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"craig misreported" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"I do not believe it is their top prospect we have a terrific terrific broadcasting live so they have a lot of good wine so i you know i i i don't think it's going to be in the top three or four nine a lot and uh you know the uh owlree ah situation for the much lammi marlins now we know that stanton said noted the giants said no the cardinals in that list that was reported was the carbs the astros the debt yankees and the dodgers the royal four teams did any of those three other teams the cubs astros in dodgers engage any serious negotiations or was this really just the yankees swooping in and saying let's get him i don't think it was that period we will those teams i i didn't hear anything was used in oil the cubs i think the dodgers monitored all along i don't think the dodgers where they had the appetite to do this there a two hundred fifty million plus already a little bit coming off the books with easier than make on coming soon and crawford just came off but um if it's not there thing you know me when they had a chance to go get sure is that they didn't do that said they signed a bunch of pictures you know they got hill an anderson and mccarthy casimir they don't want that huge huge contract that's that's not the way they do it so i never really thought that they've there was a great jim for them the only thing wide if stanton only would say i would go only to the dodgers uh that would drive was really their chance but um as craig misreported i did with three other teams willing to go to so we were operating under the assumption that the no trade is not going to be invoked here and uh you know a physical i can't imagine and failing of physical i can fail of physical i i see him fell physical he could sell us here we go guided the faith three years ago i.

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