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"cow blood pressure" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"cow blood pressure" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Who's your rate. That's still normal. Range remember unwind other by what it is they just do. I wanna know you wanna twenty over in that rage waiting. Albie worry everybody travel you. What was your latest blood pressure moms once when when he barks one seventeen sixty nine one something like that put. It is the last On right on the mark twenty eight individuals know why. Y'all know this telling you tell you. If you're going to short you have a chart. Your mike jaw on. I'll go on finding one. I have to back. You haven't reasons one team over seventy okay. Wow that's that's the still in rome like i'll the line and what you did in general and be honest about it because we go for regular checkups said he. I go jack ma. I never ought to be like all. Your pressure is to be over there. I'm not gonna be like oh okay. You're wasn't thirty. Seven rose to love thirty. Should be have that. Those who should weaken love is here. Hey good latest mug shots. A harry g. Good morning harry. You'll harry johari love. you bro. Cheeks ask this weekend last weekend man at the events. God bless the death brooke working. Heavy guy shouts to allen swath. The galster was that allen. Good morning to you. Every wish blood pressure was latest blood pressure and is when i went in july. Okay july will. You might lead mushrooms. Taylor was one sixteen over seventy four every respiration with eighteen. My pulse with avian excellent so a warming rats warm out with the warming. Motion blood pressure. Shahi johnson is in the bell shot. He put your blood pressure and influence them shelby. Pay a show a blessed with the chart with the app in your if not then goes if you have one of those machines. Cow's blood pressure check. Everybody's blood pressure check right now. Exactly the people are dropping so you need to know these things fish zalmai in over seventy four but your blood pressure. It was high. sometimes sometimes. it's so hot. And sometimes you keep you in a hospital. Dave mitchell in hospital with your blood pressure medication. I'm gonna call her and let her know what's your blood pressure. Should know you should know. When is your baby shower. At in texas fisherman officials local officials beige out John jay rock is here. Hey john john from a ninety four point five to play. What's your blood pressure. Hope it's not ninety. Four point five. You're being so charlie you don't know because then it doesn't matter and get it checked out job. Rena williams is the should roussel. Bloodpressure apprentice said his. It's one eighteen. His last one. Eighteen over seventy five left a dr. That's good that's really high pressure like saying she's before dating brought by the fresh was. I'm not exactly exactly. Yeah your staff presents people. One people people will want to know. They're hitting you want cries pig relationships as you need to know. They bloodpressure verse access. Satisfy your pressure might be. I can't do precious the bible right hoping is into his last year and a half will cove it. You should keep your blood pressure normal and Do of the things that keep you healthy. Everybody should they shouldn't have been right on the last year and a half because it will be going through in this world. He will pressures of now because they stay the unemployment going to be all of this week. So maybe the stress harry. He's not hundred over seventy six back but one hundred over seventy six normal stuff. No you should've google it. I who will normal blood pressure put note that number in purses high time one thirty five eighty five. It's not too bad but it's hot. It's hot it's high with is not no one is really is mainly your bottom number that if the bottom numbers high. That's not really get concerned right but it's still. She's still obese. So okay it's not bad when you know almost as high. Oh yeah it's not bad it's borderline. The hers is one thirty over eighty. Three though will any more twenty over eighty abramson. He one sixty four hundred now. That's yeah that's a little. She's a nurse she's a nurse so takeout she's land but but you know she's a nurse you pint takes every six minutes of the day. He got probably destroyed. Have at that right. may this john. Oliver secretaries is one thirty. Five to seventy two.

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