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"cowger shanahan" Discussed on Niners Nation

"So I do hope we see more of that. Well, it always surprise me that we didn't see a lot of it. The first two years under saw always kind of thought that the Seattle defense went hand in hand with that sort of aggressive in your face press coverage, you know, read it's scrimmage in the forty Niners haven't done that as much as I was expecting when when shawl was coming in. Yeah. It's. There's there's a lot. I think gets a bad rap in a lotta ways for for his scheme. It's it's a very -able scheme. There's lots of there's lots of there's a lot that goes into it. And we've talked at length on the show about it. So our listeners probably don't wanna hear me, why philosophical about the issues with solid, but hopefully, I think Joe woods brings a bit more that man coverage because I think in today's NFL if you can play man coverage, or at least you can mix it up and not stay predictable and not end up like the chargers where you play, you know, man, coverage just ten percent of the time. And so when you're zone coverage isn't working you have no change up. And you have nothing to go to. I think overall you're you're better off defense. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, I agree. And that'll be something to kind of add to the the repertoire, I think in in year three of the skied now Ritz Tangaroa he interviewed for the Broncos offense coordinator job. He is the odds on favorite for getting it. I don't know if they've actually formally announced him getting that job. But it seems like that's a lot. He's now in day to day three of the interview process. But I'm curious why he was initially blocked, but then was allowed to interview because the team has seemed to have blocked just about everyone except for skiing Carello. So what was it about the job of the role or anything that initiated the change of heart for the forty Niners? Well, I don't even know if there was a change your heart. I mean, it I haven't figured out. What happened initially that they they rejected the interview request Cowger Shanahan was on vacation for a little while. I wonder if the disconnected as simple as as that that you know, somebody else sort of speaking for him. And then when he got back, you know, incommunicado he he sorted. It out, you know, one of the reasons is because you know, the other the other two guys Mike McDaniel and Michael Fleur. They were requested for OC positions as well. They're already coordinators entitle one is the pass game coordinator the other is the run game coordinator they help Shanahan with the the the game planning each week. I mean, he's those his to top lieutenants, and they were being asked to interview with teams where they wouldn't have play calling duties, so it would the their their duties in rezone and in Green Bay wouldn't have been all that different than what they are here in Santa Clara show. I think that was part of it. He leans heavily on those guys. He wants them around. I mean, that's probably. In in even bigger part. And then as far as getting Rillo, it is a true promotion for him. I mean, he he's going from quarterbacks coach to offense coordinator so under Vic Fangio because they're fans you he's definitely going to call plays under under Vic Fangio. So it's it's a true step up the ladder for skiing role that would have been pretty hard for for Shanahan to block because you are keeping this guy from a golden opportunity show. I would like to know to the back room haggling that went on there. I mean, these two franchises are obviously close to one another given who's in in the power positions of the mall show. I guarantee you there was some wrangling. I don't know what that is at this point. But all find out soon enough. Yeah. I wonder if this is anything to Nick Mullins next year because I do think they will. Have a legitimate competition for that number two role and and Shanahan might may end up keeping all three quarterbacks on the active roster. But I think you've mentioned it and mayo 'cause mention that as well that Mullins was a scanner elegant..

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