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"coxswain rooney" Discussed on AJ Benza: Fame is a Bitch

"The French announcer was so crazy about Ava Gardner that a guy that everybody thinks has it all together or had it all together. Tried to commit suicide twice over her. Once with pills and once with turning up the gas in his oven and leaving his head in the oven and as a result it really did a number on his vocal cords and he couldn't sing for a while. I mean, Frank would fire bullets into the pillows in his room to make believe he was killing himself. So Ava Gardner would come by and take care of him. Crazy. And in a book I read about Ava Gardner. She said that they had the best search life. But as soon as the sex ended and Frank was wandering to the bathroom, they would have often the most magnificent fights. And that would ruin the night. But as she got older and she go to a restaurant owned by Frank's partner, jilly Rizzo, there was a big cardboard cut out of Frank at the door. And every time she came in, she'd walk in and scratch the face of Frank on the cardboard and say, I miss my guy. So as much as they thought, it was some real love there. Let's get back to Mickey, the coxswain Rooney. Because that's why this Betty Jane baker, that was the second wife. She's from Alabama. She was 17, she came on the miss Alabama pageant. And she went on to represent a state in the Miss America competition. That same year she beats Mickey. They get married. They have two children Mickey Rooney junior and Timmy Rooney, then they split up in 1949. And Betty Jane wasn't single long, was 8, 8 days after her divorce became final. She went to songwriter and the film composer buddy baker, and the two of them were together until 1958. By that time, you know, she changed her name to Betty Jane baker in Shenzhen. She enjoyed a successful career in music as a session singer. And she did background vocals for French. And Elvis Presley Sam Cooke, Bobby Darren, and Phil Spector. Her third and final marriage in 1961 was to the jazz guitarist Barney castle. And she dies in 2002. Okay, that doesn't seem like a big deal..

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