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"crawdaddy magazine" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Day not as Sunday's right you know get ready to go back to work Hey Sunday is Monday for you so I can't do a bunch of stuff so let's go right to Harold in Hanover than bill and then Wayne in Kingston hello hello Harold yeah rolled a Bradley how are you doing good yeah I just have a couple of quick things first of all by the way what's the name of the woman who just just because you Judy or Cheryl Cheryl I'm sorry this close it's no garlic you listening I just want to say one thing to you you are excellent excellent caller you write things down really well you're totally observing about the whole show detail oriented your patient and I did just want you to know that that I think your tremendous asset to the to show in the station well I think I agree with you I hope she does realize that to yeah I was really takes it very seriously and I know he has the Jesus thing going a little bit but he's not pushy about that you know the right thing and the wonderful call listen to and learn things from yeah I agree thank you Herald yeah I'll see you all geared at and the more frivolous thing I I was thinking about was I have a frog in my throat I think one girl magic Dwyer Froggy all my life I think my favorite things is NO one been rock roll rock and roll bands number two is probably been on the cultural side radio talk shows I. blue I can't come on how many of you over the years in you know like do not like so many of them that different styles of the holes have been different then I was thinking that you know there's a lot of similarities between rock bands and talk shows and I wonder if you ever thought about that you know I have not what is what is the the connection well don't worry I will the more I think about two more connections I've come up with like the way it makes you feel okay have you turn it off okay added to that song on how do you feel as you just heard Megadeth first is the Beatles okay Bradley J. verses anybody else who are in effect yeah and they all have a certain tone a certain style sure Tennessee humor or you know sly humor maybe told you more it is so what you know you're not quite when you talk where the United and I know you have your musical abilities eight and that's great but you also have a musical voice so every war you say is actually a musical note if you ever check out right well that's nice that's good I like that does he even coming back what can you say so that's true if my voice is a musical note what instrument as it is a good tires at a piano what is it you know the only time I ever heard that we back when the my favorite group is a beach boys and when Carl Wilson died some rider in I think it was overly Crawdaddy magazine your member that cry Daddy yes actual next O. great mac but they talked about the beach boys voices as instruments that I think they called called voice of French horn in al's listen Brian's that is out I think you would be kind of a piano it may be just my opinion I thought you're gonna say oboe all right piano it is well it will whatever floats your boat but more about that maybe do a little writing about that because I think you know the you're the front man right you but like you said before the other caller you set the rules you set it this and this will go in this wall panel is right you know David Lee Roth was the man for retail and I you know I get it looking more you see similarity right arrow light is also but the music is actually in the in the interaction between you and the callers in your what like I said before what feeling I'm gonna hang up I'll be thirty seconds to Mars feeling am I gonna have to hang up after listening to you verse is listening to Glen hardware somebody hello thank you very much all the sudden you you got everybody to call and so it's busy now so I got around thank you so much and Cheryl I thank you for Cheryl and thank you on Cheryl's behalf as a very kind call now it's bill in Ontario hello bill good morning Bradley enjoyed Anthony some Marco's this morning and I was just thinking about thanksgiving dinner one of the things I miss very much about being in Canada is not getting a thanksgiving dinner menu I maybe next Thursday all drive down the New York state and go look for a church dinner or something to get some nice Turkey at sector that's a good idea every city has a historian like probably not as good as Anthony but I think of studs Terkel in Chicago I don't know if you've ever read it written up read any of his books no I just wrote a book called working about just regular people of all kinds that lived in Chicago and how they made a living and he wrote a lot of books he was on the radio every day when I was growing up as an apprentice mechanic on W. F. and G. the FM station the classical station every morning at ten o'clock you would come on for an hour and interview people and an excellent interviewer and a great writer and someone if you get a chance to read some of his books you know it relates to Boston as well as Chicago all right and there's and another guy in Toronto I can't remember his name I know you got a fifty six on it but he does the same sort of thing he does a lot of photo books with old the pictures of trial yeah you may or may not know it and I'm going to talk about the doctor now is part of the shuttle as an aside your super car guy in Dr No the first James Bond movie he's driving around a tiny tiny tiny little blue convertible you don't happen to know what that is do you well the only thing I I didn't see the movie but it might be a yeah the we have five hundred or a it almost like a clown clowns I'm a small closely small maybe a Crosley like I don't know if it was Italian the smallest car they well they made a Seattle believe you know there was a little tiny car and the five hundred of course came in all forms and even convertible so it could have been a fiat but it I I didn't see the movie honestly SO and wouldn't be an expert on now you don't have to watch it you know what I found out what it is I looked it up a Sunbeam alpine son by now being yeah I've I've worked on a lot of those they're they're nice cars and then later they became a tiger with a Ford V. eight in the I had a couple of those I interrupted you you were going to talk about something else I was going to talk about the taking a part of jag we're here today and what wonderful stuff WD forty years but not that I'm trying to advertise for them but it is a rusty old heaters taking apart the rest is falling out of it and then the young fella helps you answer this motor up to the battery and we hooked up in the high speed was working okay but the lower speed the motor was I was getting hot in there and we sprayed the end of the shaft with WD forty and sprayed a little bit in the little tiny holes in the plugged it back on the battery and it's just unbelievable the different you know it's it's amazing what the certain chemicals can do that if your life you know yes bill is a was the bill was speaking to is a restorer of cool automobiles that's what he still does it so cool Bradley enjoy your show and Anthony so mark was a wonderful guests them now you have a great day even all right now appreciate it talking about I wanted to talk about is it I guess it falls in the political correctness I watch Dr no good time to bring this up then take a break they'll go to Wayne watch doctor today and course I decided on that that's the best James Bond movie because it's the first as I understand it and it the ones after of course we're it was easy there was a template to follow this one not so much that is other than the book and it's just great I love everything about one thing I love about it I'll be honest I have to be honest I know I'm not supposed to be like this but I like that he gets the girl he gets more than one girl he yes the first usually and I the first girl he meets tries to kill him he ends up having to kill her or something but they manage to have sex first then later he'll meet the this is true love interest are his true sex interest in this case arsenal hunters and look at something that is compelling about sex romance love the chase the games yet is no longer allowed and it's it's been taken away in the name of cleansing society from toxic masculinity to give it won't one word as is probably more it's more no less than that but I'm gonna give it a label I'll give it that I thought that's too bad because it's also kind of getting expunged from real life if you talk to my nails and well I like it because I like to watch the movies but we like it men like it and what women may like it to our our I don't know here's my thing rather than expunge sex conquests like romantic conquest the game the chase all of it to even the playing field why not instead introduce more women who do the same thing to even the playing field rather than take it away so nobody can do it rather than take that toys and nobody can play with it that everybody play.

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