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"cram canal" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Be saying Sayonara one of these days know it when we when we come back. We can talk about a lot of your trips and your activism there and what you're doing in the local court system. I just I just WANNA know if I'm if it pleases the Cram Canal occupy my own land. That's all I wanNA know is there. Is that possible? And I. I don't know we're GONNA find out very crew and we come back from Ireland and just a Little Bit Republic Ireland. Sorry sorry. Don't know from the six letter of captain. Mark a pirate's life is characterized by voluntary interactions. Unfortunately the crown presses everyone into involuntary servitude landlubbers believe slavery was abolished years ago. But the crowns still claims to own us. When Crimson into service against our will given sufficient ambition it would gladly draft thousands of hapless victims to kill or be killed. It's simply slavery by another name. Landlubbers are routinely commanded to serve the so-called justice system in jury duty before you swell with civic pride. Consider that how you feel is irrelevant to the crown. You will appear. As ordered or face punitive measures the crown insists that you participate in your own oppression. Jury Summons provides pirates with a unique opportunity to obstruct injustices a jerk. Vote not guilty. Even if it's proven the law was violated a juror. Ken equipped for any reason at all. And not even a judge can reverse that verdict receiving a jury. Summons is basically winning the sedition lottery. But if you reveal that you know this during jury selection you'll probably be dismissed if the crown foolishly cream say pirate into jury duty. It behooves the pirate to conceal their intention to nullify unjust laws. If he master takes one hundred percent of your labor it's called slavery but if they only take fifty percent they call it taxation a difference of degree not kind whether the crown claims fourteen percent is irrelevant. Most of all a slave owner desires contented slaves meaning thoughtless ones and accept their bondage. These house slave see no contradiction and being drafted in a war to end slavery or summoned to a jury to prosecute tax evasion and ideal slave knows no higher call than the masters will the crowds highest. Ambition is that it's slave revere. The Authority subjugates them but the crown does not own me. I will not surrender. My time and treasure to Crowns Ambitions. Join the conversation at PIRATESWITHOUTBORDERS DOT com. Free speech is protected on the Internet. Right not always.

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