happening there is you said you've got batch scripts that go out and end. Users can run those batch scripts and things like that so when you connect to in Azure file share and you mount to share the way you mount shares is by having access to one of the access keys for the account, so there's a primary key in a secondary key. So how are you like? Everybody's good with that nobody wants. Wants to live with mitigation of you just gave away kind of the keys to the kingdom for that whole storage account well so the whole smp once you connect it to that domain controller whether it's a server running active directory or Azure. Ad Domain Services, they actually use their as your username, so it's a net us t slash, and then space and the path to the file share, and they can actually pass in like a slash you. Use Her ashes. DOMAIN DOT COM so. They're actually using their azure AD credentials now to connect to those as your file shares. So No keys involved I had to use the key initially to set up some of the permissions. But as your file SYNC INC keeps all of the same permissions when things that up to Azure files yet sinks all your ACL's and everything, which is nice, so all the house gets Saint Up, and then once you enabled. The active directory permission for Azure files. It uses all the same one, so it's they're using the exact same username, because really connect to set up and all of that so exact same username and password to access the file share whether their on Prem, or whether they're going to ask files and all the SIM. B. Vile share permission is the same using those that active directory user very cool I wonder if she could've got around some of your. kind of sink and timing issues, maybe which is like DFS. And having a single endpoint that clients connect to and then having those two distinct shares, kind hanging out in in both environments on Prem and up in your Asher Vena and then using azure files, as you're kind of backing file store, but that way whichever share they hit they always you know the the most current one hit the most. Yeah, but then you got more infrastructure in there, too, so it's kind of it's. It's a weird scenario for such A. A small customer, yes, and already there was lake all the different moving pieces as your resources, it increased quickly and the amount of different things that I'll had to be connected and talking to each other and working properly together, but it was kind of a fun exercise to go through to figure it all out, so that was my as your file story and a Lotta that came out. We talked about it before is all of this would have been significantly. Wouldn't have been easier. Part of it originated because all the Internet providers blocked four forty five, which is used for us and be file share there is that as well which is why we had point to site vpn but you Kinda have to do point to site vpn any ways because you have to authenticate to a eighty directory service and you don't want that going over the Internet you to hit a DC at some point. Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to manager office three sixty five environment. Are you facing unexpected issues that disrupt your company's productivity intelligent is here to help. You take your car to the mechanic that has specialized knowledge on how to best keep your car running intelligent helps you with your Microsoft cloud environment, because that's their expertise intelligent keeps up with the latest updates in the Microsoft. Cloud to help keep your business running smoothly and ahead of the curve whether you are a small organization with just a few users up to an organization of several thousand. Thousand Employees. They want to partner with you to implement and administer your Microsoft. Cloud technology visit them at intelligent dot com slash podcast. That's I N. T. E., l.? L. I. G. I.. N. K. dot com slash podcast for more information or to schedule a thirty minute. Call to get started with them today we member intelligent focuses on the Microsoft cloud so you can focus on your business. Right, so in in theory, I probably could have set up the routing it gets. It gets a little hairy probably could have set up the routing. Soleil went over the point to site VPN up into the azure through as some net, and then back over that site to site VPN to hit their local domain controller. Obviously, there's some risk there and that if that network connection goes down, you can't get to a domain controller so having one up. Up In azure gives them a nice secondary backup domain controller are they're not as dependent on that site to site? VPN, but you're routing tables to get people routing through all the different, some nets, v Nets and all of that can get a little wild as well. Run away from you quickly, and then all of a sudden near. Just you've implemented asymmetric routing and nothing works anyway. Yeah, or something breaks, and you can't remember where everything is configured. Never happened. No, not at all. We don't speak from experience there one bit. Yeah, so that was. That's my story and again it all seems to be working. I just have to get that power Shell Command to actually think the files because it appear to be triggering it, or for some reason, the Power Jacques Command wasn't picking up one of the changed. Changed Files Yeah, I mean you've got to invoke it, and then it still has to go out and reach out through the Croup and talked to the server and capture everything, and then get it across the wire. So there is still it's not immediate meal. This was like seven or eight hours after well, this commanded run like seven or eight times and. And there was still a file. It wasn't sinking to user to close it. It's a lot because it was after eight hours of waiting, and then it was there the next day, so we'll see I'll go dig through that and figure that out, but it would be nice if they could just authenticate against Azure ad and not need that separate domain service for the as your files, but I'm guessing there's something there with the whole m b and the fact that Azure ad is a real active directory. Welcome to legacy authentication stuff. Yes, we just need all share point because that takes here the sync issues. The only thing you don't have is you. Don't have it as a map network drive us. Drive. Goal is our previous episodes talked about clouds for file shares. There, you go and on that note we shall wrap up and let you listen to those episodes just like that. That was such an anti climactic ending. Should we put a hint tracks. We like three minutes of silence now the hidden after show now we should that okay. All right sounds good? Weekend Scott. Stay safe to healthy work hard good that computer all set up and everything learned and we will talk to you next week. Thanks better. If you enjoyed the podcast. Go leave us a five star rating. It's and helps to get the word out so more. It pros can learn about office three sixty five Asher. If you have any questions you want us to address on this show or About the show, feel free to reach out the our website, twitter or facebook. Thanks again for listening and have a great day.

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059  Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate  Succeed

Nerdlab Podcast

31:49 min | 1 year ago

059 Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate Succeed

"Hello Fellow adventurers and welcome back to the nerd land where we transform our gaming passionate into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. My Name's Marvin and am an ambitious game design now on my quest to develop cooperative fantasy card. Game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer. First of all this week I would like to apologize for the fact that this episode is a little later than usual I had to play test of my game this week. And and therefore had less time than usual to prepare the custody suit and that also is Maybe the reason for today's Topic the topic is it. Ration- I don't know if it's just me but I always make the most brokers with The design of my game when I'm about to to play test when I have a play test upcoming in the next few days or so feel very pressured And spend a lot of time to improve my game. I really off need that Necessary pressure to yeah to change something to push something forward and to finish something in order to have at least playable version. I can bring to the table And between to play testing sessions they are always longer periods in which I I. Don't change much in my game Off Ny on only think about a different possibilities what I could change. But most of the time. These ideas remain. Ask Him theoretical concepts in my head or On My whiteboard ought maybe on an excellent But they rarely make it into integration of my game. The IT rations so the new versions of my prototype often only come to live when I have a deadline. New Play test Yeah coming up in the in the next few days and that is why I today want to think a little bit about how I can improve my process to have less downtime between the sessions and to get more play tests in and yeah in the end the goal is to rate faster and Yeah I want to talk a bit about what it ration- actually is where it comes from and how we can Can improve our our design cycles and when I say design cycles that is actually almost all the Complete definition of interational because iteration means doing something in cycles And Yeah I. I came into contact with that concept In software design and programming by often have a development a stage where you Implement something then. You have a testing phase. You identify different box. What is not working? And then you have a little bit of time to fix those Those arrows that identified. And then you go back to testing and doing the testing phase. You might then again. Identify new box That you want to fix again And so on and so on and that's not only true for For arose or box in your your software code. It's also true for for features that you are going to develop You often start was a limited amount of features Bring them to To I alpha version to prototype They become tested by by the users and end users and they might identify New functionalities that they are missing. They might identify functionalities that they do not really need And based on that information you then can Adopt and add new features or remove some of the features from your from your soft but it is not only limited to To project management or IT development or game design. It's something we do. In all areas of our life we try something and then we change based on the feedback we get. That's something that yeah that we do all the time. And since a couple of years everyone drives to him to have these cycles to be as agile as possible. Everything should work edge. The stays broach wants to be agile companies. Want to be agile. Time to market should be shortened. You give phrases like fail forward or minimal viable product. All these are descriptions and phrases for the same phenomenon you want to reduce the time between developing something and yeah using something and getting feedback for something And this is true for a piece of software This is true for a product that the company develops And this is more than true for a game that we want to try to design and develop It doesn't really matter what you're talking about. you want to get feedback on something as soon as possible and as often as possible and that would give you the chance to to identify what is unique about your your game an innovative about your game and it will also help you to identify what kind of mechanics are working. And which ones probably Do not work that. Well when it comes to game design interrelation happens multiple times during the life cycle of Of a project in the beginning we have To come up with a with a high level concept let's say the The core idea of the game The vision what you to achieve with your game. What kind of experiences you want to create for your players and so on and based on that you build your first minimum viable product so the first playable barely playable version that you can bring to the table and once you have that you start your first iteration circle And that is the design Iteration CIRCLE HOW I call it and It pretty much is Creating prototype as a first step then Doing a play test as the second step as absurd stab. You are going to interpret the results Trying to isolate The issues what didn't work or what was actually actually very good. What creates a lot of fun Then you try to propose some solutions for that Issues that you selected and Yet built a new a new prototype and start the circle all over again. Go back to testing Interpret the results. I slept the issues and propose new solutions So that you can again build a new prototype and that circle is the circle that I am in at the moment for my For my drafting game and I want to improve that process. I want to go that through that process In a shorter amount of time. And I will talk about that later. On in this podcast. But let's say you are already done with the design of your of your your game so you have all the mechanics working And the core idea the goals of the game all of that is Is Working Fine? Then you maybe want to get to the next Circle in and that circle would be The content refinement circle so that would be something that often referred to as the development phase of the project. Where you Work out the different cards. You do a lot of balancing Of the different over the different cards and so on but you do not really change too much of the car. Ideal the game anymore. So you do. Not at many new mechanics remove mechanics. That might happen in that stage but typically the game is more stable in that phase. And you just make small adjustments to Yeah to individual Carts or components or maybe to the story all the quest Tried to add more narrative and so on and so on that is something that happens in the development phase. And then you go to the to the production phase where you try to produce your game Try TO GET THE COMPONENTS PRODUCED. Find the manufacturers. And then you're going to market your game and Celio game. That is pretty much. The high level view of how the game design process in general looks and These different iterations circles Yeah I think that I really want to improve on for myself and I think there is They add the most important Aspect of game design because If you can improve your process a little bit so that you might need Two weeks instead of three weeks or so to get through one iteration circle Over all that might give you give back give you back a month In your design process and therefore I want to take a little bit of a closer look How could improve them when we look at Other areas like it project management for example. They are a lot of frameworks that Help project management to come up with with agile methods for the For the project for the development and they are these frameworks that a lot of them in different names for them. There's for example scrum and there is safe and most of them really Have the same core component. And that is that you want to have Yelm fast sprints development cycles and These sprints pretty much are the same. What I- chest described as one of these iterative circles that That we also have in game design And in These frameworks you often have some kind of of back lock That describes how the end experience for the for the user should look like so you have all of the requirements in this in this product backlog and since sprint typically is Most of the time is a roundabout two weeks. That means you cannot. You cannot requirements that you want to have for your end product within one sprint. That is that's just how the system works. That's why you have the back. Lock the That's a place where you can put all of the things that you want to do Later on then you have to of course have to prioritize what you want to implement next but you will never be able to get all of that into one into one iteration and that's okay though It as resolved. You often have a more agile approach. Jeff faster iteration steps And you have smaller incremental changes that also makes it easier for you to identify if the chains that you have made Has An impact or not if you would have Several months between your play tests. It changed a whole bunch of different mechanics and Individual cards and Maybe the goal of the game. And what's on? You would not be able to identify which of your changes really mattered. And that can be a problem. So I really strongly advised to have a very fast rations circle with Smaller incremental changes. My personal goal is to get to a biweekly Play testing Sprint terezin cycle and Yeah I want to take a look to the different Things that need to in order to get that done for you might be different. It also depends on the state of development. You are in the Mohmand. Maybe you are already testing Weekly or soul that crate and If you if you have played tests Every other month or so you might. You might want to To increase that a little bit. So let's take a look at what you might need in order to and to get a BI weekly sprint at ration- Foyer game and in scrum. The work is that the the framework of it project management that work is typically expressed in in the product backlog at just mentioned and it is a written there in the form of user stories and these user stories are typically written all in the same way they are written from the perspective of the end user of the system and typically they try to write them down as one single sentence of this as possible and to to get a good understanding of what the end user wants And they often phrased in the same way for example as an end user. I want to half functionality X. so that I can do thing why we could also try to apply this user story approach to game design And use the player. Instead of the end user as the perspective that we describe the requirements from for example it could be could write something like the following as a player. I want to have multiple choices on how to use my carts so I don't get into situations in which cards feel useless because they are too conditional or another one as a player of the aggressive act type. I want to be able to attack my opponent multiple threats or you could also have the perspective of the publisher if you want to self publish your game as publisher. I want to make sure I don't have too many components in the game. I personally haven't created user stories like this for my games yet but I think it's a neat idea to try to do that in the in the future but I have formulated my the experience I want to achieve and they are quickly similar to To these user story approach for example what I have written down for the Trafton game is I want the feeling of achievement when you find the missing pieces for your team composition and that is That is also something that I can That can get my game design. And however you want to articulate these user stories for your design It doesn't really matter but They are important to guide you overall And to create vision and to to create tasks from from them how to how to achieve it how to achieve that kind of experience that you want to create And therefore I think having some kind of a written down user stories or experiences said you want to have in your game are very important and what I then do. Based on these experience or you their stories I create some kind of task backlog and If you consider the US stories as a description of what you want to achieve the task can be the description of how you want to achieve it so if we go back to to my example way. I described the feeling of achievement. That plays should should have when they find the missing pieces for their team composition. I want to have that in my game. And if I see during the testing phase that this does not happen too often I would Add a task to my back. Lock to two ETA mechanic to give players more choices Probably doing the end of the game to find their missing pieces by egging the ability for example to look at additional cards during a trapped maybe they can exchange some cards during the last draft round. Also though that can sure that they make The chances are higher that they find the missing pieces at the end so that all of my players get that feeling of achievement And this is how I would pretty much structure. My my backlog. And if cutting that doesn't that doesn't work the issue It would also go into the task backlog that I want to to work on it and Then when it comes to the To the next iteration process after At all of that stuff after a play test I identified defied the issues and what worked. Well I would add these findings to my task backlog and then identify the most important thing and edit to my to my task list from my task backlog to my task list to something that I want to To implement for the next Iteration Cycle. And that would work on that until this is finished. And then I would add the next most important thing from the task backlog to my task list and by having this approach you only have to focus on one thing at a time And you are not getting so overwhelmed all of the time the structure really really can help you to to to Work step-by-step And to improve. Your Your Cycle. I think so the next thing that you probably need. In order to have a very effective cycle is a super super lean and effective process to create prototypes. That must be as easy and as quick as possible. I know that this is something. A lot of people struggle with especially in the beginning when you start Start was game design because setting up. This process is something that you yeah. You need to do it once for for for each project it will be easier for the for the second and third project but when you do it for the first time it can take a bit of time to to get that process into into place so Yeah when I first started I am a little bit ashamed to say that I created my first prototypes for the first card game in powerpoint and I had one slide per card and I spent a lot of time finding Nice Nice odd on the Internet and I spend a lot of time To to do the cod lay out and so I mean it wasn't perfect than you. It was just a prototype. I spend a lot of time doing that and then I played the game and it was garbage so All of the time investment that I made there was kind of lost and that really didn't didn't phew good and even if the game wouldn't would not have been a complete garbage changes That I would have wanted to make would would take quite a bit of time with that process in place. And because then I had to. I had to create these images from from powerpoint And then I had to somehow add them to to. She'd though that I could print out nine cards at a edit time and that was it was manual steps that I had to do. And you can automate these processes and you should do that. You should really invest a bit of time in the beginning of the rotor project to get this automation up and running and you only need to do that once I do that with Google spreadsheets I talked about the process. Earlier on this podcast I have a Google spreadsheet where have all my carts text? I have the the resources are written in different in different collins. The special abilities the key words The factions and the heroes belong to the other casting cost and all of that all that stuff this training the power. The the house all of these different variables that you have for your carts You should track them in a spreadsheet. That's the easiest way to do it. And then you need some kind of automation On how to get these Variables to your to your cart. Template and that cut template can be created in different Different programs you can use in designed for that if you want to spend a bit of money and are able to use this software. I'm unfortunately not able to do that. I tried and it's not not not my cup of tea but I use Mandak for example as as a software that allows me to create a very easy template for the courage. And then I just have to click one one button and all of the cards are compiled and I can see them. How they how they look and you could also use the software cocktail. It's a bit newer. The Nanda maybe a bit a bit easier to to use the interfaces a bit a bit better I would say and almost has the same amount of functionality. Already we If you are interested in that you can go to our discord server. We had an interesting session with the developer of cocktail who introduced to the tool and explained how it worked and Yeah within within one hour we were able to said this entire automated process up and If you if you wanted that video and the tutorial you will be able to do so as well so I will Yelling the mutation to the discount server and you can find that That video I will I will. I will at the links to the show notes and In this tools these tools you also have Have one button to to create the A PDF file that you then can print all you can create individual images that you then can import to tabletop simulator for example And then want to make changes after a proto prototype after you have identified what What the most important change might be for the next iteration You can do that easily. And it doesn't take hours. It takes a couple of minutes to make these changes and I can only can only strongly recommend to to improve that that automation prototype creation process. That's very important and don't spend don't spend much time on. Yeah on the layout on on the graphics are so just get the things out to the play testers really. That's important and now my my last advice for today You need a thick schedule for the next prototype sessions in order to increase the pressure. At least I do. Maybe you are different. But that's the number one thing I can improve I think I really want to have a a fixed blade. Her schedule every other week and Yeah I know it can be difficult to To find play testers for your game And I don't want to have the same croup play testing my game every week or every other week so I want to Have Different groups of people testing my game and that also depends on what stage you are but He has some ideas. How you might be able to find. Play testers for your for your for your prototype sessions. I first of all I would advise you to join a mastermind group. I mentioned that quite often on this podcast. We discard server on the ninth lap. Discord over have Different mastermind groups. I think we have five groups at the moment that meet on a weekly basis to talk about The games that everyone in this crus- is designing accrue typically has five to six members and so for in the group that I'm in. We do a lot of play tests so Every every member of this Muslim Croup Is in the spotlight for one particular week and can decide what he wants to do with that with that spot. And oftentimes we do play tests so if you are in a mastermind group you would say you have one with four people or so you would get in at least one plate every month. That's a good step And of course you have to give back. You cannot just ask people all the time to play video game without giving something back your I mean if you played hearst one once a month yoga you also have to play The other games in the weeks in between and that's an investment that you that you really need to make and That's that's important for the for the entire community and Yeah most most most game designers know that and a willing to willing to play your games if you if you also spent some time to testing their games and of course we also on our must also have the chance to organize play tests with other people on the Server. Not only within the mastermind. Croup so I would advise you to try to find people people there as well And you can also of course Join other Play testing And most of them really are about ten. You test my game. I test your game and that's a good a good thing and if you join. Let's say maybe two groups like that and then at a maybe your your regular board game in crew also at the sort of crew of testers you have three groups to test. Your game was If you then really create a schedule with them Ah For yourself. So this week I test with I with my friends The the week after I test was my Mazda mine crew than was my play testing Croup And so on you will you be able to to get to that Biweekly prototype session circle and that's my goal and that's what I want to Ask from today schedule. Your next play testing sessions today. This is my. This is my task for you schedule. Your next play testing sessions today and to make that even more ambitious. I would like to challenge you today. I would like to get one play test per week for an entire months so instead of getting it every other week what. My goal is for the long run. I would like to have one months in which I played every week with it ration- Inbetween every play tests. And I want you to challenge. Do that together with me so some of you might not have a minimum viable product yet. So I will give you two more weeks to get one and We are going to start in June with One plus per week for your game I would be happy if a lot of you Try to change that challenge. I will try to get my Foreplay tests in in June. And if you want to To find some some play testers as well that that played has your game or are willing to play test other games as well in that time. yeah please. Organiz yourself in plate has channel on the mastermind discord server lingers in the show notes of course and Yeah please please please Sent me your your results if this was helpful for you to to get that many places in or not If you could make some some progress in that time let me know once you have scheduled the The tasks and let's share our victories in that we that we have in that time together so I'm really looking forward. I'm excited to To Push my game for what I want to want to increase my My put and I think this is a good way to do so and And what could be better than Yeah then doing this together and sharing our successes and maybe even are available. In that time I would love to hear from you. So get back to me you can send me an email to Marin ed note like a boss dot com or On the discard. I mentioned it several times now but you can also find me on facebook The North Lab scientists on their or on twitter and Instagram as well with the has hashtags network a boss. Saul until next week. Keep shooting for the moon and prepare your minimum viable product that you are ready for all that play testing. That comes up in June looking forward to hear from you. Good bye

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Big Liquidity & New Exchanges

The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

22:17 min | 2 years ago

Big Liquidity & New Exchanges

"This show is proudly sponsored by coincidence. Come that you with the largest range of cryptic conscious. Anyway in the strain market with an ad verification process. You can never be verified using only your driver's laws all possible within seconds, you can instantly deposit funds and instantly not buying and selling your favorite cryptocurrencies in under five minutes coins. Giving away ten dollars worth of free beacon for H verified user, once they make their first deposit. Just go to coin spot dot com that I you four such Batee see one-two-three. Vitrey to call crypto show talking business influx. Jane? Ladies welcome to the traffic of crypto showed dies. Guess. We've course another young man with an exchange, and I want to speak to this gentleman about what's different about what he's doing what he's targeting. Why? He's doing it. What he's background is. Of course, it's autho. As is off what a cool name found C E O B two B X exchange and brokerage thanks for being on the show. Okay. Thank you for inviting here. I'm so excited to be here on your podcast because it's well known podcast. And I'm glad to speak with year. Low care, we're gonna family hands. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna get into the depths of what this exchange will. Because look you guys know from watching listening to this that we do speak to a number of exchanges and the whole idea of doing this understand what exchange is doing what what the future exchanges look like and where we can all find opportunities to aesthetically vetera- services. So before we get into the nitty gritty of the exchange itself, would you? Let's just talk us through a little bit about what your background is coming into this. We started we launched broker in two thousand twenty two thousand fourteen and in two thousand fifteen we have will guts one climb from Malaysia. And they started the they started pay us in bitcoin for our sources and in. Like, it's on spring in two thousand the team across time. I faced the Mike with the crude space who is B C and exert fine. The stand what's we need to do. What what how what's what's the, you know, we just we just keep it and and Zam into solid sixteen when bitcoin price was hip a concert goers. It was not when broke to the two thousand sixteen and Zam we realized that it's pretty interesting story. And you know, we started like route what the out towards and at the same time. We have got to few requests from our clients from orders brokers that they want to connect to their empty four empty quiet trading platforms as they won't besides the. Forks, they want to provide the creeps a C D Corvair finds Swail. And then they ask us guys. Can you help us can you connect the future changes to our empty form to five? That's how we enter it to the market the crew of space. So where are you getting your, obviously, you're a you're a provocative liquidity cross multiple Stein's? So what I mean where did he get quitter fromm? The first will call it's liquidated from our liquidity pool. Cow be that we own we connected to multiply like major exchanges across the second scene. Is we attract the destroyed market makers to our liquidity boo the sold sync because we have for now around seventy grow cours like seventy plus the brokers who are connected to our liquidity to full. So every trade create a dish, no liquidity, scientists the pool. So the from very beginning. It was only a liquidity stream from Agra gator like a we aggregate realty and the Zama created like one stream and wider to to the giants for exchanges. But when. Our brokers Wednesday started trade and soul in Seoul. We got like they knew liquids because they start place. Limit orders. Ange besides of that we also attracted this Trump market makers and the that the last one is when we launch our exchange the clients on our exchange. Also, they bring the new liquidity to our que- on visual. Yes. Another a in other wards like them more clients, we have then more brokers. We connect them stronger liquidity to we have somebody else question. I mean, there's a lot of exchanges at the you know, as well as audit. Their Adama dozen such your part. Basically what we do on knowledge change. It's we do focus on Fiat markets and on stable coin markets because I thoroughly believe that only. Let's say Fiat exchanges can compete now on the market because for example. Yes, of course, you can launch creeped creeped exchange. It's not hard. Yes. It's you you don't need to follow likely drawn the legislator legislative unique reducer company somewhere and by white label change and launch it. But when you wanna launch group the two Fiat exchange here, you place, a low of new programs a lot of new challenges. And so that's why we do focus on yard because we've thermally believes that only croup the two Fiat exchanges can bring real William on the Mark now. Okay. So women look at your exchange. Obviously, there's no issue with the quality. Because that's what you did your your Niagara guy that your your liquidity provider. We've recently launched. Betabi ex now Jeremy margin products available on Fussell. On. Fortunately, no am because we have a license in Estonia Angelique got license in on. Like November of two thousand eighteen and in Estonia, they considerate that if you provide marginal service, your broker and broker Rooney the Nassir type of license, and that's why we offer now own list or trade economics cheat blacks for institutional clients. We have for our one walk license. It's like close to Austrailia visor way. And yes, yes, end we provide CD liquidity and feed the which means it's like a full Rick script indices like all type of trading clauses or process. So that's why on exchange of for everyone for cooperate will retail or crucial plans we provide on this trading of four institutional. Pool. Wants to take marginal liquidity we provide leverage one apply which means like twenty percents the marginal requirement. I have the loss. Yes. We have a nice on sports at PS by this. Brokerage license. The if you know this is actually two main like two main concerns on the market now. Like, if you provide leverage creep, the trading the later, they can considerate you as broker and Roker it's at lusts opera story yet. You know about that you could because you have been on the market additional finals like reading Muslim twenty years. So you know, what I'm talking about? So let's talk about a little bit more about the exchange right now out there on the spice, and the listeners views listening watching right now wanna know a couple of things in the mostly try this. We got a very large order to try because that's what I do. A lot of the platforms that led off osteopor- trinity to manage our risk easily. And that goes for the duller risk or the bitcoin risk, but also for the older risk right now. We've got a lot of platforms where I can raise a limit by or a market by market stop. Sorry. Our market. Yeah. Microscope roller. But if I'm going long. Now, that's the or the viable if there's no margin opportunity because there's no spot. You can't show it, right? So from our perspective what we want to say is the linking of at least the entry in the stock. So here's an example. It's eleven o'clock not on Todd as dog, right? I wanna raise my auto. Here's an entry. Hey, stop-loss hair. But the problem is right now only rise my entry. So if I go to bed I trick is I have to hope it goes higher. Now hope is the worst strategy in the world. I want to know how to manage my wrist, if I tried foreign exchange the problem, all if I tried bitcoin theory more any cryptocurrency, it's an issue. Now, you might not have it yet. But when is that coming to come in as a part of your roadmap? Yeah. Actually, it's very good question. The guests. It's real problem on the market, and you know, many exchanges. They have been working just maybe one year or less, and, you know, the many owners of or let's say, yeah. Many owners of that exchanges. They even Degen. War, or you know, they they they don't know how actually traditional wrokers for non payment says. Yes. Even sometimes I you know, sometimes I like other exchanges ends. You know? It's it's very interesting that many of them. Okay. Not mainly, but twenty sorts of percents of them, they even they don't trade by themselves. And I don't understand how they are going to manage that. And you know, that's why we do care about the quits because we understand the the problem that in case what you said what you describe is because there is not enough liquidity anti you get sleep, which when you want to enter to the market so in order to decrease sleep, which Bility's or. Decrease Levin of execution. That's why we do care about that. The first of all what's been do. It's we host the our exchange only in reliable hosting providers and of false like financial the first financial posting stories. It's actually not the center. I mean, it's London L four and yes. And the the Secondly what we do. It's if you have a on our order book, you will realize you'll find that on our order, just just twenty males. They're ri- around three hundred BTC for the market. So that's me when you will enter to the market or you'll order, we'll get trigger and. Skull because you have been knocked quantity. You have enough volume you will enter smoothly like and. Yes, of course, sometimes you get sleep by. It's not so much. You know? Accents will look mean. The best thing for anybody to do is to really understand. What's going on us to go to the website and have a look at it three. Because one of the things that tries we started with having goods lack of slippage now by some what you guys do it. As far as the liquidity provider expected them up a little less issue around that volume for the slippage saw thing. So if you wouldn't mind waikele fun. It more information about the project about the exchange on about yourself. So the follow this have a Reuben book into it. Basically like beach broker from very beginning. It was the only technology provider forms brokerage companies. Yup. Zan we stopped the provide for quality to us in two thousand fifteen we start for white four to we to. They're all major aggregate are some ads that I'm on the market, for example, integral Kara necks. And then we start to provide liquidity to Forbes brokers in two thousand sixteen s I said when Kwan fries skit the eight hundred because we already have that I'm like a Muslim sorts broker school. Was using our liquidity, and they Oscar to Ed the in our liquidity pool on cruiser, see the so that's why we started to provide the group of CD in the in the beginning of two thousand seventeen restarted for white cripple see dealer community, which is like marginal with whatever she acquitted to brokerage companies and in two thousand eighteen we launch our exchange. Now, we have for like we have a license we have a European compliance related exchange and we do focus on crew of yard. We do focus on liquidity. And of course, you know, I it's not easy to to. To register on our exchange because we require hope you I see from I stab you in four creature to crypto deposit is roles will require who I see by the wind graded with identity mind, which is strong UIC provider. So potus solution and you can pass q. I see you can spend I fully automatic me. It takes usually like two minutes. You know to remain of is is just sounds very hard like you need to pasteurize this. But in reality is just to minutes. So I look to talk about bring a contract for different so dummies I can short on the platform. Right. Yes. Of course, it's a big outage. Yeah. Now that that was the idea, but you know, short like because because for many users, especially trace on the spot trading on the crypt the spot trading Zeh. Actually, they don't understand how it works. Like, how can I sell if I don't tell it? That's just a lack of education my, man. Yes. Exactly. Exactly. That's what we are going to focus to to do the focus on that. Because. Yes, I I know of who I'm Ryan I out out that. Yes. Found john. Well, I think it's really important thing. Because. Hey, mark. Make a lot of money. But we just need a how last year was a great year from me. But I feel the people that don't know how to make money when the market falls. It's directional play and people get hooked up and caught up in the whole confusion of. It's like, I'm something. How can I sell it who ks who really kids understand that if you get direction rot as a try to you can make money provided that platform allows at your platform allows migration? Lazett? Learn what it is. And get a bold it. So I look I wanted to ask one more thing at the very end of is because we've hit a time more or less to make sure that everybody can listen to this end here, the cold election, the Battersea obey to be exchange and Betabi broken where can refund more information about yourself and this platform to go and have a look at what's going on for long shorts for also a white labeling exchanges, a massive volume when we look. The first of all on our website, and we have our YouTube channel, and do we we try to be a super transparent resolve partners and clients. You know, we never hide something we provide oh official publications or for all our news and regarding a beach, Brooke products on our websites and anyone can just leave for. Requests. And at the Sanday our sales department. They will call the explain they will show all our products and. As I said before. Regarding GAO beach to the exchange. What's we try to do? It's because we realized that on the group of space the many exchanges. They don't provide reliable customer support customer service. Sometimes you need to weigh one two weeks to get reply on pretty simple question. No. And the that's really big problem in the market. And I think the many changes they just don't understand what's going on. Because I see the very big competition with being a good exchanges. And that's why you know, as I said like we do focus on creeps with to Fiat on customer support on transparence on reliable engine. You know, I realize one very interesting thing on the market that if you remember just. Two years ago. Everybody was talking involved did centralisation of like freedom. And I don't know like, you know, now, nobody wants to work with the with the digital rely on the late at the changes. Everybody wants to work with regulator is nice and reliable changes, Hooper wise. Good customer support it UK Shen and the good service. So that's interesting seeing colleges just in two years. A market is changing, you know, and the users. They started see on onset from Azer perspective. We'll Madison legislate plenty talk to getting some perspectives not just from exchange sort of things. But also from the liquidity part provide us things and did on it's WWW dot bay to be Exxon exchange to have a look at that. I appreciate your time sign much author. I wish you all the best going forward. And ladies and don't have a fantastic day. Not all morning off. Now. The trade. Cub crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ultrasonic courses products and tools can be found at trader kkob dot com because experience met is. This show is proudly sponsored by coincidence comb that you the largest Ryan of cryptocurrencies anyway in the strain market was an updated verification process. You can never be verified using only drive as laws all possible. Within seconds, you can instantly deposit funds and instantly not buying and selling you'll five or cryptocurrencies in under five minutes coins. Giving away ten dollars worth of free bitcoin for H verified user once. I make that I oppose it just go to coin spot dot com that I you Ford slash Batee. See one-two-three views are the advertiser not try to call all the audio presente.

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The Ugly Truth About Credit Cards

The Rachel Cruze Show

26:48 min | 2 years ago

The Ugly Truth About Credit Cards

"Honestly didn't think it was possible to buy a house with no credit. This is a huge and lie that we have believed for decades and decades with mid of a process to find a mortgage company. He would work with us getting out of debt during the maryland writing like you said today is a win. It is worth it. It's all hey guys. Welcome come to another episode of the rachel per show podcast so glad that you're here all right this episode. It's going to be one that may step on a few toes knocking mocking ally because we're gonna talk all about credit cards. Yes okay whenever i go around and i'm talking to people or i'm speaking at advent. You know most things people can kind of get on board with like oh yeah yeah. I understand you know having a a car payment stupid like you know when you look at the math aspect i'd get that or yeah you shouldn't borrow money from family members because it always ends up going sideways like there's a lot of things when you talk about debt that people nod their head in agreement they get they may not follow through with it but they understand credit cards or one of those things that i always get pushed back on because when i tell people that you can live live without a credit card and goes far as say like you don't need a credit card to survive. There's so much pushback. It's always but rachel. I have it because get points or i pay mine off every month. So i just wanna say starting out this episode. You may find yourself saying but rachel and you know what that's okay because here's the deal the studies i've read the stats. I see the people that i talk to as i travel. I have gotten to the place in my life where credit cards are not going to help you. They in fact harm you now. Do people have credit cards and pay them off every month sure but that is not the norm. The average family carries a balance fifteen thousand thousand dollars on their credit card and so when i look at this i'm like you know it's not worth it even if you do pay off every month. I guess i can give you a little clap good for you. If if that is you but i still will not engage in an industry that has bogged down that has gone after people that they know cannot pay these payments and these banks and credit card companies and these stores take these credit cards out as if they're helping people and they're not there in fact harming them so my personal conviction comes in. I am never gonna use a credit card because i don't need one. We will talk about all of that in this episode and show you how you can live life without a credit card to but also i'm like you know what i'm not going to support an industry that is honestly messing so many people up. I'm going to do it. You play the snakes. You're going to get bit so i'm not. I'm not even going there so i want you to here. A totally different perspective of what life could be like without ever owning a credit card because it is possible and i do believe it is the best way to live so this whole episode. We're gonna do some credit card bashing help. You get ready for it here. Is this episode of the rachel corrie. Show okay so i've been doing this job for about the decade now and one of the questions i always get is how do i live life without a credit card and to me that just shows the power of how our culture has convinced us of the lie over decades and decades that you have to have credit card. I mean think about sixty years ago really did anyone have have a credit card and now on average people carry around four credit cards yes and a lot of people they sign up for them because they have them for emergencies or or it's better protected than cash all the excuses all the things now listen on the flip side though i'm seeing people seventy eight percent of people living living paycheck to paycheck and a big reason of that is because of debt payments so something is not adding up something is not working so if you you are tired of not having enough money in the bank or worrying about not having enough money to cover emergency. I want to help you but the thing about credit cards is that they might might make you feel like you're temporarily not living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you don't even know what it feels like to pay for groceries or gas with your own money because it does on a credit card that pay next month but the truth about breaking the cycle of bad spending habits and building wealth is that credit cards are hurting. You are not helping you so today. I'm going to debunk all the reasons you think you need a credit card and then we're going to break down the reality of the credit card problem in our country today and this. This is such a huge topic. You guys the credit card topic. It's massive so in this episode. We're going to focus on why you don't need a credit card and next episode. We're talking about how to get <unk> out of credit card debt so we had a two hour coming up gear ready so in this episode. We're going to talk to a couple who bought a house without a credit score. That's right no no score. That's right a lot of you think. You need to get a credit card to build your credit by house well. We're going to debunk that this episode yes we are all right but in order to live your life was such a different mindsets thinking like how can i live life without a credit card. You have to have a moment when you say you know what i'm done. I've had it and there are literally millions of people around the country who have had this moment so i wanted to share a few of those stories tonight okay before we get to those i wanted to jump jump in here and say i love this next segment because it's not just people deciding that they're not going to live life without a credit card. These people are deciding that they're having to live life without debt debt all kinds of debts. You're gonna hear all these stories about couples getting on the same page people that say i've had it with my car loan credit card. We're going to do something different so i hope these stories motivate you with these. I've had moments the moment. I decided to be debt free. I was saying the current dealership and i had just assigned to get a different car and the monthly payment. I saw that i i can't afford this. I don't want to have this payment in so i had had a little break down at the garden. I couldn't afford where we were saying and i couldn't afford my car. There was a few months where the relied relied on my cuffing be intrigued to get groceries and i needed to change for my kids and i really felt like the stakes are high. I have had to get this data. Eliminated looking back at lustrous guy orchestrated everything little by little i mean i was putting away like ten dollars a week. I think it's really motivating to seeing money and getting put in there. I feel beyond blessed just burden lifted off his shoulders to be able to pay off that debt and be debt free when we first started dating only have a card for emergencies and then had an emergency and the card and then before i knew it and the car dragged up. I just got tired of always getting paid for money. My savings pay my credit card and then overdrafted. Something's not working out. We were still scared in the beginning to joint bank accounts. It's so counterculture so he was doing his is plan and i was doing my plan was gonna take us twice as long to get out of that and so we had to get on the same page we had when we did this together. Eh how was that what our money into together we were able because of the debt snowball ought to pay off his entire credit card. Seven thousand dollars in one and month gives me motion is a beautiful day. You know that everything is actually good that we're going to be able to have a baby and literally how financial peace for most people to do something radical. You have to have that moment in your life where you said i'm done. I've had it now. If you're ready to have have your own i've had it moments and you never want to worry about money again. Financial peace university is what you need to do to get started. It has helped over five million people start winning with money and i put a little sneak peek of the first lesson in the show notes just for you and when you begin this journey. You're going to have so many people telling you that it's just not possible. It's live without debt and especially without a credit card. Friends are going to tell you. That was gonna tell you that. Commercials are going to tell you that but let me give you some truth about credit cards. There are currently four hundred and fifty nine million credit cards in circulation today and only three hundred twenty seven million people living in america. That's like one hundred thirty two million extra cards that are not assigned to a person but they're floating around but they are assigned to people because the average person is credit art sixty eight percent of people who used their credit cards said they use it on things that they need but the most common type of credit card are the ones and they sell you at retail stores as forty. One percent of people have store specific credit cards. In last. I checked not many emergencies. This can happen where j croup swoops in and solve your problems. Maybe a fashion emergency but no other no other emergency sore credit cards actually guys they <unk> are the worst you can get their interest rates nearly double of traditional credit cards so let's just assume that you accumulate a thousand dollars of debt on a store credit card. This is actually way lower of a balance than the average american but it's just a nice round number. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. Let's say you pay two times the minimum payment every month on your balance. I store credit card with a twenty five percent interest rate. It's gonna take you twenty seven months and cost you three hundred and seven dollars an interest to pay off that balance so let's say you signed up for that credit card when they said like to save fifteen percent on your purchase today and you said yes and let's assume that you spent that whole thousand dollars. We talked about earlier when you signed up for that store credit card which is pretty unlikely but let's just say you did that. Fifteen percent percent saves you a hundred and fifty dollars but you end up spending three hundred and seven dollars an interest guys. Let it sink in. It's just math people and then you look at the facts that the prophets from places like macy's macy's credit cards make up nearly forty percent of their businesses and stores like kohl's and macy's they actually pay their employees for each credit card application they get it doesn't even matter if the application is approved but the employees get a commission shen for just getting someone to sign up for a credit card in some stores even threatened to take away hours from employees who are not signing up enough people for credit cards. It's a huge problem and you guys. I know a lot of people who sign up for credit. Cards was really good intentions. They do it for the points because they think they can pay it off every month but it's not the reality only forty five percent of people pay off the credit card balances every month and there's seven hundred eighty four billion in dollars in outstanding credit card debt out there majority of half americans are not paying off their credit card bill so the bottom line is credit. Cards are not going to help help you build wealth. They're actually going to steal it because again. I said it earlier the top of this episode but it's true so many will say well. I'm going to get a credit card to build my credit so that can buy a house but you actually don't eat a credit score to buy a house. It is possible so up next. I'm going to talk to a couple who bought a house without a credit score so check out their story. When we got married we hung a combined total in about three thousand dollars in debt about a year and a half into our marriage range. He got offered a job in nashville came here as a contractor. We knew we did not want to buy a house on. He was a contractor. I wanted to buy a house but she's like no the sticker price on houses whereas quite shocking we had had some financial discussions before we got married. He knew about dead and credit cards financial peace university. He was just kind of the final thing that brought him on board but stephen was very skeptical very skeptical. He decided he would try. Eh and just see if it works. If this crazy plan worked and did i knew that guidry push through regardless of what it was. I was like all right. Let's try this shortly. After the birth of our first son we paid off our funnel debts and became completely different then we decided it was it was time we just it was time we had outgrown our house. We lived in seven hundred fifties. Perfect deeply honestly didn't think it was possible to buy a house credit but while we're going through the steps. It works pretty well. That's part of the plan in his book that buffed plan of how to do it. It works. Thanks steven for being here and sharing your story. I really appreciates. Yes okay so i wanna know because we're talking about manual underwriting because a lot of people believe you have to be in debt to get a a credit score to buy a house. We know that that is not true so you guys went to the main drain process to buy a new home so tell me first foremost what caused you to buy a new home. Why did you go into the home buying process. We were in a very small tight space seven hundred and fifty square feet with me her in two little boys. Oh yes yes yes a little a bit of craziness. Yes some chaos too close together. Yes yes he wanted to upgrade. Get some more space so then you go through the manual underwriting drying process so tell me all about that from start to finish like. Would you do who you contact. How did it work. It was a bit of a process to find a mortgage company he would work with is the first to mortgage companies. I talked to you. They told me that they would work with us because i was very upfront them you know we're we're debt free. We've been debt free for three years. We have a zero credit score. No credit score you know. Do you do manual underwriting yeah and they told me yes okay. I want to interrupt her right there because she said you know. We had a zero credit score. We didn't have credit score so there is a difference you guys between in a zero credit score and an undetermined credit score okay so if you are in the middle of paying off debts and you're checking your credit score. You're probably realizing that your credit credit score is getting worse. Okay the number will go down because when you just look at how a credit score is calculated. This is how it's calculated by your payment history history the types of debt that are used the new type of debt that you're getting the length of time you've been in debt and the total debt you have debt debt debt debt. It's all about debt and if you are not going into more debt and you're actually getting out of debt then that's going to work against your credit score so your credit score is going to go down but but eventually close to twelve to eighteen months after you're completely debt free your credit score is not a zero credit score. It will be an undetermined credit score meaning that the companies that run your credit report and have your credit score. They do not have enough information on you to give you a credit score so it is undetermined so if you are getting out of day and your your credit score is going down and you go to try to buy a house these mortgage companies will pull up your credit score and you're not going to have a great credit score but while you're getting out of debt we don't recommend and by buying a house so you wanna be able to rent until you're debt free you have your fully funded emergency fund unto baby step three and then the baby step three b is to save up for a down down payment on a home at that time you'll be able to qualify for manual underwriting because when they pull your credit report your credit score. There's not going to be one there. It will be undetermined which is okay. It's okay because you're still going to be able to get a mortgage through manual underwriting but i did just want to make that difference that clarification zero credit score is different than an undetermined the credit score they took my information and ran my credit and of course it was no credit score and they called me and said oh well you you do in fact have no credit score. I don't believe me. I have seen the emails. It's like well yeah. We told you this from the beginning. It was even try to run it right. Nothing right and one of them told me to go finance furniture that yes that if i was desperate enough to buy a house like that then i would have to ask wow. Yes and you said well not us. Yes that was not an option. I'm steven told me to get a credit card. Fund something that order every month such as pet food yes and just way yes there was three so your third one yeah and so our call churchill yes on you. They advertise with dave ramsey. Love it so they worked with you. Yeah saw call him works with us. It was a wonderful process. I think that's such a great point because we on on the show. We're talking about sometimes living without debt. There's some inconveniences right like there's some things like rental car companies. Not all of them. Were at your car. If you don't have a credit card some of them will well if you have a debit card so there's just things you have to kind of work around and this possibly being built to do manual underwriting. It takes a little bit more effort. It's not this shoo-in of like. Oh yeah here's my credit. The score and anyone will take me you know some of them may not understand so take some calls in a little bit of an inconvenience but how worth the inconvenience versus having to you're paying for furniture right that you went and got into debt for for this new house so like i think it's a great example of that. It is still possible. It is so great and so all this whole process for you. All you got out of debt. You work the plan. I wanna know did your friends and family know you guys. Were doing all of this. They didn't with all your thought. We were crazy. This going to happen too seriously definitely yes you had some naysayers say that's not possible. There are always naysayers absolutely absolutely looking back now over your story. Would you say this whole journey has been worth it that getting out of debt doing the maryland writing. Where are you said today is birth. Yes definitely it is worth it. It's it's always do it and it continued to pursue and kind of like my husband was. I just try. It and i promise it'll work career. Yes yes so you weren't the one fully on board wasn't now. She was okay about that. How'd you get onboard. She convinced me. She's just like hey. Let's try this and i was like i. I don't think it's a i. I don't think so but i was like okay. We're gonna try it and if it fails. I can always fall back on this. One sounds good us and that's what we didn't yes. The what made you think that maybe it wouldn't work getting out of debt free life. It's michael was a crazy idea like the way that everybody pushes everything. It's like hey you have to have this and you have to have that and yeah they have a good credit score to get everything and you don't yeah so great so good well. You guys are awesome worked. The plan your living testimony to the fact that you can live life without debts without credit cards still get a mortgage because it's a one type of debt. We won't yell at you for remember that and you can do all of that again living debt free so that's awesome nice. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story comes. I love their story because here's the thing i've i've heard countless stories just like there's i mean they are proof that you do not have to go sign up for a credit card. Build your credit to get a mortgage. No no you can actually get a mortgage without a credit score and here's also love. Amanda emailed our team after this interview because she said i just want to reemphasize is a few things you guys so. Here's our email which i love. She said you do not have to make six figures to save up for a down payment and qualify for manual underwriting. We don't make a lot of money or basically a single income family as i work from home just a few hours and stay home with children. I think a lot of people are discouraged. They feel like they don't make enough money to do something like this. As there's no other option than to pay one hundred percent cash or that they'll never be able to save up a large enough down payment. You just have to work the planet and stick with it and then she went on to say. I believe another misconception is that you will not qualify for a conventional mortgage or a high enough mortgage to buy a nice home. She said our home that we actually bought was the third house. We looked at that day and it was moving ready. No work needed and a beautiful neighborhood beautiful yard and double the square footage of our previous home. I just just when emphasize that we were able to save up a down payment and qualify for a good mortgage using manual underwriting despite not having large income and having no credit score and dan that we were able to easily find a nice home in a move in ready nice neighborhood amen preach at amanda preach it so they approved you can get a great house using manual manual underwriting all right coming up next. We're gonna talk about a few lies that you've been told about credit cards. Now here are some reasons that a lot of people think that they they need credit card and wet entices them to sign up for the credit card but i want to debunk some of these perks for you all right travel perks. This is a huge win right now. It's really popular even earlier this year. A particular airline offered free flights for the companion of your choice to accompany you on any flight that you book if you sign up with her credit card but listen the terms that you had to spend four thousand dollars within three months so by the time everything was totaled up process and added to your count your rushed to spend four thousand dollars for half of the year to get a buy one get one free flight but the average price ticket with one hundred and fifty one dollars which means you take twenty seven flights by the end of the year to break even now if you have to do that that i'll switch with you who has time for that and in fact there are twenty trillion unused airline miles now the reward points but i get points okay. This is another one. I hear all the time because i think credit cards are helping them out but you guys thirty. One percent of people don't even use their points joints and when you do you still have to pay taxes and fees on your purchase so all of a sudden that free purchase isn't free any more another one is cashback guys. This is just not a very smart one. Let's just look at the math you at one percent cashback which is what most cards offer and you spend three hundred dollars in your car. You can't three dollars. Okay not a great deal especially since studies show that people spend up to a hundred percent percent more using a card versus cash so it's not really cash back because i would be cash. You wouldn't be spending if you didn't have a credit card. Gotta think people we gotta think right. Fraud fraud protection never understood this one. If you do some research and you know a debit card is just as safe as a credit card. I promise also up is the bilger credit myth all right. This is a huge lie that we have believed for decades and decades. People are worshiping at the idea of their credit score. Okay your credit. The score is not an indicator of wealth. You literally could inherit a million dollars like right. The second from ant ira in idaho in your credit score wouldn't change one point okay so it's not an indication that you're winning with money. It's an i love debt score and your fico score has absolutely nothing to do again with how much money you have no so do not open up credit card to help you build your credit because the main reason you have a credit score is to get you into more debt and we've already talked about you. Can the house without a credit score the one type of debt that i'm not mad at you for we have at the fico score. The credit score can be really complicated so i put a link in the show notes to tell you more about dot. If you want to check it out now. Some of you might be thinking about what about renting a car renting an apartment getting a hotel room. Listen you can do all of those things with a debit card now. Are there's some inconveniences with that. Yes there will be some rental car companies you cannot rent from but there are rental car companies will rent it for you okay so there are some inconveniences conveniences but if you think about it conveniences in life just making it convenient ends up costing you more in the long run. I think about fast food. <hes> let me some fast food right now but is it. Is it convenient. It's convenient but it's not like the best thing for you right convenient stores. They always jack up the prices because it's just easy to run in and out. It's always more expensive than go into like a bigger store right so like conveniences are going to cost you so here's the deal about credit cards. You guys do some people all get all the points and you flew to europe for free. You pay off every month. Are there people like that do it. There are but majority georgetti of people like we just explain. This episode are not doing it so it's not worth it. It's not worth. It's you play with snakes. You're gonna get bit telling you you spend your money do not depend on the bank. Don't play their little games. You need to get out of debt. You need an emergency fund and you start building to retirement and investing. That's how you're you're going to win. In the long brennan telling you man passionate rachel just come out on the rachel cruze show okay. I know this was so much information and in the show so everything that we talked about you can go to the show notes. We'll have links to everything there and again. I'm breaking. This topic of credit. Cards up into into two different episodes of this episode was all about how to live life without a credit card. Next episode is how to get out of credit card debt and actually how to get out of debt all together gather so make sure that you are subscribed to the podcast so you don't miss next episode all right. This is so fun. I hope you enjoyed it and i can't. I can't wait to continue to dive in on this topic and remember to take control of your money and create a life <music>. So if you guys enjoyed this podcast we have more from the ramsey network like the ken coleman show according to a recent gallup poll. Nearly seventy percent of americans are disengaged. This engaged at work if you dread going into work every monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend. The ken coleman show is for you. Everyone has a sweet wait spot. Your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent and greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is. You were born to do and then we'll help you create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes. Join the conversation on the ken coleman show to hear full episodes just search ken coleman. Wherever you listen to podcasts or go to ken coleman show dot com.

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Introducing Season 2: Miami

Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

03:16 min | 2 years ago

Introducing Season 2: Miami

"One night in nineteen ninety a hot new group called the two live crew took the stage club utera. Just north of Miami were brash aggressive in Raunchy is how their songs had titles like Dick Almighty face down ass up in head head. Booty Cock didn't know what at the time but that show at club Utara you're what sparking nationwide debate about art free speech and it would change the music industry forever on September eighteenth. We're we're bringing you the story of one of the biggest controversies of the twentieth century on Brandon Jenkins and from Gimblett media and spotify this it is mogul. The two live crew was wrapped itself from one of the biggest controversy since Elvis. I started swaying hit. This is one of those examples of of social irresponsible <hes> material lick my asshole till your tongue turns do brow. My Dick was hard and she was hot like a heater her by the looks of her mouth. She was a Dick Eater as long as we were making this music man and it stayed in the black neighborhood. It was cool shit start getting into the suburbs burbs white Kievstar playing it fuck out here and have it can't have that to love. Croup is a lot of people off and and after their show of Coffee Tara they were charged with obscenity and arrested two live crew after a performance at club richer apparently getting arrested. Do you feel like you did anything wrong. Not really this season mogul. We're going down south to tell the story of how the two live crew found themselves dissenter of a battle over race sex the First Amendment and the future of hip hop featuring Rick Ross. He stood up went to war fight against the government fucking fucking democracy. You know what I'm saying. Trina he went and fought for something that paved the way for all of us to be able to come into this platform the dual redoing like it will be none of us here without debt trick daddy them. Nigger to the Supreme Court that put Miami on the map. We've also got JT money washy she fire Luke Campbell. The two live crew and a whole lot of base Jeff Bass Boat. I love that Shit. That's good at mogul a show about hip hop most iconic moments told by the people who live them. You can stream the entire season on September eighteenth exclusively on spotify. Catch it on Wednesdays everywhere else.

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How to Share Credible, Meaningful, and More Helpful Resources with Your Community

Women Worldwide

12:14 min | 1 year ago

How to Share Credible, Meaningful, and More Helpful Resources with Your Community

"You're listening to episode. Two hundred seventy three of women worldwide does your communication help, or is it causing more confusion in this episode? I'm flying solo with tips about sharing what's credible, meaningful and more helpful for your community? Especially during tense times so stay tuned to learn more. Hi, I'm dear. Breckenridge I've spent an entire career helping women to share stories nurture relationships were of their brands, but most notable to find their voices, so they can make a difference. Do you feel stuck? Do you want to power up your own voice? Women worldwide features stories of passionate women who have navigated big career challenges and some of the toughest changes these professionals offer deep insights and advice to inspire you and to help you uncover. It's holding you back. That, we worldwide ignite your passion SUV. You can excel in life. I everyone welcome to another episode of women worldwide wherever you are in Spro. Thank you so much for showing up and for supporting the show and this great big network that continues to grow because of you and please share how you're doing how you're feeling, and what's going on in your world? Know that you can always reach us on twitter. At Breckenridge, you can also female me. Deirdra at were performance com with two M'S DOT COM or less get to today's show, which is so episode. Just me and I wanted to talk about something. That is really near, and dear to my heart, it is communication and communication can help people and help community, or it can be hurtful, and that's a choice and every time you communicate you make that choice so at a time when so many people are hurting because of racial injustice and unrest and we're still we feel uncertainty around Cova, nineteen health, getting back to a new normal businesses opening up. What's going on the ups and downs of the economy? Now's the time to really make sure. Our communication is helpful so I just WANNA share a few tips with you. Let's start at number one. Is All about the pause me here, communication. We see things on social media. There's a lot of knee jerk reactions going on frustration anger. Topics are polarized, and we're not having this healthy public discourse, but instead we're seeing much much more hurtful communication. Now's the time to listen. It's a time of learning a time to understand and to be able to in word to really get to a place of knowing it's the ability to pause, so that's where we need to do. When you hear something, see something. Take that time to digest and to process now people who know me who have worked with me at my company or even my family. I'm really a all about the pause button. Matter of fact is the pause button means. To sleep on it, pause button this probably the best thing you can do because when you sleep, you clear mind your reset of course being in communications that is not always. You don't have the luxury of the twenty four hours to mull it over and to think about it. Working with businesses and executives do mean that you have to take quicker action and response at the same time. You'RE GONNA. WanNa make sure you. Pause for details cost. You have really smart people around you weigh in and to know this not just information that you wanna hear or opinions that are exactly like yours truly important to get those different opinions so when you can rather than having a kneejerk reaction and just stating something, and then in hindsight having to say. I wish. I never said that. Hit the pause okay. Number two. Let's pin it over to social media and fake news. You always have to know what your work-sharing now many years ago. I never thought that fake news be in the communication round. Journalism was with credibility and you know we. We looked to media for Truth and accuracy and today with fake news that means that each and every one of us have a choice that responsibility when you go and share something dig deeper. Because there are lots of news articles out there. That are not real. And how do you tell well when you look his story first off you, WanNa make sure that that story is corroborated by other sources by sources that are reputable and not just. The scene tight of sources, but different sources another way to spot fake news is that in those articles you will not see credible experts, their names, their titles, their companies. Doesn't make it into the fake news, so you're not going to see health expert. You'RE NOT GONNA see government officials named. You're not going to see CEO's of major corporations, the names of those companies in different industries. This is how you can spot fake news. Fake News does not. Real statistics from important studies in journals that come out, so keep this in mind because if you can. You can not be sharing you. When everybody around you stops the rate of sharing of the fake news, you help to slow it down and that's really important during these times. Next is the echo chamber. This is your tip about the Echo Chamber when you're on social media, and of course if you're communication professional preaching to the Choir But just realize you're you're in this chamber, and if you limit yourself to the ECHO, chamber on Facebook, or what you're seeing on twitter, or whatever community you're Endan, you're being based on what you do and what you read and what you share and who you retrieve you're being served more and more and more of the same, and that doesn't give you the rich perspective when we talk about. Diversity and inclusion and Really being able to broaden our minds in our perspective well, that means having news that isn't just being served up to you based on your own behavior and the behavior and the similarities of the people around you I like the APP smart. Because an APP that curates all different news outlets to let me see how different media are reporting on the same topic, and that that brought is your perspective and in order to grow into learn. To communicate effectively, you have to have many different perspectives now the last topic is. Knowing who is sharing so i? Just WANNA focus specifically on twitter here because you have to be able to spot the box, there are so many out there and they are propagating. Information and it's a propaganda machine and bots. Have There's a way you can identify them because you don't WanNa be sharing something that isn't accurate or is going to lead to communication issues for you, so you always WanNa. Is the person that I'm sharing real, or is it the robot okay when you look at. Look at the picture. Look at the Avatar, but often have photos that first of all they look like. You could google a photo when it comes up stock imagery. Sometimes there's also ways to look at the symmetry. Of the photo, so box photo is not symmetrical. You'll notice that maybe is the Eiser two different shapes. The ears are different sizes. I noticed on box that it was a woman, and she was wearing one small croup earring in one ear in ear. She had a totally different type of urine. So these little differences the differences that you can key into to say that that isn't a real person. You can look at the box profile on twitter to say. Is this person of credibility? Does this like a real person? If I click on this link? Does he go to somewhere something that is real. What does this person do? Do if I go on this person. Would this be a real credible expert or or news source? So you could look at the box profile to learn more and most of all look at one of a shares, the rapid fire retweeting. That's one way they re tweet at a rapid rapid pace You could also look to see bots often when they interact. They don't have the nuances that humans do Pasta don't understand humor, so there's ways to definitely spot dot and not fall into the trap. Trap of retweeting, because that's what a lot of prominent personalities out there do, and then they get into trouble so I've named four ways that you can make a choice in your communication, because you want communication to be helpful and not harmful so remember you're gonNa hit the pause. You're GonNa Watch state news. You'RE GONNA pay attention in no, you're in the echo chamber. Get different perspectives, and lastly you will be able to spot the bottom if you can do that the maybe together we can make. Make better. Choices were still listening were learning were understanding, and our communication will help people, and that's what we need to do right now. We'll friends I. Thank you. Thank you so much for tuning in once again you can always reach out. If you have something to share, we'll continue to bring guests. The experts who can give advice and to help you to power your voice, and to get you through your challenges, and until then be safe stay healthy stay focused, energize and feeling powered. Thank you.

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S2E1 - Fun with mindfulness

Cup of Tao

15:11 min | 2 years ago

S2E1 - Fun with mindfulness

"Welcome to season to season two episode one fund with mindfulness on today's episode. I'm gonna discuss some fun exercises to demonstrate mindfulness for the question of today. I answer the question. How does someone explain Taoism to kids and teenagers coming up on your favorite podcast show Cup of Dow starting right now. You're listening to coupla Dow with your host, Chris L, McLeish Chris's a man with many roles, many journeys and one spirit. Hi, how you doing today? I'm going to show you some fun exercises with mindfulness. But I want to give you a hypothetical example demonstrates mindfulness in action. Let's say I just went to the doctor and found out that the doctors concerned about my heart my cholesterol's through the roof, and I have really high blood sugars and the doctor tells me she says, Chris I want you to avoid fast food for a while. I want you to take medicine and exercise, but I also want you to avoid fast food, they usually doctors tell people to eat foods like that moderation. But for example, is to say she said, totally avoid bast food and the next day at work. I have a coworker approach me. And he says it Chris I'm going to McDonalds would you like anything, and I think about it. And I think okay. Well, I'd better night. But you know, what maybe they still have that. Yogurt stuff at Stephan. That fridge or even yet they still have salads there. Maybe I could get like a healthy salad or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So say, okay, I'll go I'll go with you. So we go into McDonald's smell the fries, and they're almost in the neon. Whites. Dislike Vegas is this Mike rib sandwich value meal and thinking to myself with one of those we grid sandwiches. Kill me. My mind's given me. This message. I've been in here a lot of times never died yet. And what's the likelihood that once which would hurt anything? I could always start this healthy stuff tomorrow right now, what's the chances that I'm going to leave there without a burger or in this case mcrib in a bag on my belly. What do you think? My chances are. Now, I could try to convince myself I could try to sell myself align that burgers gonna kill me or it's horrible. And I don't really want. It not want you to remember something. And it's really important just because something is true doesn't make it healthy. It's true that I could probably get away with the that mcrib. And maybe there would be no harm to me whatsoever. Not just based on that one sandwich. But then if I do that following into a pattern of behavior, Ernie training myself to ignore my doctor. What's the likelihood I'll be back and have more of those sandwiches and that'll keep eating fast, food and breaking my pattern. So could I find an equally true? But more healthy thought is it true. That is seen the doctor, and I need to commit myself to a new way of eating in order to stay healthy. Yes. What if I seen the mcrib is being mcgarvy clog deluxe? Would that be helpful? Maybe it would work. Maybe I could acknowledge the thought. I hear your brain. I do want sandwich. I'm gonna really bad. But that's just a thought. I don't have to get it. I don't have to act on that have to find something healthier to eat today. Because this is part of my new commitment. And then the next day at work. When my buddy wants to go eat fast food and says, I'm going back to McDonald's. You want anything I politely decline politely don't say getaway burger, boy, I know what you're about. You're not going to suck me in this time. Now, I politely decline. So I can tell my brain. Now, I can say, okay. You know, you're right. I do want that sandwich. It probably won't kill me. But not today. I'm not going to give in today. And just think we're not even talking about something addictive here. We're talking about just the sandwich while I guess the car people would say that the buns addictive in sugars and all that and the fats, but I'm talking about we're not talking about something that people come in Lee associate with being inherently addictive like a powerful drug. So you can see how physical properties along with our mind can talk us into to an almost anything if we're not prepared solicit to a fund mindfulness exercise. I used to do this when in group, and it was kind of fun. I learned this from a guy named Michael. Yup. Cho okay. Here's how I want you to do. And this is not hypnosis, by the way. This is just a fun little mindfulness exercise. I want to think of a time when your mind said something unkind to you. Maybe it's a generalized statement that your mind commonly says to you. So picture your mind, saying something unkind? So like, Chris you really screwed up. How could you say that? That's so stupid. This is it in. Think about it. Think of the last time you said something unkind to yourself. This voice was a Dan was it in your own voice. Where was the voice coming from? Was it coming from your head above you? Between your ears, right side or left side. Think about it. Okay. Here's the fun part. I want you to change the voice. Say the same thing. Maybe an Iraqi people ace. Craziest you up. How could you be so stupid, maybe even in a high pitched voice? He's he screwed up. Maybe even Elmer Fudd. You will scored up that when you watch. How could you be social? But do it change the voice. Now, I want you to change the location of the voice. If it came out of your head make it come out of your arm pit. Come out of your foot. Make it come out of some other place. Notice. How voice loses power. Now, this is not get rid of depression technique. This is an example of mindfulness. We can see how our thoughts are just thoughts in how we give him power or how we can just objectively step away from them. And how we can diminish the power that our thoughts have over us. Often times when I taught this people say, so I'm supposed to do this. When I'm depressed supposed to change the voice. I've never seen. Anybody use it as an actual depression technique. But it's a good example. It's a good fun little exercise to show you that. Our voices can lose power. If we realize that there are. The her thoughts. Even heard it said that the more you tell yourself something stronger. It becomes. And yet people practitioners of acceptance and commitment therapy often have had people use that talking Tom apper an app that repeats something. So many times that it loses power or an acceptance and commitment therapy, sometimes they'll have a person say bilk repeatedly. And I person might picture a glass of milk or bottle of milk. But eventually it just becomes a big blur of words. In the therapeutic setting when people would say I can't function with the thought that I'm a bad parent or with this. Or that thought sometimes I'd have people write it down on a piece of paper. Put it right out in front of their face and still function. So it kind of objectified thought see I can walk around the room. I can do things even though I see the spot right in sprint on my face. Or I haven't read it on a piece of paper and carry it in their pocket and realize whether the thought was in their pocket or it was in their head. They can still treat it as just the fought. I'm not trying to make the sound easier than what it is. But I'm demonstrating some ways you can use mindfulness. Time for the question today. Our question of the day comes from two places. One was at my local Dallas beat up croup and the other was from mica in Honolulu. The question is how do you explain Taoism two kids or preteens maybe even teenagers? I would say a good place to start out explaining some of the concepts. And then progress from there based on maturity level interest and willingness of the child or the preteen or add lessened. Make it modern too. So most kids understand that the earth is important to our survival. So by talking about nature conservation animal rights and discussing movies like. The Lion King and Star Wars in anything, but can help the child or teen understand about things like balances in life energy in all things and most importantly, things like compassion moderation. And humility. Which are the three pillars of Taoism. Most kids are smarter than we think they are. It almost seems that children are born with Taoism and lose it with exposure to other influences. Liane sue valued the carb block, the uncuffed block of wood or the uncut law. The simplicity of our essence. Now, I could go on with that reference. But it sounds like it would be good material for another episode. Anyway, start out by pointing out Dallas concepts and then progress from there. Remember, if you try to hard to force your beliefs onto a child or adult sometimes it has the opposite effect to his or her embracing it. You might also do a little bit of explaining about mindfulness. Maybe do the exercise that I did at the beginning of this podcast episode. So that's how I recommend explaining palace him. But if you really wanna teach Taoism to child become an embodiment of that, an example of compassion humility and try to exhibit moderation. And you may fails from time to time we're not perfect. There's always time to change yourself. Get back on track. When you feel yourself slipping. Thanks for that question. It was a great question. Mica before in the show. I have a few quick messages for you, be sure and purchase my book accepting life on life's terms Taoist psychology for today's uncertain times. If you love this podcast, you'll love the book look for the book wherever you buy books available in written and digital format. Do you wanna start your own podcast human due to do it? It's easy. Just go to pine cast dot com. Triplane cast for free forever. No credit card required. If you decide upgrade use coupon code are dash eight D F E F zero for forty percent off for four months and this'll support Cup of Dow forty gruesome through that's almost half off. Yeah. So get it now. Good a pine cast dot com. That's your assignment don't forget to subscribe to my show in your podcast player app or to the RSS feed. How do you like the show? You can send me feedback at master at doubt teacher dot com in you can also ask me questions of today and buffet featured on a podcast episode. You can find my Email address contact information. Disclaimer in more information in the show notes. So please check those out. Hey, that's offered today show. I'll see you next week. I could week a piece in love be with you. Thank you for listening. Bye. Thanks for listening. This podcast is a code CMC production.

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041  A year of Game Design and Podcasting in Review

Nerdlab Podcast

22:49 min | 1 year ago

041 A year of Game Design and Podcasting in Review

"Hello Fellow adventurers and welcome back to the lab where we transform our gaming patient into incredible game designs and learn how to nerd like a boss. My name is Mavin and I am ambitious game designer on my quest to develop up a cooperative fantasy card game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level. Ask a game designer. The topic for today's episode is a bit unusual Because the time between the years is usually a bit more quiet wii than usual and I used that time to review my last year And I did that for Bose my rose as has a game designer and as a podcast and I would like to use the show today to show was used some insides of the last year the the highlights and also the pitfalls and derive some goals twenty twenty from them. If you also want to set your goals for twenty twenty I I recommend you listened to episode eight of the NERD lap about goal setting in this episode. I described my process of setting goals. One part of this process of setting and achieving goals is also sometimes taking the time to review what you have achieved left and maybe what kind of goes you have missed. And why and that is what I did this week and As I said I distinguish tinged between my Different roles that I have one role for example is my My role at the father and another one is my role as a husband but The ones I want to talk about today. are my rose as game designer and podcast and I'm going to start with Moralas podcast. In the last year I recorded a forty episodes and I'm proud of that of course but it is not exactly what I wanted to chief More on that later. But from this forty episodes I learned a lot The deep dive episodes about certain mechanics For example hut me to really learn more about these topics. And also the the interviews. Really helped me to broaden my horizon considerably. It was a great honor for me to talk to so many incredible game designers that had so many successes with their games And and it was a pleasure to to really pick their brains and learn how they Really approach game design and I really hope that it was also very helpful for us. Listless some of the episodes that I really enjoyed were My deep dive episodes For example episode forty about keywords instead she caught Games That was extremely rewarding for myself and it helped me a lot in my own. Game design endeavors whatever's an appreciable create more content round keywords in the future we'll also the episodes twenty eight twenty nine and thirty About Drafting Games were also extremely fun. And because I really explored new drafting games on the way and a really really dive deep into this topic. of drafting. That was also I opening for me to see so many similarities between those games and Also the kind of special ruled that each game tried to add on top of those common set off routes The highlight of of course also episode twenty two in this episode. I asked incredibly successful game designers like Richard. Gough you chamie stake my or reineck needs what the most important thing is. They wanted to know when they start their journey as a game designer and they answers were incredible and Yeah as mentioned wasn't unbelievable. Honor for me to talk to those those people and Yeah a convinced some of them to record a full full episodes with me. And I'm pretty sure that I will record some more episodes with designers from from this list in the future as well one reason why I want to do that is because because those episodes were incredibly successful Was We got to downloads. Because of course there's a large fan base for games like gloom haven spirit island Eh Dell or yawns end So the interviews with Isaac Children's Eric. Ross James Wilson or Kevin Riley have been last for me me and also for business. I got a lot of great feedback for those episodes. So this is something that I will Continue within the future of course I have have made contact with incredible people and I feel more and more like a part of the community already And by that I don't only mean the successful successful and well known designer interview for the PODCAST But especially you listeners. I'm happy to answer. Every email or message via social media media channels and walls just awesome to receive so much feedback from you guys And to see how much we have in common we are so many like minded people and I really want to do everything in my power to create a community in which we all learn from each other. And that's Twi. I've also set up a a discourse of this year to connect us even better to be honest. I'm not yet so impressed with the medium discord for that purpose. I am especially because you can't really structure topics and discussions Could do it in a forum for example So maybe I will set up a forum. Soon to replace the dischord but I'm still convinced that we can benefit infinitely if we support support each other on the one hand by solving tricky design challenges on the other hand by just sharing our kickstarter campaigns pains With our social media or even share all social media posts And maybe building a common mailing list because our target group job is pretty similar from what I've seen so far. The podcast also helped me to to build a mastermind group. We meet weekly in discord and talk for at least an hour about our goals. Our successes and failures The great thing is that we now really know what the others are working on and we really take the time to dive deep into topics. The advice from the Croup is extremely valuable for me And it is completely different from the kind of advice that you get from. Let's say a facebook group with a hundred thousands ends of participants because the people just don't take the time to to read your entire rules for example But in our Muslim and group that is absolutely common and we also Plan for this year to play test. Our Games Digitally on tabletop simulator. Role Twenty twenty or whatever suits our our needs best in that case if you want to to join our discounts over You you can find it by searching for not lab or just follow the links in the show notes. If you're interested in creating a mastermind crew there we will will help you to set it up and to To start a crew with with like minded people as well but the PODCAST was not all success overall. I definitely missed consistency a little bit. I did not publish an episode every week as I plant And then the summer summer there was even a bigger gap of several weeks Without a single not let this also had a significant effect on The number of listeners downloads. That's also why I- Inbetween often question myself. It was if it was worth continuing the podcast. I mean the time. Investment is extreme for one of my deep dive shows for example like easily put twenty hours of preparation time into into it That is time that I do not have of course for my game design endeavors and in addition to the podcast costs me money instead of making any money. I mean I had to buy all the initial equipment And I have to pay for the monthly hosting hosting fees and Sometimes for the for the effort hasn't make for the shows and so far no monetization is insight but when I thought about quitting the podcast I remember that create feedback that I got from you and it also gave me back So much this year or the last year that I really want to continue the podcast and I want to continue to build this great relationships with all of you for the podcast. My goals for twenty twenty really are to publish one show per week so I want to want to publish your show every Monday in twenty twenty eighty and Yeah if if you open your podcast APP and don't see an episode from the nut lab on Monday reach out to me Keep me accountable and put some pressure on me so that I will put up that that episode and of course I also want to increase increase the number of listeners and in order to do so I want to be a little bit more active in the in all of the groups out. They're the communities. Are there on added on game on facebook and If you want to to help to increase the number of downloads and listeners you can easily give back by Writing a review on itunes for example or Yeah just by recommending the show to to someone you we know that might be interested in the in the topics that That I present when it comes to game design. I have worked mainly on two different Broderick's last year. The first one is my adventure fantasy card game on which I spend the first nine month last year. A lot of time and effort was put into the game to to get it where road is at the moment I created several characteristics and a combat system. An enemy is the system and to let allows me For creating diversified quests and telling the narrative that is very well connected with the other game mechanics canucks. I played the game several times and made my adjustments and interrelations based on the feedback. I got from the latest. I I really really liked the enemy of the game and the storytelling aspect but I think it could be improved when it comes to The character decks and the overall flow of the game. The main challenges. I I have with the game Brian's tension duration Shen and character progression. What I mean by that is that the game could become a bit more consistent Lack place a bit too much of of a of a role at the moment Especially when it comes to the initiative for that has a big influence on how combat turned out and increased variety a little. Bit Too much for my for my feeling and Also some situations during the quest that Where there was not enough tension in the game? Some sometimes oblivious didn't see a reason to protest the quest independently And so they used the time to fully heal the characters instead of pushing the quest for what for example so I need some kind of mechanic that Yeah that pushes. The game forward independently of what the players. The game play itself could be a bit simpler and faster but We already had a lot of fun while playing with the campaign and And that is where the game is at the moment. I'm one more thing that I think that could be improved is the character broke Russian and that is still a little bit work in progress. Chris for me Because I find it very difficult to find the sweet spot of progressing or building building a deck through a campaign. So how many cards do you adjust after each quest if you look at deck builders for example they changed the deck really really rapidly during a game and if you look at the And other adventure card games for example they only add one. Maybe two WHO cards. So they're the truth for my game is probably in the middle but I still need to find that sweet spot. Yeah that may sound like a lot of defects in my game but Most of them really are like a little little defect that can be solved by by tweaking and and do not need to to be completely changed. I would say altogether. I'm very convinced that this game is at a very good spot to be developed further. Would I really liked the game and I really. I will work on it definitely in the future. The only reason why I'm currently not working on it is is that I had a different idea for another game last fall. And as you know new is always better and more exciting So why the adventure. Kagame really is a long-term project will mean the scope of the new idea was much smaller. the idea is to create a Trafton game based around the concept of the auto chest zora which was a very hyped Online game topic in two thousand nineteen eighteen and because this topic was Hot In one thousand nine hundred I thought it would be very important to make brokers with this game rather rather soon because Yeah Market attention is they are at the moment and there might be other people working on similar games. Sold goal really is to To get this game up to To kick start as soon as possible. Michael Wass to To really create a gaming experience that feels like a magic the gathering draft but played more like a game of auditors. In which you you do not control the actions of the heroes directly the communist Dan Automatically and who wins is determined by Housing Chadwick. Take your team. Combination is and how you chose to position your heroes. The focus is really on the drafting part And finding finding the synergies between the heroes over several drafting rounds your team will evolve and become stronger and stronger. The the fun in this game comes from four different areas am the first one is team composition. You should get some kind of feeling of achievement and when you find the missing pieces for your team composition contract you should also feel some kind of clever when you identify open strategies strategies during the draft. And you should have the feeling of discovery when a new team. Compositions are found and Should also be a risk reward feeling by My going for the less reliable cod combos during the the second area where the fun should come from is from positioning and deploying the characters. You should get some kind of feeling clever when your positioning Xinning is working and effective and maybe even better than the positioning of your of your point and Yeah I'm working on some aspect aspect that allow you to change the static combat situations With a little bit more Blair control some kind of Spells or combat modifications. The third area of fun is tactic. You should few clever when your strategy the Works and also when you are able to anticipate your opponents and respond. Accordingly that can be done by I hate picking Some heroes from them during the troughed off by picking certain characters that are especially good against their team composition position also by your overall strategy how to improve your economy and for which quests you want to go to improve your The victory points that you get at the end of the game and the last aspect is that there should be some kind of feeling of achievement when you must of the learning in curve of the game because as most drafting games you will you will get better the more you know about the game that means if you use the time between between two sessions to learn what kind of characters in the game and what kind of combinations are possible you should also be be able to improve your Your skilled during the last Three months I've created a five different print runs for for this game but I only did a couple of play tests so far with them with other people and that's that's The main reason why my my my goal for for the next month really is to play test this game more often and In order to do that I will also create a tabletop similar variant of Of the game and try to play as with with my mastermind group and and with Some friends that Do not live around the corner. In addition to that I of course have to work on the rules. They are not completely finished yet and I will do some tweaking here and there for for characters keywords and mechanics of course us and that is pretty much what I have done the last year I feel like I have developed quite a bit as a game. Designer I have learned so many new things during the last year From preparing for the PODCAST and from working on on those two games and especially from talking to so many many great people from the industry and I hope I was able to you Entertain you with me on this exciting journey because My goal is always to to learn to crow and Yeah to to share what I what I learned on this journey with you so that we can grow together but before I before I closed the shell there's one more thing that I wanted to mention one aspect that I realized in the last year is that I spend too much time working on the game. Design topics picks alone. And if you work alone you often get stuck and you really need someone else to to share opinions with and to help y'all when you when you're stuck and that's why Why I want to cooperate red with other people more and more in this year? So if you have any idea For Cooperation please contact me. I'm very open for that. I'm I'm looking for People to to work with Bisbee got to the to the PODCAST Or other a game design nine related topics especially building resources. Father Game Zayas Lacombe. Yeah I duNno websites of books Off Aw whatever comes to your mind if you want to be a guest on the on the podcast please reach out or if you want to just to just to talk about about your game or if you have an idea for a for a CO design If you're interested in the Games I produce please reach out I'm really open for any kind of cooperation at the moment. The easiest way to reach out is to write an email at Marvin at nerd like a boss dot com or visit my website at nerd like a boss dot com or Yeah join our discord. You can find the link in the show notes or or find me on social media By searching for Not like a boss so and that is really pretty much what I wanted to talk about this week. Next week we are. We will Yeah come back to a regular episode and Until then then keep shooting for the moon and nerd like balls. uh-huh

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Thobani Mntambo

The Queens Fortress

46:54 min | 1 year ago

Thobani Mntambo

"What is your dream come true? That's why why I don't know. Actually okay. Don't know her relationship. Anniversaries thing. Yeah they are in mind. Or you're you're you're not meant of seven holding off the last thing. You searched on your phone. What kind of acid is an ant like they release a kind of acid- Full make acid is what lake into your uncle. Yeah you do multiple that uncle okay. Have you ever donated blood? I did two weeks ago sat out. What is the biggest conspiracy that life is this code game? Life is misquoted. Game like this quoted game that everyone is playing with with no particular in mind. Would you paint your nails okay? What kind of black pink blue? I mean it depends like I'm open to any color if it works. I often emotional person extremely to emotional. Perhaps this much I think determined to my detriment puts in question chin. Hawaiian too many think about this. We WanNa let you so you know I remember listening to your podcast in some answered this wrong and I'm trying to remember to help you buy Gin gin have you. We always did Morgan's though if young guys kicking it in the Queens forgers the Maurya and in studio we have the other leg of magnum opus. Tobacco knee. How are you John? What is your full name? Tobon him that Sydney was the judge. Look those Christian. I just have names among Apollo Nikai. That didn't make it onto my. Id Lucy so mandolin goes so goes always manned means lose forgive may for the parts of myself. I have not been brave enough to go to. I am trying to figure out why you live there with the misfits of every half truth. I have been searching for all avoiding. I have been plugged in puzzled consumed by a conceptualized idea of self conscious of my conditioning and learning it. The Sky can no longer piece together. My riddles a cloud of rejection is looming. But too much is at stake for me to carry on this way to insist. I am afraid the time has come to confront the parts of me that have roamed astray. I have wondered if the sun disappears into rotation to keep up with time too much as a steak for me not to realize that those stars are pretty. I must move beyond my lineage. Acknowledged that my notes star inhabits the Bermuda Triangle to teach me how to survive without it. Today I follow my own light. Everything as is and so what should be. This is me being bear borderline broken and battered. I am abandoning my walls. I've returned with into right myself back into existence. I have come to the parts of myself. They have called nowhere today. I have no desire to be understood. I am not hiding anymore. I will stop protecting the stupid dream and start living. It will pave the path regardless of. Who's with me? I will soul on my lonesome like the sun does never sitting along the path of blind faith. The may be encounters brothers. Sisters may be lovers and soulmates. We can all teach each other how to be sons. I am tired of does guy disguising how differently I feel or if anyone gets what it is to perceive like this to over think everything slipped into depression and emerge into a functional bliss. I have stopped caring what things look or sound like nine very wreck questioned to ever ask a poet like why you ride to. I really WANNA know like whereas that. Come from this this whole piece. What state were you in shoe Without sounding corneal say it was like a rebirth of sorts? Very tricky time in my life because two years ago I think two years ago and it was just self reflective and like where where to from here I I remember. I was about to quit my job with no plan. I was about to buy a one way ticket to. I don't know how deep is one way ticket. Were you going into Cape Town and you just yeah. Yeah because of this life intrepid near operator writer performer and a professional speaker of these. Which gives you the most joy poetry so the writing part of the performance price. That's an unfair question reposing alley McCain. But you could always be onstage performing. Maybe the roads of other people or your own old works here if you could never put your work on stage again but you will always able to the writing without a doubt because I can deal with not being on stage but I can't deal with not writing but at the same time I'm like I'm starting these the these performance clauses. Because that's how much that means to me as workshops. No I'm actually GONNA pay someone to teach me a hard to perform my end an actor because it's part of the stupid dream the stoop years this a lot to you. Speak about the stupid dream. A Lot. Y- decipher nation. If we asked actually so I was just talking about this morning about it I can. I can tell people the stupid dream now because people pay attention because Tyler. Perry's done what he's done so I'm trying to Tyler Perry the game. I'm trying to write star in direct and produce your own works. Any form of media from poetry to stage plays two movies. So that's the stupid dream tyler. Perry is a stupid dream. Like that's it and look at him. Now look at him now. You calling it the stupid Jim. 'cause people don't think it's possible I had. I had this conversation a while ago. I don't know if you guys know each tie I don't know the name. This is the instrumentalists that works with another poet. You know he's he's a poet ts here right into an instrument. He he's a vocalist. She's like really multi talented artists and hectically intelligent intellectual so I was having a conversation with him and the term stupid dream comes from him because he was like it. Sounds like your dream is too big in fact so big. It's I'm stupid dime like that. Like you can't operate with those set of rules in your head in the world we live in so it's stupid and to restrictions on sensical for you to drive the this is okay but are you taking 'cause it's one thing to cheam. It's another thing to actually have a practical. Yeah Len to execute the Stream. Shaw have that. So you'll you'll you'll notice you'll have noticed that I haven't been in a scene in the in the streets right. That's because off die. Both on we ticket was like I want to be this guy right but what will it take And so I went in search of what it will take now. I'm living out what it'll take. 'em building slowly. How long did this journey take? What journey to the Pacific Planned Parenthood Plan? Oh Man I went from being. A poet is trying poetry out to this purist ause like obvious struggling artists. The purpose will fulfill me right But I realized it was bigger than me in in terms of how I viewed the gift of poetry because I do believe there's a there's a higher calling on it and then about four years later. I made the decision to quit my job and then now two years later. I'm only now saying okay. Cool what step. One of the plan and putting that into action. Because I always see poets Lisi. What's your take on that statement? Porto extremely Liza feel like we expect things to come to. And we okay what? They're struggling artist. Not Him okay because art will feed me like we need to have practical plans. Do you agree with my statement? That will Lisi. I think it would be unenlightened. Absolutely agree with your statement. I think with everything you need in latent Bingo with with everything these nuances you know because I think that is the element of I know for myself it as a form of escapism. When I said the auteuil feed me because I was too scared of what it would take for me to make success of. What does that mean? Vintage Dead Not Laziness. Because you're afraid of the work also I think on some level. You can't be lazy if you don't know what to do next. So the infrastructure for most industries exists the infrastructure for poetry doesn't exist is so if you're a poet and you don't know what to do it's not it's not lazy to. There's no one did to help you. Yes I mean after slam. I was like what now? 'cause it is stagnant of the slave lamb for so long. I'm like what what and I didn't have the stomach for slam. As soon as I figured out that there was a formula to slam. I started experimenting on the slams. Bring up with our experience with slim. Bring it up. I think you saw I have so many. Our experiences narrows my first year performing. What what's I experienced? I might have someone thank you. Okay Okay Yeah. I started slamming. That your March April wind The first time I've according to stay with the word and so on stage. Twenty fifteen miles. Yeah Yeah And I made it to finale off yeah And so so. Let me understand why you guys upbringing. What D- no turning back? This is that it's billions. Why did it hit home so hot so came at a time? I don't know why you got it time for me. Poetry was new and I was. I was sort of self discovering and I didn't expect to to go right. It was wild. I think in in in a post conversation with Bongo who was the host that yeah because I I every performance of that slam. I can't remember uh like from the time I step onto stage to us to the time I step off and bombers like dog any drug that Jesus line crowd stage you just. His sister of this happen this happen typically. I. I'm I'm aware enough right. Yeah but that day nothing it was just I try so hard and this this Guy Lucy. You're supposed to be recording video. Right was he was according to him enjoying the performance under the bus This is like he was killing. You caught one of the three rounds. I like. I'm like this. I remember I wanna see this thing and this could listen but but yeah I I. I also think me not winning. That Yo- was was not so much a solid point but but it was like I knew what it took to win now so going into the second use them as like. I know how to win. That's not my aim. Let's see what else second on the slams dig? So that's what they've experienced did for me. I was like okay so winning. There's a formula is cool but how many people have a photographer and stayed while you were reciting and the pictures that. He's taking on the predictor at the same time. Oh Hey since okay slam stakes not for points out just to be like this more we can do and like you look at people like multi. He does Yoga and stage. That's the kind of stuff I'm like. Yo Man we need. We need to push the bumper to know perspective. Here I check. It's DB new guys and then we're GonNa Talk Magnum. Oh and COSMO. I feel like people boy up in Atlanta. My Yellow Pineapple Smoking on. What is you're saying? Don't make me spell it out. Compete on fixing the came in ninety years pen lyrics. Look at my grandma's funny but they told me man of fans and they don't understand but they'll go chasing the bag a number and and don't worry it'll trust me. I'm making Jay Leno. Anybody making money. Monday Quebec a college in these beats. I got an ability to make anybody from when you beat you. History joining it. Hey Nicholas I'm trying to see got a recipe me. You will need a lot of time. That's got a lot of heat apology. Plus magazine for the game as he put it on the economy. Shit no fourteen. Click out their new school. And we're giving them we blow. What men are Philip Album Station? Giving them hope just like allies jokes like you always been with it you can. You broke. Unique is average unique copy syllabus. If you smoke giving themselves presumed nine in Fresno join in the light of OJ CRUSCA boy up in the fire. No one now. I'm Jay Brennan. Keep them quiet. When I ain't got nothing to say. Always were happened to wait as required based I don't get babies than knowing that don't come inside of. I'd rather come on the face. I don't ask for something I'd rather give someone a tape take. I think I need to go get me a safe. I'm moving at the city. They put in place. We don't you guys on the block and was not ever clock. Sorry you niggers is late on my real ones. That got me and I got to win in June. So y'all don't wait. I have written a sunset into my journal. I have sinned against my own. I am at a point of no return. Her mother was Pandur Nile. Umbilical cord an chemical BA- Mitzvah that carried life in his bones. A love sanctified of which we are sons and toll and daughters but as time drifts by the persisting drought has a sworn we have forgotten how together clouds with our prayer we are planting daisies and desert storms. The land we walk on his broken. Its promise nothing grows here anymore. We have become hello tins. We Shriek undermining one another for undermined commodities under the mind is a brother in search for the roots of his family tree. They have divorced ourselves from kin. We have toan out jeans with borders. We are at Sue. Nami OF SIN. We have turned dry ground into ocean flow. We are drowning in Red Sea. Blood has become as thin as Warta. Our nation is a sinking ship. And I have needed no iceberg to achieve this. I am driven by complex believing a superior being I am strangling the concept of a a boon to and all of his limbs. I am consumed by darkness fathered by smoke from burning skin. I am dangling hashtags speaking of bringing back some kids while striking the mattress burning down where her dad lives. His brother's still trapped an earthling. Golden Gyms to further the bridge the gap between the hand that washes and fist. Black on black Spiders have given up trying to make these walls. Actually Heaven Obsession with time in the sun. Do you know that? All and the elements CA trout tizzy so the elements. I end the Sun. I actually haven't picked up on what you guys just picked up. No you know. I'll check my post anything. That has anything to those three topics. And you'll see that that's a lot of your work our check it out so yesterday we did the stinks ten questions we asked arrive in. Okay so between the three of us you pussies end rob in-studio. Hey so we're GONNA ask you questions you finish off the sentence with the name it can be your name or one of the name. Y'All answers match. Oh snap that was the list I saw earlier. It's none of my business. I was like Y Y. You're imagine let's see if a lot of money came through. The money is safest with Tobon. The person who tells the worst jokes is Buddha. That's smart just bought groceries and the fridges already have MT given to burn if I had a secret. I'm trusting. Wow I think all three of us. It's gotta be. You is going to be one of the most trustworthy with a secret I'll have to go a man life-or-death tape secret life-or-death irony takes to the grave dogs. He's late again. Smoother your you guys have no idea go okay. Who's the base just award goes to their OCSTA- put either? I'm on a day to him out asking forming advice. You are definitely asking to One. I E okay. We'VE GOTTA SHOW. Who's getting us up for rehearsals Split has always late. I'd say I'm the most disciplined both discipline. Okay the trauma of the Croup is definitely you stress trauma. Necas pay okay. We won an award. Who is making the speech? Oh sit down. Yeah Woohoo number three. Which was the question about finishing the food? The fridges have empty. Who convinced it was him mentioned if we if we talking about in raw or munchies. Because if it's if it's real who let's say you knew each other. How long has this been magnum? Opus the feminine. Manage Yeoman I Thomas so fuzzy in my head pre magnum opus was twenty six end of Tunis sixteen magnum opus officially in a in an epic. It starts twenty seventeen to prison day. Officially between sixteen we will boys you each other ready. And how long do you plan to keep this up it a lifetime thing? Is that thing once? We're done accomplishing what we need to accomplish. We'll call separate ways. Look Man I think. Firstly we had a vision when we started Two years in I think we need to recalibrate and look at if that vision still stands or if it's altered and then once we identify what that is then. I can only answer that question because depending on like the vision is it it it. It will determine what we're trying to do. But ideally we're trying to make an impact that will ugly us in poetry space in a fifty year old men in Magnum with leg magnum hits and that's the coolest grandfather that does like my grandfather's a poet and he's part of Magnum opus doing okay. You're you're biographies very poetic. And is this two things which caught my eye on the wind was that you said the artist transcending the art without forsaking it. True and the second thing. Is You speaking about making poetry cinematic experience? Okay cool this on the first one the art without forsaking at. What does that mean? So the first point it would be a personal point where I got to a point where I was like. I want to be just a poet. But the infrastructure for me or the the avenues to pursue not clear therefore I must look outside of poetry to see how I can gain financial resources experience connections to build the infrastructure. So that's one transcending. The Art in terms of poetry is to go beyond to look for the resources to bring back. And then you build up the infrastructure. So that if my kid says I want to be a poet they know where to go for internships. They know what cost to study. They know what degree to get. They know so. There's a whole value chain that needs to be thought like fifty years from now even a hundred like. I'm not joking when I say I want this to outlive me like I'm not. I'm not looking to gain from this in my lifetime. I don't know I'm perfectly cool with being behind the scenes I mean even with opus. Me Me I would be okay if they like okay dog. You can't be on the state for five years if you get the structure in order and get the right things rolling. I'm perfectly fine with that. You know what I'm saying and it's I don't think like I said the stupid dream. I'm trying I'm trying. I mean you look at artists in the game right now and I'm like that home. It should be a millionaire right now for real like no joke. But because we don't the infrastructure and the value chain of poetry magnum opus con operate within poetry as a business without the infrastructure. So I you need to look what's missing which conversations need to be had that's why it's a together means better him oprah's right it's a hear the conversations that need to happen. Here's the action that needs to happen and everybody needs to work together. We too small not to work together as a community. We need to me like you'll song. He Has the vision. Here's what's needed for us to get. And here's the roles. We can play right and so now I'm in business school trying to figure out that side of things we like you. So how would this work if we start making an income? Or How do we map? How money flows within the system of poetry. How DO WE MAP? How the artists get paid. How management gets paid. How agents get paid if they're all if or if they're not unions. They're poetry houses. How are they making money to make this lucrative and sustainable space to be an artist? Yeah you speak so well. He's left like at enlighten. Would you say the wait how important you think reading is to a poet and writer? I read a lot. Yeah but I know poets that prefer not to read but it's still dope ports so I'd say it's important so I'd say it's important if you wired that way But if you're not wired that way find what works for you. It's it's it's not fair to make a blanket statement like it's important for poets to read because some people literally read a paragraph in the board with the book you'll find that play the audio book and they could right so whatever form away it is that they they expand the vocab and expand their world view and the and the stories in their mind that works for them to know many people you will fade to speed reading. We'll see we'll have and it's cool like I think we all entitled to those kinds of perspectives right and I don't impose mine on anyone like this me personally. His what I mean and I think we skipped over your second question about cinematic stuff So cinematic is a magnum opus thing. So we were like let's because we collaborating as poets let's bring an elements outside of just the performance and make it cinematic and it's an easier transition than from stage to screen like I said earlier. I wonder start writing for screen and start writing for steak so to to write a movie when I've been already writing with visuals in mind is going to be an easy transition right. So that's the cinematic experience part of it. And what do you think of? Revie's going into the whole visuals with poetry thing. His ultimate form volumes. Who what's your opinion on it. I think it's part of our perogative of the cinematic experience. He he was very his first showcase. I think was a cinematic thing. So he's always been an advocate of that and so when we came into open yours like this is a really dope thing by the. Let's do it. And we didn't see an a reason to object so ultimate form volume two is. I would say the first of many that magnum opus wants to put out to say poetry can be music. Poetry can also be cinematic. Poetry can also be this and we exploring the facet of poetry that is visual as well as audio but with screen instead of just a person on stage and you babies having EP. So now we're going to go into one of these tracks what's titled Ellipses Ellipses so. This is a lip says by Tony. Ni apparently line day trips away at the heart a one. Maybe we were not meant to be to. Maybe we were not meant to see three. I heard that maybe love is blind for. Maybe we are half human half so mates five. Maybe I shouldn't be this good at hide. Seek a you should stop looking for me being those tolls are telling you lies see. I fell in love with the rose. Did you know your owns cut? The Steep d a sleeve that has fallen apart from heart. Too Heavy ee. I missed part of gold searching for rainbow seeds. I I did not know to sell kind of begin to Fade I. We were just too different. I I in with Dad. Nothing stays the same anyway. I V for the time in this instance. V Five shots of Tequila. Forget a line. A day. Bullet-point. Let's believe was a great purpose but point two broken to be angry bullet point. We found in love. In the process bullet point I'm still attached to our detachment bullet point. Love was never meant to be forced paragraph maybe to be different was to maybe comma apparently align day trips away. The heart coma. It's been twenty three days of figures of speed run run online. My heart still bleeds. Run online you can see you on my jacket sleeve run online. I'm still broken run online. Our magic was an illusion run online. This remedy is a hoax run online. I miss you run online. I still love you run online. I shouldn't be writing this comma. You shouldn't be reading this lips. What's up you're still kicking it in the Queen's portraits with their Maurya in-studio. We have Tobia named Tom. Ball and Lomborg Tambo humorous cut down. Ep was so Su Su while suge. Okay who came up with that name? I can't remember what does it mean. Who once upon a time That's how you start just so get is typically used when I'm the oldest. Tell us in newborn. I if you know that is a folk tale. Yeah folktales so guas investigators how they start in Zulu and it's Quesadillas who gala and the kids have to say something and they use eight Guagua car and they say one and you'd name the characters so yeah that's GonNa come from and it was just like a first EP. This is what we bought. This is what we're trying to do. Let's experiment let's see where it goes and it took the piece from the EP casseus So yeah I I don't I typically stop myself from falling for girls because I four hard right And this one time I allowed myself to do that and then it was. It turned out to be a lesson. What is being polite you know? I think she broke me and just I'm I'm I feel myself to be very naive. Generally and I was super naive with her and so she just brought me back to Earth in like this is how we live like this is the world and so I wrote. I wrote it from Arrowhead from that point of view. And and yeah my my current partner. I don't think she likes it very much when we first used to perform at large because performing this so yeah but I think she eventually understood what was to me and she made piece of that but yeah so what are you doing to find with her. Like four heart. So I'm doing nothing different I realized that so I I I think in my head I self actualized very early in my life and when I self actualized I was like I don't like the world or how the world operates so it's been most of my life trying to to adapt to the world right and and and make sure I don't get burned too much but then after the Lipsius grow I was not speak on your stride but yeah after her I stayed. I stayed single for a very long time. When was this whole you know? This is recent man. I was when I met her. Twenty one twenty two. Oh yeah this things fell apart. Oh Manitou didn't take along a couple of like you know like the months that feel like they're stuff in them and I'm not talking negatively like it was magic like slot and then it ends and I was like I grew by five years and these months it is a good one ticket to Cape Town. No no I didn't have that much effect on me. I just stayed single for awhile and I guess to to give back to Christian. I decided to to love as hard as as I I want to as I two and and hope for the best like I think if you hold back that's a regret comes in way where I could. What if I saw? I'm the I'm now saying I'm all in if it ends. I couldn't done anything different. Okay like I could to look at life. Accident is the question that I had just takes us from the emotional stuff but to know you seem very adamant that the business of poetry is very important. I WanNa know what percentage you think the business was. The work holds so for me. This is a really tricky question to maneuver. I'd like to open that so I may say some stuff. Some people want to take back. We'll find problematic I think poetry has been around for a very long time in South Africa and lots of poets have been working right so the work is there. The work is already a the access to the work. I'm not sure about what I'm trying to get to is. Let's breed a culture that seeks poetry out and is willing to pay for it. That's all I'm trying to do because right now I find a kid in Varsity and poetry. Unless they're right as themselves is the loss thing on the march new. It's not in the culture. But but what happens is when you breed the culture in schools of let's do only South african-based authors of Poetry and this author is still alive. And they'll come facilitate a lesson. All of a sudden the author says by the way. I have a show this weekend. You guys should come through that way. The KULTURA foams much earlier so by the time the people are making the own money and able to to purchase these upon. They live it. It's it's it's part of who they all you not jolting them into a different world right and so I think I escaped your question in terms of what's more important. Yeah I I would say. The work is of utmost importance but at the same time the business needs to have been. Because I'm passionate about this thing and if I had my way I'd wake up right and perform poems and go to sleep and be okay and so yeah that's that's I guess right now. This phase of my life is me saying how do I learn as much as I can to feed back into this world and and contribute to a conversation? That's been happening for a while by the way for wild people have been saying? How do we do this? How'd and people have made like big big strides and leaps in this world? Right am I'm taking nothing away from that and I'm saying I'm coming in now and I see that here's the next step we could take and I want to contribute positively to that conversation and they didn't they they wonder who is this everything in order and was all the questions that I be unfit as well. I think we're able to figure out. Who's who in the group whose Bob youngest onto I'm the youngest. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much. Show it to stalk you turbine in Dumbo on instagram. An underscore to welcome Tom. Tutor and Tobon down on facebook. I also have a youtube channel. That's mostly active. But I'm I'm trying to put some stuff this this soon. So and where do we stoke magnum opus? Oh Oprah's poetry on twitter over poetry on Instagram and facebook thinkers magnum opus poetry. You think hey handles ages also you guys have different role do please. Whoever does whatever. Yeah no it it needs to be cleaned Mun Yun necessarily know it needs to be teen. People need to know who they go to for what and also life happens while magnum. This is happening so I need to be able to say Jessica. Please hold a Darn. I need to deal with this real quick and they need to take over some stuff. Then when I'm back I'm saying okay. What can I only kidding? You take off of your hands all right guys in for a couple of notices on the twenty fifth of October which is Friday. We're going to be having a so at the. Uja Theater con-continue Jay. Bilas will be performing. Mustang saying will be performing Hazel Tall Ball pens and things. Yeah I'm coming to you guys and it starts at five and ends at seven and under twenty six is there today. Yearn for you. What's different D is not going to help you. You should know the cosmos also you guys know. I swear to open my sister now. You like to hear this. What's different from last year because this is the second one this is the second annual COSMO's tribe. What's different mostly? I think will be behind the scenes because the I told us a lot though it was a lot of lessons and I think there'll be more lessons this time from from just a producing shoal perspective from a consumer perspective man. It's going to be fired like lost. Its just hang on the line role okay so to. What extent do you guys Then make sure that the soul wants like goes in the order that you expected to like you can invite me as an artist. I myself cannot put in the work and then that brings the whole showdown if you want to see. I don't have the words so mad. You guys like monitor the progress of the artists. Do you just let him be. Nah I them. What what happens is what I think happens this. This is just me when we come to an autism you say look we think you pretty dope We try to put you on a line up for poetry concert you down. I have not met an artist that did not immediately take it seriously like I know I know some of the artists personally and whenever I speak to them. They like your man. This is going to be my most intense week of rehearsal speaking about this week. And that's how you know that people understand and respect what we try to do as a collective and they like. I'm not going to be the guy that lays down. I don't think anyone wants to be the guy so yeah I think I'm expecting everyone to bring fire. And we picked the autists fought for their strings. So it's not one kind of poet it's like we also wanting to highlight the fact that there is multiple facets of poetry. Some people like specialize in love poems. Some people that activists poetry stuff some people. I don't know what they called by. They speak about the SA- the`real staff and an intangible things so there's there's many more than those three but it's it's it's a saying if you're a first-time poetry consumer here's the spectrum Vine what you like fund which is another point feed. Oh thanks for See Yeah when it comes to the language of hearts that skip more than they beat. Words are louder than actions when we speak to speech when we dabble with the language of light years that merged more than they collide light transcends time when we embodied the stars moon and Sun Her. I allied behrouz bed and worn from busted heating of ubiquitous coal. That rented a mother's chosen to birth. Different parts of the same source. Her and I are slaves of a shared yet lonesome enchantment with live. Spent melting back into the hole at the center of all chaotic. Coalesce we have mastered being alone here with me as her lost in a triangle filled with a some machine unknowingly ushered into our dismantled spirits. Here with her as her sailing on life giving oceans carved from our tear-drops commanded and steered by the shed. Light of our joint misfit. It's a journey of constellations in a celestial COSMO's weaving long-lost lost skins back into a celestial tapestry. We are re learning our son Hood. You should hear her with her as her starstruck. Speaking and fragments of assault distraught. You should hear me with me. As her dumbfounded speaking language of loners that only know how to speak to themselves even hello felt like a town twist. Oh when we first met.

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048  Legends of Runeterra  10 Exceptional Design Choices and what we can learn from them

Nerdlab Podcast

41:31 min | 1 year ago

048 Legends of Runeterra 10 Exceptional Design Choices and what we can learn from them

"Hello Fellow Adventures and welcome back to the nut lab where we transform our gaming passion into incredible game designs and learn how to like a boss. My Name's Marvin and I am an ambitious game. Designer on my quest to develop a cooperative fantasy card game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer. If this isn't the first episode you hear from the Nutley podcast. You probably know already that. I'm not only interested in Board Games and Card Games but also yeah in digital card games of all kind. I look at most of them and him. Yeah tried to think about why? The designers has made which design choices? And I also try to figure out If the game concepts keyboards or mechanisms could also work in non digital world. And today I'll look at the game. Legends OFFER RUNE TARA THE NEW STRATEGY CARD game from the League of Legends Universe. I remember when I first heard about ruined. Tara in October it was Someone posted About the game in the Strategy Card Games facebook Croup and I must admit my first impression after watching the initial trail of the game was not very good. Here is my original comment. Which I wrote in in the crew after watching the The first gameplay trailer I am definitely curious to check this out but to be honest the video on the website. Really turn me down. I cannot see any kind of innovation that speaks to me. The most interesting part is maybe the fact that it alternates between attack and defence. Face the reactions for me just sounded like the stack of magic. Maybe the video just wasn't very good but I am kind of disappointed however the level up mechanic of euros in ruin. Terra looks nice though boy have I been wrong? The game dust so many things better than its competitor that I wouldn't be surprised if the game becomes the next big player in the digital card market but Yeah let's look at it. Step by step here comes my game design review of legends of Ruin Terra. The first question I asked myself is why riot and two highly competitive digital collectible card game market. Why now It's not like artifact has been a huge success for example and try to figure out what the call reason behind their move walls and I found a press release in which Reid stated that the right employees simply love card games and this is the number one reason for them to develop their own card game but they are also a couple of things that right employees really disliked about other card games and that is for example that most card games are paid to win. And I mean this has also been. Maybe the most important reason by artifact wasn't accepted by the community the second thing the designers of League of legends didn't like From other card games are the high proportion of orange because Wrentham facts can be sometimes good for games but they can also be very bad for example they have if they have too much of an influence on a game This is very bad for the competitive scene. Because you get not rewarded for good play Yeah it's just more or less random who who wins or who loses if the iron she is to predominant and it's also very difficult to balance a game if if the cheese to to Dominant the third thing that didn't like from most digital card. Games is the fixed meter. I mean in a long forgotten time when the CC cheese I came out in the ninety S. the Internet was not everywhere so You played your Your homegrown decks against each other and it was just fun but nowadays Let's say A new set comes out and the Mehta is solved rather quickly and what I mean by that is that you can find in the Internet. The two or three most successful with the highest win rate and most people just Yeah Net deck. That's what it called. If you build a deck that is known in the Internet to be successful and this leads to a fixed Mehta. That is not only true for digital card games but also for For the Non Digital Card Games and the result is of course that Playing the against the same desks over and over again can be Can become boring. And the last fact that the riot employees didn't like about other card games. is the lack of interactions that you cannot respond during your opponents turn. This is definitely not true for Magic. The gathering for example. But it's definitely true for for half zone so these were the problems that right identified with all the others seized cheese and Yeah they decided to. They want to tackle them with their own card game. And I have to say this is the first thing they did really really good. Because I know a lot of people who really dislike the same facts in digital card games and By identifying those They made the first a very good step towards very good card. Game and We'll talk about how successful they have been In implementing a game. That's all these problems during the during the show today before I go into more details about the design of ruined tera out briefly. Explain the rough rules of the game but without evaluating them too much at this point. If you have played magic half tone or artifact or any other digital a card game you will immediately get most of the rules from ruined era as well. The goal is to use your manner. each turn to cost heroes allies and spells to deal damage to your opponents nexus. I'm each player. Next starts with twenty health points the same as magic and when that's Reduced Zero. They lose the game at the beginning of the match. Each player draws four cards 'em with the option to Mulligan Any number of them. So if you don't like your cards or you don't like the monarch curve on your cards you can simply take another chance And replace that card with another caught in your at random then at the beginning of each round each player draws another cart and to play those cards you have to spend mono- which increases automatically by one each turn the same ethin- Hawthorne and many other Games And this allows view of course as it is in the collectible card games to play more powerful cards or multiple cards in turn women. The game progresses in Ruined terrified the LS are audie. Units are also very similar to the ones in Hawthorne Magic they have an attack value and their health value and They can be used to attack or defend however attacking and defending works a little bit differently than magic spells Come with different effects that typically some form of buffing your unit or dealing direct damage to enemy allies or disabling them Yeah stuff like that. Most of them are really combat. Focused these spells can either be fast or slow. Fast Bell's work really much like instance in magic the gathering As you can use them to respond to enemy actions while I am slow. Spells are more like sorcery and magic because you cannot use them as an reaction so and if you hear this short description which is to be honest very high level. You might understand now. Why I wasn't super hyped and after I watched the initial trailer it doesn't really sound like there's much innovation in the game does it. I mean it sounds a bit like A mix of Half Tone and magic. So what's different about legends of RUIN TERRA? You might ask. Don't worry there is more he I top ten exceptional design choices and what we can learn from them or in other words. What makes room Tara Special? The first one is The so-called Spell Monir which is used to reduce the variance in the In the game I mentioned That there is the resort and the game that Outta medically increases each turn by one and And that's true but you know when you Didn't quite have the correct cards to fit your curve and you do not spend your entire. Mana each turn. You can easily fall behind. And other card games so The designer identified that problem and Card Games and They introduced something that they call the spell Mona which works as some kind off. Secondary resource or Monarch battery or something like that. So if you Do not use up your entire mono- in turn you can Store up to three manner. in your spell mono- slots and that The game does this completely automatically though. It didn't have to care about that. But you can use in the next turn you can use that manner To cast spouts you can use it to To summon M units but you can use it to to cast spells and to come back If you fall behind I really liked that implementation because Yelm it reduces the variance of the game. And if you Didn't find the right cards you. It doesn't feel too bad if you WANNA spend on. I Anna in return because you can come up with yeah interesting Comebacks in the follow up around or you could even. Yeah maybe save the monarch to For the next Ron to have very strong Combo of playing Different spells or some minion anthem cost spell in the next trump. So that's pretty Pretty interesting implementation awesome of spell Mona as second resource the second Exceptional design choice of Frontera. Is Their Action Reaction System and this is probably one of the biggest differences Compared to other games because it really changes how rounds play out in in each round players alternate between being the attacker and being the defender and The interesting thing he really is that every time an action is taken. The opposing player Has the chance to respond. This means you yeah. You cannot cast multiple cards in turn without your opponent having the chance to react on it As it is in Hawthorne for example typically this influence more then chest the casting of spells. It also influences your attack choices for example if you are the Teke this round you odd the allow to attack with your opponents opponent cannot attack So if you do if your first decision in your turn is to attack with your With your minions or units Your opponent will not be able to cars or summon another spell Assembly hero or unit an or cast a spell before you attack so sometimes even if you put cast additional minions that could attack it might still be the right choice to attack I And then karst your minions afterwards and you have to know that you can only take once each turn you on the attacker saw If you cost your minions after Utecht You cannot detect with them anymore. They do not have summoning signals. Also if you play a minion you can immediately take with it but it gives your opponent chance to respond so if you cost a million your opponent might cost a million as well So it's always A Nice decision that you have to make and it really. It feels a bit like the magic stick in which you can react on on spells from your opponent but It it is a bit smoother because it's always action reaction action reaction End It is not only Doesn't happen only happen? Sometimes when players playing instant but it is more like the entire game space on the Stack. Because it's not it also affects the costing of minions and sorcery and stuff like that or slow spells. How they're called in so I really liked the action reaction system because it It feels very interactive The game play between you and the opponent the third exceptional designed for me is the combat system because they really managed to reduce the complexity of the decision process were with for example which units to attack with off to defend with but They did this without removing too. Much of the Interesting choices so let me explain to you how the convert actually works Combat enlightens of terror is Yeah when they when the allies face and destroy one another as it is in other games as well The attacker has to initiate combat by dragging their units into a special area In the center of the game board it I think it's called the arena so And the defender then. chooses which they are Units will defend which enemy so And once both sides have Organized their units Each attacking and defending ally will deal damage to each other And all of them that Have they held reduced to Cyril Destroyed and the they are a few things to mention. You can always You have to. You can only defend with One Unit with one other unit so there's double plucking like it is and magic for example and The damage is persistent on the creature. So it stays on the on the creatures the end the combination of This persistent damage as well as That creatures or units do not get tapped when they attack Calls US an interesting Thing because you often attack with most of your creatures and the decision making process if you attack or not is I would say it's easier than magic because you do not Lose the chance to plug in the In the next turn when your opponent is the attacker All of the crew. That attacked are available to block. So you often attack with most of your questions because if your opponent blocks You might exchange the creatures anyway and that you would have blocked the next turn Or You at least damage them. So that you can More easily killed them during the next blocking step on your side as well or If they didn't get blocked they they did damage and would still be available in the next ten to plot anyway so for me is Nice simplification of the decision of process whether or not to attack and I know. It sounds a bit lagged. Would be magic because them in one turn you attack and another. Tony opponent attacks in to defend but it is it really is different because You have an entire turned. You can cast a salmon units during the next term when you're pawn Is THE ATTACKER UTAH. A card exactly like your opponent is completely the same as your own. Turn with the only difference that you are. The defender cannot attack this tone. So I really like this This system I was hesitant in the beginning because I didn't think it would be too much of a difference but Yet it simplified things Quite a bit and It feeds it feels very smoothly in the game during the game playing so that brings us to the next exceptional design choice and this one is the fourth one and it is the euros in the game and to be honest Yet this is probably the most important difference to all of the other games because Yeah heroes are the corner piece of the game and they also have been in legal elections. And Yeah as you might already guess. It is You you will find the same heroes. They're in this game in ruined Tara and they really are the strongest units off the game. They do not really differ from normal units. At least they have the same Attack Values and defense values or health values and They called Mono- like the like the other units as well. So you call them. You put them in the in your deck and you call them like normal units but all of them have some kind of level up mechanic so all of them. Can you can consider them as flip cards in magic the gathering So once you Fulfill a certain criteria. Or let's call it a little quest The heroes flip and become a stronger version of their own and It it is incredible. How well they are designed because they you shape your entire deck around those those those heroes and your entire strategy and tactic and long-term Plan for game can really evolve around the heroes in your deck and We can I can definitely a name a few later on the podcast because Yelm they they have really really good designed and I love love to play with them and you also need them during the deck building Part of the game because They are from different areas like colors and other games and Yeah depending on the heroes. You choose foyer deck Kim The different colors of the game or areas of the game. I'm valuable To put in your deck salt they determine your Your caller identity of the deck. And you can have up to six Heroes in your deck. There can be different ones or the same ones. I think the limit for the same ones as a three. But you you need to acquire the cars I am to have all of them available but Yelm the only thing I have to say about them is that they are really really create. Let's take the character or hero as she as an example She is a an archer Who USES A FROST? Eros to enter freeze enemies and Her main ability is that when she attacks She freezes one enemy with the With the most power So freezing means in the game. It reduces the power of a of a unit two zero in this turn until end of turn and once you have Priest five units she flips to her in her strong aside getting an additional effect That says Frozen units cannot CanNot Block anymore and the interesting thing is that you have a lot of spells that were really quite with Or even other Americans that were created that hero together because when you summon the Minion it It might freeze an opponent at the beginning of each turn. It might freeze an opponent or it might be an instant spell that freezes an opponent and so you you really try to put the right cart into Decks that that support your hero and by combining different heroes in deck. You can build some kind awesome. Yeah very strong combinations of heroes and effects and some of them are better in. The early games are more aggressive. Others are better Employees King and Bringing you to the late game or Winning you the the lake game if you can survive until you get a quiet eight mono or or more and as one more thing about heroes. That is some very very very intelligent because heroes are Y-. The strong characters and it would be strange to have Multiples of of those strong heroes in on the battlefield and in other Games like magic the gathering day soft by making Those strong heroes l'echeance and the letter drool says that you can only have one of Of those kind on the battlefield and Yeah ruined terra. Dr dolittle bit different because when you caused hero let's say you cost as she but Then Utah another as she or have already one in your hand And it transforms into a special spell that supports the hero that you already have on the battlefield so it supports itself and each euro comes with a with a unique spell That you can only get when you have one other hero of the same kind on the battlefield and I think this is really great to Great Way to he had to reduce the the problems with cards in your hand that you cannot cost because Yeah this happens in in magic. The gathering for example. Have a legend in your hand and already another one on the battlefield and you cannot cost it and I think it's a smart way to Have a moody Purpose Cart Yeah to solve that. Because it's quite easy to do the transformation in digital game I would. It would be much more difficult to implement Something like that in a in a physical game of course the fifth exceptional design shows that I want to mention. Today is actually a keyword. That keyword is Support support gifts An effect which is mentioned on the card to the unit on the right of this ally when it's attacking and the interesting aspect of that is that You do not choose this when you play the cart so it doesn't matter if if the catis place left right or whether wherever you designed always when you attack them you make an arte of your attack us from left to right and So if One unit has a support effect. You can choose which whenever you attack you choose. Which one is the right neighbor of that unit and that gets the support bonus and every like that? It is not a one time decision that you have to make but the continuous decision. That comes up whenever you attack the next an exceptional design shows is Game Play State. That is used as a trigger on cards Or a condition on cards. And it's also I think it's also a keyboard and that is called enlightened and It triggers An effect when you reach ten Mana so it Really allows you to Design cards that are Have one effect in the early game and another one in the late game and really like that That condition here That you can print on a carts to see whether or not you are in the late game and for example it could be a creature that enters the battlefield as a Tutu creature But if it is enlightened it enters the battlefield at six six yeah. We have seen similar implementations and other games as well but I I really enjoyed that. Because it allowed me to play those Sauce creatures in my bag vet our good in the early game but also still relevant in the late game. The sevens exceptional design. Choice is how the game handles Tutoring and If you compare it to magic Tutoring cards means You look up your deck and search for a specific card And wouldn't meant you find it. You reveal it to the opponent and then take get into your hand for example put into play whatever effects US but The problem really is and in other games. This can take a lot of time and discloses waiting time for the for the opposing player. Of course. So what they did is You Get some kind of random cart It is not completely random. So you can design your deck around the to effect. For example there is an effect that you play creature and the creature has an end to the battlefield effect. That says some you Get A random Other minion with power. Five or more and then you do not Need to Spend the time to look through your deck to find the the card but You get a random one that is strong but you do not really know which one Except you design your Your deck in a way that only one One cod really fits The description Often in this case having FIFA more power this Prince me to the next point because It it must be must have been hard for the for the designers here to come up with a decision like that because one goal as you remember was to root us. Aren G. and Yeah by getting random creature You still have. This aren't cheap but it is. It is a minor a random effect. Compared to to some other randomness in in the G. Market And this brings me to the To the next point The eighth exceptional design choice. I wanted to talk about and that is How lessons of Frontera handled are Angie because there is hardly any random effect in the in the game so All the cards do very specific things. the one. I just mentioned is at least the only one that I am Can remember that really has a random effect but This is not only true for the for the Qods itself. It's a definitely true for the entire economy of the game because There are no random PECs in Lessons of Route Harare You do not buy packs open them and see what's in the packs you. There is hardly any orangey you always. If you want to buy cards you buy wild cards and you can crtv carts that you want all the other cards You get them by by our chests and Ya Es all the other games do it but you never get any a PECs that Have ANY RANDOM Cards so you do not buy something that is rent. You get a random random rewards when you win games for example but you never spend money on on something. That is our angie because Yeah that brings us to the next point of the nines excetera designed to us because they want to shake up the middle game regularity by patching the game every two to four weeks like they do it with a League of legends because they won the To prevent the Mehta game from stalling. And if you would have paid a lot of money for for for specific Cards you would you would probably don't like to see your deck Being nerve and So they Decided that they do not want people to spend an immense amount of money on the different a cards So I think there is a limit that you can spend each week so I really liked the idea of shuffling up the Meta game because I was never really interested in Standard in magic for example where you always pay the same The same decks over and over again and I was also really liked I'm of the limited player that really likes to to get limited pool of cards and try to Make the best possible of those limit. This limited amount of cuts and I really liked to Adopt to use waste with my dad. And if I get a new card here and there I would like to upgrade my bag but It really really don't like the the fine tuning of the deck. When you have to play fifty times against the same opponents deck and see. What kind of car would which would make Increase the wind chance from fifty seven percent to fifty seven point five percent for example And this is something you have to do when you play. Standard in magic and in with the shifting a meter in legends of Tara I think that You will have to adopt more frequently to new situations and that is something that is really really really appreciate it In the community at least when it comes to To the Limited players like I am and that brings me to To the next and last point of the exceptional design choices and that is How they Yeah held they implemented limited gameplay in lessons of Frontera because there is some drafting an bought. It is different to other trotting systems that I have seen and To be honest I have not played too much of it because Y- you need a special coin. Enter entered The drafting portion of the game and that is quite expensive one I think you get one per week for free or so if you if you played enough in the last week And otherwise you you need to win a lot or Or maybe even buy your ticket to play the trotting pot of the game but They implemented it quite nicely. Because if you if you draft magic the gathering real time for unreal for example you are also digitally you in some point during the draft. You decide for a color. So you play plaque and cream for example and this is like an like a complete filter for for For yourself when you few the next few pets because You really Look only on the green and placards anymore and you do not really take into account picking the the red or white cards in that scenario Maybe only because only four Yeah hatred drafting purposes. Because he did not want your opponent or you're on your neighbor to get the carts the strong cards but Most of the time you only look at the cards that are in the colors that you have chosen to play and Yeah in through Tara. We have learned that The Heroes Determined Yeah what kind of Collier and so you I Have TO CHOOSE DIFFERENT. Heroes for your deck in with your first picks and then after you've chosen the heroes you only see carts of Their area so from their color. So all of the cards that you chose are still relevant for your Foyer picks and you use you troughed. At at least that's what I think you trust against them. No one it's just them picking picking Ren deciding between different cards that you want to add to your deck though it does not affect any other players that you play with It's only yelm making this interesting decisions and making choices between cards that are relevant for your deck and Yeah I I really enjoyed that. it was a nice a nice way of traveling destroyed what it felt different and The choices that you have to make are not only I think you always get three different choices. each of those choices having Two carts so it's It's a tough choice to make between those true three different pilots but It's interesting choice and I am. I like that choice and after you. You played certain brands of the game. You get the chance to At another hero to your deck or you might Also get the chance to Exchange one card from your deck against another end. That's also all Also a choice between three changes so The the the game comes up with a with a choice for you. You see three cards from your deck and three card that you could Could exchange with those and you decide which of those Which one card from your tech you want to exchange with one card That is offered to you so That is how drafting works in the game. And if you are successful you you can. You can trust more. It's called expedition in the game. But that's not the only aspect that really is Yeah Limited for me in the game because it is really really hot to acquire all of the heroes and large Carpool And by that it really feels for me. A bit like Yeah contructing limited tech because my my pool available. Heroes is quite limited at the moment and It doesn't really feel like I would need to To buy a lot of cards to to win. Games I win games with my limited pool of cards because my opponents 'em also have a limited pool of car because Qods because there is a limit of of money that they can they can spend on the game so It is not it does not feel like pay to win to be honest and It feels like a big sealed pool in magic and Maybe the best the best comparison that I have is sealed in which you at new cards every week. And then you can adjust your deck the decks that you build with new cards. Maybe at another hero here and there and other spouses applaud the euro and yet it for me as limited player This feud much better than how the constructed decks walk out in in other Games where it is lot of net decking and less Y- trial and error by yourself. Okay and yeah. That is pretty much what I wanted to talk about today. with regards to let of ruined. Tara I really enjoyed playing the game eight It feels very very well. Designed and Especially developed because The cards feel and they feel right there. There well balanced I do not really have the feeling that there are no answers for some of the cards strategies and Am they spend a lot of a lot of effort in having a good game from the start? So if you enjoy Digital Card Games if you enjoy collectible card games if you enjoy. Magic Hawk zone artifact key forge any of those games I would Would recommend to To try the game. And Yeah if you have anything that you enjoy about the game Please let me know my favorite part Definitely the heroes and I think Yeah they could also be Implemented in a similar way in Board game or cards game so We might see them in the future again so until next week. Keep shooting for the moon and nerd like a boss.

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