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"critising canton" Discussed on KPCC


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"critising canton" Discussed on KPCC

"Told kpcc news this afternoon that ons angeles will resume enforcing a ban against homeless people sleeping on sidewalks something it hasn't done for eleven years on garcetti says enforcing that ban will not happen right away well the changes that we met the requirements of the court order to build enough affordable housing to have a certain number of batch that were available on the other hand i don't believe that we should blanket enforce this overnight especially where there aren't places in that local neighborhood for people who are encamped to go which is why so aggressively pushed this bridge home that you actually putting temporary housing in communities where people can stay get the help that they need and then i think you can go to those sidewalks and those places where people in camp and after working for a number of weeks or even a couple of months say at the end of this time we're going to be clearing the sidewalks again working in critising canton but there is a place for you to go away mayor eric garcetti we spoke with him earlier today on kpcc tomorrow a big day for southern california soccer fans mexico south korea will face off in world cup group play and game starts at eight tomorrow morning on the west coast can mexico deliver a second win in the world cup they beat germany last weekend one nil a shocking win against the defending world cup chance but la times sportswriter kevin baxter says tomorrow's game won't be easy for mexico mexico had six months to prepare for germany since the book cup draw came out they haven't prepared nearly as well for south korea in the runup to the germany game they played a number of friendlies exhibitions against european teams to prepare for germany style of play mexico hasn't played in asian team since twenty january of twenty fourteen again time eight in the morning on the west coast one eight comes up at eight o'clock.

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