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"creighton musketeers" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Right there on the floor. Yeah, they are ziggurat ski. He is. He's like I need Energizer Bunny. I mean, he is He never stops He's got, uh An unending dribble. I mean, he will continue to probe and continue to test you on the corners and try toe turn up. Turn the corner against you puts a lot of pressure on you as a defensive player. A lot of pressure from the officials because there's so much contact he he runs the contact and he understands angles and He's a tremendous player, Joe and again that he's the leading scorer in returning Leni's corn. The Big East averages. 16 points a game last year's averaging 14 this year and five assists that ship it 67 will jump against Fremantle at 69. The officials bounce the ball a few times walking between them. On the ball is tossed in the first possession belonged to the Great Blue Jay. Bring it across the timeline Ziggurat ski dress over to the left point between the leg journalist which is the ball to his right hand. Now top of the key Jefferson with it picked up by Cobi Jones. Jefferson drives down to the baseline, shoots his shots partially blocked picked out of the air by the Musketeers. Scrubs will bring it across the timeline. Left side of the floor. Dribbles of the right elbow, picks it outside Cobi Jones Open for three. Let's to fly No good Jefferson with the rebound for the great Blue Jays, they bring it quickly across the timeline. Cobi Jones was not didn't hesitate. He just let it go. It's a good shot. He needs to continue to take that into the corner. Ballot with it takes it to the top of the key throws a deep into the right corner. Three is on the way and it is good and that is Jefferson deep into the corner on the left side hits the three for the first score of the ballgames. Bring it up Crate. Blue Jays 1914 to play in the first half Cobi Jones working on the left side of the floor. Carter coming at the set a screen, But Jones gets rid of the ball before that conform up right side of the floor at the Jones back outside. The three pointer is on the way from the Johnson and we're tied at three Egypt or a nice pump fake It's a nice save by Zach Freeman. Oh, good to see Nate Johnson get his first three pointer to go down the drive down the lane kickback upside debate. Lock into the corner. Three is on the way. It is no good that was taken by Bishop rebound, taking left to the bucket. Jason Carter for the Musketeers. Crunch brings it Across the timeline, switches the ball left hand to spend move feeds inside the Carter one dribble, Reverse layup, bouncing on the river and through the strings. Good for two Xavier, his jumped on top by 2523 18 21 to play. One of the first half. What a beautiful pass by Paul Scruggs. Joe. He threw two defenders and just dropped it over his shoulder. Jason Carter was able to finish the reverse layup. They bring a man to man defense. Paul Scruggs, forcing Zechariah ask you to give the ball up. Baylock has the top of the key. Back the Mahoney elbow jumper on the way. No good rebound taking by the Musketeers freshman Cobi Jones. He brings it across the timeline right side of the floor, which is the ball with left hand throws it to the right wing. Fremantle within 10 ft. From the basket, spins baseline, pushes up a hook shot rolls across the river and falls off. No good rebound, taking it tossed after adding around ski, and he tries to penetrate. Put a double team that's good defense job by Jason Carter there Carter did a good job keeping. He was moving his feet. Cobi Jones. He got by Cobi Jones and Kobe kind of let him go by and smack the ball from behind. That caused the first turnover by Creighton Musketeers with the ball with two point lead, 17 30 to play.

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