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"craig thorn" Discussed on KMJ NOW

"Brandao together rejecting calls to focus be one gas tax money in the south southbound the city Britta fell stealing between districts. It's the typical mentality that is expressed at times that north Fresno is rich and has all the needs that they have been met. And that's simply not true. It's in response to Representative south of shore avenue who on Monday, he said that the need in their districts is greater than that. Elsewhere in the city around nine million dollars of SP one money as coming to Fresno city councils heated debate this on Thursday. In fact, council Steve brand will be on with Rampton in this coming out discussing the gas tax short, splits the main spillway and Oroville dam is now backing regularly use as of today, the department of are resources says forecasted storms and growing snowpack prompting the need to use the repaired section which suddenly started eroding away just over two years ago at the time valley assembly member, Jim Patterson said it was indicative of California's investment in it infrastructure at our systems are failing that our politicians failed. And the result is the people of California are under a huge burden. The DWI reveals that the concrete on the renewed spillway is more than seven feet thick talk of closing at the US border with Mexico could impact some of the. The things we take for granted such as avocados came to act director Donyo right now, according to Reuters our country imports just about all of the all the cod. Does you bind stores? The California avocado harvest is just starting and will not be available in sizable numbers until another month. Or so adding to the mix that crop is expected to be smaller this year to begin with longtime Washington egg tray consultant Craig thorn things shutting down the border wall. Hobble US agriculture. We're already having problems with some agricultural exports because of retaliatory duties mixed goes put in place in response to US duties on stealing aluminum, bats hurt, particularly the pork and dairy industries and closing the border could add another big hurdle with ratifying the new US, Mexico Canada trade agreement that replaces NAFTA, John York, KPMG news, and vice alia, please today letting you know that you can text nine one one in that. City the service as for anyone unable to speak to emergency services, including times when talking out loud could actually put someone in danger. This makes vice LAPD dispatched, the I use this text nine one one system in to Larry county over the Wall Street, and it's not great. The Dow is down by.

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