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Hour 2 - Joe Manganiello (07-18-19)

The Dan Patrick Show

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Hour 2 - Joe Manganiello (07-18-19)

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Is Your daily Pep Talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it's Pitchy Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by State Law Broadcasting from the Mercedes man cave. This is Dan Patrick our chew on this. It's Thursday a rainy Thursday here in New York City Dan in the Danettes Dan Patrick show we talked to David Fatty. He joined us from the open championship Paulie. We'll have some of the interesting names and scores from the opening round and that'll be coming up here in a moment moment. Bob Lee from the mothership just retired after four decades there. He'll join us a little bit later on Joe Manganiello will join us in studio is well. He's got a baseball movie out Big Steeler Fan mclovin just saw Joe in the hallway and you were kind of took your breath away. Yeah you know how some accurate or short in person and sort of year like what's the big deal with that guy. It was Kinda the opposite way six five yeah I six. I thought all actors were sure what happened to that. They we are <hes> Vince Vaughn will surprise you when you see Vince Vince is like six four trying to think if there's somebody else that stands out because of their high Tim Robbins remember we had yeah. He's he's four six five yeah yeah and there's height ISM in Hollywood. That's why I never truly made it being six three. You know I had a hard time. How many rolls did I lose out to Tom? Cruise Colin Farrell Rob Schneider. You know some of the great actors I lost some roles to just because I was too tall. You're going to be deuce these bailout Rob Schneider that was still one of those bizarre phone calls you get rob. Schneider calls me and he says hey I want you to be in Deuce bigalow European Gigolo and so I wasn't even in the original original Deuce bigalow which I did was funny and he goes. Hey I want you to be in Deuce bigalow European Gigolo and I go okay because we're shooting in Europe in like three weeks and I go well how many days he goes probably six weeks. I go no rob. I have a job you might not be familiar with the Dan Patrick Show. I'm Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show and he wanted me to be in Deuce Deuce. Bigalow European Gigolo could've won your First Academy award if you know did you see Deuce bigalow European Gigolo help of it. I made a good decision. I don't turn down many movie roles and I probably should that might be the only movie role I've turned down. It's I mean the great movies. It's hard to make a sequel caddyshack do godfather to Deuce bigalow too. I did like Deuce bigalow. You know Deuce bigalow bigalow European Gigolo. They sell the brand with that and they did. They lost me with that. One there all right so joe John is coming up got our poll question which is sponsored by man versus food on Cooking Channel mclovin. Did you settle on one by put up to start with with what is the coolest major courses year with Augusta Royal Portrush and Pebble Beach Actually Pebble beach jumped out to an early lead one yeah. You can't go wrong with Augusta but I've had bad rounds at pebble but I've never had a bad day at pebble. We can switch up. I got an M._B._A.. In a college football option later in the show if you'd like let me hear what those are okay N._B._A.. Start with. Would you want Chris Paul on your team. I know that's a loaded question okay. I got a factor in the salary in his yeah so probably no win that one because of those given his salary in his age no I don't do you know that he started his career. In Oklahoma City member when you know Hurricane Katrina Lina forced the Hornets out of New Orleans and then they went to Oklahoma City and they were there for the first two years of Chris Paul's career. I forgot all about that that Chris Paul was in Oklahoma City so it's actually a homecoming coming because Oklahoma City welcomed the Hornets because they didn't have the Oklahoma City thunder because that was still the Seattle Supersonics and all of a sudden the Oh Chris. Paul said he loved the hospital. I don't know if he wanted to go back and live there play. Hey there maybe visit but Chris Paul sort of a homecoming. I also saw this anonymous N._B._A.. G._M.. Quite Leonard doesn't rally his team. Okay here we go Rick Bucur of the bleacher report relays the unnamed general managers critical thoughts on Kawhi Leonard in a column concerning the N._B._A.'s recent frenetic free agency period Colli is great getting his but he doesn't elevate it anyone the G._M.. said he doesn't rallies team. Another anonymous executives thoughts provided a counterbalance to the above criticism concerning Leonard's argued shortcomings he does have leadership qualities on executive said it depends on how you define leader he's obviously not vocal and he's not a galvanized after he does it with his work ethic and by example which leads me to what kind of leader do you want the the guy who is firing you up with his words or the guy who goes out there and takes over a game in the final couple of minutes and went to championship or two. I like the guy who goes out there and does it on the floor because I could be really good at firing you up and then you go out and make all the plays that doesn't make me a great leader. Great Leader is when things are bad and then you do something the guy who gets in there and raw in the middle of the huddle. Oh and he's yelling and screaming. The cameras are on him as not a leader yeah mclovin. I totally get that I mean if you get Kawai. It might take you six games to win the finals. There's a lot of anxiety. How can you possibly insult quite the do just single Hanley water title? We always look for criticism or somebody's always looking out to criticize somebody. One of my favorites was when a former teammate of cal ripken's told me that there were guys on the orioles who got upset that cow cow after games had the audacity to go out and sign autographs and take pictures and they're saying you're making us look bad by doing that. Also the CAL ripken stayed in another hotel. Then his teammates but I asked cal about that and I said why did you stay in a different hotel and he said if I stayed in the same hotel with my teammates everybody I make it harder for them because people are there waiting waiting for autographs. I bet that comes off. Well not very well it didn't I'm doing you a favor by not staying with you because everyone's here to see me and I'll I'll get the masses away from I what he's saying in theory but that would not play well if I were a teammate but if if you have somebody who says yeah cowl ruins enforced because you know what he goes out there and signs autographs therefore we have to go out there and sign autographs eight seven seven three D._p.. Show email address DP. Dan Patrick Dot Com Paulie got the leader board. I WanNa know the ugly glee scores You all right Phil Mickelson plus five. That's not good Adam Scott plus five Rory's plus three Francesco molinari plus three Zander schlafly plus three couple good ones though Jordan spieth minus three reenter okay and Kepco as always under okay tiger teed off. I don't think so I mean is he teeing off not as he teed off. That sounds like he's angry. I don't have as playing yes todd I think he tees off in a few minutes. Okay I think ten ten with it's my birthday and breakfast birthday. They seem to same same exact day and year yeah not just ten ten. Thank you Golden Road Brewing if you haven't tried it what are you waiting for. Morio went to dodger dodger stadium on vacation and he went to the Phillies Stadium and he said Golden Road beer all over the place there so you can get mangled cart and we'll pop session I pee on tap and he said everywhere you go and that's nice to know you. You know they start advertising with us. There are partners with us and now look. We got him in Dodger Stadium Philadelphia taking over the world with Golden Road. Try It. You'll love it California inspired available in all fifty states golden road brewing all right <hes> so I mentioned guest list here bobby will join us. We have a certificate that we made up for bobbly after forty years we we misspelled appreciation. Oh yes we did but we were really close. You you have one P two R's in there in appreciation and you said roughly in its bobbly Robert Lee. No it's Bob Lee I checked. We compete his name's Robert. quit am and forty years at the mothership. He was there three days days after E._S._P._N.. Started Bob walked in and then never left back in the trailer GAILLARDE's yeah they had they had basically trailers as the offices there for <hes> the mothership that Bob was there. I think three days in Chris Berman I came in. Maybe a week or two weeks later Tommy's also I hope that E._S._p._N.. One day gets around to naming building. Not Not that Bob is asking for this or the Tommy's or that. I want anything because I don't named the newsroom after Tom Mees name a building after Chris Berman in a building or something after bobbly you know the bobbly studio. I don't know I mean these without these guys E._S._p._N.. Doesn't happen it. Just doesn't somebody eventually would do you a sports network but they they took on that. They had the courage to do it and go in there and gone. I don't know if anybody's watching. I don't even what we're doing. It was going to be Connecticut sports next thing you know you're Australian rules football and you're thinking you know what am I doing with my career like are we. Are we going to be good. Is anybody going to watch us. I remember when I got there in one thousand nine hundred nine as much as I loved being there because does he was twenty four hour sports. I thought I don't even know who's watching because we didn't. We didn't nobody gave us. Any Intel. Management didn't say hey you're killing it or these are the rating we didn't know first couple years had no idea no the idea and I can't imagine what it was like for Bob and Chris in Tommy's but those are the founding fathers there Mount Rushmore really has three guys on it. It's Bob and Tom you know the late Tommy's and Chris Berman Yeah Paulie I I remember back in like eighty three eighty four they would show all the college basketball highlights and I know they only had Australian rules football and weird events for live properties but you could turn on sports center in in the mid to early eighties and see all the Georgetown Georgetown highlights in Syracuse highlights and one-stop shopping and it was so much better than your local broadcasts which showed you the the cubs won highlight from the cubs won high from the socks new Blah Blah Blah and I grew up with that local sports and you were doing three minutes of sports and I wasn't good enough to get a job doing local sports is I've talked about before even weaken sports and then when I saw E._S._p._N.. Come on the Air Lego. God twenty four hours was sports and doing sports centers. This is what I WANNA do. I don't know where Bristol Connecticut is but sign me up when you guys started doing the eleven o'clock sportscenter. When did you start that eighty nine when I got there? I started doing the eleven o'clock I think three months in with Bodley I think if remember right in the late eighties early nineties they would repeat that sportscenter basically seven or eight times from eleven pm until seven or eight. No you would have the eleven live one o'clock live. One o'clock would play in the morning. Okay Okay but you would require the eleven o'clock played elite twice Sunday night aired all Monday more okay. That's it then because in in college we used to watch it to the point that I'd watch your Sunday sportscenter three or four times college student staying up late and I knew when the cub highlight there'd be thirteen after the hour and then the feature on blank would be twenty four hour you just over and over and over I remember our boss Steve Bornstein and really very sharp executive and he said <hes> we're going to replay. WE'RE GONNA rear ear sportscenter or like. How would you do that and he goes? You know that morning so you have a whole generation that watch sports center in the morning and then we wanted you to watch sports center when you got up before for you went to school and therefore you couldn't stay up at eleven o'clock or one o'clock in the morning and it was brilliant because you we made sportscenter there for you we you it was available whenever you wanted it it was there and and it was a brilliant tactical move by Steve Bornstein because these kids who were couldn't stay up till eleven o'clock or one o'clock in the morning. We're getting sportscenter at six A._M.. Before they went off to school so very fortunate but the best thing that ever happened is sportscenter was we had the big east and that big Monday with the Big East in the big twelve and we had an audience that lead into the eleven o'clock sportscenter and also Sunday night Sunday night baseball you had an if you don't have that audience then people aren't necessarily staying with you or in the appointment viewing and we're very lucky with that very lucky that we had the pro life programming. That's what everybody wants. They want live programming lead leading into the studio shows. I saw mclovin. We're going to stay with that. Poll question one more poll question. I can save it. Go ahead but it's a little bit conscious will make people mad. Who is the Premier College football team in the nation? I'm only giving you two choices. One wears orange one wears red or Crimson Alabama Clemson. Who's WHO's the premier team and I know people thought I was crazy? When I said try this? Ask Your friends what conference Clemson plays in just casual sports fan. He go man. Hey what do you think a Clemson in the S._e._C.. Nobody's going to bat and I if they're casual sportsman will go yeah you know. Can they win another national championship there in the A._C._C. but they play like there in the S._e._C. and I think that's what <hes> that's interesting when it comes to how they transformed that program also did you see where they they had the media day between Clemson and Alabama and you had one of the players his name is Dylan. Moses Alabama linebacker he dismissed Clemson was the better team in the College Football playoff national title game despite despite the fact that they got be forty four sixteen it was more preparation Moses said of Clemson's win. I wouldn't say they were a better team. So is Moses coming down from the mountain saying that Nick Sabin didn't do a good job in prepping his team name. Wouldn't you say the other to the contrary. You know what we just didn't play well. They outplayed us not preparation because that sounds like coach didn't do his job. Moses had ample praise for Georgia which hasn't defeated Alabama since two thousand seven. Oven he said the bulldogs are definitely the hardest team. I have played in college all right a little trash talking there. I like it what mclovin and first of all you have what nine weeks to prepare for that you're saying Nick Sabin then prepare for Clemson that's insane but Clemson was the better team and instead of just saying they were the better team that day. You know we didn't play that well when you say we weren't prepared then you're saying you know what Nick Sabin didn't prepare us there eight seven seven three D._p.. Show email address sepia. Dan Patrick Dot Com twitter handle with D._p.. Show you could watch on dot com direct. T._V.'s audience don't Channel Two thirty nine. We're on three hundred sixty radio affiliates around the country. Look who's on the couch over there. Joe's in town Joe Joe's in town looking good. He's wearing a shirt. Fortunately that means we don't have to go. It's early. It's early. We haven't even started the interviewed wait till he sits down and we all take our shirts off Yep. He's as a professional actor. He could drop that shared one second he could. He could rip it all right now and once again. I'm all in anybody else. Only ended up. Joe Takes off his shirt not if he does because I know I don't look good but next to him. Am I look really bad all right. We'll take a break here. Joe Manganiello will join US got a baseball movie out that takes place in the Bronx but I know he's big football guy steeler fan. Maybe I don't know how big steeler fan is now with <hes> A._B.. Gun Levy on bell going. I do think the steelers are going to be underrated this year all right. We'll take a break coming up on eighteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show okay. 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I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by State Law Joel Mango Nilo prior to Chris Pittsburgh P._A.. Big Time movie star. What do people say on the street city? They usually pronounce my name wrong what you got it right so that was actually great okay. So what do they say. What did they say <hes> I mean usually they wanNA talk about? We'll see like my kid loves peewee Herman We Watch Your Movie Five Times a Day with pee wee or it's <hes> you know when I'm going through airport T._S._A.. It's like oh it's the Werewolf. Oh my I get a lot of that and if it's women than it's usually something about Magic Mike. Which one do you like hearing? I don't mind him. All I mean. It's not like you're like I don't like touching me while I'm meeting so it's probably it's conditional like it's all good wait. Wait wait until sometimes like they want to. You know like itself. They'll sit down at the booth with a camera like I'm mouthful. I can't even talk because my mouth so full and so you sometimes you get strange situations thrown out you even if your wife is there less so with my wife around you know she's Colombian. There's there's a chance that you might disappear. Never never be heard from again. Does your wife get that kind of treatment from guys now. The official introduction of the movie is bottom of the ninth which hits theaters tomorrow available as a video on demand Burt Young as in this movie young as in the studio right now. Oh No do you think there we go okay. Do you think fritzy looks like Vince Young <unk> Ara been so so the former actor from rocky uncle polling now be honest joe does does he look like I feel like we should do a scene from Komo news or like you know saying no pie eating contest for rocky to Bali give Joe you're rocking impersonation. I say you can't win. You're GONNA Yeah No. That's my mic Burgess Meredith there. I was wondering if he wasn't doing anything the next thirty years you wouldn't mind marrying me very much and that stallone. Why don't you do burr young? That's who you look like when they got off the plane at rocky for he goes. I don't like these guys. Maybe they'll let us know too much. Neither what I do so joe just got done with the movie just wrapped with Utah d'appel gangs yeah. I didn't know that I so this is a movie. You kind of have a second chance in life you go to prison you. Come back and you're going to have a baseball field on that. You're going to be managing your wife. Life is in this movie as well yeah all right okay so like and then go Joe Yeah. Thank you <hes> so I play. It's called bottom of the ninth. I play a nineteen year old nineteen year old kid who was a baseball phenom he grew up in the Bronx in the shadow Yankee Stadium and winds up getting drafted by the Yankees so the pride of all the Bronx one night he's out with his neighborhood friends and gets into a fight hits the kid the kid falls backward smacks his head on the Kerb and <hes> and I get nine years in prison for it <hes> I get another nine years tacked on for violence in prison for basically like staying alive doing what you had to do to stay alive in prison. I get out eighteen years later in my late thirties return to the Bronx Bronx. The charter put my life back together after missing my mother's funeral I missed baseball. I missed the Yankees and I also wind up running into the girl who's hard. I broke it nineteen. When I went in and through the film it's a story of redemption and wet like with someone who made a mistake as a kid has to go through in order to feel like they deserve good things in their life again and I wind up getting a second shot at baseball through an old coach played by Michael Michael Response from the deuce great actor and he calls me up and said Hey? How'd you like to have a job back in Baseball and through coaching I wind up at bat versus? This like rehabbing former cy die young winner with a screw loose played by Brian Wilson like the Beard Sands Bidder so people like watch the movie. They don't even know it's him. Oh my God that was a former relief pitcher former world champion Brian Wilson <hes> crazy ah but amazingly I love this guy and and so <hes> through this kind of like pitching battle against him in an a practice everybody sees that I still I still have I still got the stuff at so. I want to getting a second chance of baseball through the minor leagues as I'm trying to like put my life back together and then of course bump into this woman that I was in love with when I was nineteen when I went in back it's rekindled too but how do you act. How do you do not bring in real life to acting when you're with your wife? How does that work? Is it harder to work with your wife because now I think are you acting. Yes very much <hes> because I'm playing a different character. You know I'm playing a guy who got out of prison. That's after eighteen years and and doesn't really trust themselves. You know if you're like beating a guy with his bare hands or you know so <hes> you know he gets out and must the love scenes are an awkward well well. Here's the thing so it's supposed to be awkward because this this is a guy who is like hasn't been around a woman in eighteen years let alone her and feels guilty for hurting her and throwing her life off course and so you know when I kiss her in the movie I'm kissing her in character which is weird to them. Straighter demonstrate that on polling he's not that good looking. That's what happened in prison learn. You GotTa do what you gotTa do to get by <hes> so you know so. There's an amount of it. The yeah yeah that is that is strange but in those moments. I'm on the character kissing my wife. Who's playing a character? Not You know it's not me kissing her. So that's way too deep for me. Does that make I can't it but there's also a history between my wife and I that then becomes easy. I know little tricks to make her smile and she knows little tricks to do the same to me that are indicative of people that have spent a lot of time together so that actually helps because you know each other so well. What's <hes> what's your baseball background and you you played sports in high school and <hes> you know football as well but I played football is GonNa play college basketball but I went for I went for theater which how did I what did you get injured and therefore the you went into theater after you got injured injured then you injure knee I did yeah I injured? I Tore My M._C.. L. Returning to kick off against ringgold high school which was Joe Montana's high school funny enough. Yeah cheap shot artists there. You know damn that wrangled hammering <hes> so I tore my M._C.. L. Return and kickoff <hes> and you know it made me start thinking about what I really wanted to do. Down the line. You know western Pennsylvania sports really competitive go home and its western Pennsylvania where they love their football and you say to your parents. <hes> I want to go into acting well. I A new from the time I was a kid. I was an artist in my heart and I knew that if I didn't want doing something involve that I was never going to be satisfied so it was that point that made me think what do I really want to do but at that point still I don't know if that was a possibility to go be an artist professionally so my plan was to go to college to play basketball and I was going to go into federal law enforcement. I had a cousin in the F._B._i.. And I was talking to him about how to get in there and what what branch I wanted to go into and my high school had a T._v.. Studio and they had cameras and I would take them out on the weekends and right movies for my friends. I wrote a full length feature in high school and how Right T._V.. Shows and I will cast ask my friends and so I kinda backward into acting or theater through like filmmaking as a kid and <hes> and then I want trying out for Carnegie Mellon Drama School and I got in which was like super hard to get into so I got in with the scholarship our ship and that was it and so that was like how my that was how I launched in it so it wasn't necessarily I got hurt and then wound up over here. It was like no I was just trying to. I just knew that was who I want. You did other the things you you were Rhody for banned. Yeah in between gigs is an actor yeah my friend John Feldman's the lead singer of this band Goldfinger and he was like hey man. Do you have anything going on next month and not just hanging out struggling ogling artists lifestyle and he's like. Do you WANNA come out on tour with us. We're GONNA DO Australia New Zealand Hawaii Canada U._s. such area so just throw drunk kids off the stage every night. Could you do a movie off that. Maybe maybe probably in Shamsher roadhouse to oh well now. You're talking yeah. I think roadhouse. Is there some great lines in roadhouse. I love roadhouse man. Don't hurt course yeah I I yeah. Let's do we do another roadhouse. Are we doing it. You could play Sam Elliott. We get your mustache growing. Yeah my voice a little bit. I got smoke some heaters or you could be the the guy who owns the evil guy who owns in town. You know what I'm saying but I get a love interest. You could have a ton if you're running a town man. I Want Michelle Pfeiffer. Let's call it okay all right good get Paulie colleague David Kellyanne and ask him if Michelle can come out and play okay. How important are the steelers to you? Still what do you mean still well. I I don't know be auto board me torture me and shoots under the finger talking to me award or a super bowl for the steelers. Well okay so I but I I was there in Super Bowl forty three. I witnessed them win so I'm GonNa take the Oscar like no offence guys but I got to take the Oscar right now but the best supporting actor not actor academy work. I'll take it here's a like I think they're gonNA win again before Ben's done there. I said it I like him. I there's less drama this year you very much <hes>. Have you met Ben said dinner. <hes> when I was back in Pittsburgh a few months ago yeah now I I know ban of hung out with him a bunch of times. I know like most of the guys I was at Ryan Chasers wedding recently <hes> so we're we're. We're buddies had to be pretty emotional final incredible yeah. He was told eighteen months ago that he was never gonna walk again yeah never going to you're not going to walk. You'RE NOT GONNA get to play with your kid and there. He is walking down the like bouncing down the aisle bouncing up the steps dancing all night like he's incredible is such a strong. I don't know if he'll ever be able to play again but you know I just. I just hope he's able to live a life then. That's all like I know that he wants to have goals. Goals but I look at it and I go I just I just hope he's healthy just to be able to you know play with your kids and do normal things but that's a sign of a champion. I know in in the mind when your goal is to play again if your gold is the play again like look look where it's gotten him so far yeah he's he's now defying the odds the guys miracle the movie is bottom of the ninth that hits theaters tomorrow <hes> burt young as one of the stars and <hes> jove courses leading the charge here. I was also noticing being a couple of things yes METALLICA. Are you big Metallica Fan yeah here okay. Did you play Metallica at your wedding. Yes I did. I hired violin players and cello players for the wedding. You know to play the songs when you're walking down the aisle and I can't wait. Take me back through the conversation when you sit down with your wife and you say so. I'm thinking I got this great idea. Well Metallica well. My wife is pretty cool <hes> for starters but the other side of it like I had heard a violin cello string version of nothing else matters and it's beautiful like it is gorgeous like Google it at home you know I it's beautiful so I hired these violent players a and cellist and I said could you could you convert this too violent shallow and play that when I walked down the aisle and they said sure of course and so we're walking down the aisle and my mom turns to me and she's like my gosh this song as beautiful yeah. I said it's METALLICA MOM and my my buddy Patrick from college is like giving me the metal born as I'm walking down the aisle. You know it was great. My lawyer was like nodding his head like but it sounds like this beautiful piece of classical music when you convert it and I think there was like a Swedish house mafia song that we played we were walking down off the al-Tairi. So can you afford to let yourself go like your body. What does that mean? I mean why I'm an actor so every role is in like you know. It isn't a giant supernatural powered where wolf no but I'm a movie role but let's say you just said you know working out or going to let myself go a little bit here. Well like I mean I just ate my way through Italy. Let's like are going now. You and me and we'll take our shirts off. Let's just let me see if you let yourself go. I mean also there's the thing is I would me. My body wants to be skinny. I was a super skinny kid had grown up like I was a kid in ninth. Grade like led the League in points rebounds. I thought my end of the year review is going to be spotless. What could they say and they said you need to gain upper body strength too skinny that was their comment and at that the time in ninth grade I couldn't do one pull up couldn't do one dip and we had to do tests like football everybody to line up on either side of a barn? It's like go as many as you can. I couldn't get one like it wasn't even like I was in the middle and I was a captain of the team I I didn't get like a ton or even like mid range zero weakest dude on the team. It pissed me off so badly that embarrassment and the shame that I spent the next I don't know twenty on even years making sure that I would never have that kind of embarrassment again. You know which is why I wrote a book about Bodybuilding Simon and Schuster approached me like we want you to write the follow up to like Arnold's encyclopedia bodybuilding and I was actually shooting a movie with Arnold at time and Arnold like whatever you need let me know I'll I'll help you never wear whatever way you want you take Arnold. Do I think I could take arnold yeah like now yeah well. Why why would I WANNA do that? We like to ask these questions. He's my buddy man like I mean you could you talking like Conan. The Barbarian Arnold Arnold now well current. I'm GONNA guess you can't right but if I said you at your best against Conan the barbarian picture the Click Bait Headlines Right now depending on my answer I mean it's great publicity for the movie coming up. I I mean bottom of the ninth this to be a this'll be an interesting simulator like me at the height of like true blood ooh shape. I was also boxing at the time like a lot. Okay versus Arnold Conan the barbarian. This'll be interesting interesting. You're in the octagon. I got the reach. Only one guy gets out when one gets out Conan or where Wolf Yeah. Is there a madden we can tell madden simulator what about Conan O'Brien instead of Conan the barbarian could you take Conan who's wiry a wiry smart yeah he could outsmart you sweet sign yes but I you know I'm never on these lists but I always wonder when they say the hottest bachelor alive. Like how many mirrors do you guys have in your house. You guys constantly get yourself. You go back to that so as soon as that happened happened the bachelor of the year. Whatever was someone said to me? I think it was Mario Lopez. He was like that's not GonNa last long so watch. It's not GonNa last long whatever you know and sure enough fly out of the game title vacate or not. You're not on the list anymore. Now man that was it was very short lived once you get that title angle last long but if you're that good looking do you look at all the time or do do not look in the mirror. I don't care like a typical guy if I can't get out of house and less than thirty seconds I'm doing something wrong. You know I should be ashamed of myself typical guys over there Joe. You're not a typical dog about. I'm just trying to get out of the House man and I'm just like I'm not thinking about all that unless like GonNa talk show which is somebody else's job like okay. You can put your headphones on. Put Mile Federal. Okay we got here we go here. We go the arrogant where we are in this music from your wedding. Yeah exactly this is what I walked down the aisle to. You're starting to tear up. It's amazing. There's nothing else matters right yeah nothing. Why didn't you get Metallica Aleka Planet we wanted to what did they say? The wedding is for her. The marriages for you both yeah my wife Wanted Pitt Bull. We got pedal. Okay it Voelpel your wedding. Yes Holy Yeah came out with the backup dancers and everything worldwide but doesn't pit bull only have one move Paulie. He just does that right. No no I was I was like I don't WanNa put you on the show. Yeah I know pit bull does that right you just open bar and pit bull but open bar Metallica aw that's different. Oh man intended anniversary. What would that have cost you with Talca? That's a good question. I don't know I mean this is like with me. Campaigning outside law Washer cars shows out nine again. Please let me and I'll write the movie is bottom of the ninth and it hits theaters tomorrow. It's great to see you. Thanks for coming in good luck with your steelers. Thank you for this year you should be. There's a different vibe at Ryan's wedding. It was a different vibe. It was like shaking a tree in the dead leaves coming off. How many steelers were there? Everybody everybody yeah. Everybody old new yeah how bad a dancer was Ben Rothlisberger. I don't think bed dance Antonio Brown show no no no did levy on bell show no no man no longer steelers for the team team like guys who want to be there and win a championship for Pittsburgh. Don't like those guys who WanNa play winters. I thoroughly there. During the Commercial Break Joan I will take off our shirts so you'd be able to like Jesse the body versus man down. Brother if if tatum came in would it be on like. Would you guys channing tatum like what would happen if he came in. We just like laugh. We'd see each other from across the room and just laugh laugh historic laughter that can only come from human and spent time in thongs together. You understand the bonding that happens when you do that. When's the last time he was a thong was last time I had a thong on yeah my finale routine and magic my accent and that'll be the last time times ever on never on no man that was that was a Gig Gig? I feel awkward because resigned Thong on last night. I was GonNa just took the quick. Yeah all right got it flaunt it. Hey Man I mean it's actually very free live brother good luck with the movie Joe. Thanks very well. Take a break here. We'll come back. I think the Dan Patrick show up to this this summer. There's only one trusted place that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action that online dot A._G.. 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The movie is bottom of the ninth nine been in a lot of things true blood magic. Mike and I think we're going to bring back. Maybe we'll do roadhouse to or did they do roadhouse to Paul he did I think strengthen video but we could do roadhouse four and skips three yeah. That's how good this is going to be right. That's how big this is going to be. There's no no three we're going to go to four big guy and of course he's a nice guy. I know I know we were just clang video <hes> during the live look and we told Joe to stay. We didn't know Joe is going to be here. When we were showing this video and David Ferte would occasionally you know he's the walk along reporter when he was at a C._B._S.? And now N._B._C. and he'd be like fifteen yards behind tiger tiger's not hitting the shot yet and he'd have this fart bag and and and he would just wait until it was really really quiet. You would just hear this <music>. Her and Tiger wouldn't look back David Ferte you could see his whole body is heaving because he's laughing so hard at David Ferte any other no media member did I. I can't imagine Peter Kostis Walk Jimmy Roberts. There's somebody walking along behind tiger and doing that and fairly when we talked to him in the first hour. He said he lost that he can't find that he also had a rubber chicken. He's he's looking for those important things that you need to have when you're an encores reporter by the way <hes> poll question sponsored by man versus food on Cooking Channel mclovin. That's your cue to give us an update okay. What is the coolest of these three major courses verses from this year? Augusta Royal Portrush Paddle Blows Away Augusta. Nobody wants to report rush so you ought to switch to that. <hes> you are do college football little little hoops who <hes> what are your other ones there. Oh how about do you want Chris Paul on your team. I don't think anybody I I mean that could be like an eighty five percent poll okay. I've curious okay. Premier football program in the nation is Clemson Alabama. You know gave Ohio state or any of those other schools. I can't do other right. Be the Ohio State. Lets you other the Ohio state others hard to be no one at you put Ohio state on their. You're all right plan lower coming up here from New York City Dan Patrick Hello guys that semi fighter shale son and check out my podcast you're welcome with jail son and every Wednesday dan Friday right here at podcast one we cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else going on in the world of sport. Listen free to your welcome with jail son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast cast one APP. If you love the show share with a friend and leave us a rating and revealing right now at T. 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