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"craig dot ritter" Discussed on Agent Survival Guide Podcast: Empowering insurance agents selling Medicare, Long-Term Care, Life, Annuities, & Final Expense

Agent Survival Guide Podcast: Empowering insurance agents selling Medicare, Long-Term Care, Life, Annuities, & Final Expense

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"craig dot ritter" Discussed on Agent Survival Guide Podcast: Empowering insurance agents selling Medicare, Long-Term Care, Life, Annuities, & Final Expense

"Counter. Title, the documents that this information is and where can I get a copy of it over? So the question was, what's the title of the document where this is and and how can you get a copy? So the way I do it is I just do goal CMS. And Medicare or m. g. or Medicare marketing guidelines. And that gives you the link to to where you wanna go. So I just click on this first result, which is the Medicare marketing guidelines. So this is on the CMS dot gov website. And the I results is the m n gene that was issued with the day nine five twenty eighteen. So that's the most current Medicare communication and marketing guys lines regulation. So it's dated nine. Five actually came out on Friday a week ago Friday, so so that's how you get. So you just pick on that link and you'll get the PDF and that's that's actually this document right here and then sixty point four is the regulation on Archaea healthcare setting. I think I got another hand-raised can find it. All right. Do we have another, uh. Educational nation, food. AM at so well, the question doesn't educational presentation need to be approved by CMS, and that would be no right. Because. Stan's gonna come little closer, but on this he had that team has never really need to prove in education. Then it's all the information is generic and educational purposes, and you do not need to send it to him as pool because it's not considered marketing. It's not your specific. So it's not considered marketing so wouldn't have to be filed or approved by CMS. And we have some documents that we, we have some presentations that we use. So if you wanted to get something, I mean, I think we use one of the ones that Medicare but out. So another question. Spend. You just say that if you have an carrier wilder on your, thank you. These. So the carrier. So the question is, if the care if you have a carrier logo on your website, would it need to be CMS approved? And I think the answer's no that it doesn't need to be CMS approved. Just having the having the logo. However, if you have a contract with Humana or at now United in that contract that you signed with them, it's going to govern your use of their logo. So you would, you know, you'd wanna consi- obviously consult with your contract, but what you're gonna find most likely that the carriers going to require prior approval. So just so you understand that it's not a CMS requirement, but but based on the contract you have with the health plan that you need to get their approval to use their logo just to keep you out of trouble. So. Oh. Screen sharing control to the client application. So we'll get maybe a little bit out of the scope but but the the question was, can you screen share with Medicare full and the client signed a. News over control. Signature, maybe we'll get back. We'll need to get back on that one. Yeah. What kind of table that with. Fulled that me no longer have to report back Rex. So yeah. So the question is about reporting formal and informal sales event. So there was a change in the m. g. last year where the health plans were not required to file the events with CMS, but that CMS required the health plans to maintain a record of all informal, informal sales events and this with this most recent guideline. Now, the carriers don't have to maintain CMS is not requiring the health plans to maintain a list of the informal or formal sales events that occur. So again, similar to the question about the logo 's the health plan would still have the ability to require you to file of informal or formal sales event with them just so that they could. Due monitor if they wanted to do monitoring or whatever. So while CMS is not requiring health plan to maintain that we would. We would encourage you to defer to your carrier for guidance as to whether or not they would want you to file the informal or formal sales event with them, even though they're not required to keep it, they, they made twos to have it so. So it's kind of a yes or no? Yes or no answer there, but, but we would always have deferred to the carrier and if they wanted it, then we would. We would want to submit it to them. I'm on fasting now. Okay. I'm solicited unsolicited contact. So there would. I do have Email. Was it specific Email. So so we're now able to to send unsolicited Email without having the members authorization to do. So there are some regulations around how you do it. So it's under thirty point. Six is where you find that regulation so you can. You can do and solicited Email, but you, but you have to have an opt out option and then do they still have to put the convention Mark. It used to did used to say that you had to have marketing in the subject line, but that's, I guess, was redacted by CMS now. So you just have to have opt out options for the process. So I think that's can't spam. I mean, that's that's the same regulation as can't spam. So. Doc is any. So the questions or the changes to the vents effective this ADP and the answer is they're affected immediately. So. Yeah, so yes and yes, like today, he didn't educational today. You could collect the scope of appointment or end up business cards. Carrier's informal. So can you represent multiple cares? An informal vent, the answer's yes if you didn't have. So the advantage of having an informal marketing event is that you don't have to collect the scope of appointment for that plans, and it's already been filed with them, but now there's no forty hour rule on scope of -ment. So he wanted to market something that was not. You didn't have filed as an informal sales event. You would just collect the scope in advance of making the presentation. And those are all the questions, so, hey, you guys. That's great questions. Really appreciate all the all the QNA. So once again, thank you for joining us on this impromptu getting. We think it was some great, some great information to share with you guys to help you maximize your marketing this ADP. And again, if you have questions, you want to Email me, feel free to do so at Craig dot Ritter at Ritter. IM dot com. Thank you. Everyone have great day. Into that was Craig Ritter with the biggest change in the twenty nineteen Medicare communications and

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