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"cowley marsh" Discussed on The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

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"cowley marsh" Discussed on The People's Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast

"You've come to the right place. This is the people's countryside environmental debate. Podcast thanks ray. But she'll be with this. I'm your host william mankato and alongside me. Well not tiny alongside me as my co host that you know. Maybe the phone stuart and We've been doing this for good few years now and These momentum beyond in this podcast. Now william yes i set you up for a bigger bigger there. Yeah we've been doing the podcast for whatever two years. We still have been working collaboratively for many many years Can i just mentioned that we we. We did the christmas message. I recalled that we did a video message but we done. We've done seven. We did several video messages christmas. I think we did one in two thousand sixteen hundred twenty seventeen. I think we even did one in two thousand eighteen with a few of them. Didn't we the first one we did was. I was talking about baked beans but that was a bit strange. That wasn't the gulf coast. No that was Next to the tennis court in cowley marsh noted whose dad was it. Okay but that was distant. Just navigate of what's done in the past and We've been inundated still with a question is from Going through every single question so if you have a question and answer is because we're going to get around to it. We're taking our time. We're gonna we're gonna discuss not answer going to discuss every question an into a savings and the questioning. Today it might be a couple of months to actually get around to it on the question. We've got to die some emily from gothenburg. A your 'table iota. Bora i think is how you swedish k. In her question is senator. Ism isn't accelerating which the extremes of most arguments are you sign on the podcast. The middle ground is where the agreement and understanding live. That leads to the solutions intern. How does the people's countryside environment debate. Podcast make centralism sexy. I think emily or teasing us. It just feel that doesn't it. I've always see myself as a bit of a centrist. I've always seen myself as a bit of a sex symbol. Yeah we will have our own allusions. Don't we yeah. yeah that's interesting. So how how can we make it sexy. I'm not sure we can but let's go answering this question. Maybe actually centrism especially me. Okay for example if you look at the result of the officials of the us election not the donald trump version of the us. Election that the outpouring of relief that came from that and the celebrations that came from the joe biden is is definitely almost some somehow epitomizes centuries in doesn't he it'd be i think maybe because you if you compare it to the very wild times of donald trump. Maybe that's what it is as well. It's the fact that we are having a center is come be a change..

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