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March 25, Hr 2  Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

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March 25, Hr 2 Dr. Thomas Kranawitter and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Yeah not so much. These days as Cova de Nineteen unfortunately has pretty much stopped us in our tracks if not significantly slowing our role Had Mayor Michael Hancock ordering residents of Denver to stay home except for essential travel and limited outdoor exercise? Did this on Monday. The order Kicked in yesterday at five PM continues through April tenth unless extended. Hancock said. This isn't a recommendation anymore. If you're sick stay home. If you're not sick stay home seven. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K K. A thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM or. He's with Gail. Fueled by Great Western. Petroleum joined by Tom Christina. Witter Dr Thomas Cranny Witter Founder. President of speakeasy ideas also are prognosticator in chief as I mentioned before the top of the hour Basically sending out an e Mail on the twentieth and Tom. You saw this coming didn't you? I heard you know Gail I always look forward to being on your show and talking with you. What and typically I say. Good morning but I'm not going to this morning. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee reading the headlines about what our Congress did in in the middle of the night and and I've been crunching a few numbers and with this one spending bill. There's one stimulus bill. They just passed it. They are committing to spend more of our money unless be real clear. Every check that gets sent out is a debt that you have to pay. I have to pay all of our listeners. Right now have to pay or our children or a ranch children. This is that that we have to pay. Is this one bill. Our government is spending more than the entirety of the new deal in the nineteen thirties in the nineteen forties. And the new deal. No small thing and the new deal made the economic crisis of the Great Depression much deeper much longer. Much worse for everybody than it needed to be. An our government is doing the exact same thing all over again. Let me ask you a question to play. Devil's advocate here. Okay just because well. It's kind of what I do. What else at this point in time could the government do now? I understand our concerns. I share your concerns about the the. Here's the bottom line. The only thing Congress critters can agree on Republican. Democrat is spending our money like drunken sailors but what about the millions of Americans that are really facing some pretty hard times? Yeah so okay several things I mean we are in A. We're in a very peculiar strange situation right now because because I mean we're we're facing. I want to be real clear I I. I don't want to sound like I don't care about the corona virus because I do I. I don't want to get it. I don't want you know my loved ones to get it. It's a nasty little bug and I'm not downplaying it at all. It's not the only danger we face out there. They're all all kinds of other dangers including total economic collapse. Total personal financial destruction when people start losing their jobs. Losing their homes. Unable to buy the essentials of life they're gonNA find themselves confronted with with immediate threats to their health and their safety no less real than than this virus floating around. So so what else could be done? Well what's the cause of this economic crisis? It's not the virus. The virus has not caused businesses to shut down government policies government. Eds government executive order is what shutting down entire industries entire entire states in some cases So the first thing that has to happen to say look if if you want to be productive and and you're feeling good and you WANNA take measures to protect yourself then by all means you should be free your human being to be productive to do the kinds of things that you wanna do one of one of the singular great problems we have right now is productivity in. This country is coming to a grinding halt. And I'm reminding people you know. Government can send a stimulus checks. And what are you gonNA spend the stimulus checks on if there's nothing in the stores it's the things that you need to live are not being produced and and some people might think well. That's just exaggeration. When no it's not when you start shutting down thousands of businesses across the country Who's going to be producing all of the things that we need for life? So so the one thing we could one thing government can do to stop this insanity of controlling people and stopping productivity happens. I'm sure you've seen the videos coming out of Miami in the spring breakers and it's like party like it's nineteen ninety nine the boats up on the sand bars. Don't we bear some personal responsibility in the action? That government has taken because so many are taken seriously well at the same time I went to my office pulled up the big house right across the street and I saw a couple of guys up on the roof fixing the roof. Right they were they were. They were doing roofing repair good to see some people doing something productive right and they were up there and they had protective. They had masks and face shields on they had gloves on They weren't right next to each other in other words right those guys clearly. They're thinking well. I have worked to be done. I need to do and I don't want to get sick. I don't want to get this virus going to take some measures to protect myself and I think human beings should be free to make that choice What kind of risks they WANNA take. If you're if you're a high risk category if you're among the elderly or you have respiratory problems. I mean by all means take extra precautions. Stay inside stay away from anywhere where you think you might get sick with it. What I'm trying to emphasize is In in the study of economics. There's a there's a critically important concept Of all other things being equal right when you are faced with a choice. A or B. Look the choices are get the corona virus or don't get to the current virus and all other things remain equal. Everything else in your life is the same. Then it's a really easy choice. We do not get the corona virus if everything else remains the same. The problem is everything else is not remaining the same we. We are cutting down everything so the question. What if someone said instead of? Do you want the virus or do you not want to virus? What did they said Risk getting the virus or total personal destruction. Lose everything you have well in. If those were the options I suspect large numbers of people would say you know. I might risk getting the virus That I don't experience. Total personal financial destruction. A big part about the the with with regard to the federal government. Our federal government has been spending our money so recklessly not merely for years but for decades very first thing they should have done rather than looking for new ways to spend it on. Stop spending it on the wasteful ways. They've been doing in the past. Stop spending sending all of our money around the world to other countries stop spending our money hiring literally millions of unelected bureaucrats who are unconstitutional regulatory agencies that come and harass us about how we run our businesses in how we use our property. There's all kinds of that. The government could have done to repeal abolish. Get rid of the weight of government. That's already pressing down on us I'm sure your listeners are familiar by now. Many of the story we have been tire. Warehouses sitting there full of medical supplies that they cannot get shipped to the hospitals. That need them because there aren't enough. Fda inspectors to come out and look at these are trusted medical suppliers. Just ship the stuff. Yeah it's necessary step in a process. I mean you know desperate times desperate measures we. I was reading an interview recently said the federal I believe is the Federal Department of Transportation. They have all these Regulations about truck drivers and you know how many hours truck drivers can drive. And there's all this stuff and they're suspending because they need certain things to be shipped in that requires people to drive trucks arrange transport. These are unprecedented in one of the bureaucrats was saying you know he said it's still it is possible. Some of these drivers might drive much and they might get tired and they might have a wreck and we're hoping that won't happen because we think these drivers are going to use their best judgment right in and practice Driving safely Because they don't want to get an accidents and I'm thinking well that's true. Then why do we have regulations at all where the that's what he said is true? Not only during a pandemic. It's true all the time and so what I would point I would. I would love to see government lift some weights off of US rather than create a whole new series of weight debt. And I promise you we're GONNA see. The debt is going to include the creation of entirely new bureaucratic offices and agencies to oversee all the spending and all the regulations and Streams. Come come attached to this money. Now you set up a interesting paradigm Dr Thomas Cranmer. Whittier President Founders. Speakeasy ideas seven eighteen. Now basically when you pose that question and I was watching Texas's Republican Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick last night on Fox says saying that he and other grandparents would be willing to risk their health and even lives in order for the United States to get back to work so you set up an interesting paradigm. Would you rather run the risk of getting Cova? Nineteen keeping in mind that what eighty five percent of the cases are exceedingly mild to and You may even be a or or would you rather just careen into personal economic destruction but I wanNA get back to that freedom to make that choice right. Here's well in view when yes I agree. We are all free to make the choice to be responsible. We know that nineteen There's a lot we don't know about it. But we do know that it's highly contagious. Okay so we have to make that choice to do the responsible thing and you know the Litany. You know the drill Wash your hands. If you're sick. Stay home and the list goes on and on. But what happens if you don't make a responsible choice given the fact that Cova nineteen is so highly contagious. I mean don't our rights and my rights and your rights begin well so so. Here's the thing that point. I want to emphasize this. Not One of US nobody has a right to infect other people. I don't have a right to become a carrier of some terrible virus and forcefully infect you or anyone else who wants to be a thirty percent are and so you know I'll give you an example My parents are not young people and neither of them are in great health. They live in a part of the country. Where there's been very little corona virus I live in Denver Colorado where more cases and so we talked on the phone. I was supposed to go see the last weekend and you know we did we. We we used our reason and we came to an agreement. I'm going to wait to go visit them until all this settles down because I don't want to risk infecting them even though I feel fine. I don't think I'm sick. I don't know I don't know if I if I you may be a symptomatic so you don't want to expose them to the possibility that that's absolutely right. The other thing I've been pointing out you know I don't know if you remember there was. There's this fun movie. I think it was in the early nineties. It had Have Rene Russo and Dustin Hoffman? And I I think the titles outbreak and it was about a really serious pandemic was a fictional movie and in the movie the fictional virus was such that. If you the moment you breathed it in it started melting your skin and you know and you died this horrible death looking within minutes. That's right yeah I think it was just like a horror movie right point. That's not the rotavirus. That's not what we're dealing with. We're dealing with something very different. We're dealing with something where a lot of people can be exposed to it. And and and write their symptoms. Aren't that bad. They're going to recover other people. It's different we just don't know and there's they're in is the source of individual responsibility. You make the choice How much how many steps you WANNA take to protect yourself and preserve your health And along the way we ought not forget that that the economic crisis as the economic costs are just as real devastating I am. I'm genuinely scared what's going happen. All these people losing their jobs and very quickly. They're not going to be able to pay the rent. Paid their mortgage. They're gonNA find themselves being kicked out of their homes That is a public health crisis justice serious arguably more serious than the corona virus itself. Absolutely I wish we could resolve this this morning by the way Thank you for the virtual installment. Last night p known Veritas Fort Collins Carson exploration of the federalist Papers Missing Ya. I missed your wonderful toasting you. Do you know these. Nobody's doing this. Great program that injured Baker Tiles three wells. As of yesterday we have three more meetings. We have two more now and as I said in that so did a little recording and we sent it out what we're supposed to talk about together and I mentioned in there. I said I can't even look to the next to. I don't know what we're GONNA do because I don't know what's going to be open. I don't know what available right. Yeah unfortunately uncertainty the name of the game. Well let's continue the conversation. Dr Thomas Cranham. Later President and founder a speakeasy ideas certainly enjoyed it. Where can we learn more about speakeasy ideas best places? Stop by our website. Speakeasy IDEAS DOT COM speakeasy ideas dot com also Not by our facebook page. Do a quick search for speakeasy ideas. You'll find a robust conversation going on there like it. Follow it and stay up to date with everything speakeasy ideas. Thank you sir as always for your insights perspective certainly do appreciate it be. Well thank you gail. Thank you for all you do. Especially in a moment like this right now you. You're really important to work that you do thank you. I appreciate that seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey catch me Dan. Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi Koa all right. Take a breath become. Let's put this into perspective. Piece out of the Greeley by Trevor Read. The viruses here weld health not naming towns and cities with cases because the virus is so widespread this as the number of cases in Weld County has risen to eighty four The Third Cova nineteen related. Deaths reported in weld some forty-six now thirteen ten. Kfi May joined by TRA Kover Dale Thirteen ten KFI Koa news director morning Troy. Good Morning Gail you know it's interesting because I think we do have to maintain a sense of calm an perspective here because Well County The public health officials public health officials around the state around the country have said Yeah It's GONNA get worse before it gets better so we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing more positives right absolutely at a big part of that is because we're seeing increased testing that for all of our discussions about well such and such tests here or in another place. We're seeing increased testing now because the the tests gets are being made more available and as we continue to see this develop. Additional ways of testing are being developed as well so those numbers are going to continue to climb no matter what plays out Or no matter what. The spread of the virus has been just from the aspect that more people are getting tested. That's going to skew those numbers constantly. Oh absolutely and I know this might sound kind of convoluted but given the fact that we have numbers doesn't really make things any different than they were yesterday or perhaps You know ten days ago. All we're doing is recognizing that yes. The virus is spreading but once again it doesn't change the fact that the virus as well health sing is here. We're such a knee jerk now. Has It. Well I'm looking at it another way. I am trying to figure out the best way to put this. But as humans we like quantitative evidence brainers like quantitative evidence and the numbers are that evidence to us and fortunately they could be you know as we said they're going to be skewed in this situation because of the the multiple variables that have played out thus far in the spread of the virus There's there's something about us as humans trying to take comfort in having numbers to to give us information and yet they're not always the most accurate way to do it see. I think we're coming to the same conclusion hair because that was my points and I don't know if I articulated appropriately but yeah we like numbers. We understand numbers but in this particular situation Those numbers could cause a little bit more anxiety than is warranted. Because nothing's changed since yesterday. You know what I'm saying point. Yeah I mean the virus was here yesterday. It's here today and we've been told to expect it so again. It's all a matter of just putting things into perspective really the the number that you could look at that probably would be the one That that is the most quantitative and the one that does change day to day and should concern. You is the number of people that are going into ers. Yes and the number of people that wind up hospitalized because of it and again for multiple reasons we don't know all of those numbers nationwide We that some of them in the in the breakdowns but for the most part We don't know how severe any of the cases are we don't know how how long people are in or out depending on again their their individual situation but those are the numbers that we should be concerned with the most going forward rather than just the confirmed cases because not everybody winds up in the hospital from the right. I mean you know anywhere from eighty to eighty five percent Maybe as symptomatic or just have very very mild symptoms and You know I'm trying to look at the positives Hopefully that leads to herd immunity so that this time next year. We're talking about this in similar fashion. Inform as we do the flu. Let me give you a hard example of what you're talking about. When it comes to the symptomatic were the lesser cases of this a professor at my Alma Mater. Kansas state in the school of journalism and mass comm and his family had been in England part of a study abroad situation for this semester. And when they got back from that trip all six of them were suffering from the varying Symptoms of it. Five of them are okay but Andrew happens to be in the hospital. Hyper ahead because and on a respirator and fighting if you want years old so you know a younger case than you than than what? We've we're to believe but in the grand scheme of things okay. You're talking one out of the six other five suffered community the food like symptoms and the other variables that are there But he's the one that winds up with the most of your case out of it. My heart breaks to hear that. I'm I'm my condolences. My I mean my heart goes out to you troy because when it hits really close to home yeah exactly. Yeah that's numbers. Go out the window right because it becomes very very personal. Does he have underlying health conditions? No no no. And that's part of the supplies of their hate in the case of this family and and you know they they will tell you what front they while they understood what the what the symptoms were and the like. They never expected that this was going to be a fight that they would be involved in Definitely well I certainly hope for his recovery. There's been some pretty miraculous Cases I believe you and I actually talked about one of them. but Yeah so I hope that he's able to beat it. Yep and it sounds like he's doing all right but you know it's it's little by little that statement just like just like any other thing then. We talk about trek over down thirteen ten K. K. News Director. Thank you so much so appreciate All your updates and just keeping us up to speed not a problem Gail. I do want to mention before we sign off Larimer County. Today is holding drive for personal protective equipment you've heard all of the discussions about PT and and the lack of the face masks and the like that have been available. Larimer County is holding the drive today between eight and five at varying locations if you visit the link on our website for the Larimer Department of Public Health and environment. You'll find the information there. Try thanks so much great work. Thank you go preceded. Seven fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen. Kpfk a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com seven fifty six bass. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Business is good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you on no cone now nine. Am To ten am on thirteen ten. Kfi maybe you're working from home. Kids her home from school. Sadly maybe as a result of orders not only from Denver Mayor Hancock but also governor. Police maybe right now. You're sitting there going. I one wonder when I can get back to work. Now as a pull us has suspended. All non-essential medical procedures in Colorado extending the restaurant and bar closure To April thirtieth along with the closure of hair salons tattoo shops much size polars nail salons and spas. Well you might be asking yourself the question. Well maybe had an upcoming appointment. And how do you determine if it is Still on because again Governor police saying this includes all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures while when it comes to maintaining your dental health that is so very important particularly when we're talking about The spread of covert nineteen. How can I make that connection because your dental health determines so much else that goes on in your body? We're going to check in with the doctor. A bit. Buddy Benson who will differentiate between elective and getting in to see the Dennis at integrated dental. Kfi Greeley or all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 3, Hr 2  Michelle Lyng with Colorado Apartment Association and Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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April 3, Hr 2 Michelle Lyng with Colorado Apartment Association and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi This Kobe. Nineteen and continuous. Excuse me to Re Financial on public health and disaster nominally around the nation. Indeed around the world. We've seen unemployment claims skyrocketing to nearly ten million This as those numbers of six point six five million on top of the three point three million were released just yesterday march jobs report out this morning and the news is pretty devastating. This as a seven hundred and one thousand jobs were lost unemployment. Standing at four point four percent. This march jobs report ends a nine year run of job. Growth needles say with all the uncertainty and all the anxiety related to covert nineteen. Many are concerned about how they're going to pay the rent. Seventy eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com joined this morning by Michelle Lane with the Colorado Apartment Association. Hey Michelle having me on you. Bet It's good to reconnect with you. So let's talk a little bit about the realities of this situation now. Courts and Boulder and weld county have positive fiction or through May and state leaders including Colorado Attorney General Phill Wiser of called on all the other counties to follow suit. But this is a frightening time for many are living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps out of a job as a result of closures associated with covert Nineteen They're looking at their bank accounts. And saying I just don't know I'm GonNa do this. One hundred percent true. This is a really challenging time. I've been saying it's unprecedented in my lifetime. I've never seen our economy quite fall off a cliff like this really. It is trivial and So what we're recommending for our members and our members are some of the largest department apartment management companies and also mom and pop Apartment owners what we're recommending is a few things create payment plans for residents unable to pay rent Do to virus related loss of income. Took those who've been directly impacted wave late fees through April thirtieth Refrain from enforcing eviction orders With move out to April thirtieth or avoid rent increases and we've also come up with a list of resources for renters Addition to you know hopefully your rental housing Provider will you know we give you break or you know work with you But there's also a lot of state local and county resources out there and you can Renters can find that at This is kind of a mouthful any. Amd Hugh Dot Org Forward Slash News Ford Slash Corona virus now in parts of Northern Colorado and Boulder valley particularly in those counties With large universities. Well the rental rate is even higher in Boulder County for example. Thirty eight percent of homes are rented Larimer County thirty five point. Four percent broom bill Broomfield thirty three point seven percent and weld twenty seven point four percent so obviously the concern is is is huge particularly for those in in college towns that Many of whom have been laid off lost their jobs as a result of the restaurant closures. Whatever the case may be but what about if you have a less than understanding landlord. Then what a great question It worth first of all. We're seeing a lot of our recommendations are coming out of a task force that our association Put together so first of all these are things that landlords are already doing But certainly there are some It's it's I think it's not so much that they're not understanding. I think that there are a lot of a small mom and pop Or even larger apartment complexes that simply can't afford to you know give people because I mean the rental housing market is really ecosystem right so when Renter's pay and I'm a landlord myself So when renters my renter's pay me. I use that to pay my mortgage. I had employees and that's the domino effect of this entire situation because land would landlords as you well know have bills to pay to right so So you know if if they think it's worn less it's class that they're not understanding and more that they're unable That's where a lot of these resources come in You know there are resources Federally as well as Throughout Colorado so to one one Colorado's one option That that's a collaborative of aid organizations. They host call centers to provide food shelter and rent assistance for those who qualify You know There's there's energy outreach. Colorado that helps people pay their energy bills. I there's just one we the resources that we provide around eleven pages of resources Now the one thing we do want to emphasize is yes. There's a lot of resources out there. But they are limited If everyone stopped paying their rent and hopefully not but everyone stops paying their rent These organizations can't pay everyone's rent so if you can pay your rent you should really pay your rent and preserve those resources for people who are in dire financial situations. What like what you're describing jail. Anthony good advice and in fact it was that a press release that sparked my call to you because There were rumors of an April rent. Strike in Colorado. Right sure Yes in you know what we're hoping is people who are concerned about what's going on With their financial situation that they go and talk to their housing provider and really open the lines of communication You know the way we look at this and we're all in this together. This is really unprecedented challenging situation. And we're hoping that people will go and talk to their landlords. They feel like they can't pay their rent Or if they feel like they're in danger of not being able to pay their rent he'll where people to Then there's people to we understand that this is a crazy time and It we're we're we're we're looking at this as we're all in this together we've got your this out together we've got to find solutions and the cool thing is is that a lot of Housing providers are finding great. You know innovative solutions to this problem. You know one One housing provider is actually creating a fund within their communities in their matching some of those funds to help people who are in the terrible financial situations Another one of our members has extended eviction moratorium like themselves for two ninety days. And so you know yeah It's GonNa be what housing providers can provide is going to be different in every scenario but the important thing is going to talk to Your landlord sooner rather than later. Good Advice Michelle and isn't it amazing? How something? That is separating us at least in the physical sense with all the social distancing might be bringing us closer together perhaps as unfunded saying making salt better humans. Well you know if there's any bright spot we hope it's that right Jeff linked Michelle laying with the Colorado Apartment Association. I saw that website again Where we can find more information? It's amd h q dot Org forward slash news forward slash Corona Virus Michelle. Thanks so much. How you doing with all this? I'm I'm good you know. I've been quarantined now for three weeks I haven't lost my house Fortunately I kind of like my house so you know doing well It's it's getting a lot of time with my six year old. Who WHO's joining? My conference called regularly. That's wonderful I'm broadcasting from home so I get to do the show with my puppy curled up on my feet. It's Heaven Nice it is. It is Michelle Laying Colorado apartment association. Thank you so much for this important information all the work that you do with the Colorado Apartment Association and please be well. Youtube thank you. You Bet. Seven sixteen now thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen o nine or caring hearts H H DOT COM. Coming up well. County is tied for the highest number of deaths in the state related to Cova de Nineteen. What is that attributable to have the details coming up sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Kay Haigh thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past highschool coverage while whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. If you miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten. Kfi AM DOT com. Download the PODCAST TODAY. Back to jail nine news reporting well. County is tied for the highest number of deaths in the state related to Kobe. Nineteen sixteen people have perished due to Cova nine thousand nine hundred ninety related issues. Seven twenty two now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. dot com warnings week. Aol fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Interestingly enough the county also has one of the largest number of cases even though the number of people who live here is far less than other counties well Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says there are three hundred and twenty thousand nine confirmed cases of Cova de Nineteen and Wild County Liberal. Fli the same number as El Paso County. So what gives well? Mark Wallace Executive Director of the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment says that about twenty percent of all confirm cases. At least nine of the sixteen deaths have been tied to nursing homes in the area around seven nursing homes in the county. I've had at least one positive case said Wallace. That's our challenge. Today he keeping up with the pace of the growth part of it is nursing homes part of it is we have larger families. Part of it is that we have a lot of cultural diversity and different languages spoken now. Wallace says the county relies on the limited testing supplies that are available to track the virus. Well they could always use more. We're just GONNA have to say he said you know what it's here referring to covert nineteen it's been clinically documented and. We're going to have to treat the person as if they have it with or without a test result but we do need tests. These next two or three weeks are really a critical as in Colorado and certainly in Weld County and northern Colorado patients with cove in nineteen symptoms. Now crowd the emergency rooms. Stephen Lok is the chief medical officer for several Dan. Banner Health Hospitals in northern Colorado. He says a hospital greely is seeing the most action each day. Many times a said look referring to the number of patients with covert nineteen symptoms that he sees. There's been quite a few patients that have come to our hospital and Ben admitted for covert nineteen suspected. Disease Look says. The hospitals have sufficient personal protective equipment. Ventilators and supplies at least for now and he certainly hopes that it stays that way adding hustling to stay ahead of it but we are managing well at this point. This is this is a call for these folks referring to Those frontline medical providers. They continue to step up every single day to show up and do their job and they do it with great pride. United Way of Weld County has had to set up temporary shelters to house the homeless. They needed more space but sadly in weld county just like everywhere else. The number of cove nineteen cases cases. Continue to grow. The question now is when will it stop seven twenty five now? Thirteen ten K OF K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM last time. We had Mark Wallace Dr Mark Wallace Executive Director Weld Public Health and Environment on. And we speak to him on about a weekly basis. I was asking him about those maps. The maps that show the appropriate earn the approximate. Excuse me approximate location of where those cases are in weld county meant to well minimize concerns throughout the county. Unfortunately for some it only escalated those concerns so begs. The question and Mark Wallace wrote a great piece in the Greeley trip asking. Is Our privacy worth protecting? Here's what he had to say. Any disease outbreak investigation conducted by the Health Department requires abouts and he is indeed correct on that point. It is a tight rope. A balance of public health information and personal confidentiality during the covert nineteen pandemic. Some have criticized the health department for not reporting the specific location of Covert Nineteen Positive Cases In weld county. He says. Let me ask you this if I told you. An employee at store acts in any town weld county tested positive for the virus. What would you do with that information? You know what you do with that information. He goes on to ask. Would you avoid that place in the future? Would you wash your hands more? No you had been there in the past. Would you make sure to stay six feet or more from other people because they may have been at that store? Would you worry that you had been at the store before? And so therefore maybe you to have the virus or would you breathe a sigh of relief because you know shop at that store. Therefore you're in the clear. Would you go about Your Business as usual? Because that's store isn't in your town. Here's the point. He's trying to make while public curiosity might be satisfied by knowing the city business or location of a positive code of Cova Nineteen case knowing. The location. Shouldn't make a difference in your actions if you are taking all the precautions and preventative measures. You are being asked to take if knowing where even generalities of positive covert nineteen case is located changes your actions to this situation. Then you're missing the point of why we were in the situation we are in. We should all be acting as if the virus is everywhere because likely it must certainly as we should all assume that we have stood next to talk with or some other way engaged with someone who has the virus because says Dr Mark Wallace. We probably have his team of. Epidemiologists is conducting extensive investigations for each positive case in a professional and exhaustive manner. But he says they need your help. They need you your family. Your friends your neighbors to stay at home and emit your exposure to others for your sake and indeed. There's they need you to assume. The virus is everywhere says Dr Wallace and individuals. Privacy mental wellbeing is very important to us. We asked for your help in ensuring that identifying information about positive cases is not posted the public platforms including social media in order to safeguard the identity of positive case. Well County Department of Public Health and environment whether or not reporting the specific business neighborhood or town in which they live many towns in Weld County of small population sizes and it would not take much conjecture to figure out who or which business had tested positive include star Wallace. We're all facing the realities of covered nineteen together together apart but together. We're all concerned about our own health. The health of our family our friends and our neighbors we we all want to get back to a normal life says Dr Wallace. Let's please remember that in this difficult time. The mental and emotional health who of those who have tested positive is just as important to their recovery as are the medical procedures to speed their recovery. So please he says. Let's respect and protect their privacy. Seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com well. It's becoming a common theme in our conversations with Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management. This has those March job. Numbers came out this morning and once again Pre-t darn devastating this with the seven hundred and one thousand jobs lost unemployment now at four point four percent and then of course We got a check in on all of the machinations and all of the shenanigans going on between Russia and Saudi Arabia when it comes to the oil war Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. Some forty three thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. of K. A. Dot Com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum? Elder news coming fast and hard This has Puzder and Thompson School districts. will remain closed for the rest of the school year to fight Corona virus spread joined by. Troy Troy Coverdale Thirteen ten. Kfi A news director. Hey Good Morning Gail so. I don't think that this comes as any surprise. I actually did the story earlier this morning and I can't help but think that This is the first of many across the state. No I think you're absolutely right. It's a matter of just trying to probably put in place of the plans effective For the remainder of the school year. Of course having a little bit of a head start in that planning having already gone towards Online instruction in many cases will help the the cause but a big chunk of that reasoning has to do with both school districts. Yesterday a having talked with Larimer county public health officials and determining that it just wasn't an option to look to open in May especially with the extension of quote unquote social distancing guidelines until the end of April Now we've already seen if I'm not mistaken here and I'm doing this for memory but several universities colleges and universities across the state of already taken that step to include. Unc CORRECT. That is correct. It just became more feasible for them to be able to operate that way then it was to try to think about getting people back on campus and getting people back into the DORMS and getting people. Back into the classrooms physically That at a point it becomes a a major challenge to stop and start if you will in the midst of a stream so better off to go ahead and finish out things. The way that they expected to and that is utilizing online resources to be able to finish off the school year and then reset when we get back around August. Yeah I think as as the prudent thing to do to be sure Right so this comes. As no surprise you knew it was coming because there's been some caterwauling about loss of our liberties and freedoms as the government take steps Local governments take steps. You know it's interesting because in this equation. The governor's actually governor of each state actually have more power in terms of stopping movement Particularly when you have an emergency and I would say the covert nineteen certainly qualifies as just that. The governor's really in the power seat there. But you've got the first lawsuit filed against the stay at home order in Colorado. Tell us about that. Denver Mike Lawrence Lawrence versus the state of Colorado et. Al Loa he's sticking to get a temporary injunction against the stay at home order to be put in place and then once they have it made permanent Because of the fact that he claims that because of the closures eight equates to essentially a takings matter and filed the bio case on Monday in court. And you can tell where Lawrence's coming from in this argument in that he also refers to it as a certain flew as opposed to the virus that it is Speaking about any number of factors such as the loss of his paycheck. Veloce the opportunity to go to church Any number of factors and really claims it as as overreach. But it's going to be a tough case for him to to have to move that way Because they must be perfectly honest there is a wide latitude that has been given by the Supreme Court in the past but two states constitution. Yeah Yeah And and the fact of the matter is that every time that something like this taken place as the stay at home owners in the lake but because of public health We see it swing back into place where the constitution is followed. Shortly afterwards again everything gets back to a relatively normal It it's an emergency situation and I don't see how This suit at least has enough horsepower for him to get into to a point where they pull the order And and send everything back into motion and don't get me wrong. I mean I understand the concerns when it comes to our freedoms to end our liberties and we all know government is a very grabby power-hungry bunch but I really believe. I'm glad we're having this conversation this morning but I wanna get into this conversation at another time when we get covert nineteen control if the government continues To grab at our freedoms then yeah then is the time to pushback. I'm not so sure that now is the right time. But of course I've talked to any number of constitutional scholars that Well let's say they disagree with me. Vehemently and there're plenty of constitution scholars. That would agree with you the as well and I think that's part of the part of the part of the aspect of this I think that shows how much we all love. Our country is that when people will debate the issue at hand and have plenty of views on the issue but we can agree at a point that that our constitution is a wonderful wonderful guiding tool in in our country and that We don't want to see it slip aside for any reason even if it is If even if it needs to be put aside in some ways or an emergency such as this and it hasn't been the first time indeed that that has been been used. But here's the bottom line. As social distancing does indeed work we know coveted nineteen is relatively inert until it finds something it likes. Well guess what it likes us a lot. It's a parasite basically and if it doesn't have a host it dies. Unfortunately I asked the question. If we had taken all the social distancing a little bit more seriously you still have those megachurches cramming in five hundred people elbow to elbow in the churches. And don't get me wrong. We all need to get through this as much as we can and to lean on your faith is a wonderful thing to do but once again if we had actually paid attention would all of these. What some call draconian measures by State of federal. I mean they're even talking about the Anthony Fauci Dr Pouch e Wants a president trump to Call for a national team but if we had been responsible about this would we be in this place? And that's the key issue. I think at hand for our country and and for each of the states because we did not take it as seriously as I'm sure have and and it's a matter of playing catch up as opposed to being out in front of it and you're absolutely right. Had we done a better job at taking it seriously and the realization and the remembrance that history does repeat itself especially on something like a pandemic You know we we would have a better control of this situation than where we are right now but even to this date there are too many people who don't take it seriously I saw a letter posted yesterday from someone who was a was not a person who took it very seriously but now finds themselves in a little thing. I made a mistake. My thought it was a joke. I thought it was a hoax. I thought it was just the flu. And that that. That's the post mortem if you will to it that too many people can look back and say that now unfortunately But it still remains where we can do the proactive parentally and make things right if you will and get ourselves back into doing normal things in our lives the sooner by taking it serious by following the instructions and by taking care of ourselves well said try. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi KFI news director. Thanks as always and be well. We'll talk to you Monday. Sounds like a plan. Some fifty two now thirteen ten. Kfi K Y Bro. Whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com seven fifty seven sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Kevin Tara fact is at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfi now back to mornings with Gail. Don't forget to hear Kevin Car that guys at the movies guys at the movies Dot Com today is is day Friday morning staple oh mornings with Gail. He'll join us this morning at eight thirty five talking about some streaming opportunities all the rage. These days can't go to the theaters really can't under the stay at homeowner can't really go out and play but Plenty of streaming opportunities coming. Carfax is the movies at eight thirty five all right so we talked about the fact that North Range behavioral health during doing Tele Health Telemedicine. Well that's all the rage these days. We're going to check in with Dr Dan O'Brien Physician and professor When he joins US AT EIGHT? Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley loveland long bond. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

Colorado KFI Kfi weld county Kfi Gail Dr Mark Wallace Kfi K. Thirteen Colorado Apartment Association Kfi Greeley loveland K. A. Dot Great Western Petroleum Larimer County Michelle Colorado Department of Public Weld County Department of Publ Cova de Nineteen Mark Wallace
Soundbite: Coronavirus & Property  some initial reflections from self-isolation

The Property Voice

14:01 min | 6 months ago

Soundbite: Coronavirus & Property some initial reflections from self-isolation

"Welcome to the property voice. Podcast helping to navigate safely from the world property and get the low down an updates insights and outcomes on all matters property with the property voice. A voice to trust among the crowd. Now let's get started with your highest Richard Brown allow them. Welcome to another episode of the proxy. Voice podcast my name is Richard Brown and as always. It's a pleasure to join me again on the show today. Well today might be quite short. But probably the topic that's on the forefront of everybody's mind the tip of the tongue as the corona virus epidemic or pandemic. Actually sorry and the potential consequences fallout as a result of that. So I'm just going to talk about that a little bit. It's ironic because world. I'm talking about it because I'm here in self isolation myself I have suspected have some symptoms and I went to be tested over the weekend and still have some symptoms now. The results tight three days to come true for the corona virus tests so as I actually recalled this. I don't know if I have the virus or not even if I don't have it now I guess is a risk of getting a in the future. Everybody is ashore. Got An eye on the news and the updates and watching what's going on there Very very closely so yes so wish me luck. Let's see how it goes through the rest of the day are being `isolation for self-isolation for seventy four days I imagine regardless so there we go But essentially I wanted to talk about this The the implications of this virus really first and foremost we are We have a responsibility to be good citizens that way so I personally didn't really understand all of what was involved with this virus when I first started hearing about it. I must demand I was probably in the camp downplaying. Seriousness thinking it was something like the flu. And you know. Just pass relatively mildly Pretty significant consequences From people catching the virus. And it's it's an extremely contagious It's an EXP exponential growth curve in terms of the number of infections that are being passed around. I think each person infects at least two or three people so you can quickly multiply the number infections over a very short period of time and as I recall day so think where maybe a couple of days Or a couple of weeks behind Italy. Which is the worst in Europe? Certainly and You know the first affected in Europe closely followed by Spain so but all of Europe and the US and never where she's being affected by this virus now if you get the virus. I feel like I've got something. Let's put it that way. It was like a very heavy cold and I've got fever. I've got temperature headache. I've got so I'm not very large cough. And what's the other thing So Frank Yeah so there are things so you know. It's kind of like coal flu. Like symptoms as oppose the fever is what brings you down. It's very hard to function when you got the fever. So I've been treating that and getting it down but waiting for the results hopefully It comes out clear but if not we're going to deal with it's just one of those things but it's the contagion isn't it? The he's making. Everyone bit spooky. And it's not just a contagious. Like the you know in the colon coal passes around. Everybody gets the called The the consequences not necessarily that significant but in this case they actually can become they. So the there's a this twenty percent believe of cases of infected people that require hospital treatment and roughly five percent of those need intensive care or a ventilator to actually stay alive in fact so and that's what you know explains the sort of death rates I think it's three or four percent overrule This this lot of mystery and false information going around about statistics links and the show notes to some articles. I found very helpful They're not necessarily coming from the mainstream And I think it's good to check your facts and understand what you're what you're being told is correct and also what you can do about things but essentially yes. It's very contagious. For example the virus can live on like door handles and things like that for apparently up to nine days so a K- few coffin. It falls onto the floor at probably dies but things like plastic and ceramic metal though sort surfaces offers. You know public places. Generally speaking hope probably for the virus to manifest. So yeah it's Is extremely contagious. We need to do the sensible things for example washing hands. But I think he's probably wants the state's now we really do need self isolates and that means protecting one another from Passing this infection and in particular the the elderly really this the the health aspects the being a good citizen aspects but is it really health scare will. Obviously it is First and foremost a health scare and of course. It's only right and proper that we do the right things to protect one another as self-isolation mentioned is probably the only realistic way to go now. But some this is a number of consequences attached. That isn't it so not only the health issues. Were seeing whole regions being locked down. We're seeing launch gatherings being stopped. We're seeing travel bans with seeing what places being emptied to try and stop the spread of this infection but of course not only is a health issue there are also economic issues as well and I guess I just wanted to focus on that health professional so I can only give you some points to some good articles. I've read talk about personal experience but I really wanted just to pick up in the in the in the second half of this episode some of the potential second and third or consequences the light to call them. So obviously we've got the foul issues and we're trying to contain this virus and we're trying to limit the spread protect people from a serious illness or even worse but Then let's start to play. The scenario through businesses are not you know taking people into the office you know that means productivity is probably going to fall Revenues are probably going to fall as well Prophets of businesses again to fall that. They'RE GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE. Essentially only today as a record this Boris Johnson is basically said he'd rather people didn't go too into and clubs in social settings and reduce the restaurant occupancy by fifty percents. The airline industry is being absolutely decimated of course with travel bans and people just choosing not to travel. Obviously we've had the oil price crash at the same time. So that's a double whammy and we've seen the stock market. Take a tumble. So these are pretty well. Uncharted waters then. Uncharted INSOFAR as we've had economic setbacks. But they're uncharted. Insofar as how it happened in a few months ago to talk about Black Swan events and I guess you describe. It was one of those. Wouldn't you but the thing is against this property investors and developers this some consequences that we need to be mindful of as. And maybe there's some things that we need to keep in mind the Michigan so that we can put in place as well so tenant soup may be going to struggle with the earnings so A lot of people won't be able to work the hours that they used to work. And if they're on our based You know a time based contracts COSA INCOME IS GONNA struggle. That's going to put pressure on them to pay their rents of where landlords we might have tenants who is struggling to Rents to a so. I'm expecting to see some arrears arising I over the next few months obviously as people are struggling to make ends meet If I'm not points of view then of course you know we've got things like depending on your property strategy so that would be sort of buying whole type of strategy if you will a flipper your property trading. You might be in the middle of a project about to come out for projects and put your property on the market but is anybody coming out if you it What is the competition like a lot to sell that property on so We we're in uncharted waters. So I guess if you're also developer now you go pretty you know if you're in the middle of project on the middle of a number of projects and so the cost of that project could be extended potentially so you could have people not going to work because at once associate with the people therefore that could drag the time out On necessarily you might have carrying costs over that period of time you may need to Incur additional expenses during the development period. And of course come the end of the developments. If you're going to sell those properties on will they sell if you're going to refinance there's been a little bit of good news? Obviously on the financing side with an interest rate cut whether that actually makes its way through into real mortgage writes a remains to be seen. Let's hope so But you know we'll see base rate caught back down to the historic. Low record of percent is welcome A boost at this point in time but I think really the biggest issue is all about liquidity and having contingency plans and indeed funds available. I think we probably have to expect that. We might take a bit of a hit and one way or another over the next few months. We need to be prepared. And that means putting measures in place So for example having a contingency fund so we could buffer ourselves against two or three months rent unpaid or short paid from tenants who is struggling Perhaps we can negotiate a moratorium lockup. A payment holiday on mortgages with lenders are believed some nine dizzying quite sympathetic to the idea of putting the mortgage payments on pause Deferring interest payments for a period of time. Has Maybe something we can do to help. Bridge that gap. We should try and have fun. Set aside if possible so liquidating assets and converting Hard to convert assets into more liquid or cash based assets so that we can respond to events we should try and fix our interest rates you know as as long as possible probably in this period of time or or or get extra financing in place to have a bit of a buffer to survive You know a bit of a difficult period by one intents and purposes. It probably looks like you know well into the last half of the year before we see the end of this particular. A crisis as opposed. You might call it so I'm not trying to alarm anyone. I'm not trying to stoke fear but I am trying to make sure that we're prepared so this is happening. Austin you know. Things are changing very very rapidly and we need to be prepared for that. So that's this sort of mitigation side of things in the contingency side of things but equally. There's an opportunity side of things too and I think was Warren Buffett said Sir to be fearful when others agreed ingredient of fearful Well you know there may be opportunities here. People might be struggling a little bit There might be opportunities to bag a bargain if you have cash on hand so there's the flipside so too so perhaps being ready to take advantage of a market drop or lack of competition or something like that is also something worth considering as well so Yeah I I didn't WANNA speak too long and if you can't tell but I feel a little bit banged up and Not In the best of spirits so I just wanted to do a short update today. Talk a little bit about this The C word is is called the corona virus Or or Cova de Nineteen virus to give it. It's correct You know they're derive name if I could say the word and just share some of my top of mind thoughts with you Are obviously going to be looking at my own cash flow planning similar contingency plans and just revisiting somewhere developments just to make sure everything's GonNa be okay. But bit of uncharted waters Just take care out there on a personal level. Take care of one another you know. Be a responsible citizen but equally look after Your Business and The may be an update in the future about you. Support the might be available to businesses Going through a struggle. Let's see if there's going to be any government assistance but you know everyone's looking to everyone else who's GonNa Pay? My mortgage is going to pay. You know so. Set My business if I have lost money because I can't it can't work or a Colin Account. Do My business watch this space. The maybe more updates over the coming weeks ahead. Maybe I'll return to the topic lighter but for now I just want to leave you with some thoughts Saudi it's not the most upbeat and positive. Podcast I could've shed with you but as you can tell I'm right in the thick of it myself so whatever you all stay safe and keep you in check and guess You know just how the the website proxy force Dot Net. If you WANNA see any show notes drop me. An email podcast. The prophecy voice dot net. If you want to reach out to me about anything from today's show on anything from investing more generally hold it is left to say how is thank you very much for listening once again this week until next time on the puppy. Podcast is. Thank you for listening today to the property voice don't ask for more inspirational contents and gets on dates through our mailing list. Join US next time on the property boys podcast and if you enjoyed the show. Please don't forget so right task on Jones.

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May 11, Hr 2  Jake Comer with Genesis Plastics Technologies and Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

25:46 min | 4 months ago

May 11, Hr 2 Jake Comer with Genesis Plastics Technologies and Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Only thirteen ten. Kfi In our best of the community segment of power that my PD see energy. We told you back in late. March about Genesis. Plastics technologies in Greeley developing mass producing that lightweight face shield hundreds of thousands of those have been shipped to numerous hospitals including Most of the major va hospitals and US mints across the United States. Well they've now taken the next. Oso important step to protect American workers in the meat and food processing industry by creating a custom face shield that attach is easily and quickly to the standard hard hats worn in most meat and food processing. Plants joined this morning by a Jake comber of Genesis plastic technologies and Jake. Such a pleasure to talk with you again. Great beyond thank you and thank you for all that. The genesis plastics technologies continues to do at the forefront in the fight against covert nineteen. You we greatly appreciate it on our end. Gail. It's been honored to be able to be a part and a source to help supply you know items and the lack of P P which is out there but especially from my to take a little bit of a ability and opportunity for us to show our ingenuity and knowledgeable workforce here at Genesis Pawsox acknowledges well it is just such an important step in the battle against cove at nineteen because we have seen right in our own backyard with J B S Swift I believe Two hundred eighty cases there at last count of covert nineteen. But we've seen that across the country threatening the food supply chain so this next step that you have taken is so important. Tell us about these shields Correct Kale so from our side Gps is an example of one of our food service customers that we have currently along with other customers like current Smithfield foods and be packers. That's out there and what transpired on this project is. We have come up with the solution. They're halo and face just system much more catered to the medical profession Thus we kind of morphed into another design which is a dual path design which is a snap on hard hat. She'll face shield for hearts aunts. That's based off of two styles of hard hats and these two styles are the primary heart have center worn in the meat meat processing World and that would be a V. Guard helmet is also known as an Omega to helmet but it's just a quick easy application which is just one piece which thermal form shield which wraps around the face and The Brim or the bill the helmet and catches and then provides what we call Either vapor or a spray defector standing as it's recyclable. It's lightweight and it's inexpensive as well so we were able to Kinda knock out three things all in one and that's just because there's minimal touches that go into forming of facials so we are thermal former when you take a step back and look at Genesis. Knowledge is a company that does more than just provide what is transition or traditional demo foreign products. But we came up with this item which is based off of our raw material and ray about poll through machines and form this this feature and the shape that easily snaps onto those helmets. Which again to your point. It makes it light and cost effective and still give the visibility that the employs need. Why they're trying to do their on. A database right Jack. Comber is a sales manager with genesis. Plastic technologies and Greeley. How difficult was it to? I'm not sure. Retrofit is the right workbench. How difficult was it to transition into? Not only the P. p. e. effort that lightweight fe shield but this New Shield to protect workers in the meat and food processing industry For for US scale it really is again and under examination of us to showcase our ingenuity and knowledgeable workforce here Genesis Plastic. So we we really go to the board and come up with an idea which a couple of these are driven by the sales team and then taking taking handed off to our engineering team which they didn't incredible job of in development of product. I'll obviously there's the steps of prototyping and then once you prototyping you've established a target then getting it in the hands of the appropriate people so you can take the next investment and steps into or more production type tools. So for us we. We've had really short windows on these last two projects that we've done and it's really it's it's Made US play our cards and put all the cards on table. As far as how quickly we can Take our idea and put it in the hands of people that need it. And in both cases it was in less than a week. Now we went from concept to prototype to production parks. It's amazing. I mean that is just unbelievable. Seven thirteen now thirteen ten KFI K. Eight thirteen ten. Kfi A dicon. Jake comber is sales manager with Genesis. Plastic technologies so. Where do you stand in the process? Now with these innovative facials for those in the food processing industry. So on the hardhats side of in food processing industry we've shipped our first two thousand and face shields for that We were hoping that we're probably going to end looking like we're going to be more around the ten thousand by then but week and we'll see if it starts to piggyback into other areas That aren't just in the food processing side That was our obvious choice with J. B s being a local company and a local local target for us but also as everybody knows the meatpacking situation. That's been in the national news. And they start and our local news but It's our hope that that will then springboard into other industries that don't need an industrial type. Facial where you might need protection from a grinder or other mechanical or other debris areas that would be more of an Osha standard facial so again. This is just a barrier shield. That's a low cost high visibility and and able to be removed recycled in us in a very inexpensive way anything else in the development pipeline along the lines of fighting covert nineteen. Well for US It'll be very interesting To see what were this goes again back in March and I think the specific date was march. Eighteenth when we were when there's inquiry to see if we can help out with this I I wouldn't have told you before. Then I thought we'd be making facials but Again our ability to to morph into other areas but when we take a step back and look at Genesis Pawsox. It's just another great example of ways that we have to be because we're accustomed former. There's not really stock products that we make necessarily are always looking to reinvent ourselves. So I mentioned to see if that's going to be into items Maybe some testing kits for flu testing Packaging for preloaded syringes As you know there's another parked that we do call the snowpacks and that's really our approach in our way to try to get into the industry of in home infusion about that Snowpacks cold chain solution. Sure so again. Another example of what we're able to do here at Genesis where we take our ability to use our technology which is done forming in it Provide a product that traditionally would not be out there. So when you receive your medication that ship to you for in home. Infusion there's usually a very large corrugated box a lot of foam and then some of the other energy go into that so what we try to do is take that footprint and reduce it and then make a more cost effective approach for one but something that might take up the space through shipping. Only a third of the size of what would be standard shipping. So we're looking to to help make a Minimize footprint of recyclables or or even items. That are recyclable. By providing a solution that we're able to come with your genesis pasta no stranger to innovation genesis. Plastic technologies has provided the creative custom solutions to the medical industry for fifty years. And Jake can't express my appreciation that indeed of so many for what you are doing in the fight against Cova nineteen you and your colleagues great again appreciate time. Gale and We're just glad that we're able to Keep the doors open here. Keep our he per employee working and Hopefully we're making the county state in the country. Proud by worked here. No you definitely are J. Comer sales manager Genesis plastic technologies. Thanks so much for your time and for all you do absolutely think you go you bet in our best of the community segment of powered by. Pdc Energy Genesis plastic technologies in Greeley leading the way in protective equipment in the battle against covert nineteen seventy eighteen. Now Thirteen ten KFI Kfi all sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K the latest on covert nineteen local news and sports. We're here with you thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten K. K. dot com testing a tough to come by the start of the Cova de Nineteen pandemic. But now it's available at multiple locations in Greeley seven twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI A dot com. Trevor read in the Greeley trip. Banner Health is operating a drive through collection site for anyone with concerns about covert one thousand nine hundred symptoms in Greeley Banner. Health officials declined to say where the site is located at the at publication. Depressed time as the site is not doing. Walk in appointments. So what you need to do. If you're interested in getting a covert nineteen tasked with banner health. You need to call eight. Four four five four nine eighteen fifty six that number eight four four five four nine eighteen fifty six for screening and most importantly to schedule an appointment as again. The banner health site is not doing walk in appointments in Greeley anyone experiencing covert nineteen symptoms and Every day that list of symptoms seems to grow will qualify for testing so once again. Let's run through that list of symptoms. Now anyone who has become infected with Cova nineteen might start to experience symptoms to to fourteen days after being exposed this according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention symptoms as you're fairly well aware include shortness of breath or difficulty breathing fever chills muscle pain sore throat and loss of taste or smell was interesting Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with some old friends. I refer to them as my peer group at Horse Tooth Reservoir and got to talk to a woman who actually still even though she had covert nineteen. She was tested and diagnosed Testing positive for Cova nineteen This way back in early March she since recovered but she hasn't recovered fully her taste of sense of taste or smell which absolutely incredible to me Less commonly reported symptoms include Gastrointestinal System Symptoms such as nausea vomiting and diarrhea. So you are urged to seek medical attention immediately. If you have any of the following symptoms trouble breathing persistent pain or pressure in your chest confusion inability to wake or stay awake or if you have a bluish lips or face nother symptom has just came across another piece We had talked about this in the past. Pinkai also a symptom of covert at one thousand nine hundred nine. This had this rather lengthy piece that came across came down the pike. Talking about the fact that It can cova can actually enter through. Your is just absolutely incredible what they continue to learn about this really nasty novel Corona Virus. Now you see. Health is operating drive through testing at aims community college in Greeley. Those seeking tests must have a written order from a medical provider and photo. Id is required. The collection center is open from nine to five PM Monday through Friday and ten to two. Pm On Saturday appointments are not needed. Patients should enter through the sixteenth street. Entrance this off of forty seventh avenue and follow the Signs University of Northern Colorado is working with King supers and the Colorado Emergency Operation Center to offer free through testing for limited times. This month on campus site will operate from ten to four. Thirty PM May Fourteenth Through Sixteenth. May Twenty twenty-first through the twenty third and again may twenty nine th through the thirtieth at the university at Twenty Eighth Fourteenth Avenue in Greeley again photo. Id is required as well as registration at Kroger Health DOT COM patients will be assessed for eligibility by an assessment tool at registration. State officials This week unveiled an online map of community based testing sites operated by local local public health departments across the state Weld County Officials. Still working on a plan for community testing this. According to an email from the weld county joint information centers since March officials have mentioned plans to set up a drive through sampling center in at Greeley now asked when according this piece by trevor read in the Greeley Trib asked when community testing could begin in Weld. A spokesperson said more details. A would be provided as soon as the plan is actually finalized closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Barbados to UNC targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI K. A. Colorado Governor Jared police headed or was headed to Washington DC this week to meet with President Donald Trump on Wednesday but unfortunately there might be a hitch in that particular giddy up This has an aide has tested positive for covert nineteen an aide to vice president. Pence has positive so Vice President Pants who has continually tested negative for cove nineteen is keeping his distance from others and Troy. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi KFI news director. Good morning if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't there an aide to President. Donald trump that also tested positive for covered nineteen. That was his valet. It was announced in fact before the before Vice President Pence is Spokesperson Tested positive. So you've got those two plus They CDC director putting himself into a quarantine. Dr Anthony Fauci into quarantine and the reason why I even brought this up as a topic this morning. comes from the fact that While Governor Police is scheduled to go this week last week. Iowa's governor went and this is where we get into all of the discussion about contact tracing and going back and Determining Boo people were in contact with. And why we should be concerned about Trying to keep them from Being into or going into other conversations and the like In being not so much socially distant you've got. I was governor now in that situation. I'd midst all of this and the staff members that traveled with her. So you've got them going back to Iowa after being in contact with the White House last week and the potential that they carry the infection back to Iowa with them. It's it's a situation where there is so much uncertainty involved in all of it but contact tracing is a big part of what we talk about along with the testing and now we've got no better example than why it's necessary than what we're watching at the White House right now. I gotTa tell you try. Contact tracing sends a shiver up mind spine you talk about the camel's nose under the proverbial tent and it seems as though yeah I understand. I can concede that point right there but once again you give government and inch. And what do they do? They take forty seven miles of bad road. We've done contact tracing though usually in every outbreak of of a disease bay every outbreak of a virus. Like this and yeah well not so much. I'm not talking about the the pandemic side of I'm talking about just in a general sense. Who Have you been in contact with when you've gotten sick it's always asked? Who Have you been in contact with when you've got? I don't remember ever being asked I. Don't you might have around. Have you been around Such-and-such have you done this? While you've been out you been in contact with these people I mean not to the not to the extent that you're talking about a strict quarantine but we do a version of contact tracing every time you go in and visit the doctor when you're sick because they ever been asked that question. I mean and particularly when you compare this pandemic and I understand. It is much more contagious than the garden variety. Flu But again. It's like the flu. Just kind of give it a nod of the head and you know it kills tens of thousands of people each and every year. But whenever I've had the flu I was never asked. I was never asked to. I was in contact with CNN. The flip side of that is I have been and and ask okay Have you been in contact with? Maybe they want to make sure that they've gotten their shot or make sure that they've taken care of this or You know that's again. It's kind of a generalized thing but It gets contact. Tracing has always been a part of what you're following through with when you have virus spread or through and they end especially when we start talking about ones that Have been transmissible to the point of what you're talking about with the the number of deaths but a big reason why contact tracing in this case matter so much in the game scheme of it is because of the speed of which this has spread and continues to scrap And the fact that you are looking at More devs in a matter of a two months stretch than you've ever seen in a flu virus. Yeah my concern is is though you know. Contact tracing of the past is not contact tracing of today particularly given the technology that is available and it just feels a little invasive but just saying well and and again there's where you know. We have a lot of differences in Our philosophies in the United States versus the philosophies in other countries because you talk about A number of them performing the contact tracing and the fact remains that the tracking is done by us by cell phone on a pretty normal basis anyway into that category. We just don't look at it that way But you know all these. The number of these other countries they go at it with their contracts contact tracing and it's kind of expected by their residents and It gets definitely a huge difference between where we are at the in this fight in the United States versus where some of these other countries are getting their fight right now. Yeah I like to think that the United States leads doesn't necessarily follow but that's just me and just because you can doesn't mean you necessarily should I mean for example. Look at Sweden. They didn't shut down their economy. They advised people to follow the social distancing guidelines. And you know all the best practices when it came to hygiene and again you know. We don't know what the end story of that actually is because they did see a spike of cases which we most definitely will see as The Nation continues to reopen but Yeah just seems to me that corn -taining sick and if you listen to Dr Scott Atlas out of the Hoover Institution he said. This is something that a third year medical student knows that you quarantine the sick. Not The healthy. The flaw with that is again. No virus error Noah vaccine and no ability to backstop it and given that we don't have a handle on who may be a symptomatic because we have under tested so much Given that we don't have a handle on that. That is a huge problem again. Here's the bottom line that you need to remember. And this is one staff that has remained constant eighty to eighty five percent of us. I just talked to somebody yesterday. Who had it in early March? Who by the way has a lot of friends in Italy? I found this fascinating. She's talked to many of them and they don't know of anyone who died So does the asking the question but eighty eighty five percent of us have very few symptoms. If any and recover that is true but again we don't have a handle on how many of those how many people beyond that have been asymmetric and have carried to someone else. Got All the more reason. Don't all the more reason to Corentin? The sick the immune system compromised those who are most vulnerable and free. The heard to achieve herd immunity. Are I try to be continued I love these scrappy conversations? And I'm sure we'll get into it again tomorrow. Troy coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News Director and so much the same fifty six thousand thirteen ten KFI KFI thirteen ten K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage the taste headlines podcasts mornings with Gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten K. dot com rainy day fund in Colorado. This Kurt schools across the state. In a big way post Cova nineteen Deirdre repelled stock to joins us in just a few k. a Greeley sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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March 24, Hr 1  Partisan politics

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

32:30 min | 6 months ago

March 24, Hr 1 Partisan politics

"This mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI K. Excuse me if I get right to the point this morning but I'm absolutely shocked in the Paul. This as the petty partisan I would say games. It's petty partisan crap continues this as a speaker. Nancy Pelosi the wicked witch of the West mounts. Her broom rides it back to the DC swamp peddling her green new deal in Herbertson her version of the stimulus package destroying the bipartisan. And yes I actually said by partisan progress made to get help and cash to Americans who are suffering the consequences of Kobe nine the very real economic repercussions but no. Oh not if speaker Pelosi has a little something something to say about it six. It's despicable six. Oh eight now. Thirteen ten K F K. A thirteen ten K. of K. A. Dot com morning so caled live local fueled by great western petroleum. And a little bit of rancor this morning I will admit and senator John Kennedy in the middle of that smack down. I'll tell you what I was glued to C. Span yesterday. I know that sounds like an oxymoron. Right glued to C. Span. But he was in the thick of it in the middle of that smackdown that passed for negotiations on the Senate floor well. He put the entire spectacle in stark relief. American people thank right now. They're thinking that the brain is amazing. Organ it starts working in a mother's womb and it doesn't stop working until you get elected to Congress. You know what the American people are thinking right now. Mr President they're thinking. This country was founded by geniuses. But it's being run by a bunch of idiots. You know what the American people are thinking right now. Mr President they're thinking why do the members of the United States Senate continue to double down on stupid Senator John Kennedy K? Country being run by a bunch of idiots children who are squabbling amongst themselves. Is there any excuse whatsoever for that? I get it. We're in the middle of a pandemic but it seems to me. Our elected officials should be able to rise above their own political endgame and do something for the people they serve. How about you nine seven three five? I'm ticked nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen Tan. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi K. A text line at three one nine nine six your member senator. John Kennedy I- door that man. Because he calls it the way it is right you remember. He wants got into hot water. He was at a trump rally and had the audacity. Oh the the outrageous audacity to refer to Speaker Pelosi when he said something to the effect of it must suck to be that stupid. Her actions as Americans are indeed suffering and afraid. They're not stupid. They're downright evil nothing more than a calculated reprehensible partisan ploy and what a spectacle it truly is this as much of America's corn teamed at home. Public is panicked but not our KFI listeners. Because you are maintaining that Ara Ofcom again. Panic is not the place to go right now but obviously Congress has not gotten that memo but there's a run on almost everything these days by the way if you stockpiled toilet paper and you want to return it you're out of luck. They're not taking a back. What do we want from our elected officials? How about just a little reassurance? How about acting as though they're not in daycare that they're not infants that they're not children throwing temper tantrums and throwing all the toys from their cribs at once but Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer instead they decide to take a BI partisan rescue bill as a political hostage. That's the leadership. Were getting these days. Democrats again blocking that. One point eight trillion dollar bill that has urgently needed money for workers in hospitals and small business. Oh yes even. Those larger dreaded evil corporations does that statement. Wasn't Mitt. Romney corporations are people too. Who creates the jobs but even larger companies threatened by the forcible shutdown of the US economy? When AMERICA NEEDS BIPARTISAN COOPERATION? The most what do we get from Democrats more partisanship in their ongoing quest for power and control. They're putting their partisan needs above the very real needs of the country. So what do we have other than well a mess? Turn to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Democrats Are Pretty Darn lucky. The Federal Reserve chose Monday deploy. Its biggest financial guns so far or the markets might have taken an even bigger hit this amid. Washington's total complete dysfunction equities still fell by about three percents show or so but investors took some comfort comfort in the feds to buy many more mortgage securities and treasuries needed to actually calm things down the mortgage securities market has been strained as sellers need cash struggled to find willing buyers now. The Fed also signaled its willing to buy securities of companies and municipalities as well. The Fed has been late in doing. This says the journal Bet Credit to chairman. Jerome Powell for moving fast and hard. Now problem is the Fed needs fresh capital capital. We've spent a lot of time talking about liquidity right to backstop these facilities and that has to come from Congress. Good luck with that. In particular the Treasury has to replenish replenish something. That's known as the Exchange Stabilization Fund. This is what provides the capital backstop. That's where the Senate bill comes in with. Its four hundred. Twenty five billion for this fund that the Fed could leverage up too many times that amount the goal is to prevent this a government ordered big business liquidity crisis from becoming a solvency crisis that becomes a banking crisis and yes fasttrack right on by recession. Do Not Pasco do not collect two hundred and go directly to depression so it begs the question. Do the Democrats really care your thoughts this morning? Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten dot me a text on our thirteen. Ten K OF K. A text line at three one nine nine six a Wall Street Journal a lot more say and I will share it with you in just a few sixteen now. Thirteen ten. Kfi Am this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen. Oh nine or caring. Hearts H H dot com while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. For more on K of K programs podcast sports scheduling news goto thirteen ten K. A. K. A. Dot com now back mornings with Kale. So everything going great going gangbusters. Were seeing something. Unprecedented unprecedented in response to the Cova de Nineteen pandemic on the congressional level. Enter the wicked witch of the West. Yes Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Who Rides Broom back to the swamp as I said earlier and blows up the deal? That will help. Countless Americans get through a very real economic crisis. Six twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Okay so you have the smackdown on the Senate floor yesterday. So let's catch up if you're just joining in this morning bottom line is they. Were making progress progress on that one point eight trillion dollar bill. That just has money for so many. Americans. We're talking workers hospitals small business and yes even larger corporations as well but no no. No no no no who is it. Rahm Emanuel Right. Never let a good crisis go to waste and Nancy Pelosi Azer own plan and all it does is serve the Democrats progressive a green new deal agenda. So do the Democrats even care. What is going on at this point in time well it is an obvious as they pander to their progressive base to make last minute demands while blocking the rescue cash working piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Six twenty five now thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Morning so gay Political chronologies pretty instructive and depressing about the state of democratic leadership. Majority leader Mitch McConnell. He's not with Speaker Pelosi. He tore into her yesterday. Not Literally but figuratively. So you had Mitch McConnell last week asking. Gop Committee chairs to work with their democratic counterparts on planks of the complicated legislation. Republicans sought about eight hundred fifty billion liquidity for businesses to prevent Credit defaults in mass layoffs and roughly the same amount on democratic priorities including enhanced unemployment benefits direct payments to households a surge in medical spending and by Saturday night. Mr Schumer was expressing. Delight Ed's prize at the bipartisan cooperation. Again something we haven't seen in recent years under the trump administration enter the democratic left which trashed the bill as a handout to the wealthy O and we can have our tiffany of the day. Here's what she tweeted Mitch McConnell. Gop are pushing a crony capitalists a slush fund for their friends and donors. Yeah so Ms Pelosi returned from recess. Say The house will write. Its own bill. Schumer them blocked the Senate from even debating the bill that his fellow Democrats Co wrote standup Guy that Chucky Crony Capitalists Slush Fund. Line is false. It's dangerous government created this financial panic government told Americans to stay home essentially ordered. Us Commerce to stop without revenue companies. Can't pay the bills and without access to government loans. Companies of every size will be forced to lay off employees by the millions companies both big and small progressives think that hurts the working families. Democrats claim to care about. We'll get pink slips let's see how inequality spikes if a prolonged recession cuts national output by ten percent or more this quarter or worse if this continues on for a few more weeks chucky suddenly claims. There's not enough transparency in the bills replenishment for the Exchange Stabilization Fund. But the rules are essentially the same as they've been during previous democratic and Republican administrations put too many burdens on the loans and companies will refuse to take the money to stay in business until it may be too late or they may prefer to shrink and order mass layouts layoffs to ride out the crisis democratic cynicism further exposed when. Miss Pelosi released her eleven hundred page bill. Just yesterday I've got excerpted. House Majority Whip James. Clyburn was heard last week advising Democrats to view the crisis as a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to Fit our vision. Yes never let a good crisis go to waste so the Pelosi. Bill follows through by including an ideological wish list. That has absolutely nothing to do with Cova. Nineteen you got. Your green new deal mandate on airlines to offset their carbon emissions and published co two emissions for each flight. Then there's the house The houses failed election reform requiring states to allow early voting mail in voting and same day voter registration Pelosi. Bill would require any loan recipient to provide permanent paid. Leave a fifteen dollars. Minimum wage borrowers would not be allowed to pay a bonus to an executive ever dividends to the shareholders companies would have to provide stats on the gender race and ethnic identity of their board members. She should be ashamed of herself. Nothing like a deadly virus to get the country woke. Democrats are trying to Jam. Mcconnell and president trump to accept in a crisis what the left couldn't pass in more normal times writes the Wall Street Journal by their deadline. On Tuesday. Schumer had still refused to compromise. If Democrats refuse they deserve to be held responsible for the damage to the markets to the economy and to the American people for putting partisanship well above the national interest. Your thoughts this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. Oh and how to Colorado's Senators Bennett and Gardner feel about the corona virus stimulus bill? I don't think their reaction will come as any surprise. Thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage after mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin Cowherd only in thirteen ten KFI K. Congress critters sleep at night. That's a serious question. Not a rhetorical one. They're playing politics as usual as the nation essentially is shut down. You've got millions sitting at home out of work closed. Schools are closed and People are worried. They're I mean they're getting into panic mode because well Congress can't get its act together clowns to the left of me jokers. Tamai right there. You go six thirty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI a dot com that describe the complexion of Congress these days as they're using this one point eight trillion dollar stimulus bills political football and comes as no surprise. Colorado has two senators split Kook shock air on a corona virus. Relief Stimulus bill that includes those direct cash payments for Americans each accusing the other of playing politics. Where have all the adults sky? Where is the leadership? That's my question wearing for peace out of the Fort Collins Colorado by JC Marmaduke disagreements in Congress. It's something no no. This has transcended disagreements yelling and screaming at each other like a jilted junior high school lovers. They're holding up passage of the third third corona divers stimulus package Of course the latest version as we talked about During the first half hour of the show of which includes household payments of twelve hundred bucks per qualifying adult five hundred dollars per child. Bill once again also offers millions of dollars for hospitals and state unemployment insurance. Oh by the way if you are Filing for unemployment. I'm not telling you anything these days. It's it's tough it's tough so I've got Some tips to help kind of ease that process for you. We'll get to that in just a few as well but again. Bill offering billions of dollars for hospitals state unemployment insurance loans for businesses states municipalities. Yes and people but Congress. Jeff can't seem to reach consensus Senate. Leaders negotiations fell through over the weekend further deteriorated yesterday although chucky. Yeah crying Chuck Schumer says. Oh no no no. I think we'll have a vote today. Yeah well color me. Skeptical on that. One Democratic Democratic leaders insisting that the bill include more protections for workers more oversight of loans to big businesses. That's at so-called slush fund right more funding for hospitals and Healthcare Workers Senate Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell attempted to move the bill to final debate yesterday afternoon but that entire process Just descended into chaos. I felt like I was watching parliament. But Democrats blocked the efforts on a nearly party. Line Vote Colorado Senator Michael Bennett. Democrat voted against McConnell's motion. Well of course he did. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. Republican didn't get to vote on the measure because well he remains self quarantined but he did tell the Colorado he supports the bill and criticized the Democrats as anticipated for playing the most cynical form of politics that the nation has ever seen. Senator Gardner went on to say the people of Colorado need assistance and help uncertainty. Now it is so incredibly important that we pass the bill now without delay okay. Great that's just tremendous but What is the definition of insanity you tell me you know what the definition of insanity is right. It's doing the same thing over and over and over and over again ad nauseam and expecting a different result and that's what our politicians are doing on either side of the equation. I found out. I know it is your collective fault that you can't pull together in a time of not only national but international crisis and do your jobs do what you were elected to do. But that seems beyond their ability. Senator Gardner went on to say that Americans could get direct deposits as soon as as soon as early April if Congress could just pass the stimulus package soon be interested to know what the definition of soon is Gardner can return to the Senate which doesn't allow remote voting. Okay desperate times call for desperate measures. I understand that there are parliamentary rules in place. But aren't we in uncharted waters? In so many aspects of our day to day life is normalcy. Well is anything but these days seems to me that this is an extraordinary circumstance and if those five senators who are quarantined that are unable to vote. Because you have to vote in person could vote. We wouldn't be having this conversation right now. Now would wait again. Cory Gardner one of five senators who are self quarantining. Because of exposure to or infection with corona virus. The others include Senators Rand Paul Mitt Romney. Mike Lee Rick Scott Stimulus. Bill wouldn't have advanced Monday even with their votes. Because once again it needed sixty votes to move two final debates and it only got forty nine. That's because of the Democrats wishlist wanting to stuff this bill that will help millions of Americans survive. At least from an economic perspective. Perhaps tamp down some of the fear tamp down some of the hoarding behavior. Give us hope that there is some leadership at the top. Perhaps an ebeling us all to get through this just with our comfort level a little bit elevated but no Bennett statement to the Colorado and said Congress needs to immediately pass legislation that ensures our frontline health workers hospitals in states have the resources they need to fight this pandemic in that workers families and businesses have the economic support to whether this crisis well. Then what's the problem? Problem is president trump. That's what it all boils down to. Isn't that the simplest common denominator? You Tell Me Nine. Seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six well that and of course The ultimate endgame of Consummate Power and control just have to keep Biden on ice so it doesn't step in it between now and the election. I'm not so sure that's a done. Deal meanwhile Michael Bennett on say while. Democrats are working with the White House to negotiate a bill here. We go politics as usual leader. Mcconnell is playing politics in the Senate game them all the boot this at this point because they just can't play well together now can they? We need to keep working in a bipartisan. Bipartisan Way. They're screaming each other on the Senate floor yesterday to achieve the right deal as quickly as possible. Screaming never accomplishes anything holding votes for politics. Achieve that goal I urge my Republican colleagues to stop the Games and work with Democrats and the White House to get this done. Are they so immersed in the game? They don't even see they're playing. It is this their particular reality. The Gamesmanship and what appears to be total ignorance of the consistent. The constituents they air quote serve key. Point of contention of course is the bills. Four hundred and twenty five billion dollar fund for loans to large businesses. Those dreaded evoke corporations some arguments Some Democrats argue Those loans should be contingent upon avoiding layoffs and pay cuts. They're concerned That the federal government could play favorites when Disturbing the loans seems to me that when you point one finger Democrats you got three point nine right back at. Ya the best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi K. this morning's with Gail on thirteen ten. Kfi K the Dan. Patrick show is on the way and nine which you could all right. How about a little positively? This has a castle. Rock has decided to to illuminate its star for its original purpose to be a symbol of hope and we need hope right now for sure. Six fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning swick. Ao fueled by Great Western Petroleum It's an unusual sight this time of year reports channel nine but Castle rocks famous stars. Once again lighting up the night sky the Castle Rock Town Council unanimously last week on a special motion to light the star the rock as a symbol of hope during the pandemic customarily only let during the holiday season the star will be lit as a reminder that castle. Rock is a strong and united the community that will persevere this according to the Castle Rock Council's decision mayor. Jason Gray said in a presentation ahead of last night's lighting when we light the star during the holidays. We have a large celebration. This is different. This is not a party instead. It will serve as a beacon of hope as it originally was intended to When it was first set up during the Great Depression Gray said when times get hard and castlerock the community comes together we will get through this and yes we well. Despite all the dithering in Congress my words not his back to Mayor Jason. Great my wish is that everyone sees the star will ask themselves what they can do in the community to help those. Who Need Support? Isn't that a question? We're all asking ourselves these days. How can we not only help ourselves our kids our partners our extended family friends? Even those we don't know don't know how can we emerge from this pandemic as better human beings perhaps more kind caring forgiving able to pay attention to the things that really matters star was originally put up by the Castle Rock Fire Department which still maintains it this to Schon Boyd. History Colorado's curator of Archive. Is they actually go up there every year? Change Out the light balls. Make sure the wiring correct forty foot star equipped with eighty eight ball. Bse was also let at the end of World War. Two however it wasn't shaped like a star the lights formed a V for victory and it was lit again after nine. Eleven stars also been used to celebrate. Colorado's big sports moments too like when the broncos won the Super Bowl and of course slid every year to celebrate the season. Those Gray said this time is different. The end will remain the same he added just as it has time and time again. This is a way for us to come together. Unite the community unite to overcome challenges. That are before us. Let's let's rekindle that spirit and light the star. Yeah we all carry our inner lights these days. Don't we all sports story? Northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. sixty nine now. Thirteen ten K. A. K. Thirteen ten KFI DOT com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. I told you we were going to get into this. Because there's a lot of questions. A lot of concerns of floating around When it comes to quarantines when it comes to emergency powers what does the constitution say about that as well more than a few are concerned that this could cut into our liberties and freedoms long term. We're going to be joined by Rob Nicholson Constitutional Scholar With the Independence Institute when he joins US at seven. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Greeley Loveland Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 7, Hr 3  CDOT Region 4 Communications Manager Jared Fiel

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

29:05 min | 6 months ago

April 7, Hr 3 CDOT Region 4 Communications Manager Jared Fiel

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled by great. Western petroleum only thirteen ten K. F. K. You will get through this part together eight. Oh seven now thirteen ten. Kfi Am and thirteen ten KFI DOT com or with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as so many companies across the country repurposing their manufacturing capabilities and Really their entire approach in order to provide that Necessary p P. as we can continue to Combat Cova nineteen among University of Northern Colorado. Their faculty is Printing Three D mass and Faye Shield Parts During the pandemic working for peace by Jaden Watson Fisher out of yesterday's Greeley trip to assistant professors from. Unc are using their time at home at home. Thank you Kudos to them to make protective equipment for healthcare workers after reports from around the country highlighting of course the shortage of safety equipment needed to treat covert nineteen patients so You've got assistant. Prep professor in the Department of Geography Geographic Information Systems and sustainability Chelsea. Romulo her Romolo. Excuse me and assistant professor of Anthropology Marian Hamilton Their Three D. printing pieces of personal protective equipment. Romolo Romolo. I'll get it right. Joined the northern Colorado Fe Shield project which is part of a larger organization make four Kovic to create plastic fe shields for healthcare professionals and those in high risk environments such as nursing homes fe shields typically have a plastic piece that touches the pace of whoever's wearing it this is secured to another piece away from the face that holds the mask on a person's face. Romolo and other volunteers print the two plastic head pieces now three D. Printing not typically part of her field of study but she wanted to get involved. She's using a printer and supplies from the University of Northern Colorado Math and science teaching institute Maker space a post Grad student. Help her set up to print our via email. Here's what she had to say. I just saw an opportunity to support what was going on around here. I have to give a big shoutout to the three D. printing community because so much information is available for free online and all she had to do was download the files and start the printing process the Noko facial project finished four hundred and thirty shields in a little more than just two weeks some were delivered to UC health. Craig Hospital and a Saint Andrews Nursing. Home Actually Romolo dropped off pieces for an additional one hundred shields adjusts this past Friday. Meanwhile Amilton and her husband are printing reusable and ninety five mass users simply need to replace the filtering agent inside the mask now. I'll Hamilton Three D. prince bones and skulls for projects with students in K through twelve. This too was new for her. She downloaded open source. Designs on get hub which mostly serves as a database for code and immediately got to work. Here's what she had to say. They put these beautiful plans up on. Get up totally for free open source to anyone who wants to download them just for the good of the world right now. It's an excellent example of people coming together at a time when it's become exceedingly necessary now. She has sent mass to doctors and nurses in Wyoming Arizona and Pennsylvania. Hamilton isn't working with a group but Romolo is getting her connected with Colorado groups as well in dire need of mass takes Hamilton about fourteen hours to pronounce three and ninety. Five mass. Romolo can print a two pieces for one shield in about two hours now. According to the Noko Fe Shield project website volunteers have printed parts for two hundred and fifty shields per week. Remodel said however a recent email is encouraging volunteers to print as many as possible The group has so many requests that it wants to print parts for one thousand shields per week. She says I'm just GonNa Keep Printing until somebody tells me to stop. That's the spirit make cove it and. Noko facial project will accept financial donations. The organizations provide a spool aplastic where volunteers donate the pieces for about twenty shields Nokia. She'll project is also assembling. The shields wants volunteers. Donate the printed parts side from the printers. Well it costs about twenty dollars only twenty dollars to make fifteen and ninety five's and twenty shield head pieces anyone who wants to donate make an impact. Does it need to make large financial contribution now Ramallah said. She doesn't feel like she's doing very much. It's for that reason she and Hamilton feel they need to help. What's the cost of them? Being safe referring to those on the front lines are healthcare providers first responders. What's the cost of them? Being safe during this time asked Hamilton. If the cost of that is me hitting go on a machine. Every fourteen. Hours to make some mass. Then how can we not do that? Tiny thing for people who are doing so incredibly much Noko Face Shield project. Wow absolutely incredible once again. It's our ingenuity. It's our ability to cope with the unexpected to not get off balance in order to make such a huge difference cuisine on fifteen thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com this time checks sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story in Northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. It's always your turn to comment text. Kf K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now on thirteen ten KFI K. You got several states not issuing stay at home orders seemingly able to manage at least at the present time the spread of Kobe nineteen throughout the state president trump during one of his many processors. I Dunno where he finds the energy and the enthusiasm to do this and I know those of you that aren't particularly fond of president trump. Say Well it's nothing more than a campaign rally well. I would be so bold as to maybe take issue with that assertion. Sure I mean Joe Biden. Who At this point in time? He's doing his little podcasts from his bunkers and getting his facts all kinds of mangled and mixed up and confused as he is prone to do. Nobody really paying attention Yes this is a presidential election year. On top of everything else. Joe Biden just fading into the woodwork could be argued that's by design to do little harm to his candidacy as possible but no from the president and it's just a a preening and taking advantage of this because while he can't have his campaign rallies and I will it and some of those pressures do go a little far afield. I'll grant you that point but let me ask you a question isn't it? The role of the president is not only To be the commander in chief but to be the comforter in chief nine seven three five three thirteen I mean particularly such perilous times. There's so much fear. There's so much uncertainty. Last thing. We need is panic. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. So you've got a handful of states. Once again I think at last count. There were eight of them. Wyoming among them. If I'm not mistaken but There was some talk during one of the pressures The president Riffing on whether What the possibility was what the over under was on instituting a nationwide stay at home order. And I'm I'm like wait a minute on. I know knoll. I don't think I got my constitution. Got It right here and I'm like I don't think you can constitutionally impose such an order because we've talked at length about the very important role of the governors in terms of continuing and effective battle against Kobe nineteen. And what's interesting is thank you federalism. Yes the governors have quite a bit of power particularly when it comes to determining what steps they WANNA take for the overall health wellbeing and welfare of the people in their states. So can can. President trump order a total lockdown short. Answer no he cannot unless he totally wants to disregard the constitution so let me work through the basics. Here pay pulled this out of the It's a piece out of Brookings Brooks in Brookings Institution By William a Galveston No no fan of president trump's so we'll just give it to you raw and unedited tenth amendment to the US Constitution included in the original bill of rights states that quote the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor pro pivoted by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the People University of law University of Texas law professor. Bobby Chesney reminds us that the states are independent entities within our system of federalism not mere subordinate jurisdictions of the national government in areas reserved to the states. The federal government cannot coerce the states into taking actions to suit federal policy preference in particular states. Enjoy UN challenged supremacy in what constitutional scholars call. Police powers those involving the health safety and well-being of their citizens in exercising those powers. They may require citizens to do things. Yes such a staying at home or perhaps getting tested that some may resist. So it's interesting when you look at the day to day contrast between the leadership of governors and that has not been lost on any of it now a recent monmouth poll says fifty percent. Think that president trump is indeed doing a good job handling the crisis but substantially more of US look at our governors and governors across the board. Think they The they're they're folks. People that live in their state. Think that their government or their governor is doing a very good job to the tune of seventy two percent. How about you when it comes to Governor Jerry Police? I watched him in my humble opinion. Step up to a leadership role and handle it quite adroitly how. `Bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six. But here's the bottom line. No Federal Statute gives any President The authority to override state decisions. Nor does the president possess this inherent authority under article two of the Constitution nor do any other provisions of the constitution such as the interstate commerce clause confer this power upon him? So talking about the fact that Governor Jared Polis has instituted On an earlier revocation of the stay at home order April. Twenty six then has the president April thirtieth well he can do just that because constitutionally speaking here if governors choose to disregard his call to reopen their states. It's the governor's decisions that will be final. Still there are powers that only the federal government can exercise. President can restrict international travel. He can harden the borders. He can invoke national emergency powers such as the Defense Production Act without federal leadership. The states would have a hard time coordinating their policies on many aspects of the current pandemic that cross state lines my puppy rudy concurs. Federal Government is also the only entity that can address medical supply issues that have already begun to generate a zero sum game competition among the states. It does no good whatsoever for example to tell New York Governor Andrew. Cuomo to procure labatt respirator masks on his own. If there's not enough available to meet his needs let alone national deans. Achieving effective coordination the federal government between the federal government and states. Well yeah that might be the toughest job of all. It's interesting because in this piece references this piece out of Brookings by William Galveston. He references that mass contagion simulation. We talked about this several weeks. Back mass contagion simulation performed last year by the Department of Health and Human Services. Well unfortunately it was the latest to reveal that the federal government would indeed be unprepared and uncoordinated in responding to the kind of crisis that well yes Hit crisis level by mine is you can do all the planning that you want. But you're dealing with an invisible enemy that very few know very little about it's just the nature of the beast. So galveston concludes federalism. Perhaps the most basic structure of our constitutional order closing in on eight twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI A dot com or any Sagale live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right we're all grappling for some some sense of normalcy these days and you know just based on the interactions that I've had with my neighbors from a distance. I'm I'm incredibly amazed at the resilience of the human spirit. We're finding ways to cope. Aren't we unfortunately it is what it is not meaning to go all? Woo Try on you but unfortunately we have to learn to deal with. What is the new normal in a time of a cove? Nineteen long those lines about a little bit of normalcy. As we reach out to to jared file cdot region four communications manager. Going to find out what's going on on the roads because Yanna roadwork Continues Pretty Much? Unabated JARED FILES CDOT REGION FOR COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER JOINS US in about four minutes from now eight thirty. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi BURST TO UNC. Bears Targeting Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten K F K for more on. Kfi programs podcasts sports. Scheduling News. Co Two thirteen ten. Kfi KIA DOT com back to mornings with hail pretty lawyer on Tuesday morning thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI DOT COM marines with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yes in our ongoing quests of foreign normalcy. Well I can't think of anything more fitting than to talk with. Jared files see data region for communications manager. Jerry don't mean to insult you by saying your normal. I've never been called that before flying. Actually it's kind of stunning. I love right exactly. Hey listen we Are Taking calls for this folks. Have some questions about ongoing roadworks? So just wanted to not put you on the spot or anything like that. But see if you'd like to take a call great Su Su from really good morning. Good morning how are you? I am wonderful so good to hear your voice. How are you and bill doing we? We are doing. Well thank you. We take we take the best vitamins and have so our Specialty doctor who works with Fallacy and a few other people said that we were ahead of the game. But anyway we're calling about as I roads. jared thank you for being here every week and giving us the insight and the update answering our questions and trying to keep calm on the road and ways but Saturday I was coming up. I twenty five And when at monument there's a lot of construction for a lot of miles and the speed is sixty mile an hour and it's posted and boasted them posted and at several points. It'll say the speed is sixty in your golden seventy eight. These people were literally one car literally. Hit My bumper. Because I was going sixty. There's construction workers out there. Why are the whoever the state or whatever not enforcing the speed limit? Along the construction there were workers out there that could have been injured with these crazy drivers Jerry before you answer this morning Just wanted to thank sue from Greeley for your question for jared and You and bill be well okay. God bless thank you. You bet well sue. Thanks for Appreciating the safety issues with our crews out there We As CDOT are not really in the enforcement game. We're in in putting down the rules on what can happen in our in our partners over at the state patrol are the ones who are out there and of course as you all know we have Enough Lane Miles That equals about three times the diameter of the planet. So if you think about that and you know how many can be out there when when we are When we see traffic issues happening They can't be everywhere at all times. They do try to get those areas that are the highest congestion or highest risk areas. But they can't be everywhere I will tell you that they See Sp does Go through the areas where we have construction More often than anywhere else because they are watching those violations. But you know it's it's difficult right now especially With less congestion people tend to just go faster. And so I think that may be part of the issue that we're seeing in there and you know The best thing you can do is Go your own speed and see if the You know it's almost like those first people wearing masks now. Everybody's doing it. See you practice being careful everybody else. Then get scared to be. Be that good example. Thank you jared. It's interesting because I used to ride a motorcycle before everybody started texting and Basically paying attention to anything but driving and after getting run off the road twice on I twenty five had to sell the Harley broke my heart but you know that's just the way it rolls but I went to a motorcycle safety class at Stapleton a great class. And what they taught us was is that when somebody is crawling up your grill on your bumper. You slow down you slow down. You don't go faster you don't let them push you. That is the safest thing that you could do. But it was so terrifying one. Su said this person actually clipped her bumper. Yeah you know it is. It's really tough you know and I will tell you. I mean as C. Dot employees. When I'm driving through those things I have to. Kinda remind myself. Okay wait wait. I need to be cool here because you know there is that tendency to you know. Hey if they're space ahead of you. Let's get their you know a couple of seconds quicker and Amazing tempting understandable but You know it really is the safe way to go. And and honestly our partners at at the State Patrol. They're doing the best they can You know with with the situation. We're under right now. You know They have limited staff as well. And so you know it it. That's another issue that that happens here but you know we're hearing reports of people driving you know what was that one the other day. Was you know a hundred and fifty eight miles an hour in a fifty five zone you know? People are Sometimes you just can't pick stupid and now you just have to buy. It was six does but yes I agree with you in terms of the thing you can do is to slow down. Keep that speed where you need it to be absolutely all right in the few minutes You have left. Thanks for being flexible and taking questions. I'd like to ask. Yeah that's just awesome. Sue Good to hear from me and by the way all right so We've got some upcoming closures. I twenty five at prospect right. Yeah so As anybody who's driven through that area and We actually have the first half of the new bridge and so But we'll be working on So the weekend of the seventeenth Prospect road and the ramps to I twenty five Off of prospect road are going to be closed for the whole weekend. That's GONNA allow us to do the new tie-ins to to get people over to the new bridge and that starts the seventeenth. Yeah that'll be the seventeenth and that's that's on a Friday through twentieth. And then the following weekend the twenty fifth through Twenty Six. I twenty five underneath. Prospect will be closed And people go on the off and on ramps at prospect It'll be closer. We can so that we can tear down the old bridge and start building the new bridge. So it's a pretty fascinating process. I think but It's GonNa be really cool to to see when it's all done but we're going to have in there so there's no that if you have to go in and around prospect. I twenty five The weekend of the seventeenth or the weekend with the twenty fifth things going to be a little wonky. You'll have this yet. Another guy normal you know. And we typically apply this theory To most of the projects going on it's just a little short term pain for Considerable long-term gain a the the thing about the the tearing down the bridge or the twenty fifth twenty sixth that really can't be avoided but you know if if we did the tie-ins for Prospect road and the on and off ramps that will have to do over the weekend at the seventeenth. If we did that over with normal traffic happening that would probably take about four weeks instead where we get it done in one weekend. So that's a huge change for us. I and and we have told people every wait till Sunday and they always tell us that you know a get it done quick and get out and So that you know we'll take like you said a short term pain for long-term that seed. I'd getting her done. Jared file see time region for communications manager. Thank you as always as always be well absolutely great. Go by you to eight fifty. Three now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen ten K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage thirteen ten K. A thirteen ten. Kfi DOT com eight fifty six while. They're all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten. Kfi K. Major League Baseball discussing the possibility of playing all games in Arizona with team stationed in confined environments of this according to multiple reports clubs with play games at Spring Training ballparks around the Phoenix area as part of the Plan to resume operations after the corona virus pandemic force the worldwide suspension of sports Chase field the home of the Arizona. Diamondbacks is also an option a little bit of normalcy perhaps perhaps returned to normalcy. Yeah it will be slow and we might have to define what normal really looks like post to Cova De Nineteen. In the meantime stay calm. Wash your hands and be well all right. No Co now. coming your way at nine cove in Nineteen. What you need to know at five? Pm for the whole show from noon to to be well for best UNC. Bears Targeting Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten K F K.

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April 1, Hr 2  Complete Colorado Reporter Sherrie Peif

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April 1, Hr 2 Complete Colorado Reporter Sherrie Peif

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi They don't have that beautiful mind when it comes to math. That's for sure. I'm not math. Mathematician permutations combinations almost killed me in statistics. How many ways can people get into the front seat of the car with three people who cares? Get in the car seven. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Day thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com but Wen is one hundred twenty days not necessarily a hundred and twenty days Sherry Pipe Investigative Journalists and our Weld County political insider but investigative journalist for complete. Colorado joins US this morning. Hey Sherri hey how're you doing? I am doing well. All Things considered how about you know living the dream included. I look at life right now. Living Theresa I know it's you know it's incredible to me as you look back over the past two two and a half weeks. I mean how every single aspect of our lives has been blown out of the water. Yeah and you know I was. I was thinking about this the other day I was talking to somebody and I said you know what my mom is. Ninety two years old she her parents. My grandparents lived through the Great Depression. We're all still here. We're all better because of it will get through this as well and we'll just you know we'll be stronger for it and in five years we'll all be looking back and having something to tell a car hit the ball you know about. Well no strikes. It is very rarely that you find yourself cognizant and aware that you are watching history unfold. This is one of those times. Oh Yeah and you know and if you think about our generation because you and I are pretty much the same generation if you think about our generation we have gone through you know. The shuttle Discovery does or the the shuttle Challenger Disaster. We've gone through The the nine one one now. We're going through this one small step. Yeah Yeah you know the the Iran Iraqi wars. I mean we have been through so many different eleven challenges over the course of our time that you're right it's it's amazing that you think about five years that we're GONNA be talking about this as being probably the biggest thing to ever happen to the to the United States of America. I think it's our opportunity to dig down deep and Really be the people that are dogs. Think we are. You know what's right? You know right now taking my dog's line here in the world you know what's funny. I've come across because we're talking about all the challenges you know with the kids at home. You're working from home or isolated at home and all the togetherness can be well can get on your nerves received. What are you crunching on? I'm not crashing on anything. I was deafening packages bio trust. Kito elevate living. My coffee sounds Yummy. Your motor running right. Yeah but I haven't even pats I mean at first going your home your home your your home but even pets are showing stress. Because they're like go away. I want my house back. Exactly one the good news for me. Is I work from home. Anyway you pursue time so my dogs are just like yeah. Whatever okay now. Whatever works the problem is I have a twenty three year old. Who He's all. He works in healthcare and he's considered an worker last week. He Yeah loud came home on Monday thick so they told him to stay home for the week. Figure out what's going on. You know. Say whatever they ended up not having chronic virus when he went to go back. Yeah when he went to ended up going back to work. This Monday they shut down his clinic for a week because another person inside the clinic got sick and they were tested positive for credit virus. So now he's now he's doing all of his Therapy sessions with clients via telephone or via skype right now so you know it is a one thing or another and when you have to wonder as Dan indeed will we ever shake hands again and will forever transformed the Workplace Post Cove in nineteen. I don't know I don't have the answers to that you know. I think it's definitely you know we've talked about this a lot as well. I think we're definitely going to see a lot of new world things. Come out of this. I mean there's GonNa be a lot of regulation but roll back that it's GonNa be really hard to put those regulations back in place Because there's we now know that there are certain things that we can do without those regulations. We doing them now. Why can't we do them in a perfect world? You know. We're doing them in an emergency. Why should able and you're going to be a lot of things like that. I think people are going to be Which really almost kind of scares me a little bit if you think about it because we also part of this generation that didn't grow up with him sign it. He Fan hand sanitizer. We didn't grow up in the FERAL world. We grew up with Pfizer role. And You wonder how. Much of lack of antibodies and lack of immune system isn't because we're so clean fun generation and the generation in front of him are so sterile. We don't let our kids have a five second rule anymore. We we sanitize everything touched before. We Corona Vice. You know just having that conversation the other day get. Outta my head Sherry with a with a friend of mine. Yeah we were dirty bunch growing up. Weren't we oh. Yeah you know and I and I rarely if ever get sick and my son rarely if ever get sick and so you wonder how much of it isn't because the generations after us Have become so sterile in their world. Yeah there you go all right. Pipe investigative journalists complete Colorado. Did it again to help me with the math When one hundred twenty days isn't one hundred and twenty days in the implications of all that This as you wrote a a great piece complete Colorado page two. It's still up. If you WANNA find it Just go to complete COLORADO DOT COM. Click on that page to link headline Colorado Supreme Court to decide definition of calendar. Days boggles the mind. Legislative session hangs in balance. So tell you what could you stick with us for another seconds to get that energy? Drink all mixed up okay. Sounds very complete. Colorado investigative journalists well county political insider. Coming your way some fourteen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT com this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Kay Haigh. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin Cowherd Olien thirteen ten. Kfi K seven twenty nine thirteen ten Kfi am mornings. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum as our conversation roles right along with Sherry pipe investigative journalists complete Colorado and are well to county political insider. I'm going to do it again. We're going to go in the weeds. Sherry. What's up with the mayor? Longmont the mayor of Longmont during a virtual city council meeting said this in response. Let's just say is not a fan of the governor. Stay at home policy so he wanted somebody to come over and spit in his mouth. Wow there is some outstanding leadership right there and I'm coming out a long line. I mean you know this is. This is a pretty pretty Left of center area of the State of Colorado. And I. Yeah you know I yeah I would listen. We're not all happy with with a lot of the policies that are being put in place been stood by want right but I think people need to give the governor the same respect that we're begging people to give the president. He's doing the best that he can in the situation. We've got and the policies that he put in place. He's put in place because he believes that those are the policies are going to help to say the Colorado get through this quickly and the you know we have to. We have to do our best to respect him for that. And that that's all of us. We have to work together to get through this. We agree with everything or not well and unfortunately there are still folks. That aren't paying any attention to it because they can't see it. Yeah Yeah and that's and that's you know I'm not an you know I'll be the first to admit that I'm not so I'm not the most happiest with a lot of the policies like I'm really concerned about A lot of liberties that have been taken away that I don't believe needed been taken away concerned about the economy. Which I you know. I don't know if the cure is is is worth the exactly right that being said either. There's no doubt in pie mind from the very beginning. Even know I was calling in overblown. My reason for being overblown has nothing to do with the fact that I don't believe it's here and I don't believe it serious and I don't believe we should take. It has everything to do with the way that it is presented in the way that it is out there and the fear factor that I I see people and I'm sure you do as well who literally are so afraid to walk out their front door that they have hunkered down and is that I had to talk my stepson and his girlfriend like off the ledge because all of a sudden they became aware that this was going on and they're like we need to hoard every down. Yes I have talked to. So many people off the ledge is it's crazy so yeah so anyway. Just independent vigilant and do all the right things which means a not a throwing a corona virus party agreed and that and that's just that we all we all should you know we wouldn't be where we're at right now. If everybody would have just taken the heat and and done a social semen needed to be done we would still be doing and quite frankly we could be much worse place with the good news is we do live in the United States and I have to laugh at. You know the calls now to shut down the borders of the State of Colorado and let people come in you guys. The governor doesn't have authority for that and Kudos to the man. For saying that you know he has said three or four times. I don't have the authority to shutdown interstate commerce site. That is not what we'll have and the governor in this country that have done that are out of line and there will be consequences for those actions. Exactly exactly what it is it anyway. Meanwhile back to one hundred when one hundred twenty days isn't US Sherry. Break this down for us because this is a head scratcher and it also has some pretty. I believe dire political implications as well. Well it really does and one hundred twenty days is not one hundred and twenty days. When you've got three hundred and fifty bill on the docket that you want to hurry up and get for that get through the system because you know one of those bills is a is a public policy for healthcare. One of those bills is a family leave bill. You know. There's building there to make a separate enterprise fund so that we can increase teacher's salary at the state cost There's a lot of money on the table that the Democrats really wants to get to and so one hundred and twenty days becomes not one hundred twenty days when they are literally scared that they're not going to get to those bills before the twenty twenty election So it is it's a rabbit hole. That shouldn't go down though because the problem with it is. It's like everything else that we've been talking about once. You put something in the precedent. It's hard to take it back. And we we've seen in the past that and a really good example of that is the safety clause of the state legislature. Has Their. They eat. There is a clause in the Statute in the rules that allows the state legislature to put the safety clause on a bill when they believe that that bill is for the health and public safety of their constituents and it keeps the constituents from having a referendum to to repeal that bill. Well that was supposed to be in situations. That were dire. And you really didn't think that you are. You really felt that was a safety and and for your constituents we've seen though a sliding scale of the definition of dire exactly because that's safety Clark is now you on about eighty five percent of the bills that are out there you know. So that's the same thing here and refined. The Republican caucuses are concerned. That if you all of a sudden start rewriting the constitution and a redefining. What calendar days are consecutive? Days are which is very clear in the constitution that is a hundred and twenty consecutive days. It's not one hundred twenty days throughout the course of the year at will willy. Nilly when you feel like you're going to do it with nothing in the constitution that says or when the corona virus strikes state of Colorado. There's nothing that allows that but if you start rewriting that and start allowing that to happen. At what point next do they go overweight? We need to shut down for four days because it's memorial weekend and we need to shut down for two days because it's Martin Luther King Junior weekend and I mean at. What point does it start to get abused? Jock like the fifties sensually. It's a camel's nose under the proverbial tent flap. It is it absolutely is and it'll be interesting to see how this plays out because the carnage cream court is going to take it up and you know. I find it really interesting two stories on this. Actually there's another story that is in there about one of the brief that was filed with filed on behalf of a group that is nothing but lobbyists and special interest and all of the lobbyists and special interests are our groups that support these very high price costly bill. Of course they download them. WanNa get through get through. That's what they do so anyway speaking court here. I'm sure you'll stay on it. Speaking of go and do I know you love that kind of interesting. I did this story yesterday because I am a golfer. Well I call myself a Gaba. More Hacker and slasher. I play Army Golf. I play the whole course. Get my money's worth but did a story on Pelican lakes remaining open Throughout the Cova de Nineteen Crisis. And well there's about golf courses that are going to stay. Open right it yeah. The city of Greeley decided last night to keep their public golf courses open through the pandemic and I am going to be the first one to say. Yay and I'm not a golfer. This has nothing to do with personal. Need to go. You know hit around a golf this has to do with. This is fully within the scope of the shutdown of the fate Colorado but governor has said over and over and over again that people can get out and do things in inside their own communities he would prefer they stay in their own communities through So long as they continue to practice with social distancing because we can't sit in our houses for three weeks and do nothing to lose that literally will cause more problems than anything else because people will get depressed. They will get mad arguments. Yeah so go. By nature practices social distancing. I I don't know anybody that plays Gall that stands closer than sixty to each other right. I was a reporter so even though I don't play I know the game when people are teeing off. You're not within six proud of that person. Thinks that could leave a mark exactly when people are putting. You're not within six feet of each other right when you know seriously this is this game and the next one at the city of really needs to keep open tennis courts. 'cause it's the same principle applies same principle and it's good exercise for people to get out there and it's minimal contact with the people that run. The courses almost no contact with the people that run the court. You know. It doesn't have to be doesn't have to be part of the equations funny. I took tennis lessons and my tennis. Coast skip to Taleh. I still remember his name. This was back like in junior high school. He told me to take up another sport right. Exactly awful let's we go. We go to a grocery store. And here's the only thing that the city of Greeley would have to do in order to make pull it off if somebody would have to stand at a golf cart with a bottle sanitizer and spray down the golf cart with a bottle. And that's what they're doing. Pelican grocery store. Yeah you know they. They've already discussed only one person on the golf cart. Or you walk you know. They're they're sanitizing. Need Golf carts spraying down like you have to lick them or you know. Rub Up against them. It spray them with a bottle of SAMATAR EXIST DILL. I do think about the Basketball Guy. The micro yeah. Yeah that was really that was just classic but I mean that's the definition of golf anyway as any Golfer knows it's a good walk spoiled. Our shared life investigative journalists complete. Colorado Weld County political insider Kudos to the city of Greeley. Way To go. You stay well my friend you too. Thanks Gail Bad. Seven thirty one now. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten. Kfi Dot Com all right a revised forecast. Yeah hang onto your hangers for that one on the effects Cove nineteen will have on the US. Economy Keith Wineman. Presidential Wealth Management Ways in in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. K of K seven fifty on your Wednesday thirteen ten K of k thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com well Seinfeld Co Creator and curb your enthusiasm star Larry. David has made a public service announcement for the State of California. But I think it Will resonate with us. All urging people during the corona virus a crisis to just stay home enjoy couch potato potato status potato potato and watch TV. Oh Larry David. Obviously somebody put me up to this. Generally not the kind of thing I do but I basically dress on the idiots out there were you. Are you going out? I don't know what you're doing you use socializing to close it. It's not good. You're hurting all people like me on. Not The I have nothing to do with the other. Let's say other old people who might the Euro? I'll know but the problem is. You're panting up a fantastic opportunity. A wasn't a lifetime opportunity to stay in the house. Sit on the couch and watch watch. Tv I mean I. I don't how you passing that up. Well maybe not the bride but here it is go home. Watch TV gots my advice to you. You know. If you've seen my show nothing good ever happens going out of the House. You know that the trouble out there. It's not a good place to be stay home and and you know don't see anyone except maybe there's a plumbing emergency let diploma rate and then wipe everything down after that. But that's okay in the inimitable. Words of Larry. David don't be at could video Barbados to. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI. Koa Thirteen Ten. Kfi Am dot com seven fifty six while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten Kfi K. businesses good Samaritans entertainers. We want to hear from you on no co now nine. Am Italian on thirteen ten KFI K. Closing in on seven fifty eight now. Thirteen ten K of K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right. There's no sugar coating it. When it comes to cove in nineteen? The news is not good. This has a president. Trump is warning us that it's GONNA be a tough couple of weeks as some models project that the death toll could reach anywhere from one hundred thousand two hundred and forty thousand across the United States but what is so important now is doing your best to sell soothed and I'm not talking about. Have you seen alcohol sales? Oh my Gosh They're through the roof now. There are better More caring ways to bring yourself down from all the anxiety. The free floating anxiety that we're all experiencing experiencing as a result of the uncertainty surrounding the spread of Kobe. Nineteen and stay informed is critical about the spread and the actions that you can take to protect your health and the health of your loved ones. But so is the sourcing that you choose the information you choose to consume. Is that accurate or just more overwrought. Hand-wringing and Pearl clutching as too many breathless reporters are getting too much wrong and social media while keeping US connected yet does have a purpose can be accessible. Well let's just say it's not exactly a bastion of credibility coming up. Us military infectious disease specialists. Colonel Michael Lewis. He's a medical doctor He actually developed something called the essence program. It's the nation's first and largest syndrome based disease outbreak recognition system and He also is an epidemiologist. So we're going to check in with former. Us military infectious disease specialists. Colonel Michael Lewis at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Greeley Thirteen ten K. K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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Containing Coronavirus part 1 - Getting to know COVID-19

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Containing Coronavirus part 1 - Getting to know COVID-19

"What do you think of when I say the Nineteen Ninety S grunge music friends? We all remember that what you might not remember. Is that sixty one million people were using pagers and smartphones didn't exist. I'm Cathy Zora on my new podcast. His of the nineties we go inside the stories that defined a decade from nine hundred zero to the Long Island. Lolita listen for free to history of the nineties on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. The number of cases of the novel Corona Virus. Continue to climb and the disease labeled cove in nineteen continues to arrive. In new countries and regions medical authorities around the world are trying to stem the spread of the disease. But they don't seem to be winning. That battle. Climbing along with the number of positive tests is the fear anxiety around the disease people race to stores and clear shelves of items like hand sanitizer and canned goods. The struggle to contain covert nineteen is one that is being fought on both biological and psychological front. I'm adam toy and I'm Dave McIvor and this is why on this Thursday night anxiety mounts over the spread of Kobe and we continue to follow the breaking news this morning health officials have announced a second presumptive case of the Corona Virus NBC in rapid succession. Four new cases identified Tuesday while the corona virus fears of course have live as well to empty shells in many stores. Men It seems like everywhere we look. It's all novel Corona Virus Cove Nineteen Yeah and covert nineteen is even making regular appearances on late night. Talk shows we have no idea how far cronin viruses actually spread the United States. As of last week the CDC is tested just under five hundred. Americans with suspected infections other nations have tested patients by tens of thousands. China has probably tested millions. We're so far behind the other nations. It's embarrassing as of early March. Twenty twenty the corona virus has been reported in eighty three countries and one cruise ship and China shut down entire cities not allowing their citizens outside in order to prevent the spread of the disease between people. Italy even shut down towns and schools trying to do the same. The Lube was shuttered to visitors and the London Book Fair. Usually drawing twenty five thousand writers agents and publishers was cancelled the US authorities seemed to be chasing the novel Corona virus with the virus being spread to people who haven't traveled outside the country and deaths being reported in Washington State and California at the beginning of March. Canada only has about thirty cases all in Ontario British Columbia and Quebec. So why has this virus spread so quickly? Dr Chris? Modi is the head of the Department of Microbiology Immunology and Infectious Diseases. At the University of Calgary a quick note we spoke with Dr Mode on Wednesday March Fourth. And the numbers. He's reporting of Cova. Nineteen cases were accurate at the time. We spoke with them. Dr Mody. What are the characteristics of the novel? Corona virus were hearing about crew. Viruses are are are a family of viruses and There are specific members of the family that are in humans but there are also members in the family that are Infect cats bat dogs cows pigs All kinds of different species and they tend to be unique Viruses in each one of those species in humans there are seven members brothers and sisters in the family. Four of them caused the common cold three of them because much more serious disease and those are SARS which we had in Toronto in the early two thousand murders which was present in the Middle East In the early two thousand ten and now couvert nineteen which is present initially in China and throughout the world and these are the more serious virus because they're capable of killing people. What are the symptoms of someone who gets the disease basically? It's fairly similar to what we in. The medical field call an influenza like illness. And I L I and so that when somebody goes to the hospital and they print present with a group of symptoms. We label them. I L I and that triggers a series of investigations. There are some subtle differences between Influenza PER SE and covert nineteen and basically those are that about eighty percent of people with influenza will present with upper respiratory tract infection. So what we mean by. That is running news sore throat. It she knows you know that those kinds of symptoms and only twenty percent will present with Lower Sparta retract infections meaning cough or even pneumonia on chest. X Ray Exactly. The REVERSE IS PRESENT FOR COVE. Nineteen so cove in Nineteen. Eighty percent of people will present with cough fever and An Abnormal X. Ray whereas twenty percent or perhaps even less will present with the opera sparked retract infection of that similar to influenza but when an individual patient comes to the doctor or to the emergency department. We don't know which one it is so that the testing is done for both. We first heard about the new corona virus in early December twenty nineteen in the Wuhan area of who they province China and that country went on to make unprecedented moves to stop the spread of the disease now disease has spread to more than eighty countries worldwide. What has made Kovic nineteen so difficult to contain? And why has it been able to spread so rapidly if listeners have been you know listening to the news and to the? Who Pot cash. They will have encountered the freezes containment and mitigation so these are technical terms that are used by people in the field. And let me explain those phrases first and then I'll describe how respond Tori infections. you know the strategy for different respiratory infections. So containment is basically. What you're trying to do is stop the virus in its tracks and put it back into nature. Mitigation is a strategy where you're trying to prevent individual cases transmitting to another and prevent individual cases from occurring so. Let me give some color around that so without talking about. Covert nineteen. Containment is what we're trying to do with the bowl of virus if we look at mitigation now we start thinking about things like influenza like measles other respond Tori Viruses. So there is no attempt in the world to stop influenza and to put it back into nature we know that influenza is going to occur and people are going to get infected with influenza and so the strategy is actually to try to prevent individual cases. And we do that by tell. Yeah asking people if they would be willing to get vaccinated. And by reducing the chance of person to person transmission by asking them to wash their hands not touch their face and maintain what we call social distancing so try to stay six feet away from other people in You know in public places so there's very different strategies so if you look at Cova nineteen and you say why is Cova? Nineteen so much more difficult to deal with an influenza. The answer is what we're trying to do something completely different for with Cova. Nineteen than we are with influenza. We're trying to stop Cova. Nineteen in its tracks whereas influenza what we're trying to do is prevent individual cases so the goal is much higher covert nineteen is affecting people around the world both by the news of it and in actually catching the disease. But how contagious is the disease? Dr Moti if someone is a symptomatic can they spread? Covert nineteen on the good side for covert nineteen is the issue of whether or not transmission occurs when people are don't have symptoms so called a symptomatic so if people can transmit the virus when they're not sick that makes it much more difficult to know whether or not they're capable of transmitting the virus so in other words somebody who's sitting next to you on the bus and does not have a fever does not have a cough Is still capable of transmitting that virus to you. We now know that that happens. Extraordinarily rarely with couvet nineteen people that transmit the covert nineteen virus. They have symptoms so that allows us to pursue a strategy where we say if you have symptoms. Please stay home. So that'll help with containing covert nineteen. What's challenging aspect of the virus on the negative side of that equation is the issue of what we call attack or transmission rate. So we've talked already about the fatality rate. This is a different statistic and what it says is if you look at a population of people and there is one case. Statistically how many people does that person spread the infection to and they get sick so if one person gets sick and they spread it to one other person that's a transmission reiter attack rate of one whereas if one person gets sick and they transmit it to to five people then the attack greater transmission rate is five K. So if you look at seasonal flu about one person so the attack rate Is One so n seasonal flu? One person will get it and they will spread it to one other person so unfortunately for covert nineteen. That number is around two three so that means that one person gets it they will spread it to two or three other people and you can see that if you start looking at that and saying so those two to three people spread it to two or three other people right then. It becomes much more difficult to contain because it's expanding exponentially if I put that in perspective though and say so. What about some other viruses? The number for measles is around fifteen use of the measles vaccine is. What's led to the containment of disease with such a high transmission rate? If people don't have immunity to measles they should be vaccinated. Because that's the way that we actually mitigate against that infection because it has such a high transmission rate. So that's you know. So that makes covert nineteen more difficult to control than seasonal flu. And when you're trying to pursue a containment strategy that makes it challenging not impossible but challenging so copen nineteen can't be spread by people who don't have symptoms but it spreads wider than the common cold. Dr Mody how would you grade the worldwide response to the novel Corona Virus? Their response in China has been unprecedented. They have affected public health measures successful public health measures. That have never been done. Before and mankind history would of told us that those public health that they implemented at the start of the Cova nineteen outbreak would be unsuccessful that absolutely has proven to be not true. China has contained this infection. The number of cases has dropped steadies in Towards the end of January exactly the opposite is present in the rest of the world and looking at my screen here in front of me that shows real time data for Cova nineteen over the world we are now at ninety four thousand two hundred and fifty cases in the world and the number of cases outside. China has grown steadily to looks like it somewhere around eighteen thousand now so Basically China has if they continue as long as the virus doesn't change or anything they have basically Dealt with the problem in the rest of the world it becomes much greater problem and cases are growing exponentially you know. This is troublesome but The Chinese experience and the Chinese data shows that it is capable. It is possible to contain this Brian. This this virus but we probably need to do what they've done so it sounds like you're expecting that we will hear more cases of Cova nineteen in the US and in Canada in the coming months. Yes Dr Mody. When can we expect? A to be ready for. Covert nineteen right. So this is a very active area of research I think there are now Twenty or more vaccines that are in various stages of development. That's important because we don't know what the very best target for. Cova de Nineteen is going to be and various different vaccines are capable of producing side effects. That are unwanted So it's really important to have a very broad pipeline for vaccines but that also says that You GotTa do. All the safety. Trials efficacy trials and then actually real world in the field trials to know they work before you can release them. So if we work at light speed It's GonNa be a year or more before. We actually have a vaccine until the vaccine is ready for the public. What can we do to prevent spreading or catching this corona virus number one? Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. We know that those things are effective. Wash your hands or hand sanitizer after every public surfaces that you touch number two. Don't touch your face your nose. Your is in fact somebody said to me the other day that the major benefit wearing a mask because actually so you don't touch your face kind of set that's the case but it's true. I mean human nature is to scratch your nose touch your face in some way or the third is Maintain what we call social distancing state six feet away from other people in public spaces in terms of a mask. You know if you're in a place and Somebody is coughing right next to you. The best thing to do probably is to move if that's not possible. Then perhaps the mask it's worth using The unfortunate thing is that masks only last fifteen or twenty minutes and so used them sparingly And really the truth is that. If you've got a mask in your pocket you're probably better off to offer it to the person who's doing the coughing. That will protect you more than putting it on yourself but that might not be socially acceptable to many your local health. Authorities will also have corona virus information relevant to your region or province on March fourth. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created a cabinet committee to deal with the virus outbreak including the Deputy Prime Minister and ministers of Health Public Safety Industry Finance Employment and economic development. The committee is charged with complementing. The work being done by the government's Incident Response Group. If all that has you feeling a little anxious if you've noticed maybe your hands are clenched or you're just tight. You're breathing is shallow and quick. That's another effect of the novel. Corona Virus Oprah community and stress. Next time on this is why we look at these psychological battleground. That's part and parcel of the cove nineteen outbreaks and all outbreaks of infectious diseases. With Dr Steven Taylor. People typically think of pandemics big biological events and really this logical because of the behavior of people who influences how viruses spread and how they contained and people's emotional other reactions to pandemics. This is why is produced by me. Dave McIvor an atom toy. It's a national radio. Show and podcast. You can reach us by email at global news dossier and on twitter at this is why if you like what you hear and want to hear more make sure you subscribe to this is why so you never miss an episode. We're available on Apple. Podcast spotify or wherever. We find your favorite podcasts. And if you like what you're hearing tele friend. Thanks for listening. We'll see you in a week.

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April 3, Hr 1  A possible Vaccine, stimulus checks, the Rockies, and CPAPs vs respirators

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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April 3, Hr 1 A possible Vaccine, stimulus checks, the Rockies, and CPAPs vs respirators

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi It's a little tough right now. With all of the uncertainty spread and all the disruptions to our daily life and routine as a result of this invisible enemy that is Cova nineteen sixty seven. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Gay Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. So how about a little good news to kick your morning off? Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine believe that they have found a potential vaccine for covert nineteen now the researchers announced their findings Thursday. They believe that the vaccine could be rolled out quickly enough to significantly impact the spread of the disease. This according to a study published in e bio-medicine the vaccine would be delivered on a small fingertip sized patch. When tested on mice the vaccine produced enough. Antibodies believed to successfully counter act the virus. Scientists say they were able to act fast because they had already done. Preliminary research on the similar corona viruses SARS and murders and there are some similarities this according to Co Senior author of the Study Dr Andrea Game. Bado associate professor of surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine these two viruses which are closely related to SARS covy. Teach us that a particular protein. It's called a spike. Protein is important for Inducing immunity against the virus. We know exactly. She added where to fight. Covert nineteen vaccine follows the traditional approach of ordinary flu vaccines using lab made pieces of viral protein to build immunity now while the mice have not been studied over a long period of time the vaccine was able to deliver enough antibodies against Corona virus within two weeks this according to those researchers studies authors are now applying for an investigational new drug approval from the FDA. They hope to start human clinical trials within the next few months researchers said They sided with using a patch rather than well a traditionally a traditional delivery model. Yeah we're talking. About the dreaded needle to the spike protein to the skin which elicits the strongest immune reaction? The patch contains four hundred tiny micro needles made of sugar and protein pieces. It would be applied like a band aid with the needles dissolving into the skin. The vaccine would be highly scalable for widespread use. The researchers said in a news release gin bottle went on to say for most that scenes? You don't need to address scale ability to begin with but when you try to develop a vaccine quickly against the pandemic well that is the first requirement so scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine between now believe that they found a potential vaccine board. The new corona virus and those clinical trials could start within months mortgage news for you as we've been talking a lot about those corona virus relief checks and there was some question as there was with the Small Business Administration loans. They had the big picture pretty well. Entrenched details well foreign few between by. You've got Steve mnuchin saying that first. Round of Corona's Corona virus relief checks now are expected to arrive in two weeks and again They'll arrive at Vera via for most Americans Direct deposit now when the checks of course a key part of that massive two point two trillion dollar corona virus stimulus bill. So-called cares bill that president trump signed last week. Well when they would actually been arrive in our bank accounts when they would be sent out well as a matter of some speculation conjecture and debate this as the US. Economy continues to reel from the financial impact of the corona virus pandemic. There had been rumors that it could take up to five weeks to get those first checks out but MNUCHIN said previously. It would take three weeks and that's what we are going with yesterday. Well during a press briefing just yesterday Mnuchin said I told you it'd be three weeks now. I'm telling you it'll be two weeks. It's not going to take five weeks. I'm assuring the American public. They need the money now. All right just the reader's digest version of how those stimulus checks actually worked people of Pfizer filed their taxes. Individuals are eligible for payments up to twelve hundred dollars. But but there's always about that decreases for people who earn an adjusted gross income of more than seventy five thousand dollars a year. The bill says that the payment is reduced by five percent of every dollar above that mark. Or I know. It's an awful lot of mapping this early in the morning or fifty dollars for every thousand dollars above seventy five thousand dollars. What that ultimately means is that for people who make more than seventy five thousand dollars. The payment is less the higher. Their earnings are with it being reduced to Zip Zero Nada Zilch for those who make ninety nine thousand dollars or more but remember. This is your adjusted gross. Married couples who file a joint tax return are eligible for payment of up to twenty four hundred dollars Plus an additional five hundred dollars per child however that amount decreases for couples whose adjusted gross income is more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year at the same rate of five percent of every dollar above that Mark. This translates to less money. Of course the more people make with it being reduced zero for joint filers without children who earn one hundred ninety eight thousand dollars a year or more family would receive five hundred dollars per child. There's been a great deal of concern about folks who don't file tax returns and that's why we talked to one of our great sponsors of mornings with Gail Tie Allen H and r block of Greeley To the best of his ability because he's on top of it but unfortunately well a lot of the details are kind of sparse at this point in time but talked about Those who are on social security those who don't file tax returns. Well it seems as though those people particularly those on social security and again details are still being finalized you know there's still crossing the T.'s. Dot The i's but it readily appears as tie told us yesterday that even if you didn't file a tax return you find yourself in that situation your security recipient. You don't file return even if you didn't file a return in that particular scenario last year or haven't gotten around to filing your return this year of course because well the deadline all breathe a major sigh of relief which is a a welcome thing these days right but the IRS extended that filing deadline To July fifteenth. So maybe you haven't filed for two thousand nineteen yet but For those on social security the government is making moves to ensure that you get those checks now. Mnuchin said he was concerned about people who are under banked and said the administration will send those to send checks to those who don't have bank accounts. Yeah kind of tough to put a check into an account that doesn't exist right treasury secretary added however that the federal government prefers to deposit the stimulus directly in people's bank accounts given the current public health crisis adding we can process a whole lot of checks. But we don't want to send checks in this environment. Can you see those ever opportunistic criminals thinking? Oh checks are going to be in the mailbox. Yeah I think that's wise to send those checks via direct deposit. Mnuchin went on to say we want to put the money directly into people's accounts wherever possible. All right six sixteen now thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten K. A. K. A. Dot com warning with Gail live local field that by great western petroleum this time check sponsored by carrying heart some healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand and one. We're patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen o nine or carrying hearts H H DOT com. All right today was supposed to be. I know baseball fans. It was supposed to be the home opener for the Colorado rockies against their division rival the San Diego padres but the novel Corona virus has thrown a curve ball in the works. But they've got something planned details coming up the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Kevin Tar affect guys at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show every Saturday on. Kfta now back to mornings with Gail well the rockies indeed were ready to play today but Well go with nineteen had other plans. Six twenty three now thirteen ten k. Up Gay Thirteen Ten K. K. A. Dot Com Mornings Vicky all live local field by great western petroleum. Yup rockies fans ordinarily would be rejoicing celebrating. Today as once again this was supposed to be the rockies home opener but like many other things these days it'll be a virtual event a stay at home opener. Yeah bottom line is this. Colorado rockies had to scramble to come up with something to appease their long-suffering plans as Kovic nineteen once again threw a brushback pitch to the baseball world. Working from piece from channel nine this morning so instead of packing more than fifty thousand fans into chorus field the rockies are holding a stay at home opener event that will also double as a fundraiser for food banks in Colorado and Wyoming rockies will be airing a virtual simulated game starting at two this afternoon on. At and T. Sports net the game. We'll have archive to inning by inning. Game footage memorable moments that past and current players and coaches will introduce as well as special in game features like virtual pre-game ceremonies between in features. And yes indeedy do a seventh inning stretch during the broadcast Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Foundation. We'll be taking and matching donations to help food banks in both Colorado and Wyoming the rockies foundation. We'll match all donations up to three hundred thousand dollars with one hundred percent of the proceeds going to care and share food bank for Southern Colorado community. Food Share Food Bank for a Larimer County Food Bank of the rockies and close to home The Weld Food Bank. These are unprecedented times. Needless to say for food banks across Colorado and Wyoming this is according to Food Bank of the rockies president and CEO Aaron Pooling. We're seeing a doubling in those who need food assistance as a result of covert nineteen and we are proud to have the Colorado rockies leadership step up to contribute to aid our response now in a news release from the rockies pulling said that in normal times they distribute enough food to provide one hundred and fifty five thousand meals in a single day with nearly half of this food. Going kids do. The impact of covert nineteen for the Bank of the ROCKIES is expecting to feed double their number of a typical clients for at least the next three to six months and of course We've heard that as well From Stephanie Couch Among others the weld foodbank them. The need is very very great rockies owner chairman CEO. Dick Montfort said. This event was a combination of several different ideas and desires swirling around us right now. We wanted to extend our foundations assistance in the most critical areas of need. And that's it making sure people can get access to food for themselves and their families sadly so much food insecurity around these days we wanted our fans to have some sort of opening day in Colorado. Because it's always such a great day for our city state and region and we wanted to make it a cell as safe a celebration of or also once again is I'm fond of saying it's all about adjust adapt and advance. Which is what the Colorado rockies are doing with that. Stay at home opener today again the rockies airing that virtual simulated game starting at two this afternoon on. At and T. sports net but also Coming together for a very good cause in order to support a food banks in both Colorado and why owning closing in on six twenty eight. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten K. K. DOT com. All right coming up I so appreciate your tax keeping common To our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six. Because you know what? I'm Kinda lucky you you probably picked up on that by now. I like homework assignment. So if you have any questions about much of anything. I'm not too great on the second law thermodynamics. I will admit but I'll I'll do my research on it if that's what you WanNa talk about been getting any number of CO vid nineteen related questions and One came in just yesterday via tax again are thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line if it's your first time using that text line. It's easy enough to do. All you have to do is Texts KPFK A two. Three one nine nine six. If it's your inaugural for a into the wonderful K of k a sign and from then on out you can text away to your heart's content but as a shortage of ventilator and the rise of Cova de Nineteen cases across the nation. Well indeed around the world threatened to overwhelm. The nation's medical system got a question yesterday and a great one analyst. Vr Text Line asking. What is the difference between a ventilator and C-PAP and Kennedy c-pap help ease symptoms mild symptoms of a mild case of covert nineteen assignment? I did my homework. Turns out. There's a huge difference as a c-pap could actually spread Kobe. Nineteen we'll have all the details everything you need to know coming up closing in on six thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen ten Kfi am preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage the day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and a schedule upcoming sports broadcasts find them at thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot Com the south president trump of warned us. This was going to be a very rough two weeks on any number of fronts and well that March jobs report came out this morning Just a few minutes ago. It's pretty devastating Seven hundred and one thousand jobs were lost unemployment Out of four point. Four percent descends a nine year run of a job growth in the nation. We'll check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management around seven thirty five to get his take on this spot wanting to get back to that discussion. As a result of question that came in via text asking about what the differences between ventilate ventilators. This of course has the nation as a result of covert nineteen and the respiratory devastating respiratory issues associated with it is stressing the medical system. And there's a shortage of ventilators and the question was what's the difference between my c-pap and a ventilator and Kanta C. PAP be used To treat those Mild respiratory symptoms of a code nineteen saying that. The symptoms are mild. But you gotta remember once again just putting it all into perspective. Eighty to eighty five percent of those affected a with Kovic Nineteen Disease. Some are symptomatic and some have very very mild symptoms but did a little homework did a little research and this is what. I found out. Limited SUPPLY VENTILATORS. Of course one of the cheap concerns facing hospitals as they prepare for more covert nineteen cases and we are seeing the rise in Colorado as we. Now have ninety. Eight Corona virus related deaths Three thousand seven hundred and twenty eight confirmed cases in the states As hospitalizations push past the seven hundred weld county's corona virus deaths Reach Sixteen as the total number of cases. Now top three hundred now if you look at Italy where hospitals have been tremendously overwhelmed with patients in respiratory failure. Doctors have had to make those very difficult life or death death decisions about who gets the ventilator sadly mood is not in the US emergency plans developed by states for a shortage of laters include using positive airway pressure machines like those used to treat sleep apnea to help hospitalize people with less severe breathing issues now wa that measure could stretch the supply ventilators and indeed save lives it does have a major drawback officials and scientists have known for years that when used with a face. Max Mask such alternative devices could possibly increase the spread of infectious disease this by aerosolize ing the virus whether used in a hospital or at home the American Society of anesthesiologists issued guidance back on February twenty third discouraging c-pap US in Cova nineteen patients advice largely in formed by experience this from the SARS epidemic back in two thousand and three studies dating back to two thousand three suggests that such devices can actually pump viruses into the air potentially increasing the spread of contagious disease. Think about this during the SARS outbreak in Toronto half of all SARS cases including three deaths occurred among healthcare workers. Some of the greatest risk arose when doctors and nurses were exposed to aerosolize virus through the use of positive airway pressure machines or other respiratory therapy devices. Now then later. Here's what the differences between a CPAP event later then laters this just basically Reader's digest version there machines that push air in and out of the lungs through tubes inserted down patient's airways when they have trouble breathing on their own. The machines allow healthcare providers to fine tune the volume of air supplied the rate of breathing. The amount of oxygen and the pressure Actually needed both hospital and home versions of positive airway pressure. Machines are much simpler devices. They use high pressure to push air into the airway generally through a face mask continuous positive airway pressure machines known as C. Paps provide a continuous flow of air at constant pressure. Now more advanced by level versions these are called paths which can be used at home or in healthcare facilities. Push the air in but then lower pressure to allow the air to be exhaled. Dr James Finnegan so pulmonologist and critical care specialist at national Jewish health in Denver. He said you can actually functions searched certain bypass machines to run like then later. The key issue we added is how the device connects to the patient. Ventilators again require breathing. To and essentially they operate is closed systems with filter. That traps any pathogens. Facemask generally used on C-PAP S- or by PAPP'S. Well they allow air to escape pumping the virus into the surroundings and potentially infecting other patients caregivers. Or anyone who might be nearby positive airway pressure machines. They're often the first step in the standard algorithm for hospitals or emergency personnel and treating people with certain breathing problems Finnegan said patients with standard respiratory. Failure doctors might. I see if patients can get on get by on high flow nasal oxygen referring to those by Tom Machines to avoid intimidation and sedation. Finnegan said if your hope is that maybe this might be a temporary. A temporizing measure. That might hold them for four hours to a couple of days. You'll try to use the mask. There are some situations where somebody is breathing. Okay but it's just having trouble getting enough oxygen. Theoretically C-PAP might be enough to get them oxygen but again doing it with a mask is more likely to generate an aerosol and create an infectious problem. Dr Jeff Appel critical care. Specialists at UC health in Aurora said by taps could be used for covered nineteen and a closed system without a mask. It patients are I fitted with a breathing tube adding that the hardware actually does work. Jury rigged devices could then be used for less severe covert nineteen patients as well as for other patients who might not be first in line for ventilator more severe cases would still likely require full mechanical breathing that provided by a ventilator. And it's unlikely that a bypa- p- could fully make up for the under supply ventilators in a full blown outbreak. But what about Cps for home use Dr. Christopher winner is asleep medicine specialists in Charlottesville Virginia. He said people who rely on CPAP machines at home for sleep apnea can continue to use them as long as they have no symptoms up Kobe. Nineteen but again as a precaution. You need to speak to your physician if you develop upper respiratory symptoms to help determine whether you should continue to use that c-pap apparently winner is working on a guide with and four other clinicians to help them decide when patients infected with. Kovic nineteen should keep using their CPAP machines asking. When does the balance of shooting at all through your house? That's terrifying outweigh the negatives to the individual individual by not using so bottom line is if you do use a CPAP at home you might want to consider sleeping in a separate room from loved ones to avoid infecting them because remember according to most recent stats that we have about. Thirty percent of US are walking around as symptomatic and by association unknowingly spreading Kobe. Nineteen again that's true winter. Said even if you don't have any. Covert nineteen symptoms. And if you're advised by your doctor to stop using the machine well you might want to also avoid driving because you might be sleep. Deprived in most parts of the nation's need for extra breathing devices in healthcare facilities is not yet critical but hospitals indeed are bracing for a surge in patients who will need respiratory support Doctor Matthew India as an internist and bioethicists Who has been working on? Uc House. Kobe nineteen plans. He says this is getting real. Now we are about to be slammed so just some tips. If you are using a CPAC some information that you certainly might want to think about six forty six thirteen ten K. F. K. BASS TO UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen. Ten K of k all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten K. Ev K sixty one on your Friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. A. dot com mornings gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. There's some news of note I'd like to pass along to you this morning Working for peace out of the Fort Collins Colorado and by Brooklyn dance put. Her School district announced that school buildings will be closed for the remainder of the school year. One day after Governor Jared poll ESA closed them through April thirtieth. The district chose to key buildings closed and continue remote learning with the safety of staff students and families. Of course top of mind. This according to Superintendent Sandra Smicer Smicer acknowledged that Lamoure County has data. Predicting Corona virus will peak the last week of April and the county recommended school districts. Consider closing in person learning through the end of this school year as we urge our community to take the stay at home order seriously. It is unlikely we will see a reopening of in-person learning for this school year. Tom Kansallis public health. Directors said in smyers announcement. All of US OUR STUDENTS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. But we have to minimize the spread of cove nineteen and that means keeping students out of schools and continuing With the virtual learning options are school. District's haven't placed can't help but think That as putter. School district closes buildings for the rest of the school year. They won't be the last. Meanwhile north range. Behavioral health is transitioning to telehealth piece by Bobby Fernandez and yesterday's Greeley trip with cove nineteen causing a Greeley based North Range Behavioral Health to close. It's outpatients offices. The agency has made the transition from seeing clients to doing tele therapy which actually is becoming all the rage tele therapy tell telemedicine north range which provides care to people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues is currently providing care through a phone and web based model recently over a twenty four hour period the agency's. It team help clinicians across weld county switch from in-person contact to personal virtual contact once all said and done. Is that going to become the new normal? Are we going to see more? And more of us. As first of all we kind of struggled against the stay at home orders and everything nat entailed including working from home but will that become the next trend as some workplace experts. Said they it was already coming. It just came little quicker courtesy of Covet. Nineteen then many of us expected. Meanwhile back to North Range behavioral health. Another team worked to ensure that the telehealth arrangements complied with state and federal requirements. Clinicians are using zoom video audio conference that application as well as phones to meet with clients. North Range Clinician Dana. Moseley said for us as clinicians and for clients. You don't realize how difficult it is until you do it and adding she's proud to be a part of it. That's what it comes down to that. Were able to be here for clients. The organization is working to do whatever it takes to make. People's Behavioral Health Needs North rains. Deputy Director Jackie Kennedy said many clients in conditions are making the best perhaps a less than ideal situation showing resilience aren't we despite all odds individuals companies communities families figuring out a way to adjust to the new normal that is coveted nineteen Kennedy said. Children are excited to show off their homes and tell us about their favorite toys. This gives us an insight into the client's environment which is often difficult to glean from an out patient office now speaking about Telemedicine looking forward to our conversation this morning and a timely one at that with North Range behavioral health announcing that it is Transitioning to Telehealth Dr Dan O'Brien. It's kind of interesting because you've heard the term. Perhaps you've even taken advantage of telemedicine but it's the new term being heard in medical circles. It's becoming the new normal. It's telemedicine and it's on the rise. We're going to kind of take a deep dive into telemedicine. And Its effectiveness with Dr Dan. O'brien Dr. Dan is a physician and professor with a passion for innovated innovative healthcare technologies and public health. Then you might have seen him. He's quite popular medical expert with appearances on national shows to include Fox News Dr Dan. O'brien joins us at eight. Oh five six fifty seven now thirteen ten KFI K. A sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K. TOUGH. You might find yourself among millions who are struggling to pay the rent six fifty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi K. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning. Sagale live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum just this week more than six point six five million Americans including sixty one thousand five hundred eighty three Colorado according to a piece by Lucas high in business wests. Prairie Mountain media filed initial unemployment claims bringing the total of unemployment claims to about ten million across the country. But it begs the question. If you are struggling to make your rent what options do you have? What options are available to you? Colorado apartment association has some tips. And we'll be shouldn't joined by Michelle laying at seven Oh five. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland. It's seven o'clock ABC News. I'm Tara March. Unemployment numbers coming out today in the Labor. Department's report is expected to illustrate massive unemployment because of Corona virus related shutdowns. Abc's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis in just thirteen ten K. K. Preps radio is home for the best high school coverage.

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April 9, Hr 1  Former Navy Jack Carr

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

34:32 min | 6 months ago

April 9, Hr 1 Former Navy Jack Carr

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI well so much for the revolution. Even Bernie Sanders not feeling the burn. As he drops out of the race Making Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee for president on the democratic side of the equation. They just have to keep under wraps so he doesn't do a lot of damage between now and then but yeah. So what Bernie? Broza going to do six seven now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN GAP K. A. DOT COM. Gail live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yep Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race on Wednesday rather lengthy video But he also said that he will remain on the ballot trouble ahead. You Tell Me Nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six by the way if it's your first time using that text line all you have to do is text KF K. Eight three one nine nine six and then you can text away with wild abandon but you have to admit though the revolution flopped Bernie Sanders has had a pretty big influence on his adopted party. You have to remember. He's not a Democrat. Nope he's a democratic socialist. Whatever the heck that is but he's had a bigger influence on that party than any also ran in a generation few would deny Sanders told his supporter and this lengthy video announcing that he was Formerly suspending his presidential campaign that over the course of the past five years our movement has won the ideological struggle. Well I don't know that's a stretch. There seems as though you're overstating the case just a bit. But among many Progressive Democrats he has a point. Although the political revolution that Bernie Sanders called for never quite materialized ocean war you had any number of the young voters at his rallies but when it came to actually showing up and voting well yeah not so much right Never out how to motivate those young voters to actually show up and cast their ballots for the most part. Some dead Muslim. Didn't but I think one point that we can all agree upon is that he is yanked the Democratic Party sharply left particularly with a all of those high Falutin promises of Medicare for all Free College. He said in his video it was not long ago. That people considered these ideas to be rather fringy rather radical. But TODAY NOT ADMIT. They're pretty mainstream and all you have to do a if you're questioning. That assertion is take a look at Joe. Biden's agenda when he remembers it. Mr Biden Promises Free Community College free for Your University for every family. Earning under a hundred and twenty five grand a year. He has resisted Medicare for all nobody wants to add a government public option to obamacare. Even Barack Obama couldn't get this through Congress in twenty ten this despite a Senate super majority. Let's talk about Joe. Biden's proposed tax increases. Shall we well did a little homework? Did a little research here. They total three point four trillion three point four trillion dollars over ten years twice. What Hillary Clinton suggested way? Back in two thousand sixteen. His climate plan runs to one point seven trillion over a decade. Oh don't you love the pope now coming out and saying that well. This is nature's way of telling US something's wrong with covet in one thousand. Nine hundred that basically This is a response. This is nature's response covered nineteen as to climate change. Yeah Okay Biden. Meanwhile with his climate plan one point seven trillion over a decade calling for the construction of a transcontinental high-speed Railway. And Oh please and this is particularly important right here in Colorado and Weld County and other oil rich counties throughout the state. Don't forget his pledge at the last debate. Seems like eons ago doesn't know new fracking. No new fracking. Well unfortunately this is. What a moderate Democrat looks like in twenty twenty now once the field clears in a campaign. Think about this. Just a click back in that rolodex in your mind because we know how this typically works of course things anything but typical these days but typically once field clears as it has with Bernie Sanders exiting stage left. Well the presumptive nominee. That would be Joe Biden. Usually has room to tiptoe back a little bit toward the middle who not Mr Biden. He's moved even further left. Why to court the Bernie Bros? Last month case in point he said Congress's Corona Virus Aid legislation should permanently forgive at amendment at a minimum ten thousand dollars in student loans per person. Now think about this. It was in his speech last year and employing this now. From The Wall Street Journal editorial piece Bernie actually tried to rehabilitate the label socialist. Can you give me one? Example of when socialism was ever sick Cesspool by any measure seriously. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five hundred thirteen ten text line three one nine nine six because socialism fails every single time. I mean the best outcome that you could hope for is reversion to capitalism the worst hundreds of millions dead and. I'm not talking about Kobe. Nineteen but yeah Bernie last year trying to rehabilitate the labels socialists by presenting himself as FDR's air well rather than call out that historical rewrite some of his competitors actually embraced Mr Sanders rhetoric on Wednesday this as Ford and General Motors and how many other companies oh dreaded able corporations are stepping up to the plate making a difference in the battle against covert nineteen. You tell me. The capitalism doesn't work talk to Jake comber sales manager for Genesis plastic technologies engaged in making faith. Sh- face shields you've got Woodward making ventilators. How many other companies are stepping up to the plate? Can you imagine if this was thoroughly? Total government response. They can't even agree on what day it is but instead you have the drivers of this nation large and small businesses alike stepping up taking charge making a difference just as genesis plastics technology as in. Greeley among so many others. It's that public private partnership that will get us through all this but on Wednesday this is Ford and General Motors. Were prepping to make ventilators. Bill Gates was planning to spend freely on a Corona Virus Vaccine Sanders enthused that his movement had taken on the greed of the entire corporate elite. Well we can say this right. At least Bernie Sanders has always been consistent in messaging and that is a boon for any political campaign right they call it authenticity. That was Bernie strength but it was also a weakness particularly when he was throwing brimstone at private employers. Well his voters and those who were not feeling the burn we knew he meant it when he saw a silver lining in Fidel. Castro's Cuba. Well we know he meant that too. So how will the Bernie rose particularly fans of this particular combination? How would they warm to for Vice President Biden Sanders Wednesday called Mr Biden a very decent man and I'm sure he has a very decent man who I will work and who I will work with move move? Progressive ideas forward well. That's pretty notably short of a speller endorsement. When you agree now includes the Wall Street Journal. A second question is whether Mr Biden can placate the Bernie Bros. Yeah they actually call them the Bernie Bros. right here without repelling. Independent Voters Biden for his part praise Mr Sanders and his supporters on Wednesday for having changed the dialogue in America including on Univer Universal Healthcare and Free College. Mr Biden said while Bernie and I may not agree on how we might get there. We agree on the ultimate goal for these issues and so many more. Want me to break that down for you. I'd be more than happy to do. So hold onto your wallets folks. Watch out six seventeen now thirteen ten. Kfi THIRTEEN TEN KFI A dot com mornings with gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one were patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight fourteen oh nine or carrying hearts h h dot com all whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. for more on KFI programs podcast sports scheduling news. Go to thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM now back to mornings with HAIL IDOLS MODELS IDOLS SOUTH RUSSIA Russia. Yes The modeling numbers continued to change this as president trump during his press briefings. By the way we have time this morning I would love to get into your take on. Those press. Briefings seems to me that was an online petition that had been signed by over one. Hundred thousand people haven't checked lately but basically asking the networks not to cover the ongoing W. w. e. style snap down between president trump and reporters as the president tries to Provide information and indeed some hope some solace some comfort to as well Cova de Nineteen rages on in the country. Do you watch those briefings? I know I do but that's because I'm kind of a walk. I enjoy them to be honest with you. I enjoy the back and forth but I also find it rather frustrating as it appears as though the reporters are more mired into augured in trying to as that got got question of president trump more so than they are than I don't know could it be argued. Just doing their jobs reporting in a non inflammatory impartial unbiased manner on so old school. Six twenty five now. Thirteen ten K of K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com sadly. This is as Weld County Cova one thousand nine cases surpasses six hundred as the death count. reaches a thirty five according to the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment their daily reports. This is as of Wednesday. But he probably heard about this. This is president trump is touting the improve improving corona virus models saying soon we will be over that curve so let's go back to models models models and influential model tracking the Corona Virus Pan making the US now predicts and this is good news. Although I'll tell you the modeling is all over the place. But we're GONNA get a little of clarification on that When we are joined by a pandemic a pandemic Mater Who can provide some Cova nineteen insights particularly when it comes to healthcare? Workers will get into that at about eight. Oh five this morning but as of Wednesday one model predicted the virus will kill sixty thousand people in the United States and I know that is a tremendous number. It's a John Normal number but it's predicting that fewer people will die and fewer hospital beds will be needed compared to its estimates from just last week. Sixty Thousand People. This one particular model projected. It's the I. H. M. E. Model Sixty thousand people in the. Us will die. That's just mind boggling. Over the next four months. That's about thirty three thousand though fewer deaths than the model estimated just last Thursday or from piece by Armen Assad out of CNN while the US is still expected to face a shortage of about sixteen thousand hospital beds it will need one hundred sixty eight thousand fewer beds than previously expected this according to this new analysis new data on the pandemics trajectory from the US and around the world has been fed into the model almost every day. Of course driving those changes and the downward adjustment suggests that yes. Social distancing may be working better than expected in some places now the models first major shift came on Sunday. This massive infusion of new data led to changes according to The models Well it's the models maker. Dr Christopher Murray who serves as director of the Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation. That's I h at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Additional data on the pandemics trajectory has always been expected along with the methodological changes to fine tune the predictions and from the start researchers that I mean who built the model have emphasized that yes it would indeed change but the newest version of the model underscores just how important social distancing continues to be at assumes those measures such as the closing schools and paralyzing the economy. Let's call it for what it is by. Closing businesses will continue through the model period which is until August still protect predicts however tens of thousands of deaths lifting those measures in June. After the viruses. I wave is expected to be over note. Wave could lead to a resurgence in cases by other measures put supplementary place social distancing including mass screenings contact tracing and selective corn T- quarantine. Excuse me it's unclear how those would affect deaths however in the model doesn't yet have projections for them now while the HMO model has been repeatedly cited by Dr Deborah Birt's this is the White House's Coruna Virus Response Coordinator Second Warrant Corona Virus Response Team now in the works. The administration's current guidelines only recommend social distancing through April thirtieth. Can't help but think it's going to continue a heck of a lot longer all right coming up twenty year navy seal sniper veteran Jacquard. He knows a little something something about overcoming adversity hardship just comfort and fighting the enemy now as we fight the Envisat Invisible Mount Evelyn Predator that is covered nineteen self reliance self discipline and self sufficiency more important than ever former navy seal author of the Terminal Est true believer and the soon to be released. Savage Sun Jacquard weighs in at six. Thirty five the best. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan Patrick show the whole show the herd with Colin Cowherd Oland thirteen ten. Kfi Nineteen indeed. We need to be resilient so. We need to adjust adapt and advance being stronger better. Well just all around more self sufficient six thirty eight now. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM or an Isa Gail fueled by Great Western. Petroleum joined by someone who knows a little bit about overcoming hardship and Discomfort and adversity twenty year. Navy seal sniper veteran Jacquard is also the author of a great series of books The terminal list true believer and the soon to be released savage son Jack. Welcome back to the show. Thank you so much for having me on. Good Morning. Good morning first things first. Thank you for your service than now how much we appreciate that. So let's talk a little bit about incorporating I think some navy seal tactics into our ability to combat a very real invisible enemy covert nineteen right right so the team really in the military in general your job is to be prepared to go to war and to be as prepared as possible and as a leader it to be the best leader you can possibly be by constantly studying warfare. Studying the enemy seeing how they're adapting on the battlefield incorporating that into your training. So you're as well prepared as you possibly can be when goose at the ground now as individuals and families and communities and neighbors. That's our job here as well and I think this has been a a wake-up call for a lot of people in realizing that they're maybe not as self reliant as they thought they were Or if they've gotten way too soft over the years and expected government to handle everything. Maybe this is a little wakeup call. 'cause Oh maybe the government isn't going to take everything for me. I need to step up and take a breath as a leader in my own family and be prepared and everyone's level of preparedness is going to be different based on their past experience where they live. How many family members they have What they're comfortable with. But what's most important is that you have that base of the foundation covered. So you have to do you have that water you have. Those medical supplies You have that training to be also take care of your family Both the medical supplies and protect them. It's a police well even even when the police are there usually minutes away when seconds count but most important is to take those notes. And what you if you don't help prepare going into the last couple of weeks Or if you feel ill prepared going into the next couple of weeks or maybe a month to take notes and when appropriate act on those notes and you felt like you didn't have enough to didn't have enough water if you would've liked to have had a little more medical training little training with a firearm Whatever that may be it gets you to that level of comfort that allows you then to focus your bandwidth where it needs to be which is adapting to the changing environment adapting to the new conditions. Because you're not scrambling and you're not worried about that base level mental acuity a mental toughness that factors into the equation as well as we battle this invisible enemy. I mean how do you make sense of the senseless? How do you expect the unexpected? Even when any number of health professionals if you've been watching Those daily briefings. Well they learn more about this and it's called novel Corona Virus for reason they learn more covert nineteen. Every single day how do we incorporate that mental fortitude right choice tough it out having been tested in some sort of a crucible and people in the military go through that whether it's in basic training or it's you move on and go to something more more advanced People deal in their lives when they have an illness or something That helps had a bake them stronger. Going forward If you haven't dealt with that up to this point this might be useful. This could be your test But listen to for us as as the country is that we're resilient and we have to take individual responsibility to make sure That we are self-sufficient we're resilient leaders families and communities as we move forward so So that means being tough Then we are here today because previous generations were tough. They were self reliant And they gave us these freedoms to be able to deal with what we're dealing with today to have all these options and opportunities to be able to be prepared so we can focus stand with where needs to be wishes on adapting to the changing situation changing environment and hopefully Fixing and solving problems at hand. You Know Jack. It's interesting because you reference this earlier talking about how as a nation and if we look back to your brother's arms of we look back to the silent generation. We look back to the greatest generation. We look back to what the military did during World War. Two to ensure our freedoms as every generation of warrior has continued to do Throughout the years. But you talk about softness. I mean we are out of place this time where we are so coddled that We wind up. Our WIFI signal is too slow overcome that I mean. How do you make that leap? Do you see where I'm going with this question with this. How do we make that leap from all these creature comforts to becoming very focused on what we need to do on? What's important for me? It's about not forgetting where we can't not forgetting what all those people did. Sacrifice to get us to where we are today. And that's what I thought about in bud since he'll training particularly during hell week. I thought of you know this isn't really that hard. I'm in southern California. Yeah we're up three or four or five days and then push-ups in the fan. I'm getting yelled at and You know freezing. I'm on the edge of Hypothermia. People are putting in droves. But you know what I'm not not doing over the beach in Normandy charging an elevated machine gun position. I'm not going to the beach and I thought of all those people who sacrificed so much from the inception of our country up until today you give me the freedom to be on that beach chasing my dream and testing myself in that crucible of Hell Week in seal training so I think about that with my own family and we talk about that and I think it's important to go back to the basics and to to get away from these coverage which is like we get our kids outside. We get him out hunting. Show them what a sloop comes from When we prepare the food here we talk about what you remember that hunting to Our daughter Got The animal and we just remember. It helps with that. Vincent part is not that the food came from some unknown entity And got it in the grocery store off the shelf. magically No he went out there and we got ourselves and now we are preparing it. And we're remembering that experience together And we're out there getting it. There wasn't a Wi fi you've learnt Sitting on a couch in perfectly your temperature control room with snacks. Close by No we were out there. We're waiting on animal. We're building out the figuring out his vice maybe And then once it's down then we're going through that whole process of treating it with respect and then bringing that meet back to feed our families and oftentimes. It's cold out there it's raining. It's snowing They're uncomfortable so it's getting them out. There are kids out there getting out there as a family away from these creature comforts And doing something that's more primal Because that's why we're all here today. We had ancestors that were good at the hunt and they were They were warriors. That's the only reason we are here today. And most of our ancestors for almost all of human history Where like that? And it's only a very short slip time here where we haven't had to be good at those things. Six forty six now. Thirteen Ten K. K. Twenty Year Navy seal sniper veteran Jacquard author of Several great books the Terminal List true believer and the soon to be released a savage sun all right just breaking as we were talking this morning. Jack and This goes to another point that you made Talking about how our enemies are air quote? Frenemies are watching. Taking notes on our response The outbreak norad just intercepted. Two Russian aircraft near Alaska airspace. You've got Iran kicking up its heels and then of course. There's the NUTJOB. Pardon me over in North Korea. They are watching aren't they? Yeah he's always watching. They've been watching what we're doing both state and non-state actors and they've been watching what we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan Last almost twenty years. Now they've been watching what What worked what didn't work. And they've been incorporating that into their battle plans and same thing now. They're watching our response to to Kobe. Nineteen watching what it's done the economy They're watching. It's a little bit of panic slip into the populace and was that was that has done And really from the collapse of the Soviet Union armored. We've tried to Shift the our enemies to strategic partners and believe inserted strategic partner for enemy into Our dialogue on how we thought Russia China North Korea Iran And they're certainly certainly watching and they're incorporating what What they're learning in their battle plans for the future so We would be naive to think otherwise Jack for. Let's go this morning Last question. How do we harness all of this anxiety? This fear there's uncertainty that so many of us are grappling with a with a covert nineteen and turn it into stead fast resolve. That's right that's that's the most important part is Turning it into something positive just like any anything traumatic events anything. Negative in life. It's taking a breath and moving forward and using that experience in a in a positive way so for this. It's a tremendous opportunity for us to take a brass to take stock of our situations Guys families and it's not just food water shelter medical supplies weapons and the training goes along with those things Ah Financial Peace as well that financial security. How important is that to you as a family Do you have that three months? Saved up in a bank. Should all be in a banker that is sometimes you can get to it More quickly So we have a tremendous opportunity to build resilience and to be more prepared as individuals families communities and therefore as a country. So what's most important is that to learn the lessons of the past few weeks and in the months ahead but more importantly is to act on that information and who moves ahead In a more positive way at more prepared going forward twenty year navy seal sniper veteran Jacquard author of the terminal lists true believer ends soon to be released book. Savage's son Jack in the minute or so. We have a little bit about your new book and where we can find your books the continuation of the series. The first continues the journey of a former navy seal. Sniper James Reese and they're available everywhere. Books are sold but I'm trying to push people towards independent bookstores because they are hurting with So little zero traffic coming in. So they're struggling to adapt as well. So assigned book plates are available only through independent bookstores that are listed on my website. Jacquard DOT COM so trying to get as many many people to those independent bookstores as possible. 'cause Amazon's GONNA be fine but it's local businesses that independent bookstore. That's got enough time to really the heart of That local communities and main street so I encourage people to go there and and check it out absolutely. We can't emphasize that enough. A shop local wherever possible former navy seal sniper and author Jacquard. Thank you so much for your inspiration this morning because I truly believe that As Americans yes. We will beat this. We're not just about surviving Americans. We're about prevailing. Anheuser may prevail. That's IT Jack. Thanks so much. Thanks for your service and be well spent you six fifty one now thirteen ten. Kfi The whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey this is morning's with Gail on thirteen ten K. EV K. The Dan Patrick. Show is on the way. Nine ain't now stopping us now. A part together together apart yes indeed deep down deep and do what is necessary. We're seen some changes in those numbers. Some promising encouraging changes in those numbers when it comes to cove it nineteen but we need to do our part not trying to election. You're in trying to be your mom away from But the bottom line is we can have all of the conversations about The suspension which I readily concede the suspension of a number of our liberties and freedoms in order to combat This invisible enemy. That is Kobe. Nineteen but keep up the great work and Yeah just stay strong. Cause THERE AIn't no stopping us now. We'll beat their six fifty six thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. One is Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum Seriously. How you holding up with all of this with all of the changes that we are seeing as a result of Kovic. Nineteen that well. We've pretty readily had to incorporate in a very truncated period of time very short period of time. I mean it's only been. What a little bit over a month a month in a few days since the first case was actually found in Colorado I co- vid nineteen case was actually Underscored the fact that yes covert nineteen was here so how you holding up with all the changes nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Let's connect via taxed at three one nine nine six six fifty seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. Sports Story Northern Colorado state in the country. You tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. out of the nineteen testing every fiber of our strength and says those weekly jobless numbers came out and other out. Well over six million jobless claims. And we've got some huge news coming out from the Fed will check in with Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management when he weighs in on all this news right around seven thirty five thirteen ten KFI K. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's seven o'clock Barbados. Unc bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 2, Hr 1  Dr Michael Busler, Professor of Finance at Stockton University

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

34:13 min | 6 months ago

April 2, Hr 1 Dr Michael Busler, Professor of Finance at Stockton University

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi ON ERO. Got Town phase out man well as were all adjusting to normal. The numbers remain mornings. Okay L. Thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com live local ish. I'll explain later. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yes we're all practicing social distance. I'm broadcasting this morning from my Home Office now. I am just a fine but just taking those precautionary measures. So how you holding up nine hundred ninety three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six you know. We're all trying to fill the time. Stay at home. Order has been extended in the State. No surprise there trying to fill the time and try not to go just a little bit. Stir crazy and any number of options. I mean. Good luck. Finding a jigsaw puzzle these days because well that's Kinda gone the way of toilet paper but talking with them. Thomas from snowmass village. Good Morning Thomas and Thomas had a great suggestion in terms of staying in touch with your friends and with your loved ones as well. Sure there's social media there's facetime Google hang I mean there's just all kinds of options Social Media Wise available to us but I thought he had a great suggestion. He said you know. Just write a letter. When is the last time that you wrote a letter well? Armoured Hallmark is making a little bit. Easier on you as hallmark is giving away two million free cards to help keep us all connected because well now more than ever. We all need to lean on our family and our support system our friends for much-needed supports and so in effort to make our lives just a little bit brighter. Aulmark is encouraging you to connect with loved ones near and for our with an unprecedented card giveaway. So this actually started. I believe a few days ago but until supplies run out anyone can visit hallmarks care enough website. Just fire up that Google Earth as we're all doing these days but you can visit their care enough website to sign up for a free pack of three cards which include cheer sayings like I believe in you and UNICORNS. Yeah that might get a little bit of a smirk right here here for you here for everything. Oh that's a nice sentiment and there's a surprising amount of love in this folded piece of paper. There are no additional requirements. All you have to do is type in your name and address and the cards will be shipped as soon as possible again. It's hallmarks care enough website. Well the rest is pretty much up to you. You can write well wishes to friends and family or you know depending on how close you are. And the extent of your friendship hadn't snarky be yourself because I think that's what's so important is in these times of uncertainty and anxiety and just as we're navigating the ground rules of what the new normal is we need to hang on to who we are and perhaps discover our best selves in the process. So you can write. Well wishes to your friends. Your family check in on older relatives. Maybe take this moment and turn it in to a teachable moment. For your kids this as. We're all homeschooling these days. Right about how impactful the small acts of kindness can actually be. You can fill cards with encouraging messages to seniors. And that was Thomas from snowmass villages. Suggestion is if you do have elderly. Neighbors practice safe social distancing but reach out to them might be alone. They might not have any relatives nearby. Reach out because it's going to make a real difference but what about those on the first line or the frontline? I should say why. Not Reach out to healthcare. Workers First Responders law enforcement teachers local businesses or any frontline worker that is working to make all of our lives so much safer healthier and happier now. Hallmark had temporarily closed a number of their stores. But they are doing what they can as. We all are to lift spirits through a very very uncertain time. It's a hallmark. A handwritten card is paper. Hug and really in that what we all need right about now so why not sign up now and spread the love Dan? All you have to do is go to that hallmark website. I think it's a great idea. It's their care enough website. You can sign up for that free. Pack Three Cards six twelve now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. F. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live local ish again practicing social distancing doing the show from home. I'm fine don't worry about it and I hope you are fine as well. All right. We got a lot on our plate to share with you this morning as concerns over. Kovic nineteen escalates. Well market turbulence continues. Not a good first day of the second quarter this as the Dow plunged nine hundred seventy three points yesterday after plummeting. Twenty three percent in the first quarter of the year. That was the worst quarter since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven so it begs the question. Is this so-called black? Is this a so-called Black Swan event is Cova Nineteen a Black Swan? Myklebust slur is a public policy analyst. He's an economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton in University in New Jersey New Jersey very very hard hit by the covert nineteen outbreak. He'll join us this morning right around six thirty five then as we're trying to share the light and lift your spirits. Well Fort Collins. Nonprofit Crossroads Safe House is hosting. Its very first couch concert tonight. from six to eight PM since we can't go to the venue they're bringing performers to you now. This will not only support the community and raise funds for their mission at Road Safehouse To raise funds for Domestic violence but it also carries a very important message because these days staying at home isn't safe for everyone. Jacqueline Tyler is executive director of crossroads. Safehouse and she'll weigh in with all the details at seven. Oh five now. We touched on this yesterday. The fact that Any number of US have a multitude of questions about a Cornucopia of things particularly those stints. Stimulus checks this from that Two point two trillion dollar cares bill passed. But who's eligible for these checks and what about retirees well talent of HR block of really? Well help us sort through it all when he joins us at eight thirty five six fifteen now. Thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand and one. We're patient here. Always comes first nine seven three seven eight four nine or caring hearts H H DOT COM. All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Better News for you on this your second date of April but the numbers are pretty grim relative to covert nineteen six twenty three now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. One is Gail live up local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Yeah indeed Infections fatalities continue to escalate across the nation on Wednesday as a result of Kovic nineteen and spread with the number of confirmed cases rising above two hundred thousand the number of deaths surpassing five thousand. The fatalities for just yesterday alone topped one thousand and one day toll more than double that usually recorded for lung cancer and influenza combined this according to a piece out of USA Today now some researchers predicted US corona virus deaths could surpass two thousand per day by mid April exceeding daily deaths attributed to heart disease now amid the climbing numbers five more states to include Florida Georgia Mississippi Nevada and Pennsylvania. Well they added or expanded. Stay at home orders. Well let's stay at home order of course in Colorado expanded as well while Michigan proposed a seventy day extension of an emergency declaration that had been set to expire April seventh for example Brian. Kemp governor of Georgia said now is crunch time for us to lessen the peak to make the bullseye a smaller. And yes social distancing does indeed work and I know how different and how difficult it is because we're social animals. I mean we loved interact with each other right. But here's the thing you have to remember this novel Corona Virus. It's it's a parasite it needs a host and sadly well we're the ideal host so the more we can minimize contact with one another at least for the foreseeable future the better. Meanwhile back to Governor Georgia Brian Camp. He added that the next three weeks were critical for Georgia indeed. The next three weeks critical for the entire nation and that Residence at need to hunker down. You might have heard some rumors to the effect of that The president was considering a nationwide quarantine seemed to back away from that discussion. President trump has insisted that the states the states need to be free to determine for themselves which safety measures to implement and he went on to cite disparities and how states have been affected by the outbreak. Basically stating the obvious president trump told reporters on Wednesday this according to the Associated. Press that there are some states. That are quite different than others there. Some states that indeed don't have much of a problem now not even second place in New Jersey by the way looking forward to our conversation this morning with policy and economics expert professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Dr Michael Buster Get kind of a bird's eye view of what's going on in New Jersey but not even second-place New Jersey with more than twenty two thousand confirmed cases of the virus came close to approaching first place. New York which continued to lead the nation with nearly eighty four thousand cases New Jersey also trailed far behind New York in the number of deaths with three hundred fifty five compared to more than two twenty two hundred in the state of New York nonetheless. All fifty states grappling with a situation that members of the president's corona taskforce confirmed. This week would get far worse before it gets better with Deaths and we've talked about this at great extent. Deaths of one hundred thousand two numbers boggle the mind don't they one hundred thousand two hundred and forty thousand. Americans expected in the weeks ahead. Despite the varying intervention measures meanwhile closer to home county started April with more than three hundred positive cases of corona virus and adept. Count at a thirteen. This according to numbers released just last night from the county health department. Were Front piece out of the trip by Angelini. The Weld County Department of Health and Environment reported a total of three hundred thirty one cases cases reported by the county. Wednesday are an increase of thirty five over Tuesday and an additional two doubts. Colorado ranks fourteenth nationwide and numbers among states reporting this according to figures from the US Centers for Disease Control. Colorado's reported two thousand nine hundred and sixty six cases That that's the number of cases total in the state this according to the CDC As of Wednesday evening the CDC reported more than one hundred eighty six thousand cases nationwide again with more than three thousand deaths in weld county females continue to comprise a higher number of the total cases as of Wednesday. There were one hundred and eighty four women as opposed to one hundred and forty seven forty seven males who indeed had tested positive for Cova nineteen the fifty to fifty nine year old age group also continued see the highest number of cases according to county figures nearly seventy people in that age group are among the confirmed cases with over half of those being women while public health officials have warned. Older individuals are among the most susceptible to corona virus particularly those with underlying conditions in recent weeks. Well there's been stronger. Warnings much stronger warnings for younger people to be aware and to take proper precautions. Well County figures back up. Those claims individuals forty to forty nine years old and those thirty to thirty nine are the second and third highest age groups to contract This novel Virus Corona Virus countywide both with more than fifty cases and both surpassing older patients from ages. Sixty to ninety nine on the county chart so when scan standard ice prevails. Just stay calm? Wash your hands and we'll get through this causing it on six thirty now. Thirteen ten K F K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot Com has the Wall Street casino continues its tumultuous ride well. How long is this going to go on? And how low can it go? Professor Michael Slater who is a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey ways in in just a few six thirty now thirteen ten KFI KIA ROBERTA'S TO UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Well News continues to be grandma's those jobless numbers that just came out six point. Six four million has compared to the estimate of around three point. Three million six six thirty seven thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen KFI K. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum This as a stocks stumbled to start the second quarter as the number of covert nineteen cases in the US. Topped two hundred thousand. How low can it go? Join this morning by our good friend Dr Michael Butler professor of Finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. Dr Presler welcome back to the show morning. Gail how are you? Thanks for happening by pleasure to be here. I so appreciate your taking the time first things first. I Know New Jersey second to New York in the number of cases of Covet nineteen. How're you doing? Well I'm doing okay. New Jersey is Has a very high number as you mentioned but Almost all of that is in the northern part of the state and part of the state. That's around New York City. I live in southern New Jersey. Just their city Down Beach Atlantic City Atlantic County. Here we only have about thirty five cases And NO DEATHS. I don't think There may be one so it's not too bad in this area in North Jersey though or have a lot of friends and associates Things are pretty bad up there. It's almost as bad as it is in New York City absolutely terrifying isn't it certainly certainly so is looking at the Wall Street Casino. These days as I mentioned in the urban as stocks opened the second quarter well they took a pretty hard fall in stocks are going to fluctuate wildly And most of it is due to whatever news happens to come out that that day if things are going to start to look negatives As it did when they said look the number of deaths as a result of this and likely to be around one hundred thousand could be as high as two hundred thousand catastrophic levels that sent the stock market really down. Now it comes out in the next day or two that Well the number of that because Not as bad as we thought and a number of new cases seems to be going down a little bit. I don't know if that'll happen in the next couple of days but when it finally does that good news will trigger exactly the opposite. Mostly the stock market measured by the Dow. Go Up. Perhaps a thousand Points in a day. I think that yeah go ahead. I was GONNA say. I think the most likely scenario seems to be that the number of cases won't peak somewhere around the second or third week of April. So we're probably about two weeks away from the peak If the peak turns out to be not as bad as some of the numbers are talking about and It it looks like by the end of the month. We can start bringing some companies back to to work. The stock market will respond to that. I think very very favorably and yesterday's tumble of what nine hundred seventy three points. Four point four four percent S. and P. Five hundred Nasdaq composite. Both down four point four one percent. Well that only adds insult to injury after we saw the worst first quarter since nineteen eighty seven. I believe Yeah. It was a disaster. I mean the the stock market at the worst dropped From the peak to the lowest dip dropped about thirty seven percent. That's a huge drop Now let let me also say that. The history indicates the stock market tends to recover relatively quickly For normal bear market where the market goes down by about ten percent or fifteen percent usually three to six months later. It's back up to where it was before even in two thousand eight when the market dropped fifty percent fifty percent drop in the value of stocks it took about eighteen months for that to get back to to where it was so I think and I tell people that are very nervous about their retirement plans in particular. I tell them. Look just. Don't look at the stock market. They don't look at your portfolio. Don't look at the values come back in about sixty days and take a look at it Then I think will be on its way to recovery and I think by the end of the year maybe early part of next year We'll get back to the level. We were before. I expect a very strong robust recovery. One all of it. A Corona virus stuff is put behind us so you. You don't agree with Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren who called Kovic nineteen a black swan event. No defined that for us. Yeah so Black Swan when things. Everything goes bad and you could eventually get into a a very severe recession. Perhaps even depression. I don't see that happening For a couple reasons one before the this virus get January and February. Were generally very strong months. The economy was headed for three three and a half percent growth or better this year so the fundamental research unemployment was as low as we've ever had wages or calling up inflation is low. Total incomes are are going up or adding manufacturing jobs. Construction industry was doing well so everything economy was doing well up until this. This happened because the government Passed this two point. Two trillion dollar stimulus package which is both a good thing or a bad thing about that. But on the good side it it's GonNa make up for all of the income that People will lose as a result of being laid off. And there's been about. Ten million people laid off in the last two weeks. That's about seven percent of the of the workforce so you're GonNa see the unemployment number Spike But I think once that the virus tweaks which were hoping is within the next two or three weeks and the number of new case starts to go down and maybe by the end of April it'll be subsided enough that we can start to open up Parts of the country. I don't think we'll open up everything at once. 'cause areas like New York and North Jersey And California and then some of the other big cities I think they may be slower. Salt were to come back but most of the countries should be able to Start to come back and I can't wait for the day when I see in the newspaper. It Says No. New Cases of Corona virus were reported today so once we get to that point. I think the economy will rebound very quickly and very strongly. I expect this. That third and fourth quarters of this year Starting in July August June July August and September October November. Those two quarters. I expect them to be very very strong. So the second quarter. We're going to see a big drop. There's no doubt about it but once this thing gets over and we can return to normal. I see a big fast recovery both in the economy and the stock market. So I don't see any real negative Things happening the second quarter. Gdp will be awful I don't know whether technically it probably won't be a recessional. Though they make a call it that but it will be relatively short lived and I think the rebound will be very a quick and robust six forty five now thirteen ten KFI K. Eight not Michael. Butler is a public policy analyst economics expert and professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. You know I wanted to pick up. I wanted to pull that thread. You were talking about the return to normal but I have to wonder as we've all had to adjust and adapt and hopefully advance Through the nightmare that is cove in nineteen that's affected our lives on just a multitude of levels is normal going to be different post Cova nineteen. Well I'm not sure now I'm from A. I'm not a psychologist but from a psychologist point of view you don't know what kind of Long term implications this this will have I mean essentially wool gone about six weeks Not Being able to touch anybody at the same that to hug people And Congregate so I. I think one of two things can can happen when when the government finally says it's okay to go back to normal people may say well look we've been In bad condition for so long. I WANNA go out and talk to want to go out to restaurants. I want my life to return to to normal as as quickly as possible. If that's the case you'll see a quick recovery and more quicker return to normal on the other hand if people start to get used to not being around other people and being very cautious and that tends to linger I look to the future that could have very negative impacts will have to talk to the psychologist maybe and ask them out. Which one of those two are mostly right? But you know it's funny. I think it was Charles Pain on Fox business talking about the workplace and the fact that you know so many of us are working from home while we've been headed in that direction for quite some time and I said something to the effect of well. This will be the new normal. It's only happening faster than we thought it would. Yeah I agree with that too after Essentially six weeks of everybody working from home. We're going to start to realize we can do a lot of work with technology the way we We're we're having professor they. They closed the school down after Tom Brady. And we're doing everything online I don't think the online classes You get quite as much out of it as you do face to face because there's a lot of active learning that occurs face to face so I think that's a better Experience however we're finding out that there are subjects particularly some of the introductory subjects. That don't require a lot of class discussion Some of those subjects can be very easily caught Online and people are saying that they can work on crime today to through things like zoom in these Goto meeting kind of thing. Where meet the People Online And you're saving a whole lot of time and money so I agree with Charles paying that This will Speed up the transition from the everybody in an office the people working at home I think it will speed that up A little bit and I think that will turn out to be positive because I think the low improve efficiency. One other point We've relied on China for a lot of products for decades mostly because almost entirely because their wage rates are so low there and the workers are fairly productive. The cost to produce is so low that we make so much over there and we can bring it back over here to sell it and sell it at a lower price. The problem is some products like antibiotics and other medications. That are made there It's very vital that we have those things and maybe it's not such a good idea to rely on China for that so I think what's going to happen is you'll see a lot of manufacturing leaving China and come back to the. Us now in order to do that. And to keep the the cost and prices to the public reasonable We'll have to eliminate China's advantage so China's advantages low labour costs. What's going to happen? Will bring the manufacturing back and instead of it being labor intensive manufacturing it'll be capital intensive which means instead of hiring a lot of people to work in a factory. You'll have just a few number of people and robots and automation and artificial intelligence That way we'll be able to produce as cheaply as we could Using the labor intensive methods in China will be able to bring manufacturing back fortunately when Congress cut taxes and twenty eighteen. They cut taxes not only for the middle class the stimulate the economy and help people that need it but they also cut taxes for the upper class and for corporations that creates new capital. So what we're bringing this manufacturing back. There should be plenty of new capital available to build these Capital intensive plant. And I think you'll see we have much less reliance on China going into the future. You know the other problem is when Chinese officials are talking and flapping their guns. They're probably lying. And of course cove in nineteen came from. Wuhan all right in the minute or so that we have laughed. We touched on that. Two point two trillion dollar stimulus our own representative congressman. Ken Buck very vehemently vehemently opposed that for the simple reason. How are we going to pay for the stimulus? Package is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing it'll help. People get the economy back quicker all that stroke however we had a one trillion dollar deficit before this. We just added two point two trillion to the spending and that's GonNa take the deficit up over three trillion plus because everything shut down for these six weeks. Tax Revenue is going to go down where we're looking at probably three and a half to four trillion dollar deficit this year. There's no way that can be sustained. And now they're talking about another stimulus package which there's no way we're going to be able to afford that so agree with The guest you had on That this is not a good thing. I'm not so sure I was in a position. I would have voted for Interesting Professor Michael Ostler. Public policy analysts economics expert and a professor of finance at a Stockton University. Thank you as always for your insights especially now Where can we learn more about you and your work? So my twitter account where I post all my columns at 'em Butler that's at M. B. U. S. L. E. R. And if you have a facebook page just search for funding democracy funding democracy by Patriot. Pop up I'd be happy if you followed me Professor Bass Larry. Thank you so much. Please stay well. Thank you six fifty to thirteen ten. Kfi K. Guy Burst UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com six fifty six sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Six fifty eight on your Thursday morning thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. A. K. A. Dot Com Morton Sagale light local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right many of us are expecting a check from the federal government in the next several weeks. This as part of that Cares bill that stimulus package intended to provide the country financial relief as Cova de Nineteen stresses physical and financial health around the world retirees and those who claim a social security are indeed part of that group though? They may face says some complications. We're going to work through that with a tie. Allen of H and R block of Greeley when? He joins US this morning at eight thirty five but coming up. Fort Collins. Nonprofit CROSSROADS SAFE HOUSE WILL HOSTING. Its first couch concert. It's a facebook event this evening from six to eight. Pm and if you're tuned in you can enjoy live music now. The invent will serve to support local restaurants by encouraging takeout. Orders to enjoy while. You're sitting there being couch potato and also raising funds for crossroads as safe. House is a nonprofit serving victims of domestic violence. They need help now more than they ever have Jacqueline Tighly From Crossroads Safehouse ways in when she joins us at seven. Oh Five. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few thirteen ten K. APP K. A. Greeley loveland burst. Unc bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 17, Hr 2  Senator Cory Gardner

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

28:04 min | 5 months ago

April 17, Hr 2 Senator Cory Gardner

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi living in America these days of being rather difficult as a result of the Cova de Nineteen pandemic with any number of states issuing stay at home orders. Colorado among them but there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Seven hundred six now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com warning swick Ale fuelled by Great Western Petroleum. This has a president. Trump unveiled that three days plan to get America moving again working again and of course Those decisions are to be left to add. The individuals. State governor's discretion. Joined this morning by Senator. Cory Gardner Senator Gardner. Thanks so much for taking the time. Great to have you back on the show. Thank you for having me thank you yes and I hope you your colleagues. Your family friends doing well. They are self quarantine for a while. But I was in Washington when that happened so I never ended up with any kind of signs or symptoms in the family's doing great We're learning some home schooling trips and tipped so It's it's been interesting. Aren't we all these days? So what is your take on? The president's plan to reopen the country had been studying them and look into my spoke to the Governor Governor Polish yesterday about them and I think the governor views them generally in line with what He's looking at in. Colorado and how that would work Look we're going to have to figure out how to do this phase by phase and I think it's important that we focus on doing it in a way that builds trust and confidence in our economy. Because you can't have a Economy without confidence and so that's going to be critical in getting these phases Correct and the governors who will implement the more detailed parts of the face president trump saying yesterday that Two States may well open today. But twenty nine states may open earlier than expected and given your conversations with the Governor Jared Police. I wonder is Colorado among those twenty nine states. You don't see in my conversations with the governor last week again. We're having another conversation with him a day later this morning with the congressional delegation. He had said he felt confident. That the twenty six to date Would hold you know. And so I think he's looking at phasing from that date to forward of what it looks like. Maybe we'll learn more today but you've got states like Wyoming. Were they've had few cases and you've got other states that may feel. They can have areas open but again they're going to have to face. This obviously probably not having you know an eighty thousand a person Sporting event take place right away but perhaps some metered or social distance events too. But it's important that we it's important. We get this economy back open after handling health emergency and making sure that we're handling the health emergency more dreadful unemployment numbers yesterday over five point. Two million additional Americans filed a jobless claims bringing that four week total to over twenty two million Colorado has seen a one hundred and twenty seven percent increase in unemployment claims the highest in the nation. Why is Colorado so hard hit? You don't think if you look at the state. We have a lot of seasonal of businesses. That could have been more affected than others. Whether it's people coming off of work from the Winter Sports You know whether it's a scary event or something like that or is it. Perhaps it's people who aren't going to get their summer jobs because they were coming to Colorado to start their summer activities It could also be. Because we're heavily reliant on industries that have been very hard hit Like tourism hotels outdoor recreation economy Travel economy restaurants. I mean that's those are those have all been hit not just hard but they were the first ones to be hit. And that's why I worked so hard to address the The the business support the individual support and making sure that we're getting out of this health emergency immediately of the business support unfortunately or the lack thereof. This has the paycheck. Protection Program ran out of money because Democrats led by Speaker. Pelosi blocked the necessary. Two hundred and fifty billion dollar replenishment for the program. Well question is why did the Nancy Pelosi on the late late show show off her luxury? Refrigerators and thirteen dollar a pint. Ice Cream collection from her chateau and San Francisco instead of funding. The paycheck protection program seemed a little bit like marie-antoinette moment. Let them eat cake and It is sickening that they would put politics ahead of people Look Fund that paycheck protection program. It's kept millions and millions and millions of Americans in their jobs funds the paycheck protection program. Stop the politics and keep the job. So that's what we ought to be focused on. It's a shame that Nancy can't seem to get out of her San Francisco Silo We ought to be focusing on the people. Not Petty Politics. It's childish it's embarrassing. It's unconscionable and that's why we have to stop Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from blocking this funding care about people more than we do about the bottom line in Washington and get to work a little bit about the import particularly in Colorado of small businesses across the state because small businesses responsible nationwide for the upper eighty ninety percent of jobs and job creation. But it's even higher in Colorado. It is an incredible high number ninety. Nine point five percent of the jobs they have a small. Let me rephrase that ninety nine point. Five percent of businesses in Colorado are small businesses. That is just astonishing. What I don't want to see is a Wall Street. Recovery without a main street recovery and these small businesses represent mainstream. And let's let's Great Wall Street recovers. I hope that it does but we also cannot leave main street behind because that is not a recovery in my mind. We need all corners of our economy Every avenue to be back open and flourishing again scammers unscrupulous hackers. You know the old saying never let a good crisis go to waste. Have come up with diabolically ingenious ways to exploit the pandemic for financial gain. My understanding is you're working on legislative effort to address that correct exactly right. I'm working on a bill. Called the cease act which would increase dramatically penalties and jail time for people who are fraudulently advertising and trying to lure people into Basically a criminal scheme where they're saying. Hey you know I'm I'm you know John's a loan service and I've got an access to a paycheck protection program loan. Just call me. Here's the eight hundred number and the person makes the number for a small fee. They get connected to somebody that doesn't exist and we're starting to hear that it's it's a shame and so You should never be taking advantage of somebody period. You should never be taking somebody in a global health. Emergency in pentameter. People are scared for their lives. What they're gonNA do for the rent their food and we have to make sure the punishment rises to the level of the seriousness of the crime. Seven thirteen now thirteen ten. Kfi Am joined up my Colorado. Senator Cory Gardner all right. So as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I want to ask you this question. This is class action. Suits are being filed against China for recklessness and negligence and lack of transparency. Let's call it for what it is outright lies regarding the initial outbreak of Cova Nineteen in Wuhan that spread around the world. We're well aware. Can China be sued? You know right now That's a it's a question that's being looked at and legislation that has been introduced to try to address that but China has to be held accountable regardless of anything we do. China must be held accountable for what they have done to the world. Not just to the United States. They lied about its origin. They lied about it spread. They lied about how it could spread. And how dangerous it was and then they covered it up by forcing the disappearance of the doctors and the journalists. Who were trying to blow the whistle on what was happening in China and then they got the World Health Organization W. H. O. to be complicit in that cover up it is it's it's criminal absolutely for alleged. Go this morning. Certainly appreciate your time and insights many concerns and I'm sure that you heard them as well over constitutional rights and liberties Throughout the government lockdowns stay at home orders beaten limiting the number of people in gatherings. And then you've got Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer now facing a federal lawsuit several for what many see as particularly Cronin restrictions. Now on one hand it could be argued that these steps were necessary. Look at it. This way. Shared sacrifice equal shared benefit. But on the other hand there are very real concerns that these encroachments on our freedoms will become the new normal. How do you see it? Look we're GONNA follow the recommendations of our health experts. Said but when you see governor and I think this governor was from Connecticut go on TV and say that In response to whether he's concerned about the orders he's made impact on our bill of rights. His response was well. Frankly that's above my pay grade and I didn't see any attention to that that's That the price is an optional and so The law has to be followed. Look we are acting out of love not fear of the Krona virus. We're acting out of love to protect our neighbors in our community and make sure that our parents and grandparents that we stop the spread. We don't give it onto them but we have the constitution to follow. And that's why I know courts around. The country have already been engaged in this issue as they should be and will be but to think that the bill of rights doesn't apply It's just it's absurd it makes no sense. I mean how did that person even get elected? And as we see the reopening of America or in a very measured manner testing remains tantamount right. It does testing key. Gail testing testing testing is what has to happen. I'd like to see a a test so available that you can go to a seven eleven and by that test and you know I had a sore throat make sure I'm okay. I get the results thirty seconds later minutes later and I know whether I should home call work and say hey I tested positive or hey you know what it may just be a cold. Maybe I still need to go to the doctor. But at least it's not covert nineteen and we need the serology test for antibodies. We need to be able to show who has been able to get through this and we can learn from that and just have the certainty and the confidence because as we start at the beginning our economy thrives on confidence and confidence comes in people knowing that we have addressed this issue. And they're going to be okay and testing is is as sort of a a keystone of that confidence absolutely important in these very troubled times. Senator Cory Gardner thank you so much for your time. Certainly do appreciate it. Picker you to seven seventeen. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi K the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Dan Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news. Sports talk thirteen ten. Kfi K now back to mornings with Gail twenty two on your Friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com or gale live local field by great western petroleum. Interesting conversation with Senator Cory Gardner this morning. Be Interested in your take nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five. Three thirteen ten dropped me attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line three one nine nine six again for his time. Using that text line is enough to do just Text K F K. A two three one nine nine six. And then you can text away to your heart's content but when you look at the unemployment numbers in Colorado and of course those numbers dire across the entire nation this as we had an additional five point two million people file unemployment claims just yesterday bringing that total to well over twenty two million claims filed in just four weeks absolutely devastating. What else is absolutely devastating? Is the fact that you've got the Democrats playing political games once again letting that SBA PEP program run out of money? The well is dry and the Democrats Chose to say. Well we want this and we want that we want two hundred fifty billion dollars for this and that the other for states we wanted for hospitals. Hey one of happened to the concern for the common man. Those who are truly the engine of this nation's economy. If you're with us you heard Senator Cory Gardner talking about the fact that a nationwide and stats vary depending on how you source it but you will see that. Small businesses account for at the low end anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of the jobs in this nation. Senator Cory Gardner saying in Colorado. That number is much much higher. Ninety nine point five percent of the jobs in Colorado but it was interesting as we ran through all the rather dire numbers when it comes to those jobless claims unemployment as a result of the pandemic Just affecting every aspect of our lives not only across the country but in Colorado around the globe when I asked them the question. Why is it that Colorado has taken such a hard hit when it comes To those unemployment claims hundred twenty percent spike that we have seen it's the highest in the nation. He said Colorado employment is high simply because of Well Seasonal recreational industries make sense. Went on to talk about Nancy. Pelosi showing off her palacials San Francisco State and our luxury refrigerators. And the thirteen dollar a pint ice cream collection. Did you see this on the late late show but instead throwing up roadblocks Pelosi and company Chuck Schumer? The list goes on and on playing politics when everyday people are suffering across this country. You may be one. A needless to say we all know one as businesses are really on the precipice of closing particularly small businesses again. That's why it's so important especially now support small business wherever you can. Because they've gotten so creative in order to hang onto these businesses that they've put not only their life savings but their heart and souls into the lifeblood of our communities but once again doing everything they can to stay open to stay solvent throughout this pandemic so support your local restaurants who are offering takeout and delivery support your local businesses. That are still open. That are offering curbside delivery. Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi living in a bubble her chateau in San Francisco. Well I'm just doesn't seem to understand the plight of every day Americans. She is so separated from reality. And it's just absolutely disgusting as Senator Cory Gardner said this morning. Stop the politics already. Haven't we had enough fund the P. P. E. P. Puts More money back into the well so that small businesses indeed can survive this catastrophic situation that they find themselves in through no fault of their own. Let them keep. Their jobs. Can't be overemphasized enough. Also saying that China indeed indeed has to be held accountable less than transparent. No they lied. They lied for six days after they knew they had trouble on their hands. No surprise and I know this is the stuff of conspiracy theories but not anymore. No surprise that we have ready evidence that this virus now. We're not going to get into the conversation of whether it was released accidentally or it was released intentionally. We don't have enough information to make that decision but isn't it interesting that you have this biomedical research lab in? Wuhan and two years ago government officials here were made aware of the fact that well there protocols there were pretty darn sloppy. There were concerns about the research going on there and the fact that well. Let's just say they weren't as buttoned up that they should as they should have been Perron virus research. I might add. Now we have the evidence That's coming out. That clearly indicates that this was not at this point in time. This was not an intentional. Act Now it was simply mismanagement. It was simply a matter of someone walking out of that facility. Doing research on this novel. Corona virus going to the wet market. And then all hell broke loose. We know what happened from there. Chinese officials knew exactly what the heck was going on but they kept quiet with the help of their water carriers at the World Health Organization. This is they told the World Health Organization. Oh No don't worry about this no this this novel. Corona virus can be transmitted human to human. They were wrong about that and I have to wonder if they knew they were wrong. About that but Senator Cory Gardner very clear in his Certian that China has to be held accountable. They lied. They covered up the information along with the World Health Organization. Aright seven twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Lots going on camera but think there is a positive reaction in the market as a result of president trump laying out that Three phase plan in order to get America up and running again Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management joins us in just a few seven thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen ten K. A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi K. ED the ASS. John Thank you so much Via text this morning at three one. Nine nine six That Reopen Colorado Rally To join residents and business owners to rally at the state capital is actually set for Saturday. Or excuse me Sunday Sunday April nineteenth at one P and alright joined by Troy. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News director eight Troy's so Some interesting news This as there is some hope foot as president. Trump introduced that three-phase plan to get America up and running again but the question is where does Colorado fall into that equation. A big part of what the issue is going to be going forward is that we are starting to see groupings of states form in preparation for the quote unquote reopening in that they try are trying to manage on a regional basis and be able to Kind of set a set at Easter. A line of how they'll handle things you've got one. That is taking shape in the northeast. You have one that has of course taken shape along the seaboard in the West with the Oregon Washington California doing so and then one in the upper mid west or on the yesterday of of course Michigan Wisconsin. Those states Colorado finds itself with the only other state To its east that would be a potential Kansas of course New Mexico with cases. But then you get into the states that do not have orders in place in terms of stay at home and have limited cases Wyoming Montana Idaho which has a number of cases but again. You've got differing setups. In Nebraska. A short makes the plans going forward In terms of trying to make a you know in terms of putting forth ideas and how best to handle these situations it puts Colorado really almost on its own in a lot of ways and is that necessarily a negative. I mean if we don't you know if we don't fall into that category as he said we have coalitions of states forming but it seems to me that each state has kind of an entity unto itself one of the things though about being able to be part of that group is a better management of some of the resources that say for example Has Been in short supply such as ventilators because when we do get going again And lit a number of these orders across the region. You're going to see you know the potential again for the the virus do put to the hospital at larger numbers. Exactly and so. How do you manage some of the resources That have been limited and coming from the federal government That are able to manage those among each state. That's near you and be able to really help each other out given that that's kind of been the reliance anyway Throughout this entire thing well and again A Senator Cory Gardner this morning. Talking about the importance of testing and having those test kits readily available by some eleven to pick up a slurpee. So the question is do. We have enough testing to reopen. If that's going to be a huge issue going forward and I think that the governor in alluding to really being era alluding to it and really Being about a five day stretch here. That will tell the story on how we go forward. speaks to that because there is not nearly the testing that is available or intake. Not nearly the testing that has been made available or could be made available at this point really for all of the states to be able to manage The the testing you want to see take place when you do get The stay at home orders knocked off and start to work on trying to get your cells To a point where we restore What is quote unquote normal or at least close to somewhat normal right exactly? Now there are some glimmers of hope in terms of of the the testing in terms of the varying tests. That have gone out and are possible but I don't I don't think that I don't think we're anywhere near unfortunately The number of tests of being available to be able to make this go off though the way that the White House. Maybe hopes better will well. That's going to be an interesting phased or allowed to be sure thirteen ten. Kfi News Director Troy Coverdale. Thanks as always appreciate you on Monday. Sounds like a plan set fifty three now thirteen ten. Kfi TAE ROBERTA'S TO UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A thirteen ten KFI K. Eight dot com closing in on seven fifty while the whole sports story in northern Colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi K the latest on cove in nineteen local news and Sports. Were here with you. Thirteen ten Kfi am thirteen ten K. K. DOT com. So what the heck is see pace and why does it matter Sherry Pipe Doing a great piece of page to complete Colorado. You can find it online at complete COLORADO DOT COM. Had this conversation with Weld County Commissioner Scott Jeans but right Sherry pipe the pullout from public private financing option by the Weld County Board of Commissioners Commissioners has some crying foul some claiming political payback and others. Saying the program. It's just too big of a risk to taxpayers see pace stands for Colorado Commercial Property assessed clean energy program is part of the Colorado New Energy Improvement district which was put into state statute by lawmakers to give taxpayer guaranteed financing to projects utilizing clean energy up to one hundred percent of the cost for commercial and industrial property owners. To which you say okay Gail. That's quite a mouthful. What what exactly does all this mean. Bear with me here. Need as it is known. Covers only the counties in the state the pass resolutions to be included? Thirty of Colorado's sixty four counties currently participate two counties weld and Mesa have opted out now weld in two thousand seventeen initially voted to opt in to the program against the recommendation as a county commissioner. Scott James told us against the recommendation of both its finance director and it's county treasurer. It wasn't until recently that the commissioners changed their mind and decided to pull out well. The decision has some calling foul including Windsor Mayor Christie Melendez. Who asserts that? The decision may have cost Windsor. A one hundred and sixty dollars million sport sixty million dollar sports complex development that has been on the books but has failed to come to fruition for more than a decade. Outta state developers. Were Hoping to borrow twenty million through the program to Jump Start. The development planned for the east side of town. We'll work through it all with Windsor Mayor Christie Melendez when she weighs in at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock. Abc News Thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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September 1, Hr 3  Jared Fiel with CDOT

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September 1, Hr 3 Jared Fiel with CDOT

"This is mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI K Well get ready cause here I come. That's what Maverick mob Ler Helmut nor pods predicted another win not just a win but indeed a landslide in the twenty twenty election of for president, trump is saying that. On something he calls the prime, Mary model quite effective actually because the primary model has correctly predicted five of the past six presidential elections and when applied to previous elections correctly predicts an impressive twenty five of the last twenty seven. He only got it wrong on the two thousand election in which George W Bush defeated Al Gore, and we had all those dangling in dip dimpled and pregnant chads and the one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty election in which. John. F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon to extremely close and contested votes marred by those allegations of voting inaccuracies but Yeah. You've got professor nor path from Stony Brook Keesa. A professor political science saying that the chances of President Trump winning in twenty twenty. When you look at the Electoral College, he predicts that. President trump would actually get three, hundred, sixty two electoral votes putting him well over that ceiling as compared to Biden's one hundred and seventy six electoral votes. But it was kind of interesting because in the conversation dovetailed with a piece that I had pulled out of the wall. Street Journal this morning because professor nor path actually said that twenty twenty is kind of mirroring nineteen, sixty, eight, enter the Wall Street Journal and A. Piece. By William mcgurn asking the question is Biden the new humphry think about this when Donald Trump declared himself the president of law and order comparisons. Of course, we're quickly made to Richard Nixon and nineteen sixty eight why Nixon to had campaigned on law and order this against the backdrop of urban riots following Martin Luther King Junior's assassination and antiwar protesters who clashed with Chicago police right outside the DNC. So yeah, the Nixon analogy is rather apt. But it's also incomplete without its complement Joe Biden as Hubert Humphrey like Mr Biden. Humphry was a garrulous establishment liberal vice president to it spent decades in the Senate, each man was nominated by divided Democratic Party both were dogged by the enthusiasm for their more progressive. Senators Eugene, McCarthy and of course, Bernie Sanders and these divisions made it difficult for either presidential nominee to sound as tough as his gop rival. Was Back in September of one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, eight, the New York. Times reported a Harris Survey confirming that law and order was one of the most powerful issues running in Nixon's favor that year this year's equivalent came last week on CNN when Don, lemon complained that Mr Biden strategy of ignoring the anti police violence particularly most recently in Kenosha Wisconsin was a blind spot that is showing up in the polling. It's showing up in focus groups. It's the only thing right now that is sticking and so after not mentioning. All of the unrest and all of the violence and the looting and the. Arson and the chaos in the mayhem at the convention. Just recently, Mr Biden is offered. A belated, it's all trump's fault denunciation given the media's the media's naked animosity for the president. It well may well pick up the Biden message. The question is whether all of us watching the mayhem will buy into it. You. See The problem for Mr Biden isn't so much rioters themselves those looting shops along Chicago's magnificent mile shooting people in Portland Oregon or setting cars on fire and Kenosha. Biden voters. The likelihood is they're not voters at all. Regarding America's political system they do as rotten to the core. But it's pretty impossible to miss the congruence between the rioters image of America, and again you know the narrative. Systemically racist economically unequal sustained by police brutality. And today's Democratic Party Orthodoxy consider this Bernie. Sanders from May thirty first after demonstrations following the death of George Floyd. turned. Predictably sadly. To looting and arson. Bernie Sanders tweeted the looting of America has been going on for over forty years and the culprits are the ultra rich. So whether it's Mayor Jenny. durken. Describing the Seattle. As a summer of love. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joining protesters outside the federal courthouse or Mayor Bill De Blasio personally painting black lives matter on the street in front of Mr Trump's Manhattan apartment. Well, the entire nation can pretty well see Democratic officials egging on protesters or demonizing and undermining law enforcement. This refusal of democratic politicians including district attorney's to hold lawbreakers. Accountable is what's really hurting Mr Biden's case. The Democratic Party even the most tepid criticism. Soon becomes an abject apology. It was just last. Thursday. You had Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut tweeting that quote looting and property damage is bad close quote only to delete the tweet after less than an hour because on the left wing blowback accusing him of drawing and equivalency between property crime and. At least that's how he put it. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty, eight humphries loyal support for President Lyndon B Johnson's Vietnam policy alienated the Party's Antiwar Wing while organized labor arguably, his strongest Constitue constituency was repelled by the lawlessness on streets. Seem to leave Humphry paralyzed. biographer. Carl. Solberg wrote that quote it was ironic. And it must be said. Pitiful that in that period from Robert F Kennedy's death to the content the convention in August. This most voluble of American politicians had almost nothing to say about the issues that troubled his fellow citizens the most in a piece for the Atlantic headlined. This is how Biden Loses George, packers sums up the dilemma for this year's nominee. KENOSHA MR packer said. Has Placed Democrats in a trap. They've embraced the protests and the causes that drive them. Now. In that speech, just yesterday meant to pull Joe Biden out of this trap he asked does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected. But here's the counter. To that question. If you run a shop. Let's just say in Minneapolis do you believe Mr Biden will protect you when you need it? True there are differences between nine hundred and sixty eight. Now then Nixon was the challenger so he was free to criticize with out having to do much of anything. He had the further damage of having George Wallace to make them look like the more reasonable alternative. President trump. Contrast. Is the. Incumbent. He has drawn a bright red line by promising to restore law and order. If, he can't. He asks emboldening those committing the violence and looking as weak and feckless as the democratic mayors and governors he rightly criticises. So, Mr Biden's challenge is the show. Middle America. He is strong enough to end the mayhem without alienated the wing of his party sympathetic to those causing it. Maybe, he will indeed persuade the American people. He's just the man for the job. Though if you buy into the polls. You'll see particularly in those battleground states well, his lead is narrowing over president trump's significantly. But Here's the question. What if those voters conclude that he's merely the new Hubert Humphrey? Eight eighteen now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by the candlelight. Dinner. playhouse where the curtain will rise again. September third with the amazing love story that is camelot candlelight dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado candlelight dot. com. For More Information Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd or a northern Colorado's for. Thirteen ten KFI K.. After mornings with gale's stay tuned for the Dan. Patrick show the whole show and the herd with Colin. Cowherd only on thirteen ten K. K.. Looking forward to our conversation this morning at the Jerry Pile cdot region four communications manager as we referenced a piece. Earlier. Talking about. This not projection that suggests a front range train would carry three million passengers a year but the question is I mean everything old is new again because and turn that ongoing question as whether we'll use that train or not now John via text this morning three, one, nine, nine, six, love you for that John, you don't mince words simply saying buses are cool trains sock. Is that your opinion, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen ten. But yeah, we'll talk about this projection and also some ongoing roadwork on. I. Twenty Five when jared files, CDOT REGION FOR COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER JOINS US at eight thirty five is eight thirty now thirteen ten Kfi K.. Rogue Code now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen, ten K. OF K. Tune into the hall show at noon and no. Now at four back to mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI. K.. Well. Let's talk roads and trains. What do you say was cdot region four communications manager jared vile eight, thirty eight on your Tuesday morning thirteen ten. KFI A thirteen ten KFI DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, via the Collision Specialists Studio. So where would you like to start jared? She says with an OH. So evil. Oh I'm just kidding well, I do WanNa make sure that people are aware that we do have some work coming up on I twenty five and again going to be nighttime closures This'll be next week actually a week from today tonight and we will have over at prospect and I. Twenty Five it's going to be closed both on prospect and on I twenty, five from nine PM to five. AM The next day that'll be on the eighth going into the night, and then again on the fifteenth going into the sixteen. So just no, we're going to have a lot of mate issues going on down there if you're ever driving on twenty five in anywhere pretty much from. About Johnstown nine PM to five. Am It you're always going to have some. Interesting. Issues. Interesting. I like how you phrase that Hey I had the opportunity We were talking over the past several weeks about that. Promotion and that you partnered CDOT did with the scooters coffee and Greeley and. The Day if you were wearing your stout when you drove through the drive through and you gotTa buck off your coffee and had the opportunity to talk to one of the owners of coffee and I just wondered what did those any feedback on that? Very. Well, haven't heard the final tally yet in terms of what they raised for the donation as well as how many cars came through with seatbelts but heard it was a good of it. Yeah definitely, and for very good causes. Well, all right cracking open. What do you say pulled this piece out of CPR news cdot projections suggests a front range train would carry three million passengers a year but once again, it begs that musical question will anybody use it. That is one of the issues that they're looking at as they do go. Looking at jail. And you know I think the the the the better notes for us that kind of leans towards the people will is the is how much people have used busting. And know the bus staying ridership up here has been well above expectations and clearly shows that people up here in northern Colorado will use a multi modal. WAY TO GET DOWN TO DENVER. So you know that's going to be part of the ongoing look at this at front range rail You know we we've been looking at front range rail for probably about fifteen years. and it is part of the long term development or playing the same plan that has I twenty, five four lanes all the way. From Collins Denver. that same plan actually has a a whole subsidiary part that's all about front range rail and how essentially you know the rail system would be about as expensive as it was to put in the roadway. And So that was a huge hindrance early on we are now getting tremendous support from the governor really want wants to see this, and so they're looking at some innovative ways to move that rail. Might be able to take advantage of some of the existing right of way it is as well as some of the existing routes. already there. So. There are more possibilities. Now they're ways that we can do this possibly cheaper but you know that begs the question of of will people use it and I think you know like you know like we said you know busting ridership has gone really really well and I think you know when you start looking at, you know it almost becomes the chicken and egg. You know people aren't gonNA use it till. It's here. And you know then but it's not GonNa get here and die unless we can prove people use it. So it's a it's a tough shops. But you know I think anybody who's driven I twenty five during rush hour and if they had the possibility of writing on a train with no possibility of getting in an accident on going down. There's a huge group of people who I think would do that all the time and you know that opens up huge economic development benefits for both Denver end for northeastern Colorado because that means that people who live in Denver can also work up here. and. So you know that that starts changing things and businesses can actually be pulling from a larger employee base if something like this were put into place. So it's it's an interesting concept. Now you said this has been bandied about for what fifteen years or so. leask. Yeah. We've been looking at this for a while as we've been developing the whole strategic plan for the whole I twenty five corridor. Okay. I pulled a piece by. Old Tool. Front range commuter rail. A terrible idea. He didn't mince words there came out of complete Colorado but he was talking about the fact that okay So the ability to share right of way and I believe that's still part of the conversation as you just reverence turning. with a freight railroad sounds attractive wrote Mr O'Toole because it would be far less expensive than buying all knew right away but it comes at a cost and that has to do with speed and Mr O'Toole said why bother doing anything? Actually he was quoting Let's see who was he quoting here Andy Kuntz of the US High Speed Rail Association. Again, this is a piece out of complete Colorado from two thousand nineteen. Including Mr Kuhne, saying why bother doing anything if we're just GONNA do some slow rail system that few people are going to ride. That's a waste of time and money. How do you address that? I think there's there's two issues there's high speed rail is is. Specific for commuter traffic and That is something that we've been looking for a long time. You know we looked at the hyperlink where you know there's a whole bunch of. Different companies that we've been looking at would that the ideal of course but what can we actually achieve and? You know you may talk about that if it's just regular traffic. So let's say you can go I don't know if you five sixty. The whole way down there if you're not stopping and you don't have traffic to deal with, that is a significant savings for a lot of people a lot of people don't want to drive. That's a huge issue. Well, you know we've talked down to rockies game I would love to be able to jump on a train and get to Iraqis. I really enjoyed that right? then. that. If if that same group of people were jumping on a train would be fantastic. So Now. In this piece in Colorado Public Radio News and here let me just back up here and reset just a little bit passenger rail lines stretching nearly two hundred miles between Fort Collins and Pueblo there you go. Mica would carry ninety, two, hundred people every weekday and nearly three million in a year according to new modeling. Now, the group overseeing the project has yet to finalise details like an exact route and stations cost and most most a critical. Funding sources the modeling presented to the states south southwest chief, and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission represents a key step toward making the line reality, and again, this goes back to your earlier statement jared it's absolutely important this according to Randy, Grou- Burger he's director of the project. If you don't have writers, you aren't going to have a train. Yes exactly it and you know. So I think studies like this are important to see that you know that there is the market for it. But you know, let's face it just like you said, the route speed the cost. All of those things are GonNa go are gonNA come into play so you know what I like to be able to do it. Sure. Would I pay fifty dollars to? It out? Depends on how much I want to enjoy the game but you know So Rockies are winning or not. Yeah. Exactly, good, point. Now what about funding sources that seems to be another big question? Yeah that is that's always the issue when you start talking about these major projects like this, and you know there's there's there's some federal money there some state money there's some you know. Do you go and talk to the local municipalities because said, this is a huge economic boom. For those communities. If you can now say you know you can pretty much live anywhere on this corridor and work here or You or vice versa with here and work anywhere on the front. Range. So. That becomes a big deal. So then you start looking at those those sources but you know that that's bath always been the struggle with the you know the and. I've been impressed with what we've done on I twenty five we've come up with innovative ways to move that project. You know we're about you know more than a decade ahead of time what we originally projected. So you know you get these folks starts rapping and figure out where they can get some innovative funding and those things can can happen there is a large push for. Drill especially from the Metro area, and so if that becomes, you know a big push that that there may be funding the comes out of that, and so you know the fact that the governor is very supportive of this. The fact that you know this is going to help. Though. Let's face it every thirty cars we take off the road. Saves I. CAn't even remember. Now might numbers I was just about to go off on a number but I don't WanNA throw it out. But the emissions that does that taking those cars off the road that is way better for environment. It's better for the safety factor and the people are still on the roads So there's a lot of advantages of of getting that multi modal transportation out there and and moving a lot of folks who want to. Into mass transit and that's a it's you know it's something you see all over the country and certainly you can see some major venues for that here in Colorado well, and then there is the issue of well that environmental impact study that is indeed federally required and again. Colorado budget ticket a huge hit this year as a result of Cova de Nineteen but that would require. Ten. Million Dollars to pay for that environmental impact study new appropriation legislature. Right I. Mean that's and that's that's just the beginning of it. I mean, you know if you look at the the environmental impact statement is is needed for eight. Jack. And You know we do that on every one of our projects So you know that's just the beginning of of the funding for it so that the whole idea is do the environmental impact statement if you don't have the rest of the funding or. An idea of where the rest of the funding could come from. So you know those are things that are still being discussed through the planning as well as through the real commission. And what what is the timeframe on this or is there so much still up in the air that it would be difficult to even speculate on that? I think that you know that's the one thing everybody wants to will with this happened and I think you know we we. There was a time when this was not. As high forty. For, from this coming from the state it's got a higher priority now so it could move up that timeline, but there's really not. Because there's no funding source identified is not really an ability to put any sort of timeline to it yet. Does things that could work too quickly if the pleming came into play depending on what you know where that rail would go with, you know how much of existing would we use those versus how much we would we have to build new so fair enough but we can't put a timeline on the work on twenty five in northern Colorado. So you mind read reiterating that for us. Some days better than others. Yeah. So the the big x work is going to be a week from today tonight actually and that'll be from nine PM to five. AM The next day over there at I twenty five at prospect I twenty five traffic will be routed over the on and off ramps. So just be a little do. for those folks, but prospect will be closed completely. So you're gonNA have to either take thirty four or up to horse up to moulder I mean. So just know that. That may time work where we're GONNA be doing quite a bit of it, and even if we don't have closures, you know we do have a lot of work going on at night out there and so just really especially after nine pm making sure that your especially careful when you drive through those words that technical turn their a little whoopsie do I would call. Don't you do. Whatever you want. Whenever works right whatever they'd be called in mayberry. That's. There you go. Jared file dot region four communications manager. Thanks always you. Have a great day you as well eight, fifty, two, now thirteen, ten, k. f. k.. Party northern, Colorado's for. Thirteen ten KFI. K. The block party Wednesdays from four, ten PM. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen ten KFI DOT COM eight, fifty, six Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin cowherd on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten KFI K. On. Your Tuesday morning thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice morning gail the auto collision specialist studios so seriously bank off our conversation this morning. With a Jarrett. He region four communications manager. The says cdot projections suggest it suggests that front range train would carry three million passengers a year well, is this more a runaway train pipedream would love to continue this conversation unfortunately time today doesn't permit that we do that. But out of reach me drop the attacks on our thirteen ten KFI text line at three, one, nine, nine, six. Always during the show, give me a call, nine, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, eight, seven, seven, three, five, three, thirteen, ten. All right. What are we got coming your way show from noon to do with your host Brady Hall. Noko now with your hosts tenor swint at four and we got rockies giants baseball tonight. No coding now. Weekdays at four northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen. Ten KFI K.

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March 25, Hr 1  Relationship expert Sharon Roberts

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

33:26 min | 6 months ago

March 25, Hr 1 Relationship expert Sharon Roberts

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Well Magin that a Senate actually got their act together. Maybe just maybe they were a little concerned about their collective a political future with all the partisan shenanigans that we've seen over this corona virus Stimulus BILL OVER. The past does few days but but they actually got the job done dollar. Yeah actually two trillion of them and of course it's still needs to pass the house six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning. Swick aled live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum this as the White House and Senate leaders reached a breakthrough deal shortly after midnight on a massive and historic two trillion dollar corona virus. Relief package for workers and businesses This of course as we talked about at great length yesterday as All the infants were throwing their toys out of their cribs and yelling and screaming in cattle rolling. Well days of temper tantrums. That had nearly been derailed as well. Nancy Pelosi mounted her broom and flew back into the DC swamp with a host a veritable. Christmas wish list of last minute demands but White House legislative affairs director. Eric Coolant saying last night early this morning. Ladies and gentlemen we are done. We have a deal now. Ulan went on to tell reporters that much of the work on the bill tax has been completed and that he was hopeful over the next several hours that Whatever was left would be finished that it would be circulated early this morning. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the bill amounts to unemployment compensation on steroids. And that every American who has laid off due to cove it nineteen Will have their missed. A salary remunerated that provision will enable companies to stay afloat and immediately. Bring back those employees went. Things are safe once again. President trump of course Talking ABOUT ABOUT EASTER. But is he getting a little bit ahead of his skis? So here's what. We know the unprecedented economic rescue package would give direct payments to most Americans no word of course when those payments would actually start. I've heard As early as early April but once again this entire package is it has passed the house before anything can happen but yeah. Direct payments to most Americans expand unemployment benefits and provide a three hundred sixty seven billion dollar program for small businesses to keep banking payroll while workers are forced to stay at home. Now one of the last two issues to be resolved circled around that Five hundred billion dollars guaranteed subsidized loans to larger industries including a fight over. How generous to be with the airlines given the Democrats wanted them to abide by new carbon emissions restrictions. Hospitals would get Significant help as well some DC insiders as A. Nancy Pelosi actually made the rounds giving up for her laundry list of demands. She actually beat a retreat yesterday From that massive corona virus wishlist green new deal projects immigration measures and the list goes on and on a host pardon the pun of other non virus related changes that she and fellow. Democrats had proposed just hours earlier signaling in several television interviews that our troops would likely accept the deal. They better that will emerge from the Senate while casting her own It was about fourteen hundred pages. Fourteen hundred four page bill with a price tag of two point five trillion. Oh well now. Isn't it funny? How things change on a dime. She referred to this Bill as Moore's marker a marker for future fights over the direction of American priorities on Energie. The workforce elections and Immigration Yadav Law. But yeah basically the move was a face-saving exercise not only by Pelosi but by Schumer and of course crying suck trying to take credit for GOP. Bill that he filibustered for Small Ball Alterations Democrats. The conveniently unnamed source said. Couldn't drag the situation out much longer as a result of economic conditions. That as we're all aware aware have worsened dramatically and well president trump's approval rating has indeed risen. I've seen numbers anywhere between fifty and sixty percent approval ratings for his handling of the Cova de Nineteen crisis. Now McConnell said the Senate will meet again today at noon. Didn't set a time for the boat by rule the procedural vote to begin debate on the package would happen at one. Pm Eastern time This unless unless the Senate scraps that vote and that means there's trouble bruin deal came hours after president. Trump's top economic advisor said an unprecedented at six trillion dollar stimulus plan was imminent including four trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve and two trillion in new bunny from the Congress. Then well yeah. Tensions then abruptly ratcheted up back again on Capitol Hill Republican senators. Lindsey Graham Steve Daines taking to the Senate floor and calling for an end to negotiations because his grand put it. Democrats were nickel and diming at a time when people are dying literally dying but interestingly enough if you are watching the markets and yes you need a very strong and sturdy constitution these days to do that but it was. Graham and Danes is late night. Push for that. Immediate vote on a stimulus spell while it came after some of the tensions in Congress had seemingly cooled for the day and Well this send the down. This actually sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its highest point game in its history. We'll get into that with Keith. Wineman presidential management when he joins US at seven thirty five but Republicans said late. Tuesday that Democrats were still seeking those new payouts. That were delaying. Vote on that Final Bill now. Nancy Pelosi is a backed down from her supermarket. Sweep laundry list of a whole bunch of crap. She was trying to stuff into a bill. That's designed to help American. Stay on their feet. You remember. We talked about this yesterday. Her bill included measures to restrict airlines carbon emissions protect illegal immigrants provide for same day voter. Registration Payoff Billions and student loan. Debt encouraged federal agencies to employ minority banks bailout the US Postal Service and yes even fund the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Unlike didn't that that was in there. Hey nance seems to me. Your pockets are pretty deep if you WANNA send some money to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts had meanwhile trump yesterday declared at that corona virus taskforce briefing that the country was nearing quote at the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy of corona virus. Trump's approvals numbers hitting their highest point ever throughout his administration sixty percent of Americans approving of his Corona Virus. Response efforts how. `Bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at Three one nine nine six then you had the director of the US National Economic Council Larry Cudlow specifically saying that This new corona virus. Bill working its way through. The gridlock would total six trillion four trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve. Two TRILLION. In new money typical. If in case you're keeping track. Typical annual appropriations from Congress in ANY GIVEN FISCAL YEAR. Just for comparison purposes are about one point two four trillion with tuttle expenditures. Roughly a four point three trillion could low also said this package will be the single largest main street assistance program in the history of the United States. Yeah but it's got to pass the House I. What do you think's going to happen? I think that Tar Congress critters are going to tow the line on this one because there's so much at stake could be wrong hope. I'm not six seventeen now. Thirteen ten K of K a thirteen ten KFI K. dot com. Got A lot. Coming your way yet this morning but this time check sponsored by carrying hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seventy three seventy eight fourteen nine or caring hearts H H dot com coming up in the best of our community segment Greeley Company steps up to ramp up the production of face shields to help in the fight against Kobe. Nineteen all sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten KFI K. It's always your turn to comment text. Kfi K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now. Thirteen ten. Kfi K yeah. We will get through this. Stay calm and basically lean into the new normal because unfortunately we have no choice. Six Twenty six now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM mornings list. Gail fueled by Great Western petroleum in our best of the community segment powered by PD energy. Greeley based at Genesis. Plastic technology is ramping up their production of face shields To aid in the battle of the invisible enemy of course a coveted nineteen Pulled this out of Biz West as Colorado mobilizes more and more resources to arrest the spread of cove it nineteen including Shelter in place orders That when went into effect just yesterday for Boulder and Denver. Yup a Greeley company is preparing to produce millions of FE shields for medical professionals in the state genesis plastics technologies which has manufactured medical equipment for more than fifty years and has about forty employees is mobilising hands on deck as it ramps up to produce as many as fifty to sixty thousand face shields for frontline medical personnel per day. This according to sales manager Jake comber the shields covered the entire face. And they're designed to be worn over a mask and safety goggles. They can protect parts of the face. That aren't covered by a mask or a respirator. Now comber said that genesis was approached March eighteenth by a client to join a task force created by Colorado Governor Jerry. Police to redirect manufacturing in the state toward medical equipment needed to fight covet nineteen when genesis joined the task force comer said it already had the raw materials on hand to manufacture face shields acquiring those raw materials is becoming a more difficulty added as the Corona virus disrupts parts parts of the supply chains. Now so far. Genesis has made about sixty face shields. The shields have two components a ring that goes around the wearer's head and the shield itself. The shields are made from plastic using a di- a special Specialized manufacturer cutting tool customized to the object. It's designed to create commerce. Said that with that die. Genesis can indeed make five to six thousand shields per hour. Ring is made of polymer right now. It has to be Three D. printed a process that takes about an hour per rain to help speed up the process. Genesis working with about a dozen other companies and private individuals who have lent their three. D. Printers to the effort now comber said the state asked Genesis for one million shields if Colorado develop surplus the shields may be sent to aid medical professionals in other states but comber at Genesis plastic technologies said that of course Colorado is their top priority. The logistics of how shields will be delivered and well the where they will be stored while all that still being worked out but right now the priority is making the shields as quickly as possible for a medical workforce that is already undersupplied said comber from our side. It was how quick can we show? There's a viable product here. And how do we help the people of Colorado in our best of the Community Segment Kudos? To General Genesis. Plastic technologies for getting the job. Done six twenty nine now. Thirteen ten K of K A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Need us. Say as you're well aware we're spending so much more time than ever before with our kids our partners our families well and this as a result of Stay at home orders working from home kids home from school. Well that's become the new normal. As health officials in the government are locking down essentially to help stop the spread of Covet. Nineteen and all that togetherness. Well it can take a toll on your mental health. So asking the question. How do you keep the kids engaged? And busy and stay sane as we literally regroup at home relationship expert Sharon Roberts with relationships. I has some tips when she joins US AT SIX THIRTY PIPE. Thirteen ten KFI Koa preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage Dan. Patrick is coming up in northern Colorado's home for news. Sports talk thirteen ten. Kfi K now back to mornings with Kale and six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI K. DOT COM l live local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as a families are being forced to self quarantine. Spend a whole lot more time together. Hang out with each other rather than Finding the Distractions in activities like going to the theaters and sporting events This kids are home from school. Maybe you're working from home and those Stay at home. Orders are becoming more prevalent as we saw them issued yesterday in Denver and Boulder so how to cope with all that togetherness Sharon Roberts is a relationship expert with relationships. I this is an organization dedicated to helping people go from conflict to connection Sharon. Thanks so much for taking the time. Welcome to the show her much. Good Morning Good morning and I hope you and yours are well. So here's the thing I used to have this number lodged in my brain but unfortunately it's gone m. i. a. but when you look at the dynamic of the family Usually the kids are in school. And you know the parent Sir at work and you gather around the dinner table hopefully sands electronic devices and you know the spend a little time together. Well all of a sudden we're together twenty four seven and while it's a good thing it Has the potential to be well not exactly a brady bunch experience? So how do we cope with all of this togetherness I mean? Sure we love each other but Well we're just not used to it. That's very true. We're not used to it. I mean we. This is completely unprecedented with most of us have never most of us are changing our routines. And we've never faced danger gone through the day exactly like we are right now. Yeah and typically we spend more time with our co workers than we do with our own families. Yeah a lot of people do and you know even for the people who are still going to work there still high stress. You know a lot of people at work in some some people are still leading the house for for the essential businesses. But whichever one you are you've still got the financial concerns and the health concerns and the changed your teams and you know the you know getting through. It could be very different. You know people. Let's not forget the the worries about toilet paper. That sounds it's causing exactly. I mean there. There's all these things on people's minds that like in addition to hey. I'm learning things about you. I never knew before because for a lot of people I never spent all day with you before on top of there's all these underlying fears and Oh my gosh. I have no idea how to talk about all this stuff. And there's one person often in a lot of houses. There's one person to get to talk to this about. And what if they don't respond exactly the way that you wanted them to and then everything far and I think that's another thing that we all need to keep in mind that we need to somehow Adapt to the new normal. I mean it's amazing. How in the past Ten twelve days our life has changed considerably significantly as you just noted on just about every single level imaginable and we have to kind of learn to pace ourselves mentally and emotionally and because we're all trying to cope with everything that's going on but you also have to. I don't know execute the governor in your own brain and I don't mean not the way it signs but you need to Not Become overwhelmingly needy because guess what your family's feeling the same way. Oh that's cool. I haven't heard anybody articulated just like that. I really liked that a lot while. I'm glad that made some sense. Because I think that it's kind of leaking out to all sides and we could be construed as being a little bit overly emotional these days and as far as relationships go if your relationship is in twelve all that it could be that could be magnified in this situation right. Yes I think that's a lot of what's happening is things are being magnified. The maybe before you distract yourself with something night can't and we. I work for A organization called relationships. I and our sounder was when they got started a while back they ask himself the question. Why do couple fights and they found out that it is what they call the objection to different and that means we handle things differently and then we have a hard time with the fact that other people handle things differently and it could be something as simple as you know somebody wants a rotted info. They want to know what's going on in the news and they wanna hear all the national addresses and they want as much information as possible about rotavirus and the other person might be like. Oh my gosh please turn it off. I can't take it anymore. You know. There's there's different preferences. And then they become this huge thing because of the difference well and I think expectations I mean I've heard it said that Expectations are only future disappointments or more imminent disappointments. And I think part of the problem is is that you know if we find ourselves in that pressure cooker crisis mode where our emotions are getting away from us and we're looking for support from our significant other and we're not getting and it's like hey you're not doing it right but on that note. I'd love to give people some encouragement so we teach A process that we call safe conversation. Rogue is a structured way for people to talk and listen to each other that help them connect and so just a real quick overview of how that goes so. There's there's three so I say to mirror the other person so when someone tells you something instead of coming back with you know whatever you thought about when they told you the repeat back what they said they. Okay let me see if I got that And just when people feel heard when someone says let me see if I got that and repeat what they said. It often calm people down just to know that they were hurt. And they don't have to keep fighting to be heard essentially instead of lashing out with you and everything that comes next essentially. It's active listening and validating that. Yes your message was received okay so you said validate and that is actually step to. Yeah yes exactly and a big thing that we say that you know. Validating does not mean you are agreeing with the other person. That's hard for people. Sometimes they're like that. I don't agree with what they said. I WANNA give my own point of view is way to get to validate does not mean you have to agree with them to validate immune view your understanding their point of view. And it simply means you say that makes sense you know. Maybe they've got a different fear from you in this whole thing and whenever they tell you what that is this okay that makes sense even wasn't really makes sense to you except right now that it is it it could make sense to you that it's bad their situation maybe their perspective or their personality or the way they're wired like chances are like it can make sense to you that that's where they are coming from that doesn't mean that's where you're coming from right but it gives you a place from which to build yes exactly and so then the building part we would say step three is the emphasizing where you can say okay. I can imagine you know that coming from either. Your work environment to you know. Working in the living room without a door has a small child running around really hard. And you know and then that can lead you into especially of you know. What can we do about this? Why is this hard? How you guys feeling and and you know we we always say it's not a secret that people have heard you know. Hey you've gotTA communicate But many of us I think have lost that ability to communicate effectively face to face. It's too and it's on and that the hope there is at relationships skills can be learned a lot of times we rely on what comes naturally think that interacting with other people should just be this natural thing But that's a that's another thing that a phone from our founders. Dr Harvey Hendrickson Dr Helen. Lee Kelly Hunt. They say they were there a breakthrough the neuroscience and the nineties that that we learned that we can actually change our brains. The weekend. Brian Kelly program and we can You know when we have conversations and we can help each other feel safe then the fight or flight response that was going into the brain can calm down and move into that solution oriented part where we're actually engaging with each other in a safe way and so if we pay attention to not immediately go into fighter flight okay wait. I want I hear you. I hear you talk about that. I see where you're coming from like that. Can that can literally reprogram your brain to calm down and be productive instead of just fighter flight. Sherline Roberts is a relationship expert With relationships I again organization dedicated to helping people go from conflict to connection. It's kind of ironic Talking about the fact that we're finding ourselves you know socially distancing where isolating were told to stay at home shelter at home where quarantine essentially but at some point do even have to further. Remove ourselves from a Potentially well hair on fire situation if we're overwhelmed do we. Is that the time to call for a timeout for yourself. And maybe just isolate yourself from everything that's going on you know self care is very important as far as you know having a moment to take care of yourself and if you're all in one house you know sometimes you just have to go could be the garage could be the closet like these days like. Just go find somebody. You can breathe. I can still go outside to the she shed. I'm not sure I don't want anyone to forget. You can go outside and you know if if it's a nice day hopefully you know. Please please go outside. And take a break Yeah we're we're we're definitely not recommending isolate yourself like it's okay to breathe and to ground yourself but you do want to enter into the relationships that you have because actually healthy relationships can boost your immune system. That's a fun one. Yeah like they really healthy relationships when you engage in ways then and the neuro chemicals that are released your brain chemicals releasing your body can actually do your immune system that we do actually need that in these times so you don't want to just go hunker down by yourself. You do. Relationships are worth investing in. You do want to move toward those relationships because overall that's going to be the hope in this whole thing absolutely hander boy. I'll tell you what we have ample opportunity. It's kind of like getting to know you. That's what it's all about these days and share and I can't thank you enough for these tips because I'll tell you what it's it's hard enough with everything that's going on relative to cove at nineteen with all the uncertainty in the concerns and the fears and what we have to embrace as our new normal so certainly helps to know that you know. It's okay if you're feeling a little off balance but Basically rely on those important relationships in your life but not much Sharon. Where can we find? where can we find out more about relationships? I face conversations dot com certainly did enjoyed this conversation as well. Thanks for your time your insights and perspectives. Thank you so much be. Well take care six fifty now thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. BARBADOS TO UNC. Bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi for more on KFI programs podcast sports schedule in news goto thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. dot com now Vakhtang mornings with Kale Sixty five thirteen ten K of k a thirteen ten K. K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. Pardon me I'm noodling around on my text messages here Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management the Best Day in eighty seven years yesterday in. The market's pretty tough act to follow. Wouldn't you agree? So what are the markets a doing this morning? We'll check in with Keith. Wineman Presidential Wealth Management when he joins US right around seven thirty five. Thomas cranny witter founder and president of a speak easy ideas and of course our fearless leader. Of vino Veritas for Collins monthly. Get together in which we explore the federalist papers which by the way convened virtually last night. Well he's sent out an email March twentieth this past Friday and it was an eerily prophetic email as well. Here's what he said. Dear Fellow Colorado once I predict our state. Government is soon to command the closing thousands of additional. Colorado businesses not partially but altogether coupled with the euphemistic executive order to shelter in place that order by the way Did take effect in Pitkin County Boulder And Denver just yesterday effectively criminalizing continued Thomas crandall witter and this email leaving once home for any productive purpose without government issued permission papers in hand on Friday March twentieth said. I hope I'm proven wrong. I worry I will. Not No he called it. Didn't he. Tom's grand winter Founder President of speakeasy ideas weighs in on the implications when he joins us at seven. Oh five while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Public Health confirms what we already know. The virus is indeed here this as a number. The number of cases in Weld County has grown to eighty four and Cova da Ra cove nineteen related issues has claimed a third life in Weld County. All right stay. Call take a breath. Stop Hoarding we'll get through this. But we've got the details coming your way in just a few but looking forward to our conversation this morning With Thomas krant wetter. Who sat out that Well kind of predictive email last Friday as to what was a head himself. What's ahead in the new normal? Dr Thomas Cranham Winter. Founder President of speakeasy ideas joins us in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 8, Hr 2  Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

31:52 min | 6 months ago

April 8, Hr 2 Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi Yohei's well the lyric old the day as we continue to function under that Stay at home order and well distance ourselves physically. Don't really like that term social distancing because it seems to me we are trying to come up with creative ways to connect more now so than ever before. Seven eight thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com warning. Sekahl fueled by Great Western petroleum now social distancing according to the Colorado Health Department is indeed working but sadly the peak the apex of the virus. The novel coronavirus and the cases associated with it has not yet hit working peace out of the Fort Collins Colorado by Brooklyn Dance Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced that the state may not see its peak in corona virus in corona virus cases until summer as cements come from the Colorado School of Public Health and are based on real time. Colorado data. Yes I can hear you screaming at me right now. models models models enough with the models. But we're going to get into More modeling and well the Fallacy of some of the models that are being used in terms of determining The number of Cova de Nineteen related deaths around the country and Geeta around the world. Because it depends on what the underlying data is that goes into those models. But we're going to take a deep dive into the modeling process this morning. At eight thirty five but meanwhile back to the Colorado School of public health were certain our peak has not hit in Colorado where confident our models better illustrate the situation. Standard disclaimer applies the Institute for health metrics and evaluation previously had released projections that Colorado's peak would indeed be in April. Meanwhile state epidemiologist Dr Racial Hurdle Hurley said the biggest differences in the h. m. e. that's the Institute for health metrics and evaluation the I. H. M. E. Model and the model that the state is using our the predicted number ventilators needed. And the fact that the I. H. M. E. Model was built off assumptions from Wuhan China. What else can we get from China now? No doubt you've heard that after China was locked down for what almost three months. I believe it was eleven weeks. You've got people returning to the streets. Yes the wet markets in Wuhan China. Still a functioning but unfortunately when a Chinese officials be they health officials or political officials are talking in their flapping their gums. They're most likely lying to us. And that has been the problem from the get go. Oh not to mention the world. Health Organization who is carrying China's water remember the World Health Organization. Came out and said. Oh no no no this novel Corona virus it. It is not transmittable human-to-human really and you're the World Health Organization and just increasingly defensive when it comes to China now you have president trump and I'll get back to this piece and just a few. But yet president trump slamming the China centric as he referred to it and he's absolutely right. Love him or hate him. He's absolutely right. When it comes to the World Health Organization and their defense their ongoing defense of China. This is not racist to this. I'm not xenophobic China wide. They knew about the outbreak of this virus. Far before they alerted around the world that oh well you know we might have a problem here Houston. So president trump slamming China centric The China centric World Health Organization over how they handled the corona virus pandemic in May suspend funding. Yeah well it's about time when you agree. President trump an interview on Fox just last night. Out of the global health agencies projections and pronouncements about the corona virus pandemic have been HASHTAG EPIC FAIL. They have been consistently wrong across the board. Because you remember the World Health Organization. Well one of the best. Examples of their earliest flied pronouncements was to strongly recommend against against the United States restricting travel from China and if President Trump hadn't done that can you imagine where we would be right now. President Trump said. They've called every shot wrong. They don't want to say where. Corona virus came from President. Trump of course doesn't mince words and well gets into trouble for being racist but it came from Wuhan China. It is the Chinese novel Corona Virus and it has nothing to do with being Chinese. For many years said President Trump. We've been funding the World Health Organization. And I think something that needs to stop yesterday. How `bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten? Drop me a text at three one. Nine nine six okay. Went down the rabbit hole just little bit there. But let's go ahead and get back to the fact that social distancing is working according to the Colorado Health Department in the state but the peak has not yet hit in fact they expect peak in corona by a Parana virus cases across the State. Not to happen until summer. So we'll get back to that. I promise in just a few seven fourteen thirteen ten K of k a thirteen and KFI K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey the day's headlines podcast mornings with Gail and more and scheduling upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them at thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM Briefly for away way foray into the proverbial leads and we're back seven twenty thirteen ten k. Of Gay Thirteen Ten. K. F. K. A. dot com Barney's with Gail live local field by great western. Petroleum are trying to work through this piece by Brooklyn dance out of the Fort Collins Colorado end and then well was pulled off track by the World Health Organization and the fact that well they're carrying water for China and if they had done their jobs we might not be indeed in the United States around the world where we are in terms of the real devastation. That Kobe. Nineteen has caused me. Mom back to this piece. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said the state may not see its peak in corona viruses cases Until this summer now state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy was talking models. And Yeah we're GONNA dig down deep into That modeling technique and the the so called are not a factor at eight thirty five this morning but the model. The state is using Are the predicted number of ventilators. That may be needed And the fact that this health metrics and evaluation motto was built off assumptions. Oh in this is what triggered the little four-way Build off assumptions from Wuhan China. All Right Colorado School of Public Health estimates that corona virus testing is capturing only twenty eight percent of people in the state who are symptomatic. But you can still be carrying even if you are a symptomatic. It estimates that between seventeen thousand and eighteen thousand of us in Colorado have or have had corona virus public health data shows us. The disease is spreading more slowly in Colorado than it was a month ago. Now this according to state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy. That's good news adding without Your sacrifices. We would've seen exponential growth in the number of cases in Colorado which takes us back to that aren't not factor. Does one person in fact three or does one person in fact four? And if you do the math on that you'll see what a huge difference that can make. And why social distancing at this point in time is so important so the health department is Tracking calculating the of days it takes for the number of cases in the state to double the doubling time to track the slowing of Corona Virus Hurley said in early March cases in Colorado where indeed doubling every two days in the last week that number has slowed to every five or six days and that is a trend we can all get behind Hurley. He called his progress. And impact of social distancing so. The health department believes the stay at home order. Which of course went into effect March? Twenty six and what's just recently extended to April twenty-sixth in the state will reduce the interaction with people by sixty to eighty percent. The estimated date of Corona virus in Colorado depends on the level of social distancing achieved so. Let's turn to predictions from the health department. Here's what they say. If forty percent social distancing is indeed achieved the peak date is estimated to be June thirteenth. With fifty percent social distancing the peak date is July Ninth. With sixty percent social distancing the peak date is September fourteen. Now it's interesting. Because it's almost counterintuitive and with eighty percent social distancing the peak date would have been April first at the bottom. Line is social. Distancing is indeed working it is indeed effective and now it's so difficult to do because well changing human behavior is next to impossible to do and it's a brave new world for so many of us. Seven twenty five now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT com so as we see the number of cases across the United States have covered ninety nineteen top four hundred thousand thirteen thousand deaths. Five thousand four hundred twenty nine cases in Colorado one hundred seventy nine deaths. Meanwhile five hundred forty five Kovic nineteen cases. Twenty Nine Thousand Weld County. Begs the question. Why are there so many virus cases in Weld County? Now we've had this conversation several times With Mark Wallace Executive Director Weld County Public Health and environment. But he talked to trevor. Read at the Greeley Trim. And here's what he had to say. Basically doubling down on what he has told us. We talked to him about on a weekly basis but he said a variety of factors may have helped drive up transmission of the virus in Weld County one. Primary factor was the fact that there are outbreaks at nursing homes. And you remember. That was the genesis that was the very beginning of the outbreak in in the nation. When you look at the number of deaths that came out of a nursing home in Washington State Denver Post reported state officials have identified outbreaks. That ferry cours manner and the Centennial Healthcare Center in Greeley Mark. Wallace said. We're not seeing that. We have reached the stage where some of our projections showed that the capacity at the hospital would have been exceeded by now though the rise in the case count indeed seems to be slowing about three weeks after the department issued a public health order requiring physical distancing and canceling events of ten or more people. Wallace said. The caution is still necessary. Can you believe it's only been three weeks? Consider that it was Yesterday we were talking about the fact that it had only been a month. I believe it was March fifth that the first case had been diagnosed in Colorado. It seems as though we've been under this dark cloud that is cove in nineteen for so long now twist time. Meanwhile back to this piece. By Trevor read and the Greeley trip when he interviewed a doctor. Dr Mark Wallace Though the rise in the case count does seem to be slowing about three weeks after the department issued that public health order. Wallace said reminds us. That caution is still obviously necessary saying we have to be cautiously cautiously optimistic about that because well if we make the call too early we could be right back with cases rebounding and that certainly is the last thing that we want to see. But it's kind of interesting if you look at the rate of identified covert Nineteen Cases Across the State Weld County does have the highest rate among counties with populations of one hundred thousand or more Slightly more than one hundred seventy cases per one hundred thousand people in Weld this. According to state data that was released just yesterday. That's well behind. The highest case rate in the state six hundred seventy eight per one hundred thousand people in Eagle County but think about this Eagle's population is a little more than fifty thousand compared to welds more than three hundred thousand all right. I'm twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. K. A. DOT COM. All right comedy the mistress of the obvious. We know the markets these days. Nothing short of a roller coaster ride. It's called the Wall Street casino for reason. Why but what we don't know is which way the market is headed next for analysis. We'll check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management when he joins us in just a few seven thirty now thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES. Weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi K seven forty one now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten A. Dot com when he saw gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Really City Council heard breakdown of where patients with Gobert nineteen actually are and also talked about concerns over shelters because of the extended stay at home order joined by Thirteen ten KFI KFI news. Director Troy Coverdale. He tried good morning. Good morning how are you? I'm great this morning and you. I can't complain up and nobody did you. Get out and see the pink. Moon doesn't look pink to me that last night. No well you have another chance tonight. If you care to indulge in the Superman so take us through that to Greeley City Council meeting. Well let's start first with the The shelter aspect of this as the city council last night discussed number of items related to the Related to the spread of Corona virus. And one of the things that has taken place of course Through the early part of this was that the city began operating shelter at At Island Grove in the hopes of being able to keep the virus from spreading further among the homeless population with the extension of the stay at home order though the operators of show of those shelters United Way and Catholic charities Might find themselves having to close low shelters before the stay at home order comes to its completion as the contract reportedly makes it You're rep goes through the end of April or through April eighteenth. Excuse me goes through April eighteenth and so that poses a bit of a funding issue going forward a bit of Gabba particularly since Governor pulls extended that stay at home order to April twenty. Six you're looking at eight days in there the difference and already of course looking also at in both the United Way and Catholic charities to organizations you know that that rely completely on donations. And so it's going to be interesting to see how the city and how locally we answer those questions Four those who are less fortunate in the area that Dealing with The potential spread and and trying to keep them from catching up to the spread. You know the same issue of course raising its head in Denver where they're going to utilize with the National Western Complex to house some of the homeless in an effort to try and stem the corona virus spread among that population. And you know. We talked about this on several occasions. Troy Stay at home order. That's all well and good unless you don't have a home and you talk about Of the most vulnerable populations in terms of exposure to Cova nineteen among us and that is the homeless population. You're right and the way that our shelters have been designed to over the years it's been about getting as many people inside as possible and that doesn't lend itself well to what we're seeing now with corona virus and so the opportunity to be able to split those units out so that people have the the required spacing at least in an effort to try and keep Toronto virus from spreading among them. is an unbelievable challenge. And it's not a cheap one to deal with either the other aspect of this to me. That's an interesting part of it is. How do you encourage those who do live on the streets to take advantage of a shelter right now in the midst of this animal? Be perfectly honest. That's not clear to me and I would love to be able to get the Feel from those who are dealing with the homeless. Just how a are approaching the situation Because knowing full well that they're trying to be exceptionally helping to those who are in in a situation where they where they're fighting not just for their existence in terms of fighting this virus but fighting for their existence overall a couple of very close friends of mine to actually have an organization in which they serve the homeless Santa about. I don't know month month and a half ago. Had the opportunity to go out there with them. And I'll tell you what it was a fascinating experience. Not only in terms of breaking down. Some misconceptions admittedly had about the homeless population. They're very well informed. Did they know at least the ones that I interacted with? They know exactly what is going on. And this is just as a covert nineteen was ramping up. But I digress because you make very good point many up them at least the ones that I interacted with many of them in the homeless community are shelter of verse. That's the last place they WANNA go. They're suspicious. They're concerned so yeah right. You're yeah they're they're they're suspicious. They're they're they're not bully buying into That they that the shelter is in their best interest And they like in some cases they like the freedom of where they are and what they're doing in how they're living their life at that point and While we say that they may be the less fortunate in some of their cases. This is the choice that they have made and they're perfectly fine with that and so it it is an interesting situation. Look at and and realize that no you can offer the shelter but there may not be people who want to take advantage of it and are perfectly fine with taking their chances out on the street. Yeah it certainly is a conundrum to be sure now. City Council also heard a breakdown of where patients patients with covert nineteen? Actually are and that's been point of some contention hasn't it? This is specifically the two hospitals here in town and get just that for informational purposes as you know currently still in the county and we're looking at five hundred forty five cases that have been a reported twenty nine devs and I noticed that the folks at the Greeley Tribune this morning are reporting that the one person specifically the they have followed through this in relation to Just as nasty way so you add to that list but In terms of the breakdown of the two hospitals and the North Colorado Medical Center with just over fifty at fifty two cases that they are currently trading nineteen at the UC health hospital. Right here in Greeley. So total seventy one hospitalizations currently Keeping in mind you see how in terms of beds is just over fifty beds so you know. They're not quite to half of their beds. Being a cases of of Corona virus. But we will see here how continues to develop of course as as they climb continues also seen it in. Larimer county that over the last couple of days the number of new reports leveling off as there have just been a and full of renew reports the last two days in Larimer county though the county is at one hundred sixty two now Cases of Gerona virus. That have been confirmed. You know it's interesting because we get into the modeling. The number of models that are being used in order to calculate Exactly what the peak will be. Are we flattening the curve? Social distancing working yes to that latter question but the bottom line is have we seen the peak just worked from a piece out of the Denver. Post this morning talking about the fact that we might not see the peak in Colorado until the summer or until November if one of their race plays out. And that is the the Flattening the curve rate that they would like to see take place and that would be strictly because you have taken advantage of the opportunity to space out those cases the worst part about trying to determine where that peak is going to be though continues to be where we are in regards to testing and it is so hard to to get a handle on where we are quantitative evidence of where we are because at every point you turn you continue to hear of the challenges of getting people tested whether it's the lack of tests or the fact that people in some cases aren't getting tested because they don't They they're not leaving their home to take a test potentially And the fact that we don't have a good idea yet how many people are asymptomatic. None of that Gives us good hard fast answers? Unfortunately at this point right. And it's all about mitigation and containment at this point troy. Coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News Director. Thanks as always be well. Thank you seven. Fifty one thirteen ten. Kfi Am thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot Com coming up an ICONIC COLORADO landmark closes. Its doors for the first time in. It's one hundred and twenty eight year. History or brass. Unc Bears Target Game Coverage Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi In missing sports on KFI K. Enjoy SOME INSTINCT CLASSICS WITH. Kfi Am classics every Thursday and Friday night. Thirteen ten K. K. and thirteen ten K. K. dot com. But the first time since it opened in the heart of Denver in eighteen ninety to eighteen ninety two the Brown Palace Hotel and spy has closed to guests finally succumbing to the pressure of the Corona Virus Crisis. Seven fifty six thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com gail fueled by Great Western petroleum working for peace by Joe Rabin out of the Denver. Post after eight rooms were occupied on Monday. Night the beds at the historic hotel at three twenty one seventeenth street in Denver. Where empty Tuesday morning associates worked with some of those final gas to find rooms at other hotels for the rest of their stays. The decision of course was made with the safety of guests and employees in mind cratering travel demand amid the cove nineteen also factored into the into the decision general manager Mister Machete said it's tragic. I don't know how to describe it in our current environment. It's tragic and historically it's tragic. I think the decision tells us the severity of the climate. That we are in reopening date has not been announced to but the GM spoke on Wednesday in terms of weeks. Not Months now Brown Palace was pretty much hold out with many other. Luxury hotels downtown already closing. Despite being deemed essential businesses. They could stay open during the stay at home order if they wished even the palaces sister property the Holiday Inn Express. That's an interesting sister property. Isn't it at seventeen? Fifteen tremont place was closed Two weeks ago when the GM of the Brown Palace told the Denver Post the Brown Palace. Intended to stay open through the crisis if it could during the closure. Gm said sales and engineering staff will keep working at the hotel renovations to meeting spaces in the building. Already underway and rooms are expected to be up dated next. The hotel is operating with about fifteen employees right now between the Brown Palace and the Holiday Inn Express. The complex usually employs three hundred and forty or more workers. Colorado Hotel Logic says estimates at the hotel industry in Colorado. Has Shed more than twenty two thousand five hundred jobs. Absolutely heartbreaking since the corona virus began spreading in the State. All right many companies in the states indeed around the nation repurposing their equipment to help in the on going fight against Kobe. Nineteen this in the manufacturer of So-called p. p. e. protective equipment and Ventilators while you could say genesis. Plastic technologies in Greeley an early adopter of this trend as the company was commission and asked by the Colorado Manufacturers. Ppi Task Force to lend a hand on March eighteenth and according to J comber sales manager at Genesis. Plastics Technologies Greeley. Well ever since governor pull US mentioned company and showed their facial their prototype fe shield on March twenty second. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Genesis plastic technologies. That Jake comber weighs in at eight. Oh five thirteen ten K. Up Gay Greeley whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten. Kfi Hope that you had some semblance of a family gathering of course Practicing safe a social distance over the weekend over the long Memorial Day weekend Sunday pretty much a wash right play. That rain just came down didn't it but as we talked about In almost every aspect of our lives as a result of covid Nineteen Memorial Day that day of remembrance in which we honor those of our military The brave military that have given the ultimate sacrifice in the numerous conflicts over the years while it looked a little bit different now. Didn't it six. Oh eight thirteen ten. Kfi K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings. Okay all live. Local fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Working for a piece out of the Greeley trip by Bobby Fernandez because of public health concerns over the COVID. Nineteen pandemic Greeley's traditional Memorial Day program at Linn Grove Cemetery was canceled. Normally the event sees a guest speaker deliver a speech Pool Ensemble of Greeley Police Honor Guard members raising and lowering the American flag. The ceremonial releasing the DUBS. Hope and some words. From the lights of Greeley Mayor John Gates and the Weld County commissioners the event also normally sees hundreds of attendees paying their respects in two thousand nineteen alone for example. More than three hundred people attended. Perhaps you were among them. But just yesterday about a dozen curious spectators gathered. Near the BELLTOWER in the epicenter of the cemetery around noon as a much more condensed to ceremony of sorts took place. A trio of Honor Guard members rose the flag. The public address speakers played a recording of ray reads. Freedom is Never Free Memorial Day speech at noon as it did on the hour from eight. Am TO ONE PM. And while small groups of people came and went visiting the grave sites of their loved ones at the cemetery and occasional onlooker circled their vehicle around the Bell Tower area where the traditional avenue of flags display was set up honoring our lost veterans displaying rows of American flags and providing the closest a- semblance of a traditional Memorial Day festivities at the event about hope that you had a wonderful meaningful memorial day weekend. Oh my gosh. Did you see the video coming? Out of the lake of the ozarks ban. They were partying like it was nineteen ninety nine. This is they lifted restrictions at like those sorts in Missouri and the photos and the videos of the people just whooping it up in the pools and the Patios and on the lake of the ozarks. Well needless to say public health officials in the story. They're just too happy about those developments. Six eleven now. Thirteen ten K OF K. A thirteen ten K. dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by grades Western Petroleum. And again I think that does Colorado continues to loosen restrictions relative to all of the restrictions that we saw as a result of The spread of covid nineteen there still that need for us to just keep. Perhaps if it's not in the forefront of your mind obviously it wasn't the ozarks Bud in the back of your mind that yes there still is a pandemic going on and I'll leave it to you. Far be it for me to tell you how to live. Your Life. Government's been doing that for far too long. In my very humble opinion as we've been shut down for the better part of ten weeks so what will it all look like well as we talked about last week you had governor Jared Polis Making that announcement talking about a very fazed very careful cautious reopening of any number of facilities to include restaurants that will actually start on Wednesday but while curbside pickup and delivery is still highly highly encourage the health department said on Sunday that any establishment that can adhere to the guidelines and ensure access to food for on premise. Consumption can indeed open on Wednesday now according to the guidelines that have and they're still fleshing out a lot of the specifics relatives but governor. Police did indeed fat blanket ban on in-person Dining Colorado restaurants again beginning on Wednesday citing those declining numbers when it comes to Covid nineteen case growth. Now we're GONNA get into details because Well let's just say that. He covered a lot of ground because his order also allowed private campsites to reopen immediately and for day camps and youth sports programs to begin on June first Colorado. I believe a one of five states across the nation To open use sports and of course as with anything else pertaining to covid nineteen. Well it's being met with a lot of controversy and a lot of debate now previous order also ordering Ski Resorts closed. That has also expired. This allows operators to restart with the approval of their county health authorities. Now the statewide lift comes days days after Colorado. Health officials granted that variance to larimer county allowing restaurants gyms and other so called non essential services to reopen at limited capacity. We'll get into that at six thirty five this morning but question for you as restaurants and we're going to get through all of the guidelines. What would that look like? And what will that feel like? But as they are permitted to reopen on Wednesday it begs the question. Will you take advantage of that? Are you just champing at the bit to get out and go to a restaurant when she get out? Do anything these days right but will do you have the confidence level to go back and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. Can't believe the words coming out of my mouth. Isn't this also surreal nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten? Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six comfy going back and enjoying enjoying on premise in restaurant dining this as Restaurants are given the green light with a whole host of restrictions to reopen across the state on Wednesday. LemMe Know Six fifteen thirteen ten K of k thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com this time checks sponsored by carrying heart some healthcare serving northern. Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight fourteen nine or caring hearts h h Dot Com sports story northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Kay hey for more on KOA programs podcast sports scheduling news. Go to thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM now back to mornings with Kale Information. Coming out of the governor's office over the weekend once again as Colorado enters into that fees cautious reopening of the state as do five other states today now while governor police did indeed extend The states safer at home guidelines order mandate whatever you WANNA call it Several more days to June first he outlined a number of guidelines in order for restaurants across the state to reopen as early as tomorrow of course with a Cornucopia of restrictions in place. Six twenty three now thirteen ten. Kfi K A thirteen ten KFI A dot com still recommending curbside pickup and delivery. The health department said that any establishment speaking of restaurants but after companion piece here out of nine news that says some Colorado Breweries can reopen along with the state's restaurants if they serve food will get into the details so relative to that and just a few but any restaurant that can adhere to the numerous guidelines and ensure access to food for on premise consumption. as they provide on premise consumption can open a as early as once again tomorrow. Outdoor dining services encouraged the guidelines say restaurants need to obtain proper licensing and permits to expand their patio seating specific requirements for outdoor dining. Well it seems as though once again as with all things a covid nineteen it seems as though the business owner does have some leeway When it comes to those guidelines than we expected digital guidelines to come down probably later on today. But here's what we know. Indoor dining service can take place at fifty percent of the occupancy rate. Now we've had the opportunity to talk to a couple of restaurant owners. One Lauren bogaerts. Shooter's Grill in rifle. That reopened who going against the governor's orders summarily Had her food license a revote by her board of County Commissioners. But that's exactly what she was trying to do. She was trying to do Outdoor dining I in the parking area right in front of her restaurant and then on the sidewalks and well summarily was closed down for any number of reasons not not just a few of them. Political Tiffany Halton. Of course little closer to northern Colorado who is cone co owner of lonesome? Buck and stuff to Burger actually got into an interesting conversation with her because well she wants to move at very cautiously but you have to remember restaurant. Pop profit margins are extremely narrow and so. I posed the question tour. Well what happens if the government says you can open it or I don't know thirty percent capacity is. Is it really worth it for you to reopen to which she said no? It's just it just doesn't make any sense. So at fifty percent capacity does it make sense. Are we going to see numerous restaurants reopen or won't make sense for them Just from the bottom line but once again indoor dining service can resume tomorrow at a fifty percent of the posted occupancy code limit with a maximum of fifty customers. If specific requirements can be met. Now the list is rather lengthy. So I'll just give you the reader's Digest version of the requirements for restaurants reopenings across the state patrons in different parties must be a minimum of six feet apart. Of course that is that social distancing guidelines spacing of tables need to be six feet or more to ensure proper physical distancing between diners from different parties all employees must wear face coverings disinfecting deep cleaning of all shared services between seedings has to take place hygiene sanitation stations need to be a setup and indeed used the use of single use menus is Encouraged or customers should be able to access digital menus on their mobile devices guidelines continue implement social distancing and bathrooms closing certain stalls remove close game rooms dance floors and games such as pool or darts ensure maximum. Ben Elation by opening windows and minimizing minimizing air conditioning. To the extent possible make efforts to reduce congregating an inside and outside the establishment which could include encouraging. Reservations seems once again and though Governor poll is setting down these over arching guidelines but giving restaurant owners Some choice and how they actually implement them Depending on how their businesses operate waiting parties must not congregate in entrance areas. Should wait in their cars or off. Premises until seating is available. No communal seating no self service stations or buffets. No seat yourself options to ensure the table has been disinfected prior to a new patron and also to use contactless payment cash. As much as possible restaurants must also implement a system to monitor possible symptoms for employees among many other requirements and the guidelines to help protect staff one employees per shift will monitor staff and patrons to ensure safety pair protocols are being followed and face coverings once again required for employees as well as vendors suppliers and contract workers. All these rules. I still I was just in Safeway yesterday. Yes you can't find ground meat. I can attest to that fact. I still for the life of me. Forget to look down on the floor when you're entered entering or exiting an. I'll nine times out of ten on going the wrong way. I just is it more trouble than it's worth. That's the problem. Are you having trouble keeping all of these rules straight nine seven three five three or is it just me nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten trump texts at three one? Nine nine six now as you're well aware restaurants in Colorado have been closed for inside. Dining since March and numerous local businesses have shuttered as a result. Take out and delivery of been allowed under the state says stay at Home Order. Which by the way has been extended several days to June? First Governor's office has allowed for the sale of to go alcohol to help bolster revenue now after June. First the governor's office said it will decide if the safer at home order can be modified to allow for summer activities and spaces like libraries to reopen all right closing in on six thirty now thirteen ten K of k a thirteen ten. Kfi A DOT COM. So do all of these guidelines when it comes to restaurants does it Restaurants across the state. Does it raise your comfort? Level are yet champing at the bit to get into a restaurant. Nine three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten this as larimer county has received the okay got the green light for the state to ease up on some of its corona virus restrictions. What does that look like? We'll get into details in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with you. Stream s live or. Find your favorite podcast at thirteen ten. Kfi K. DOT com. Well County jumping through all the hoops and getting special dispensation of the under The okay the Green Lights For less restrictive guidelines when it comes to those Gerona virus restrictions throughout Larimer County. Six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings with Gail fueled by Great Western Petroleum. Working out of the Fort Collins Colorado and this morning by Jennifer Hefty Larimer county indeed did receive partial partial at that something partial approval to its various requests this on Saturday For lighter coronavirus than the state's safer at home Rules counties request as for VARIANCES IN TWELVE YEARS. Generally requiring folks to continue physical distancing and mask and reopening businesses like restaurants and. Jim's ahead of a current state guidance sell what was approved. And what indeed is the new guidance as we all struggle to the best of our ability to not only be aware of what these restrictions are. Because it's a patchwork quilt of fact across the state. I mean everywhere you go. It seems there are different guidelines in place so the challenge is not only to know what they are but indeed To observe them so public gatherings here was larimer county requests allow for public gatherings of more than ten people if participants once again you know. The drill can maintain six feet of distance from others. At all times gatherings would still not exceed fifty people face coverings would still be required and some sort of registration system Would be in place to allow for contact. Tracing if necessary. The plan also states that it would reevaluate larger gatherings on June thirtieth to make a plan Moving forward what about malls? Here's the requests from Larimer county allow stores in malls with That have only interior entrances to once again reopen. The mall manager would be required to submit a plan to the health department. Showing how they'd enforce physical distancing and mask-wearing for customers how they'd stop people from congregating and seating or play areas. Employees would be required to wear masks and be screened for symptoms at the start of each shift and more regularly clean and disinfect. All those high touch surfaces retailers once again similar to guidelines issued for restaurants That will be allowed to reopen. As early as tomorrow retailers would only be allowed to have fifty percent capacity of customers inside their stores restaurants food courts in malls would be limited to take out food and drink only by the way. The public gatherings of request was approved by the State. As far as the malls goes it was pre approved of with some provisional conditions. The state emphasize the need for the manager to submit a detailed plan to the health department before opening. It's critical said Jill Hunziker Ryan who is State Health Department Executive Director? It's critical that the indoor common areas be well managed at all times so that no gatherings are occurring and instead customers are moving from one destination to the next. That's my definition of shopping. I don't know about yours any combined. Indoor space is limited to fifty percent of the posted occupancy code limit businesses ensure. There's a minimum of twenty eight square feet per person. Just gets more complicated with no more than one. Hundred and seventy five people in any indoor space at a given time. Well doesn't that go to the square footage in the building I mean? Can you just categorically just pick a number pull a number out of the hat and say no more than this many people I mean? What if you've got a huge amounts of of space? Shouldn't that be part of how many people can be in any establishment at one time? Just asking the question. Meanwhile personal services. Here's Larimer counties. Request allow personal services like salons and spas to submit plans for the county for increasing their capacity to thirty percent an increase from the current limit of ten people inside the business. As long as distancing can be maintained cleaning has increased. Everybody wears a mask. Customers may remove mass. Only when the mask inhibits the service. Employees would have to screen clients for symptoms. Keep a detailed appointment log for once again. Contract tasings tracing and clean up all equipment between clients That was approved a recreation. Here's Larimer counties. Ask on that. One allow recreation programs and cities to reopen that allow for maintain physical distancing limited gathering sizes increase cleaning. Employees would be screened for symptoms and required to wear masks. These programs would be required to operate at fifty percent. Capacity or less camping would be permitted at open campsites in your local area to one household per campsite group. Camping would not be allowed in the same general area including group or individual campsites and campus should stock up on all supplies before leaving their particular community. Rental equipment for outdoor recreation would be allowed only if those pieces of equipment. Were thoroughly cleaned between use and physical distancing maintained. This includes a kayaking. Voting biking and golfing status approved. Outdoor Group Activities Practices for organized outdoor sports like baseball softball. Swimming and non contact. Sports would be allowed with physical distancing following followed at all times but competitions and games would not be permitted. Can you explain to me why I mean? If you're going to have practices seems to me that a practice is one half of the game but perhaps that is the reason why because once again they don't want Groups of people that aren't already Perhaps in proximity to each other getting any closer to one another. It's also confusing. Fulls can open for practice and fitness classes with physical distancing implemented open swim and public USA. Pools must remain close. Pools were approved other class in this particular section. Were not approved by the State of gyms movie theaters other entertainment facilities there. Mccartney's request was to allow gyms to reopen at thirty percent capacity unless the syllabi is able to expand outside once again all the necessary. Requirements are in place when it comes to Wearing bass and social distancing people not allowed to use machines for example on a gym within six feet of another person and equipment must be cleaned frequently. Clients would be screened for Scranton symptoms before entering the facility group classes in enclosed rooms. Would it be allowed? If they're limited to just four participants plus the instructor again asking the question. How do they come up with these numbers? This unless the gym submits a written plan to the health department outlining the facilities square footage again. What should factor into mix and plans to maintain social distancing saunas? Shared spaces would remain closed now. Theaters theaters could also been with groups of patrons once again sitting at least six feet apart tape on the floor to help. Patrons maintain physical distancing increase cleaning of all high touch areas including seats armrest. Employees must be present in each theater to ensure social distancing guidelines are indeed enforced workweek. I mean we're not even halfway through this list and once again I hope you're taking notes because it is of difficult to remember all of these new rules in the new normal. So tell you about we will work through the rest of this just in case. I haven't hit upon something you're interested in because it talks about education and childcare locked term care facility places of worship. Lou. There's a controversial one for vacation and short term rentals libraries while the list goes on and on just in case you're wondering these new guidelines those that least were approved by the state health department when it comes to Larimer county relaxing some of these restrictions. The new guidelines went into effect on Saturday. This past Saturday may twenty third and will last until the final expiration of the state's safer at home order once again which governor Jared Polis extended until June first. So we'll get into that. I'm just a few six forty eight now thirteen ten KFI K. Verse TO UNC Bears Target Game Coverage. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Okay all right. So we're working through this. Rather lengthy list this as a larimer county went down on bended knee and submitted that request for special dispensation from the governor giving it Well just a little bit more laxity when it comes to enforcing a some of these strict orders orders while once again it's all about semantics unenforceable orders when it comes to the covid nineteen restrictions and I know it seems as though I am just taking you through the weeds as we've talked about What was approved and what wasn't approved but I'm doing that for a very specific reason because I can't help but wonder as we're talking about all the cleaning and the disinfecting and social distancing and the restrictions on the number of people that can be an any facility at any given time I have a wonder if is it easier just to stay at home and his that the intent of how complicated all of these admittedly less last lacks are think about it. Can You keep all this straight? I know I can't nine seven zero three five three three hundred ten eight seven seven three five three. The thirteen ten dropped me a text. Honor Thirteen ten. Kfi Text Line at three one. Nine nine six is that indeed the point and did you ever think in your lifetime we would be having this conversation about what you can and cannot do. Even if you're just going outside to recreate nine seven three five. Three thirteen ten. A seven seven three five three thirteen hundred. Don't get me wrong. I am not minimizing the impact. I am not minimizing The contagious nature of covid. Nineteen nor am. I'm minimizing the heartbreak and the tragedy of the deaths associated with a Cova de Nineteen. But the bottom line is as I sit here and talk with you each and every morning. It is difficult to believe that these words are coming out of my mouth all right so we've worked through. Let's see public gatherings All of the Requests that were made by Larimer county to the State Health Department governor police to ease up on some of the the restrictions. Okay and well. They got approval and they got partial approval on some of their requests. So we've worked through public gatherings and malls and personal services restaurants and bars recreation outdoor group activities gems movie theaters other entertainment facilities again. It all goes to your particular comfort level. This is not about judging anyone and respect your right to say no. I'm not ready to go out yet. I'm just not ready to go into public venues fine. That is your right but it's also others right rights to make their own decisions. And how many times have we seen on social media? businesses and individuals being shamed for simply trying to live their lives as cautiously and carefully will leave like the ozarks out of the equation this morning because that was just a free for all but how many times have you seen businesses and individuals being shamed simply because they want to live their lives making their own decisions as adults. It's pretty reprehensible. In my humble opinion education and child care long term care facilities. Tell you what we're going to get into that Probably later on in the show because the list goes on and on and on no doubt you've heard the flap over places of worship President trump saying that places of Worship Churches Synagogues Moss. Whatever the case may be are being unfairly targeted in terms of covert nineteen that the heavy hand of government is coming down on Services and religious groups basically saying you need to reopen and many governors across the Nation San Jose. No way not so fast uring up for yet. More constitutional challenges in an era of covid nineteen sixty seven out thirteen ten. Kfi K y the whole sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI Greeley thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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April 9, Hr 2  Troy Coverdale

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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April 9, Hr 2 Troy Coverdale

"This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI A pop nineteen continuing to take its toll on so many levels including the jobless roles as they continue to swell due to the corona virus. Shut down six point. Six million Americans filing first time unemployment claims in the week ending April fourth this the Labor Department reported about half an hour or so ago that brings the total claims over the past three weeks to more than sixteen million people. So just for comparison's sake if you stack those two numbers against each other if you basically compare those planes to the one hundred and fifty one million people on payroll in the last monthly jobs report that means the US has lost ten per cent. Ten percent of the workforce in three weeks most recent number according to a report From CNBC The rose most recent number represents a decline of two hundred sixty one thousand from a week ago which was revised upward by two hundred nineteen thousand to nearly six point nine million the Fed also taking some rather unprecedented steps. Well I am the mistress of understatement. Here this as the Fed pumping in another two point three trillion dollars in loans and economic stimulus providing loan money to states municipalities and. Yes even those big dreaded evil corporations but I'll tell you what we will flesh all this out in much greater detail when Keith. Wiedeman presidential wealth management weighs in on all this fast breaking news at seven thirty five. Meanwhile if heard in our news this morning that the ACLU is added again. Suing Weld Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams for failure to prevent the corona virus outbreak in the county jail. Now I reached out to share frames this morning and he got back to me by as I pretty much anticipated expected. He really can't say much until the court proceedings place so Hoping to catch up with Weld County sheriff. Steve Reams on this particular topic on Monday but Allison Cherry writing and CPR News Weld County. Sheriff Steve Reams has been sued by a handful of inmates for not taking enough precautions. To prevent this wildly fast-moving Cova nineteen outbreak inside the jail. Well look at the territory. I mean look at the geography of a jail. What Is Weld? County Sheriff Steve Rings supposed to do given the fact that let's just say a jail is by. Its Very Nature. Not of very spacious place right and I understand the concerns but oh my goodness and how many other lawsuits are going to be filed as a result of this one lawsuit filed just yesterday by the Aclu of Colorado and the Denver based civil rights firm Kilmer Lane and Newman alleges? The sheriff has openly eschewed the seriousness of the pandemic and put certain inmates at risk by not releasing them from jail so that they can properly self isolate. There's a conversation for a whole week's worth of talk shows when you agree as you see any number of jails taking a look at well the hierarchy of their prison population and releasing those who are deemed to be. Well we're third low level Releasing them into the general population seven male inmates named the class action or all pretrial meaning. They haven't yet been convicted of anything or at the opposite end of the equation that they're at the tail end of their sentences. They all have underlying health conditions. Put THEM AT HIGHER. Risk of serious illness From Kobe nineteen lawsuit went on to say Cope at nineteen at spreading like wildfire through the Weld County jail and it appears that the only immediate action by this court will change the deadly course of events unfolding there so today and. I'm sorry I don't have I don't have the information readily at hand Since Just grab this and ran with it this morning. I don't have any background information when the lawsuit asserts that The covert nineteen spreading like wildfire. Their Words Not Mine through the Weld County jail and I don't have the information at hand to compare the spread of Cova Nineteen in the Weld County jail to other jails across the state increase. I mean indeed across the nation but today eight reams told CPR News. There were four inmates and eleven sheriff's deputies who have tested positive for Cova nineteen. He did seem the point that the illness could indeed be more wide spread number of people inside the well. Jail has dwindled from March. I there are currently five hundred fifty. Six inmates down from eight hundred. He said the jail has capacity share pre instead for one thousand seventy seven people. So here's what a lawyers attorneys are asking for from Sheriff Reams. They're asking a judge to require share frames to physically distance inmates inside the facility so they can remain six feet apart at all times. How that physically possible seriously. Do you have any solutions? Nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. You have a finite amount of space inside the jail. It's just another reality of what we are dealing with with this pandemic. So what's the solution? All right so they. WanNa judge to physically They WANNA judge to require the sheriff to physically distant inmates inside the facility so they can remain six feet apart at all times to professionally clean to provide furnish to furnish mass for people working in the kitchen. Okay that's fine weld county attorney didn't have any immediate comment on the lawsuit filed on Wednesday. Reams I mean it stands to reason. He's among dozens. Dozens of sheriffs across the state grappling with how to prevent the contagious and sometimes deadly corona virus from spreading inside the jails in El Paso County alone. Which has among the largest jails in the entire state at least eight deputies tested positive for the disease and one forty one year old? Deputy recently passed as a result of complications of covered nineteen. So let's go back to March Governor Jerry. Police in March issued guidance to law enforcement amazing still in the early days of April March. Seems like a lifetime ago? Doesn't it governor? Jared police issued guidance to law enforcement. Prosecutors Public Defenders Judges and sheriffs that recommended cooperation to reduce jail populations and postponed court dates. Possible this in an effort to reduce the spread of covert nineteen and tension centers. And as. You're well aware many sheriffs prosecutors are releasing people from jail so that the people who remain can spread out more and well. It's just a heck of a lot easier to keep the facilities clean. Jail populations are down in arapahoe. Denver Boulder and Jefferson counties due to purposeful releases of certain inmates. The so-called low risk in terms of there being released into the general population outside of the Jail Jefferson County. Sheriff Jess Schrader said this week he was only accepting new. Inmates charged with victims rights crimes that includes domestic violence and crimes against other people schrader as almost cut his jail population and have in the last month alone from one thousand one hundred and eighty two inmates on. March six to six hundred seventy four earlier this week he told CPR news while it's significantly reduced population. We have not seen an increase in most segments of crimes. Since then well that's reassuring but he added. I know it's a scary situation. It's gotten to me just based on the numbers and what we see in other places. We are working diligently to make sure staff is safe. Their families are safe. And we're in a position where we can best protect people and fulfill our mission. Similar effort undertaken in Boulder and Denver where prosecutors sheriffs in public defenders got together and went line by line through jail populations well to determine which of those individuals could be safely released. We tried to reduce the jail populations while also looking at public safety and trying to balance those two this according according to Boulder Da. Michael Daugherty Reims well county. Da Michael Rourke apparently have not gone through a similar process. Begging the question should they well public defenders and civil rights civil rights attorneys think they should advocate South beseeched. The state's Chief Judge to issue statewide guidance to reduce jail populations and to take other steps to stop the spread of covert nineteen and part. They say because the policies are so inconsistent around the state lawyers have also attempted to get the Colorado Supreme Court to weigh in on the policy but justices actually declined that petition earlier this week. Oh they did redefine. What one hundred twenty days when it comes to the General Assembly when it comes to the legislative session for his part share reames said the jail population is lower than usual? Because Weld County judges have granted more personal recognizance bonds and law enforcement officers are issuing more summons for low level crimes rather than arresting and bookings someone in jail reams place to everybody in the jail community in a fourteen day. `isolation locked down to try and contain Cova nineteen. This means can't move around the jail freely and have to remain with the people they have been bunking with all along sometimes. Your options are limited. Wouldn't you agree? Reames SAID NOT EVERY UNIT HAS SINK. Where inmates can wash their hands so he does allow them to use facilities together so they may not make another person six asking how it is to be on the front lines of this pandemic. Sheriff said it was terrible. I'm asking deputies each and every day. He said to walk into an environment where they know they could be infected they. They could take that infection home to their family. They also know they could be an ace syptomatic carrier and those interactions he continued are on necessity for law enforcement. Can't phone it in when you're in law enforcement. Sorry it's pretty up. Close up personal particularly. If you're working in the county jail he sums it up rather succinctly when it comes to a jail population. There is only so much you can do. Sometimes you have to deal with the reality of a situation. Your thoughts nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six seven twenty thirteen ten. Kf KFI holes bored story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey Northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with Gail. Stick around for me. The Dan Patrick show nine am on thirteen. Ten K F K touch base with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management talking about some pretty unprecedented moves though. The Fed is taking in response to The spread of Kobe. Nineteen and of course It's dire impact has it's essentially shut down the US economy this as those so weekly jobless claims came out and another six point. Six million jobless claims have been filed and that brings the total to about sixteen million accounting for. I mean and this is just an incredible number. Ten percent of the workforce now out of work so check in with Keith Mine. Manat presidential wealth management right around Seven thirty five just hurt from Troy. Coverdale art thirteen ten. Kfi KFI news director. And he's going to weigh in on that Acl You lawsuit. We just kind of went through that in pretty good detail. this ACL you lawsuit against a Weld County. Sheriff Steve Regime Santa. We're GONNA work through numbers numbers as he texted me this morning as a troy. Coverdale joins US right around seven forty and speaking of numbers looking forward to our conversation at eight. Oh five with Colorado State University Economists that Jude Bam listen to this. As a Yale University postdoctoral researcher Jude. Bam studied the potential consequences of a global pandemic that could Shutter schools closed businesses and strain hospitals to put that in perspective. He did that work back in two thousand thirteen. Now as the world grapples with Kobe. Nineteen Colorado State University. Economist and a multi institutional team are turning those rather prescient modeled exercises into real valid insights for policy makers now in the last several weeks. Bam and yell collaborator. Eli Senate. Shell have run a series of Analysis based models illustrating the toll that long-term school closures may have on. Us healthcare providers there now fielding inquiries from all over the world from state governments to childcare needs assessment professionals who think the eponymous work could help them navigate the reality of the here and now in just the last two weeks of the researchers created an interactive dashboard for drilling down steps on childcare needs by state city and Industry Sex Sector. Their data in fact was just published in the Lancet public health. So we're GONNA check in this morning with Colorado State University Professor Jude. Bam actually an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics At Colorado State University. Who by the way said this is an I told you so moment? I'm really not happy about. It's very unfortunate. So stay with us For that conversation with Judaism Colorado State University Economist at eight Vo Five. All Right Seven. Twenty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. WanNa stay close to as well because boy those numbers that just came out this morning as another six point. Six million file jobless claims absolutely disastrous for the economy. But then again we are resourceful and we are resilient and you've got the Fed Putting in another two point three trillion dollars in loans and economic stimulus now Word is never ever been done in the history of this nation this amount of money being pumped into loans and economic stimulus that will go to states municipalities. And as I said earlier yes even a bigger corporations this is as a congress of course looking at that For a stimulus and it seems as though They've they've finally getting things kind of figured out when it comes to those. Sba Those Small Business Administration loan so we got a lot to cover actually their grants because they have Businesses can manage to hold onto their employees. They don't have to repay that money back holding onto their employees throughout the Cova de Nineteen crisis but a lot to cover with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management when he joins US at seven thirty five closing in on seven thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. TO UNC. Bear starting game coverage lives on thirteen ten KFI. Catch me. Dan Patrick and the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten. Kfi KOA wasn't an on seven forty four now thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten KFI A com. Let's just to keep abreast of what's going on locally. No one better to do that with than with Troy coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi News Director. Hey tried good morning. Gail so Aclu Suing Welded County. Sheriff Steve Reams for quote failure to prevent Corona virus outbreak in county jail. All right will you tell me in any semblance of any reality in this universe? How the Weld County? Sheriff is supposed to prevent the spread of covert nineteen when the world is grappling with how to prevent the spread of Cova nineteen particularly in a facility. Not Known for well. It's a palatial real estate in terms of space. One of the things that has already been undertaken in an effort to try to limit the spread. And it's not just weld county jail jail stay wide and you see that those who are in on what essentially are the lower of the crimes. Potentially that could be charged yet. Allow people to walk out of jail. You've seen populations declined across the country in in a reason for that or the reason for that is an effort to try to at least gain some space in jail so that you can utilize that space then for the rules. This comes down to really and you. You mentioned this a little bit in your in your commentary just a few minutes ago. This comes down to not so much the Weld County jail as it is a prime place for the ACLU to file its lawsuit a prime target for them to file the lawsuit against but this comes down to the State Supreme Court not taking up the request by prosecutors and by the ACLU and other organizations to put together a standardized rule for were the state and its jails as to how to handle dealing with population and corona virus. Court sure can define what a hundred and twenty days actually means seems to me. In my humble opinion their priorities right now. A little bit out of whack just saying yeah. Political versus yes. Something that could be. They could be a a matter of life and death for some people. Let's be perfectly honest about it but it's not just the love and it's not just a wealth county jail and it's not rattling and and I'm GonNa take this on a on a larger scale but I have to follow a group of First Amendment Attorneys Twitter and for good reason it's called the First Amendment and through that you know one of the conversations that came to light even three four weeks ago as we got into this situation. Was that from a national standpoint on that. This was going to be problematic that this was going to be case. Or you know that that the virus was going to be something that we would have to watch closely in jail populations and prison populations and they're exactly right and we have seen the cases exploded in the various jails and prisons nationwide because there has been so little action to try and wealthy. The spread of it Its cruelty on top of punishment. And that's disappointing but that also speaks volumes to really how we do look at our jails and prisons in some ways and and some of the things that we allow And and some of the management of it at least in terms of how we done things in the past in regards to building mass incarceration situations. And you know. I readily concede that point. And I don't want my take on this to get twisted whatsoever. I don't want anyone to suffer from Kovic. Nineteen but unfortunately when you look I should say because but usually negate your previous statement and we're dealing with the realities of balancing public safety with the safety of the inmates seems to me that sheriff reams has already taken some steps Some pretty important steps in terms of Trying to create a social distancing in a very small environment. I just worry about the bigger picture here and of course that would be something we could get into all on down the line but I am concerned about public safety as I am about inmates safety. Does that make sense? Yes it does. And and it's it's exactly where I am on this matter as well because you're right you have to be able to manage both and you know it. We talk about an ideal like that. It's a roach Phrase that I use too much in these conversations but it is the best thing to explain where we are and that is. It's a fine line. And that's the flaw that way your findings and so much of our society at this point and so much of how we operate and our norms on a day to day basis versus where we are now trying to manage the varying aspects while dealing with a virus. That doesn't care about any of those fine lines. No no and you have to love some of the conspiracy theories that are floating around out there that it does target Certain parts of the population now. You can't Basically ignore that point but if you look at the the population that is suffering the greatest. What are you going to find? Density in a very small area witnessed New York City right. You're exactly right in that situation right. Yeah this virus knows no socioeconomic boundaries correct. It knows no socioeconomic boundaries. It knows just what it is supposed to do is jump from person to person and split that way right. It's a parasite finds the next host. Yup exactly I know disappointing. The situation is what it is but bright again if the one county jail just winds up being a perfect target for those a lawsuit unfortunately yes exactly and I have to wonder if there are other motivations at play. But that's just me conversation. Girl another time micheals probably Tearing his hair out right now. Because we're going along with this but I did want to touch on the numbers as well. Sort of things that were finding. Is that the. There is a lack of consistency in reporting and I saw wonderful threat on this Yesterday by Chris Vander Veen From nine news talking about Cannell from day to day and week to week even now. We're seeing these numbers from the state jump around a bit because of the fact that for my statewide perspective there's not a standardized way of recording could see devas make move up for example as we did in well counting overnight into today Take a serious jump not to say that. This is the rings and why Weld County took the jump at did but you can get those jumps because Reporting those numbers may be a few days even as much as a week later than that does actually took place and so bear in. Mind that as we talk about the numbers as much as we want Want TO PLAY. information And the and the numbers are the best what we can do right now. Even they're not going to be perfect and We're going to continue to see the very varying jumps apparently as we continue to move through this and trying to get a feel for what's going on a in in trying to quantify it so at least we feel comfortable with details rather than The ongoing If you will fog the fight Weld County now. At six hundred seven cases reported in the county up to thirty five in the county that would put Well counting again on out to the lead unfortunately on the statewide level when you compare that to the numbers that were released yesterday afternoon by the State as Denver County then With thirty three so Grim News this morning in Weld County in Larimer County and dinner. Another little bit of a jump in terms of the number of cases recorded. Just one sixty nine in comparison of course to the rest of the state but even there is ten. More cases reported the last couple of days. Then you had In larimer county now with eight data from the Kobe virus. All we can do is Keep practicing that safe. Social distance to not Give this parasitic novel Corona virus yet another host troy coverdale thirteen ten. Kfi A news director. Thanks as always appreciate it. Be well Dr. Martin Bay seven fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi K THE BEST TO UNC. Bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Am get your message out to our community with no co now nine. Am To ten am weekdays on K. F. K. Seventy eight now thirteen ten a ten K. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live. Local fueled by Great Western petroleum as a Yale University. Postdoctoral researcher economists Jude Bam. This studied the potential consequences of a global pandemic that could shudder. Schools closed businesses and strain hospitals. That was back. In twenty thirteen now the world grapples with Kobe. Nineteen the Colorado State University economist and a multi institutional team are turning those Rather prescient modeling exercises into real insights for policy makers Bam is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and resource economics at Colorado State University. He said we're repurposing models. We had done a while back that frankly at the time people really didn't care much about the added. It's an I told you so moment. I'm not happy about it. It's unfortunate but it's also necessary when what if scenarios turn real. We'll check in with professor Jude Bam from Colorado State University when he joins us this morning at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi K. A. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins closing in on eight o'clock sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 8, Hr 1  Dr Ralph Reed

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

36:09 min | 6 months ago

April 8, Hr 1 Dr Ralph Reed

"This is mornings with Kale. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi A to the moon that made a Mars playing hide and seek with that big old pink Superman seriously. If you're feeling a bit out of sorts this morning and well some of us I mean who has it. These days with all the changes in our lives as a result of Kobe. Nineteen if you didn't get out last night to see that big old super moon. It's up there. I was just outside. It is absolutely glorious but it doesn't Look Pink to me sorry. Six seven thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com warning. Sagale fueled by Great Western Petroleum and Mars was actually pulling a disappearing act of behind the moon last night. And you could actually see it without a telescope. Now this kind of fascinating to me. I was talking to a friend last night as a very young son and so they broke out the telescope and they went outside and and dad's set up the telescope. And they're looking at the moon and his young son turns to him. GotTa pull this up. Because you'll appreciate this. I think we can all use a little bit of levity. His young son turns to them and says well they must have cleaned up up there. I don't see any more. I because data actually cleaned the lenses on the telescope. But yeah I mean just to gaze up at this astronomical to lights and just revel in its beauty because well. It's at least one thing. We can all enjoy while practicing social distancing the super moon last night and tonight we'll see the largest superman of the year as it makes its closest approach to Earth Twenty twenty. It's only two hundred and twenty one thousand nine hundred eighteen miles only. She's has in relative terms only two hundred twenty one thousand nine hundred eighteen miles from earth on to see the average lunar distance in case. You're keeping track this. According to NASA two hundred thirty eight thousand eight hundred fifty five miles now back on March twenty fourth. The Moon was actually two hundred and fifty two seven two hundred fifty two thousand seven hundred miles away the farthest it will be in two thousand twenty so you can enjoy big old superman. You tell be if you think. It's pink nine seven three pipe. I don't see it nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. The attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi Am text line at three one nine nine six all right governor police Taking a very cautious look forward to a pandemic free Colorado during a televised town hall. He was actually joined by the state. Epidemiologists end the State Economic Director. In case you missed it. Here's the highlights. Vip's by John Angler in the Denver Post once again hopeful if exceedingly cautious look forward last night at a world in which covered one thousand nine is no longer a raging force that is occupying the minds and psyches of not only almost everyone in the state but indeed around the globe during this televised town hall with Channel Nine the Governor spoke of a return albeit a slow one. A slow return to normalcy. And well what might be? The new normal remains to be seen how things are going to change post a Cova de Nineteen. I can't help but think that normal might take on a whole new meaning but that's a conversation for another time. Police held up. Colorado's hard. Hit High country is an example of a part of the state that may experiences More challenges in the face of its high per capita corona virus caseload but still one that will come back or mountain communities he said like the rest of Colorado. They're strong and they're independent. We're going to bounce back. This is temporary are natural. Assets are incredible state world-class tourism opportunities. There will be a day when we're once again able to embrace tourists from around the world but he cautioned that a resurgence to business as usual in. Colorado won't happen all at once but likely in phases and that state officials will need to remain wary of large gatherings for a while yet. I can't help but think that many of us will do just the same. Somebody said. Let's talk about when we totally get back to normal. That means stadiums full of people congregations of thousands of people going to church. A lot of that will need Cure or vaccine. It seems to me that a vaccine or at least the promise of one in the immediate future is the best path to a return to normalcy. Doesn't mean he continued that bars and restaurants are opening in the same way right away. It might mean a week or two later but many of Restaurants owners can't be soon enough as we shared a piece yesterday talking about the fact that according to a survey of Colorado restaurant owners fourteen percent of them said they may well not reopen. Just another reason to a shop. Local support Those businesses that remain open particularly local restaurants offering delivery and carry out some reopened eateries. Might again have to start out at capacity. This according to Governor Jared Police During that town hall last night he was joined there by Dr Rachel. Herlihy this is the state epidemiologist and Betsy Markey. And it's a familiar name right. That's the Marquis heads up Colorado's office of Economic Development and international trade also a former US congresswoman from Colorado. Markey said that it's important that we continue to practice social distancing where you're mass and stays home as much as possible to prevent the spread to flatten that proverbial curve when it comes to the spread of cove nineteen at the end of the day. The quicker we can deal with this health crisis. She said get the pandemic under control the quicker. We can get our economy back on track. The worst thing the very worst thing we can do to open too quickly and then see another re-occurrence Kovic nineteen among folks. And then we're that much further back now as we talked about Monday. Governor police extended the statewide stay at home. Order have been set to expire Saturday. He extended it until at least April. Twenty six as of Tuesday evening. At least a hundred and seventy nine. People have died of complications from coveted nineteen in Colorado while confirmed cases of covert nineteen rose to five thousand four hundred and twenty nine for now testing very contentious topic of conversation due to the early on lack of testing facilities and testing equipments testing supplies. It said about two thousand tests a day in Colorado state can ramp up to ten thousand tests today if it gets all the equipment needed to do so because the disease is so contagious and testing limited. The governor advise that those who are not not experiencing respiratory distress that requires hospitalization to hold off on getting tested. If you're experiencing cove in one thousand nine hundred systems he said. Please don't go out and scramble around trying to get a test go to a hospital. You might spread it and put others endangers once again. We've talked about this at great length with Mark Wallace Executive Director While County Public Health and environment if you are exhibiting those symptoms of covert nineteen you know the fever and The DRY COP. The list goes on and on best thing to do is call your primary care provider. Call your doctor. Just don't show up at their doorstep early said Tuesday. She's looking forward to a day. When more than just those experiencing symptoms of cove in nineteen can indeed be tested for the virus. Now state health officials said this week that the spread is slowing in Colorado with a daily new cases of the disease dropping from three hundred and eighty seven announced on Saturday to two hundred and twenty one on Sunday but the number of new cases unfortunately jumped back up to two hundred sixty one on Monday. Police also said during Tuesday's town hall that he didn't believe Colorado would run short of ventilators as long as people continue to keep their distance. Just depends he said once again on our behavior governor also acknowledged that even if Colorado gets its house in order on the corona virus pandemic. It's full recovery especially the beleaguered. The travel industry will be heavily impacted. By how other parts of the world are doing in? Combating the virus. He said the world isn't traveling. Right away I mean people are scared out there. When's the next time you're going to go on a cruise just asking the question? So unless the tourism behavior snaps back when the health restrictions are off. It's going to be a very long tail on the difficulties for that industry. Police has generally gotten high marks for his response about near estimation. What's your opinion of how Governor Jared Polish has been handling covert nineteen in the State? Even some of his political opponents are saying yeah. He's doing a pretty good job as he's tried to figure out what measures to take that might contain the spread of cove in nineteen without doing excessive excessive damage. The economy these days excessive. It's kind of a fungible term. Isn't it when you look at the number of folks who are awaiting their stimulus checks but he took a planet criticism at the end March a majority of the Colorado Senate Republicans sent them a letter denouncing his stay at home order saying the governor did not engage them in the decision? Meanwhile governor ended the town hall with the recognition that many people in Colorado are helping others in greater need and being selfless in the face of great personal challenge these stark times. He said the heart of people. The value of people really comes through six seventeen thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. Dot Com this time check sponsored by caring hearts home healthcare serving northern Colorado. Since two thousand one patient care always comes first nine seven three seven eight four nine or carrying hearts h h dot com while the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen KFI K. Business is Good Samaritan Center. Tanner's we want to hear from you know cone now nine. Am To ten and thirteen ten KFI and indeed in a time of uncertainty as. We're all coping with the numerous changes. We have to deal with as a result of the covert nineteen pan-demic. The beat indeed. Go on I'm not only across the nation but in Colorado as a numerous elections were held at yesterday. Six twenty four now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT com. Sagale live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This as Evans residents said let's fix the roads. Yup they did. They passed it ballot. Measure to a this is that refer- referendum measure proposing that a one percent sales tax for street maintenance and repair. It passed out Beit. Unofficially at this point in time with one thousand. Four hundred and eighty five yes votes compared to a mere seven hundred and sixteen no votes in the April Twenty Twenty Evans Colorado municipal election working from a release from the city of Evans. Thanks Land Snow passengers. Long now official election results won't be available until all election. Follow up activities have occurred and yes. The election is certified. That step is tentatively scheduled for April Seventeenth at nine. Am So what will this sales tax measure do well coming? In ended a one percent rate it will generate an estimated three million dollars a year that will be used exclusively for a street maintenance repair paving and widening of Evans Roads. The measure will take effect July. First Twenty twenty will sunset on June thirtieth twenty twenty seven. The total sales and use tax within the city of Evans will be raised from three point five percent. That's not one percent to four point five percent Evans Mayor. Brian Rudy obviously static over the outcome of this Municipal election. The people of Evans Have Spoken. He said they have elected invest in upgrading the infrastructure and our community now. It's our duty and responsibility as the city to follow through and fix roads. No that's me improve our states. This as Evans passes that one percent sales tax for street maintenance and repair in Evans. This as Windsor elects a new mayor. Paul Renna Meyer will be windsors. Next mayor This according to results released by the town of Windsor late Tuesday nights working for peace by cuyler mead in the Greeley trip Renna Myer Soon to be former town. Board member won the mayor's seat with three thousand two hundred and fifty nine votes defeating fellow town board member David Sislansky who garnered two thousand six hundred and fourteen. Boats now ran. A Meyer is an insurance agent longtime resident of Windsor. He was in his first term as a member of the town board when he decided for Decided to run for the soon to be. Vacated seat of current Mayor Mayor Christie Melendez randomize spoke to cuyler. Mead late last night saying the reality of the situation really hasn't sunk in yet nor the enormity of just of what's just transpired sat by my phone for three hours tonight waiting for a phone call in hindsight a record turnout for this election. Looks like the percentage will come in roughly thirty percent of the ballots. Mailed out were returned. Which is huge Renna? Meyer also defeated. Eighteen year old high school senior hunter. Rivera who I believe has a very very bright future ahead in politics. Good for you hunter at the age of eighteen for stepping up. And I'm sure we haven't seen nor have we heard the last of you. In a good way. Hunter Rivera received a six hundred and ninety six votes now. Three seats were up for election and Windsor but none were contested races. Scott Sharpen Tear. Ken Bennett. Victor Talon will represent districts one three and five respectively rent a Meyer seat will require an appointment This House Windsor Alexa. Paul Renna Meyer as mayor six twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM morning. Sagale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. This week the holiest week on the Christian calendar with Easter past approaching also a very critical one in the fight against a coveted nineteen. President trump has remarked that quote. We're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Many are turning to their faith for inspiration and hope. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author of the recently released book for God and country the Christian case for trump. Dr Reed will join us at six thirty five to share. How you too can keep the faith closing in on six thirty now? Thirteen ten. Kfi KFI thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage a northern Colorado. You're listening to mornings with gail stick around for me. The Patrick show nine. Am on thirteen ten KFI K. A. Churches across the country cancelling Easter Church services of concerns over the spread of covert nineteen this as online ministries are seeing a record number of people turning to faith amid the covert nineteen. Democ six thirty six now thirteen K. K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition of a recently released book for God and country the Christian case for trump. Dr Read Welcome to the show. Thanks so much. Gail good to be with you. I so appreciate your taking the time particularly at this most critical time as we are just overwhelmed with all the changes that have come to our lives as a result of Kobe. Nineteen and I find it very reassuring that many people are making a return to faith. Is that unexpected during a time like this? Well well you know. I think that at a time of crisis Particularly of financial and economic insecurity. You know we've had over ten million people fell for unemployment in just the last three weeks at a time when people Maybe all of us have unintentionally put our trust in our jobs and our careers in our investment accounts are 401k's and then all of that is either kicked away or put in jeopardy in the blink of an eye. I'm in the world changed so fast that I think it's natural for people at a moment like that discovering the things that they thought they could rely upon. We're shifting or sinking sand to turn to something that he's eternal and transcendent and the same today yesterday forever. And so people are turning faith in larger numbers we have a lot of anecdotal evidence of that but we also have a lot of data the skyrocketing audiences online of church services and giving two ministries has held up even though the sanctuaries or empty. I mean it's a pretty amazing thing. Actually Gail it truly is but I also think that it shows the resilience of spirit that can do attitude particularly across this nation in order to make things happen. Even though increasingly things are getting More difficult To do but I can't help but think probably one of the One of the most common questions you get and I know I've been asked this by Some of my friends my family acquaintances and colleagues is. How could God let this happen? Yeah it's a good question. It's a natural human question at a time like this and the answer is God did not make this happen but The consequences of the fall are far reaching and uncontainable. So when man rebelled against God and sin entered into this world the consequences of sin are exponential and unpredictable and it means famine pestilence war The creation itself is traumatized. earthquakes hurricanes. This world is corrupted. This world is fallen and for those of us who are a faith. We also believe that we have an enemy and the enemy's so's tears and fields of wheat and seeks to destroy and kill us. And so there's evil in the world as well and so there's evil and then there's the corrupted nature of humanity and the creation now. The good news is that God has a plan for our salvation deliverance from that corruption and from that thin and he sent his son. Jesus to show is that plan teaches us that plan and give us salvation and peace through faith in him and of course this week coincidentally you could say proper in the midst or is You know we celebrate his resurrection and the larger truth of the victory over the grave. Finnan and death and hope and peace over fear. And that's why so many again are going to find their real meaning in life in that celebration this week. Six forty one now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. Dr Ralph Reed is founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author of for God and country the Christian case for trump. I've had the opportunity to work with a number of those who have selflessly served this nation in the military and it seems as though there is a saying that there are no atheists in a foxhole. That's long been the case. And so you find many turning. My brother is a Christian. But I wouldn't say he's particularly devout but we were talking the other day. He's down in Florida and he's fine and he was talking about the fact that he hasn't prayed for a long time and now he is. What is your best advice to us to us? If we're so inclined to use prayer effectively during this crisis I do believe very much in the power of prayer and in the power of intercessory prayer. And I would say that. You know Paul and Peter in the New Testament provide Guidance for us in this. They asked us to pray for those who are in authority. You know we may sometimes feel helpless but I pray daily for the president for the vice president for those who were advising them because they're the ones that are going to make the ultimate decisions that are going to be life and death and they need wisdom and knowledge beyond their own ability they needed insight and discernment the same would be true of government officials at the city and state level. I Pray I've prayed for Boris Johnson in the last forty eight hours. Where you know if anybody's aware of anyone yeah Prime Minister of Great Britain. Who's currently in intensive care and who said persistent symptoms? So I think we need to pray for people who have been infected and whose lives and are potentially endanger Pray for their families. And then the other thing that I pray for is I pray for his purposes to be fulfilled in this. You know I believe very strongly again as I said. I don't believe God Klaus Best. It's not his desire for anyone to perish He wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of a good and a rich life. But I do believe that it happened and will later find out how and I do believe that. We were initially deceived by what was going on. Not You know that that ship a sale we gotta deal with the circumstances were in but I pray for God to end it. Sooner rather than later he can. He's all powerful and I asked him to save these lives and I asked him to be glorified in the process. And one of the that he's magnified in Gora Fine Gael is by people turning to him and you know Napoleon said there are two forces in the world one is the sword and the other is the spirit and the spirit is more powerful and right now those of us have faith have to think of us as warriors wielding the weapons of faith. The the shield of faith the helmet of salvation the sword of the spirit. We need to go to battle in the spirit in the spirit and let everybody know this is not the way things are always going to be with Godsell. We can overcome this and we can and will defeat it stuck to read. I wanted to get your assessment of President. Trump's leadership During this pandemic will I am a friend and political ally the president so you know full disclosure? I'm biased. I just. I just wrote a book forgotten country defending you know. It isn't so much a defensive trump although I do plenty of Bat. It's more a defensive. The faith community for why we have backed him so strongly and I think in the case of the Corona Virus Yeah there's going to be plenty of catcalls from the peanut gallery. But the fact is he closed our borders to Travelers from China in January was criticized by the World Health Organization for having done so. We now know get in places like Queens New York and in places like Milan Italy that That is directly where the virus came from it came from Wuhan and it came from China so we will never know how many hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved by that one. Act alone the second thing that he did was early on. He created a White House Corona Virus Task Force to ensure that we had a government wide response to this across all agencies of government at every level state federal local military our healthcare system and when he appointed Vice President Pence to lead that Corona virus taskforce pence then assembled the best minds in the public health world including Ambassador burks. And Tony Falcone Dr Tony Vilocci and and I think they've done an extraordinary job and even though he was criticized for it I thought when the president suggested that it would be great if we could have the country opened a backup by Easter And See Churches Packed and people worshiping. That obviously wasn't possible but it showed his heart. It was a window into what his desire is and he wants to save every life that he can but he also wants people to have jobs and to have lives and I'm glad that we have a president who's focused on both once a tough line to walk to be sure I mean you don't want to totally destroy the economy but have to balance that in the best interests of public health. No question about it and the president has made it clear for this vice president pence bit the public health imperatives Clearly come first. But we can't as the president has said. We can't make the cure worse than the illness. We can't completely destroy a twenty one trillion dollar economy. Wipe out people's investment accounts and saving retirement savings and destroy thirty or forty million jobs. So I think the very quick response by the president. We've now had an congress on a bipartisan day. Just we've now had three corona virus response bills and I and I really think and I and I argue this in the book Gal that a lot of criticism of the president is just misplaced in a row aeneas. They said that he wasn't capable of being presidential that he didn't have the temperament to lead. That's clearly not true. He's united the country. He's worked across party lines. You look at the superlatives that have come from the mouths of the unlikeliest of sources. I mean governor Andrew Cuomo of New York Governor Gavin newsom of California. I even saw bill de Blasio the mayor of New York City the other day on TV. Saying I talked to the president five or six times a day. The president is leaning into this. He is all over it. He is down to literally helping to manage the shipping of ventilators. Where they need to go and we're not out of the woods. We've got a ways to go. But there are some hopeful signs and when you've got California sending ventilators to New York and when you've got a model from the University of Washington that predicted that yesterday New York would need twelve thousand. Icu beds and they only were using. Four thousand. It tells you at least so far. The worst case scenarios are not coming true because this administration acted before. I let you go this morning and I certainly do appreciate your time and your perspective so important right now as we all grapple with the impact of a cove in nineteen. But I wanted to ask you about and I know it's tough. I mean Easter services cancelled and The faithful this is the holiest week in the Christian calendar. But I had to shake my head when I looked across the country at several mega church pastors defying. Social distancing defying. Stay at home order. The one that comes to mind was in I believe Tampa and just packing his parishioners into the pews. I know it's difficult but it's also to me careless. It's careless to do that to your congregants. Yeah and I think that is clearly. The exception to the rule The American Enterprise Institute COMMISSIONED A survey This week and found that seventy five percent of self identified Christians were not meeting in person And frankly I think it's even higher than that. I attend a a a large evangelical church in Atlanta. We will Have our worship service on line for the fourth Sunday on Easter Sunday? So this'll be a month worth not met in person. The good news as I said earlier is online. Viewership is skyrocketing and ironically enough. More people are probably being exposed to the gospel than ever before. But what you have here. Is You have a ancient centuries long tension between our obligations to the Kingdom of God the Kingdom of Heaven a kingdom which is radically both here now and yet to come but we are also citizens of an earthly realm where citizens of the United States in our state and our city and we have an obligation to obey those laws. So one of things. I point out in God and country is you know people criticize Christians for backing. Donald trump as if because he's imperfect and flawed and as we as a playboy. We shouldn't support him. And my argument is we were doing what was good for our country. We were acting as citizens now whether he's going to go to heaven or not will be between him. God and You know his his pastor or priest but as citizens we're required to obey the laws pay our taxes and try to elect the very best people to enact policies. That will redound for the good of the country. This time wisdom would say that we get back to church as soon as we can. But we and I'll mention one last thing in this context gail that in most states churches were exempted from bans on public gatherings on. First Amendment grounds I think that's a first amendment considerations that's a battle that we can have at another time we're in non-residents times right now and we can all certainly use a little good news. Thank you for sharing that. Dr Ralph Reed founder and chair of the faith and Freedom Coalition author for God and country the Christian case for trump and survey. Can we find your book? It's on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. Thank you so much God. Bless be well. Thank you so much. Gail you to six fifty four now thirteen ten. Kfi Gay best to UNC. Bears targeting game coverage loves on thirteen ten KFI K. Six eight nine now. Thirteen ten K. K. Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's closing in on seven o'clock the whole board story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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April 24, Hr 1  Steve Baker, VP of The Great Game of Business, Inc.

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April 24, Hr 1 Steve Baker, VP of The Great Game of Business, Inc.

"This mornings with Kale fueled by Great Western. Petroleum only thirteen ten K. F. K. NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell kicking off the first ever virtual. Nfl draft from his man cave has basement last night. And what a lovely basement. It was six. Oh seven thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI DOT COM warnecke. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. And thank you thank you thank you to the NFL for giving us another topic of conversation something anything at least for the moment in a time of Cova Nineteen Oh yes and the broncos getting lucky with the fifteenth pick again in round one of that virtual NFL draft. Well Broncos had one thing to say you you'd you guber doing his best to cary grant? Yes duty duty duty and I agree with Marquez. Learned the Denver Post. Is anyone not excited that Alabama Receiver Jerry? Judy who's going to be drew? Locks new best friend virtually fell into John elway's lap yup minutes after the selection was in. You had Denver. Star Portland Sutton reacting with. Just one word. Pretty much summarizing. The excitement in broncos country Lou. We you gotTa Love It. Yep elway made a great selection and Judy no question there. Ron broncos also made a major upgrade at receiver. Judy will be more than a compliment to Sutton. Now Sutton had a pro bowl caliber season in two thousand nineteen seventy two catches for one thousand one hundred twelve yards six touchdowns. Well there's every single reason to believe the Judy could lead the team in all three of those receiving categories in twenty twenty as a bonafide number one target for for lock now in an incredibly gifted and unfathomably deep class of patch. Pass catching prospects. Which Alabama Alabama teammate Harry rugs and a total of six receivers taken during the opening round? Think about. There's little doubt in Judy's mind that Denver made the best choice. Judy said I feel like I'm the best. I like his attitude there. He scored twenty four touchdowns on one hundred and forty five catches during final two seasons with the crimson tide. Roll tide roll. Well while other draft knicks suggested rugs was the Alabama receiver the broncos really wanted or hinted the Denver would have to trade up to land judy. Well it seems as though he fell light as a feather into elway's grasp at Number Fifteen John Elway for his part said. Yeah it was a long long couple of hours waiting to see if he was gonna get there yes. Patients indeed is a virtue some give elway who refused to surrender any of his stockpile picks in order to move up a spot or three in the opening round opening round. So give John Elway. Some well deserved credit. Because now do you get to hear Guber Micah Guber chant? A you gotTa love it. Six ten now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten K. F. A. Dot com mornings with Gail live local fueled by great western petroleum. Hey hope you were with us last evening? For Very special edition of Noko now hosted by Tanner swint. I sat in for the hour. Had the opportunity to with Board Chairman Weld County Commissioner. Mike Freeman about well. How many of their return volley is what I'm going to refer to it as but we're GONNA check in with Scott James. Welcome Commissioner Scott James. This morning at eight. Oh five to see if we can get more details but as you're aware the stay at home order. The statewide as stay at home order expires on Sunday. April twenty six to be replaced by Governor. Jerry polices safer safer at home order. Well County volleyed back with a safer at work protocol working in tandem of course with Dr Mark Wallace who we expect to chat with Monday morning but Dr Mark Wallace Executive Director of the Weld County Department Public Health and environment. Coming up with this Safer at work order now. They're still some questions as to how this is actually going to work But what it does is it. Takes the chokehold the stranglehold off the necks of Business Owners in Weld County allowing more businesses to open under the restrictions and there are still restrictions in place. Let's not get it twisted okay. This is not a free for all in Weld County. It's not like flipping the light switch and we're all back to normal or whatever. Semblance of normal might look like as a covert nineteen winds down but the bottom line is it is much less. Restrictive than governor. Jared polices safe state. Excuse me safer at home order. I get all the orders confused because there's been so many of them but it is less restrictive but not by much because as I read through this order and of course we talked with during that special edition of Noko now yesterday and hope you could join us for that because it was absolutely fascinating when we talked with Weld County Commissioner Board Chairman Mike Freeman. Who went through the order and gave his along the boards reasons for electing to issue a safer at work protocol. I use the word order rather loosely. Because even Governor Jared Polis admits that the guidelines that he issued the take effect. April twenty-seventh the safer at home as do the Weld County guidelines safer at work both go into effect April twenty seven but to use the word order is a bit of a stretch because even governor Jared Polis admits that these are simply guidelines. They're simply recommendations. So we're GONNA work through that this morning. Got Lots of ground to cover. Greeley Mayor John Gates will weigh in on the safer work order a shoot yesterday a jointly by the Department of Public Health and environment while county and the of course the Board of Weld County commissioners will get Greeley Mayor. John Gates take on the safer at work order when he weighs in this morning at eight. Thirty five a special time this morning as well had a lot of juggling because we got so much ground to cover but Special Time this morning seven twenty. We're going to check in with Kevin Car fat guys at the movies fat guys at the movies. Dot Com so again very very busy Joe ahead and I hope you can stay with us by the way interested in your thoughts on this safer at work protocol issued by the Board of Weld County Commissioners. What's your take on that? What is your feel on that because based on the input that I've heard from several of you let's just say that attitudes range far and wide on this some of you are in full favor full-throated approval of saying yes? It is time to get back to work and we need to be responsible in our reactions and our actions as well. County slowly opens up once again again. Let's not get it wrong. There are still restrictions in place everything from social distancing to the recommendation that you don't get into groups of larger than Tang handwashing sanitizing surfaces. You know the drill by now but the government instead of picking and I'm talking about the Weld County government here instead of picking winners and losers as Well County Commissioner board chairman. Mike Freeman so articulately. Put it yesterday. They're putting the onus of responsibility on us as freedom loving people to make the right choices and do the right things so that Kovic nineteen doesn't spread doesn't spike in Weld County as restrictions are east. Some of you love it. Some of you think it's the wrong idea. Be Interested in hearing from you this morning. Nine seven three three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six whether you're a business owner whether you're a consumer. I'd love to hear from you. This morning are closing in on six. Seventeen thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K. A. K. A. dot com this time check sponsored by carrying heart some healthcare serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where Beijing care always comes first nine seven zero three seven eight forty nine or caring hearts. H H DOT COM. Well the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. We're here with YOU STREAM. It live or find your favorite podcast thirteen ten. Kfi Dot Com six twenty four now. Thirteen Ten K. Up Day ten. Kfi Dot com mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right does some applauded the move by the Board of Weld County Commissioners in conjunction with the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment as they announced it yesterday. A safer at work strategy to go into effect. April twenty-seventh now. What exactly does that mean? Well we're still ironing out a lot of the details. I know yesterday when I joined a tanner. Swint for that special edition of no call now from five to six. We had a lot of questions coming in from you and welcome. Your questions asked always this morning. The attacks at three one nine nine six or give me a call nine seven three five three thousand nine hundred ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. How a lot of questions about what this actually means for Weld County now Sherry pipe complete Colorado on it as well and she wrote in her piece on complete Colorado. Page two. If you want to find it just go to complete COLORADO DOT COM. Excuse me click on that page to link but what businesses can reopen. Their doors. Still isn't exactly clear. But here's where it actually departs from governor. Jared pulses safer at home initiative. That goes into effect. April twenty-seventh as well it appears in Weld County that those businesses may may include restaurants gyms and other businesses still closed on the state level. And we hope to flesh out even further this morning. When we're joined by Weld County Commissioner Scott James but here is what was issued at yesterday and I'm not going to go through the entire guideline package because it is. It is fairly lengthy. I believe we posted up on our thirteen ten K. K. A. Website. Thank you to call yesterday doing a great job Troy Coverdale. Doing Yeoman's work as well for that special edition of Noko now so you can find this safer at work. Best Practices for reopening businesses in Weld County On our website. But here's what this document had to say. Our goal and this is written to business owners. Our goal is to support you in safely reopening businesses as we enter this first phase of relaxing cove nineteen restrictions. Your customers and staff will have confidence. They are safe when they see your business following best practices to prevent the spread of covert nineteen. And you know that litany I mean we know it by heart now right. Try to limit group gathering sizes indoors to ten or less and that follows along with The Protocols put out by Governor Jared Polis with his safer at home initiative. Try to limit group gathering assizes indoors to ten or less When ensuring even when ensuring social distancing remember seniors and those with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions are indeed at greater risk of getting very sick from covert nineteen consider posting warning signs or adopting. Your operation for these spoke folks especially if your business focuses on young families with children the more you combine best practices this according to this memorandum issued safer at Work Cope in nineteen best practices for reopening businesses issued by the Department of Public Health and Environment in Weld County. The more you combine best practices the safer your staff and customers will feel. Let's continue to control the spread of covert nineteen together. And then it runs through list of recommendations to include ensuring social distancing practices and all time all times maintaining clean and disinfected surfaces. Implementing a flexible. Sick leave policy encouraging sick employees to stay at home. Educating employees on how to reduce the spread assessing essential functions and a general considerations. And then there's also a checklist. A covert nineteen best practices guidelines checklist for this safer at work initiative. That was just yesterday. joined announcement by the Board of Well County Commissioners and the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment. So what's your take on this? Will you feel comfortable as a business reopening if you are a customer of Said Business? Do you feel comfortable going back into that business. And despite all the caterwauling that I'm already starting to hear some saying Oh this how can you do this? It's far too soon well. It is the quintessential example of risk reward. At some point in time we have to be responsible as individuals for our own health and safety and overall well being and at some point in time when you look at the stranglehold that Cova Nineteen has had on the national economy the global economy. My Gosh The Weld County Economy at some point in time we need to get back to work. Be Interested in your take on that this morning. Nine seven hundred three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six and as well county announces it's safer work guidelines. What will it feel like going back to work going into businesses doing things that we so used to take for granted? Well business owners can transparency. Keep your business healthy through the Cova. Nineteen Crisis Steve. Baker is vice president of the great game of business incorporated. He's also author of get in the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. He joins us with some timely tips. Six thirty five six thirty now. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Thirteen Ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the Best High School Coverage Mris Sports Sunkei EV K. Enjoy some instant classics with KFI K. Classic every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten KFI K. And Thirteen Ten. Kfi AA DOT COM bother man bounce the Classic Risk Reward a paradigm. This as you have states across the country very methodically very slowly easing the myriad of restrictions on our movements as a result of the covert the nineteen pandemic six thirty eight now thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT com. Gail fueled by Great Western. Petroleum Weld County following suit a yesterday announcing it's safer at work guidelines putting choice back into our hands. If you want to go back to work you can if you want to frequent a business. Yes you can while maintaining all of those best practices social distancing in handwashing. You know the drill by now but once again putting that choice in our hands but what is it going to feel like going back to work and what's GonNa look like well it it begs. The question can transparency. Keep your business healthy through the covert nineteen crisis. Steve Baker is vice president of the Great Game of Business Incorporated author of getting the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. Such a timely interview as a weld county announces. It's safer at work guidelines that. Go into effect this Monday Steve. Welcome to the show. I appreciate it. It's great to be here. Yes and I appreciate it as well first things first. I hope you're well your family your colleagues friends and how you hold up through all this really well. I mean To be honest with you it's been great for me. I typically am on the road About fifty percent of the time. It's been great to be with my wife and kids. I'm sure they have a different opinion. It's Kinda like getting to know you it is. It is surreal. Though isn't it? Yeah I never thought I would see the the day and every day. It's something new coming down the Pike but Yeah to ask you. Because this announcement yesterday by the Board of County Commissioners Allowed County Commissioners That they were going to implement along with the Guidance and oversight of the Wild County Department of Public Health and environment this safer at work initiative going into effect Monday. Well you know we changed as a result of this pandemic how most of being cooped up for the better part of five or six weeks and there's a lot of fear a lot of in going back out and going to work so if you run a business. What is the best way to overcome that fear? Not only in your employees perhaps yourself but also in your customers. We'll start with the with ourselves right as leaders and Business Owners The first thing is you've got to get a handle on yourself. And the first thing we do in any crisis by the way our our company has been around for almost forty years. We've got about two thousand people in ten different companies that we're in remanufacturing and So everybody is pretty much working except my little division. The great game of Business. We are Training and consulting organization so our founder. Jak Stat came to us and said let's take out of the organization. How do you do that? Well the first thing you gotta do is is look around and say okay. What's the end of the world? Look like I know that sounds crazy. But you guys are actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Every business owner in Fort Collins now has a choice to potentially go back to work as county. Look at the county but yeah. I'm sorry. I Apologize Greeley oil up trying to PR project myself. We're in Springfield Missouri. So we're still down right and people are going crazy. They're like what's going to happen. So we say this is where transparency comes in and says. Let's get a couple of things right. Our our people safe are they healthy. Is there anything we need to do around the the safety arena that? That would help everyone. So like you mentioned in the intro there the social distancing and all the best practices right so let health wirelessly okay. We're all right. We're GONNA wear masks gloves whatever it needs to be. Then where's our cash will? This is unprecedented. I hate to even use that word. It's so overused these days but we have never seen so many funds coming in from the government that were so accessible. I know not. Everybody has gotten them yet but they just released were yesterday. So let's let's get cash under control nowhere. It is and then be thinking in the future. Let's not be in the same position and maybe even put up a cash scorecard for for yourself if you're not fully transparent yet just so you know every day. How much do you have in the bank? Then the practices so actually kind of saying what are the best practices in business so that we can make sure that we're the best we can be right now and are we doing things like we believe. Transparency is a big one of those practices to tell people what's really happening but the other thing is positioning so I listed four P.'s. People positive cash flow practices positioning. What I mean by positioning is what are we gonNA do to make sure we're in the best possible position and that could be Supply chain it could be people. It could be a number of different things. But how are we position? To take advantage of the upturn. There will be pent up demand fascinating because some SAM pollyannaish but I like to look at the glass half full. And that's exactly what you're doing here. Because I think that the one thing that we can agree on on so many levels with covert nineteen. This is a teachable moment and we can learn so much from it on once again just how we conduct our daily lives. Our business lives The list goes on and Gail. You're right on the money I mean you. You'll be hearing a lot about this if you haven't already but Jim Collins wrote a book so he's from bolder and a professor wrote a book years ago called good to great and in that he talked to Admiral Stockdale who was a Vietnam vet eight years as a prisoner of war tortured repeatedly. And there's so he wrote about this thing called the stockdale paradox when he interviewed Admiral Stock. Yeah what happened is he said. The optimists died. Oh what does that mean he said? Here's the thing. The realist were the ones that survived in other words. You have to have a weird combination paradox of this unwavering faith that we will prevail but the ability to face the brutal facts of today. Where's the optimists were saying? Oh we'll be out by Christmas. We'll be out by Easter and finally just gave up so I like you an optimist in the sense that I'm a realist too. And I say let's find the glass half full because guess all your employees are looking at you. Your community is looking at their waiting to see. Are you gonNa Freak out or are you going to manage this and we can prevail? Joined this morning by Steve Baker. Steve of course is author of a great book. Get in the game. How to create a Robert De financial results? Excuse me and lasting cultural change here is also a vice president of business again here. It is Vice President of the great game of business incorporated. Steve Kerr again. I know you're you're calling from Springfield Missouri and Kudos to Missouri speaking of transparency for China. I just love that I love the state is doing now. There is a tiny little roadblock of sovereign immunity. But I appreciate your your elected officials stepping up to the plate because g China thanks for infecting one hundred eighty four countries. While you took care of yourself well we are the show me state. This is true. Yeah this is absolutely true. All right so what? What is your best advice for for businesses and as they're reopening slowly because the stats are just staggering. I mean twenty over twenty six million Americans out of work at this point in time and thankfully they did replenish the P P P P P P so that they do have some benefits to drop them. But I'm seeing particularly small business owners. Small Business Owners. So hard hit by this and The percentage of small businesses. That might not survive. This is just astronomical me really is and it's it's going to be a crisis girl while my advice to folks is Really reflect on on your true situation face those brutal facts before the pandemic happen because we did see a common you know we. We knew that it was a big deal. The thing is that we do feel kind of insulated and isolated in a way. What I would do is go back a little bit in memory and say we're we're we on. You know where we little fat on our inventories where we A little over staffed understaffed look at those realities and say let's say business comes back slowly and it's a slow upturn Can we survive that and also as a second place? What if it's a quick upturn? Do we have the right people Do they like working for me? Will they come back? I was paying them appropriately and then they about that at home as well. I mean I'll be honest with you. I have a lot of neighbors that are really dumb. Struck by this whole thing had no Cushion no backup. Let's not be in the same position again. So while we're recovering always be thinking about what if there is another Wave of it in the fall like they're talking about. I'm not saying the proper. I'm not saying you know. Be a as you said appalling in. I'm saying somewhere in between it's let's face the brutal facts and be as as tough as an resilient as we can because a lot of we are leaders like it or not. We are leaders and we're teachers. Businesses are the teachers. Let's teach people. Hey let's put a little bit back if we have some examples in Springfield of folks who actually make more money with the additional unemployment funds that are available in Missouri than they did before now. Wha- what would your advice be to them it would be the same thing. Let's business owners individuals. Same thing that is. Let's look at our real situation. We were probably living a little fat. A little high on hard before and And we need to be just a little bit more frugal in how we come back and I I know that that's crazy to to say it's probably sounds a little harsh but let's stop treating people like children when they come back to work saying. Oh we'll take care of you. Guess what we need to take care of one another so. Let's treat them like adults. They have an adult conversation and say here's the economic realities of the business. I didn't WanNa let you go before. Glad there was unemployment. That may not always be there. Let's do this. Let's make sure that that we're running this business. The best we can. I'll pay you the best we can and And we'll make sure that we have a bit of a contingency planner. Backup plan screen advice before. Let's go this morning on looking at the economy and what we hope is a rapid. Recovery came across this fascinating piece that compared the restoration of the economy to three categories. Will it looked like a you? Well look like a W. or well. It looked like the Nike swoosh. What's your take will I'd love for it to be I really would. And we actually are fairly optimistic For for the fact that there will be a ton of pent up demand But I think it's probably going to be some sort of a swoosh Just because of the fact that we didn't respond super quickly to it and it hit us of right and we're having as you said replenish the P P P and many other programs This is going to be a bit of drag out but I think we're going to be looking at Small Business as being a real backbone of the economy again and you know. Our economy is based on Confidence and so I think some of the indicators. We need to look at her. You know are people You know flipping houses. Are they buying cars are they? You know taking out student loans things like this I hate to say it is a consumer society. My hope is that a long way. We make better choices and live within our means. I know that sounds a little Dave Ramsey ish but I I like the guy you know. He says something really important. Money flows from people who do not understand it to people who do and so. I kind of wrapping up. I guess the the one bit of advice I would give everybody. A little more protracted and it's a little tougher and we have to kind of tighten our belts a little bit but one thing you need to do over. Everything else is take some kind of action. Don't be paralyzed by fear. Action is the antidote for ear. Do something great advice. Steve Steve Baker from the. Show me the money state kind of play with your motto. There yeah right. So where can we find out more about the great game of Business Incorporated and your book Getting the game how to create rapid financial results and lasting cultural change. Thanks Gail for your listeners. I'd like to give them a free sample of the book. And you can go to great game DOT COM Slash Steve Great Game DOT COM Slash Steve. And there's some great resources that you can use right now during the recovery and in a free sample of the book I'll take advantage of it. Sounds like a plan C. Thanks so much for your inspirational words this morning and your input especially your time and be. Well thanks so much. Gail keep Keep looking to the bright side absolutely six fifty one. Now Thirteen ten. Kfi BURST UNC. Bears target game coverage lives thirteen ten. Kfi K. business is good Samaritans entertainers tanner's we want to hear from you. Know Co now nine to ten and thirteen ten K F K six fifty six on your Friday morning thirteen ten. Kfi pay thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com mornings. We live local. Fueled by Great Western petroleum well president trump releasing some eyebrows yesterday this during his corona virus Press conference talking about injecting patients with disinfection and disinfectant. I don't know if you saw Dr Deborah burks own my Gosh. The expression on her face was absolutely priceless. So we'll just set that one aside for the moment but also talking about the efficacy the use of a UV light sunlight in order to combat the spread of a covert nineteen. You know it's been bandied about for quite some time but if you dig down a little bit deeper into it well the experts have. Let's just say mixed reviews on how effective UV light actually is in fighting? Cova de Nineteen. Unfortunately even our Public health officials are learning about this novel. Corona virus aptly called novel. Because it's well the likes of something we have never ever seen before. So we'll get into that in the seven o'clock hour. Don't forget Kevin Car that guy's the movies fact guys at the movies dot com at a special time this morning had to do a little bit of juggling with everything that we have going on so Kevin car fat guys at the movies of fat guys at the movies dot com ways in this morning at seven twenty wall so catch up with Troy Kover. Dale Thirteen ten K. F. K. A. News director That coming your way at seven forty ish this morning and Keith. Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management while he's going to weigh in on safer at home versus a safer at work and be interesting to get his perspective business perspective this as the safer at work initiative put into place by the it was a joint effort by the Weld County Board of Commissioners and of course the Weld County Department of Public Health and environment giving us a little bit more leeway in getting back open for business in Weld County and again. It's important to note here. It's not a free for all. It's not the flip of a light switch and bought a Bloomberg being everything goes back to normal now. There are a lot of similarities between Governor Police's plan and the Weld County Board of Commissioners Plan. The big difference is is that it gives us the choice and the responsibility to act in a manner that will slow the spread of Cova nineteen as we inject some life into the weld county economy. Be Interested in hearing your thoughts on that ought to nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen. Do you think it's too soon or do you think it's High Time Weld County gets back to work back open for business. Nine seven three five three thirteen. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few. Thirteen ten hey. Fda Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's seven o'clock the whole sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K.

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RV Podcast 310: Great News about the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show [ITS ON!]

The RV Podcast

45:29 min | 3 weeks ago

RV Podcast 310: Great News about the 2021 Quartzsite RV Show [ITS ON!]

"Welcome everybody to the RV podcast episode number three, hundred, and ten. Welcome fellow travelers. It's time for another episode of the RV podcast answering your questions, cheering tips, suggesting great trips in off the beaten path adventures, and always staying on top of the RV lifestyle news, you need to know about with great interviews and in light industry information. Hosts Award, winning journalists Mike, and Jennifer Wind. Hello everybody, and here is an addition of the RV. PODCAST episode three, hundred ten. This is your guy to freedom and fun to RV travel no matter what kind of an Rv that you happen to have whether it's a motorhome available trailer at ten. Even. If you're just dreaming about getting an RV someday, this podcast is for you because here we talk about getting out there enjoying God's amazing creation meeting interesting people boone docking, discovering fun places, and always using the right gear in. To enhance the RV lifestyle. So welcome to the PODCAST, we are honored that you chose to put us in your ears this week. We're GONNA talk about a lot of things this week the first and foremost in our interview the week coming up, we're going to talk about quartzite and when I think some people say now is the largest RV show in the world. It didn't start off as an RV show but over forty years, it has become this massive show and with everything else canceled since the spring and the summer and over the fall. We are excited to say that the court sight RV show is on for January and twenty twenty one we'll talk about it with one of the. Producers coming up here in just a few minutes. You'll meet a good friend of ours from courtside and I think you'll get excited about this show. We. Got Lots more to talk about. We've got your questions and talk in our questions of the week about what is a four season RV and are there really any four season RV's out. There is everybody just blowing smoke and making claims that aren't quite accurate. We'll talk about that. We got a great off the beaten path report from the BURKITT's, and we have my lifelong traveling companion and my bride joining me now. Hello Michael Jennifer. It is nice to have you with us on another edition of the podcast six years this month I think. Is a long time three, hundred and ten episodes and we have been. Knock on my head on would We have not missed a a week I think I've missed two I. Guess we have Mr Week 'cause we took. Oh. I'm talking about. You. Know. I've lost my voice a couple times. Yeah. But you've found it again. Yes. I. Found it. Yeah. We're still coming to you from Michigan. We've been here since June after spending pretty much all of the Spring and Late winter on the road or hunkered down in Florida during the height of the pandemic and we've gotten out a couple of times. We got out this week we got out the week before and we're looking for a big trip the peninsula in a week or so as well. So. We're delighted to be here and we're having fun doing live stream broadcast simultaneously on all platforms. We'll have our next one coming up this Friday September fourth at three PM Eastern time, and our special guests will be Kenny and Kenny king the producers of the giant quartzite RV show in January and a little bit. You're GonNa Kimmy that's Kenny's daughter, and she will be our guest here in our interview the week segment on the RV podcast. And we decided that. We wanted to have Kenny come on as well, and we couldn't get him for this the innovate you're GonNa, here today but we want really talk about with Kenya a little more the history about it and we're GonNa have both Kim Kimmy and Kenny King on the show live. We're going to do it Friday, and we're going to stream it on all of our platforms our facebook. Page our facebook group and our face book Well, actually our RV lifestyle youtube channel three of those youtube and to facebook. So that will be three PM Friday September fourth in If you remember the group, if you go to the page, if you go to youtube channel, you'll see there'll be a scheduled broadcast with it, and then you can just jump in and what's fun. About is you can ask questions about about courtside and you can actually talk live to Kimmy and Kenny and I think you have fun and this is this is in addition to our regular Sunday night show, which is ask us anything we do that every Sunday night at seven o'clock and we'll be back this coming Sunday as well but it should be it should be a Lotta Fun We've had some really fun discussions on the blog lately about fall camping just this week we've published articles on fall camping in the upper peninsula and are five favorite RV destinations around the country. To see the fall colors you can read them and much more at RV, lifestyle dot com new content on the blog every single day. So make sure you check it lots great resources there. I have an update on what we talked about last week at the beginning of the show, we talked about some of the RV issues that we have experienced with our new RV, and we got some good news the inverted failure. while. We were on battery power. It had kind of stumped I suspected it was a fuse but I wasn't sure. So we drove over to our friends at Holland motorhomes in Holland Michigan on Monday and sure enough. It was the fuse that is between the investigator and our to battle born lithium batteries that fused blue and a blue, and we turned on the microwave when we're operating under battery power in the RV and should've worked. So we were all pretty confusing the microwave takes about fifteen hundred amps but we have. Two thousand amps in the inverted wind blow we we know we didn't always diffused blue I was a little concerned to look over. We'll eighth looked at over and in about thirty seconds diagnosed it. They're wrong. Size fuse was put in at the factory. Apparently, the few should have been two, hundred, fifty amps and instead it was a one hundred and fifty amp fuse. So we swapped it out for the right size fuse and my service. Tackett Holland. Said you know that these things happen. They just put the wrong size fuse in and he even left me with a spare fuse. Should it ever happen again and that's nice to know because that's the most important thing for us to be named operate with our lithium batteries when we are not plugged in and we're off the grid, we tend to that's our favorite way of camping. S The other problem we talked about last week, the refrigerator door, the Jennifer kept dropping off. That Jennifer trapping is be if you're paying attention. It was reported fellow and I opened it. We're making lunch one day off came the door. And we have one of those is one of those new dometic three way refrigerators. So the doors open on either side, and if you open it from the left door falls off. Ely Refrigerator stick back on there again, what's bad about that as you don't WanNa. Dance floor, right? Pretty, heavy door, and and if you've got stuff in it, it's even heavier and. Yeah, so I did hear from other people who have had that same problem with the same refrigerator. So it's it's not unique to us. We did not have that problem with the previous RV we had which had the same refrigerator. And frigerator a little problem with having to give it a little push at the bottom to make sure it locked. Yeah. They didn't. It didn't feel properly. Yup. That was the last one and on this one to allow now on this one when you can only open it from the right side and then you get when you shut it, you gotTa push it in with your foot at the bottom of both. Eh, both sides, it's a pain and it needs to be replaced. So the problem is, is that our dealer says that dometic if you can get through to dramatic they, they spent hours trying to reach them last week and then they were told, they said a seventy seventy, a seventy day. Wait time for replacement parts it can. Can you imagine that? And I don't WanNa rag particularly undramatic factor refrigerator door fault. But apparently, that's true of all of the suppliers and that is the residual effects of the Kovic shutdowns that most of the suppliers the parts are really are really slow on coming in and we wondered if it's because they're made in China, some everything is made in China I don't seems to be doesn't it sometimes? So Anyway? As a seventy day. Wait time for replacement parts according to our dealer. And since I talked to this on the PODCASTS. From several others who had the same problem and one of them said, he'd do so impatient with domestic slack of service that he replaced his refrigerator with a new one from a different company. and Lo, and behold I received an email from an Italian. Our refrigerator company that has one for RV, a little larger than ours I don't know it will fit but. We're looking into it I mean. You WanNa have a refrigerator that you can count on. I mean this one works or explain. The door keeps all off. So we'll let you know what we do but the inverted. Thing that we wanted to get fixed. It's a big thing to me that we have a refrigerator door that I can count on. Yeah. Yeah, and. If falls off when you open it on the left side, you worry about hitting a bump in the road you know and it falls on Bo because he kinda sleeps. That happens he'll never go in that thing. So he's already a little nervous. Anyway we'll. We're going to work through that figure out either new refrigerator or or we'll just have to suck it up and duct tapes the door on scabby better way than that. So we had a refrigerator in the past that we had deduct Taytay because it flew open. Yeah. That was one of our road tracks. Yeah. So you know and you understand is. Out there it's like riding your your RV, is right in a partial earthquake yeah. So no wonder. How the roads are. Hey. This part of the podcast is brought to you by camping world. Camping world is your go to spot for everything outdoors and Jennifer, and I like to think of it as an oasis for our ears because they have like two hundred and twenty-five locations around the country. There's always one close by when we need to pick up some parts or accessories. In fact, we have a complete page with all of the RV camping supplies the Jennifer and I use or recommend even better. Because you're a listener to the PODCAST, you can get twenty percent or ten percent, which was twenty can get ten percent off all purchases over ninety nine dollars. If you go to our lifestyle dot com slash camping world RV lifestyle, dot com slash camping world. And you'll see all of the camping world RV gear and the accessories that We liked the most that you hear US talk about on the podcast on the blog. Remember that Discount Code that Promo Code is RV lifestyle ten, RV lifestyle ten. You'll find everything from outdoor furniture and appliances that you see it's using our videos and talk here RV extras from camping chairs to fire pits to electrical accessories must have gadgets and gizmos. All that stuff again, ten percent off use the coupon code RV lifestyle ten, and you can check them out if you go to RV lifestyle, dot com slash camping world. Mike Scott News. News traveled US inside information and trends that shape the Rt. lifestyle years the use of the week wildfires continue to devastate the west with one point, four, million acres burned and more than eight hundred new wildfires between August, fifteenth and twenty nine in California alone California closed at least thirty, four state parks because the fires many will be closed indefinitely historic little basin campground in California's Big Basin State Park was destroyed with visitors evacuated in a rush last Tuesday just before the flames came through but California's not alone and eight, hundred and fifty plus Acre wildfire is in yellowstone national. Park. Just three miles from old faithful. Oregon and Colorado are also especially hard hit but fires are popping up in many. Western. States. Camping in an area at risk, be sure to check out emergency APPs have to stay informed, and we'll put a link to those apps in the show notes for this episode at RV lifestyle dot com slash three, ten RV lifestyle dot com slash three times. You scroll down to news of the week and and look for the wildfire story and you'll see link to those apps that a really good to have with you. numbers are continuing to come in, from St, campgrounds about their summer camping occupancy, and throughout the country they're showing the number of campers up way up over last year by double digits of some examples in North Dakota. North Dakota's thirteen state park. saw that number of campers go up twenty eight percent from May June July of Nineteen Twenty nineteen. Ohio state parks are reporting much higher numbers as all public land in Wyoming, and of course, the reason states are attributing the large numbers is that more people are turning to camping during these Cova de Nineteen times and for tips on how to navigate camping during a pandemic we've got a special blog story for you at RV. LIFESTYLE DOT COM, just go to RV LIFESTYLE DOT COM slash three ten games scroll down to the news of the. Week and you'll see a link a toxic algae. Bloom at Zion National Park that we warned you about last month after it killed a Siberian Husky puppy is apparently spreading causing new concerns rangers say all visitors humans and pets need to avoid all contact with the Virgin River until further notice because the toxin is at extreme levels and has spread to the narrows section of the river people need to avoid hiking through the water which means people should. Not, do the narrows hike which is one of the most popular Zion Hikes as as it is down the river between Towering Canyon walls m people should especially keep the water far from there is in their or their mouths and the LG colonies produce a toxin that impacts the nervous system and can be fatal to children or pets the big Moose in and campground in Maine temporarily had his license revoked last week by state officials for violating COVID. Nineteen orders after an outbreak was traced to the facility It's interesting story and and we're sharing because it just shows how fast this stuff can spread the in hosted a wedding reception in early August that has since been linked through contract tracing to one hundred and twenty seven positive covid cases. Apparently, one person at the wedding had covert and it then spread to some of the sixty five guests who attended and those guests interns spread it more. Main limits activities like receptions to fifty people, and apparently the in an campground violated main rules like requiring contact tracing information for guests requiring six foot social distancing and requiring employees to wear masks. So they had their license suspended and eventually they called and they cancelled reservations because it didn't have a license, but then it's license was reinstated last weekend and it was back open but it shows you why why we have these rules as much as we shaef underneath them. You can see from one case, one, hundred and twenty seven other cases, and that was the first part of August until last week so. You got to watch it. Mike and I love seeing how people personalized their RV's. We're betting a lot of you like seeing this too which is why we wanted to share a story about a woman who purchased a camper trailer for ten thousand dollars and then gave it a complete facelift putting in another six thousand dollars the woman swapped out the floor and transform the trailer decorated a variety of Beijing browns with bright whites and popping colors that made it seem more like a contemporary apartment than trailer. There are many companies out there to help people remodel their RV's, and it made me think of a podcast interview we. Did recently with renovation camp designed to help you do the work by yourself to listen to that report. Go to our show notes page at RV LIFESTYLE DOT com slash three ten that's RV lifestyle dot com slash three ten, and then scan down to the news of the week section for a link to that interview. 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But as there's many more now and she writes, we are looking to purchase a true four season. Are there any manufacturers that you know of that are true to their advertising and I love the way that she asked that because we get this question a lot. And Ginger specifically asked about RV's that live up to the advertising claims and that that is the problem because a lot of RV makers out there claim that therefore season or they'll use terms like four season capable or they'll say. Insulated pipes or they'll they'll claim that. They. can handle cold weather stuff like that. But that is a far cry from being a true four season RV that can camp and operate. With its freshwater blackwater gray water plumbing system. In below freezing weather. Now, some some of the ones out there can work in the in the thirties down to the thirties. But when the temperature's really drop in the far north, not many can live up to that true for season claim. So armee lifestyle group saw ginger question and they've really helped a lot with the answers. Greg McHugh who we did a story on Greg. He has one of those expedition vehicles and pays a lot of attention to this stuff. He says check out the complete line of Northwood manufacturing based in Oregon. Now would makes a very full line of travel-trailers fifth-wheels and in particular the. Fox. Now. We saw one of these from our friends. The adventurous life couple when we met them in. Certain Arizona in January and they had one of these northwards trailers and they're beautiful. Northwood makes a very full line of travel-trailers fifth-wheels, and as I said that Arctic Fox brand is a true fourth as an RV it has heated in closed holding tanks and dump valves that are designed for cold winter climates. The coaches are super insulated with various residential quality, rigid foam, and baton, and reflective foil to protect the interior from winter cold and also helps excessive heat in the summer. Northwood is the only brand that I am aware of that claims to be fully four season. Now, there are some other suggestion by readers of other brands that looked to be you know very well insulated but don't claim to be true for season, but they're worth checking out Greg. Also just looking at the big foot RV brand of truck and trailer campus made in Armstrong British Columbia Canada, and don't worry if you're driving I am I will build links to all of these different brands in the show notes for this episode at RV lifestyle dot com slash three ten. A member of the group facebook page Brandon recommends the black series which is. It's an Australian brand Then I heard great things about for being so rugged out in the outback as they say, but that is now available in the US so check out the black series we'll put a link to him Member name Matt says we have the Columbus by Palomino. That's the brand by Palomino. It's a fifth wheel and he says when it was fifteen degrees outside we stayed nice and toasty. Warm. SUSIE says, grand design has great insulation and kept US warm all winter no tank or nine problems and deb says the look at Lance Truck Campers and trailers lances one of our favorite brands for totals and we think the world of those things. So again, with the exception of those RV's made by non would the others don't claim to be full for season RV's I check all their websites just before we started recording here today and and they do have extremely good insulation. They can usually perform much better than the compensation competition you know during cold weather but the only true for season that we know is from Northwood manufacturers up there in Oregon. Fellow, travelers. Your voice featured on the podcast, send us your questions or comments sending audio file to Mike and RV lifestyle, dot com, or better yet use our RV podcast voicemail number five, eight, six, three, seven, two, six, nine, nine, zero, five, eight, six, three, seven, two, six, nine, nine, zero we want to hear from you call five, eight, six, three, seven to sixty, nine, ninety. And this part of the RV podcast is brought to you by battle born batteries, makers of quality safe reliable lithium batteries that could be installed in just about every RV, we have two of them in ours we like them so much. We're thinking about getting a third battle born motto is get out there and staff they're they're made for Boondock for off grid camping. Where you can really get away from it all and that is their mission to provide RV batteries with the highest quality technology. 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So if you're interested in learning more, go to RV lifestyle, dot com, slash lithium, RV lifestyle, dot com slash lithium, and tell them you heard about them when you talk to folks at battle born on the RV podcast. Time now for the RV podcast interview of the week. Interesting, entertaining and helpful information about the RV lifestyle. Here's my twitter. This week's interview is we said at the top of the program our guest in this episode of the RV podcast is kimmy king and Kinney's a friend. She is the producer of the court sight RV show that takes place every January in the winter, the winter boondock King Mecca of quartzsite Arizona. And the good news is for twenty twenty one quartzite is on everything else has been canceled all spring all summer all four. This is the first big one on the calendar and the dates for the next court RV show January sixteen th through the twenty fourth. Now, why courtside? Well, according to the Amazon Highway Department as many as seven, hundred, fifty, thousand. To one million people mostly in our views converge on this sleepy little desert town located twenty miles east of the California border. Kinney's. Kenny founded the show over forty years ago, and he still has a very strong hand in running the show. As we said earlier if the top by the way both Kimmy and Kenny will be our guest, this Friday September fourth two, thousand, twenty, three, pm Eastern as we stream live on three of our social media channels they'll be answering your questions live on our RV lifestyle facebook group, our facebook page and RV lifestyle Youtube Channel Live simultaneously all those platforms. But in this episode of the RV Podcast, we sat down with Kimmy and we talked to her about why this annual desert gathering belongs on. Every are veers bucket list. You tell me first about the RV show and how that all came about how big is it's huge. We consider it. One of the largest consumer attended RV shows in the world. So this little town of quartzite goes from being about population of I want to say about three thousand to being the third populated city outside of Tucson. And we go from the three thousand that are here to hundreds and thousands of people that just invade the city. And Traffic's backed up from the freeway for a mile and a half and he can't get go grocery store without waiting twenty five minutes align this little town basically goes from being a hibernation of sleeping to awoken a full party. So it's pretty it's pretty amazing. My Dad came to court site about forty five years ago. His name is Kenny King. He sold awnings he worked for an awning system and he actually was a exhibitor across a Tyson Wells and You know one day before I was born him and my mom we're on the way home and my dad says, what if I tossed a circus tent in the middle of the desert and call it an RV show? And thirty seven years later. Here we are now when you say are just in the world. Help understand what we're talking about how many people attendance so we we don't charge to get in order to park. It is free they park I mean. There's pictures of miles and miles of RV's that come to this place we guesstimate. Over thirty seven years that we've had about one hundred. We've got about one hundred to one, hundred, fifty, thousand people over the nine days the come in and out the doors. Show the the the tent was almost seventy thousand square feet. We had three hundred and seventy-six exhibitors inside the tent. We had about fifty exhibitors on our midway around the ten on the outside, and we have thirteen active service bays over on our property where you pink actually get work done on a RV. Obviously a big draw is you have so many people camping out in that. We do and then I think a big draw for US unique. We don't have you know we're a little bit where ECLECTIC or a little bit of everything We have one exclusive RV dealer, our country who has been with US I WANNA say my dad said about fifteen years and they have exclusivity on our property as far as a selling rolling stock. So we don't have the numerous amounts of dealers that some other rb shows like that the super show have, but we have all the unique products that you can put in your. RV. You know we have exhaust systems we have generators we have things to hold you know your spices at your cabinets from flying around we have. All kinds of satellite and. Dishes that you can put in solar equipment that you can put on your on your visa and what is so amazing is you can do it right now. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, and the accessibility of the land is just you know that's our next step up. That is where we're looking for twenty twenty, one, twenty, twenty, one for us is going to be too with the help of a couple of big names that were on our twenty twenty show. Like domestic that have that that that the elbow grease to help us out we want to bring in more of that off roading side-by-side became sports side of the RV industry where kind of connects the Dewan? That's what we're going for twenty twenty one helping under the dates for twenty twenty twenty, one January sixteenth to the twenty fourth nine am to five pm twenty, twenty one and no charge get no charge to get in it's free we have them lining up at the gates there's no charge to park on they beat the. Land I mean becomes insane with amount of vehicles that are just trying to park to get to the show. Much land is there at how many people camp here got an I i. wish I had a number for you. You know there was all we know is there's like tens of thousands and they range from the on. short-term camping too where you can be on the land for fourteen days with no hookups to the long-term camping over here in in. North. Dakota and over here in the south side They come from everywhere. We have people that travel all the way just from you just for the day and then ended up camping out here or people that just kind of find their way to an open spot and you know drop down and and stay for a few days so I wish I had a number on on how many invade this. But just by aerial photos that we've done and like you say going out into the wash and getting up on those mountains, it goes for miles and miles and miles you just see white dots everywhere. I've seen estimates of one hundred and fifty thousand camping out here I would not be surprised by. That at all you know I wouldn't be surprised one bit by that number because that's what people wanna do they because the self sufficiency of camping is becoming. So popular now of being able to sustain on your own as far as power and you know and all those things that the need for camping with hookups, at RV parks I feel like it's kind of diminishing because people would rather go out and use their solar panels and user decomposing toilets and do all those things and be self sustainable as opposed to took to camping for hookups you know. But there are the years that enjoy the full hookups to you know we we can't exhibitors. So for the event you can if you exhibit with us, you can camp on our property with full hookups, not the general public just for exhibitors. So tell me what makes quartzite so unique place. Of. Course that is unique because. People come and the mixture of people that come to court are people that would never I don't think. Bingol in a different environment their love for the off road world their love RV's their love for a good deal. Ob is what brings them here. You Know My dad when I was younger used to try to explain to me and I have a hard time explaining to people unless you've really seen it you know. I love that we're seeing a push from the generation I love seeing strollers that actually contained children's dogs in them now. I love seeing families that on come in on on fifth wheels and trailers and have their toys. But what blew me away is the demographic that fits in this side-by-side off road world isn't just young folk. I mean, we had ATV parking this year for the first time, which was A. Massive, amazing thing, the park, ATV parking was full every day, but the demographics are driving those eight. ATV's anywhere from twenty five to thirty all the way to seventy five you know and so that is what's so unique about core site as you bring all these people from different avenues of life and different facets of the. Off Road World and they come here and they just flourish and they love what they find at the court show. You know it's just all the new and upcoming things. If you're somebody that wants to get their name out there in the RV world and you have a new upcoming product, our show is the place for you, and if you're a consumer that wants to come find the new and upcoming things, our show is the place for you as well. That is so true that we went out last January and Just we'd heard so much about the truth we heard those that's the Arizona. Department highway. Says that seven hundred, fifty million people that are camping out in around the desert during the month of January out there. Well, that's probably true we went out I. Think this is a week after the show and we had plenty of room. In fact, there wasn't anybody even near US and just camping in the in the beautiful desert in. January Arizona. It's perfect. Perfect weather. We did climb quartzite mountain I'll tell you what I'm GONNA put links in to our tour of Torque court site for you. You can see it and see why it's so much fun and why am really excited that we're gonNA. We're GonNa Bring Kenny on the show can he's dad both of them Friday? We're going to do a live question and answer session so. Please check US out I'll put that that'll be scheduled on a all of our facebook platforms, our lifestyle challenge you to. You can just click remind yourself a send your mind, but it's going to go three PM on Friday afternoon exclusive with Kim and Ken King, the organizers of quartzite and I think you'll get a kick out they're great people and it'll be a lot of fun to talk to him the end of the week brought to you by Sunshine State RV'S DOT com. That's where every new motorhomes delivered to the customer free anywhere in the continental us. Sunshine State RV's they've been a sponsor of ours now for years and we have gotten to know Nick and Craig in the team they're quite well over those years. are just terrific people they deal with honesty. They treat you truly as if you're part of their family and they have the largest selection of new and used small motor homes I think you'll find anywhere in North America. They have a huge lineup of new RV's from all the popular rb brands, the small RV's Winnebago Trovato, the big era, coachman Galleria, and the beyond the American Patriot line, the fleetwood Iraq, land, and more. And if you're looking for a used RV, oh my gosh, they have in stock previously owned RV's everything from the early nineties to the current year everything in between from all the most popular small motor home brands every rv they sell goes through a very thorough one, hundred and seventy two point inspection in which they make sure that everything works in is in top condition, you can trust these guys they're good folks go to their website see what they have in stock give them a call Nixon known even take his camera out and do you live facebook or facetime show that RV looks like check them out at sunshine. State are these DOT COM sunshine. State. RV'S DOT com. Now for off the beaten path. Here's mine and this week are off the beaten path reporters Tom and Patty. Birket. Take a bead on a little town in Colorado. Mike and Jennifer. Did you know the most common town name in the USA? Is Washington no surprise right that there are eighty eight of them Franklin comes in a second at forty two. You might be surprised though to know that there are two towns named Fruita and both have been the subject of the beaten path reports. ONE IS FRUITA UTAH. A tiny Mormon settlement in the heart of Capitol, reef, national, Park, and home to some amazing orchards. The other is the subject of today's report the much larger relatively speaking fruita Colorado. You might end up here if you were visiting the spectacular Colorado National Monument, a landscape of cliffs. And canyons that exemplifies the top `hogra fee of the old West you might be coming off a day on the Twenty Three Mile Long Rim rock drive or maybe you hike the serpents trail a national historic landmark laid out in nineteen eleven and looked over the valley from the trails end at cold shivers point or maybe you're on a pilgrimage to see dinosaur sites and have stopped here for visible visit to the notable museum in town. Whatever the case you'll have driven around the traffic circle to look at the Bright Green T. rex in the city park hardly lifelike. It's been named Girls Kereta by local school kids and is said to be from the goofy epoch all for frivolity aside though it's unlikely will pass through town without seeing the odd statue that sits on the curb at the corner of Aspen and mulberry streets a chicken. Yes a chicken but there's something odd about it. If you're driving, you'll circle the block for another look or pull over and park the chicken. This chicken has no head and there in lies the tail. Lloyd. Olsen went out one Monday morning to kill a chicken. His mother-in-law was coming for dinner and he'd been given the word that this was an important meal and she especially enjoyed the chicken neck that being. So loyd left plenty of neck when he chop the head off a tender young rooster. Leaving its head behind the bird flopped off the chopping block and ran into the bushes try as he might. Lloyd couldn't find it the next morning the rooster was back among the flock sleeping with its headless neck tucked under his wing. A week later with regular eyedropper feedings down, it's exposed gullit the rooster seemed healthy enough that his own. Packed him into his pickup truck for a trip to the closest university where the agriculture teachers told Lloyd that he'd missed the birds brain stem when he severed the head. So it just kept on clucking over the next year and a half Mike Yep. That's what they named him tripled and wait and made a national tour of county, and state fairs folks around the country paid to bits to see him as the Olson's took him to New York City San Diego Miami and Atlantic City fruita gained a bit of notoriety as the home of Mike the Headless Wonder Chicken and still honors his contributions to civic service with the annual headless chicken festival. Come visit the last week. In. May, and you can take part in the chicken wing or peep eating contest run the headless chicken five K. or shake your booty in the world's largest chicken dance. Even if you miss the festival, there's plenty of Mike Memorabilia at local shops and just keep looking. You'll see towns that honor banana slugs, manatees, Hilo monsters, sand crabs, armadillos all out here off the beaten path and when you are off the beaten path you'll find internet connectivity through nomad Internet and we've been really excited to have no Matt Internet come on the podcast one of our sponsors because if you use the coupon code RV lifestyle twenty-five, you'll get twenty dollars off the cost of the setup fee. Jennifer and are very happy subscribers to the nomad Internet service for our. We started earlier this summer and we now rely on it for all of our internet connectivity while we're on the road unlike other services that we've tried, no mad internet gives us truly unlimited high-speed Internet with no throttling I, rely on it applauding my videos, my photos my. Blog reports are email or update the website I do live video interviews with it and at night after the worker Stan we kick back and we can stream online movies over the nomad Internet connection. The services made for people like us who travel you U2 it combines the latest cellular technology from all four major providers, cellular providers in a single plan. They had us up and running and easiest can be with no challenging configuration settings to deal with they give you unlimited four G. lt there are no data limits there's no slowing down none of that stuff There is just reliable solid, Internet, connection, and you can check their plans out at nomad Internet that COM nomad, Internet dot com, and when you do order if you use the Promo Code RV, lifestyle twenty-five RV lifestyle twenty-five, they'll give you twenty five dollars off the service nomad, Internet. What's happening time now to check the RV calendar events gatherings. About. It's no secret virtually every RV show and event has been canceled from Spring to summer and now over the fall but we are cautiously optimistic that the industry shows are GonNa Start. As we mentioned before already courtside Arizona Sports vacation and RV show is on for January sixteenth through the twenty four th will put a link in the show notes that show and also still on although registration has not yet begun that website says it will start in the fall whenever that means, but it's on the twenty twenty one. Florida RV Super Show in Tampa Florida. The dates for this year's twenty, one, Florida RV Super Show, January thirteenth through the seventeenth, and that is that the Florida state campgrounds or fair Crowns Abba Campground there for you Florida State fairgrounds in Tampa Florida, and we'll put a link to that as well in the show notes on this episode, you can find those show notes that RV, lifestyle dot com slash three ten. Wraps up another episode of the RV. Mike and Jennifer wetland new episodes are released every Wednesday and the best way to stay connected to subscribe to the RV podcast we all the popular contest APPS and you can also listen on the RV. Lifestyle DOT, com, travel blog. Time happy trails fellow travelers. We'll be looking for you down the road. That just episode of the PODCAST, your guide to freedom and funds through RV travel. Thank you guys so much for listening to this week. Don't forget. We will be on live with a in-person live. We'll take your questions live on facebook group facebook page and our lifestyle channel and use to on Friday three PM Eastern time Friday. September. Fourth. I think. Yes we'll see you then. Thanks for listening everybody I'm Mike Wallen bye-bye and happy trails.

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