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"covid rosser spa" Discussed on Fantasy Football Overtime

"Host Jigs Isky with me as always are tyler, Hollerbach and Matt Win. We are just two weeks away from opening kickoff. The NFL it's going to be September tenth is opening day that Thursday, we got the chiefs against the Texans. Let's go you hopefully Clyde Edwards layer post a little bit more career Ponta opening day numbers but we'll see what happens there. It's going to be the Patrick Mahomes show boys yet another episode with Patti. mahomes mentioned wanted to get that one in within the first thirty seconds you accomplish that goal. So today we're going to continue running back breakdown. We're going to go thirteen through twenty four but before we get that far I wanted to ask you guys, you know what should teams do about Calvin and more specifically What should commissioners do I know Matt You are Commissioner in your big league. So what are you doing to help with the COVID Rosser Spa? I? Are you know what? What suggestions do you have? Yes. So we put it to a League vote and we all kind of through our opinions out there and what we ended up landing on was we added one additional roster spot in general. So we have seventeen rounds this year instead of sixteen, and then we also added to spots the difference between just adding a seventeenth spot and I are spots obviously is that you get one extra player just in general, which is going to help but then if a player goes on the Whether it's even injury related or covert related. Then you'll be able just to simply move a player to that. The other important part is that we made it so that you can pick up a player and put them in your lineup the same day. So there's some leagues where if you make a pickup, it doesn't go into effect until the following day but what we were talking about earlier was. If it's Monday and a guy test positive for Kovin and they play that night while your hands might be really tight if you don't have a backup..

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