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Former Bush doctor killed on bike was likely targeted, cops say

Houston Morning News

04:32 min | 3 years ago

Former Bush doctor killed on bike was likely targeted, cops say

"Confronted him with a, handgun told him to stop the suspect advanced towards resident, resident then shot one. Time, yeah that burglar reportedly grazed in the head tried to run. Off it was tracked down by a police canine unit in a neighborhood off Highland Knowles in west green. Boulevard, now the unidentified suspect was airlifted to the. Hospital he's expected to. Survive the homeowner was not. Hurt and Harris, County jury is delivered a guilty verdict against Jordanian immigrant who was charged with to honor killings, prosecutors say, Ali your son murdered his son in law and his daughter's friend in two thousand twelve after his daughter converted to. Christianity the trial lasted five weeks at verdict coming in and just thirty five minutes of. Deliberation the punishment phase of the trial scheduled to begin today and your son could be sentenced either till death or life in prison without parole, Houston police admit that there is a high probability that that Houston cardiac Was targeted for murder nearly a week ago Dr Mark house connect. Was, gunned down as he wrote his bike to work in the. Medical center on top see results show that he was shot three times police have released pictures from surveillance. Video, in a sketch of the suspect but no. Arrests have been made. A memorial service held tomorrow. Morning at first, Presbyterian church on main street the family asking for charitable donations in lieu of flowers are news, time now, seven oh four well we tell you about it every day the left losing its mind over Russian meddling in the. Twenty sixteen election but they really never seem to have much to say about all that. Other Russian meddling and KTAR ages Cassandra's is live to explain it we got a little bit of a checklist Sharon how about this Crimea Nicaragua, Venezuela the left also in about that and then they're complicit too Yeah that was former President Obama telling a Russian official he'd, have more flexibility after he got reelected in two twenty twelve Robert Armstrong at the RNC telling us don't. Be surprised by this is just consistent with the same sort of Trump derangement. Syndrome. That, we've. Seen, over the last few months was the. Last year the president's boils down to one thing the left still mad, their preferred candidate lost never concerned about it today Nicaraguan Venezuela or not concerned about in Crimea Ukraine but. They are very concerned when it. Comes to to to their candidate music adding. That, any Republican not just? Trump would be getting the same reaction had, they won two years ago All right cliff thank you meantime Twitter has come under some attack but they now, say they, have eliminated the practice of making it. Harder, to search or follow some, of the nation's top Republicans. It's, called shadow banning creating additional steps to do a. Search for someone and after a may change to their algorithm which, they say was to address trolls several prominent Republicans were shadow banned from Twitter frankly it's dishonest not Philbin of conservative newsbusters is raising red flags this is very damaging it's very damaging the free. Speech the idea of free speech it's. Very damaging to the idea of free and. Open access to the internet. Liberal outlet by snooze expose Twitter's practice which they, say his stalked Nikki Courtney NewsRadio seven forty k. t. r. h. yeah sister. Facebook having his problems, to some Facebook shareholders now calling for founder and chairman Jeff Zuckerberg to step down After. That tech, giant's. Shares lost. One, hundred nineteen billion dollars in Thursday's, trading that sell off coming as the company is reporting slower growth expectations the news heaped on. Top of you user privacy concerns, as well as some, disappointing earnings results reporter Joe Paolino with business insider. Says the cell office showing that the social, media pioneer is vulnerable we thought that. Facebook was going to kind of grow in. Perpetuity, and it, seems sort of unassailable but now there's a lot. Of questions sort of. Answering investors minds about whether it. Really is going to continue. On the trajectory Zuckerberg himself personally lost about sixteen billion dollars in net worth in just a one, day drop our, news time seven oh seven Houston Texas training camp in West Virginia yesterday as they, start preparations, now for the upcoming season second year. Quarterback DeShaun Watson says he's grown, since training camp last year.

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