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"craig david canadian" Discussed on No Jumper

"They're like, I don't know who that is the only snow I know from Canada, I'm like really so the only snow that you've ever heard of from fucking Canada from like twenty four years ago. Really? That's how you decided to that was one of the most popular operas on the radio when I was a little kid. But then Jim Carey came along. Nobody. Yeah. He was here. And then everybody forgot about. Wish I could give me his name like if he could like baptize me, and I could just keep snow. So I don't have to do the whole snow the product it could just be just wanted to be snow. Yeah. Comma the product, right? So where did the name come from the where you saw drugs at some point? Yes. I was fucking carton joking. I it just came from it came from Snow White onset and have a name as you heard my first bar was cloudy done. Dada. Says my name's Claudia I had no name. And I was like, okay. That's not going to work as a name. So just no white came somewhere along as it ever made. You want to go back and listen to snow that song informer? Neither one of us knows the fucking melody so clear. I could probably like if that's on came on like convincingly sing along like thirty percent of it. Now, it's not even English. Oh think it's it's Canadian thinking eight Canadian thinking avian Jamaican. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. At some like, I remember being a kid and just being like what the fuck is surprised that Drake is doing that accent. Like, I mean, snow was out. Here was the first strike. That's a good point. Yeah. So Craig David if you think about the look and weight was Craig David Canadian who look at eighty one that was that looks like that Drake was a fan of until getting off tunnel Clary. Yeah. But yeah. Canadian Canadian of reggae accent is no yeah. Definitely snow is white is fuck I never have. That was weird thing to me as a kid to wipe. But nobody really seemed like they were treating them that way hit glasses and shit. Yeah. That's still but Canadians be winning feel like they're also across the border, but they get treated like. Yeah. Just be rejoicing and then Mexicans over here. Like, no, you guys bad Hombres? I'm like what the fuck we want. We want that. Cool. You know, I was thinking about how weird it is that Mexico just exists as the outlaw area of America. Because that's where they're making all these drugs and shit. And then they just bring him into America. And we're happy to be like, okay, y'all can do that down. There. You got a sneak it in we're gonna arrest a huge percentage of you as you try to come in. But we need you to do all that dirt because we need all these drugs. That's that's with with American commerce to though they have a bunch of people. They under babe over there..

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