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"credit bureau bank" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"credit bureau bank" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Open up a new line of credit bureau Bank for emergencies. Now, if you've done that talk to your mechanic about what you're thinking about buying talked BodyShop, go to parts houses get online do research. Talk to people who are driving the same kind of vehicle talk to them found out. What what they like about the car? Would they buy another one what they hate about the car? So real real good. You know, everybody's looking for something to talk to other people about talked about cars. Everybody drives a used car everybody. Either hates it or loves it one way or another so talk about it found out get real familiar about what you're going to buy. And then make sure you know, what you're you're trades worth go to learn to buy and sell cars dot com are give me a call on my mobile, and we'll give Degan eight three oh, seven oh. Eight four seven eight nine. Buying a sixty one Ford pickup for some people sixty four Chevy pickup. Bina seventeen Camry abide the good the bad. Hell he don't matter. What it is. I want to tell you what your vehicle's worth. So you know that you can sell it to me. So be sure and go to their now. Once you've got you trade ready once she ain't now, the gentleman that was paying the the tense twenty-five for paying cash that was called financial reserve. So if you're paying cash on your vehicle don't let nobody know it you got a big down payment. What? Yes. Because they can't make money, and and our department that gentleman they tried to charge nine hundred for transportation, which was already on the vehicle so that would cost him eighteen hundred instead of nine owner, and then ten twenty five was because he was paying cash because they couldn't make any money enough. And I tell the people are got large down payment or I've got my financing Landau. But I'll look at your financing. I got news for you. The price goes up when you pay cash MacOS there. They get that opportunity to make a lot of money in the department..

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